The abandoning game consists of 24 tributes entering an abandonned city filled with horrors and worse! Please make up a new character or use an old favorite! I will publish map and info after I have gotten all the characters. You can mentor 2 tributes.




MAP of Cafeteria (red spots are tributes black boxes are doors.)

All the tributes will start out in the school cafeteria with a backpack. The bloodbath will happen inside the cafeteria, and for anyone who wants to run away there are doors leading out all over the school.

The park is very safe with good hiding places and no mutations, though the only problem with that is the fact that there is a very limited food supply in the park.

If your tribute wants some easy weapons the police office is the place for him/her. The whole office has a wide arrange of weapons. The only downside of the police office are the police mutations. These mutation will kill if they can and show no merci.

The restaurant is filled with food and knives. Thought there are also cook mutations and some of the food there is moldy and can give you food poisoning.

The houses of which cover most of the city are all very common. They all have kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, and a storage room. Though in few of them ther are mutations of which aren't too nice. While in others you can be lucky and find a weapon.

If you are interested in driving over another tribute or having easy access to a quick transportation device you can pick up a car at the parking lot. But only few of the cars aren't locked and you need the just right.

Meet The Tributes

Name District Gender Aliance Status Location Kills Token Strength Weakness Other Info
Platinum Shine 1 Male Careers Alive House West of School Platinum Neckless Sword, Speed, Intellegence, Plants Hand-to-Hand Combat, Strength, Hunting 18, career
Jessica Mikaelson 1 Female Careers Alive House West of School Diamond Necklace Herbology, Bow, and Charming Loss, Killing, and Death

Had Sick sister, Dead mom and Abusive dad

Rickey Henandez 2 Male Careers Dead N/A Gang Hat strength, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Hunting, Sledge Hammer Swords, Speed, Intellegence, Herbology 18, Very hated because he was in a gang
Shermaine Wilson 2 Female Maverick Alive Park Rickey Green Cloth Speed, Hand-to-Hand, Martial Arts, Swords Stubborn, Brute Strength, Long Range, Temper 17, career who wants to win like brother
Damain Byte 3 Male Sophia Alive Jail None Hotwiring, Running, Smart, Hiding, Traps Allies, Stress, Strength 14, His farther was an escaped convict
Sophia Faith 3 Female Damain Alive Jail Indigo, Lorelei Piece of Wire Traps, Herbology, Stealth, and Good Decision Making Slow, Stubborn, Asocial,  17, From poor family
Fish Sticker 4 Male Careers Dead N/A Tundra Picture of Teddy Bear

Can Adapt, Never gets destractedand is a Good Swimmer, Sword

Youth, Easily Frightened,and He is Slow

Only Child, He was reaped,12 years old
Amaya Nerio 4 Female Careers Alive House West of School None Leadership, Trident Only Kills When Necesary, Had been taken care of by sister, 17 years old
George Siclair 5 Male Tundra, Furry, Violet Alive Park Sun Pendant Axe, Spear, Strength, Running Hiding, Climbing 18, Only child with peaceful family
Cassia Slyara 5 Female Lavender, Fernando Alive Parking Lot Herbology, Stealth, Strength, Quiet Small, Scrwany, Isonmiac 15, Orphan her Whole Life
Adam Sheer 6 Male None Alive School Headlight Pendant Swim, Climb, Bow, Throwing Axe Careless, Slow 17, Cowardly when reaped
Tundra Magnolias 6 Female Furry, George, Violet Dead N/A None Blowgon, Bow, Herbology Swimming, Limp 16, Relocated from district 0
Fernando Warrington 7 Male Lavender, Cassia Alive Parking Lot Wood Bracelet Strong, Leader Jealousy, Fear of Fire 14, Parents burned to death
Lorelei Damion 7 Female Indigo Dead N/A Kevin None Violent, Has Praticed Murdur before, Trident Not good Socially Killed her Dad because she was a Child of Rape, 17 years old
Furry Anderson 8 Male George, Violet, Tundra Alive Park Fish Diamond Necklace Strength, Hand-to-Hand, Throwing Axe Hates Enclosed Areas 17, Volunteered in place of brother
Lavender Tone 8 Female Fernando, Cassia Alive Parking Lot None Knife Throwing, Charm, Running Unexpericenced, Not Knowledgable about Nature, Combat  13, She was lonely and accused of killing her family
Kevin Quince 9 Male None Dead N/A None Speed, Combat Claustophobia 12, lives with Single Mom
Jamiena Sandra 9 Female ??? Alive ??? Lock of Sister's Hair Blowgun, Athletic, Fast Runner Can't Swim, Afraid of the Authorities 13, All family except for older sister Killed by Peacekeepers
Clarence Goergias 10 Male ??? Alive ??? Bracelet Running, Looks Everything Else 12, Born and raced in a rich family
Violet Williams 10 Female Furry, George, Tundra Alive Park None Good at Making Friends, Sickle, Not Afraid of Other Tributes Too Sweet, Afraid of Heights, Small Her Brother Died in hunger Games, She lived in  Middle Class Family, 15
Maverick Titan 11 Male Shermaine Alive Park None Killing, Torture, Weapons, Traps, Swimming, Running Short Temper 16, His whole family consists of victors
Chrysalia Fortuna 11 Female None Alive Streets None Pitchfork, Scythe, Fast, Strong, Social Long Distance, Climbing, Swimming 17, Mayor's daughter, started training just in case at age 16
Indigo Rankine 12 Male Lorelei Dead N/A Special Scarf Sword, Stitching Climbing, Running 13, Ran away From Family at 10
Pheonix Ironsmith 12 Female ??? Alive ??? Mother's bracelet Cold Head, Agile, Swimming, Clever Weak, bad Stamina 14, Was in a burning accident and Pheonix's skin burnt away, now has fake skin

Day 1 Morning

3,2,1 GONG!!! 

Platinum, Jessica, Rickey, Shermaine, Fish, Amaya, George, Adam, Tundra, Lorelei, Furry, Violet, Maverick, and Indigo all ran in towards the large pile of supplies. Platinum grabbed a sword and stuck it through Adam who stumbled to the ground, but managed to crawl away without being noticed. Lorelei got hold of a cheap tin trident and flung it at Chrysalia who was trying to run out from the school. Chrysalia ducked and so the trident hit an unexpecting Kevin in the throat. 

Rickey gathered the carreers: Platinum, Jessica, Shermaine, Fish, and Amaya. He ordered them to slay George, Tundra, Furry, Violet who had teamed up, but Shermaine dissagreed and went for Maverick who was stuffing food into his backpack. Shermaine had not taken a weapon yet so she folded her arms around his shoulder, bent him over, and pounded his stomach with her knees. Maverick would'nt give without a fight so he threw his body at her and got her to the ground. She tryed kicking him off her but he threw his arms around her waist and pounded his forehead into her groin. She shrieked in terror as he crawled up and started smashing his knuckle into her forehead. "Kill her off!" yelled Rickey who was finding this humerous.

Instead he picked up a crossbow and fired it into Rickey's shoulder. Rickey launched into Maverick and took out a knife that he had picked up earlier and was preparing to stab it into Maverick. But before he could do that Shermaine got her arm around Rickey's neck and kept it there until he stopped breathing. Maverick grinned and asked a simple question "Alliance?". Shermaine nodded with a smile and then they satarted filling their backpacks with food and weapons.

In the mean time Fish and Amaya were attacking George, Tundra, Furry, and Violet. Fish knocked Tundra out with a punch and sat down next to her and planted a fishing hook into her throat to make sure she died. While he was fiddling with a bloody fish hook Furry implanted an axe into his back.

When Amaya saw her dead district partner she sped over to Platinum and Jessica and they all fled out of the school and into a nearby house. George, Furry, and Violet all ran down sout to the park where they found a good resting spot to check their backpacks. Maverick and Shermain had also run to the park, but were much farther south that the others. 

Indigo was still at the cornocupia and he saw that he wasn't the only one, he saw that Lorelei was there too. So he grabbed hold of a sword and walked up to her. "Alliance?" she asked calmly while comparing two scythes trying to decide which one to take. He nodded and signalled her to follow. They walked outside looking around carefully to see if they were being followed, they walked up to the jail, but the second they opened the door to the jail Sophia and Damain jumped out from what appeared to be a window and stabbed each of them with a knife in the throat.

Lavender, Cassia, and Fernando were all gathered at the parking lot trying to open every car door they saw in attempt to hotwire one. They didn't havea any luck until Laavender found a minivan that was unlucked. They all jumped in and Cassia started reading the instruction manuel.


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