~The 14th Annual Hunger Games~

Hello and welcome to the 14th Annual Hunger Games!
  • Summanus Mirum District 1
  • Calypso Circe District 1
  • Brass Sater District 2
  • Trifle Woods District 2
  • Digit Twek District 3
  • Micy Cumput District 3
  • Splash Blue District 4
  • Waterlily Wave District 4
  • Aero District 5
  • Makalu Peak District 5
  • Flare Thorne District 6
  • Fawn Sage District 6
  • Fiero Calsdale District 7
  • Alphaba Gallion District 7
  • Preston "Sully" Sullivan District 8
  • Elisha Sweedle District 8
  • Totoro Ida District 9
  • Ireland Winona District 9
  • Matthew Little District 10
  • Cleo Jones District 10
  • Sedulo Laboro District 11
  • Meto Fruges District 11
  • Hayden Hawkins District 12
  • Prett Wills District 12

Please submit your tributes below. Please remember to submit one male and one female for each District, please! The limit for how many tributes you can submit is four.

When your submitting a tribute please remember to include: Name, Age, District Number, Appearance, Strategy and History. Please do, this is important so I can write them as how they would act, and make their deaths more 'realistic' ;)

These Hunger Games will also include Sponsoring and Interviews. So please remember to add if your tributes have any family members or friends. As for sponsoring, the more your tribute appeals to the Capitol - the more money they get. The more money they get - the more stuff you can send them. Remember! just like in the books the items get more expensive as time goes on, so choose wisely.

The Tributes

District Male Female
1 Summanus Mirum (Racmany)

Calypso Cicre (Racmany)


Brass Sater (Earth12)

Trifle Woods (Earth12)
3 Digit Twek (Moviepopcorn123) Micy Cumput (Moviepopcorn123)
4 Splash Blue (TeamPeetaForever) Waterlily Wave (TeamPeetaForever)
5 Aero (Primrose1444) Makalu Peak (Primrose1444)
6 Flare Thorne (Firecatcher3) Fawn Sage (Firecatcher3)
7 Fiero Calsdale (Leshawna33) Alphaba Gallion (Leshawna333)
8 Preston "Sully" Sullivan (HungerGamesFan) Elisha Sweedle (HungerGamesFan)
9 Totoro Ida (ElviaaLova) Ireland Winona (ElviaaLova)
10 Matthew Little (Tacosalad1127) Cleo Jones (Tacosalad1127)
11 Sedulo Laboro (Racmany) Meto Fruges (Racmany)
12 Hayden Hawkins (Rosella6) Prett Willis (Rosella6)

The Arena

This year the arena is cut up into 2 chunks. One on the top side and one on the bottom side, the other 2
surrounding chunks are water (salt). The top side is a normal looking snowy mountain, which has a beach at the bottom of it. The mountain is an easy source for water and meat (mutts, wild dogs, coyotes etc...) if you have the right tools. The caves there also protect you from the cold and are actually reasonably heated, if your willing to fight for them. The second bottom half of the arena is the forest. It holds many fruits (even exotic ones like oranges, pineapples, coconuts, papaya, mangos etc...), vegetables and smaller animals. It has a few scattered ponds and one waterfall on the left side of it. The water on the two sides of the wedges is free of mutts and free for the tributes to swim in. It holds only a couple species of fish and a bit of clams. The arena this year seems very easy looking, which is exactly the point.


Basket of Bread: 100$

3 Apples: 100$

Pack of Saltine Crackers: 80$

Pack of Dried Fruit: 80$

Empty Water Bottle: 80$

Full Water Bottle: 100$


Bow & Arrows: 500$

Hatchet: 200$

Axe: 200$

Spear: 150$

Sharp Knife: 100$

Dull Knife: 100$

Blowgun (with 10 darts): 300$

Shield: 500$

Trident: 550$

Schyte: 350$

Fishing Rod: 200$

Wire (like Beetee's): 150$

Tools for Survival:

Iodine: 100$

Matches: 100$

Spile: 100$


First Aid Kit (bandages, cotton, cotton bandages, rubbing alcohol, stiches, fever pills, fever pack): 500$

Bandages: 80$

Cotton: 80$

Cotton Bandages: 80$

Rubbing Alcohol: 80$

Stiches: 100$

Fever Pills: 100$

Fever Pack: 100$

Burn Medicine: 100$

-- anything else will be added --


Note (nothing too long, nothing reavealing anything about the other tributes or the arena, no hints about what to do to avoid death): 50$

Thick Blanket: 100$

Thick Coat: 100$

Mittens: 80$

Gloves: 80$

Training Scores

Summanus Mirum - 9 - Allied with the Careers. Has supplies & weapons. 500$

Calypso Cicre - 9 - Allied with the Careers. Has supplies & weapons. 700$

Brass Sater - 8 - Allied with the Careers. Has supplies & weapons. 600$

Trifle Woods - 8 - Allied with the Careers. Has supplies & weapons. 500$

Digit Twek - 4

Micy Cumput - 5 - Is in the mountains, mourning Digit. Has a knife, saltine crackers and a loaf of bread. 100$

Splash Blue - 8 - Is in the Forest, searching for Waterlily. Has a backpack with a blanket, crackers, beef jerky and Iodine. He also has a hatchet. 300$

Waterlily Wave - 8 - Is in the Forest, hiding. She has a small backpack with 2 apples, a water bottle and a knife. 300$

Aero - 8

Makalu Peak - 8 - Is in the Forest, camping up in a tree. She has a slingshot, a water bottle and some berries she found on the way. 100$

Flare Thorn - 7

Fawn Sage - 7 - Is in the Forest. Has two backpacks. One contains Iodine, apples, bread, crackers, a sleeping bag, a water bottle and a box of 3 knives. The other contains dried fruit, a blowgun and a first aid kit. She's camping up in a tree and plans to stay up there for a while. 400$

Fiero Calsdale - 7 - Is in the mountains. Has a thick blanket, a axe, a knife and an apple. 250$

Alphaba Gallion - 5

Elisha Sweedle - 7

Preston "Sully" Sullivan - 6 - Is in the Forest. Has a small backpack with matches, a spile and bread. He also has a hatchet. 250$

Totoro Ida - 6

Ireland Winona - 6 - Is behind the boulders between the Cornucopia and the Mountains. Has crackers and som dried fruit, a dull knife and a sleeping bag. 100$

Matthew Little - 6

Cleo Jones - 7 - Is in the Mountains with a compact bow & arrows, a thick blanket and berries. 150$

Sedulo Laboro - 7

Meto Fruges - 5 - Is in the Forest with a bottle of water, different berries and roots and a mini-schyte. 150$

Hayden Hawkins - 8 - Allied with Prett in the forest. Has a backpack with a sleeping bag, crackers, fruit, a pair of bow & arrows and an empty water bottle. 300$

Prett Willis - 7 - Allied with Hayden in the forest. Has a backpack with a sleeping bag, crackers, fruit, a pair of bow & arrows and an empty water bottle. 300$

Chariot Rides

FYI: The Chariots this year are more like ... Cinderella's chariot :P

District ONE

The Chariot containing the District 1 tributes pulls up onto the pavement and suddendly stops. At first glance the Chariot looks plain and is a dull white, as are the horses. Five minutes pass and the audience start to get confused, and angry at the sudden stop.

"What's going on?" Calypso whispers to Summanus when she tries to open the chariot door and sees that it's locked. Summanus shrugs, "Perhaps they're waiting for a signal...?" he suggests. A while more passes and slowly a big light is going onto the chariot. Calypso and Summanus can hear the gasps outside, but they don't know what's happening.

What happened was that now it was obvious that the chariot was made out of some kind of material that when put into direct sunlight looks like crystal. Calypso looks around inside the chariot and sees through the walls.

"Oh ... man." she says and looks down at herself. It's obvious that the material on the chariot has also turned transparent and from the outside the two tributes look as if they're glowing. Summanus grins and tries for the door again, this time it opens and the two tributes step out. A really weird sound is made and then Calypso realizes it's the sound of dozens and dozens of jaws dropping down at once. The low cut, flowing dress that Calypso is wearing is blowing in a light wind and so is her hair which was styled into careful curls around her shoulders and back. Her eyes gleam and the glorious jewels that are draped onto her have an added affect. Summanus, on the other hand, looks like a prince thrown out of a storybook. The stylists have put him in a clear white suit with red silk tie which is blowing to the side. The material on his suit doesn't sparkle but gleams. Both the tributes start walking the carpet and Calypso's air kisses and Summanus's devious smiles have got the audience screaming in awe. In a couple of minutes the partners are at the front steps and Calypso looks back. The floor is covered in roses and she gives the audience one last smile.

District TWO

The District Two's Chariot pulls up and while it's still in motion, the door bursts open. Literally. The big explosion has the audience frozen and you could hear a pin drop outside. First to come out is Trifle. She's wearing a grey/black jumpsuit which clings to her. The sleeves are pulled up to her elbows and the bottom is up to her mid-thighs. The top two buttons of it are opened and she has a black belt attached with carving tools. Her make-up is dark and highlights her cheekbones. Her hair is flowing around. She steps to the side and out comes Brass. He's wearing a brown button up shirt, on which the top two buttons are also un-buttoned. He has black jeans on and his hair is carfully styled to also give him a fierce look. Both the tributes pause, look up and don't make any eye contact with the audience. They walk forward in the exact same pace and motion. The audience is wild behind them.

District THREE

After the big success of the Careers the way District Three enters is forgotten 2 seconds after they leave. Even with all of the different creative things the stylists could think of, Digit and Micy were stuck with the most clueless stylists in the Games and the best they could think of was a grey colored chariot which looked like the insides of a electronic (and it wasn't buzzing, glowing or anything of the sort)

"Looks like wowing the audience is out of the question ..." Micy sighed and pushed a lock of hair away from her face.

"Three's are always stuck with the worst, even after we provide basically everything for this stupid Capitol ..." Digit mumbled under his breath - but to his dismay faces outside the chariot turned to look.

"You moron! They heard you!" Micy hissed at him but then calmed down. Staying alive was just going to be much harder now ...

The chariot stopped and Micy opened the door, which squeaked.

"Got the worst chariot ... figures ..." she heard Digit whisper behind her, and she kicked him with her shoe.

The two tributes stepped out. The audience wasn't impressed.

Micy was wearing a long flowing top which was also gray and skinny jeans which were also in the same design as the chariot. She also had black combat boots on, which she thought was really random. Digit had on the exact same outfit, and the two tributes had no makeup on or any work done on their hair. As they walked the carpet and up the steps Micy caught Calpyso's smirk which clearly said more then any words.

District FOUR

The chariot pulls up and the audience are clearly wowed. The top of it is cut off in a jagged line and on each corner squirts out water. The chariot itself looks like a river of flowing water. Waterlily and Splash can hear the audience from outside:

"I think I smell salt water!"

"The Careers this year are really taking it in!"

"These two are going to be a splash hit!" someone said, and then there was the sound of giggles outside.

"My gosh ... a splash hit?" whispered Waterlily "That is just irony gone bad ..." she looked towards the door and got ready to go out. Once the chariot stopped, she stood up and opened the door.

She was wearing a really long dress which touched the floor and went back a couple of inches. It was sinched in the back and was a sparkly blue color. Splash went out the door just when Waterlily was starting to walk away. He looked around and quicked his pace, and found to his amazement that he quickly took Waterlily's hand. He saw her look at him in alarm then confusement but he saw that she didn't pull away.

"What are you ..." she started but cut herself off and continued to smile and blow kisses around to all the Capitol people. She'd decided to figure out what that hand thing was all about later, since now was about impressing the audience.

District FIVE

The District 5 chariot pulls up and the two mentors walk up to the door. One slowly opens the door and one walks in to pull out a long moving stretcher type table. The two tributes are sitting crossed legged on the table. They're dressed in a grey suit. Perhaps the mentors were trying to make it look like the two tributes were breeded in a tank, but it only achieved the confusion from the audience. Makalu was too young to give her the look every other girl tribute had from before so they'd toned her makeup down to the basic colors of her skin. Nothing made either her or Aero appealing.

"Rediculious ..." mumbled Areo who continuously picked at his nails, causing one of the mentors to tilt her eyes sideways and hiss at him.

"So much for getting sponsors out of this." Makalu sighed to herself, contemplating moving off of the stretcher.

There weren't any cheers.

District SIX

District 6 chariot was also very basic. It was just the normal white without any change to it. The audience sighed in discomfort. They wanted interesting tributes and going through the 2nd failure in a row wasn't interesting.

Inside the chariot Fawn and Flare were mumbling curses to themselves.

The chariot door opened and because of its age and rust, it squeeled. The two tributes stepped out wearing white padded suits and masks over their faces. They had a belt around their waist full of syringes and other medical supplies. They were both also holding syringes the size of their arms. Fawn's was sickly green and Flare's was dark mucky blue. They both contemplated what to do and finally Fawn shrugged, turned and pushed the syringe down making the green goo splurt everywhere. It got on the chariot, floor and some of the Capitol people. The crowd started booing the two tributes fiercly and the two mentors's eyes widened.

"We might as well mess them up ..." Fawn mumbled and laughed. Flare smiled and also pushed down on the syringe. Making the blue squirt mainly on the people. The two tributes laughed, truly having fun and once their goo had ended, bowed down and quickly walked down the long carpet.

District SEVEN

The crowd was literally about to snap at this point. After 2 failures and getting squirted with goo, they felt disrespected. They hoped the seven's could change that.

Boy, were they wrong.

Alphaba and Fiero step out of their chariot in the classic tree outfits the tributes have been wearing since anyone could remember. The crowd sighs, narrows their eyes and some continuously boo.

"Why are they covered in ... goo?" Alphaba murmers to Fiero, a confused look on her face.

Fiero is trying so hard not to laugh that his face has a pink tint, but he still lets out a small chuckle. "I don't know but I bet it was the sixes. Kinda hard to believe but I accidentally saw the fives and their costumes had nothing close to a syringe or goo."

Alphaba shakes her head. Wondering what in the world Fawn and Flare were thinking.

District EIGHT

The District 8 chariot pulls up and the audeince sighs in relief. Finally, something that looks remotely creative. The chariot is covered in squares and squares of fabric and textiles - which gives it a crazy look. The two tributes step out of the chariot and at first glance it's seen that they're not close at all. Elisha nods a good luck at Sully and he keeps a straight face, also saying good luck with his eyes.

The two tributes are wearing closely the same outfit. Elisha has on a dress which is low cut and is very long in the back, so it flows a couple of inches away from her. It's made out of the same fabrics as the chariot. She also has on a wool black cardigan.

Preston has on the exact same outfit except that it's a t-shirt, pants and the cardigan is of a less harsh material. The two tributes have on makeup which emphasizes their eyes and would have looked better if either of them cracked a smile.

District NINE

The District 9 chariot pulls up and the two tributes waste no time. Ireland is the first to jump out of the chariot, a bow in her hand, she shoots an arrow up at the sky - shooting one of the plastic birds that someone had left out for their arrival. Totoro runs out next, a spear in hand and once a bird goes down 'accidentally' he throws it, spearing it right in the torso. The two tributes grin at each other. They're wearing basic hunting outfits and Ireland's hair has been put up in a high ponytail. They're both wearing makeup which makes them look fierce and Ireland looks over at the Capitol people, giving them a wink. The people sigh in relief that the tributes are picking up again and they cheer. The two tributes bow down and sprint down the carpet.

District TEN

The District 10's chariot looks like it's made out of straw this year. The audience compliments that, since for years on end the 10's have made fools of themselves. Matthew and Cleo walk out dressed in farmers outfits. Denim jumpsuits with purple cotton shirts under and black rubber boots. Their mentors push out two animal which look like sheep and motion for the two tributes to grab hold of the rope. Confused, the two tributes do as told but pulling the sheep and trying to look confident doesn't work for them. They look awkward and Matthew tripped at one point because of the uncomfortable boots. Cleo groans under her breath and speeds up, trying to get everything over with. The idea was interesting, but the tributes didn't pull it off. The audience was slightly dissapointed.

District ELEVEN

The two kids from District 11 didn't make an appealing entrance, but it wasn't awful like some of the other Districts. Sedulo and Meto were both wearing long flowing purple silk shirts. The one difference was that Meto was wearing a denim skirt, while Sedulo was wearing denim jeans. They were both holding baskets full of different kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables. Meto's hair had been braided in a couple of braids with flowers added in. Sedulo had a ring of roses like a crown on his head. They both walked down the carpet confidently and smiled at the audience, whatever chance they got.

District TWELVE

The two tributes from 12 were once again, a laughing stock. They were both wearing the exact same coal miners outfits. The stylists had done nothing to enchance Prett's beauty or show the classic features of Hayden's face. In fact, they had thrown masks on their faces, covering them up. The outfits had no curve to them and they were some sizes too large.

"I could've done a better job with this and I'm not even a stylist ..." Prett mumbled to Hayden under her breath.

"No kidding ... just because we're from twelve we get all this crap from these people ..." he looked around and Prett could see the disgust in his face from seeing a lady with implanted cat whiskers and hot pink skin.

"Stop that ... they'll never sponsor us if you show distaste to their ... style." she forged her vocabulary for words that wouldn't sound like she was insulting their apperances.

"Please. Even if we showed up like those District 1's we wouldn't get sponsored." he narrowed his eyes, ignoring all of the Capitol people.

"Sure we would. We can't give up hope either." she said firmly and grabbed his hand. "Cmon'. We're gonna kick all of their butts." she grinned and quickened her pace.

"Literally..." Hayden mumbled under his breath.


FYI! I will only be doing interviews for SOME tributes, since 24 long interviews is just too much for my lazy butt && I wouldn't know what to write for them all :P

District 1 - Calypso Cicre (her POV)


I walk up the stage to take a seat next to Caesar Flickerman. This year his main color is purple, which is ironic, since it's the main color I'm wearing today.

"Hey, look! We match!" he says, with a smile. I grin back at him and nod slightly, suspecting that my mentor might've done this on purpose.

"Alright, Calypso - lovely name, is it not? - let's get started. Your from 1? One of the best Districts, I'd say." he said, "It's no wonder it produces such lovely ladies." he adds.

I blush and giggle a bit. Aly, my mentor, told me to play an angle. She said the girly angle would work for me. I feel vulnerable, though. A bit like Waterlily from 4. I feel jealous of Trifle from 2. She'll probably be allowed and even able to pull off fierce. I sigh a bit and try to pay more attention to Caeser, this is the time to earn some sponsors.

"So, how do you feel about your district partner, Summanus?" he asks, crossing his legs.

I wrinkle my nose. Summanus? "You mean the blonde play toy everyone uses for a nights stay?" I say. I can see the cameras going towards Summanus and him glaring at me on the big screen. I smirk. "What's there to feel. If there's any passionate feelings, it's hate. I just want to get out of here alive." I smile wickedly. So much for the nice girl angle.

"Hm, hm. Looks like no hidden romance there, then. Anywho, do you feel close to any of the tributes here?" he asks.

"I ... suppose not. Trifle and Brass seem alright. But I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to kill. Isn't that what this is about?" I smile. I can feel that it's a really ... bloodthirsty smile. Before Caeser can ask another question the buzzer sounds.

"And that was Calypso from 1! Round of applause everyone!" he smiles out towards the crowd.

District 4 - Splash Blue (his POV)

Outfit - classic black tux

I walk down the isle up to the platform. I can hear the audience clapping and yelling my name. Us fours ... always popular in these games. I sit down next to Caeser and force a smile. I really don't like this stuff ... chariot rides, interviews ... it just builds up suspense before we get killed and doesn't let you sleep at night. I just want to get everything over with.

Unlike the Capitol.

I didn't notice that the audience was staring at me patiently, as was Caeser - but his purple dusted brow was arched up.

"Oh, may you repeat that?" I stuttered.

Caeser chuckled. "I was asking you the same question I asked Calypso -" the audience breaks out in claps, hoots & yelling. Caeser motions for them to calm down and continues "How do you feel about your partner, Waterlily?"

"Oh." I say bluntly. How do I feel about Waterlily ... well I love her, obviously. It sucks since for one she doesn't feel like that for sure - probably hates me - and that we're going into a death match in about a day or so. I think to myself. "How to answer that question ..." I chuckle and scratch my head, thinking of the right words.

"Try." Caeser pushes, leaning out of his chair.

"Well ..." I look at the audience, searching for Waterlily's face. "I guess you can say I love her." he says bluntly and the audience gasps.

Caeser looks appauled for a moment, but quickly pulls himself together. "Well ... I apologize for --" just then, to my thoughts, the buzzer sounds. "And that was Splash Blue, District 4!" the audience is swooning as I walk down and Waterlily's face on the screen is clearly angered.

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

The tributes are standing far around the Cornucopia. Some are standing on the mountain side, shivering and trying to keep warm. Some are on the other side, smiling from the Forest and some are on spokes, in the water area. Calypso smiles to herself, being on an easy spot. Right on the forest. Closest to the Cornucopia.

Trifle has a smile planted on her face full of menace. Waterlily stands farthest away from the Cornucopia, on a spoke in the waters. She's contemplating weather to go in or to leave without getting any supplies. Fawn has her eyes closed, thinking about possible exit strategies after she goes in to find Flare. Prett is scanning around her. She locates Hayden and makes eye contact with him and motions with her head to the forest. He makes a quick nod and she smiles.

The rest of the tributes are just sizing up their opponents when the gong rings out.

Calypso jumps off her metal plate and runs off towards the Cornucopia. While in motion she swiftly picked up a bow and arrow, and fires. She smirks as the bow meets with Totoro Ida from 9's head. She continuously starts firing every arrow from the sheath. She gets an arrow in Meto Fruges arm, unsucessfully killing her, since she jumped backwards into the pool of water behind her. Her next victim is Matthew Little from 10, getting 3 arrows all in his stomach and chest. He didn't stand a chance. She smiles and starts picking through the weapons for another sheath of arrows.

Hayden Hawkins is running for his life, searching around the Cornucopia for Prett. He spots her, but not before Aero from 5 throws a spear at her. It goes right through her leg, since she had the sense to fall back. Hayden narrows his eyes and runs towards them in a circle, ignoring all the oponnents. He grabs an available crossbow and fires it at Aero. It goes right through his eye. Hayden ignores the boy, grabs 2 backpacks before leaving and runs to swiftly grab Prett and run into the forest.

Digit Twek is hiding behind a large boulder, not sure what he should be doing. He slowly goes into shock and shakes his head back and forth. He doesn't even feel it when Brass Sater from Two breaks his neck.

Trifle Woods is in a heated fight with Elisha Sweedle. Both of them are screaming terrible, terrible things to each other when Sully, Elisha's District partner, pops up from behind her with a trident. He throws it at Trifle but she ducks, her hands hitting the floor and her knees popping up. The trident whizzes into Flare Thorne's head just as he was putting a backpack on his back. Fawn's eyes widen with shock, but then narrow with anger. She grabs the backpack from Flare, quickly closes his eyes and runs before anyone can get anything in her. When this was happening, Elisha's full focus was on Flare and she wasn't paying attention to Trifle. Trifle takes this chance and stabs Elisha's leg. Elisha screams and falls on the floor. Sully, weaponless, decides against attacking Trifle and runs. Trifle starts to sit up but before she can, she sees a blonde head come up and a cannon boom. She looks up and sees Summanus from 1 rolling his eyes and Elisha with a knife in her chest. Trifle narrows her eyes at him.

"I could've handled that." she says, annoyed.

"Yeah, didn't seem like it." he retorted.

She shot up and got in his personal space intentionally. "Yeah? Want me to show you, pretty boy?" she growled at him.

"Pretty difficult since your weaponless." he said it to her with a tone of voice which was more menacing then Trifles. He was clutching a knife in both hands but Trifle still didn't seem scared.

Just then a cannon boomed behind them and Trifle stepped to the side to see and Summanus turned. They both spotted Calypso with hands on her hips and Sedulo Laboro at her feet. Calypso's hands were covered in blood and Sedulo wasn't recognizable.

"Are you two done acting like little children or do I have to come over there and show you what this is about?" she said, her voice flat and deadly.

Another cannon boomed and the screen slightly turned to Brass, walking over to stand next to Calypso. His weapons bloody from just killing Alphaba Gallion from 7. "Alphaba Gallion, I'll give her something, she's a strong one, that one." he smirked to himself. "What are they fighting about?" he motioned to Summanus and Trifle.

"Whoever is deadlier or something." Calypso rolled her eyes. "If it was either, they would've killed over 2 people by now, like us."

Brass laughs and high fives Calypso. She grins, rolls her eyes at Summanus and Trifle again, and walks over to the Cornucopia to round up all the supplies.

Summanus put his knives back into the sheaths at his belt and walked over to the opposite side of the Cornucopia to check out the supplies there.

After the Careers had stuffed everything into 4 very large bags and had been armed to the teeth with weapons they headed out to the forest in the hunt for victims. All the other tributes are either setting up camp for bed, still walking around their territory to make distance or hunting for tributes themselves.


  1. Totoro Ida, got an arrow in his head by Calypso Cicre - Placed 24th
  2. Matthew Little, got three arrows in his body, one puncturing his heart by Calypso Cicre - Placed 23rd
  3. Aero, got a crossbow in his eye by Hayden Hawkins - Placed 22nd
  4. Digit Twek, got his neck snapped by Brass Sater - Placed 21st
  5. Flare Thorne, got a trident in his head by Sully Sullivan - Placed 20th
  6. Elisha Sweedle, got a knife in her chest by Summanus Mirum - Placed 19th
  7. Sedulo Laboro, got stabbed multiple times by Calypso Cicre - Placed 18th
  8. Alphaba Gallion, throat slit open by Brass Sater - Placed 17th

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