Starting a fanfiction by the name of 'Poison Ivy'. The name is supposed to symbolize one of the characters which I've made, and it'll be seen why :)


Evermore Rivers - District 9

Ivory Hansen - District 9

Sapphire Rolland - District 1

Zachary Owens - District 4

Part One: The Beginning

I took a deep breath as I tried to recall the past three days ... the past three weeks ... the past three years. They've gone by in a blur. I look around the arena I'm not forced to fight for my life in and remember the day on which I was reaped. I didn't expect it at all.


I can hear his laughter from across the whole street. It's like honey on bread. Clear blue water splashing down a waterfall. Birds singing their morning song outside my window at home. There's nothing to compare his clear voice to. I turn my eyes sideways to look at his clear blue eyes and laugh along with him. We've just finished our morning shopping for after the reaping. We might as well laugh. If we get chosen.

Ivory laughs a bit more and dunks his finger into the small jar of honey we bought and licks it.

"Mm, I love honey." he says and produces another grin.

"You love everything." I laugh and grab the jar, screwing the lid back on. "You can't eat this now though. It's for the celebrations after, or have you forgotten?" I pester him.

"Oh who cares." he smiles "It's not like we'll be reaped. Our names are in the drawing only 16 times, anyways."

I look down and plaster a weakened smile on my face. I'm afraid it looks more like a grimance. Sadly, this year my name had been submitted 26 times. My family was in debt and I couldn't bring myself to tell Ivory. He'd pester his own family, who hates me, to loan us some. They'd throw a huge fit on how I had forced Ivory into giving me money and the District would blow up. No, it was better just keeping quiet

"Of course ..." I look up at him and take the bag from his hands. "Here. I'll carry that to my house. We're going to the centre later on anyways, we'll feast there. And we have to get ready soon. The reaping is in a few hours." I say weakly and he smiles, not noticing. He gives me a quick hug and waves goodbye. I watch him walk away until the only part visible of him is his shaggy blonde hair. I sigh and turn around, heading the opposite direction. I stuff my hands into my pockets, trying to get some warmth. Now that I'm not with Ivory, the cold has really started to bite. I start thinking to myself. Truthfully, I don't feel that we're safe this year.

I sigh and let my mind go wild. I think of my sister. Alexandria. I smile to myself, remembering how jealous I was of Alex's blue-black hair and forest green eyes. How jealous I was of her tall, lean body and at all of the things she could do. While I, Evermore, was the ordinary girl. I had fire red hair and cat green eyes that are like emeralds. I think now that my sister isn't with us, my parents actually cherish me more. I tilt my head up and see my house, surrounded by a plush white blanket of snow. I can see the grey smoke flowing to the sky slowly. I can also smell freshly baked bread. Grinning, I break into a quick run and push the door open - kicking my shoes off like a little girl.

My mother laughs and walks over giving me a tight hug. "Hold it there, Tiger." she smiles and takes the plastic bag which contains the jar of honey, half a loaf of bread, different kinds of berries and two oranges. I smile and take my jacket off. "Looks like your already done." I examine the food she's cooked. It's a small chicken and a course of vegetables, but it's enough for the two of us. "We're going to have to split the food in the bag." I say quickly, starting up the staircase. I knew I couldn't say that cleanly and my mother looked at me.

"Why so?" she said questioningly.

"Oh ... some for Ivory ..." I mumble.

She narrows her eyes. "I thought I've told you to stay away from that boy."

I sigh. "Mom. We're not having this conversation now. Just put some honey in a different jar, we split the money, so we're splitting the food." I narrow my eyes at her and quickly walk up the staircase and turn at the hallway. I knew she was going to be like this but I still wasn't ready for it. I walked into my room and see a dark blue dress layed on my bed. It's tight at the bodice and made of one material of blue with different designs of flowers and pearls sown into it. The dress down is made of different layers of silk and mesh sewn together, so if I decided to twirl it would probably hit someone if they were next to me. On my bed was also a set of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace and a ring. I sigh and take my sweatshirt off and start to put on the dress. Sure, it's pretty but it was something Alex would wear. Once I'm in it and brushing my hair, my mother walks in. She smiles and walks over to hug me from the side.

"You look beautiful, my dear."

I nod. "Let's just leave, shall we? We'll be late."


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