Hey everyone. This is my second games. My first can be found here. I will be doing Training Scores. I will not be doing reapings, interviews and chariot rides. I will be doing Odds of Winning.


  • 4 tributes maxium.
  • Don't get annoyed if your tributes died- 23 WILL die.
  • Reservations last 2 days only.
  • Don't use a tribute used in my previous Games.
  • You MUST have an account to join.











Bloodbath strategy:

Games strategy:


What they do in their Private Session:

District/Gender Name Age Weapons Training Score User
1 Male Matthew Ramirez 14 Mace 9 Amberfang123
1 Female Silk Moon 16 Sword, pollaxe 8 AxedFox
2 Male Texas Flesh 18 Throwing axe, machete 10 AxedFox
2 Female McKenna Ecelinti 18 Knives, bow and arrow 8 Pierulesnotyou
3 Male Shock Eleater 18 Wire, sword, knives, traps 7 KatnissEverdeenFan
3 Female Petra Mines 17 Mines, wire, electronics 6 District3
4 Male Josh Eagleye 17 Sword and spears. 8 Bluefire16
4 Female Amanda Hawks 16 Sword, spears and knives. 9 Bluefire16
5 Male Ian Vance 12 Knvies, spears. 4 Pierulesnotyou
5 Female Alexa Reddel 16 Blowgun, sword 7 Amberfang123
6 Male Blake Smith 14 Sword. 6 Gleek4ever2012
6 Female Aeleyn Meyer 13 Bow and Arrows, throwing knives. 8 RossInSA
7 Male Diego Inducly 16 Trident, spear, sword. 7 Amberfang123
7 Female Patricia Berline 13 Axes, spears. 6 Pierulesnotyou
8 Male Jason Seren 16 Dagger, spear 5 KatnissEverdeenFan
8 Female Silveraxe Blade 17 Throwing axes, mace 6 Calopy
9 Male Royce Deneath 13 Axe, slingshot 3 JWW
9 Female Eve Grace 12 Sickle 7 Flynn77
10 Male Ronan Swift 15 Knife, snares. 6 Flynn77
10 Female Hailey Ricktor 16 Sword, spears. 8 Bluefire16
11 Male Tommy Dean 17 Anything 9 KatnissEverdeenFan
11 Female Aleena Ives 15 Knives, blowgun 5 Pierulesnotyou
12 Male Kaiem Marx 16 Knives, sword, snares 7 KatnissEverdeenFan
12 Female Gingerwolf Fang 18 Spear, slegehammer 3 Calopy


Rank Died District Day of Death Killer (District)
24th Blake Smith 6 1 Patricia Berline (7)
23rd Silveraxe Blade 8 1 Josh Eagleeye (4)
22nd Eve Grace 9 1 Texas Flesh (2)
21st Kaiem Marx 12 1 Texas Flesh (2)
20th Ronan Swift 10 1 Silk Moon (1)
19th Diego Inducly 7 1 Matthew Ramirez (1)
18th Aleena Ives 11 1 McKenna Ecelinti (2)
17th Ian Vance 5 1 Amanda Hawks (4)
16th Royce Deneath 9 2 Aelyen Meyer (6)
15th Gingerwolf Fang 12 2 Aelyen Meyer (6)
14th Jason Seren 8 2 Silk Moon (1)
13th Aeleyn Meyer 6 3 Alexa Reddel (5)
12th McKenna Ecelinti 2 4 Aleena Ives (11)
11th Patricia Berline 7 4 Petra Mines (3)
10th Alexa Reddel 5 5 Petra Mines (3)
9th Petra Mines 3 5 Aleena Ives (11)
8th Matthew Ramirez 1 6 Hailey Ricktor (10)
7th Aleena Ives 11 6 Matthew Ramirez (1)
6th Silk Moon 1 7 Josh Eagleye (4)
5th Shock Eleator 3 7 Amanda Hawks (4)
4th Amanda Hawks 4 7 Hailey Ricktor (10)
3rd Josh Eagleye 4 8 Texas Flesh (2)
Victor Hailey Ricktor 10 N/A N/A
Victor Texas Flesh 2 N/A N/A


The arena has the Cornocupia in the middle, surrounded by a small wall of water. The rest of the arena is then seperated into 8 different parts.

Part 1 (blue): A lake. The whole sector is a lake. Animals: fish.

Part 2 (green, with brown): Woods. Animals: Rabbits, fox, wild dogs.

Part 3 (grey, with black): Mountains. Animals: Wild animals.

Part 4 (green): Meadow. Animals: Rabbits.

Part 5 (purple):

82nd Hunger Games Arena.

Jungle. Animals: Monkeys.

Part 6: (multicoloured): Danger. In this sector, dangerous things are happening every second. Animals: Everything.

Part 7: (red): Volcanoes. Animals: None.

Part 8: (brown): Caves. Animals: Bats.

Prices for Sponsering

You'll start with $1000. You will get $500 if you make it to the final 5.

$100 per kill.

$50 for an empty container.

$100 for a container of water.

$100 for a knife.

$200 for 3 throwing knifes.

$150 for box of crackers.

$200 for an axe.

$500 for 3 throwing axes.

$300 for a sleeping bag.

$500 for a bow and 12 arrows.

$250 for a bow.

$250 for 12 arrows.

$50 for a small chop of meat.

$100 for a medium chop of meat.

$150 for a large chop of meat.

$750 for burn medicine.

$900 for 1 instant-pill. (Heals anything)

$550 for a sword.

$200 for a spear.

$1000 for a trident.

$750 for a blowgun and 20 darts.

$200 for 2 loaves of bread.

$250 for 3 nets.

$50 for soup.

$25 for dried fruit.

The Games

Day 1- The Bloodbath

Amanda Hawks (4)

As I rise into the arena, all I see is different things. The first thing I see is a meadow, the next is a lake. I turn around and view all the different places to go. I see Josh smiling at me, and return it. I turn to the Cornocupia, see weapons, bags and other precious items scattered around the entrance. I look up, and the countdown has already reached 5. The countdown keeps on going, 4, 3, 2, 1. A gong sounds and all of us sprint in.

Eve Grace (9)

I've grabbed a very small pack and begin to run. The girl from 7, crashes into me. She picks up her spear, as I stand up. She throws it at me, but I duck. It misses. I turn around and see the boy from 6 clutching the spear, which is through his heart. I make a terrified scream, and run, turning around to see the girl from 8 getting slashed in the neck by the boy from 4.

Texas Flash (2)

As the girl from 9 is sprinting into some woods, I throw an axe, which crashes into her skull, she falls to the ground, dead. A grab another axe, and throw it at the guy from 12. It punctures his heart. Another kill for me. The Bloodbath is coming to an end, Matthew from 1 is killing the boy from 7, McKenna from 2, is collecting an arrow from the dead body of the boy from 11. Amanda and Josh are on the edges of the Cornocupia. We hear Josh call out, see the boy from 5 sprinting towards the lake. Amanda throws a knife, impaling his head. The Careers group together. Silk from 1 is missing. We begin to search for her, see her lying on the ground, blood pouring out of a wound on her leg. She tells us she killed the guy from 10 and then the girl from 10 attacked her.

McKenna Ecelinti (2)

I run back to the Cornoucpia, search through the bags. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. The canons. I eventually find it. An instant-pill. I run back to Silk and give it to her. Immeditaley, she begins to look better. Texas picks her up and we spend the night in the Cornocupia. The anthem begins to play. First to appear is the boy from 5, then the boy from 6, followed by the boy from 7, who was then followed by the girls from 8 and 9 who were followed by the boy from 10, the boy from 11 and the boy from 1'2. Wow. No teams were killed.

Odds, Positions and Needs

Note: There is no NEEDS on this table, as it's only the first day. Future days will have needs.

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Money Left Alliance
Matthew Ramirez, 1 12-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career
Silk Moon, 1 14-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career
Texas Flesh, 2 5-1 Cornocupia $1200 Career
McKenna Ecelnti, 2 7-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career
Shock Eleater, 3 22-1 Cave $100 Shock-Petra
Petra Mines, 3 24-1 Cave $1000 Shock-Petra
Josh Eagleeye, 4 10-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career
Amanda Hawks, 4 13-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career
Alexa Reddel, 5 19-1 Woods $1000 No one
Aeleyn Meyer, 6 28-1 Volcanoes $1000 No one
Patricia Berline, 7 15-1 Cave $1100 No one
Jason Seren, 8 28-1 Moutains $1000 No one
Royce Deneath, 9 36-1 Danger $1000 No one
Hailey Ricktor, 10 15-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena
Aleena Ives, 11 15-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena
Gingerwolf Fang, 12 37-1 Jungle $1000 No one

Green- HIGH chance of Winning

Yellow- Moderate chance of Winning

Orange- Hardly any chance of Winning

Red- No chance of Winning

Day 2

Royce Deneath (9)

I heard some crackling, I quickly turned, and saw the Volcanoes erupting. I thought I saw a body sprinting away. No, not away. Towards me. I get up and run away, knowing their a fair distance behind. I stop, see a stream and begin drinking. I hear a sound from behind. I turn around and see a squirrel. I grab a knife I secured from the Bloodbath, and before I can throw it, the squirrel has pounced on me. I try to get it off, but its gnawing into my skin. I fall into the stream and feel something eating my back. I swivel around and see some pirannahs. I start screaming, as they begin to eat my face off. But I'm still not dead. I feel something grabbing my jacket, pulling me to safety. An ally?

Aeleyn Meyer (6)

The Volcanoes erupted this morning, and I came into this magical place. But, I found the boy from 9. I've pulled him out of the stream. I start screaming, as I see his mutilated face. He doesn't have a nose anymore, half of his mouth is missing and one eyeball has falling out. I shakily grab an arrow, notch it, and shoot it into his heart. BOOM. I see blood in the stream, and catch a glowing eye. I stand up and sprint out of that section before I get attacked. I sprint past the Cornocupia. Oh no. The Careers have seen me. I turn around and into the Jungle section. The Careers are still chasing me.

Gingerwolf Fang (12)

I hear many, many footsteps. The Careers. I turn around, but before I can go anywhere, and arrow soars past my head. I turn around, see the girl from 6. She notches another arrow, and fires. It punctures my ear, I stop running, and start covering it with my hand, swearing loudly. She shoots a third arrow, which lands directly in my heart.

Silk Moon (1)

BOOM. That's the second canon today, and neither have been killed by Careers. We leave the Jungle area, not able to find the girl from 6. We plan to search for her tomorrow. Texas proposes we go into the Woods, as that will be where most people have gone. I agree. I enter first, and immediately, in the distance I see smoke. I begin running. The other 5 follow. I reach the clearing first. See the girl from 5, she begins to run, but she's really, really fast and runs into the Mountains area. By the time the 6 of us have reached it, she's gone. But, yet again, we see smoke in the distance. We run towards it, this time seeing the boy from 8, he stands up, but too late. I've crossed over to him and stab him in the heart with my sword. BOOM. Night is fast approaching, and we make are way back to the Cornocupia.

Petra Mines (3)

Shock and I haven't seen anyone this whole time. We've been sitting in the Cave, with our supplies: a lot of water, some food, electronics, knives and a sleeping bag. Shock has been teaching me how to throw a knife, I'm a lot better now. He's kind of cute, the way he smiles. The anthem begins to play, and first to appear is the boy from 8, who was then followed by the boy from 9 and the girl from 12. There's only four teams left: 1, 2, 3 and 4. The others are all single, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 11. This game has gone pretty quick, 11 dead already.

Positions and Needs

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Money left Alliance Needs
Matthew Ramirez, 1 12-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Silk Moon, 1 11-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Texas Flesh, 2 5-1 Cornocupia $1200 Career Nothing
McKenna Ecelinti, 2 7-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Shock Eleator, 3 19-1 Cave $1000 Shock-Petra Nothing
Petra Mines, 3 22-1 Cave $1000 Shock-Petra Nothing
Josh Eagleeye, 4 10-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Amanda Hawks, 4 11-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Alexa Reddel, 5 13-1 Moutains $1000 No one Water
Aeylen Meyer, 6 16-1 Jungle $1200 No one Water, food
Patricia Berline, 7 15-1 Cave $1100 No one Food
Hailey Ricktor, 10 14-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena Nothing
Aleena Ives, 11 14-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena Nothing

Green- HIGH chance

Yellow- Moderate chance

Orange- Low chance

Red- No chance

Day 3

Alexa Reddel (5)

A parachute wakes me this morning. Some water, phew, I need some. A sword? I'm alright with them, but prefer my blowgun and darts I had secured from the Blood Bath. Sitting in the mountains is BORING. I decide to search somewhere for easy tributes. I turn towards the meadow, the only sector which is COMPLETELY usless. You can see right into the Jungle from here. Which is the next sector along. I peer into the Jungle. I see a pair of hands illuminated. Fire. Someone stupid made a fire at about 4 o'clock in the morning. I grab my supplies and sprint into the Jungle.

Patricia Berline (7)

Nobody has seen me this whole time. I got the first kill in the Blood Bath then disappeared into the Caves. I think I'm the only one in here. My stomach begins to rumble. Damn. I wish I got more food from the Blood Bath. I reach into my sleeping bag, where I've stored my supplies. I grab out my second last cracker, the only food I was able to get. I stuff it into my mouth, wishing I had more food.

Hailey Ricktor (10)

Aleena is a GREAT ally. She's the funniest person I know, and with the two of us, were we able to get a lot of things from the Blood Bath. Yesterday, the Careers entered the Woods. They passed under are tree. Aleena silently warned me not to move or attack. I understood why: if we killed one, the other five would kill us. BOOM. Aleena, who had been silently sleeping jolted awake. She smiled, 'another one down'.

Matthew Ramirez (1)

One person down, even though none of us killed them. No Career this year knew how to set up traps. We're hoping that people think that we put traps out so they won't come near the Cornocupia. Last year, the set up many traps. They were able to kill one or two people by doing this. The girl who won, a Career from 4, was silent during the first half of the Game, but was still a killing machine. I'm going to copy her, hoping this will help me win. We're travelling in this multi-coloured sector. We hear a scream. McKenna is being eaten by a pack of squirrels. Texas sprints in and grabs her, hoists her over his shoulder and runs out of the sector. The other four of us follow suit.

Josh Eagleye (4)

Amanda and I are at the pack of the Careers as we're running towards the Cornocupia. McKenna is now lying on the grass, blood dripping everywhere, Texas is trying to calm her down as Silk is searching for a bandage. Matthew is trying to clean the wounds on her legs and arms. This is when we see it. Purple liquid is oozing out of her wounds. Amanda runs to the Cornocupia. She grabs several bags and runs back to us. She throws a few at me. I must look dazed. 'Quick! Search for an instant-pill or some anti-poison medication', she shouts.

McKenna's been poisoned. I grab a bag closer and throw it's contents onto the ground. Nothing. I grab a second, repeat what I did before. I find some medication, which I toss to Texas. I don't know anything about medics, but I'm hoping he does. I take a look at McKenna. Her eyes are beginning to shut, she's losing her life. Texas realises it's the right medication, thrusts open McKenna's mouth and shoves a pill down it. Her eyes slowly open. Texas informs us she can't move too far for a day, because of she does, she'll eventually die. The anthem plays and the girl from 6 appears. Tomorrow, McKenna could appear...

Positions and Needs

Name/Distirct Odds of Winning Place Money left Alliance Needs
Matthew Ramirez, 1 11-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Silk Moon, 1 11-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Texas Flesh, 2 4-1 Cornocupia $1200 Career Nothing
McKenna Ecelinti, 2 25-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Rest
Shock Eleator, 3 18-1 Caves $1000 Shock-Petra Nothing
Petra Mines, 3 21-1 Caves $1000 Shock-Petra Nothing
Josh Eagleye, 4 9-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Amanda Hawks, 4 10-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Alexa Reddel, 5 12-1 Jungle $450 None Nothing
Patricia Berline, 7 16-1 Caves $1100 None Food
Hailey Ricktor, 10 13-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena Nothing
Aleena Ives, 11 13-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena Nothing

Green- HIGH chance

Yellow- Moderate chance

Orange- Low chance

Red- Very small chance

Day 4

Aleena Ives (11)

The Careers haven't been passed us again. We're sitting in the same tree. Hailey's fast asleep. I hear a rustle. It's the 2 Careers from 4. I listen to their conversation. It's hurried, and by their tones, somethings happened. I wake Hailey up, and together we listen. By the sounds of it, a girl, by the name of McKenna has been badly poisoned. They've left her alone at the Cornocupia, but hid her, so it seems that nobodys there. As they leave, 2 parachutes come down, one for each of them.

Amanda Hawks (4)

My parachute contained 3 throwing knives and an instant-pill. That must have cost A LOT! Josh's contained a sword, some bread, some water and some dried fruit. We decide to keep it to ourselves, and we slip them into our backpacks. I keep out a throwing knife, just in case. We decide to leave the Woods, and go into the Cave area.

Patricia Berline (7)

My first parachute floats down towards me. I rush to open it. It contained 3 throwing axes and some bread. I slammed the bread in my mouth, and in a couple of seconds, I'd eaten it. I heard many footsteps. I grabbed my sleeping bag, and my axes and began running. I turned around, to see the distirct 4 Careers.

Hailey Ricktor (10)

Aleena and I were sprinting towards the Cornocupia, searching for the whereabouts of 'McKenna'. We have no idea who she is, but decide to look for her. We stop before we get anywhere close. Aleena looks at me, and I know why. Last year, they set up traps around here. I throw a spear towards the ground, and no traps are shot in the air. We keep running, jump over the wall of water and into the Cornocupia. We hear her before we see her. She's moaning and groaning in the corner, we walk over to her, the girl from 2. Aleena blows on her blowgun, and out comes a dart that punctures her neck. BOOM'.' We run back towards the Woods.

Shock Eleator (3)

We both had received parachutes this morning. Mine contained some throwing knives and a sword, while Petra's contained some knives. We're eating some dinner when we hear many, many footsteps. The Careers. We get up, and sprint. Petra turns around. I stop to protect her, and see the girl from 7 being followed closely by the 2 from 4. I gulp, grab Petra's hand and run. The five of us are running through the Caves, Petra and I in the lead, followed by the girl from 7, then the Careers from 4. We see a light. The exit, I push Petra through it, and stay behind. I mouth the words 'electronics', and she understands. She reaches into her back pack and pulls some electronics out. She begins to work on it as the girl from 7 arrives. She throws an axe, which I dodge. We begin to have a fight. Petra shouts 'done'. I run out the exit and the girl from 7 follows. Just before she's about to get out, Petra hits the button. The girl runs right into the trap. She begins to get electricuted as the Careers from 4 arrive. BOOM. She's dead. The Careers are too scared to attack us, so stay where they are. Petra and I run into the Jungle.

Silk Moon (1)

Matthew and I are sitting in the Mountains as I receive my parachute. Some water and a sword. Today, the Careers split up according to District and split up. Matthew and I from 1 went to the Mountains, Texas from 2 went to the Volcano area, hoping that it didn't erupt. Josh and Amanda from 4 went to the Woods. McKenna, from 2 was too sick today, so had to stay in the Cornocupia. We've heard two cannons, and have hoped Texas and the two from 4 have got the kills. The anthem begins to play, and first to appear is McKenna, who is followed by the girl from 7. Damn. McKenna must have died from the poison. The girl from 7 would have probably been killed by a Career.

Positions and Needs

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Money Left Alliance Needs
Matthew Ramirez, 1 10-1 Mountains $1100 Career Nothing
Silk Moon, 1 9-1 Mountains $450 Career Nothing
Texas Flesh, 2 3-1 Volcano $1200 Career Nothing
Shock Eleator, 3 16-1 Jungle $250 Shock-Petra Food
Petra Mines, 3 17-1 Jungle $900 Shock-Petra Food
Josh Eagleye, 4 11-1 Cave $100 Career Nothing
Amanda Hawks, 4 12-1 Cave $0 Career Nothing
Alexa Reddel, 5 13-1 Jungle $450 None Food, water
Hailey Ricktor, 10 11-1 Woods $1100 Hailey-Aleena Nothing
Aleena Ives, 11 11-1 Woods $1000 Hailey-Aleena Nothing

Green- HIGH chance

Yellow- Moderate chance

Orange- Low chance

Day 5

Texas Flesh (2)

I don't know if I want to go back to the Careers. A parachute comes down, some axes and some water. Helpful. That's not going to ease my pain with McKenna's death. She died to soon. She should've made it far into the Games, but because of those squirrels, she died from poison. Obviously, we hid her well enough, no one could find her. I'm determined to win, win for McKenna.

Alexa Reddel (5)

A parachute comes down, containing some bread and water. Yes. I needed these. The first Career died yesterday, I'm hoping another dies today. There's only 10 of us left, half are Careers, two are the people from 3, the girls from 10 and 11 and me. That's all 10. I hear some footsteps and swirl around. The two from 3. I scream. Grab my things, get my blowgun out, and run away. A knife soars past my head. A turn around and shoot. I keep running. Another knife lands into my leg. I scream. The boy throws another knife, landing in my lower back. Another scream. I know one my knife, and I won't be able to take this anymore. The girl grabs a knife off the boy and she chases me through the Jungle. I run out of it, and into the Woods. She's catching up. She throws the knife, and it lands right next to the one in my leg. I fall to the ground. I'm looking up at the sky, and see two girls in there. The girl from 3 emerges in the clearing. The boy must be coming soon. She goes into her backpack and takes out a knife, which she throws. It goes into my heart.

Aleena Ives (11)

BOOM. The girl from 5 is dead. I grab my blowgun, and search for the girl from 3. There. She's walking away from our tree. I blow, the dart goes right into her neck. She turns around, I shoot the second dart into her eye. She begins screaming. The third dart goes into her open mouth. She begins to choke on it. Her arms clasping her mouth, I have a perfect view of her heart, which is punctured by my fourth dart. BOOM. Hailey receives a parachute, containing some nets and a sword.

Shock Eleator (3)

I've been searching for Petra for along time. I give up, hoping I'll find her soon. A parachute comes down, containing some soup and dried fruit. I fall to sleep quite quickly, even though it's not dark. I dream of the girl from 11 killing Petra, by something sharp going straight into her heart. I jolt awake, even though Petra might not be dead, and if she is, the girl from 11 probably didn't kill her, but I'm going to kill the girl from 11.

Josh Eagleye (4)

We've been trapped in the Caves all day. Our supplies are running out. We can't leave, just in case the trap is alive. We hear a thudder, and then the sound of power turning off. Amanda picks up a rock and throws it through the exit. For the first time today, it goes through without being shocked. We stand up and run through the exit. Sunlight. Finally. We sprint to the Cornocupia. Silk and Matthew are already sitting there, eating dinner. They ask where we've been. We tell them about the Woods and our time in the Caves. They inform us of their time in the Mountains. We hear huge footsteps. We see Texas coming towards us and he tells us of his time in the Volcanoes, trying to deal with McKenna's death. The anthem plays and the girl from 3 is shown, followed by the girl from 5.

Positions and Needs

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Amount of Money Alliance Needs
Matthew Ramirez, 1 10-1 Cornocupia $1100 Career Nothing
Silk Moon, 1 8-1 Cornocupia $450 Career Nothing
Texas Flesh, 2 3-1 Cornoucpia $600 Career Nothing
Shock Eleator, 3 14-1 Woods $150 None Water
Josh Eagleye, 4 7-1 Cornocupia $100 Career Nothing
Amanda Hawks, 4 8-1 Cornocupia $0 Career Nothing
Hailey Ricktor, 10 9-1 Woods $200 Hailey-Aleena Nothing
Aleena Ives, 11 9-1 Woods $1200 Hailey-Aleena Nothing

Green- High chance

Yellow- moderate chance

Day 6

Matthew Ramirez (1)

With the five of us back together, we decide yet again to split up and look for the tributes. Texas and Amanda run off into the Jungle, Silk and Josh sprint into the Woods. I'm alone. I decide to follow Silk and Josh from a distance, and follow them.

Hailey Ricktor (10)

How stupid is that boy from 1? Aleena and I are sitting in a tree, spying on the Careers. They split up, leaving the boy alone. His district partner and the boy from 4 came into the Woods, and he's followed. He's standing right underneath the tree we're in. Aleena passes me the blowgun she's been teaching me with. I blow into it. It just misses him. He turns around as I shoot my second dart. He throws his mace at us, and it misses me by a bit. I look down, and shoot my third down into his heart. BOOM. I killed a Career. I turn around to face Aleena, and see her face covered in blood. The mace. It hit her. I grab her hand, tears flowing my cheeks. I know theirs no way she can survive. My bestfriend in the world is slowly being taken away from me. I hug her limp, fragile body. I feel her hand patting my back. Hear her last word 'win'. BOOM.

Amanda Hawks (4)

We all return to the Cornocupia. Texas and I arrive first. We start to make dinner, halfway through Silk and Josh turn up. We finish our dinner, leaving some for Matthew. It begins to get dark, but Matthew hasn't arrived yet. No one has seen him since we left this morning. We don't know what sector he went into. The anthem begins to play. Matthew appears first, followed by the girl from 11. When her face disappears from the sky, Claudius Templesmith's voice echoes 'Well, hello tributes! Final 6. Congratulations. Tomorrow, there will be a beautiful Feast at the Cornocupia, at midday. Attend, and you will be rewarded with many supplies. Fail to attend, you will not have possible supplies that could save your life.

Also, there has been a slight rule change. We have decided to allow 2 tributes to win, if, and only if, the final 2 refuse to kill each other, or simply don't want to.' His voice disappears. Josh and I could win this.

Positions and Needs

Note: There will be no more Needs as their is the Feast tomorrow.

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Money Left Alliance
Silk Moon, 1 7-1 Cornocupia $450 Career
Texas Flesh, 2 2-1 Cornocupia $600 Career
Shock Eleator, 3 12-1 Woods $150 None
Josh Eagleye, 4 6-1 Cornocupia $100 Career
Amanda Hawks, 4 7-1 Cornocupia $0 Career
Hailey Ricktor, 10 8-1 Woods $300 None

Green- High chance

Yellow- moderate chance

Day 7- The Feast

Shock Eleator (3)

Wow. I've been in this Arena for a week now. A week too long. I miss Petra. I loved her, and I think she loved me too. It's all my fault. I've received a note from Petra's mentor, saying I did what I could. But, I know I didn't. 2 tributes can win this year, and there's 6 today. I only need to survive 2 more deaths. The Feast is today, and I'm attending.

Silk Moon (1)

The Careers have made a plan: we stay in the Cornocupia until the bags rise, Texas and I will run out and grab them all and go back into the Cornocupia. The other 2 tributes will come, and we will kill them. The Careers will then fight until there is only 2 left. The bags rise. Texas and I run out.

Josh Eagleye (4)

Amanda gives me the wink, and I throw my spear into Silk's back. BOOM. Pfft. As if we were going to follow HER instructions. Texas was in on our plan, but he seems to have disappeared. Josh and I go outside, and see the bags: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10. The bag with the 1 on it is disappearing, marking Silk's death. I grab the one with the 4 on it and run away. As I grab it, I knock the one with the 2. It feels really, really light. I open it, and see nothing. Wow. Texas is smart, he's taken the inside and ran. The boy from 3 arrives, sees us and begins to run away. Amanda throws a spear, and it pierces his heart. BOOM.

Hailey Ricktor (10)

The girl from 4 has just killed the boy from 3. I shoot the last dart from Aleena's blowgun. It lands straight into her neck. BOOM. Yes! Final 3. The boy from 4 is confused to who has killed his district partner. In his confusion, I run to the table, pick up the bags with 2, 3 and 10 on them and run away into the Mountains. The anthem plays as I'm running, and I look up to the sky: The girl from 1, the boy from 3 and the girl from 4. Two Careers dead today, two left. I wonder if any of these Careers will save me if we're the final two...

Positions and Needs

Name/District Odds of Winning Place Money Left Alliance
Texas Flesh, 2 2-1 Jungle $600 None
Josh Eagleye, 4 3-1 Woods $200 None
Hailey Ricktor, 10 4-1 Mountains $400 None

Green- HIGH chance of winning

Day 8

Josh Eagleye (4)

The ground began to shake. I fall on to my back, and I immediately stand up. I search the Woods around me, and see it beginning to crumble into nothing. The Gamermakers way of bringing us together. I decide to leave my bags, already finished eating my Feast food. I grab a sword and two spears, take my last look at the Woods and run away to the Cornocupia. As I reach the little plain, hop over the wall of water, I see Texas running from the Jungle, and the girl from 10 emerging from the Mountains. I throw a spear at Texas, the most deadly one. He simply throws an axe, chopping the spear in half. I gulp. I only have a spear and a sword now.

Texas Flesh (2)

Oh no. Josh nearly killed me then. Better kill him, then let the girl from 10 live, who would probably not kill me. The two of us will become the Victors. I throw my second last axe at Josh, and it hits his leg. He falls to the ground. The girl from 10 runs straight at me, and begins fighting me with her sword. What's she doing? I begin to dodge and duck her attacks, I eventually give in and push her over. She falls straight into the wall of water surrounding the Cornocupia.

Hailey Ricktor (10)

I crash into the water. I can't swim. Wait, it's not deep at all. I see something glimmering on the ground. I dive down and grab a throwing knife, someone must have dropped it in the Blood Bath. I pick it up, still standing in the water. I throw it at the guy from 2. It hits him in the arm, he grabs it out and throws it. But not at me. At the Corncoupia. I see him for the first time, the boy from 4. I grab my sword and get out of the water. I stand behind the guy from 2. He gives me a look, and holds out his hand. I understand. I pass him my sword and he throws it at his old ally. BOOM. I begin to run. He grabs my arm before I can go anywhere. 'I won't kill you', he whispers. I nod. I've won, I think.

Texas Flesh (2)

'Congratulations to Hailey Ricktor from ten and Texas Flesh from two. Our Victors for the 82nd HUNGER GAMES!' booms Claudius Templesmith. Hailey hugs me, and I hug her back. We won. Even though I dont know this girl, I've won with her. We get sucked into the sky, as Victors.

Well Done

Congratulations to our 2 Victors:

Texas Flesh- AxedFox

Hailey Ricktor- Bluefire16

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