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  • I live in Virgina
  • I was born on May 19
  • I am Female
  • Queff3451

    I decided to make my own try on the Hunger Games. I need tributes, and I may or may not add you, depending on what I think of your person. I’m not looking for what you really look like, but your personality and skill. I am going to be a tribute, so mine is an example on what it should look like.

    Name (please put a made up name): Faith Canon

    Age: 13

    Appearance: She has tan skin, dark brown (almost black) eyes, long dark brown hair, and she’s tall and strong.

    Weapon of choice: throwing knives

    Tribute Token: A gold locket in honor of her grandmother

    Skills: She can throw a knife and never miss.

    Vulnerabilities: Dyslexia, getting made fun of, anger management problems

    District: 3

    Reaped or Voluntered: Reaped

    That is how it should look, so I will look at …

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