• Racmany

    Good evening/noon/afternoon/morning fellow peoplez. Im very bored, i need to do a hunger games i think. Its the 33rd Hunger Games, (

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  • Racmany

    Hehehe, well, guys! If your reall old you would remember me, if not, your like who the hell is this guy!! Well im the aussie guy. Used to be on here, dropped out. BUT IM BACK! And im on holidays, keen as to write another games soon. hopefully someone will read this and be happy im back. XD

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  • Racmany

    Well it seems you have found you way to me games again. But these aren't going to be any normal games. OR well they are. but, maybe i should shut up and explain. These games are going to be HUGE! Just like Primrose and Rosella's games. Im having Lunaii's, Reapings, Chariot Rides, Interviews and the games. Every life needs to be appreciated so these games are going to be in more detail.

    SUMBITTING TRIBUTES In these games im only allowing each user to submit 1 tribute. Yes that's right 1 tribute. Choose your best because they won't have their perfect partners anymore. If i become desperate i will ask certain people but for now its ONE ONLY. I NEED LOTS OF DETAIL IN THESE GAMES. SO I NEED LOTS OF INFORMATION. FOR EXAMPLE (sorry if you didn't want …

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  • Racmany

    Racmany's 50th Hunger Games

    January 24, 2011 by Racmany

    Why hello again i didnt see you there. Welcome to moi page. Ok so lets go back in time to the 50th Hunger Games. What would've happened if Haymitch had died at the cornucopia? A whole new event of twists and turns leading to a new 50th Hunger Games Victor. 4 Tributes maximum and i am going to update frequently because not only am i asking *points to you* you guys but i am asking my facceebook friends. Im posting it on my facebook aswel. I will need Name,Age,District,Personality,Skills,History(Only breif). The arena is not going to be the other hunger games.

    Sorry. This arena is to much of a surprise to give away now. This is an arena like no other

    District 1

    Male: Maverik Storms 9/12 Belle Lu confused him then threw disc into back.

    Male: Super M…

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  • Racmany

    Female: Ali Gupi 1 $50


    Each tribute starts with $300 and works their way up from there


    basket of food-$150

    Knife- $150



    Bow and arrows-$400



    Medical Kit- $400

    Day 1

    The Beginning... I’m doing this one in POV’s. Please Enjoy

    Bailey Spatz POV District 8: I shiver as I rise on my platform and look up in my tube. I haven’t moved yet. Finally I rocket upwards. I look up above in hope of seeing sunlight and plenty of it. But instead I only see darkness. Finally I stop and I think I am in the arena. Everything is pitch black and nothing is visible. Then I hear one of the other tributes yell out, “Hello?” They say and I recognise it to be a boy. His voice bounces back and forth and leaves and eerie…

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