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Okay so were making a Hunger Games wiki play. You will play the part of another user. Comment on this blog saying you want to join if you want to.

Gale's girl plays: DaisyThornberry Played by: Camilla hutcherson

JustAFox plays: KwanKwan44 Played by: SilentStabb

Parknride plays: Hungerisnottwilight Played by: Lovedillon

Lovedillion plays: Parknride Played by: KwanKwan44

Mrs.Hawthorne plays: Played by:

KwanKwan44 plays: Lovedillon Played by: JustAFox

QuinnQuinn plays: Camilla hutcherson Played by: Rose Hathaway

Hungerisnottwilight plays: Aboy1228 Played by: Parknride

Camila hutcherson plays: Gale's girl Played by: QuinnQuinn

DaisyThornberry plays: Rose Hathaway Played by: Gale's girl

Aboy1228 plays: Italicos Played by: Hungerisnottwilight

SilentStabb plays: JustAFox Played by: MrMellark

Rose Hathaway plays: QuinnQuinn Played by: DaisyThornberry

Italicos plays: GoDistrict3 Played by: Aboy1228

GoDistrict3 plays: LadyKatniss Played by:Italicos

MrMellark plays: Played by: Silentstabb LadyKatniss

LadyKatniss plays: MrMellark Played by: GoDistrict3

More info to come soon...

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