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    The 100th Hunger Games

    December 13, 2012 by QueenColleen

    Hello tributes! Welcome to the 100th Hunger Games. 

    The twist is that once you enter the arena, you get shrunken in a huge arena.                                         

    The message to the rebels is to remind them that the rebels are puny compared to the Capitol.

    We've got no time to waste, so lets get into the rules.


    -You are allowed to enter 2 tributes.

    -If you enter more than 2 tributes, I wouldn't put any of your tributes in.

    -Don't be stupid. Thankfully, everyone on here seems quite smart.

    -Don't be mad if your tribute gets in and then dies in the Cornicopia. Some people have to die.

    What your tribute should have:






    Backstory: (Don't include reaping or interview, because I will do them for you.)


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