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  • QuinnQuinn

    Okay so were making a Hunger Games wiki play. You will play the part of another user. Comment on this blog saying you want to join if you want to.

    Gale's girl plays: DaisyThornberry Played by: Camilla hutcherson

    JustAFox plays: KwanKwan44 Played by: SilentStabb

    Parknride plays: Hungerisnottwilight Played by: Lovedillon

    Lovedillion plays: Parknride Played by: KwanKwan44

    Mrs.Hawthorne plays: Played by:

    KwanKwan44 plays: Lovedillon Played by: JustAFox

    QuinnQuinn plays: Camilla hutcherson Played by: Rose Hathaway

    Hungerisnottwilight plays: Aboy1228 Played by: Parknride

    Camila hutcherson plays: Gale's girl Played by: QuinnQuinn

    DaisyThornberry plays: Rose Hathaway Played by: Gale's girl

    Aboy1228 plays: Italicos Played by: Hungerisnottwilight

    SilentStabb pl…

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  • QuinnQuinn

    Its to the tune of Part of me by Katy Perry and Katniss is supposed to be singing

    Days like this I want to go back home
    Kill ev'one and be back in D 12
    But now i'm in the Hunger Games
    And I can't get out soon
    I have to kill, to be alive
    And now Rue is calling me
    To help her live
    This is the Hunger Games that no one ever wants to take part in, no
    This is the Hunger Games that no one ever wants to take part in, no
    Throw your knifes and swords
    Throw your spears and bows
    But you're not gonna kill me ever
    This is the Hunger Games that no one ever wants to take part in, no
    I just wanna go back to see Prim
    Go see who is really there for me
    'Cause no one cares, for me here
    Since Rue is long dead now
    But what is this 'bout a rule change
    Now 2 tribs can both win
    So Pee…

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  • QuinnQuinn

    I'll BRB

    March 14, 2012 by QuinnQuinn

    Hey guys. Sad news. I am going to be gone from tomorrow for about 4 days. I will be on March break and im going on vaycay. But don't worry, ill be back soon.

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  • QuinnQuinn

    I heard...

    March 11, 2012 by QuinnQuinn

    I heard Justin Bieber will be playing young Finnick. What is your reaction?

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  • QuinnQuinn

    New HG trailer

    March 7, 2012 by QuinnQuinn

    So today I was watching Zoey 101 and during a commercial there was a new HG trailer. So first in it was the "Don't let them starve Glae" and then Prim said "Try to win for me okay?". Prim was practically crying when she said that. They then showed Cinna saying "I can't bet but if I could I would bet on you" and Katniss said "Thank you". It was SOOOOO GOOD!

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