This is Part 1: The Reapings of PurplexMuffin's 76th Annual Hunger Games. If you would like to see what it's all about, begin from that page.

** I will be writing everything on seperate blog pages, as the story is in parts and would be too long for just one blog, I hope it's understandable and not too confusing **

The Districts


Six AM - The Town Square

Iris and Skyer stood on opposite sides of the town square. While she was grinning towards Eliza Roo - who was supposed to be the escort for District 1 this year, he was looking down at the cobblestone floor, praying that neither he, his family or she would be reaped.

Eliza coughed into her hand and tapped her index finger on the microphone.

"Ladies, Gentlemen. It looks like the most wonderful day of the year is upon us!' she grinned into the crowd, who were squeeling with anticipation.

"Now, I know we are in a difficult period at the moment, but as everyone in the Capitol and I agree, the Games must go on, am I right!' she continued.

Iris rolled her eyes and started to tap her foot impatiently. She wished Eliza would just get to the point already. This would be her year.

"Now, it is time to pick our two lucky contestants who will be going into the Games this year!" she said, you could hear the excitment building up in her voice.

She spun around and walked a couple of steps backwards to the two large crystal type spheres, which contained the names of all the boys and girls aged twelve to eighteen in the District.

"Ahem, ladies first!" she stuck her hand in, picked through, but finally plucked a piece of paper and pulled it out. "And the lucky female tribute this year is ... sixteen year old Iris Bloodsworthy! Give her a hand everybody!"

Iris confidentely walks up to the stage, bowing a but when she's up there. She's grinning wildly. She had made sure she'd be reaped today, and that nobody would volunteer for her and get in her way.

"Well, looks like Iris is one happy girl! Now, time to choose the male tribute of the year!' Eliza pokes her hand around and after a couple of seconds, pulls out a name.

"Ari Globe!" she yells out, and everyones eyes float over to a scrawny 13 year old boy hiding behind another boy, who seems to be his friend.

Iris rolls her eyes. What a damn Career ... looks like I'll have to depend on the District 2's being older and stronger this year. I stopped believing in the fours a while ago. They only bring in those siblings or friends who ally and leave the Careers - as if they'll make it to the end without us.

Just as Ari is being pushed down to the stage, a much deeper voice is heard from farther down. Iris recognizes the voice. Her eyes form down into two slits as she turns to look at Skyer Greengrass, who had just yelled: 'I volunteer!'.

What in the name of goddess is he doing! she thinks.

"Well well, looks like we have a volunteer. Come on up here, uh what would your--'

'Skyer Greengrass' he says casually like he's speaking to his mother and walking down to eat breakfast. He passes down Ari, and they glance at each other. Ari's eyes are bursting with joy of not having to go into the games.

"Well, looks like we have our two tributes for the year!' Eliza yells out into the microphone just as Skyer steps next to Iris and extends his arm, for a handshake.

Iris glares at him and reluctantly shakes his hand. She has a menacing look in her eye. Even if Skyer is the person who she was closest to in school, he has now given her a weakness! She would have been better off with the scrawny Ari boy ruining the Districts reputation then being stuck with someone she used to call her best friend!

The two turn over to look at the cameras, Skyer's face composed and smiling - while Iris's true colors were shining through - anger and menace.


Seven AM - The Town Square

Jenny stood carelessly in the section of the town square with all the sixteen year old girls. All of them were either gossiping or whispering about how they weren't sure if they wanted to go into the games. She started twirling a lock of her hair on her finger.

Well ... this is sure taking a while ... she thought to herself just as a tall, bronze skinned woman walked up onto the stage. She looked very muscular and her raven black hair was tied up in a ponytail. She looked like a person who doesn't joke around.

"Good afternoon everybody. It's the time of year again. My name is Specs and I'll be your escort this year." she said. Her voice sounded harsh.

"Let's just begin with choosing the female tribute of the year." she continued on and stuck her hand into the sphere. After around 5 seconds she pulled up a name, coughed and read it loudly.

"Emelia Johannson. Get on up here."

Trystan and Jenny both turned around slightly to see a small, twelve year old little girl walk up on the stage. She was blonde, blue eyed and looked very grubby. This girl was in the rare population of poor people in District 2. Jenny shook her head and looked down, contemplating. She knew that after both the tributes were picked, then everybody would start volunteering for them ...

Specs sighed and turned to pluck a name out of the male sphere. After a while, she tapped on the microphone and loudly spoke into it. "Lyse Rust", her voice hinted at a spec of hope that maybe this tribute would be one of their best.

She was wrong. An even scrawnier boy then Emelia started to walk up. His face was hallow, his ribs prominent under his makeshift rag shirt, his hair was plastered down with dirt and you couldn't even tell his natural skin tone. He looked green. And to make matters worse, it looked as if there was something seriously wrong with his left foot - he was walking on a limp.

Everybody in the audience groaned and the older boys started to laugh. Trystan looked at one of the laughing boys and didn't understand why exactly he was laughing. There was nothing funny about a small boy who wouldn't even make it past the first 2 minutes going into a death match. And, this laughing boy didn't look much stronger or taller then the twelve year old.

"Alright then, so, would anybody like to volunteer?" Specs said into the microphone, trying to make her voice heard in the midst of all the giggling children.

Jenny had made up her mind. "I volunteer!" she yelled out and pushed her way past the other girls and onto the walkway.

Specs's eyes widened a bit. She knew who this girl was. She knew who her father was.

"Now, Genevieve--" she started.

"It's Jenny. And I repeat. I volunteer." she stood her ground and started walking up the walkway and stepped up onto the stage. "You can go sit down Emelia." she said. Emelia looked long and hard at Jenny. She didn't even recognize who she was, but she felt that she would forver be in debt to her. Emelia, who was around 4 foot 8, hugged Jenny tightly before whispering "Thank you." and quickly ran back down the walkway.

Jenny smiled slightly and stood next to the little boy.

Specs looked ... tired. "Well then. I guess we have our--" she was interrupted, yet again.

"Well then, I guess I also volunteer." Trystan stepped around and stood next to the laughing boy.

Specs looked absolutely shocked. She also knew this boy. This could not be happening she thought to herself.

"If your so brave, you would've volunteered." he mumbled once he walked past the sixteen year old laughing boy. The boy stared after Trystan in shock even has he made his way up onto the stage.

"Alright, you can go back now." he said to Lyse. Lyse just nodded slightly and as quickly as he could, limped down the walkway again before anybody could change their minds.

Specs rubbed her forehead for a minute and looked up towards the camera's.

"Looks like we have our District 2 tributes for the Official 76th Hunger Games. Round of applause, please."

Jenny and Trystan shook hands while the population of District 2 clapped slowly.


Eight AM - The Town Square

POV of Layna Rye

I stood in the Town Sqaure with the rest of the sixteen year old girls. I looked around at them a bit. Unlike the girls from District 1, everyone here was quiet, looking down at their shoes and had their eyes closed. I thought I even saw one girl praying.

I ran my index finger over the hem of my lavender dress, the only dress my family owns, and looked around the district square. I saw my best friend, Oz, on the opposite side of the seventeen year old girls. He wasn't looking at me, but at his little sister. She was only twelve years old and it was her first time being in the reaping. Of course, Oz tried to do everything in his power to not get her reaped, so she only had one measly entry. But knowing Oz's luck, the odds still wouldn't be in his sisters favor.

Me on the other hand, I have twenty entries. Of course there are children who have up to seventy these days and my brothers also tried to stop me from getting tesserae but four children and two adults with only one of them working doesn't get much food on the table. The only thing I can do is hope.

After a couple more minutes of waiting and listening to the mockingbirds - who reminded me of the mockingjay on Katniss Everdeen's pin - a lady who I can only describe as out of her mind walked up onto the stage. She had rainbow colored hair - no I'm not even kidding - and scary neon blue colored eyes. She was around 5 foot 3, had a lavender tint to her skin and was scary thin. I was confused as to why. She was from the Capitol, where food was in front of you in the blink of an eye. But now that I think about it, it must be some crazy fad of theirs.

"Good morning District 3!" she yelled into the microphone in her shrill voice, which hurt my ears.

"I hope you've had a good hearty breakfast," Yeah right. "Because we're in for a big treat now! The reapings of the 76th Hunger Games!" she clapped her hands together - may I mention her nails were painted neon pink - and smiled so hard that her mouth reminded me of a banana.

"My name is Enna and let's begin, because I can hardly hold in my excitement!" Clearly.

She dipped her hand into the big crystal sphere where there was twenty slips which say Layna Rye.

"And our tribute this year is ... Luna Dawn!" I gasped, as well did the entire District.

Luna Dawn was Oz's twelve year old little sister.

My head snapped over to look at Oz. He looked absolutely devestated. I bit my lip and I saw Luna start to step up, tears already pouring out of her crystal blue eyes.

Oh I'm gonna regret this later... "I-I volunteer!" I yelled out and pushed my way through some girls who were too shell shocked to move.

"Oo, a volunteer!" squeeled Enna. "Now what is your name?"

"My name is Layna Rye." I said firmly, my eyes dry.

"Goody, come on up!" she said.

I walked on past Oz and Luna, giving both a tight smile. Oz still had a look of utter sadness but he mouthed 'Thank You' to me. I nodded slightly, smiled and stepped up on the stage.

I looked through the crowd till I saw my brothers. They all had a look of shocking despair on their faces. I also saw my mother, who was crying and my father who looked like he was trying hard to understand.

I would have a lot to explain in a bit.

"And now for the male tribute of the year ...!" Enna continued on and stuck her hand into the boys sphere. She twirled her lavender hand there for a couple of seconds before picking up a slip.

"Torin Hallow!" Enna yelled into the microphone.

Oh ... terrific. I felt my stomach plummet down.

Torin walked up on stage, having a straight, blank face. It kind've reminded me of a ghost. But I knew he was trying to hide his sadness.

I bit the inside of my cheek to keep myself calm as well. I knew this couldn't get any worse. I tasted blood in my mouth because I must've bitten down too hard.

"And these are our two tributes for the 76th Hunger Games! Give it up for Layna Rye and Torin Hallow everybody!" Enna said, with such excitement in her voice that it disgusted me.

Everyone in the District clapped. Unwillingly.


Nine AM - The Town Square

POV of Nikki Quahog

It was reaping day again. I've never actually participated and this is my first time. I am worried though. The past three Districts have had some drama in them. I'm really hoping I don't get reaped, but to think of it the odds are in my favor. I've only been entered once.

I smile and clasp my arms behind my back and start to glance around the square. I see my older sister, Froth, propped up against another sixteen year old girl so she can stand. I bite down on my lip and try to calm myself down. Froth may have more entries then me because she's older, but she hasn't been entered for any tesserae either. All I can do is hope.

Our usual Capitol escort walks down the pathway and steps up onto the stage, standing in between the two crystal orbs.

-to be continued-

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