Yes, yes, I know, I've said I've not-so-officially left this place in the beginning of May - but since I've started summer a couple of weeks ago and am totally free of studying I decided to write up another HG! This one will be a bit of a twist as it'll be much more detailed then my other Games (my finished one, my half-finished one and my completely abandoned one), it'll have a couple of differences and that it'll be set in the middle of the rebellion in Mockingjay. Now, as for the twists.

  1. As a reminder from the Capitol that the rebels will not be able to protect their children from the war, there will be no sponsor gifts.
  2. As a reminder from the Capitol that the rebels will not be able to help their children with extra information, there will be no mentors this year.
  3. As a reminder from the Capitol that the rebels will have nothing for their children left, there will be no Cornucopia in the beginning.

Now as this is also in the middle of the war, the rebels also have some power. They've decided that:

  1. As well as the 26 children from the Districts (this time including 13), there will be 26 children reaped from the Capitol this year.
  2. Because of all of the children the Districts have lost, the Capitol must feel more pain then they have, it's been decided that the Capitol has to submit children not from the ages of 12-18 like the 13 Districts, but tributes from the ages 5 to 16.

But because the Capitol still calls the shots, the tributes from the Capitol will have the option to choose one item for survival before going into the Games: whether that be food, survival supplies, weapons etc...

Now as for the rules.

  1. I'm not sure how many tributes everyone will be allowed to submit exactly but lets just say, everyone can submit up to 4 for now (two being from the Districts and two from the Capitol). Depending on how many people submit, I'll either be raising up the limit or lowering it.
  2. The template for the tributes this time has to include the following: Name, Age, District (if from the Capitol write Capitol instead of District), Personality, Skills, Appearance, Plans for the Arena (what he/she will do), History, Token and if from the Capitol what ONE survival item they'd like to bring into the arena with them. Everything else you'd like to add is optional unless I ask.
  3. Please make your tributes REALISTIC. I don't like to add really randomly thought up tributes with creepy personalities, appearances, names (etc...) if you know what I mean. ALSO I would prefer if the sections for Personality, Skills, Appearance, Plans for the Arena and History are longer then 3 or less sentences. Tributes which are more fleshed out will help me write this as best as I can.
  4. From the time you reserve your tribute(s) you have 3 days to submit it. I believe this gives everyone enough time to flesh out their character with more then 3 sentences in each section.
  5. If you choose to pick District kids I would prefer it if you choose 1 District and submit 2 tributes for it instead of picking 2 Districts and only submitting one tribute from each. This makes it easier for other people in case they want their two tributes to have contacts with each other (be friends, siblings, 'star-crossed lovers)
  6. Please refrain from doing the totally cliche things. I don't want to have to put in 7 different couples who are in love/falling in love/secretly in love. It's a total bummer and always in most games. If you really need to do it make it sound cooler, for example they're both boyfriend and girlfriend but they dont show it, they're both boyfriend and girlfriend but instead of having adorable sing-song time they prefer to show their love by killing the other tributes? Who knows?

Just for a heads-up - I'll be writing these games as the course of the summer. I really want them to be longer, more fleshed out then most games and make it seem like an actual story with a lot of POV's. Soo ... it might take a bit longer to write. :) I'm also leaving for vacation tomorrow (July 3rd) to England so I won't be updating as much in July as I will in August.

Anyways, this is getting pretty long and I'm probably boring you guys to death so I'll shut up now, haha.


District Tributes

Male Female
District 1 Skyer Greengrass, 17 years old. Iris Bloodsworthy, 16 years old.
District 2 Trystan Forde, 18 years old. Genevieve 'Jenny' Sparks, 16 years old.
District 3 Torin Hallow, 17 years old. Layna Rye, 16 years old.
District 4 Surf Blue, 18 years old. Nikki Quahog, 12 years old.
District 5 Malco Crest, 14 years old. Heather Lavender, 18 years old.
District 6 River Rhodes, 17 years old. Sutton Yates, 16 years old.
District 7 Jason Elvena, 18 years old. Liza Minerva, 16 years old.
District 8 Madras Zorbeez, 19 years old. Linsey Woolsey, 16 years old.
District 9 Lee Rock, 12 years old. Teri Masson, 14 years old.
District 10 Talon Faust, 17 years old. Kedzie Woods, 15 years old.
District 11 Galigan Mazerapi, 15 years old. Rhea Marine, 14 years old.
District 12 Kohl Cyphers, 15 years old. Willow Woods, 13 years old.
District 13 Soldier Xavier Lensart, 18 years old. Kylie Dinett, 14 years old.

Capitol Tributes

Male Female
Duo 1 Cinna Autumn, 15 years old. Summer Autumn, 16 years old.
Duo 2 Adam Snow, 14 years old. Alice Snow, 13 years old.
Duo 3 Ikuto Tsukiyomi, 13 years old. Emily Nguyen, 13 years old.
Duo 4 Purple Scratch, 8 years old. Cinnamon D'Vazz`e, 14 years old.
Duo 5 Tyler Marks, -- Maiya Graysworth, 13 years old.
Duo 6 Phoenix Way, 16 years old. Azura Blue, 15 years old.
Duo 7 Vlamour Stile, 10 years old. Ursalia Stile, 15 years old.
Duo 8 Everest Breeze, 16 years old. Gemma Stork, 16 years old.
Duo 9 Vector LaGuardia, 16 years old. Nike O'Hare, 16 years old.
Duo 10 Marble Snow, 15 years old. Iridessa Black, 15 years old.
Duo 11 Ivory Northman, 15 years old. Silvermist Gone, 14 years old.
Duo 12 Tiger Wolfe, 14 years old. Xenon Osmond, 16 years old.
Duo 13 Derrick Thompson, 15 years old. Catherine Thompson, 6 years old.

The Parts

Part 1: The Reapings

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