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  • Quomler

    Abandoning Games

    April 29, 2013 by Quomler

    The abandoning game consists of 24 tributes entering an abandonned city filled with horrors and worse! Please make up a new character or use an old favorite! I will publish map and info after I have gotten all the characters. You can mentor 2 tributes.

    All the tributes will start out in the school cafeteria with a backpack. The bloodbath will happen inside the cafeteria, and for anyone who wants to run away there are doors leading out all over the school.

    The park is very safe with good hiding places and no mutations, though the only problem with that is the fact that there is a very limited food supply in the park.

    If your tribute wants some easy weapons the police office is the place for him/her. The whole office has a wide arrange of weapo…

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  • Quomler

    Quomler's Mentor Games

    July 14, 2012 by Quomler

    Hello This is going to be my second game but my first mentor game. I know that I am still doing my 47th Hunger Games, but I'm going to start the this one anyway. I have decided to sip the chariot rides and go straight to the games.</p>

    231 years after Panem had been made to a democracy and the Hunger Games had been banned they still taught about it in the schools. Panem was calm and a nice place to live. A man named Richard Snow wanted the power that his great grandfather, President Snow had. He disrespected his grandfather but respected his power and Hunger Games.

    In twenty years Richard had built an army and overthrew the nation. He decided to restart the Hunger Games. He wondered for a way to set off the games epicly. He had some scientis…

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  • Quomler

    The 29th Hunger Games

    May 11, 2012 by Quomler

    It is now time for the 29th annual hunger games. We need twenty-four tributes, one male and one female from each district. Please explain an imaginary tribute. Please include their name, age, gender, strength, weakness, district, personality, and token. I will make a chart of all the characters.

    Name Age Gender District Token Personality Strength Weakness Score
    Tristan James 13 Male 10 Piece of wheat Sneaky, Quiet, only has a few select friends He is a stealth master and can really throw his spear. Also can identify plants and is fast Not very strong and bad in hand to hand combat 6

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  • Quomler

    The 47th Hunger Games

    May 11, 2012 by Quomler

    It is time for the 47th hunger game! May the odds be ever in your favor!

    For the games we need twenty-four characters and you will all be able to contribute will characters. When there are enough characters I will hold the reaping randomly choosing one boy and one girl from each district. There is a strict limit of only two tributes per user. The subjects that you need to cover for your character are listed below.

    NAME (full):

    DISTRICT (1-12):


    AGE (12-18):





    After the reaping I will write what happens every day and keep a death chart. If there's anything you forget I'll just fill it out for you. So start adding characters!!!

    Name Gender District Age Strength Weak…

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