Ok so i'm going to make a User Games. Its going to be pretty random so if you get eliminated since you answered a question right don't yell at me since I planned that. But answer everything correctly and always follow my instructions. :D Ok so I need 10 users. I'll explain more as we go along and try to check this everytime you go on.

Moon Beam
~ilovepeeta~ ELIMINATED
Slushpuppy123 ELIMINATED
Rose Hathaway

WE CAN START NOW! First challenge choose a number between 1 and 10. If you get it right you get eliminated and if you answer it first then you get immunity next round. Due Saturday Feb, 25th 2012 4:00 PM eastern.

2 Rose Hathaway
3 Moon Beam
4 Anon....
5 iluvgale
6 ~ilovepeeta~
7 BarbieKlaus1029
9 Dagostino

Moon Beam has immunity. I'm sorry to Anon... but the answer was 4 and she is eliminated.

Challenge 2 is... so you guys make a Lunaii of my sister. I give you a description of her and you make her. She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Her favorite colors are green and pink(so you could do the shirt color like that). The one that looks most like the one I made of her will get a special prize and people and or person who don't do it will get eliminated. Moon Beam has immunity but she should still do it so she dosn't get eliminated in a challenge related to this. Due Sunday February 26 at 9:00 AM Eastern.

Moon Beam
Slushpuppy123 ELIMINATED
Rose Hathaway

Since KEAP did it first he gets to choose one person to eliminate except Moon Beam soince she has immunity. And winner is...NECTERINE! Second place is ~ilovepeeta~ but seocnd place just gets the honor of being in second. Necterine gets the immunity of not getting eliminated by KEAP. KEAP chose to eliminate iluvgale. Sorry Annie.


The Lunaii I made of my sister

Challenge 3 have to choose someone not in these games and be partners with them for this. You guys have to write a paragraph about how awesome I am. The winner gets to choose the next challenge out of 3 options and the first person to do it gets to get a sneak peek at the challenge also.


To Quinnquinn:

You are so darn awesome it's not even funny and I totally think you should become a chat mod for your awesomeness. You're really really cool (even though you're away sometimes) and you've never broken the rules, but you managed to maintain your humour at the same time. It's awesome. You're really fun to talk to because of that, and you've never gotten into any disagreements, so THAT'S why I think you're so awesome

Sincerely, the awesome me and the awesome Milly

Rose Hathaways:

Quinn, I'm not going to flatter you unnecessaily cause I'm not like that. What I will say is that while we don't talk that much, it didn't take much for us to be friends. To be a friend of mine, you'd have to be awesome, innovative and interesting, and hey, you fit all three with no trouble. What evidence of this is there? Your Games! - Rose


Quinn, you are a wonderful, kind, awesome person. You were a fantastic partner in KEAP's user races. You try to help people, like when you managed to get Iluvgale to be my partner; even though you could have just done nothing. But you're not that type of person. You would never turn your back on a friend, and thats one of the many things that makes you awesome! You have great tributes, fantastic Games (The Lazertag Games are pure genius idea), and many friends here. You are beautiful on the inside and out, and I know you'll go far in life. I consider you a great friend. Keep being awesome!

Moon Beam's:

Like Rose, I'm not going to flatter you for no reason. But, I do think you are really funny and you're a really nice user. You've been here and on wikia for a while so I like that. I also like the fact that you watch Glee! I used to watch it all the time when it aired in New Zealand. I'd like to talk to you more because you seem like a really fun and nice person! I also like that you've never broken the rules or been banned. :P I hope you stay here for a long time in the future because you really do seem awesome.


Dear QuinnQuinn you are the most friendly person ALIVE. You are so awesome that we all would want to give you hugs, like everyday! You have the prettiest lunaii EVER, and have even better user games then KEAP. Your obsession with Glee is da bomb. Quinn is the most awesome character, so since you are QuinnQuinn then you are TWICE as awesome. Sincerely, Leslie and Everdeen



Hello Awesome! You are soooooo awesome. Your parents alleles must AA for awesome because you sure inherited it! Okay.... nerd joke. *Straight face*.... Your really nice and fun to talk to. One of the most nicest and welcoming on this wikia! I notice that you watch Glee. Which I do too! And from your username it sounds like you really like Quinn or your name is Quinn. But yea. I haven't exactly known anyone too long on this wikia, but you were definitely very welcoming! So thanks! - Barbie :D

Ok so the winner is...Rose Hathawy. Sorry to others who didn't win. Yours were all great. And with that said second place goes to...Necterine! Everyone else is tied for third.

Ok so since its beena while and Rose Hathaway hasn't been on chat in a while then i'll just do next challenge. Rose, you will get something later on, okay? So anyways the challenge now is that you have to guess my fourth favorite character. I'll give you a few options and you have to guess. Okay?

The options will be in this table and only one person can guess one character.

Option 1: Clove KEAP
Option 2: Rue BarbieKlaus1029
Option 3: Prim ~ilovepeeta~
Option 4: Glimmer Moon Beam
Option 5: Johanna Necterine411
Option 6: Cato Rose Hathaway

So whoever gets it right gets to choose to either get immunity for next round or this round, take away someones immunity so someone else could eliminate them or you could get a head start on next round. Your choice. Person who chooses the lucky option gets to eliminate the user of there choice if they dont have immunity. Others doors have other surprises.At the moment KEAP has immunity. Ok so since only Glimmer was left lets ust say Moon Beam chose her. So anyways the right answer was Rue and Barbie chose to have immunity next round. KEAP got the lucky door and eliminated ~ilovepeeta~ but Prim was the unlucky door so she was eliminated either way.

Challenge 4 isyou have to find a partner out of these 5 users listed below. No users listed below yet you see. Well thats because i'm having 5 more people join. The 5 more people joining can be any user on the wiki. After the 5 users are in then the users will pick there partner. You have to comment below on who you want to be partners with and I will go down the list. Now join users! Join!

Everdeen and KEAP are a team
iluvgale and Necterine are a team
~ilovepeeta~ and Moon Beam are a team
Primrose33 and BarbieKlaus are a team
IamLoved and Rose Hathaway are a team

Yes we finally have the users! After everyone chooses a partner then you will find out the challenge. Okay since IamLoved is baned Rose, you can do it alone or find a new partner. Anyways you have to link me a song that you think i will like. You work in 2's since you have to think hard. And if I don't like it then your out. If I do like it your in unless you answer last. Good luck!

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