It is time for the 47th hunger game! May the odds be ever in your favor!


For the games we need twenty-four characters and you will all be able to contribute will characters. When there are enough characters I will hold the reaping randomly choosing one boy and one girl from each district. There is a strict limit of only two tributes per user. The subjects that you need to cover for your character are listed below.

NAME (full):

DISTRICT (1-12):


AGE (12-18):





After the reaping I will write what happens every day and keep a death chart. If there's anything you forget I'll just fill it out for you. So start adding characters!!!

Name Gender District Age Strength Weakness Score Money & Status Mentor Others
Bryan Mchouston Male 1 18 Spearing, Sword-Fight, Fast Runner Hand to Hand, Hiding 9 DEAD KEWLBEN Token is a Necklace made of Ruby, Icy Blue Eyes, Dirty Blond Hair, 6"7 tall
Diamond DeMoir Female 1 17 Career, Bow and Arrow, Spear, Knife, Intelligence, Lie Detective Fire, Heights 10 DEAD Cupcakesrule Sweet, Sexy, Sarcastic, 5'11, Token is a Diamond Necklace
Matt Coupe Male 2 16 Hand to Hand, Machete, Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Dagger Friends and Family 11 DEAD FinnickMellark Nice, Funny, Smart, Brutal
Tyra Lee Jones Female 2 14 Fighting Lack of Patience 9


Rue district11 Pretty, Blue Eyes
Callam Delanixi Male 3 14 Traps, Mace, Throwing Knives, Camouflage, Stealth Shy 10 DEAD CallamD97
Kluke Robins Female 3 12 Playing Cute, Aiming and Shooting, Swinging and Climbing Swimming 9 DEAD Theworldscolliding
Dylan Bob Male 4 16 Strong, Knives, Bow and Arrow, Fast, Skilled with Weapons Lack of Patience, Short Tempered 10 DEAD Catnipkatniss Seductive,Handsome, Tall
Drina Vox Female 4 15 Blowgun, Darts, Stealth, Cloaking Too Sweet 8 DEAD NommyZombies Graceful
Tim de Winter Male 5 13 Talking, Spying, Bow and Arrow Combat 7 VICTOR Justafox Funny, Sweet, Dangerous
Candice Bolt Female 5 15 Climbing, Knife Throwing, Healing, Bow and Arrow Swords, Clubs 5 DEAD Polinarose Long Red Hair, Pale Eyes
Peter Lewis Male 6 16 Running, Spears Trident, Climbing 12 DEAD Aerialchinook Tall, Handsome
Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows Female 6 16 Knives Speed 6 DEAD The Hunger Games Girl Nice
Jackson Merlk Male 7 16 Axes, Running Swimming, Evading 8 DEAD Dahir56 Does not Like Career Tributes
Tris Burton Female 7 14 Knife Throwing Swimming, Bows and Arrows 2 DEAD Aeriaichinook
Clark Heavenby Male 8 12 Sword, Bow and Arrow, camouflage, Spear Hand to Hand, Running, Climbing 9 DEAD Favoritegirl25
Luna Snare Female 8 15 Blowgun, Hiding, Killing Sword-fight 8 DEAD Justafox Sly, Elusive, Nice
Jonathan Ford Male 9 15 Axe, Knives Asthma 9 DEAD Trackstar
Elicia Ardner Female 9 16 Axes, Hammers, Swords, Medicines, Swimming Archery, Spear, Knives, Snares 4 DEAD Luvtanny In Career Pack, Token is a Fake Flower
Tristan James Male 10 13 Stealth, Spear-Throwing, Fast, Can Identify Plants Not Very Strong, Hand to Hand 7 DEAD FHT Sneaky, His Token is a Piece of Wheat, Few Friends, Quiet
Senner Leif Female 10 13 Intelligent, Traps Quit, Shy, Doesn't Tell Anyone her Plans 7 DEAD Thena.airice14 Has a Loving Brother
Lewis Rye Male 11 14 Hand to Hand, Smart with Plants, Camouflage Climbing 7 DEAD Rue district11 Will not Join the Carees
Ellen Johnson Female 11 16 Kills Viciously, Kind Hearted , Knows Everything About the Woods Can't Survive Without Meat 5 DEAD Favoritegirl25 Funny, Scared
Dills John Male 12 12 Can Go Long Without Food, Clubs Bad with Other Combats 4 DEAD Catnipkatniss From the Seam, Dad Mines Coal
Eucalyptus Collier Female 12 15

Resourceful, Smart

Avoids Killing 3 DEAD Henryjh98 Sweet, Daughter of Mayor,


Each tribute will start with $100 which the mentor can use for gifts to give the character. To get more money you will have to get donations. A donation works by anyone that's not the mentor saying "I donate to (character name)" giving the mentor another $5 to spend on their character. The creator of a character will immediately become the mentor except if they write a comment saying that they don't want to be. If there are any characters missing a mentor anybody can volunteer. The prices are listed below and every day (after we begin) will increase by $5.


Stake: $82

Pot Of Rice: $57

Pot Of Vegetables: $76

Pot Of Stew: $95

Lollipop: $4

1/2 Rack Ribs: $121

1 Rack Ribs: $201

8 fl. Dried Fruits: $64

1/2 Gallon Milk: $36

Ham: $78

Bushel Apple: $67

Cheeses From Around The World Basket: $87

Bag of Sea Food: $98

Dried Meat: $64

Survival & Shelter

Small Tent: $96

Medium Tent: $158

Large Tent: $267

Water Bottle: $43

Iodine: $156

Plastic Whistle: $46

Large Bundle of Wooden Planks: $196


Bow: $98

12 Arrows: $87

24 Arrows: $76

Knife: $51

Sword: $107

Club: $99

Armor: $156

Blowgun: $79

Darts: $77

Axe: $98

Trident: $998


Vitamin Pills: $83

Cough Drops: $65

Bandade: $65

Burn Medicine: $107

Contact Lenses: $64

Eye Drops: $63

Poison: $128

Sleep Pills: $57

Inhaler: $109

Dehydration Pills: $119


Deck of Cards: $53

Edible Plants & Fruits Encyclopedia: $547

Trip to the Hospital: $629

Jeep: $1,393

Computer: $1,468

Another Tribute Back to Life: $5,001

Tank: $83,482

Jet: $107,284


Tribute District & Gender Killer Place
Lewis Rye 11 Male Drina Vox 24th
Dills John 12 Male Careers 23rd
Luna Snare 8 Female Diamond 22nd
Ellen Johnson 11 Female Callam 21st
Bryan Mchouston 1 Male Jackson 20th
Jackson Merlk 7 Male Tyra 19th
Senner Leif 10 Female Dylan 18th
Matt Coupe 2 Male Jonathan 17th
Tris Burton 7 Female Clark 16th
Callam Delanixi 3 Male Tim 15th
Candice Bolt 5 Female Kluke 14th
Tristan James 10 Male a lion 13th
Diamond DeMoir 1 Female Elicia & Eucalyptus 12th
Clark Heavenby 8 Male fell of a cliff 11th
Kluke Robins 3 Female dehydration 10th
Drina Vox 4 Female dehydration 9th
Eucalyptus Collier 12 Female Elicia 8th
Elicia Ardner 9 Female Eucalyptus 7th
Peter Lewis 6 Male Tim 6th
Lynnete Handsows 6 Female Tim 5th
Tyra Lee Jones 2 Female Jonathan & Tim 4th
Jonathan Ford 9 Male Dylan 3rd
Dylan Bob 4 Male Tim 2nd


Screen shot 2012-05-14 at 4.35.04 PM


The arena consists of five climates. In the North are mountains, in the South there is a jungle. In the East is a boreal forest and to the West there is ice. In the center is a plain and the cornocopia.


This year there are plenty of awesome things at the cornocopia. There are some very high-tech motor vehicles.


There are four mountains, The Northern-most is called Arena Peak, the one South-West of Arena Peak is called Man's Mountain being taller than Arena Peak. The one east of Man's Mountain is called Arrow Peak and is the smallest one after Arena Peak. The Southern-Most is called Mouse Mountain but is the largest one of them all. Arena Peak is loaded with nothing but bare rock, no animals or plants. Man's Mountain has 7 caves in it and is also close to Houk River. Man's Mountain is very rich is animal life and has such species such as mountain goats, mountain lions, lizards, and misquotes. Arrow Peak is the steepest of of them all and is filled with great minerals such as gold and iron. It has the same kinds of species as Man's Mountain. Last but not least there is Mouse Mountain where there are not much animal life but lots of plants such as fruit trees (apple and pear), bushes (blueberry and raspberry), and oregano. On Mouse Mountain there are three cave all facing South and one facing North.


Water is very scarce in some places such as the tundra and parts of the forest, there are only three bodies of water which are Lake Likiek, located in the southern part of the boreal forest which is freshwater. There are also the two rivers, Solo and Huak which are both located in the central area and are freshwater. One of the caves in Mouse ear is filled with fresh water. Lake Likiek is filled with fish such as herring and bass. Houk River has nothing except for a few clams. The Solo River is filled with plenty of crocodiles.


The tundra area is obviously very cold and there's lots of snow and ice that can easily be melted into water. There is one river that passes through the tundra area, Solo River.


The plains are dull and boring with nothing but tall grass.


The jungle is filled with weird mutations and tall trees. The jungle is very beautiful but extremely dangerous.


District 1

"It is time for the reaping in District 1" says the announcer, the crowd is ready. The announcer states that she will start with the girl. Before she can even think about putting her hand in the jar to pull out a name a girl volunteers. Her name is Diamond DeMoir. She proudly enters the stage, waving to the crowd. Then it's time for the boy. The announcer takes a piece of paper out of the jar reading: Jonathan Madone. But suddenly a boy who doesn't even know Jonathan volunteers. He only volunteered because of the angry look on his dad's face. He alongsid Diamon was a career and this was the last year he would be able to because he was 18. His name was Bryan Mchouston.

District 2

"We will now find our two tributes to compete in the 47th Hunger Games" said the announcer of the district 2 reaping. Tyra Lee Jones immediately volunteered for the female tribute. "I guess winning won't be that hard then" came from a boy in the audience called Matt Coupe. The whole crowd started laughing, and Matt volunteered as the male tribute concluding the district 2 reaping with giggles.

District 3

"Let's get ready to pick some children to send to the 47th hunger games!" was announced. "We'll start with the ladies." He put his hand into the jar with all the names in and announces "District three's Female tribute is Kluke Robins." The crowd starts booing because of her age, they don't think she'll have any chance winning. The announcer pulls out a slip of paper from another jar saying "Callam Delanixi". A 14 year old boy who's partly covering his face enters the stage.

District 4

"Lets get right to the reaping" the announcer shoves her hand into the jar with the female names in and accidently knock it over and all the papers fall out. The crowd starts laughing at her. Then a girl named Drina Vox volunteers, partly because she's a career and partly because she feels bad for the announce who's now running around trying to catch the slips of papers that are flying around in the wind. Right after that Dylan Bob volunteers as the male tribute.

Distict 5

The whole town square is shivering with fear and crying children even the announcer is scared. She makes a weird shrieking noise and picks a female tribute, fearing she would pick her own daughter she reads the name: Candice Bolt. The was then relieved and calmly picks a boy name and reads it: Tim de Winter. She then leaves the stage without saying anything else.

District 6

Lynnette had expected being chosen both because of her age and all those tesserae. So when her name was shouted into the crowd she had already begun walking to the stage. Right after that a tall boy names Peter Lewis volunteered. That was the first time anybody in District 6 had volunteered.

District 7

It's a nice day but this day will ruin two families lives, it is the day of the reaping in district 7 and the town square is packed with all of the citizens of district 7. The announcer is quiet and just goes straight into the female jar and takes one out quietly announcing the name but nobody hears her and she says it louder with a shrieking voice "Tris Burton!". The 14 year old girl walk onto the stage leaving behind a crying family. The announcer looks at the family and feels guilty, you would think that after forty years of announcing she wouldn't feel guilty. Then she reads the male name: "Jackson Merlk" this time not looking at the family.

District 8

In district 8 there was no drama just a normal reaping with a capital announcer and crying families. The tributes Luna Snare and Clark Heavensby were chosen and the district 8 mayor donated some food to their families.

District 9

The reaping in district 9 was as casual as in district 8. The two tributes were Elicia Ardner and Jonathan Ford.

District 10

Senner Leif was picked as the female tribute, she climbed the stairs to the stage while softly sobbing. She was just hoping that she wouldn't die a painful death. "I volunteer!" Came from her brother. "Oh so we already have our two tributes!" was said by the announcer "No, I volunteer instead of my sister!" he said. "You can't do that naughty boy, execute him please my dear peacekeepers and lets find a male tribute!". So she picked out the name Tristan James.

District 11

This year in district 11 they didn't even have an announcer all they had was a huge tv where the two names were Ellen Johnson, a rich girl who started crying and Lewis Rye a normal boy who worked at the orchards.

District 12

The district twelves have lined up but the announcer arrives late and he is drunk so he just takes two names and shout "Dills John and Ecalyptus Collier, I gotta get back to my whiskey!" and he leaves

Chariot Rides

District 1

The district 1 tributes were wearing pure diamonds that had been glued onto a silk shirt and pants, each wearing a solid gold hat. They're makeup made them glimmer in the night. The capitol loved these costumes giving each tribute $50 for sponsor gifts.

District 2

The district 2 tributes were wearing a wooden tube around they're whole body except for the head where they wore a huge lump of stone. It made them look a lot like a hammer. The capital wasn't too interested in it only giving each tribute $15.

District 3

The tributes in district 3 wore a metal suit with a bunch of random buttons on, they also wore an antenna on their head. The capital was quite fascinated by the suite giving each a extra $40.

District 4

The tributes from district 4 wore dead raw fish stitched together to form a dress. During the ride Dylan got hungry and naturally started nibbling the dress giving him no extra money but giving Drina $10

District 5

The district 5 tributes wore a white gown and a white propeller hat each, making them look like wind turbines. The capitol had very mixed feelings about their costumes giving them each $20

District 6

They each wore a black shirt with a bicycle stitched to it, they also wore lame black pants. The capital thought it was so boring that they didn't sponsor them for their costume.

District 7

The district 7s wore lumberjack clothes that bought them no respect by the capitol.

District 8

The tributes from district 8 each wore a golden robe, the capitol loved it and donated $60 to each.

District 9

They both wore a black shirt and black pants with flour patted on, the capitol gave them each $5.

District 10

The district 10 tributes each wore a cowboy costume which gave them each $5.

District 11

Each tribute wore a buch of sticks and leafs and twigs and oranges, impressed the capitol gives each $30.

District 12

The tributes from district 12 wore a dusty mining suit, which didn't give them anything.


Bryan Mchouston

Bryan plays it safe by acting like a evil killer trying to scare off the other contestants. When he is asked why he volunteered so late he used the excuse that he was tired and forgot to in the begging.

Diamond DeMoir

Diamond played it sexy and appealing. She was very sweet but at times she got a little scary. When the time was up the crowd begged for more but she had to leave the stage.

Matt Coupe

"I hope you apologized to Tyra, she's a keeper, except if doesn't win then you can't" said Caesar at the beginning of the interview. Matt played it funny and sympathetic, trying to get some sponsers.

Tyra Lee Jones

Tyra started talking non-stop about how she was gonna win and how she would kill all her enemies families. She started going into detail about how she would kill Peter Lewis because of his perfect twelve but Caesar cut her off before she would terrorize all the viewers under eighteen.

Callam Delanixi

Callam was shy and didn't say much he only answered with a few words and kept his head low. When his time was up he left feeling like he failed.

Kluke Robins

She was very cute and very sweet, she was kind-hearted but a little scary. She left feeling like she did well.

Dylan Bob

Dylan and Caesar spent most of the time talking about the fish accident and how Dylan would have preferred tuna over herring. Although he only had three minutes he managed to teach the capitol about the differences between canned tuna and fresh tuna.

Drina Vox

Drina spent all of her three minutes explaining that her chances of winning were higher than Diamond. The crowd was rather happy when she left the stage.

Tim de Winter

Tim was really trying to be funny but his jokes were so bad that even Caesar couldn't pretend to like them.

Candice Bolt

Candice was a little nervous but very kind-hearted. They words came naturally to her and everybody felt bad for being picked as a tribute.

Peter Lewis

When he was asked why he had volunteered he proudly announced that he felt bad for all the families with their children as tributes, and this was the least he could do. He was very nice in the interview. When Caesar asked about the twelve, Peter said that he was very surprised.

Lynette Handsows

Caesar's first question was how she felt about her district partner getting exactly double of her in the training scores, she said that she didn't care.

Jackson Merlk

Jackson Merlk started talking about his strategy being to get an ally, but not a career. He explained that he would only kill for defensive reasons.

Tris Burton

The first question Caesar asked was what she'd done to get such a bad score, she answered by saying that she was actually lucky to get anything higher than a 0.

Clark Heavensby

Clark was very confident and spoke very calmly and was very polite, he was also good at cracking up the capitol.

Luna Snare

Luna was very kind but also rather mysterious and mischievous. Some people from the capitol thought she was okay but others thought she was too shy.

Jonathan Ford

When Caesar asked what his weakness was he didn't think twice about saying it was asthma. Several people in the crowd start sobbing because they feel bad for him. Caesar asks the gamemakers if he can bring an inhaler but they say that if he wants one his fans better start sponsoring him or he won't live long.

Elicia Ardner

Elicia starts off confident, but when Caesar asks her about her family she starts sobbing and so does the crowd.

Tristan James

Tristan is quiet and doesn't speak much. Caesar didn't ask many questions but when he asked about his friends Tristan announced that he respected the few friends that he had and that if he died he wanted them to remember him.

Senner Leif

When Caesar asked about her brother she told him that she hated the announcer who also turned out to be her escort. Senner Leif started talking about how nice her brother was and that she would win to honor him for how brave he was to volunteer for her.

Lewis Rye

When asked for her strategy she said that he would join the careers, this made Caesar ask how she was good enough to join them, the question was followed by a long silence.

Ellen Johnson

Ellen was funny and not very serious, the way she talked it didn't sound like she was very interested in winning. Caesar didn't ask any questions because she just talked without any questions asked.

Dills John

Dills came in and immediately started talking about how poor they were and how important it was for them to get the extra money, since his dad was a coal miner and didn't make enough money.

Eucalyptus Collier

Eucalyptus started by saying that it was no surprise to be chosen, since she had taken tesserae. Caesar was confused because he thought she was the mayors daughter. She told him that she took it to help the poor people get food, this remark got the whole capitol sobbing.

Day 1


At the cornocopia were a bunch of huge boxes filled with food, an RV with two key lying around, 18 backpacks each filled with some iodine, a pair of sunglasses and a box of crackers. There were also lots of weapons such as bows and arrows, swords, knives, axes, whips, hammers, and clubs.

Candice and Kluke who had earlier made an alliance ran off to the East not knowing about there being a forest there. Tristan ran South because he could see the Solo River. Tris ran North toward the mountains and Eucalyptus ran South-West. The rest of the people ran towards the cornocopia. The Careers quickly gathered. The careers were Bryan, Diamond, Matt, Tyra, Dyllan, Drina, and Elicia.

Lewis ran directly towards the RV and jumped in but there wasn't a key in there. He quickly locked the doors and looked around in the vehicle for the keys but only found a fridge filled with food, a stove, 50 ten-gallon oil, and lots of other supplies but no keys. Then he saw Luna with the keys, he immediately opened a window and shouted "Do you want a ham for those keys?", "Sure throw me the ham!" she shouted back. He threw a ham from a fridge to her, being very careful not to hit the careers who where rapidly slicing swords at Dills. Luna then picked up a bow and arrow and shot an arrow right at Lewis and he died. She ran right at the RV past the careers who then killed Dills.

Diamond saw her and stuck her knife into Luna's back immediately killing her. All the careers started running towards the RV but it suddenly started driving because Peter and Lynnette had found the other key and were faster. The RV drove off to the South.

In the mean time Ellen was picking out food from the crates when she saw Callam picking out a couple of backpacks and sleeping bags. Ellen ran over to him but his reflexes were too fast and he punched her stomach so hard that liver smashed and she died. Callam quickly ran with all the backpacks and sleeping bags he'd found to the South. Clark also got away from the cornocopia with no drama.

Jackson quickly ran to the axes and got two one in each hand and he was just in time to see the RV drive away he looked at the bloody knife Diamond was holding and saw Luna's dead body, he got so angry that he ran over to kill a career knowing that it may be the last thing he does. When he reaches them they didn't notice him they were too focused on looking at the RV slowly disapearing in the distance. Jackson cut right into Bryan's body killing him. Tyra quickly turned around and stabbed him with a sword, killing him quickly.

Senner was very slow at picking up the stuff at the cornocopia that when he was done the careers had gotten over the loss of the RV and now came to do some more kills. Dylan was holding a sword and simply tried to cut off Senner's head but she had he hand ready and put it between the sword and her head causing her hand to fall off. Dylan got angry and stabbed Senner in the stomach automatically killing her.

Tim had been picking up some stuff when he saw the RV drive off and he saw the district 6's in it. He started running after it hoping he could make an alliance with them since he was very good friend with Peter. He gave up carrying all the stuff he'd picked up so he dropped it all.

Jonathan ran towards the South but when he saw the RV drive by he thought that if there was a RV there could also be an inhaler at the cornocopia she he ran back and started searching. He had found an axe by the time the careers walked over to him he tried running away but realized they had formed a semicircle around him slowly pushing him closer to the cornocopia. "You looking for this," Matt asked waving around an inhaler "Yes, can I please have it?" Jonathan asked pleadingly. "No!" said Matt, Jonathan charged at Matt and hit him with his axe but Matt threw the inhaler to Diamond who caught it and ran towards the Solo River. Jonathan then ran North-East thinking that he would make it and he did.


The district 6's were continuing their journey to the South and about at 1:00 they stopped to examine the RV. Peter started roaming around in the back of the RV looking for extra gas and found 500 gallons of it. He then looked around some more and found a first aid kit, a fridge filled with food (but missing a ham), a huge box in the bathroom filled with ointments and toothbrushes and tooth paste, and a tool box with a shovel. They decided to stay here the rest of the day. They were about a mile from the jungle.

Tim had been running for hours and was a couple of miles away from the RV at 1:30 when he took a break and got some water at he Solo River. He checked his backpack to make sure it was filled with the bow and some arrows and the other equipment. He wouldn't give up until he'd either caught up with them or died. Candice and kluke found the first tree they'd seen in the whole arena so far at 1:00. They decided to stay there for the night because they were a few feet away from the first intersection with the Huak River. They decided that there had already been enough action at the cornocopia for the day and the gamemakers would probably leave them alone. They heard the eight cannon shots.

The careers had decided to stay by the cornocopia the first night and then slowly move towards to mountain range were there would probably be water, but for the first night they would just live off of the water bottles left at the cornocopia.

Tristan who was following the Solo River going South found the district 6's RV at 3:30 and started walking around it being careful not to be seen by the two people in there. He found a room where you could store supplies and that was only accessible from the outside. He opened it and found some food and water in there he decided to stay in there for some time.

Tris who hadn't participated in the bloodbath had run off to the west where she had encountered the Solo River at 2:00 she was so tired that she fell asleep on the river bank. A little after that Clark encountered her and he took out his spear and stuck it into Tris automatically killing her. When the careers heard the cannon strike for Tris's death they quickly made sure that all of them were by the cornocopia. The district 6's were badly hoping that it was a career that had died.

Eucalyptus was a bad runner so at 1:00 she had only come to her first encounter with the Solo River she decided to keep following the river to the South since she wanted to put as much distance between her and the careers as possible hoping that they hadn't gotten the RV at the cornocopia. Eucalyptus was planning on putting up a shelter when she came to something else than a plain but she wasn't expecting that she was walking straight into a jungle.

At 2:00 Callam ran into Tim, Callam got two knives and Tim got out his bow and an arrow and shot it right at Callam's heart who immediately died.Tm than started running again to try to keep up with the RV that he coudn't see anymore.

Jonathan had given up since he didn't get his inhaler at the cornocopia so he pretty much gave up when he encountered the Huak River. So he asked one time "Please I need an inhaler, or else I'm gonna die!" he hoped that his mentor would try to help him.


Jonathan was planning on drowning himself when he saw a parachute arrive. He picked it up and found an inhaler. He then got out his axe and cut some wood and used it to build a small shelter he then went to the river and saw a fish. He slashed his axe at the fish and caught it he went inside his shelter and ate it raw. He then fell asleep hoping nobody would find him.

Eucalyptus had turned around at 6:00 and went back to the cornocopia because she had seen the jungle. When she came to the cornocopia at 3:00 she was very tired and made a loud sound. The careers heard it and the three people keeping watch, Dylan, Drina, and Diamond saw her. The three careers ran over to her and Diamond punched her in the back, breaking a part of the spinal cord. Eucalyptus didn't die but couldn't move her legs. The careers let her stay alive and made her do their practical work.

Tim had finally reached the RV. He looked in threw a window and his eyes met Peter's eyes. Peter helped Tim inside. Lynnette wasn't very happy to have another ally but she didn't say anything.

The careers were looking at Dylan whip Eucalyptus because she didn't get him the right flavor of crackers when three parachutes came. One was holding 24 arrows especially sent to Diamond. Another one was holding a box of darts labeled Drina, who quickly put them in her blowgun. The last one was holding a big box filled with two sets of armor, two medium rare stakes, and half liter bottle filled with water. the box was labeled Dyland and Tyra who ate a romantic meal together while Diamond was throwing up.

Kluke and Candice were building a shelter when a parachute with a bow and 24 arrows arrived. They then started practicing the bow and arrow, until around 10:00 when Candice slept and Kluke stayed awake and was guard.

Pretty much everybody else were sleeping.

Day 2


It was 6:00 when Diamond asked "Where are Dylan and Tyra?". The rest, Drina and Ardner started to help look for them Elicia notice that their armor was also gone. Drina found her darts missing too. They decided that Dylan and Tyra must have run off together since they hadn't heard any cannons. In the mean time Dylan and Tyra were running as fast as they could. They wanted to reach Mouse Mountain before 12:00.

The 6's and Tim were having fun taking turns driving through the jungle when at 6:30 a giant ape ran up to the RV. Tim got so scared that he tried to hide behind Lynnette. Peter told them that they would be fine as long as they stayed in the RV. They stayed in the RV for the rest of the morning with no luck about the apes leaving.

it was 7:00 when Clark found Mouse Mountain he didn't see Dylan and Tyra who were closely watching him but afraid to strike. Clark went around the Mountain when he saw a North facing cave linked to the Huak River. He got some raspberries and apples and also found some oregano that he ate with the berries hoping the leaves were nutritious.

Jonathan had gathered a bunch of seafood and had also even found a large deposit of salt. he got some wood and made a barrel in which he put lots of salt and fish to preserve the fish. As he was working he was singing pre-school rhymes.

Kluke and Candice walked for some time and encountered the forest where they started hunting and caught some rabbit which they ate raw.

Tristan had not slept all night so then fell asleep at 5:00 and slept through the whole day.


Dylan and Tyra knew exactly where Clark was hiding and they were planning on killing him at night. They were both very hungry but were afraid to eat the berries thinking that they may be poisonous. They ended up on eating a lunch of nothing but apples and pears. They were planning on continuing North after killing Clark. In the mean time Clark was planning an attack on the careers thinking that they were all together at the cornocopia. Clark took a quick inventory of a spear, a bow, a sword, and a thin apple sauce with oregano leaves in. He decided to stay low until a couple of more careers died, so instead of attacking he started thinking of how to make a trap at the entrance, just in case he got attacked.

Candice thaught she had an advantage in the forest since she was a very good climber. She occasionally thought of killing Kluke but couldn't get her to do it. At noon she aimed the bow at Kluke but couldn't make herself do it. Kluke turned around and saw Candice pointing the bow. Kluke immediately punched Candice took the bow and an arrow and shot. The cannon announcing Candice's death shot and Kluke took the bow and arrows and continued walking leaving Candice for the hovercrafts.

When Clark heard the cannon he couldn't be more thankful even if it was't a career. Now there was one less tribute to kill.

Tim and Lynnette were awake starring at the apes who were jumping up and down on the RV. Suddenly one started nibbling on a tire. Lynnette who was sitting in the drivers seat started freaking out about that there were't any other tires left since Tristan had removed one in the room so that he could fit. Tim started yelling at her to drive back she was so scared she couldn't move her feet to the pedal so Tim ran to her and shoved her into the door so that he could get his foot to the pedal. They drove as fast as they could not minding occasionally driving over some exotic animal.

Tristan was fast asleep when the first animal in the grassland, a lion ran over and ate him. Another cannon shot this is a great day thought Clark.

After the two cannon shots the careers were badly hoping that it was Dylan and Tyra. Ever since Dylan and Tyra ran off the others hated them. The careers were packing all the most important things so that they could find some water a better place. They had been delayed since Dylan and Tyra wasn't here to help. Even Eucalyptus was thankful for them leaving since she only got a little water, just enough to survive. Eucalyptus found some interesting things at the cornocopia including a wheelchair which diamond allowed her to use for the travel. She could just hope that her mentor would send her something that could kill Diamond, Drina, and Elicia but she probably couldn't do anything with a weapon in her condition.

Jonathan was working on expanding his shelter so that he could make an indoor kitchen but the only trees in miles had already been chopped down by him to build the first one so all he could do was practice knife trowing with his homemade knives.


The careers were done packing and started walking Southeast not knowing what was ahead of them. They walked and didn't stop until Drina fainted. Elicia quickly decided that she needed water. Diamond insisted on killing her quickly and walk on but Elicia wouldn't so she grabbed a knife and stabbed Diamond in the chest. Elicia got a bottle of water from the supplies and poured some into Drina's mouth. Eucalyptus who had been riding the wheelchair went to check to see if Diamond was alive since there hadn't been a cannon. Eucalyptus could feel Diamond heart beating and asked Elicia if she should kill Diamond. Elicia answered with a nod, Eucalyptus finished off Diamond by stabbing the knife even deeper into her chest. The cannon shot rang over the arena.

Jonathan was still waiting for some wooden planks to build his hut bigger. He slept through the night.

Clark had given up on attacking the cornocopia and hadn't built a trap he was ready to kill anyone with his axe. When he saw Dylan and Tyra stand at the opening to the cave he threw an axe at Dylan and a spear at Tyra. The spear missed but the axe implanted right in Dylan's stomache. Tyra took Dylan's hand and pulled him away, Clark was chasing them and tripped over a rock and fell down a cliff-part of the mountain followed by his cannon shot. Tyra pulled the axe out of Dylan and tried to stop the bleeding but realized that some of his organs must have been damaged and she couldn't cure it. She predicted that he would probably die either tommorow or the day after if he didn't get them fixed.

The RV stopped and they were all resting when a parachute arrived. It said "Tim" and contained a encyclopedia about edible plants. So they all three went outside and got lots of berries and nuts. They then had a huge feast that turned into a one-on-one food fight between Lynnette and Tim. They then cleaned up the food they'd thrown and sat around the table telling jokes but Tim was really bad at them.

Kluke climbed into a tree and fell asleep.

Day 3


Tyra was certain that Dylan would die today but she chose to stay close to him. She was crying silently next to him hoping that any moment he would sit up and be all cured. She tried to stop the bleeding but she knew that there was a lot more t it than bleeding. She thought that he could possibly have destroyed some organ. Suddenly a hovercraft appeared Dylan tried shouting that he was alive but he was sent into the thing. In the hovercraft were a bunch of doctors who fixed his organs. "I didn't win!" he told them but they just replied "Your mentor bought you a trip to the hospital", "When will I be back in the arena?" Dylan asked "Tomorrow" they answered.

Tyra thought Dylan was dead so she jumped off the cliff that Clark had died. Tyra died because of suicide, not the first time in The Hunger Games.

In the RV everyone was having fun. They were singing road-trip songs. Then Tim and Peter got into a discussion of who was best at black-jack. But since they didn't have any cards they just kept on discussing how good they were. "I really hoped we had a deck of cards!" said Tim.

Drina was more than just thirsty she was also sick and needed dehidration pills really bad. When Diamond wasn't around Eucalyptus had gotten more freedom and now went to gather some berries for them all.

Kluke was missing a hunting partner, but she caught lots of rabbits and ate them raw.

Jonathan kept on practacing knives until he saw a lion. He quickly threw a knife at the lion, killing it. He wasn't sure if you could eat lion so instead he skinned it and used the fur as a blanket.


In the RV they got a parachute with a deck of cards. They then started playing Black-Jack. Instead of money they played with edible nuts. Peter would have won if he hadn't eaten all of his nuts.

Jonathan was now warm and well-fed, this arena wasn't too bad. Suddenly the river flooded dragging in the small hut that Jonathan lived in. Jonathan tried to escape the entrance but was forced to use his axe to rip apart one of the walls. He got out of the hut in time to see it pulled into the river. He was holding an axe, he had his inhaler in his pocket, the lion blanket was over his shoulders, all the rest had been pulled into the devils river.

The career pack were exhausted while they shared Eucalyptus' berries and exchanged turns sleeping. Drina still hadn't recovered from her lack of water and desperatly needed dehydration pills.

Kluke still wasn't brave enough to start a fire and was lacking on water. Kluke decided to start slowly walking back to the cornocopia. She was too thirsty and she died right on the spot.


Dylan got set off back on the cliff. He quickly realized that Tyra was dead so he prepared a jump off the cliff. Then a hovercraft appeared above him, it dropped off Tyra. "You're alive?" Dylan asked, "I did kill myself but your mentor paid to get the doctors to save me before it was too late!" Tyra said laughing. Dylan didn't know that that was even possible! The two of them realized that their supplies were still at the bottom of the mountain. They brought their supplies into the cave where Clark had been. They then took a quick inventory of their spear, axe, armor, blowgun and water-bottle.

Jonathan who was not feeling like drinking anymore of the dirty water in the river and decided to go back to the cornocopia where he was guessing no one would be. He gathered his axe and lion blanket, checked to see that his inhaler was in his pocket and started walking cheerfully back while singing 'Coming R'ound the Mountain'.

"She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, when she comes.

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, when she comes.

She'll be coming 'round the mountain, she'll be coming 'round the mountain,

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, when she comes."

It was getting dark and what was now left of the career pack were starving. Drina died because her mentor didn't send her dehydration pills. Eucalyptus suddenly started getting weird spasms and accidently twisted her back. Elicia was so tired she fell asleep on the spot.

The RV gang stopped driving and just played some more blackjack. They were running low on food so just played with tokens that Lynnette made out of some bark they'd peeled off some trees.

Day 4


Eucalyptus started panting from her back accident and in one last attempt to win a sponser took a knife and stuck it into Elicia. Elicia got angry and took a sword and slashed Eucalytus' shoulder. After a while Eucalypus had lost too much blood and died. Elicia realized how bad Eucalyptus' cut in her hand was. After about an hor Elicia also died. Now there was just a pile of supplies there.

Tim heard a can clonk on the RV he got the parachute with a jar of poison labeled Tim. He knew what his mentor was trying to say "Kill your allies, you're down to six people". Tim went in and made three breakfasts and put poison in Lynnette and Peter's cups. When they woke they quickly ate the breakfast and drank the mango juice with the poison in. Suddenly Peter dropped dead on the floor. Lynnette who had never trusted Tim took out a kitchen knife and tried to stab Tim but suddenly she fell dead as well.

Could that be true, four deaths in one morning? Dylan was nothing but happy so he made Tyra a romantic fruit salad of pear and apples. They had fun for the morning.

Jonathan was still trying to get to the cornocopia but was frightened because of all the cannons.


Jonathan reached the cornocopia at 2:00 and started enjoying the food, but realized that he was lacking supply of water so he started eating some of the moldy fruit that he believed to contain lots of water. He was digging through he piles of supplies that the careers hadn't used and found several board games. He believed that they must have fallen out of the RV. He started to play Monopoly against himself. Suddenly after he'd got his first hotel he saw another lion. Wait, no two, no three, no four, no way more than four. A whole pack was closing in on him. he took a knife from the supplies and threw it at one, he hit. He kept on throwing knifes at them and the dead lions started piling on to each other. He saw that they kept coming. He filled a backpack with food and some of the moldy fruit and took an axe. He ran straight at one and chopped it's head off. He kept on running, desperately trying to get away until he was scratched. Then everything went black. The lions made a wierd sound and ran away.

Dylan and Tyra were talking about splitting up and decided to split up now that they were down to the final four, they also decided that if the other one died they should in and honor the other one. So they split up and without noticing it they both ended up going to the cornocopia.

Tim was now going to drive back to the cornocopia because he saw on his GPS that that was where all the other people were going and he wanted to end these games. When he arrived there one hour later he saw Jonathan trying to get on his feet. Tim noticed that Jonathan had a scratch on his face. Tim took a knife and went outside where he threw it at Jonathan. I missed, but Jonathan noticed it and took out his axe. Jonathan had got to his feet and was preparing for battle. He took his axe and ran to Tim who was unarmed. Tim punched Jonathan in his face. Jonathan made a strike with his axe and cut into Tim's shoulder. Tim got into the RV, but Jonathan followed him in there. Tim who was scared ran to a window and broke it. Tim then slid out of the gap and ran away. Jonathan now had the RV for himself.


Dylan was walking towards the cornocopia, it was very dark and then suddenly he sees a movement. He had heard lions at night when he and Tyra were together. He took the blowgun that he'd stolen from Drina and shot. He ran over to see who it was and noticed that the bleeding creature was Tyra who'd also walked for the cornocopia. Dylan tried to treat her and realized that she was not too badly bleeding and could easily survive with the left-over materials at the cornocopia. So the walked towards it helping each other.

Jonathan was now in the RV and realized that there was plenty of food and water so he started driving South towards the rainforest. He was afraid that Tim who he had tried to get rid off would come back and reclaim the RV. Then Jonathan realized what he'd done to Tim, he had probably killed him since Tim had always relied on the RV to keep him safe.

Jonathan was wrong. Tim had hidden until Jonathan drove away. Then Tim walked over and started butchering the lion and eating the meat rare. He then saw a bunch of old fruit-juices at the cornocopia.

Day 5


Jonathan kept driving south when the apes came by. He got so scared that he fainted and woke at 10:00. By then the monkeys were gone. He still felt weird and had to use his inhaler a lot. He saw an encyclopedia on plants and went outside where he got lots of berries. He then felt too guilty for doing what he did to Tim. He turned around hoping that they could become allies and kill the careers.

Tim was happily gnawing on some raw lion when he saw Tyra and Dylan. He took a Bow and an arrow and shot it at them. It hit Tyra in the cheek. That didn't necesarily mean a kill. he drew another arrow and shot it at Tyra who had gotten out her sword. It hit her hand. She was now shaking with blood dripping down her cheek.

Tyra got furious at Tim. Dylan tried to tell her that he'd kill him. Tyra hit Dylan with the face (not blade) of her sword. He took a step back and she ran right at Tim. Tim shot an arrow at her again. It hit her chin. Why couldn't he hit her stomach or something. She then slashed his forehead and he fell over.

Jonathan came to the cornocopia and saw Tyra slash Tim. He ran out with a knife and stuck it into her eye. He took another one and stabbed it into her lung and she fell over. Dylan was running over to them and saw Tyra die.


Jonathan started hopelessly slashing at Dylan but Dylan was too good. Dylan stuck his sword into Jonathan's stomach. Jonathan tumbled over trying to hold in his blood. Tim who had fainted saw this and imediatly stood up he took a sword and started battleing Dylan. Jonathan got back up and ran to Tim to assist him. Dylan was now against two very talented tributes.

Tim slashed at Dylan, and was shoved to the side and fell. Jonathan was hopelessly trying to kill Dylan but suddenly fell dead because of blood loss. "No!" Tim screamed as he got up and slashed Dylan with such power that bot fell to the ground. The next thing Tim remembered was being in a hospital. He won!!!

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