Ok so these are the Lazer ta
Lazer tag random

The arena

g games. There normal games besides the fact the arena is a GIANT Lazer tag arena. The arena is super long and wide. In the game its much easier to stay alive though. If you make an alliance with someone you get assigned an alliance color and your on timeout while you get that color. So if you betray your alliance you keep the color on. If your alliance dies you keep the color. At the cornucopia you can get one weapon and one weapon only. Then you get a timeout to attack it to your Lazer Tag thing and then you run. Before the game the careers MUST confirm if there going to be in the career alliance or else they can't be in it until halfway through the game if its District isn't a career District. The career color is black. If your not in an alliance your color is yellow. Reservations last 12 hours.

You must do:










District 1: Female: Glam Carnelian (5) Place: Kills: Male: Lapis Agate JR(11) Place: Kills: Sutton
District 2: Female: Cindy Regar(6) Place: Kills: Male: Grey Wolf(9) Place: Kills: Keeta
District 3: Female: Keeta Star(6) Place: 24 Kills: None Male: Wave Oceanus(7) Place: Kills:
District 4: Female: Revelyn Tinder(3) Place: 21 Kills: None Male: Flare Forrester(9) Place: Kills:
District 5:


Selena Montana(12) Place: Kills:


Justin Gomez(11) Place: Kills:
District 6: Female: Mystic Moonlight(4) Place: Kills: Male: Silver Sunlight(3) Place: Kills:
District 7: Female: Giselle Sunburst(5) Place: Kills: Male: Twilight Dawn(11) Place: 22 Kills: None
District 8: Female: Sutton Yates(2) Place: 20 Kills: None Male: River Rhodes(9) Place: Kills: Revelyn
District 9: Female: Kasha Farro(1) Place: Kills: Blue Male: Bulgar Millet(11) Place: Kills:
District 10: Female: Holly Honey(11) Place: Kills: Twilight Male: Blue Sky(4) Place: 23 Kills: None
District 11: Female: Artemis Elto(7) Place: Kills: Male: Apollo Elto(6) Place: Kills:
District 12: Female: Evelyn Dreamcatcher(7) Place: Kills: Male Adrain Christenson(6) Place: Kills:

Italics= Dead

Note: I used Random.Org for the training scores.

District 1 Reaping

Glam's Pov

Oh, great. It's reaping day. I mean I live in District 1 and we win like every single year its just that I want to volenteer and win for once and for all but I will never get to. UGH! Glam is mad now. And yes I like talking in third person. "GLAM COME DOWN STAIRS" yelled my mom. "I'm coming hold your horses" I yell. I put on my reaping clothes. Very cute. I walk downstairs. "Oh hi family" I say bored. "Hwi Swissy" says my little sister Cutie. I have 2 sisters. I have a sister named Cutie who is 3 and I have an older sister named Beauty who is 18. This is Beauty's last reaping year. She got reaped at 13 but a girl named ChiChi Vegrazzi volenteered but died the first day. Apparently ChiChi admired Beauty. Anyways for breakfeast i'm having an apple. Yum. "Girls time for the Reaping" says my dad. "My last reaping evs" said Beauty. "Way to state the obvious!" I say rolling my eyes.

Lapises Pov

What a wonderful day this is? It couldn't be more lovely. It actually could but let me live in my fantasy. ANYWAY today is reaping day. Ok I guess. It could be a worse day. Like a day I die. But I know when I die I will be home in bed. I'm walking to the Reaping square. My sister Luxer is already at the Reaping square with her best friend Vijian. "I hope you don't get reaped Lapis" says my dad. "Dad, even if I do I won't kill so I will have nothing to be ashamed of" I say smiling. "Good for you Lapis" says my mom. "Were here" says my dad. I walk to the 17 year old section. I see Glam Carnelian the most popular girl in the grade. I could be her friend if I got popular but of course anyone could. I see are District escort Felicia Houston. I know her name since my mom's best friend is her cousin. Nice women. The reapings are starting. "And are girl tribute is...Yana Pierre-Bown" says Felicia. "I volenteer" Glam yells running to the stage. I think Glam will do well. "Our boy tribute is...Lapis Agate Jr" says Felicia more excited. I'm in shock. I run up to the stage as smooth looking as possible. I got reaped I think I will do well. Someone taps on my shoulder. It's Glam. "Here's the deal. We both join the career alliance or else we both die. I know we would die alone since 2 careers alone are a bad idea." I pause before answering to reveiw what she said. "Umm okay" I say a little over excitedly. These will be a "great" games. All I can do now is hope to win...

District 2 Reaping

Grey's POV Good morning to my wolf like self. Ah reaping morning. Almost forgot. "GREY!!!!!!!!" yelled my little sister Violet. "VIOLET!!!! AHHHH" I yell imitating her. She hates when I do that. Violet puts on her mad face. "Its Reaping day" Violet says. I start tickleing her."I know. I know little miss Violet" I say in a weird voice. Violet laughs. I love Violet. So cute. "Now I will be downstairs in a minute. I am gonna get ready to go." I say hoping she will leave. I need to change into my formal clothes. Apparently my regular shoes and pants look dosn't go well at the Capital. As soon as i'm ready I run down the stairs. My stair case is 50 steps long since my parents are very rich. I grab my breakfast at the table then run outside. I want to eat breakfast on my pork. My mom comes out. "Hi Grey dear" she says. "Hey mom" I say patting the seat next to me for her to sit down. She sits down. "Excited?" she asks. "Sure I g-" I say getting interrupted bya loud crash. YOU WILL FIND OUT WHAT THE CRASH WAS WHEN GREY HAS HIS FIRST POV IN THE GAMES!

Cindy's POV

I am walking right now. Walking to the District square. I hate the District square. It isn't good enough for me. I am with my family walking. There not good enough to have there names be spoken. Here we are at the square. I see one of my older sisters in the "too old or to young to be reaped section'. "Hi Cind" says my oldest sister. "Hi Cynth" I say. 'Bye dear" says my mom kissing my forehead. Time to go in my section. I'm in the 16 year old section. I think I zone out thinking about how I will ill my first victim in the Games since i then see people grabing me. "Cindy Regar please come to the stage" says the escort. I realize what's happening. I kick the peacekeepers who are holding me to the ground. I then run up to the stage as if nothing ever happened. I see the boy tribute is already there. I think his name is grey. He looks like an animal though. I shake his hand. I can tell he will be useful in the games. This year District 2 has 2 possible victors that are actually good. I can see he's good. And i'm suprisingly nervous.

District 3 Reaping

Keeta's POV

Why am I walking? I just woke up. I must be sleep walking. But wait, i'm not. Ahh must of been a dream. Anyways today is day of reaping a day dreaded here in District 3. Wanna know why? Were not in a career District. Districts 1, 2 and 4 are the Career Districts. We just missed it. I suppose if someone who was reaped had good social skills they could join but I would never join. I wouldn't wanna risk my life to join them. unless I asked before the Game. "Sweety it's time to leave" calls my mom from downstairs. I hate my family. They care about themselves only. "Dear come downstairs" calls my mom angrily. "I'm coming" I call. I put on my clothes for the next day before I go to bed. I was ready 12 hours ago. As I run downstairs I check the clock. THE REAPING STARTS IN 15 MINUTES! I don't care about breakfast now and i just run out the door. I live 5 miles away so I better run. Long way thee in a short amount of time.

Wave's POV

"Hi Wave" says my friend Tide. Tide is here with me at the Reapings in the 13 year old section. Its my second Reaping year. I only have my name in 5 times. 2 times because of age and 3 times because of tesserae. Tide and I hope neither gets reaped. And if one of us does then we will make one of the strong kids volenteer by telling them this is the practice Reaping. This always hapens. Oh the reapings are about to start. "Let us start shall we" says are District escort Theme. Theme is a tall women with gray hair and purple eyes. She's not old looking so she must of died her hair that way. "The female to represent District 3 is Ms. Keeta Star!" she says. Where is Keeta?I hear no crying or screaming. Maybe she's sick. No, wait I see her. "I'm here" she yells "i'm coming". Keeta runs to the stage. "Okay so now onto are boy". Theme chooses a card out of the bowl. I hope with all my heart its not me. "And the boy to represent District 3 is Mr. Wave Oceanus" she says smiling. I pause for a second to get all the information. I was Reaped into the games. I shouldn't worry since Tide will get a popular boy to volenteer for me. So I run to the stage. I see Tide trying. I will be home in less then an hour now. Good. "Any volenteers for Keeta who is 12 and Wave who is 13?" she asks hopefully. The popular boy is unconvinced. I'm going into the Games. That means death. Uh oh.

District 4 Reaping

Flare's POV

Ah i'm still tired even at breakfast. Today is Reaping day so I wanted to get up early. It's a great day outside. Wish I could go to the woods with Revelyn but I can't since then I would be late. Revelyn is awesome. she is really nice. "Hey Flare" calls my brother Fire. He's 17. "Let's go!" he said in a weird way. I sigh. Even though District 4 usually wins, I don't want to go in the Games. The other Districts might be as tough as can be this year. Who knows? I wish I could walk with Revelyn but shee came extra early this year. I don't know why. Yay i'm here. And there's Revelyn. Why is she on the stage?

Revelyn's POV

I see Flare. He's late. He dosn't know I volenteered for a 12 year old. He dosn't know I stalled for him so he wouldn't be late for the boy Reaping. Flare's here now. "Can I continue?" asks our escort. "Yes" I say. "All right. Our boy tribute is Flare Forrester" she says bored. I see Flare running up to the stage with his face in shock the whole time. I shake his hand with a confident look on my face. These games will be exciting, for us all most likely.

District 5 Reaping

Selena's POV

I'm in town. I told my mom I was visiting my best friend, Alexamimis. I actually just wanted to get away. Ever since my older sister ran away and my dad died. I know my sister is still in the District but she is never seen. She ran away after my dad died. I miss Amanda real bad. While i'm walking I see a girl who looks exactly like Amanda except with blue hair. She starts talking and sounds like Amanda! I'm going to ask if its her. "Um excuse me are you Amanda Montana?" I ask hopefully. "No i'm not dear. I'm Naomi Tuker. District 5's escort." she says. It must've been my imagination. I was really hoping it was her. "Oh i'm so sorry. You just sounded and looked liked her" I say embarassed. "Its fine, dear. If it will make you feel better you can choose the girl's name at the reaping' Naomi says. "Sure that'll be great'. And were on our way to the reaping.

Justin's POV

So i'm at the Reaping. I already have my strategy for the games. Seduce the girls. I know its risky but hey i'm all for it. The Reapings are starting. I'm volenteering so I don't have to care about much. "The girl tribute is...Selena Montana." she says nervously. I think thats her since no one comes up and the sits in the tributes seat. There's my escort. Naomi Tuker. I tried to seduce her but it didn't work. "And our boy tribute is Toby Marin" says Naomi. "I volenteer to be in the Starvation Games or watever" I say as a joke. A peacekeeper grabs me a pushes me to the ground. "Its called the HUNGER Games" the Peacekeeper says mad. "K I get it, let me go" I say. "Let him come to the stage Albereto" says Naomi surprisingly nice. I can take a push. In a metaphor the push would be the games and I would be getting pushed. These games are gonna be easy.

District 6 Reaping

Silver's POV

"Are you having a play date" asks a 16 year old. I'm not having a play date! I'm just hanging out with my friend Mystic. The older kids always ask this. "Were not having a play date, Paulford" Mystic says "were just in town. What if I asked you if you were having a playdate with Nion or Dylan?". Then the boys left. "Good going Mystic!" I say loudly. Usually the older kids start tormenting us before someone helps us. This time Mystic fought back. Ha. We got them. "What time is it, Mystic" I ask. "9:45" she replys. "Lets head to the reaping. We can still talk there." I say. Mystic nods and were on our way.

Mystic's POV

Were at the Reaping now. Apparently it took longer to walk here then expected so we can't talk. The mayor is giving some speech about how the Games were invented and blah. SO uninteresting. But i'd hate to be the one to tell him that. Now the interesting things are happening. The tributes are being picked. "Mystic Moonlight" says our escort. I was reaped? How is that possible?!?! I'm only 12! I bet someone will volenteer. I walk to the stage. Nothing. I go up the steps. Nothing. I get on the stage. Nothing. I sit in the Tributes chair. Nothing. I guess i'm going to be in the stupid games. Sigh. "This year the boy representing is Paulford Zhang" the escort says. PAULFORD! HE WAS CHOSEN! No doubt he'll kill me first day. "I VOLENTEER" yells a voice. I know that voice. Its-its, Silver. And now I have to killl my best friend. Great.

District 7 Reaping

Giselle's POV

I'm so tired! I knew I shouldn't of went out with my friends to that party last night. It was my friend Chassy's 13th birthday. I'm asleep on my couch. I hear footsteps. It's just my mom. "Hi mom" I say trying to sound casual but failing. "Why are you asleep on the couch Giselle" my mom asks. "I uh got up early and came down" I say lying. "Don't you want breakfast?" she asks. "Nah" I say. I start to head for the door. I really want to get the Reaping over with. I just want to go home and rest. I guess i'm on my way.

Twilight's POV

It's 9:59 the Reaping is about to start. I'm excited actually. I wanna see which 2 kids are about to die. My District never wins so why get my hopes up this year? We probaly will fail. Ah I see the escort. The mayor has already given his speech. Since one year 8 people fell asleep during the speech he starts at 9:30 instead of 10:00. Wait there are 2 escorts. "Hello i'm Sugar Sweet and i'm your new District escort. Your old escort Ms. Dora Barney is retiring after this year" she says. What a shame I liked Dora. Sugar seems self-centered. "Now onto the tributes" says Sugar "The young women to be representing District 7 is Ms. Giselle Sunburt". Giselle is crying as she walks to the stage. I've seen Giselle at school before. She dosn't seem like the type to cry. I'll have to ask her this if she wins the Games. "And the young man is Mr. Twilight Dawn" she says with a smile. Why I hate that women. I reluctantly walk to the stage. now's my chance to ask Giselle about the crying fit. "Hey Giselle" I whisper "why were you crying you don't seem like the type to cry". "I was crying! Is that an issue?" Giselle says meanly. I can tell she's lying. I'll make her tell me before she dies.

District 8 Reaping

River's POV

The alarm clock in my room goes off that means I have to go to the Reaping. Usually when I wake up at 6:00 I go in the garage bu today is reaping day. This is the day you have to find out who gets stuck in those ga mes. I hate this day of year. Sutton, my girlfriend, her sister was in the Games and died in the final 6. Sutton is my life so I care about anything that happened to her. I change and go downstairs. I expect to see Aunt Flow and Uncle Stream downstairs but there not there. I see a not on the table. The note says: "Dear River, we went to the Reaping since we wanted to get good seats. We put your breakfast on the table. Please take it with you. Love, Uncle Stream and Aunt Flow." Ok i'll go now. And take my breakfast. I leave the house and lock the door.

Sutton's POV

"See ya later mom" I say. I hope to see her laer since today 2 teenagers from every District get chosen to be in The Hunger Games where they kill eachother. I hope its not me. My older sister Tracey was chosen and made it far but died. She almost killed the one who killed her but she heard her cannon goo off and she was done for. Tracey killed 5 people though. I was proud of her. "Good morning now we shall start the Reaping" says the escort. I better get in my section! "Our female tribute is Sutton Yates!" she says while I scream. I was Reaped. 2 men have to carry me to the stage. I feel like an idiot. I calm myself down until this happens. My boyfriend was reaped. "Hi Sutton" River says. I say hi back. One of us is gonna die soon. I'm hoping he stays alive.

District 9 Reapings

Kasha's POV

I look at the clock in town. It's 8:00 am. I came to the Reaping early. I want to get the bench in the back of my section. Every section has a bench in the back of it and I never get it. Anyways it is my second year though. I put my anklet on the bench saving my spot. I have 2 hours to hang out with my sisters. "Tora" I call. My oldest sister Tora is 17 and my other older sister Natasha is 16. "Hey Kas" calls Tora. Tora calls me Kas and Natasha calls ma Kash. "Lets play tag" I say. Tora and Natasha roll there eyes but agree. For the next 2 hours we play games starting with tag, then Hide and go seek, and last Eye Spy. Now the Reaping starts.

Bulgar's POV

I pay no attention to the girl Reapings at all. I don't want to know if the girl I have to fight to death is my friend or not. You see, i'm going to volenteer and win. "And our boy to be sent into the Games is...CarYay WalkBoo" says my escort. "I Volenteer" I quickly shout. I hear some whispers behind me. "He is walking to his death!" or "Bulgar is so stupid to volenteer. He must have issues.". But i'm doing it. I'm walking straight into the 42nd Annual Hunger Games and i'm going to win. Win for District 9 and for my family.

District 10 Reaping

Blue's POV

I am awake, very awake and checking the days schedule on my family bulletin board. So at 7:30 I have breakfast. At 8:00 I put on formal clothes. At 9:00 we leave for the reaping. Easy enough. It's 7:45 now. For breakfast I have cereal and milk. Yum. Cereal is my favorite. Every Reaping day my mom, Penelope gets cereal even though its expensive. It's 8:00 now. I put on a green sweater vest and black pants. So now its 8:15 and I have nothing to do. I should play with my friend Dexter Bet. Dexter and I have been best friends since I was 7 and he was 9. At 9:00 Well its time to go to the Reaping. "Bye Dexter" I say. "Bye Blue" he says. I'm on my way.

Holly's POV

I'm almost at the Reaping! I just have to get into my section for 13 year olds. Every year 13 year olds get underestimated. They always assume we will "get scared" since were only 13. 5 out of 30 years a 13 year old wins. Still good right? Right?!?! Yes, i'm here. "Holly Honey" I hear someone say. It sounds like...the escort. "Yes, i'm here" I say. This mean I have been Reaped. Forget about that 13 year olds win a lot. I'm freaking out! I just sit in the tributes chair and cry until a boy sits down. I think thats Blue Sky the 15 year old. Yes, it is. It would be good to make an alliance with him...

District 11 Reaping's

Artemises POV

" I AM AWAKE" I scream to my mom who is down stairs. I apparently am awake late. My mom wanted me to get up at 5:00 AM but I said no. It is now 9:00 AM. We go to the Reaping at 9:30. I think I should head downstairs now. I then realize something. They went to the reaping early. I have to walk to the Resping alone. UGH! At 9:55 AM I an almost there. I can hear the Reapiong starting early. I run for the next five minutes. I arrive just as it starts. "And the beautiful gal to enter the Hunger Games is Artemis Elto" says the District 11 escort named Hembergette Knitfallitte. I am in total shock. I am numb. I walk up to the stage bankly. I am about to enter my death. "Yay" for me.

Apollo's POV

My twin sister was Reaped! I can't beleive it. I am in total shock. She is gonna be dead in 2 weeks. I haven't talked to her since last night. Our last conversation was pathetic anyway. It was just about are clothes for today. "And the handsome male to enter the Hunger Games is Apollo Elto" Hembergette says. I will soon be dead. Neither me or Artemis will be alive. Great. I just have to try my hardest to keep myself and Artemis alive and hope the final 2 is us and we can both win. Please.

District 12 Reaping

Adrian's POV

I see black, AHHHHHHH! I have a phobia of black, so this happens every morning pretty much every morning. As I get up i realize its Reaping day. Good. Time for me to volenteer. Since I don't care anymore I can go in the Games. "Its time for the reaping Adrian" says my dad. I walk downstairs. My dad puts his hand on my back as we walk. "Adri" says my little sister Abby. Abby is 4 years old and dosn't remember are mom that much. "Yes" I say without looking at Abby. "Can you hug me?" she asks. I answer with a nod and pick her up the rest of the way. We soon arrive. "Bye dad and Abby" I say hugging them. "See you later" says my dad. "Ya on TV" I whisper. My dad looks confused but just walks away, and I go to my section.

Evelyn's POV

The Reapings about to start. I hope i'm not Reaped. If I was it would be torture. Watching the Games alone is torture. I see District 12's escort Effie. She is about to call the names. "Our female tribute is Evelyn Dreamcatcher" she says. I faint. 20 minutes later "Shes awake" I hear someone call. "Whats going on" I say confused. "You fainted after I announced you were tribute" says Effie. She takes my hand and walks me to a seat onstage. I see the boy. He seems to be nice. I hope to be his ally rather then his enemy...

The Games!

Keeta's POV

"GO" I hear someone call. I run to the Cornucopia. It's in the middle of the Lazer Tag place. My color is currently yellow. Of course us non-careers get a bright color. I see the Careers. There hiding. If I had an alliance I could get some of them. Maybe even 3 of them. I hear footsteps. Someones behind me. I pick up a knife and attach it to my Lazer Tag thing. Now the person is right beind me. I turn around but not in time. I see Grey Wolf with a knife. And the knife is about to get to my head. I hear my cannon sound right before my death.

Grey's POV

I killed her. I have a reason. Right before my Reaping something happened. My sister died. She didn't want to see torture at the Reaping. She jumped out the window. I have to win these Games badly now. I go to the Careers. They almost kill me until they reconize me. I talk to them about a plan. Good plan.

Wave's POV

I look around for Keeta. She's no where to be seen. I hope she is OK. What if she died? I did here 2 cannons. Now 3. I hear some tributes talking. Here's a chance to get a good kill. "Wave" one of them calls. What? Do they WANT to be killed? I grab a weapon from the fround and pull it on to my Lazer Tage equitment. "Hi Wave" calls another. I'm about to kill the one who called my name until another says "We want to ally with you". I think thats Kasha from 9. "Ally?" I ask. "Yes" says another. "Lets introduce ourselves" says Kasha. "I'm Holly" says one. "We're Artemis and Apollo" says Apollo. "And i'm Mystic Moonlight. From 6. Got a 4 in training but I should've gotten a higher score." say the one with cool hair. "Ok, he dosn't need your life story." says Artemis. "Um how did you meet up?" I ask. "Well Kasha was killing Blue from 6 and then I decided to help her and when we killed Twilight we saw you guys and you looked good so here we are now" says Holly. "We'll show you are meeting spot" explains Artemis. I guess i'll join them. I mean if I didn't I would be dead.

Adrian's POV

I see many tributes. But no one see's me. Everyone must be hiding from eachother also. Wait, I see someone. 2 someones. Sutton and River. They are walking together. Aww so cute. I sneak up behind them. I then go all ninja and start attacking Sutton. Maybe it was a bad idea since River has a weapon. I don't I freak out and jump off her. I'm running now. I see an alliance. "You hiding from someone?" asks Mystic from 6. I nod. "Stay here" says Kasha from 9. I see Sutton and River coming. Kasha says something to the others and they nod. Sutton and River arrive. River starts to grab his weapon until everyone jumps on him. THIS IS MAD. I start freaking out and so do they. Everyone ends up hugging eachother and crying. This is weird. I slowly leave the place until they catchme. "You do realize if you leave we'll have to kill you" Kasha says. Ok so maybe I will stay. Apparently Sutton and River are staying. This alliance is big. And I like that.

Glam's POV

Here's the plan we have. Us Careers are going to split up into small groups with one other person. We're then going to say that we quit the Careers and we want to make an alliance with them. If they say no we kill them. If they say yes then we kill them in there sleep. My partner is Cindy from 2. "We meet back here in 2 days. Okay?" says Grey. He has kind of become are leader. Watever. "Sure" I say. Cindy and I start walking. "Look I see someone" whispers Cindy. "Who is that?" I ask. "I don't know" she replies. "Hello" calls the person. The person runs to us. "I'm Evelyn. Who are you?" she asks. "I'm Glam and thats Cindy" I say. "Wow. Why are you here without the other Career tributes and why are you not trying to kill me?" Evelyn says surprised. "We quit the others. We wanted to be in charge and they wouldn't let us" says Cindy believably "Allys?". Evelyn has to mull it over for a minute. "Sure" she says. The plan is perfect so far!

River's POV

I'm surprised Sutton and I agreed to join this alliance. Thats not something I would normally do but they threatened to kill us so we stayed. Its actually pretty nice to be in an alliance right now. "I see someone" says Kasha. "Me to" says Sutton. The person is coming towards us. The perosn is alone. "He's alone" I say. The person starts running toward us now. Someones gonna die. "Let me get this" says Mystic. Mystic grabes her Bow and Arrows and aims an arrow at the person. The person misses. I can tell the person is a boy now. And I see someone else coming! A girl. She has a knife. I think its Revelyn Tinder. I now see the boy is Lapis Agate JR. There Careers. Why are they out in the open like this? "I can get one of them" I say. I grab my knife and attach it to my lazer tag thingy. I run past Revelyn and cut her. She keeps going though. I turn back and go to the everyone else. I see them talking with Lapis and Revelyn. Why are they doing that? I tip-toe behing Revelyn and cut her arm even more. I hear her cannon sound. She's dead. Everyone is looking at me now. "What did you just do!" says Lapis angrily. "You aren't attacking us?" I ask. "They wanted to ally with us" says Sutton. She looks mad. "You know what. I take that offer back." Lapis says. He grabs his bow and arrow from where its attached and runs away. I see him stop. He turns around and shoots Sutton in the heart. Sutton! She's dead. I hear Lapis yell "Thats what you get for killing Revelyn". I then hear Suttons cannon go off. Goodbye Sutton.

Silver's POV

I'm alone. I couldn't find Mystic. Maybe after I insulted her for getting a score higher then me she got mad. I should apologize but eh not a good time now. I really wish I was in an alliance. OMG I SEE SOMEONE WALKING TOWARD ME! "Hi" I yell! The


  • A Career tribute will quit the careers after the first day
  • Almost everyone will be in an alliance at one point
  • When a career dies the other Careers try to replace him/her in a short time
  • 2 of the alliances have a lot of battles

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