~13th Annual Hunger Games~

Hello and welcome to the 12th Annual Hunger Games! Please submit your tributes below. Make sure to submit one male and one female for each District, please! The limit for how many tributes you can submit is four.

When your submitting a tribute please remember to include: Name, Age, District Number, Appearance, Skills, Strategy and History.

I know I already have a game going at the moment, but like Avaria did, I'd like to have the tributes for my next one - so I could write it up quicker once the other one ends.

The Tributes


Male Female
District 1 Glint Fremont Glitter Natalia
District 2 Shasperi Braunfels Palette Willows
District 3 Credner Stall Elecsin Reveld
District 4 Snarkly Snake Aqua Snake
District 5 Randy "Brickhouse" Kookamonga Mia Purplemuffin
District 6 Preston "Sully" Sullivan Elisha Sweedle
District 7 Ash Shadows Sefren Oakes
District 8 Gander Smer Safron Ader
District 9 Karl Kringle Scarlet Jolie
District 10 Rivan Fenerm Desiree Smithersons
District 11 Randy Plower Lavender Cresella
District 12 Flint Sage Dawn Thorne

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