Hello This is going to be my second game but my first mentor game. I know that I am still doing my 47th Hunger Games, but I'm going to start the this one anyway. I have decided to sip the chariot rides and go straight to the games.</p>


231 years after Panem had been made to a democracy and the Hunger Games had been banned they still taught about it in the schools. Panem was calm and a nice place to live. A man named Richard Snow wanted the power that his great grandfather, President Snow had. He disrespected his grandfather but respected his power and Hunger Games.

In twenty years Richard had built an army and overthrew the nation. He decided to restart the Hunger Games. He wondered for a way to set off the games epicly. He had some scientists make a time machine and bring back fifty of the most important people in starting and stopping the Hunger Games. He destroyed the time machine and decided to throw those fifty people into an arena and the winner would then help him lead Panem.


There are going to be 50 characters from the books and you may mentor up to 3 of them. Simply tell me which characters you want to mentor by commenting and I will then add you as mentor. To check which characters are open please see the graph below.

Katniss Everdeen Nommyzombies
Peeta Mellark Nommyzombies
Gale Hawthorne Nommyzombies
Primrose Everdeen AshtonMoioLover
President Snow Italicos
President Coin Italicos
Haymitch Abernathy Brittanie

Plutarch Heavensbee

Rue Rue district11
Thresh CallamD97
Clove Mysims
Cato Catnipkatniss
Marvel CallamD97
Finnick Odair Catnipkatniss
Annie Cresta Catnipkatniss
Mags Zannabanna
Chaff Rue district11
Seeder Rue district11
Brutus Brittanie
Enobaria Greek Geek
Glimmer Polinarose
Maysilee Donner Pendillumna
Greasy Sae Zannabanna
Pollux Pendillumna
Cressida AnnieCresta4
Cecelia A Wikia contributor
Woof Bobloblaw1978
Mrs. Everdeen AshtonMoioLover
Boggs Annamisasa
Seneca Crane Trackstar
Jackson Annamisasa
Gloss CallamD97
Cashmere Mysims
Foxface Polinarose
Caesar Flickerman Sandj3335678
Claudius Templesmith Haalyle
Cinna Greek Geek
Portia Zannabanna
Effie Trinket Brittanie
Madge Undersee Greek Geek
Beetee Trackstar
Wiress Trackstar
Johanna Mason Mysims
Ripper Haalyle
Cray Pendillumna
Romulus Thread Traceymarie1
Atala Justafox
Castor Haalyle
Dr. Aurelius Justafox
Paylor AshtonMoioLover

Tribute StatisticsEdit

Katniss Everdeen Alive Partner Group L $100 0 Pool
Peeta Mellark Alive Partner Group L $100 0 Pool
Gale Hawthorne Alive Partner Group M $100 0 Post Office
Primrose Everdeen Alive Partner Group K $100 0 Post Office
President Snow Dead Partner Group A $100 0 Dead
President Coin Dead Partner Group A $100 1 Dead
Haymitch Abernathy Alive Partner Group I $100 0 Post Office
Plutarch Heavensbee Dead Partner Group J $100 0 Dead
Rue Alive Partner Group D $100 0 Factory
Thresh Dead Partner Group D $100 0 Dead
Clove Dead Partner Group W $100 0 Dead
Cato Dead Partner Group W $100 1 Dead
Marvel Alive Partner Group B $100 0 Townhouse
Finnick Odair Alive Partner Group V $100 0 Pool
Annie Cresta Alive Partner Group V $100 0 Pool
Mags Dead Partner Group T $100 0 Dead
Chaff Alive Partner Group I $100 0 Post Office
Seeder Dead Partner Group H $100 0 Dead
Brutus Alive Partner Group H $100 0 Townhouse
Enobaria Dead Partner Group X $100 1 Dead
Glimmer Dead Partner Group G $100 0 Dead
Maysilee Donner Alive Partner Group F $100 0 Post Office
Greasy Sae Alive Partner Group R $100 3 School
Pollux Alive Partner Group F $100 0 Post Office
Cressida Dead Partner Group Q $100 0 Dead
Cecelia Dead Partner Group C $100 2 Dead
Woof Dead Partner Group C $100 0 Dead
Mrs. Everdeen Alive Partner Group K $100 0 Post Office
Boggs Dead Partner Group E $100 1 Dead
Seneca Crane Alive Partner Group J $100 0 Dead
Jackson Dead Partner Group E $100 0 Dead
Gloss Alive Partner Group B $100 1 Townhouse
Cashmere Alive Partner Group X $100 0 Townhouse
Foxface Dead Partner Group G $100 0 Dead
Caesar Flickerman Alive Partner Group U $100 0 Alleyway
Claudius Templesmith Alive Partner Group U $100 0 Alleyway
Cinna Alive Partner Group T $100 0 Post Office
Portia Alive Partner Group S $100 0 Post Office
Effie Trinket


Partner Group S $100 0 Post Office
Madge Undersee Dead Partner Group R $100 0 Dead
Beetee Alive Partner Group P $100 0 Hardware Store
Wiress Alive Partner Group P $100 0 Hardware Store
Johanna Mason Alive Partner Group Q $100 1 Townhouse
Ripper Dead Partner Group M $100 0 Dead
Cray Alive Partner Group N $100 6 Townhouse
Romulus Thread Alive Partner Group N $100 2 Townhouse
Atala Alive Partner Group Y $100 1 Apartment
Castor Dead Partner Group O $100 0 Dead
Dr. Aurelius


Partner Group Y $100 0 Apartment
Paylor Dead Partner Group O $100 0


Death Chart

Tribute Killer & Weapon
Paylor Johanna with Axe
Mags Cray with Sword
Seeder Cato with Sword
Jackson Cray with Sword
Cato Boggs with Pineapple
Boggs Thread with Sword
Thresh Enobaria with Sword
Enobaria Atala with Sword
Ripper Gloss with Bare Hands
Snow Gloss with Axe
Clove Coin with Scythe

Thread with Sword

Castor Cray with Bow & Arrow
Senecra Cray with Bow & Arrow
Plutarch Cray with Bow & Arrow
Cressida Cray with Bow & Arrow
Woof Greasy Sae with Sword
Glimmer Greasy Sae with Table
Foxface Cecelia with Bare Hands
Madge Madge with Table
Cecelia Greasy Sae with Bare Hands


You may mentor up to three tributes, please contact me via the comments. When the game starts you will be able to send your tributes gifts, which you may purchase with your tribute money. If another user likes your tributes they may say "I sponsor _______" and the tribute getting sponsored may recieve $10. Each tribute starts with $100.

In the arena each person will have a partner that they can work with. Those two partners will also do the chariot rides and interviews together. If in the arena they are the last two alive they may both win. Please contact me about who you want to be partners with.



Beef Jerky: $20

Turkey Jerky: $20

Pork Jerky: $20

Chicken Jerky: $20

Dried Mango: $15

Dried Kiwi: $15

Dried Banana: $15

Dried Apple: $15

Energy Bar: $!0

Day 1

All tributes find them selves in some sort of a city, it seems abandonned. They are all standing in a circle around a building. It appears to be the town house. Inside is a large assortment of food and weapons. 3 2 1 Go! Beetee and Wiress run away to a far off building labeled hardware store. Finnick and Annie run off to a public pool with Katniss and Peeta. The rest run towards the tow house. Johanna grabs an axe and slams it into Paylor who falls to the ground. BOOM. Johanna hides in a room on third level in the townhouse

Madge runs in but gets body-slammed by Ripper. Greasy Sae sees that and kick Ripper who gets off Madge with a bruise.

At the townhouse Cray and Thread get together and each grabs a sword and start killing people. Cray runs to Mags and chop her arm. BOOM. Thread goes to a armed Clove and asks "Hey sweatie wonna join me and Cray?", she responds with a nod. Cato gets invited too and chopped the head off Seeder. BOOM Cray finds Boggs and Jackson unarmed choosing food. Cato and Cray come too and the three of them attack. Cato tries to stab Jackson but misses, Cray then attacks from the back and Jackson dies. BOOM. Boggs grabs a pineapple and chucks it at Cato who breaks his nose. Boggs grabs another and throws it again this time sending Cato face down on the cobblestone floor. BOOM. Thread stabs his sword into Boggs. BOOM

Foxface and Glimmer get together with Cecilia and Woof, they all gather food and weapons and run for their lives to the Public school. Caesar and Claudius gather food and go into a dark alley where they shiver with fear. Rue and Thresh get lost from each other. Rue goes to hiding in a factory but Thresh searches in the town house but meets Enobaria and they get into a sword fight. Enobaria kills Thresh and sees Atala and Dr Aurelius running away with supplies. She runs at them and Atala gets her sword ready. Dr Aurelius starts babbling about how this is not the wise decision but Atala then punch him in the face and he faints. Enobaria slashes at Atala but Atala hits Enobaria first. BOOM. Atala then drags a unconsius Doctor to a normal apartment.

Gloss runs around looking for Marvel but almost trips over Ripper. Gloss is unarmed so she chokes Ripper with her bare hands. BOOM. Marvel sees Gloss right after she killed Ripper and they ally with Brutus. Brutus dosn't even care look for Seeder and follows Marvel and Gloss. They go to the town house which only has some dead bodies and another alliance. The other alliance includes Clove, Thread, Cray, and Cashmere. The two alliances agree to join forces.

Suddenly the two presidents enter the town house each grabs a sword and they ran to the alliance. Snow cuts Gloss who counters with a slash from an axe to the head. Snow dies. BOOM. Coin kills Clove with a scythe but gets killed by Thread with a slash. BOOM BOOM.

Nobody had realized that Chaff, Gale, Prim, Haymitch, Maysilee, Pollux, Mrs. Everdeen and Cinna had allied and went off and hid in the post office which was pretty far away from the town house. They soon realized that Effie and Portia who they had allied with during the bloodbath were missing. Soon they saw Portia dragging a body. They realized it was Effie, but she wasn't dead. Portia and Effie had gone back for extra food, but they hid from the careers. Effie slipped and banged her head on the floor and they didn't get supplies.

Cresida, Plutartch, Castor, and Crane were killed by Cray by bow and arrow when they entered late to the town hall. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM.

Greasy Sae and Madge were walking away from the town house and saw a school, it was the same school that Glimmer, Foxface, Woof, and Cecelia were hiding in, but they didn't know. Greasy Sae and Magde walked in and emideatly saw Woof who was walking down the hall. He got out his sword and started calling for help. Madge ran for the door but realized that the gamemakers had locked it. "We're locked in!" she shouted. Greasy Sae smacked Woof and took his sword. She stuck it right into his lungs and he died. BOOM. Greasy Sae and Madge hid in the science room the rest of the day. Woof's alliance didn't notice anything until at night when the dead were shown.

Day 2

Greasy Sae woke up and woke Madge. They were hungry so they walked to the cafeteria they forgot their weapons. Where they found Glimmer, Foxface, and a heartbroken Cecelia. Glimmer jumped to her feat and grabbed a sticky tray (probably syrup). She ran to Greasy Sae who was getting her hands ready to punch. Glimmer smacked her and the tray gut stuck to her hair. Madge smacked Foxface in the face. Ceceilia started running away from everyone but got kicked by Foxface. Greasy Sae knocked Glimmer down and smashed a table into her. BOOM. Cecelia started choking Foxface. BOOM. Madge ran for Cecelia and smashed a table into her. But Cecilia was too fast and dodged making the table kill Madge. BOOM. "You wicked monster!" Greasy Sae shouted and punched Cecelia and again and about eight more times. BOOM.

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