• Blake Capi District 1
  • Winnie Golden District 1
  • Bronze Stone District 2
  • Silver Stone District 2
  • Denny Circut District 3
  • Michelle Drive District 3
  • Oscar Shad District 4
  • Terry Tide District 4
  • Fido Fiderson District 5
  • Mary Blodbath District 5
  • Trever Insentor District 6
  • Katt Smith District 6
  • Frep Drae District 7
  • Wynona Snide District 7
  • Bralder Zal District 8
  • Karlen Sprout District 8
  • Hunter Putnar District 9
  • Maysilee Buffalo District 9
  • Hazel Cattle District 10
  • Kasel Vorinn District 10
  • Kimmt Cotwright District 11
  • Heron Lynn District 11
  • Razen Fray District 12
  • Opal Harrows District 12
~12th Annual Hunger Games~

Hello and welcome to the 12th Annual Hunger Games! Please submit your tributes below. Make sure to submit one male and one female for each District, please! The limit for how many tributes you can submit is four.

When your submitting a tribute please remember to include: Name, Age, District Number, Appearance, Skills, Strategy and History. Please do, this is important so I can write them as how they would act, and make their deaths more 'realistic' ;)

This Hunger Games will also include Sponsoring and Interviews. So please remember to add if your tributes have any family members or friends. As for sponsoring. The more your tribute appeals to the Capitol - the more money they get. The more money they get - the more stuff you can send them. Remember! just like in the books the items get more expensive as time goes on, so choose wisely.

The Arena

This year the Arena resembles the Arena from the 75th Hunger Games it's devided into 4 sections. The first
Arena for the 100th Hunger Games
being a Rainforest infested with mutts - some small, like frogs - which have poisonus slimy skin which can kill you to the touch - some as big as jaguars, with mutated faces that can tear your skin apart like butter. The upside of the Rainforest is that it's full of fruit and other small non-poisonus game and it also has a large waterfall smack in the middle of it. Another plus side is that it has many small ponds around, and that it rains a lot. The second section is a green lush forest. It contains barely any safe fruits - only poisonus. It has only one small pond which is on the left side of it. The only good point is that it has no mutts - what so ever. The third section is a Snowy Mountain. It has many caves which have reasonable heat and your always able to have water - if you can melt it. It contains no food - unless your willing to go out and kill something in the low degrees. It also has many polar bear mutts which can sense humans from afar - so beware. The last section may be the best - but also dangerous. It's a beach. More like an island even but surrounded by water. On this island there's many palm trees which have coconuts and bananas. There's also many other food sources there and there's no mutts. There's a lot of small ponds with water and it's of reasonable heat. The catch? to get to it you have to pass water which has many flesh eating piranah's and other deadly creatures which give out a 'snip-snap' sound - this fools tributes into running away from the island. Connecting these 4 sections is the Cornucopia which - is also surrounded by water. Inside the Cornucopia are obviously many weapons, food and other valuable resources.

The Tributes

District Male Female
1 Blake Capi (12) Winnie Golden (12)
2 Bronze Stone (15) Silver Stone (15)
3 Denny Circut (18) Michelle Drive (15)
4 Oscar Shad (17) Terry Tide (14)
5 Fido Fiderson (18) Mary Blodbath (17)
6 Trever Insentor (17) Katt Smith (17)
7 Frep Drae (17) Wynona Snide (16)
8 Bralder Zal (13) Karlen Sprout (15)

Hunter Putnar (18)

Maysilee Buffalo (12)
10 Hazel Cattle (12) Kasel Vorinn (15)
11 Kimmt Cotwright (18) Heron Lynn (14)
12 Razen Fray (18) VICTOR Opal Harrows (12)

Matches - 300$

Iodine - 300$

Sleeping Bag - 500$

District Bread - 300$

Sharp Knife - 400$

Spear - 550$

Pack of Fruit - 250$

Burn Ointment - 600$

First Aid Kit (BASIC - bandages, pain killers, fever pills, rubbing alcohol, empty fever pack...) - 700$

Fishing Rod - 700$

Bow & Arrows - 1,000$

Note - 60$ (The deal with the Notes is, that it must be approved by me and you cannot be telling your tribute anything about any of the other tributes skills/strategies or anything about the arena. I might also cut your notes shorter if they're too long.)

Axe - 700$

Trident - 1,550$

Basket of Food - 600$

Thick Blanket - 400$

3 Apples - 400$

First Aid Kit (ADVANCED - stronger pain killers + fever pills, fever pack (full of ice), bandages, stiches) - 800$

Shield - 650$

Training Scores

Blake Capi - 6

Winnie Golden - 8

Bronze Stone - 8

Silver Stone - 9

Denny Circut - 4

Michelle Drive - 5

Oscar Shad - 7

Terry Tide - 7

Fido Fiderson - 2

Mary Blodbath - 3

Trever Insentor - 11

Katt Smith - 9

Frep Drae - 7

Wynona Snide - 6

Bralder Zal - 5

Karlen Sprout - 7

Hunter Putnar - 9

Maysilee Buffalo - 8

Hazel Cattle - 7

Kasel Vorinn - 5

Kimmt Cotwright - 4

Heron Lynn - 4

Razen Fray - 7 - VICTOR

Opal Harrows - 6

Day 1 - Bloodbath

The tributes are raised into the arena and are on their gray circles. They're all wearing warm orange fleece sweaters, a black waterproof sports jacket, baggy khaki shorts which go down to the knees, regular white socks and sneakers - made specially for running. All the tributes stay on their plates taking in what would be either their death place or their little gold mine. After the 60 seconds are up all the tributes jump off the circles and dash out (swim out). Hazel is the first to reach the shore and immediately grabs a loaf of bread on the side of the Cornucopia and starts running towards the Snowy Mountain but he trips on a branch and before he can get up Mary jumps out of nowhere and snaps his neck. Mary grabs Hazel's bread and dashes off towards the Forest.

Bralder starts running towards the Snowy Mountain for coverage, so he can easily sneak back to the Cornucopia to grab some stuff when Blake comes out from behind a boulder and tackles him. Winnie sees this and runs over and spears Bralder from behind. She then grabs her spear and starts chasing Kimmt.

Winnie is running after Kimmt who is almost in the rainforest. She's about to throw her spear into his chest when Heron pushes her down from behind.

"I hate you stupid Careers. Do you have to chase everyone down like this. You District 1 and 2's are nothing but lapdogs for the Capitol. Don't you realize they don't even give 2 cents about you?" Heron growls at Winnie and jumps on her back.

"Yeah well since you enjoy killing people so much, it's time for you - Golden." says Heron as she grabs a sharp knife from her pack.

"You might not wanna do that." says Winnie

Heron smirks "I got someone taking care if your boyfriend."

The camera's shift and you can see Fido wrestling with Blake.

Winnie screams at Heron's 'boyfriend' remark.

"You District 11's are so stupid" screams Winnie as a arrow comes flying and lodges itself in Heron's skull. Heron immediately falls down on the grass as blood starts flowing out of the gash.

Winnie's eyes widen and she jumps up to see Hunter smirking with Maysilee standing wide eyed behind him.

"We're all allies. Or you die. Make your choice." says Hunter and Winnie nods.

"Your in." she says "If you can shoot that far, your good." says Winnie.

Winnie sees Blake about to get his throat slashed by Fido when Bronze grabs Fido up and Silver pulls him in a headlock.

"Whatchu' doing there, District 5?" said Silver - who was smirking evily.

Before Fido could answer, Bronze pushed a dagger right into Fido's head, and he turned it down - so he cut his head in half.

Frep and Wynona are running towards the Forest when Wynona accidentally bumps into Trever with her knife, and cuts his elbow. Katt utterly shocked looks at Wynona and out of defence grabs her bow and arrows and lets one go. Frep, seeing this pushes Wynona out of the way and yells at her to run before the arrow gets lodged in his neck. He has the time to pull it out when Trever pushes him down and slits his throat. Wynona screams and starts to sob.

"You'll pay for this! Both of you!" she yells at both of them and before Katt can let another one go at her Wynona dodges down and runs the opposite way of Katt and Trever.

Katt - who's now pissed off - is starting to run when Trever gets a hold of her wrist.

"Cmon', we'll handle her later. Right now, we need to get out of here."

Katt nods but she's still annoyed, she grabs Frep's backpack and runs off with Trever.

Denny is sneaking around and creeping towards the rainforest when he hears a voice behind him.

"Found you."

He spins around and sees Michelle behind him grinning and waving.

"What are you doing!" he says in a hushed whisper. "If the Careers see you, you'll be worse then dead!"

Michelle rolled her eyes "Have you seen them this year? District 1's are 12 year olds. They also teamed up with District 9. The big guy is a threat, but his partner is a little 12 year old girl. The only threats are the 2's, and I bet that big guy from 6 can take em' hands down."

"You calculated this on, the Bloodbath?" Denny said annoyed.

"Actually, I calculated it in Training." Michelle smiled "Not that I want to kill them. It's just an observa--" Michelle was cut off when Denny grabbed her wrist and started rushing off towards the rainforest.

"Run now, talk later!" he said.

Opal is running towards the Snowy Mountain when Bronze sees her speeding. He sees it as a perfect time to take her out and he grabs her shoulder blade. Opal looks up and screams - but not before Bronze snaps her arm in half. Razen seeing this and recognizing the little girl from his District, out of pure instinct, throws his spear at Bronze. Silver screams and pushes Bronze out of the way and takes the fall for him, fortunately the spear only cuts her arm. She puts her hand over it and curses, but not before seeing Razen speeding off. She swears she'll kill him, before throwing Bronze the spear. Bronze nods his head, and finishes off Opal who - was at this point crying.

The day ends with only 6 deaths.

  1. Hazel Cattle, got his neck snapped by Mary Blodbath - Placed 24th
  2. Bralder Zal, speared by Winnie Golden - Placed 23rd
  3. Heron Lynn, got an arrow lodged in her skull by Hunter Putnar - Placed 22nd
  4. Fido Fiderson, got his head cut in half by Bronze Stone - Placed 21st
  5. Frep Drae, got his throat slit by Trever Insentor - Placed 20th
  6. Opal Harrows, got speared by Bronze Stone - Placed 19th

Day 2

The new day begins with Mary thinking about possible alliances. "Nobody but the District 12 guy I guess." she mumbles to herself as she picks off a bit of bread from the loaf and heads towards the Snowy Mountain. "I'll I've got to do is find him now ..."

Oscar and Terry are at the edge of the Rainforest and are staring wonderingly at the island. "I wish I could check it out ..." Oscar mumbled. "I'm not taking that risk, Oscar. You can hear the sounds. I wouldn't be surprised if that thing was infested with flesh eating dolphins." she shook her head as she polished the knife on the edge of her shirt. "Anyways, do you mind helping me put all of the supplies in order, we're gonna need to get some Iodine fast or find some spring water and just boil it." said Terry "Yeah ... yeah." replied Oscar who was still gazing at the water.

Karlen is sitting in a tree eating one of the dried pears from her pack when she hears a crack from below. She looks down and sees Razen walking towards a cave. She decides it'd be nice to form an alliance since she doesn't have a lot of supplies and she's betting she doesn't have much sponsors. She jumps down from the tree and Razen's head snaps around, he immediately grabs the knife from his belt but Karlen puts her hands up. "Hey, hey. It's just me. I want to ask if you'd like to make an alliance." she says while looking at the backpack on his back. He smirks and says "Thanks but uh ..." the moment he says that Mary jumps down from the tree opposite where Karlen was and throws her new knife in Karlen's chest. "He's already in one, dear." she smirks and walks over to grab her knife. "Forgot to say, thanks District 5 - for the great knife." she winks up at the sky.

Michelle and Denny are walking in the Rainforest when they see Trever and Katt up in a tree. "Bingo..." mumbles Michelle "looks like we found the edge." Denny walks forward and yells up at Trever and Katt. "Hey! You two! I'm from District 3. I'd like to form an alliance to take the Careers down. Since they are little children, I think we could take them." Katt looks at Trever and whispers "Kill them?" "They got a 4 and a 5 in training. Even if they wanted to take the Careers down I know the girl wouldn't go for it. I'm sure it's a trick." he whispers back to her but looks up and says "Yeah sure. Just put the knife down will you?" Michelle is confused and walks over to Denny "Why would you want him to put down the--" before she could finish Katt already fired an arrow into Denny's chest. He falls on his knees and puts a shaking hand on the arrow. He has enough time to yell "Michelle, run!" before he collapses on the floor and his cannon fires. Michelle's eyes widen and before she can take a step one of Katt's arrows is already lodged in her skull, instantly killing her. "3's are down." Katt mumbles as she jumps down to collect the supplies.

  1. Karlen Sprout, got stabbed in the chest by Mary Blodbath - Placed 18th
  2. Denny Circut, got an arrow shot in his chest by Katt Smith - Placed 17th
  3. Michelle Drive, got an arrow shot in her skull by Katt Smith - Placed 16th

Day 3

Razen is out in the snow trying to hunt something to eat when a parachute falls down.

"Hope it's food..." he mumbles before opening it and finding a shiny axe. He shrugs and takes inventory of it.

"Pretty good. Hope I won't be needing to use it on another person soon, though. Thanks District 12." he grins up at the sky, knowing how hard it would've been to send him a weapon at all.

Mary is packing up all of the belongings back in the cave and preparing to take off when a note falls from the sky. She looks confused but goes to get it. It reads:

Kill Him.

Mary grins. "If you insist boss." Mary picks up a knife and starts sharpening it with the other.

Wynona is trying to melt snow in a tree when a small parachute falls down. She wonders what it is and hungrily opens the small wooden box attached to the parachute. She finds a pack of dried fruit. She smiles and says "Thank you very much ..." she opens it to fish out a dry pear half.

Oscar and Terry are roasting some nuts and boiling some water when a parachute falls down. Terry reaches out to grab it and opens it. She finds a dark blue sleeping bag.

"Hm. Guess we have something to keep us warm."

Katt and Trever are up in a tree eating some kind of dragonfruit, usually they wouldn't be risking eating anything from the arena - but they'd just eaten this and seen it in the Capitol, and they assume it's fine. They're discussing what they'll do with Trever being weaponless when a parachute falls and lodges itself on a branch next to Trever. He reaches out and opens it, and finds a sharp spear. He grins.

"Now the Games have started..." he mumbles.

The Careers are at camp when Blake and Winnie decide to go fill up all the canteens with water. Everyone else agrees they should go. The moment they both leave 2 notes fall on both of the District Partners laps. One reads:


The other reads:

Double Alliance. BRONZE AND SILVER.

All four tributes look up and stare at each other.

"Guess our mentors worked it out. Wanna do it?" asks Hunter

"Why not." says a grinning Bronze

"How are we gonna get rid of the other two?" says a quiet Maysilee, who was chipping bread off a loaf

"You got an 8 in training, kid. You know what we're gonna do." says Silver who was now getting her bow and arrows from a plastic container.

The day ends with no deaths.

Day 5

It's been a while since anything interesting has happened and Mary decides that the Gamemaker's will probably do something to them, so it'll be good to kill Razen now - since it'll give interest to the audience.

Mary creeps up behind a sleeping Razen with the axe and when she's about to behead him - Razen opens his eyes. He sees Mary's reflection on the cave wall and he turns around in his sleeping bag. He's holding up the two sharp knives.

Mary - utterly taken aback - drops the axe on Razen, but he's fast enough and ducks down. He jumps up and before Mary can pick the axe up again, he throws a knife. It lodges itself in her back and she falls on her knees.

"Tried to kill me?" he smirks.

"I was doing what I was told." she growls at him.

"Guess you failed at that too, say goodnight." he says before he throws the other knife in her back.

"Bullseye." he says and dislodges the knives from Mary's back. He picks her up and takes her outside in the snow, for the hovercraft to pick her up. Once he leaves her he walks back in his cave. Little does he know that her cannon didn't fire.

Kasel is in the Rainforest, and dying. She's dehydrated, hungry and hallucinating because she got stung by numerous 'animals'. Kasel looks up one moment at the sky before she falls back. Her cannon fires.

Winnie and Blake are sleeping when the 4 other 'Careers' in the secret alliance creep up on them. Seeing as there's nothing to it, Silver fires an arrow. It goes in Winnie's thigh and she screams and her eyes snap open. Seeing the other 4 attacking her and Blake she yells,

"What the hell is going on, are you four fu**ing crazy!"

"Such derogatory terms for a 12 year old, don't you think?" says a laughing Hunter as he throws a spear in Blake's heart.

Winnie, completely crazy now, grabs what she can and another pair of bow and arrows and fires them at Hunter. It misses him by an inch - but hits the little girl in the ribs.

"Let's see how you like that! Watch your backs, you sensless ... mutts!" she yells before she disapears.

  1. Kasel Vorinn, died of deyhydration, starvation and of numerous poisons reaching her vital organs - Placed 15th
  2. Blake Capi, got speared by Hunter Putnar - Placed 14th

Day 7

Mary has been traveling since Day 5. She'd gotten a note on Day 6, saying she had to kill Bronze. Really, it was obvious at this point she wouldn't win - what with being left with no supplies and having 2 knife stabs in her back ... literally. She's about to give up when she sees a camp. Mary sneaks over to a couple of plastic tubs and grabs a bottle of water, idoine, matches, some apples, a knife and a sleeping bag. She stuffs all of the supplies in a backpack and prepares to leave, but then remembers the note. She looks around and notices that this can only be the Careers camp, but where are they? She hears a rustle and footsteps. Her eyes widen and she grabs a pair of bow and arrows from the tub, but when she runs she makes the mistake of knocking the tub over. The Careers are now running and when they reach the camp ... nobody's to be found. Little do they know that Mary is in a tree above them, fully disguised. She sees all 4, Bronze, Silver, Hunter and Maysilee and wonders where the District 1 girl is. Not really caring she grabs an arrow and aims. She lets the arrow go and it goes in Bronze's chest. She see's his sisters eyes widen. "Wha... who's there!" she screams as she runs to her brother. Hunter's eyes turn to slits and he walks over to the tub. "Show yourself!" screams Silver, who is trying to save Bronze. "Sis. Up in the ..." Bronze has time to mumble before his cannon fires. "Up in what! Bronze!" Silver keeps screaming, and is completely histerical. Hunter rolls his eyes and scans the trees. "Up in the big maple." says Maysilee Hunter nods and fires up. Out of 5 arrows he shot, only 1 got Mary. And that was in the leg, which she could easily patch up if she could find some bandages or a First Aid Kit. Mary decides it's time to leave and starts jumping around the branches on the tree until she's down and she starts running. Hunter sees Silver's refusal to let go of Bronze's body so he takes Maysilee's hand and walks away from the body. The claw of the hovercraft goes to pick up Bronze's body but as it tries to reach it away from Silver's body it hits her on the head. Giving her a serious concussion, she blacks out and rolls down next to her and Bronze's tent. "What should we do?" asks Maysilee "I don't see the point in keeping her here anymore. She's gonna make things way more difficult then they have to be..." he mumbles in reply as he gets a dagger.

  1. Bronze Stone, got an arrow shot in his chest by Mary Blodbath - Placed 13th
  2. Silver Stone, got stabbed multiple times by Hunter Putnar - Placed 12th

Day 8

Mary is in the Forest eating breakfast of an apple and some water when a parachute falls downon a branch. She reaches and grabs it and finds an axe. "Long, sturdy, sharp ... and great for chopping someones head off." Mary grins to herself and continues cutting apple slices.

Hunter and Maysilee are walking back to camp with their kill (they've been hunting) when they see that all of the tubs and sacks are empty! Hunter kicks at the sand and starts to curse. Maysilee closes her eyes and shakes her head. Out of all their things, they only have 2 bottles of water, a spear, a knife and iodine left. Maysilee sits down and starts thinking of who could've done this to them. The cameras suddendly zoom to a bush a couple of metres behind Hunter and Maysilee. Wynona's eyes are visible and she's snickering. She'd built up her strength and decided to destroy the main supplies. She smiles, adjusts her pack and heads out - the opposite way of the 9's. Just then, a note falls down and into Hunters hands. The note reads: TRUST TREVER AND KATT "Should we look for them?" asks Maysilee "Guess so. Mentor knows more then us at this point." he says

Terry was out in the depths of the Rainforest looking for food, because all of their bread had ended and they'd eaten the berries on the edge of the Rainforest. She looks around and yells "Oscar!" but he's nowhere to be found. She's confused and just when she puts the berries down she hears a zzztt sound. She's confused and looks up. A swarm of flies, as big as grapes has come out of the Rainforest. Her eyes widen and she screams, before the swarm attacks her. After 10 minutes, and between her screams, all that's left of Terry is a pile of bones. Oscar is still nowhere to be found.

  1. Terry Tide, got 'eaten' by a swarm of fly mutations - Placed 11th

Day 9

Razen is sitting in his cave eating some leftover rabbit from a couple of days ago when a parachute falls down outside. He walks out and opens it, and finds some iodine. "Didn't really need it, but thanks." he says as he tosses it up and down in his palm.

Mary is walking around under her tree looking for some berries or nuts when a note falls down on a berry bush. "Aw, sweet." she mumbles and walks over to the bush. She picks up the note and reads it out loud. "Finish the Job. Kill Razen." she nods her head up and forth making her hair bounce and puts the note in her pocket. She collects some berries and climbs her tree again. Just when she reaches the top and lays on a branch she whispers; "Guess I really am turning into a killing machine, hm." Mary throws a berry into her mouth and laughs.

Trever and Katt are looking for tributes to take down when a note falls onto the dirt floor. Katt shrugs and picks it up. It reads; "Trust only Hunter and Maysilee." "The Careers? Not a effing chance." Trever mumbles as he spears down some kind of bird. "I think we should trust our mentor. They must know more then us. And killing us isn't their exact goal. Plus, the mentors of those two must also know about this." says Katt. "Guess you are right. I'm just not really trusting them." Trever says. Katt grins. "If we ever feel the need, we have our weapons." she says in a singsong voice as she wraps the defeathered bird in a large leaf.

Maysilee and Hunter are walking around in the forest searching for Trever and Katt. Suddendly two parachutes fall down. Maysilee picks them up and finds 2 shields in them. "Sick..." she mumbles to herself knocking on the metallic surface.

Winnie is grinning evily to herself. The camera is zoomed on her hair. "I guess your little friend died yesterday. Shame really." The camera zooms out and Oscar is visible. He's tied up with vines on a tree and has one of his socks stuffed in his mouth. He starts growling at Winnie and is about to scream. "Ah, ah, ah. Let's not do that, shall we?--" she says in a childish voice. "Now. I want something. And I know you also need something." she continues The camera now zooms down onto his right leg. Which is burned to a capital B. "I see your mentor didn't see this coming. Now, good news is. I know the herbs to make a medicine to relieve your pain. Bad news is I'm sure you don't. Because you came right into my territory asking for my help." she says slyly as she walks over and makes out the curves of his lips with the dull knife. "So. Here's what your gonna do..." the camera then cuts off and goes black.

No deaths today.

Day 10

Hunter, Maysilee, Trever and Katt are all now in an alliance. They'd found each other at night and decided it'd be best to follow their mentors orders. "You guys know where any tributes could be hiding? Cause' ever since the District 3's wanted to form an alliance with us, we haven't seen anyone around." said Trever who was eating some roots. "Maybe it's cause' everyones scared of you." said a laughing Hunter. Maysilee rolled her eyes; "Dunno' Hunter's had a lot of kills though. To the best of my knowledge there's only the boy from 12, the boy from 11, the girl from 7, the girl from 5, the boy from 4 and Winnie - the girl from 1. Oh, and us." Maysilee said. "Girl from 7? Didn't we kill her District partner?" asks Trever "I don't remember. It's not like I care who I kill." said a grinning Katt "Who cares, she must be as good as dead by now. I doubt she could take care of herself for this long." "Don't be so sure of that. Someone actually stole the supplies from us before we found you. Could've been her." said Hunter "Yeah, and it could also be the boy from 4 or the girl from 5." said Maysilee Their conversation continued until they decided to continue on searching. They packed up and started circling the Forest

Mary was running for her life. She'd accidentally met up with a crazed Wynona and gotten shot in the ribs and calf by arrows. Mary ran straight into the alliance of Hunter, Maysilee, Trever and Katt. "Crap..." she muttered but she knew she was trapped. They where all around her. "Ugh, finally! Some prey." grinned Katt who was getting an arrow out. Mary looked around frantically and saw the little girl. Maysilee, she thought her name was. She'd left everything except her bow and arrows up in a tree where she got caught by Wynona, but Wynona had probably stolen all of that stuff by now anyways. Taking a shot Mary grabbed one of her own arrows and fired one quickly at Maysilee. Maysilee's cannon fired and Mary ran. She dodged Katt's arrow but she couldn't dodge Trever's spear. It hit her in the chest and she fell down. Even though Katt and Trever were thirsting to kill someone they let Hunter finish Mary off. Hunter walked over to Mary and the camera zooms on him. What's seen is him throwing the spear in anger, Mary's scream, the gurgle of blood - and finally, a cannon fire.

Winnie is seen sitting down, humming some sick melody, while smushing different plants and water together in a bowl made of vines. Once she was done she walked over to Oscar and applied some to a small section of his leg. You could see it in his eyes, that there was instant relief. "Now that you know I'm not lying." she grinned your gonna go and do it. Oscar growled at her and said "Alright. I'm gonna need some of your arrows."

  1. Maysilee Buffalo, got an arrow shot into her eye by Mary Blodbath - Placed 10th
  2. Mary Blodbath, got speared by Hunter Putnar - Placed 9th



Winnie's little sister walks on stage. She looks at the camera and smirks.

"Looks like you morons were wrong. Who said a 12 year old couldn't win the Games." It's obvious the 8 year old is talking to the other Districts and the Capitol. Some people are shocked and their mouths are gaping open.

"Exactly. I'm not gonna stand here and cry and beg for my sister to come home. Will that help her? No. Will it give her supplies? No. All it shows is weakness and it's pointless." she shakes her head and puts her hands on her hips flips her golden hair back and walks off the stage while the crowd is left in dead silence.


His two brothers and sister are visible sitting on a plush red couch on stage. His sister's legs are crossed and she's obviously sad. His brothers are looking around, shocked for some reason.

His father is standing with Oscar's weeping mother.

"We ... always wanted him to come back home. He wouldn't ... I'm just sorry I didn't have enough time to spend with my little boy ..." says his mother who is wiping off tears from her cheeks with a hankerchief.

The rest of the interview is spent mainly focused on Oscar's sister, who talks about home; what they did together and their relationship.

When the family walks off stage Oscar's father is seen mumbling something. It wasn't heard because of the audiences clapping, but it sounded like...

"Damn District 1 ... go burn in ..."


Trever's big sister is seen walking up on stage with his 2 little sisters and brother. All of the little ones look at the camera and smile weakly. The interview goes on normally with Trever's big sister going on and answering to all questions with a 'Yes' or a 'No' or a slight shrug of her shoulders, until a specific question is asked about their mother and father.

"They were killed in rebel activity. Is that interesting enough for you? Yeah. Our parents died because of the Capitol's bullcrap. How do you people think we feel when our brother was sent to fight, to his death. It's obvious he's gonna let that girlfriend of his win. So what's your point of asking these stupid questions? Just to give your inhabitants some entertainment?" she sneers at the camera. She'd basically flipped off the Capitol with her words. She'd gotten up after that, and walked off stage with her siblings without a glance back.

The ending was cut off for the Districts. They'd only seen the beginning questions and her exit. The people in the live viewing were the only ones who knew what had taken place.


Katt's big brother walks on stage. He's eying the people around him suspiciously and all he wants is to get out of the picture. He'd answered some usual questions in the beginning.

"What do you think about your sister's likelyhood of surviving?" he was asked.

He smiled "She's gonna win. Not because she's partnered with that boy but because she's Katt and I've seen her survive through everything." he shrugged and stood up.

"I'm sure most people agree with me. I don't approve of her being allied with so many. Supplies go quick. But that's just me." he ruffles his hair and steps off stage.


Wynona's only brother shows up. He's unusually quiet and has nothing much to say. He hadn't been outgoing and said anything that the other family members had. He'd just done what he was supposed to and walked quietly off stage.


Nobody had shown up for the interview. His little sister had been in school.


Kimmt's grandparents had been left in the District, because of their age. His little sister had decided to attend the interview.

"I guess I understood why Kimmt decided to go. He's spent most of his time researching and studying ... really, I'm surprised he's made it so far. I'm not being cruel or not being hopeful or anything but just looking at those bigger kids gives me the creeps. Anyways, I love my brother. Being this far really makes me think he has a great chance of winning. If he can survive with only getting a sheet of plastic, he must be good for something." she smiles at the camera whilst tears were pooling in her eyes.

"We've seen that you gave him a notebook with a pencil on a string, what was that about?"

"Isn't it obvious?" she wiped a tear off her cheek. "Might as well write everything down. If anyone ever wants to recall it, or if he needs to remember something." she paused "without needing to see the gory deaths..." she hastily added.


Razen's interview goes as normal. His family, miners, come. They have a Seam look to them and are shying away from everyone. They have a sad look in their eyes and just answer questions normally. They talk about their life, and how much they want Razen to come home. Nothing unusal happens and they walk off stage.


"Do you understand what your suppost to do?"

He sighed "Yes."

She smiled approvingly "You'll get your reward if I'm satisfied."

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed the homade device off the rainforest floor.

"Now don't be too gruff, you don't want to ruin it." she said with a smile as she disapeared.


I walked towards their camp. You could consider them the Careers, but that tiny one from 1 is a natural. They have everything they need to survive, you could say they looked even better from when they began the Games. I felt the need to go destroy everything, but that wasn't my job. I slung the device made out of arrows and wood on my shoulder. It was designed to never miss. Even if the most uncordinate person used it.

I found an alright tree. I had no idea what it was, but it was high and close to their camp. I grabbed one of the hanging vines and put my feet on the bark of the tree. I pulled myself up until I was on an OK looking branch, from there I started to climb. It was ... terrible. There were no words for the pain. I continued going because of the promise of medicine. Even if she lied and didn't give it to me, I'd kill her in the process. She'd hidden the medicine and knocked me out, she'd have to take it out and run. But then I could attack. She didn't have her arrows anymore.

I saw two of them eating. I wondered were the little girl went for a minute, but I remembered that she died the night before. That sneaky one also died. Must've been in combat. I also assumed the other boy went to go hunt.

I camoflauged myself nicely in the vines of the trees and aimed for the biggest one. The guy. That's who she told me to kill. She didn't tell me why. I think she mumbled something about revenge. Who cared really?

Not wasting anymore time I let the arrow fly. It hit him in the eye. I saw the point actually stick out at the back of his skull. He fell and blood immediately started gushing. It was madness, really.

"Trever!" the girl screamed.

Trever? What?

"Hunter! Get back here!" she yelled out into the rainforest while she tried to hold back her tears.

Wasn't Hunter the ... aw crap. I'd killed the wrong one.

There was only one arrow in the device. I'd broken all the rest in the beginning. I decided to leave before I was caught. I climbed down a decent distance and ran. Cursing myself, as the girls' screams and Hunter's yells faded out.

  1. Trever Insentor, got shot by Oscar Shad - Placed 8th

Day 11 - END.

IN KATT'S POV I couldn't believe it. I shook his body, it was obvious it was over. He was gone. Poof. I didn't even care to pursue the killer. I shook and basically fell down. My forehead was on Trever's chest. I guess anyone could take me out at the moment. In the back of my head I was wondering why nobody was shooting after me. I heard Hunter's footsteps. I must've also screamed his name. He bursted into the camp armed with one of the bows. I must've looked utterly insane. "I heard 1 cannon, why didn't you get the tribute!" he yelled at me. I glared up at him and wiped my cheeks. I noticed my hands were bloody. Not that I cared. "They were concealed. Must've ran off by now. Do you think I care?" I growled at him. He stared at me. "Get off your knees. Hovercraft. Unless you want to be picked up too." he turned around and dropped the bow and started walking to the tent. I stared at him. My sadness turning to fury. Didn't he care?! My eyes slit in anger, and without thinking it through I grabbed a spear from our pile of weapons. I threw it at him. Of course, it hit him in the leg. He fell down. "What the hell are you doing!" he screamed at me. I didn't understand my motive. He started to reach for his arrows. Why did I do that? He aimed at me. Judging by his facial expression he was confused I wasn't going in for the kill. He let an arrow fly. I must've seemed like an idiot. I jumped down and the arrow lodged itself in the tree. I rolled to the plastic containers and grabbed a spear and a sleeping bag. I was going in for more when I saw him creeping towards me. I grabbed the lid of the container and pulled it up just when he let the arrow fly. I grabbed the dull knife from the container and threw it at him. Of course, it 'scratched' his arm and in the second he looked down to assess the damage, I was already running. That was a close one ...

"I still can't believe you killed the wrong one ..." Winnie said, pacing back and forth. "You gave me orders to kill the boy. I killed the boy. How was I supposed to know which one you meant." Oscar retorted. Winnie wiped sweat off her forehead and sat down. "Your just gonna have to try again." "With what! There's no weapons." "Well my sponsor has been useless at this point. But there's a bow and your arrows. Plus the wood. Make something out of that." Oscar narrowed his eyes at Winnie. "You do understand I can't make it that far and back again. You saw in what condition I was. Maybe you should just try yourself." "I don't want to risk it." Winnie smiled at Oscar. "So you go in again, and kill him. And of course, get your leg 'fixed'. Or you just walk around helplessly and kill yourself soon enough. Because there's no way you can defend yourself, or get food like this." Winnie smiled. Oscar lowered his forehead on his knees. Of course, she was right. Oscar grabbed the knife. "One more try."

No deaths today

Day 12

OSCAR'S POVI creeped down to the District 9 boys camp. It was shameful since I could probably actually beat him in combat, but because of my leg - it was useless unless I was going into it as a suicide mission. I limped - quietly - into a couple of bushes at the side of his camp. I could see the boy was smart and had rearranged his things. He could see only 1 big pack on the boys back, which I was sure was full of all of his basic supplies. He saw the boy had a knife attached to his belt, a sheath full of arrows on his back next to the pack, the bow on the floor next to him. I also knew the boy had a spear but he must've hidden them somewhere where he could grab them quickly if he was on the run. He also hadn't left his tent or sleeping bag out. He was just sitting there, eating raw fish and twitching around at the slightest noise.In any which way, there was no way I could just swoop in there - or even surprise attack him - with only a knife. Unless I could get a nice shot in his skull or heart or ... something other then his foot or arm. It was risky since if I did miss, I was broadcasting my location to him - and bye-bye Oscar. But what other choice did I have? My burn wasn't healing, if you took a good look at it, it looked even worse then when I'd gotten it. The skin was burnt black all around, I could spot boils around it and ... it hurt like hell.I guess here goes life or death.I was just about to throw the knife when it hit me. Wasn't I from District 4? Didn't I have a 7 in training? I'm sure the guy had some kind of medical kit in his bag! And how do I even know that the little phsyco from 1 wasn't even lying? If I revealed myself I could convince him. I could even tell him the location of the little girl. I could even turn the death of the Trever guy on Winnie if I wanted to. She has no alibi and her weapons are scarce now. I took a deep breath, stood up and walked out of the bushes trying to make some noise, so he'd notice I was there. It was insanely funny how quickly he had shot the arrow. It couldn't have taken more then 5 seconds. I widened my eyes and quickly fell down, I heard the arrow lodge itself in the tree behind me."Wait! Wait! No!" I screamed while he loaded up another arrow. I saw his eyes narrow down and he rushed over to me."I'm here ... to offer an alliance! I - I know were Winnie, the girl from 1 is hiding! She killed your alliance partner--" I started."Like I cared for him." he growled and proceeded to grab his knife."Wait! Seriously! I'm a good fighter! I had a 7, it's only my leg thats stopping me!" I nodded down towards it. "I'm telling the truth. If I wanted to harm you, I would've came here armed." I said. I saw his eyes go down to my belt which had the knife in it."Dull knife. I use it to cut stuff." I lied smoothly. He looked at me and his expression relaxed."Alright. Your in. If I find out you were lying though. Your going down." He stared me down, and I nodded quickly."Alright ... don't mean to be pushy but, do you have any damn thing to fix my leg. It feels like ... death." I tried to find a reasonable comparison. I saw his mouth twitch up in a smile and I grinned."Yeah. But it's the closest thing I can come up with." I looked up at the sky, it was getting dark and Winnie would definitely start looking for me by dawn. It was perfect. She'd come bursting here and then we'd get her. No deaths today

DAY 13

Oscar and Hunter sat on the dry, earth floor kicking around pine needles and slicing up apples for a morning meal.

"Everything really burned through the Careers this year, didn't it?" Oscar asked with a smile.

"Guess it did. Me and Maysilee never really were Careers. I guess we did it as a precaution ... to not get her hurt." Hunter said pausing a bit at the end. "Doesn't matter anymore, does it?" Hunter added and popped an apple slice in his mouth.

"Guess not ..." Oscar mumbled "How'd you lose her anyways?" he asked, genuinely curious. "I saw her picture in the sky with the crazy girl from 5 and I wondered ..."

"Crazy girl from 5 shot her. Got my revenge though." Hunter took another apple slice. "What about your partner?"

Oscar slowly took an apple slice and bit a piece off, trying to kill a little time before he had to answer. "Actually ... I'm not sure. I was walking out to try to look around for some food when I got sucked into a Gamemaker trap. Let's just say there was a lot of fire and unpleasantness. I guess I passed out, and by the time I'd woken up the girl from 1 had tied me up to a tree with a sock in my mouth, my leg was burnt like hell, and she told me Terry had died..." he trailed off "I try not to think about it too much. You know ... it really messes you up, and you can't afford that to survive here." he shook his head and continued to eat.

"... Wait, the girl from 1? How'd you get away from her ...?" Hunter asked, confused.

"She sent me off to kill someone in exchange for burn medicine ... I didn't listen, and I came upon you." Oscar lied.

"So why didn't you kill that ... person?" Hunter asked.

"Would you kill someone with only a dull knife at your disposal?" Oscar joked. He didn't feel good lying, but he had to. Hunter couldn't know the truth. Just then an arrow flew out from a tree and hit Hunter, close to were Oscar thought was his rib cage, and the unmistakable Winnie from 1 jumped down from the tree. Armed with arrows and the face of a killer.

"So this is what you tell your little alliance partner? Lies." she snarled and began to grab an arrow out of her sheath, but just when she touched the tip of the arrow, a knife pierced her neck. It went so far deep, the tip could be seen on the left side of her neck. She fell down onto her knees and before blood started flowing out of her mouth - she mumbled, "I wouldn't trust him if I were you ..."

And then the cannon fired. Hunter and Oscar looked at each other, both questioning which boy she meant.

"Sick little liar till the end ..." mumbled Hunter, who was starting to push his cotton t-shirt on the wound to staunch the blood flow.

"I suggest we make camp in trees now ..." Oscar said and began to push open the backpack to pull out the first aid kit.

The day ends with only 1 death.

  1. Winnie Golden, got a knife in the neck by Hunter Putnar - Placed 7th

DAY 14

Razen hadn't been on camera much, and now that he's seen it's obvious he's made it down to the Rainforest. He was snacking on some tree bark, trying to choke all of it down when he tripped and was lifted up into a big net made of green vines. A smiling Kimmt skipped out from behind a couple of trees on the side and looked up at Razen."Looks like my invention works." he said with a smile, it was obvious to Razen that Kimmt wasn't going to hurt him."Aren't you from 11?" Razen asked him. "Argiculture. I wouldn't expect you to know much about ... inventing."Kimmt ignored his question "Alliance?" he asked."Get me down from here and we'll see." Razen glared."Oh, so you can kill me?" questioned Kimmt."If I wanted to kill you I could do it from up here. I could also get down myself, but I'd rather spare the bruises." he said with a tiny hint of sarcasm. Kimmt laughed and went back to the trees again, in a moment Razen fell down and the trap was back in order - without a hint that someone had been in it already."Damn..." Razen said, rubbing his head. "Nice. But you could've made it softer for the landing." he joked."I wasn't expecting anyone to live after they were on the floor. Comfort was the last thing on my mind." Kimmt replied.Razen grinned. "Alliance."

Meanwhile, in the Forest - much darker things are going on. A bloody battle is going on between a tired, red rimmed eyed, Tracker Jacker bitten Katt and a healthy, glowing Wynona. Even with Katt's 9 in training, her physical state was not even comparable to Wynona's."Your boyfriend ... killed Frep. I would've gone after him--" Wynona blocked Katt's spear with a Trident "But I saw his face in the sky a couple of days ago. I knew you were the other one left..." Wynona grabbed a knife from her belt and threw it at Katt's leg, since Katt was defenseless there - it got her. She screamed, but didn't fall down."Your a strong one." Wynona commented, and quickly twisted the spear in her Trident. She threw the Trident to her left, which took the spear with it and Katt was disarmed. Wynona quickly grabbed another trident from her pack and kicked Katt down."Finally avenging him." the camera was on Wynona's face when Katt's scream was heard, and then the cannon.

The day ends with only 1 death.

  1. Katt Smith, got stabbed with a trident by Wynona Snide - Placed 6th

DAY 15

In Razen's POV

I knew today was the day, I was also sure Kimmt knew it too. You could feel it in the air. Today was the day someone was going to go home. And the others meet their end. I also knew winning really wasn't in my favor either.

"What a short alliance this was, eh?" I heard Kimmt say from behind me. I turned around and nodded.

"... Let's eat." I said and opened up my pack. I threw out some roots, berries and the 2 rabbits I'd killed when I was walking down to the Rainforest which were wrapped in Kimmt's plastic. I eyed his bag and he saw that I wanted him to take out what was left too. He obliged and poured out bundles and bundles of different roots, fruits and vegetables I'd never seen in my entire life.

"Damn ... no wonder you've made it this far." I said. "Although, from what I remember, you weren't reaped to be in this thing ..." I added. He shook his head and then there was an awkward silence. Kimmt decided to break it by asking.

"You want to eat everything?"

"Just leave some of the fruit." I answered.

A while later, about 30 minutes and we'd eaten everything except about a small baskets worth of berries and roots. That's when I split it half and half and handed him half of it. He looked confused.

"... Why did you ... ?"

I didn't answer until my share was in my pack with everything but one of my knives which were with Kimmt.

"We can't go into the fight together. You should know that. The alliance really was pointless for me, but in the case of food - it was good for both. Now we're both as feasted as all the other strong apponents and we'll have a better chance. But I can't go in there with you and have to think about protection. I'm here because I was reaped, and I plan to make it out." I nodded my head. "Good being friends, but it's usually a mistake befriending anyone in the arena." I nodded my head again, as a goodbye and headed out. He didn't reply, when I was a couple of metres away I turned back but to see that he was already gone. It wasn't surprising.

A couple of hours later and still I hadn't come apon any tributes. The arena was also very small, since I was already in the centre of the forest. I was just giving up on today and deciding that it really wasn't the finale when I heard a bunch of screaming. I creeped along the shrubbery, careful to not be heard when it really wasn't needed. The screams were blocking out any small sounds like twigs snapping or footsteps. I looked closer just in time to see the girl from 7 getting speared by the sun kissed boy from 4. It was clear she was fighting off the guy from 9 when 4 had attacked her from behind. I was close, so I could see the look of utter defeat and plain ... anger. I heard her cannon fire.

Well hell! How was I supposed to beat those 2 without any outside help! I guess splitting the alliance was stupid, now that I see this. But what was I expecting? I guess, that they'd be alone! I could probably handle 1 at a time but 2 with just a knife and an axe when they had such amazing weapons at their disposal. Just as I was questioning how to go in and kill one without being seen, and kill the other from behind a knife hit the one from 4 in the eye. The boy fell forwards and there was a gush of blood. My eyes gaped and I looked around to see where the attacker was - or more clearly, where Kimmt was. I couldn't see even one movement. The boy from 9 didn't care about his partner. He was scoping around. This was my chance. I walked around the bushes when I snapped a twig. I saw the boys attention immediately come to me, but he was too slow. My knife was already in the air, and it hit him straight in the eye, just as his partner got hit. I ran forward already grabbing the axe out of my pack. I threw it, and it landed right into the boys stomach. I saw his eyes widen, and then his cannon fire. But the boy wasn't stupid, before it fired he had thrown his own knife. And that knife was now lodged into my leg. I groaned, but stomached the pain. I looked around and saw Kimmt walking forward. Smiling.

"How did you ... make it here?" I asked.

"I followed you. I'm surprised. You didn't realize." he replied.

"I didn't question it. I had more weapons then you. I wouldn't go looking for a tribute stronger then me." I retorted.

"Yes well ... I want to win as well, don't I?" he sighed and walked over to the boy from 4. He grabbed the knife from his eye.

"Sadly ... that includes killing you." he shrugged "I wish it didn't have to be this way ..."

I was just giving up hope. I couldn't get the knife out of my leg, he'd have already thrown his and killed me. Just as he was about to throw his knife, I realized the boy from 4 wasn't dead yet. His cannon hadn't fired. And just as I realized that ... the boy had grabbed Kimmt's leg and grabbed him down. I heard a muffled yell that sounded like Grab it!

I didn't waste any time, I pulled the knife out of my leg - an excrutiating amount of pain, too - and threw it precisely at Kimmt's head. I heard the immediate cannon fire. I looked at the boy from 4. I saw his smile. I was about to ask why he'd done that - but then I heard another cannon fire. His.

Confused, I heard the booms of Claudius Templesmith yelling

"Congratulations, Razen Fray, from District 12, the victor of the 12th annual Hunger Games!

  1. Wynona Snide, got speared by Oscar Shad - Placed 5th
  2. Hunter Putnar, got an axe in his stomach by Razen Fray - Placed 4th
  3. Oscar Shad, got a knife in the eye by Kimmt Cotwright - Placed 3th
  4. Kimmt Cotwright, got a knife in his skull by Razen Fray - Placed 2rd

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