1. This is my first games so dont get mad at me..
  2. Dont get mad when you die....i am not picking the fallen
  3. No Cussing
  4. I will approve of alliances
  5. I will be doing Reapings and training...Then the games
  6. I will try to be doing POV's for Every Tribute either Reapings or the games
  7. I have my own tributes in here but they wont win.....Just so you know


Cornucopia is in the middle surronded by three different areas....Forest......Mountains.......Water with small islands..Lots of wildlife

THANKS :D and may the odds be ever in your favor


Name Age District Weapons & Strengths Weaknesses Alliances User
Royce Bernando 17 1 M Machete, Strong, Fast, and Deadly Bad Swimmer, Needs Alot of food Careers SuperTomato
Rosalind Shimmer 15 1 F Bow, Shooting, Running, Beauty Bad with any other weapons Careers ShimmeringFire
Banak Crane 17 2 M Trident, Spear, Throwing, Strong, BloodThisty Bad Vison, Bad Sprinter, Cant Get own food Careers Banak Crane
Bridget Malory 15 2 F Bow, Mace, Sickle Observations Careers Brocky292
Klaver Fritz 18 3 M Sword, Aim, Strength Speed, agility, Friend Making None Me
Ember Tantum 15 3 F Knife, Wire, Brains, Speed Not strong and cannot climb Alone but will ally with trustworthy people KatnissEverdeenFan
Lucas Casterlonni 14 4 M Trident Sword play Careers Brocky292
Leia Darly 17 4 F Trident, Swimming, Aim, Senses Distance running, Climbing Careers 66mc
Veto Magnate 13 5 M Nunchucks, Climbing, Technology Beaten Easily, Cant Weild Heavy Weapons Illuminate The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Illuminate Sensorium 15 5 F Whips, Powerful Arm, Great runner, Nimble Intelligent Cant swim, Or Climb ( Sorry need 2 weaknesses) Veto The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Hinder Black 17 6 M Crossbow, Hand to Hand, Fast, Smart, Memory Cant get others to like hime None Bolandcas
Uneek Nome 13 6 F Light Club, Cooking, Upper Body Strength, Seeing through lies Small, Forgetful, Little bit spoiled None Bolandcas
Lucifer Parabello 14 7 M Axes (Throwing Axes) , Good Survivor and Fighter Bad Hunter, Afraid of Heights D7 Female


Cherry Fantius 14 7 F Axes, Climbing Swimming, Agility ( Sorry you need 2 weaknesses so i added one ) Anyone who wants to ally AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
Flicks Marvel 17 8 M Speed, Agility, Spears and Traps Climbing, Swimming, Heavy Lifting None RZN2 ( ME)
Roxy Clover 16 8 F Throwing Knives, Speed, Climbing Swimming, Strength None ME
Sicey Candan 13 9 M Speed ,Climbing, Swimming Weapons None Me
Jane Skye 15 9 F Swords, Hiding, Stealthy Hates using sword, killing None ShimmeringFire
Evyn Barnes 16 10 M Throwing Knives, Daggers, Traps Cannot swim Will make with almost anyone KatnissEverdeenFan
Rose Gratline 14 10 F Throwing Knives, Bow, Climbing, Plant Knowledge None Pierulesnotyou
Jason Whitacre 17 11 M Bow, Swim, strength Independent None MR.Clove14
Sierra Croft 13 11 F Knives, Blowgun, Climbing Not strong, Cant Climb With trustworthy people KatnissEverdeenFan
Pleck Blacksmith 16 12 M Swords,Brute Strength, Identifiying Plants Slow Runner, Hates Spiders 12 F. 11f and M 10 F and M. (if agreed by the makers of those tributes SuperTomato
Katrina Edenor 17 12 F Knives, Throwing, Can go weeks without food Faints at blood None ShimmeringFire

Death Chart

Place Name
24th Klaver Fritz
23rd Roxy Clover
22nd Pleck Blacksmith
21st Sicey Candan
20th Ember Tantum
19th Rose Gratline
18th Rosalind Shimmer
17th Sierra Croft
16th Hinder Black
15th Katrina Edenor
14th Cherry Fantius
13th Banak Crane
12th Leia Darly
11th Jane Skye
10th Evyn Barnes
9th Uneek Nome
8th Bridget Malory
7th Lucas Casterlonni
6th Royce Bernando
5th Illuminate Sensorium
4th Flicks Marvel
3rd Lucifier Parabello
2nd Veto Magnate
VICTOR- Jason Whitacre


District 1


" Royce, its reaping day" my mom yelled up the stairs to me. " MOM i think i know its reaping day, i'm voluenteering today" ....I walk outside in a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt. Not my best outfit choice but anyways i walk up to where they are pricking fingers, there's a boy sobbing and trying to break free of the peacekeepers but they handled him and pricked his finger, i was next they pricked my finger and i walked towards the 17 year olds, the Escort walked out and played the usual video we see EVERY year, I've almost memorised it, the video stops and there's a silence then....Welcome to the 113th annual hunger games. As usual, Ladies First, Felice Gretzinger, and then i hear "I VOULENTEER" the escort asks whats your name sweetie, "My name is Rosalind Shimmer, A beautiful girl walks with class up to the stage and stands there with confidence, The escort say "Now, time for the boys" "Felix Car- I interupted and yelled "I VOULENTEER" , And whats your name, "My name is Royce Bernando" i walk swiftly up to the stage and whisper to Rosalind "We have a chance" The escort quickly gets us to the train and we zoom off at 200 Mph....

District 2


It's Reaping day and i'm up way before anyone in the district, i was sitting on my house so ready for reaping day, i was anxious, not nervous at all, this year i would voluenteer and go win this thing, i had great confidence, i knew the other boy that was voulenteering this year, he was merciful he could win this but that would mean me dying, i dont plan on that happening, I dozed off for a bit with loud music to wake me up, the Video...I dozed off too long, i jumped off the roof and sprinted to the reaping area as fast as i could i go there as they were packing up the finger pricking station, they quickly pricked my finger and rubbed my bloddy fingerprint on paper and i ran to the girls section, She had already drawn the name because i heard "Are there any voulenteers" and I yelled "Me, I voulenteer as tribute". She asks quietly What's your name sweetie, "Bridget, Bridget Malory" i walk up and whisper to the escort "my names not sweetie" And now to the boys " Wehrner Her- "Thats the boy supposed to voluenteer but then " I VOLUNETEER" This is not expected at all.... I dont know this boy The escort say "Whats your name" " My name is Banak Crane" , I've never heard of this boy he was never at Career training, what is he doing , he walks slowly up to the stage walks straight to me and tells me " Trust me" thats it.. Trust me, Well i stand next to the escort as she says " Our tributes from district 2 Bridget and Banak , and may the odds be ever in your favor. We walk to the train swiftly and are on our short trip to the capitol

District 3


Its 5am reaping day, had to wake up early because of my brother screaming, he is 12 now and he's scared to death, i talk him back to sleep and i shower, i get out of the shower and its pouring rain, Great.....I hear machinery and they are setting up a giant tent for the reaping, we all walk to get fingers pricked and lightning strikes...All you could hear was high pitched screams. My brother and i got our fingers pricked and we split up to go to different sections, Our annoying escort walks out in his tux....Green Pants, Yellow Shirt, Black Hat, So dumb, Anyhow he call out the girls first like always " Ember Tantum a smaller girl i dont think i ever knew her... i felt bad for her she physicaly has no chance but i dont know what she's good at. All of a sudden Lightning strikes and you hear screams and then some crying, I run over to the area where it struck and theres a boy on the ground dead... i turn him over and begin to cry...Its my brother, I'm sobbing and crying into his arms and so upset i just want to stay there but the peacekeepers pull me away and take him away..I'm still crying but walk back to my spot slowly and then the escort who doesnt care about anything " Now for the boys, She grabs a piece of paper and before she can read it " I VOULENTTER AS TRIBUTE" i say....To Avenge my brothers death i'm going into the games..." Whats your name son" "Klaver Fritz" and i get up to the podium and speak into the mic " You better remember that name" I walk next to Ember and Hold he hand tight and raise it high....

District 4


I can sleep its midnight and still up i dream about the games and taking second place and getting beaten to death at the end...i dozed off for about 3 hours and woke up screaming with the same dream...I just got up and got ready early i sat outside for hours when lights flicker on in other house and i walk to the reaping and i'm the first there..Maybe the first there wont get picked, i'm so nervous, i walk in all alone and stand all by myself and the escort is already out and is ready to about an hour everyone shows up at the reaping, The escort has sat down and just noticed everyone was here she gets up quickly and walks to the podium and stumbles and falls, Everyone laughs, she stands up swiftly and brushes her self off and laughs herself and Yells into the mic "STOP".. now in a peaceful voice ' Welcome the this years hunger games, Ladies first" She totally forgot the video. Haha But her hand is already in the bowl and she snaps in out and it rips, She's so embaressed she throws it down and grabs another, "Leia Darly" I'm in awe i was only in there a couple times i wasn't supposed to be picked the paper on the ground.. Tha- That should be the tribute not me, i struggle up to the stage but finally brought up by peacekeepers, I pick up the sheet on the ground and read it.... Leia Darly..What....I was on the top TWICE, Im infuriated and pissed off..But she already called the boys name and i didnt hear it, He is standing next to me " Hi i'm Lucas, Lucas Casterlon" I'm sorry you got picked but we can do this" i whispered back " I have a plan too" We smile at each other and walk to the train together with confidence

District 5


VvvvvvvTtttt....That sound of a powerful magnet attracting metal.. I've always been facinated with magnets as soon as i figured out my last name.i make my own magnets with the technology i have and know i learn new tecnology every day and improve my magnets and i try and try to get better, one day that will do me good somehow and i will use it to my advantage and do something memorable.. I once attracted a peacekeeper's baton out of their hand and they did not know what happened.. i have too many storys to tell about my magnets anyhow i'm off to the reaping , i get my finger pricked and walk to the boys side, the escort walks up and is very upset and in a hurry, he doesn't even care about the video he goes right to the girls bowl and pulls out a name "Illuminate Sensorium " i kknew her... i was in school with her i was two years younger but i knew her.. then the escort got to the boys bowl and pulled out a name...there was a long silence and i knew he had trouble with the name...Vato ? Magnet? Close enough i knew him....WAIT THATS ME....i'm in shock i slowly walk up to the stage i turn to Illuminate and she looks at me with fear and says "Allies" i respond "Allies" we walk to the train and get in the car and off to the capitol

District 6


I hate my name so much....everyone calls me gnome, Do i look like a lawn ornamient to you!!! Any way i'm getting ready for the reaping and me and my 4 siblings are all reaping age....12, 13,15,17,18 three older sibliings and my little sester Yoursa.. My mom had a strange fetish for having kids with un natural names, Yoursa, Uneek, Kolvar, Gastang, and Klipper. Our whole family hated the last name though...we got pranked so many times in my life when people, in the middle of the night put a lawm gnome in our yard. Ugh. Anyway i get to the finger pricking and they prick my finger and i walk toward the 13 year olds. I see my best friend and go stand next to her. The escort walks out and plays that dumb video, "Panem, Blah blah, Capitol , Blah blah no one cares," She starts off with a warm welcome and as usual ladies first, She walks with class to the girls bowl and picks out a name, un wraps it and "Uneek Nome, I look at my friends with fear, i start to cry but i cant show weakness, i get up to the stage and i'm trembling, the escort comforts me and walks to the boys bowl " Hinder Black" he walks up with ease. I knew him but he really had no friends, so right now he had no emotion but i knew inside he was scared and maybe we could ally, i'll save that for later, now we're on a train to the capitol.

District 7


5am District 7 Reaping day, I wake up and walk down the hall to see my sister there, " What are you doing up" i ask, "I'm just nervous for you, you took alot of tessare this year, "It's ok i wont get picked", "I hope not" after that i make breakfast for the family of three, i made eggs and sausage, my sister who is 7 was very hungry and almost ate it all. I walk out of my house all alone, my house is so far away from the justice building so i'm outside before some people are even up. I walk alone looking at the scenery and the twelve year olds possibly playing for the last time, Its so sad to even think of that, Thinking that maybe one of those poor 12 year old could die in 2 weeks, but that wont happen, it'll be someone my age, it always is we never get a quality tribute, maybe this year we will, i get to the finger pricking in no time with all the thinking ive been doing, the escort walks out and gets to the podium " Welcome to the 113th annual hunger games, Ladies first, Cherry Fantius" I knew her she was the same age as me, Her birthday was one day after mine, "Now for the boys", "Lucifier Parabello" , No no no no no i think no its not supposed to happen this way, "NO"! i scream out loud and i'm forced up to the stage, i'm trembling, The escort says her goodbyes and ll three of us get into the train and we zoom off to the capitol.

District 8


I'm running and all of a sudden a sharp pain, theres an arrow in my neck then, Huh??? , I wake up , i had a nightmare about being in the final two and got shot in the neck with an arrow, i have these dreams all the time before the reaping, i get out of bed and take a cold shower, thats all we have here in good ol' D8, I walk down and go make some breakfast and sit down and wait, i ponder my options to go run away in the woods, i know how to navigate and could fend for myself, but i go to the reaping anyways, one of my last reapings, i'm 17 now and i barely have and slips with my name on it in the bowl anyway so i should be safe, i walk towards the reaping with my best friend Skyy who is also 17, we each get to the finger pricking station and get pricked me and Skyy walk to the 17 year old sections as we are one of the first two there after a very long half hour everyone is there and the escort comes out all preppy and classy like usual, she is in some pink dress with some weird thing on her head. Anyhow she walks over to the girls bowl " Roxy Clover" I open my mouth in awe and look at Skyy, She's crying but i have to go up, she walks over to the boys bowl " Flicks Marvel " he walks up to the stage without saying a word he never even said anything to me! but we walked to the train and went to the capitol.

District 9


I'm in my room doing my usual morning thing wake up, wash up, eat, etc. the normal thing and i remember its reaping day, i rush upstairs and try to find something nice, I dont have anything, I rush to my Dads closet and grab some clothes, I run back downstairs to find my family eating, i sit down with them and eat, we talk about the past hunger games and the victors and the losers, Last year the victor was from district nine so we got some luxurys such as showers and electricity. Anyhow we got lost in our conversations and we left the house. Me and my brother both the same age, Twins we were, not identical thank god.. We get to the finger pricking and they prick our fingers and we walk towards the 13 year olds.. the escort walks out very slowly and plays that DUMB video, i only saw it one year and i hate it, He's up there lip synching the whole thing. Then it finishes and he has this giant grin on his face as he walks towards the girls bowl. He stands there for a while and plucks out a piece of paper, "Jane Skye" I had no idea who that was. She walked up to the stage very nervous and is a bit scared, we all could see it. He walks over to the boys bowl " Sicey Candan" CRAP!!!!!! NO!!! I walk up to the stage tearing up a bit and i stand next to Jane and we walk to the train and off to the captiol

District 10


Me and my step brother Evyn Barnes wake up in out small house.. in District 10, our mom was out with my dad...they went to District nine to viisit our other family but we couldn't go beacause of the reaping today...We got up extra early and ate food that we had last night.. We end up outside possibly throwing this ball for the last time but i'm not going to think like that, i'm going to stay confident , neither of us will get reaped.. I know it...We walk towards the reaping station very swiftly. we want to be there kinda early and we are very early and we split up and go sit by our friends before anyone gets there the escort walks out and looks at the very small crowd of district ten children....Only about 200 kids in all of district ten...That was an outcome of the uprising and all of the familys killed the population dropped alot. She was amazed, Anyhow she walked off towards the girls bowl as the video finshed and she pull out a crumpled paper... " Rose Gratline" I immeadiatly start cry and im forced up to the stage and by the she is by the bowls bowl and she pulls out a name " Evyn Barnes" I burst out in more tears, he walks up already crying and we hold hands together and try to stay strong..! We slowly walk to the train and leave to the Capitol

District 11


In a couple of weeks i'll be watching twenty four people fight to the death in an unknown arena . Its always bad for district eleven. In 5 straight years no one has made it past the bloodbath or day one. We are very unsucessful in the games! We need like a better mentor or training but only district one, two , and four can get away with that, never ten, eleven, and twelve we are so under privelaged I hate it here. I want to move to like five or six, Just so i can have luxeries, i need to go do something with my life, I run outside about to run somewhere and that annoying horn goes off, Oh yeah reaping day i walk there and get my finger pricked and go stand with the boys and stand alone...i was a bit of a loner, anyhow the escort walks out in some black gown that goes to her knees, She gets to the podium and she tells us its the 113th annual hunger games, Good i lost count, we had that uprising about 40 years ago when that girl Rue died, we almost won that year, if they didnt make mutts.. But since she brought that up.. We had hope. She walks over to the girls bowl, " Sierra Croft" I knew her from school. She was a nice girl its too bad she has to go into the games. She walks up to the stage as the Escort walks to the boys bowl, "Jason Whitacre" , Thats me. no!! I struggle my way up to the stage and almost break down but i cant i have a chance to win...I can just slip under the radar and maybe get un notice without enemys and possibly survive the blood bath...I walk to the train with Sierra And were off with only one reaping left.

District 12


I wake up to the noise of a knife hitting wood. I walk downstair to see my mom butchering a chicken and i see blood then black.......I wake up again in my bed. with a concussion. It must be morning now reaping day. My head hurts so bad. I fainted at that blood i always faint at blood its one of my many down points i get sick pretty easy but i can go a couple weeks without food. Its unnatural but one day it'll benefit me in life. I may live in district twelve but my father is the mayor so we live in a better part of d12 so i dont need to take any tessare for food. we do just fine. But today is reaping day and its one of my last years, but im still nervous... D12 is very un populated and theres a high chance to get picked. I walk over to the finger pricking station and my dad is up on the justice building with Effie, Shes aged a bit. Shes in her 60's now but still looks 30 with all her makeup and all that captiol crap. I stand with the few amount of 17 year old girls in D12 and wait for the video to finish and she walks over to the girls bowl, waves her and around in the bowl and picks out a name. Walks back to the podium and into the mic " Katrina Edenor " Oh no, I see my father start to tear up next to effie. i Walk slowly up to the stage and stand next to effie. She walks towards the bowl of boys names and picks one out " Pleck Blacksmith" I knew him, Coincidently by his name. He was the district's blacksmith's son. He walked up to the stage. Not crying, Nervous or anything. We walk in the train and zoom off

Training and Odds

D1 Male Royce Bernando Score 10 3-1
D1 Female Rosalind Shimmer Score 8 9-1
D2 Male Banak Crane Score 8 8-1
D2 Female Bridget Malory Score 10 5-1
D3 Male Klaver Fritz Score 9 5-1
D3 Female' 'Ember Tantum Score 7 11-1
D4 Male Lucas Casterlonni Score 5 26-1
D4Female Leia Darly Score 6 15-1
D5 Male Veto Magnate Score 7 16-1
D5 Female Illuminate Sensorium Score 5 30-1
D6 Male Hinder Black Score 9 7-1
D6Female Uneek Nome Score 3 49-1
D7 Male Lucifier Parabello Score 11 2-1
D7 Female Cherry Fantius Score 8 13-1
D8 Male Flicks Marvel Score 7 12-1
D8 Female Roxy Clover Score 6 13-1
D9 Male Sicey Candan Score 3 59-1
D9 Female Jane Skye Score 6 17-1
D10 Male Evyn Barnes Score 4 32-1
D10 Female Rose Gratline Score 7 11-1
D11 Male Jason Whitacre Score 9 7-1
D11 Female Sierra Croft Score 5 24-1
D12 Male Pleck Blacksmith Score 6 14-1
D12 Female Katrina Edenor Score 8





23,22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Everyone leaps off their pedistals and sprints towards the cornucopia, Klaver Fritz the boy from three get speard by Flicks Marvel the boy from 8 BOOM! Roxy Clover the girl from 8 gets her throat grucifially slit by the boy from one, Royce Bernando BOOM! Pleck Blacksmith gets hammered with a 2x4 piece of wood from the boy from 2 Banak Crane BOOM! Sicey Candan on top of the cornucopia gets and arrow directly to the heart from Bridget Malory the Girl from 2 BOOM! Ember Tantum is sprinting toward s the mountains and theres a twenty foot drop she didn't she and she trys to stop but goes over the edge and hits solid shard rock on the bottom! BOOM! Rose Gratline is at the cornucopia hiding behind it when she hears footsteps, She looks behind he its Flicks Marvel the boy from 8 she looks in his eyes and screams then she falls to the ground Flicks grabs the spear and runs BOOM! Rosalind Shimmer is spriting at Illuminate Sensorium when Illuminate picks up a piece of wire, wraps it around Rosalinds necks , And jerks, BOOM! Illuminate runs off with Veto from 5, All but Sierra Croft and the Careers have left the cornucopia when BOOM! Sierra , a throwing knife to the chest 3 times by Banak Crane the Boy from 2

Bloodbath Death List


Rest of day 1

Lucas Casterlonni

I survived the bloodbath and got a bag and a sword. In the bag i have some apples, water, rope, and some pain reliever. Awesome, I see some smoke relativly close to me, I look over i see the boy from 6 whats his name, Hinder, i walk over and stand behind him and slice him from the shoulder down to the heart. Dead instantly BOOM! That was right before the anthem, I look at the sky and 9 dead. Thats actually quite a bit for day one and its not over yet.

Evyn Barnes

I heard the boom right before i fell asleep in this cave. I wake to the crunch of sticks and dry leaves and grab a throwing knife as i sit by the entrance, its Katrina Edenor the girl from 12 i throw a knife at her, it hits her in the chest and she stands there in pain, she reaches for he back and as she falls forward she throws a knife back! It hits me in the heart and i fall to the ground. I start to see black and i hear BOOM! .....I wake up and fade in and out of sleep and awake. I thought i was dead. I look at my chest.. Just a scar. I look in the cave to find Jane Skye the girl from 9 she looked at me and smiled and i slid down in the cave and we talked she saw the whole thing with me and Katrina and when i got hit she rushed over and applied a cream she got from the cornucopia.


Hinder Black

Katrina Edenor

Day 2

Veto Magnate

Me and illuminate ran off to the mountains and we got to this different mountain immeaditealy began to smile. There was so many minerals in here, I could make a powerful magnet. Who knows what i could do with that. Illuminate just came back with some red berries. I knew my berries very well, There were sumac berries, They are a little bit toxic so i saved them for a last resort, I saw 2 people sprinting through the woods i grabbed Illuminate and hid us behind a small rock, I identifyed the people running as Leia Darl from 4 chasing Cherry from 7 i saw Leia throw a knife and Cherry Fall BOOM!!, Then Leia sprints off another way to meet back up with the careers. We go examine Cherry and she has a pack and a dagger, we take those and get back to our rock. in her pack she has Food, Water, Darts and a broken blowgun. I could mend that.

Leia Darly

I had this trap made up for tonight to kill the careers with a net in the tree we sleep by, Me and Banak were sleeping when we heard the noice of something falling through the sky and we wake in the morning with a net over us with weights on the end so we couldnt get out, all of a sudden, i see Bridget Malory the girl from 2, all of a sudden theres a knife in Banak's throat BOOM! She looks at me, smiles, pulls out a bow and fires, BOOM!

Jason Whitacre,

I see this cave, with a dim light in it and i see two people i can identify, Jane Skye from 9 and Evyn Barnes from 10, As it gets to night and i see them go to sleep and i create a bomb, with the supplies i got at the cornucopia i got a very small amount, of gun powder and matches and other supplies and i rolled it into the cave, and i sprint off and before i hear to explosion i hid behind a rock and look, I see the red and yellow before i hear the boom, Then BOOOOOMMM!!!!!!! i see rocks fly everywhere and shards of rock stick in the trees. Then all i hear is BOOM! BOOM!, Signifying the death of Jane and Evyn Day 2 Death List

Cherry Fantius
Banak Crane
Leia Darly
Jane Skye
Evyn Barnes

Day 3

Uneek Nome

I'm so relieved that i've made it to the 3rd day Im in the final 9 i can do this still i am in the mountans area i know not too many people are around here but i hear rocks moving, I look i see Lucifier the boy from 7 climbing up the same mountain i am, he must not see me, i look around me and theres a giant rock i see i look over the edge one more time and he's right there, he grabs my arm and throws me down the mountian, i grab his lig in fear and i'm holding on for dear life when i look up at him and i see his hand with a rock in it and it come flying at my head and BOOM!

Bridget Malory

After my brilliant idea now my other plan is to kill that boy from 4, he swam off to the islands and i know where he is, I run back to the cornucopia, theres a longbow, i grab it and a quiver of arrows, i walk to the edge of the water and he's on an island about 50 yards away, i aim, fire, nothing it went way over him, I shoot again, miss "Fuck" , Last shot, Aim, All of a sudden i feel warm blood trickle down my mouth and i turn back, Flicks Marvel the boy from 8 jabbed a spear straight through my back, BOOM!

Flicks Marvel

I take the spear out of Bridgets back and look at the islands, Lucas is swimming hear, i hope he hasn't seen me yet, i go hide in the cornucopia, I see him come past the cornucopia and i walk out, i say "Lucas" and i lauch a spear right in his throat and i see him fall BOOM! I run, Grab the spear and dart off in to the woods.

Day 3 death list

Uneek Nome
Bridget Malory
Lucas Casterlonni

Sorry Bout the random supersized table

Day 4


Me and Illuminate have been scouting out food and just staying safe i went towards the left woods and her the right when i hear BOOM! I run as fast as i can toward where she is when i turn the corner, she's holding a knife and looking down at Royce Bernando they boy from 1, I have a throwing knife in my hand, i run to Illuminate and hug her, "Are you ok", "Yes" she said, She's scared, i can tell, i hear crunching of the leaves and i see The Boy from 8 Flicks Marvel, He throws a spear it hits Illuminate straight in the chest and i throw the knife and it hits him in the chest! BOOM! BOOM!, No!, No! i cant do this alone i need her help she's the reason im here right now, No! I take the spear and knife and Run! as far away as i can I get back to our rock and sit, I think and think i have a plan to win this, i can still do it, Hmm who's left ? The Boy from 11 and the boy from 7, The boy from eleven had a 2-1 chance to win, thats pretty good, Im glad i made it this far but i dont want to die, Then the earth starts to shake!


The earths shaking, Damn gamemakers, Im on top of a mountian, thats an awful spot to be in an earthquake i begin to climb down i slip, i fall about 7 feet and land on the ground, I start to sprint off when i hear a loud noise and then out of the ground i get lifted off the ground and look that a Geyser blasted me off the ground and about 50 feet in the air and then the water stops and i begin to fall i Flail around in the air and i hit the ground! BOOM!

DAY 5 Death Chart

Royce Bernando
Illuminate Sensorium
Flicks Marvel
Lucifier Parabello

Day 6:


I heard that boom last night and i knew i could do this, the other boy is Veto that boy from 5, I got this i can do it, bring pride to district 11 , I knew where this boy was, he's by the mineral rock, well thats what i call it i see him hammer on it with this spear over and over and pulling stuff out, i have a plan to kill him i know what to do and how to do it.


Im hammering away at this rock trying to do something i dont even know what im just scared and nervous but i still have a chance the other boy Jason, he's pretty good but i can still beat him,


I'm standing in the trees right by the mineral rock i walk out and step on a stick and he looks straight at me, He picks up a knife and throws and hits me in the chest. I fall to the groud He doesnt know i have a protective vest on, it pierced me a little bit but not lethal, he came over here without any weapons, this is so easy, I sit up quick pull back my bow and fire an arrow right into Veto's neck BOOM! Yes! i stand up and rip out the knife and throw it Yes! i begin to break down and cry i'm so happy i won, I'll bring pride to district 11 we haven't won in a while but now we have, i hear a relieving voice "Congratulations to Jason Whitacre of District 11 you are the victor of the 113th annual hunger games, I look up and see the hovercraft and now i know i can always be confident in myself and i can bring pride to District 11

Day 6 Death Chart

Veto Magnate


Jason Whitacre D11 and MR.Clove14 is the winner of RZN2's 113th Annual Hunger Games

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