Hello and Welcome to the 54th Annual Hunger Games. This is my first ever Hunger Games. People say I am a good writer but I will let you guys be the judge of that. Ok when you guys enter your tributes I am going to need Name (First and Last), Age,District, Personality, Apperance, Weapons of Choice, History

The arena

The 54th Hunger Games arena is a swamp. It has many small clearings. There are many pools of water however not all of these a clean, some could kill. The swamp is strewn with fruits, some poisnous some edible. There are also manny mutts. Some of these are crocodiles, snakes and monkey. Each very unatural like and they have some major alterations. Bordering the arena are 12 mountains. Between the base of the mountain and the swamp is a one meter patch of grass.


District 1

Male: Raph Vargas 9

Female: Tess Echelmaier 8

District 2

Male: Bronze Stone 10

Female: Silver Stone 10

District 3

Male: Luke Silvester 5

Female: Emmaline "Emma" Button 6

District 4

Male: Xander Carrow 8

Female: Gemma Revlis 11

District 5

Male: Will Holden 5

Female: Aria Branford 4

District 6

Male: Hunter Puntar 9

Female: Maysilee Buffalo 7

District 7

Male: Brayden Smith 6

Female: Sadie Spark 4

District 8

Male: Jarrod Arab 1

Female: Katie Gown 3

District 9

Male: Ash Blaze 7

Female: Storm Woods 8

District 10

Male: Jonny Wirt 5

Female: Tessa Violet 6 VICTOR!

District 11

Male: Lightning Tree 7

Female: Krystal Glass 6

District 12

Male: Daniel "Danny" Tauro 12

Female: Luna Deer 8


Each tribute starts with $300 and works their way up from there


basket of food-$150

Knife- $150



Bow and arrows-$400



Medical Kit- $400

You will need an account to create your tribute so you can sponsor them.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

The curtains open and a blinding light gleams out onto the crowd. The light dies down as the chariot moves forward. Pristine white horses are first to be seen. Then follows the chariot made entirely of diamonds giving it a see through effect. Then the audience see’s Raph and Tess. Tess is wearing a dress entirely made of diamonds. She has a tight skinned skin colour leotard on underneath. Raph is wearing a tuxedo made of diamonds and a skin colour singlet and tight shorts. Their underclothing is practically invisible. Then a purple light shines from underneath from little lights than shine more than anything. The purple lights up the audience. Then the light changes colour from purple to green to yellow. Raph and Tess are both holding golden bow and arrows. Tess and Raph aim there bows at the sky and shoot. The arrows arc high into the sky then explode in golden fireworks. The audience ooh’s and ah’s. As usual District 1 looks amazing.

District 2:

Next up is District 2. The audience has a hard time diverting their attention from the district 1 pair. District 2 comes out in tight black and red Nazi costumes. Bronze and Silver look above the crowd with cold glaring eyes. Their costumes are made of leather. They each where knee high black leather boots. In each hand they hold a large black pistol. They aim them towards the crowd. They pull the trigger and sparks fly from the tip of the gun. They change colour until they turn a red. They move the guns to above their heads. They glisten in the red fountain. A surprising change from the average District 2 tributes.

District 3:

Then the cackling of the District 3 chariot quickly changes the attention to Luke and Emma. They ride out in black jumpsuits. Their chariot is yellow with black streaks. They are wrapped in wires that cackle electricity. It then becomes visible and the sparks jump from wire to wire. Emma’s red hair floats gracefully behind her. Almost as if the gravity was turned off and Luke’s hair is the same. The both raise both hands above their heads. They click their finger and lightning erupts from the fingers and goes into the sky. The audience roars, District 3 isn’t usually displayed this well.

District 4:

After the amazing electric spectacle the ocean waves are heard. Some confusion is heard as the electricity masks the ocean noise. But finally people realise as the blue sparkly chariot rolls in. Both tributes carry two tridents. Gemma is dressed in a long dress. When she walks the material gives her the appearance of a moving wave. Her well known tri-coloured hair is expertly weaved into a complicated braid. Xander is dressed in an ugly murky blue tuxedo. The colours are mismatched and look ugly on his skin tone. The audience only screams out Gemma’s name. Then the two tributes throw their two tridents into the air. They collide and burst into sea water and spray the crowd. It’s then the audience begins to scream out Xander’s name as well. As usual a beautiful performance from district 4.

District 5:

The District 5 tributes roll out on their pristine white chariot. Will and Aria come out, both of their hair has been sprayed white. Aria wears a plain strapless dress. On her dress is written thousand of equations. The stylists tinted her skin a lighter shade to not be able to show her bruises. Will wears a simple t-shirt and long pants with written equations on them. They pull out two very long pencils from their pockets. They light the tip with a match and it turns out that they are sparklers, of a sort. They face opposite directions and begin scribbling complex mathematic sums. But instead of being like normal sparklers the writing stays leaving a burning trail of knowledge. A nice change for District 5.

District 6:

Next up is Hunter and Maysilee. Their chariot comes out. It is red with many white stripes. The tributes wear tight suits similar to District 2’s. Except the difference is there is white with a red cross on the caps they wear. The audience looks sceptically at them. An awkward round of clapping is heard. That is until Maysilee leans over and hugs Hunter and the audience erupts in clapping and hooting. Then they pull out the massive syringes unseen by the audience. It looks like blood is it then they push the syringes as red glitter flies out towards the audience. The audience is unfazed by their appearance.

District 7:

The audience eagerly waits for the District 7 chariot to move out. There horses are seen pulling out the green chariot. First of they see Sadie wearing a dress made from golden leaves. They are bound closely together and glitter when she moves. Her golden axe shines with her. Then they take note of Brayden. He is wearing a crisp white tuxedo with the leaves from Sadie’s dress spiralling around him. He holds an axe identical to Sadie’s. The clash both their blades together repeatedly as small golden leaves fall out and spill into the crowd. Finally there is no axe left and the tributes are left with a handful of golden leaves that they throw out towards the audience. An amazing change from the normal district 7 costumes.

District 8:

The audience has trouble changing their attention from the District 7 chariot. In fact the minute they roll out just about no one is looking at them. Everyone is still gazing at the District 7 chariot. Finally heads turn and they see the District 8 chariot. Both Katie and Jarrod are draped in rainbow shawls that fall to their feet. Then they are wearing tie-died t-shirt and pants underneath. They each hold a pillow of needle. The throw the needles out at the audience as stream of multicoloured bursts follow them. The audience clap politely and cheers out their name but they are nothing special.

District 9:

The audience is quickly finished viewing the District 8 and look for the coming District 9 chariot. But when they see Ash and Storm they look away and some chuckle. Storm and Ash are wearing baggy khaki military uniforms. Each wearing a pair of shades the costume looks cheap and cheesy. Then they each pull out a dart gun. They fire the darts into the air as they make a loud crack like firecrackers. Ash leans over and plants a light kiss on Storms’s check. She blushes and the audience laughs encouragingly. Not the best District 9 costumes they had ever seen.

District 10:

The audience is not in the best mood even before District 10 rolls out. The last good chariot was the District 7 one, ages ago. When District 10 comes onto the scene the audience at first cowers away but they actually take the time to look at them and appreciate the not bad tributes. Jonny and Tessa come out smiling. Tessa is dressed in a tight dress that appears to be made of animal feed. But it’s a warm orange tone the glows in the street light. Jonny wears a tuxedo just like hers. In each hand they hold a pitchfork. They join them together and the pitchforks melt. The melted material then moves from the ground onto their bodies. Then they form animal pelts of amazing kinds. Tessa is now in a fur white coat with a red fuzzy underlayer. She has a snakeskin purse and earring made from crocodile teeth. Jonny looks as classy with a white tuxedo and a similar red undershirt. He has a snow white cardigan to drape over the top along with a top hot and a walking stick fashioned to look like a cane but made entirely out of armadillo skin. The audience cheers loudly for the fantastic District 10 pair.

District 11:

The audience waits with awe for the District 11 chariot. When it rolls in the faces light up. Krystal is dressed in an angelic little dress made from maple leaves. She is wearing a big drapey necklace. But that is expected for the District 11 girl. Lightning on the other hand is in a suit made from reeds. He looks very handsome. They each carry a signature sickle with them. Then Krystal smoothly takes off the necklace and throws it into the air. They both reach out and slice the grapes. The audience looks jokingly for the first second but then as wine erupts from nowhere. The audience eagerly opens their mouth hoping to catch a drop of the delightful fresh wine. A solid performance from the District 11 crew.

District 12:

Finally District 12 comes up. No one looks forward to these. When the horses pull out the Danny and Luna the audience snickers at the poor tributes. This year they have actually dressed them up as a lump of coal. They look like black apples with legs. They both wield pick axes and then Danny takes a swing at Luna costume. Luna swings back and the audience wonders if they are having a fight. Then their outfits crack and their true costumes are displayed. Luna wears a big 60’s style dress made from a black shimmery material whilst Danny wears a suit made from the same thing. They glisten as they stand in the chariot. A very dramatic show from District 12.


Day 1:

24. Maysille Buffalo

23. Jonny Wirt

22. Will Holden

21. Katie Gown

20. Luke Silvester

19. Xander Carrow

18. Emmaline Button

17. Lightning Tree

16. Aria Branford

15. Jarrod Arab

14. Tess Enchelmaier

13. Danny Tauro

12. Ash Blaze

11. Brayden Smith

10. Storm Woods

9. Bronze Stone

8. Sadie Spark

7. Hunter Puntar

6. Raph Vargas

5. Krystal Glass

4. Silver Stone

3. Gemma Revlis

2. Luna Deer

1. Tessa Violet

The Bloodbath Day 1

The tributes rise up into the arena. Everyone stares around in wonder of the arena. Pools of water are everywhere to be seen, tree’s borderline the clearing of the cornucopia. You cannot see another meter in the swamp lands. Vines hang from tree’s that stretch over the cornucopia. An animal howl’s in the distance. The tree’s rise up to high for anyone to see over and there are only solid trunks, no branches or limbs to climb up on. Sunlight streams into the clearing, reflecting on the pools of water. Claudius Templesmith’s voice booms around the tributes. “Let the 54th Annual Hunger Games Begin!” Every stand on their plates half-heartedly hoping someone will jump off, but no one does. Everyone stares at the cornucopia or the other tributes preparing to run off. Finally the gong echoes out across the arena. Everyone bursts from their stationary positions. First to reach the cornucopia is Storm from 9. She grabs a pack and a bow and a quiver of arrows and turns to run off with Ash. Just as she runs a knife is embedded in her leg. She cries out in pain and falls to the ground. Ash looks back in shock as another knife is thrown and just misses her skull. Storm looks back to find Maysilee from 6 glaring at her, drawing another knife. She looks down at the ground preparing to see the end that is coming when out of the corner of her eye she sees’s someone else aiming at them near her. Jonny is there with a spear and throws it in Maysilee’s direction. It pierces her skulls as she screams and drops to the ground. Jonny looks over at Storm and flashes a smile just as a spear is pushed through his chest. His mouth is trapped in a silent scream as an aggravated Hunter steps out from behind. Ash comes and drags Storm and their supplies into the greenery before Hunter can attack them. Katie from 8 reaches the cornucopia at a reasonable time and grabs a backpack full of supplies along with a long short knife. She has little time to appreciate anything and turns to run but not before colliding with Will from 5. They both come toppling to the ground. He mutters a little sorry and turns to get up as an arrow pierces his neck. He wails and drops onto Katie’s legs as his blood drains onto Katie. Katie looks to find Raph from District 1 loading his bow. “ARH! I missed girly, got the other kid instead but I won’t miss this time!” Tess next to him smirks and swings a pack over her shoulder. Raph loads his bow and fires the final shot into Katie’s chest. The stone twins from 2 don’t run for the cornucopia but they see Luke from 3 skittishly picking item from around the cornucopia. They charge him and tackle him to the ground. He begins to scream and Bronze pushes his air pipe preventing him from talking. He released pressure and Luke begins to thank them but not before Silver shoves her foot into his neck and picks him up and twists his neck with a sickening crack for good measure. Luke drops to the ground dead with his neck twisted at an irregular angle. Stone and Silver run to go back to the cornucopia. Emma from District 3 is running away with a handful of knives when a net is thrown over her. She falls and squirms in the net lashing out at it with her knife. Xander walks up to her grinning, twilling his trident in his hand. “Any last words Emmy darl?” Emma screams at the top of her voice. He looks around frightened as a knife pierces his throat. Luna runs past kicking away his body. “Thank you,” Emma begins. “Allies?” Luna asks. “Yes please,” replies a nervous Emma. She puts her arm out to shake hers just as a dart is injected into it. Luna jumps back in shock as Emma yells out. Danny runs beside her. “What are you doing idiot! Making an allegiance with the enemy. Just don’t do anything you stupid girl!” Danny yells at her just as the dart pierces Emma’s neck. Danny and Luna run away. Sadie and Brayden from 7 have a prior made alliance. They manage to pick up two axes each at the cornucopia. They begin to run away and have just reached the edge when a spear flies out and lands in the bush near them. Sadie and Brayden turn to fight when a sheepish Tessa turns up. “Umm, sorry...Allies?” “Um yeah sure, why not lets go,” as they all run away. Krystal and Lightning are in a quick fight with the District 9 boy, Hunter. They retreated and no serious injuries were dealt. They were just waiting out of view looking back on the cornucopia. Items and people lay strewn across the ground and red streaks taint the water. They check out their bag they got but they are disrupted by a cracking whip. It cracks over their head. They turn as they see an annoyed looking Aria stands there. She whips again as it lashes across Krystal’s arm. Krystal and fires an arrow that narrowly misses her skull. Aria again whips at Lightning as it wraps around his neck. She lets go and he falls to the ground and she whips again as it cracks across his neck as it opens up as gash on his neck and he is sent into a spasm. Aria and Krystal wait and watch in horror. Finally he stops and almost immediately Krystal fires volleys of arrows in Aria’s chest. She drops dead. Gemma runs alone into the swamp. Hunter runs alone into the swamp. Jarrod runs into the swamp and so does Krystal each by themselves. No one has made it out of the swamp yet...

Maysilee Buffalo - Jonny Wirt

Jonny Wirt - Hunter Punatr

Will Holden - Raph Vargas

Katie Gown - Raph Vargas

Luke Silvester - Silver Stone

Xander Carrow - Luna Deer

Emmaline Button - Daniel Tarous

Lightning Tree - Aria Branford

Aria Branford - Krystal Glass

Day 2

When the first signs of dawn arise Gemma is ready walking steadily in one particular direction. Away from the cornucopia. They sun has peaked over the sky when an animal howl rings out across the arena. Gemma turns around startled but only see’s more trees. She shivers and continues on walking. She sips at her bottle of water. Then finally after hours of walking the forest begins to change. There are less trees and there are more spaced apart and splotches of grass are there instead of mud and water. Finally there are no longer trees, just lush, green trim grass. Gemma looks in awe and then looks to the looming mountain in front of her. Gemma begins to climb. It isn’t a steep accent and is easily walkable. She walks up with a little swagger in her step. She sings to herself quietly and happily walks up. She takes time to glance back over the green ocean of tree tops. She turns to walk and her foot step into water. Gemma slips and falls over in surprise. She lies in ankle deeps water the flow slowly past her. She stands up and carefully finds her way across the meter long stream. She sits down on the river bank and looks questioningly at the river that winds up the mountain. She sits down and takes another swig of cool water. She sees something move in the water and in a flash her bow is loaded and aiming at the river. But she finds a fish harmlessly swimming around in a circle. Gemma knew this fish it was the common yellow belly. She smiles and lets her arrows invade the fish. She laughs to herself and plucks the fish out of the water and lays it down on a rock in the sun that was not visible in the swamp. Gemma is having a relaxing time.... so far.

Storm wakes up irritable in the morning. The knife in her leg wasn’t helping speed up their travelling. They had spent the night only meters away from the cornucopia. Ash was trying as hard as possible to be nice and caring to Storm. He couldn’t blame her. In fact Storm was mostly annoyed with herself. But seeing as Maysilee was dead she couldn’t take her vengeance out on her. Maybe killing the careers would be sufficient. Ash had been watching from the bushes at the careers. They had picked the cornucopia clean and had received crates from sponsors. They moved away but I doubt they would be patrolling nearby. Usually they scoured the area during the night. But surprisingly no one died after the bloodbath on the first day. Ash and Storm moved slightly but they didn’t get far. Ash had managed to build a sufficient camouflaged shelter. Ash was ill at ease and preparing to attack and leave at a moment’s notice. Then the thought crossed Ash’s mind. Storm was weighing him down. And she wasn’t helping him at all. He would be better off on his own to survive. Then out of the blue a parachute falls down beside Storm. She looks up at Ash in confusion. Ash takes off the parachute and reveals the medical kit. Storm gives a little squeal and beams up at Ash as he opens the kit and begins to dress Storm’s wound.

Sadie and Brayden are both awaken by the aroma of a mouth-watering dish being prepared. Tessa sits in front of a burning fire with some species of animal roasting on the fire. Sadie and Brayden move over to the cooking place. Tessa grins at them and offers them the food. At first they are reluctant to try it. Tessa sighs and take a big bite. Sadie and Brayden begin to chew the mysterious meat. Tessa begins coughing and spluttering and lies back on the ground. Sadie and Brayden gasp and begin spitting out the meat. Tessa laughs and sits up. “And you thought I was dumb,” she says jokingly. Sadie and Brayden laugh nervously at Tessa’s humour. Sadie looks at Brayden nervously. Then behind Brayden she sees a movement in the bushes. She gives out a little shriek. Tessa and Brayden are up in a seconds notice. Tessa lobs her spear into the undergrowth and soon to follow is an axe. Something falls over but there is no cannon. They cautiously press in the darkness to find a monkey. But this was no ordinary monkey. It was the size of an adult and was purple. And if that wasn’t odd enough it had razor sharp claws that stretched to 30cm. Brayden kicks the body away. Tessa looks closely and examines it. “Yeah, it’s defiantly a mutt. I don’t recognise it as any normal animal.” Sadie clings to Brayden. They turn to leave just as a cannon shot rings out across the arena.

The career pack spent the night scouring the woods for lone tributes but they were unsuccessful in finding anybody. Then in the early hours of the morning when Silver was on patrol a note fell from the sky. It landed in her lap at it read “get out of the career pack now.” She went and woke up silver and they left just as the sun began to rise over the mountains. They take half of everything and leave Raph and Tess sleeping. When Raph and Tess wake they immediately realise what has happened. Tess, slightly annoyed set out with a sword to hunt them both. Raph came along with his bow and arrow in case but wasn’t nearly as mad as Tess. When walking through the swamp Tess finally hears and sees movement. Soon she’s charging and stabs her sword into the bush. Nothing is in reply and then a dart flies out and punctures Tess’s neck. She screams and wildly swings her sword around but not before another dart invades her throat. Then she is gone. A flash of orange hair appears as Jarrod from District 8 walks out to steal her sword. But instead Raph was there and determined to avenge his partner. He swiftly loads his bow and before Jarrod realises, Raph has shot him straight through the heart. Raph waits and takes Tess’s sword and Jarrod’s blowgun along with his little store of supplies. Tess and Jarrod are taken away by the metal claws and Raph walks away cold hearted and determined to avenge his partner’s death.

Krystal had a good night sleep. She slept in a little bit longer than she had hoped to. But then nearby she found a well known berry bush from district 11. She stayed put and packed all her things neatly in her bag. She put her knife on top and zipped it up. She had to always have her bow on her at all times. She stood up and was set to move off when she heard laughter. She darted behind a tree and peered around the trunk to find Luna and Danny from 12 talking to each other. Luna looked sheepish as Danny had a slightly exasperated look on his face. Krystal loaded her bow silently. Then Danny turned away and Luna pulled the knife from her pocket. Krystal loaded her bow to aim but she wasn’t sure who to shoot or what to do. Then Danny whipped around and saw Krystal. “Luna kill her!” He yelled out. Luna didn’t move. “Do it yourself,” she answered quietly. “You know I feel that I am carrying the weight of our group. All you do is go around making fake alliances, you’re a stupid girl with no brain!” he says raises his voice with every word. Luna begins shaking and then she throws the knife at his face. Danny moves sideways as the knife scratches across his cheek. He reaches into his backpack and fishes out another few knives. Each of them scrapes across her skin and soon the floor is splattered with blood. Then Danny pulls out his trident and net that they got from Xander. He throws one final knife and Luna ducks and it sails over head. She stands up confidently just as the net goes around her. She lashes out with her knife cutting the net. Danny takes a few steps back. “Gotta make your death look like I mean business,” he yells out and throws the trident from 10 meters away. Luna rolls over in the net and it sticks itself in the ground. Danny then desperately tries running towards the trident to retrieve it but Luna is out of the net. She picks up the trident and runs at him and Danny turns to run away. But Luna is faster than Danny and when within reach one little push of the trident and it is lodged in his back. Luna then makes sure the trident is entirely rammed through him. His cannon sounds and Luna detaches his backpack but leave the trident in his body. She quickly runs back to the net and throws it over him and the claws come down and take the trident and the net with them. Luna sighs and runs back to her belongings. Then she approaches Krystal who has been standing there awe struck the entire time. “Allies?” asks Luna. “How do I know I can trust you?” questions Krystal. “I didn’t kill you when I could’ve am I right?” Krystal nods and gestures her hand towards her camp and begins to talk to Luna to decipher whether to trust her or not.

Hunter hasn’t done much since the start of the game except for killing the District 10 kid. But he has continued on pressing through the foliage since the start of the game. And by late afternoon he has reached the edge of the swamp. A mountain looms before him and he sets to move up the mountain. But then the clucking off a chicken sends him looking around frantically. Then he sees the chicken coming down the mountain. It passes him and Hunter continues on and a little further up was a herd of 5 or 6 cattle. This was getting weirder and weirder. Then he reached the top where two pig lay behind a rock snoring. He looks around and the vast expanse of swamp. Then something catches his eye. A mountain a few mountains away appeared to be glistening in the afternoon sunlight. He stared at it confused as the whole mountain seemed to shimmer. But he just regarded it as a trick of the light or something unimportant. I mean how complex can the arena’s be?

Tess Enchelmaier - Jarrod Arab

Jarrod Arab - Raph Vargas

Danny Tauro - Luna Deer

Day 3

When Luna wakes in the morning I see no more Krystal. No sleeping bag no nothing. She yells out and starts looking around for her supplies. They were nowhere to be seen. And the only weapons she could find were the knives she had kept on her and one throwing knife that lay in the dirt. Luna stomps around in frustration and packs up her sleeping bag and rolls in into a tight ball and put it away in it pack. Luckily it had straps on it so she slings it over my back and uses it like a backpack. She run swiftly through the forest determined to find the girl who I spared and shared supplies with. And how does she repay me by running off with my supplies. Maybe Danny was right, perhaps she was a stupid girl and making allies was a mistake. No, men are never right always wrong they are. Luna continues running around and don’t find. But from now on she swears she will eagerly watch the skies for her face. That is of course if Luna doesn’t rip her to pieces beforehand.

Tessa, Brayden and Sadie move after another mouth watering dish prepared by Tessa. They are all happy and cheerful. Then an argument breaks out as to their direction. Sadie and Tessa think it’s in one direction and Brayden thinks it’s in the other. “Ok then, if you’re so confident walk for 10 minutes in your direction and come back and see whose way is better. Ok hun?” says Sadie argumentatively. Tessa and her walk in one direction and Brayden walk in the other. “Stupid girls,” Brayden mutters under his breath. He walks on with his hands in his pocket when he hears a twig snap. The sound of a boot crushing twigs. He raises his axe and stands at attention readying for an attack, but no one comes instead he hears something else. “Ash I’m really sorry. Oh gosh I hope no one has heard me,” says a voice. Brayden cautiously moves his way behind a cluster of vines. He peers through and sees Storm sitting on the ground with Ash edging him on. Brayden stands unsure what to do but he works out a plan in his head. He lunges and throws the axe out at the pair. Storm screams loudly as the axe is hammered into Brayden chest. Storm screams louder as he dropped to the ground and a cannon goes off. “I’m sorry...” Brayden mutters, but Storm wouldn’t hear it. She fished a few knives from her pocket and threw them one by one at Brayden. The first one hit him in the chest, the second in his shoulder, and the third in his leg. She continued like that until all of her 6 were used up. Brayden was a bloody mess and his cannon sounded. She wept and lied down. She couldn’t move. Ash was the only thing keeping her alive. She wailed more and more until she heard rustling in the bushes. And out from the darkness stepped Bronze and Silver. Silver had a sword in her hand and was quick to create a large gash in Storms stomach. Within seconds she too was dead. Bronze and Silver got all their supplies and left and quickly as they came. The claws came down and plucked the three dead bodies of the ground.

Gemma Revils had an uneventful day. She heard 3 consecutive cannon shots. It was good to know they were all killing each other. Here food supply was high, her health was good and she had plenty of weapons. What could go wrong?

The stone twins ran away after killing the District 9 girl. They ran far away. Bronze laughed at the way they all had killed each other. They stopped for a little break and eat some crackers. “You know I never thought the Hunger Games would be so easy. With them all screaming and crying everywhere it’s like the want to be ki...” Bronze stops in the middle of his sentence. He slips forward and Silver see’s the arrow in his neck. She pulls in out and tries to resuscitate him but nothing works. His cannon sounds and Silver looks around nervously at the trees. She whimpers and tried to find cover. A confident Raph sits in the trees smiling at his recent kill.

Hunter looks down at the lay of the land from his position. He wonders if anyone else in these games will ever be able to experience this amazing view. No one else in the games is feeling this relaxed. And if they were it wouldn’t be long until their abode would be destroyed. But he thinks he has to get a move on. Tomorrow he will personally look at the mountains. I have to be sure no one else is having the luxury I am.

Ash Blaze - Brayden Smith

Brayden Smith - Storm Woods

Storm Woods - Silver Stone

Bronze Stone - Raph Vargas

Day 4

That night Tessa and Sadie went to sleep ill at ease. Desperately waiting for death toll. When the news was delivered Sadie wept and wept and wept and wept and wept. Forever until the morning. Tessa was deprived and sleep and was in a foul mood. She didn’t make her mouth water dishes instead she got some beef and put it on a leaf in front of her. She didn’t touch it. Tessa was frustrated and went to go find a pool of water to use iodine to purify more water. Then halfway through the purify process she heard a cannon. Tessa ran as fast as she could back to the camp. But everything was in order, nothing taken. She calmed herself down and turned to go away when she saw a boot sticking out of a bush. She went over and found Sadie. Her head was rolled back and she was dripping blood on the ground. Then Tessa saw the knife buried in her chest that her hands were clasped around. Tessa pulled the knife out and waited guiltily for the claws to pick her up. Sadie was dead and Brayden was dead. The allies that had seemed like the dream team was now only her. But she was going to make everyone else pay. Pay for making Sadie take her own life out of grief and depression.

Nothing Else of Interest Happened on this Day

Sadie Spark - Sadie Spark


Interviews. Sorry I totally forgot about Sadie :/ oops but here are your top 7 anyway

Raph Vargas District 1: Raphs whole family showed up. They are delighted at his performance so far. His mother congratulates him on his techniques and he needs to be clever. She thinks he is just like her in strategy. They know he can take down every other tribute. He has taken down 4 already so how hard can it be to take down some more. They zoom in on his little brother who yells out, “Kill em all Raph and kill the District 2 and District 9 ones real good.” His eyes light up and the family walks of the stage full with confidence that their son will win.

Silver Stone District 2: Silver’s parent show up. They are both upset buy try not to show it on camera. “Try not to grieve the loss of your brother. Don’t let his short lived life be in vain,” says her father trying to not get upset. “Keep up the good work and we hope to see you home soon,” continues on her father. Then her mother walks off in a storm of tears and her father trails after her.

Gemma Revlis District 4: None of Gemma’s family shows up seeing as she doesn’t know if her parents are alive dead or indifferent. Her friends talk about how great she was and how brave she is and that she is just like a dragon. Seeking refuge in the mountains and steering clear of enemies but the dragon needs to be strong and powerful and Gemma needs to fight back. They all walk off smiling slightly.

Hunter Puntar District 6: Hunter’s older brother shows up. “Keep it flowing bro. Hang in there for a little longer.” “Remember that time when we went into the main square and that massive idiot pushed me over and was about to smash me but you stepped in with a knife and they backed away. Be brave like you were that day. Even though the others may be stronger or bigger you need to show them how brave you are and hunt them down and turn them into chicken feed!”

Tessa Violet District 10: A whole group of people show up for Tessa’s interview. All of which are from her family. Her 6 brothers and 9 sisters are all here along with her mum and dad. They all seem in a good mood and say encouraging things like “You’re the definite winner Tessa. Show them what us Violets are made of!” They are all in a rabble and final the interviewing crew calm them down. Tessa mum speaks then finally, “Tessa baby we just all want you to come home, ok?” Then she and the rest of her family walk off.

Krystal Glass District 11: Only her father shows up as her brother was in school. “Good job Krystal I always knew I could rely on you to power through this for us.” He seems pleased and begins to walk away when they see a boy running up. “Krystal if you ever see this is just want you to know that we love and watch out!” Then peacekeepers come onto the scene and the final shot is of a gun being aimed at Clear’s head.

Luna Deer District 12: Luna’s dad and brother show up. “Luna come home dear please. The house is a mess and I want my slave back! You’re filthy brother here is a freaking pig. I want you home so I can give you the long list of chores you have been waiting for. Don’t think all this stupid Hunger Games business will get you out of chores. You volunteered didn’t you, you little daughter of a... The interview cuts to a finish.

Day 5

Day 5: At dawn the screen comes into view and cackles to life. Ceaser Flickerman is seen and he has a message “Tributes, we are having feast at exactly midday today. To help speed you all along we have given you wyrms. Wyrms are a breed of harmless dragons that can fly fast. Just sit on the harness and it will take you only to the cornucopia. At the cornucopia is food, gifts items and plenty of it.” The screen disappears and the swamp is filled with its usual noises.

Gemma is delighted when she hears this. All her life she has dreamed about dragon and now she gets to ride one. She looks to find one flapping it’s wings and flying towards her at a tremendous pace. It is a murky green colour. It reaches her and stops directly in front of her. She tenderly touches the nose and walks to the side of the dragon. She swings her leg over and almost immediately the beast begins to fly. Her hair almost immediately flies in every direction as the beast flies. Then before Gemma realises it she’s going to fight at the feast.

Hunter is one of the first to get on the dragon. He needs to make up for lost time and he needs to get to the cornucopia fast. This could be his ideal time to cut off more tributes. He readies his spear and holds on to his dragon tightly. Nobody left alive now was here by mistake; it was time for the second phase of the games to begin. Raph refuses to ride the dragon instead he shoots in through its throat several times for good measure. He decides against eating the meat. It could be poisoned by the capitol. Instead he walks to the cornucopia and waits on the edge of the clearing ready to attack.

Tessa rode the dragon for a small distance but dismounted early. She stopped the dragon and tied it to a tree. After all taming animals was her thing. She made her way to the edge of the clearing and silently watches and waits for the feast to begin.

Silver rides the animal for a very short time. She then dismounted and let the beast continue on running to its destination. She stealthily takes out her sword and walks over to the edge of the clearing waiting like everyone else to attack.

Luna leaves the dragon where it stands and walks briskly to the cornucopia. She needs some food and some other ‘items’ might be of use. She waits a little distance back from the clearing. Krystal takes the dragon and rides it all the way to the cornucopia. After debating whether or not to ride it she decided to. And she rides all the way in and he dragon plops just outside the clearing. She feeds it a berry and walks off waiting for the bloodbath to begin.

At exactly noon four tables pop up around the cornucopia. One has food, one has bottle water, one has little backpacks and the other has weapons. First to charge out is Luna who leaves all of her competition in the dust as she runs swiftly. Then a spear barely misses her skull and she turns around to find a ticked off Hunter. He readies a knife just as an arrow pierces his side. Her clasps it and falls onto his knees and another arrow is put through his neck and his cannon echoes around the arena. A victorious Gemma steps out and snags a pack and runs away. Raph and Silver run out at the same time. Raph reaches the food when Silver reaches the water. He draws and arrow and sends one into Silver’s left arm. She yelped and looks to Raph. “You, no one else has aim like that in the arena. You killed Bronze didn’t you?” She screams and jumps on Raph and plunges the sword deep into his heart. But she wasn’t done there she continued on hacking away at his body and limbs after his cannon had sounded. The other tributes didn’t have any major fights at the feast. Krystal runs away with her arms filled to the brim with weapons and food and water and backpack. Then when running a knife comes flying down and lands in the ground infront of her. She stopped and dropped everything as she desperately tried to find her throwing knives in the mess. Then from behind her she heard a voice, “Don’t think you’re going anywhere princess.” She turned around to find an evilly grinning Luna. Luna sends a knife into her leg. Krystal screamed out in pain and looks Luna in the eyes. Luna comes closer to her, “You backstabbed me.” She says giggling. “So now I’m gunna backstab you!” She says and drives the knife deep into Krystal’s back. Luna collects all of Krystal things and walks off satisfied.

Nothing Else Of Interest Happened On This Day.

Hunter Punter - Gemma Revlis

Raph Vargas - Silver Stone

Krystal Glass - Luna Deer

Day 6

Day 6: In the early hours of the morning Luna is up and ready for the day. She has a store of supplies in a tree and stuff in her backpack. Then she hears the chatter of a monkey. He turns around to find a little monkey. She goes over and pats it on the head and almost as if triggered by her touch. It began to expand. Its body parts grow out proportion and Luna runs away. Suddenly it shrinks back down to its normal size and swings away. Luna stands their motionlessly in shock and fright and runs far away. She cowers in a hollow tree trunk and hopes the creature won’t attack her again.

Tessa is full of joy at the amount of items she had gotten from the cornucopia. She had set up and base and had little stashes of supplies everywhere. She was having a joyous time preparing for the end.

Gemma decided against walking back up to her base. Down here she could wait until the final. Down here she could make her final stand.

Silver decides to get away from the cornucopia. Due to her having fantastic fitness she could run in a constant jog for hours on end. When the sun just began to dip behind a mountain she reached the base of one. The sun’s rays finally dipped behind the mountains and Silver sat down on the grass to catch her breath. Then the ground shaking rumble starts. Storm sits down and tries to anchor herself to the ground. Finally it stops and Silver can breathe. Then the rumbling starts and an ear splitting crash is heard. Silver looks up at the mountain to find a wave of lava cascading down the mountain with brilliant colours of orange and red that light up the valley. Silver turns on her heels and runs and looks around to find all the other mountains with waves of lava roaring down them. In fact she was looking at the lava so intently that she didn’t notice the ditch infront of her. Her foot went in and snagged and she came toppling down. She tried standing back up but the lava was lapping at her feet. Now the lava was too close to out run it and so the lava was on her ankles. She fell in pain and waited as the lava consumed her body and she was no more.

Day 7

Gemma wakes up and feels something in the air. It feels different to the past through days. Not toxic or killer like just different. It’s almost like this was going to be her last day in the arena. Then she remembers she was in the final 3. She was only a little distance away from seeing her family and friends back home. She walks briskly to the cornucopia with her bow and arrow in hand. She has no food and no backpack but knives stored in her pockets along her bow and arrow. She is cautious and finally reaches the clearing. She sprints out the cornucopia and climbs onto it. She sits on top and knocks an arrow ready. She was going to make the enemies come to her.

Tessa sat at watched silently as the District 4 girl walked up to the cornucopia. The girl had sat there and was scanning the forest in front of her. Tessa moves silently around to the back when she sees a flash of black hair in the trees. Then she sees Luna drop down from the trees and run towards her. Tessa knew the final had come.

Luna silently crept behind Gemma and then she edged close to the cornucopia. It was then Gemma decided to look behind and she saw Luna. At the same time Luna threw a knife and Gemma shot her arrow. The arrow scratched Luna arm and the knife flew in front of Gemma. Although it didn’t hit Emma she was startled and fell backwards of the cornucopia. She collided with the cornucopia and hit the ground hard. Luna took advantage of her immobilisation and ran at her. Gemma didn’t have time to load an arrow so she grabbed when and at the right time when Luna was next to her she jabbed the arrow into Luna’s leg. Luna screeched out in pain and brought Gemma to her feet. She stood her up and grabbed her and pulled a large sharp knife from her back pocket. She put in front of Gemma’s throat. “Say anything and I swear your guts will litter the floor.” “WITCH!” Gemma screamed at the top of her voice. Luna drew the knife quickly across Gemma neck. She fell to the ground with her throat slashed but she wasn’t entirely dead. She was now wheezing and finally she whispered a little, “oops,” just as her cannon sounded. Luna took a step back and let the hovercraft take away her body. She went to the bushes in which she had prepared bandages. She took the arrow out of her leg and bandaged it up. Luna took another scan of the clearing before stuffing some berries into her mouth. Then when she turned back she saw Tessa standing at the other side of the clearing with a sword in her hand and her lips pursed. Then the wind picked up. The sky grew bleak as clouds gathered. Luna quickly went and recovered her knives and watched as Tessa just started her down. Luna decided to begin, Tessa was skilled but the sooner they all start the sooner they would finish. Luna starts and throws a knife. Tessa doesn’t except it to go near her but when it flies past her head and is embedded in the tree she begins to worry. Tessa starts by advancing slowly. Then she breaks into a run but instead of running for Luna she runs to the side of the clearing. She reaches it and runs towards the other side and continues on doing this and going to random places just like she was a bouncing ball in a circle. Then she made sure each run went near Luna. Luna tried throwing her knives but they all missed. Tessa ran and finally went behind Luna and held her sword out to the side and scraped at Luna’s leg. Luna was momentarily unstable but she recovered quickly and yelled out, “Stand still. I can’t hit you!” Tessa grinned as another knife whizzed past her. Finally Luna was out of throwing knives and had only close combat ones left. Whenever Tessa ran near she would lash out and miss. Finally Luna grew tired and frustrated. She followed Tessa’s route and when she was about to turn she lashed out with her knife. Tessa raised her arm and jabbed with her sword. The knife cut deep into Tessa’s arm but her sword went into Luna’s chest. Luna and Tessa fell into a mess. Tessa was ok but Luna was dying. Luna began crying and Tessa moved closer and kneeled down next to her. “I-I-I’m sorry,” Luna sobbed. “I’m sorry as well,” said Tessa choking back tears. “Congratulations, I had nothing to go back to,” said Luna quietly trying to smile. “No you will make it through this,” said Tessa now letting a flow of tears stream down her cheeks. Tessa lifted Luna’s shirt and looked at her stomach where she had stabbed her. It was bloody and mucky and Tessa could’ve sworn there was some muscle and organs. She began crying again as Luna began breathing faster and heavier. “You’re a beautiful girl Tessa. I’m sorry you had to witness this,” she says right before she closed her eyes and her cannon echoed around Tessa. Trumpets blared around her and Ceasar Flickerman’s voice surrounds her, “Congratulations to Tessa Violet tribute of District 10!” A man in black comes down the ladder and put my hands on as I am lifted up. Dried tears on my face freeze as I am lifted high into the air. Now I know I’m going to have to face Luna’s family!

Gemma Revlis - Luna Deer

Luna Deer - Tessa Violet

Victory Tour

District 12: Tessa walks out on stage to an awkward round of clapping. Some of the audience claps and others don’t. After all, she was the reason these people were going to starve for another year. She went up to the microphone and mumbled her speech. Then after she fits in awkwardly, “And I’m sorry for Luna and Danny.” She looks at Danny’s family and she looks at Luna’s dad and her brother staring at her coldly. She begins to walk off when Luna’s dad calls out. “You killed my daughter and I loved her!” Tessa storms back to the microphone. “You didn’t love her! You treated her like your slave you dirty pig! You should’ve died not Luna! You killed her mother and you killed her! I hope you’re happy you filthy little pig!” and turns to run off the stage. Right after she leaves she hears two cannon shots and manslaughter was illegal in Panem. Now Luna’s soul was out to rest.

District 11: Krystal’s father stands on one podium with his son Clear who wasn’t dead. On Lightning’s side were two parents and a younger sister whose face was buried in her mother’s dress. “I never knew Lightning, he seemed so distant and mysterious to everyone else. But he seemed nice. But I did meet Krystal. During the feast I went in her way. She did not attack me. She let me be and respected her for that.” The audience all clap politely.

District 9: “Storm and Ash were the dream team, the undefeatable ones. They had such love for each other. It was amazing in training just watching how much he cared for her. Always watching out for her until her very last breath.” Tessa hears a wail from Storm’s little sister. She looks over and sees Ash’s young teenage brother. He stands awkwardly and sways from side to side. He looks up into her eyes but quickly looks somewhere else. He was such a boy, always afraid to cry.

District 8: “I never really knew Katie or Jarrod. Jarrod was quiet and so was Katie. They both seemed nice and skilled. Katie and Jarrod both had the unfortunate bad luck to be killed early in the games.” Katie has a large family and people in the audience sobs. No one is on Jarrod’s platform.

District 7: Tessa gulps and she walks towards to stage. She raises her head and before she speaks tears well in her eyes, “Sadie and Brayden were both my allies.” Tessa mumbles and look up trying to not cry. “They were both amazing allies. Such trustworthy allies. We never saw what happened to Brayden that one day. And I am yet to see his death. But Sadie...” She starts crying. “Sadie single handily took her l-life away from herself a-and I’m so sorry.” She says and runs off and she looks back to see Brayden’s empty raised platform and Sadie’s sobbing parents.

District 6: “Hunter seemed to care so much for Maysilee. It was cute the way they cared. I was running to the start when I saw the spear smash into Maysilee’s skull. Now me being from the meat district, I see blood a lot. But this whole new thing of killing humans was unheard of. She was the one who made me fight. Her death was not in vain but it helped me to win. And Hunter, well he had the physique of a Roman god and if I didn’t win I would’ve picked him as the winner.” She turns and looks at Maysilee’s family and finally at Hunters older sister. All of whom are crying.

District 5: “Aria and Will seemed like good kids. Until we got into the arena. Will died early on and had the blessing of not becoming scarred. And I saw Aria whip Lightning to death. She was lost and confused; she acted out and regretted it later. But unfortunately Krystal didn’t think she deserved a second chance,” she says and walks off but before she can move Aria’s father yells out, “Where’s my slave a need her back now! The little skank!” He takes another swig out of his beer bottle and becomes unbalanced. He falls of and his head collides with the ground in a skull shattering matter. Will’s mother looks solemn.

District 4: Only Xander had parents. Gemma’s stand was empty. But then a bunch of girl’s clambered up and stood on there for her. “Xander seemed to really want to protect Gemma. But Gemma didn’t need protecting I mean look at the damage she did to those tributes. Wow. Xander died at the beginning on the first day and all I can remember is seeing his body curled up in a ball. And I can remember Gemma. Beautiful Gemma. Her life came to an unfortunate end. It’s a shame though because she was really a beautiful girl.”

District 3: “I had talked to both Luke and Emma before. They were both so upbeat and happy about life. But when I saw their faces in the sky on the first night, it felt like all the happiness had been ripped out of the world. They were like the light at the end of my tunnel. They helped me become confident and they helped me win these games. And for that I think that they were better than anyone else.” Luke and Emma’s parents both look proudly at Tessa, their eyes swimming with emotions.

District 2: “I’m not sure I trust myself to say anything nice about Bronze and Silver. They were both raised in a typical career lifestyle I presumed and had the best chances of winning than anybody. I do not feel for their individual deaths but how is it that some people go through their whole life without suffering without pain and yet you two *gestures towards parents* have the joys of your life taken away.”

District 1: Tessa looks over at the families. Tess has a mother and father and an older brother. Then she sees Raph’s parents. He only has a mother... and HEY she’s a previous Hunger Games winner. Sonja Vargas, victor of the 32nd Hunger Games. “Mrs Vargas. I am so sorry for your losses. To have been in the arena and to have had the slightest chance of surviving and have been against all odds coming out alive is amazing. Then having your son go in and never come out. That’s just rips another whole chunk out of your heart. Tess was a slightly irrational girl. But she didn’t deserve to die. I was amazed when her face was in the sky on day 2. It was horrifying thinking that someone so normal could die with the snap of their fingers.” Tessa walks away satisfied.

District 8: Tessa reaches District 8 and is applauded with screeched and yelling and partying. People are coming up to her, greeting her and shaking her by the hand and congratulating her on her amazing job. District 10 hadn’t had a victor in quite some time. The district was going to be fed. Then Tessa spotted in the corner of a party two parents. Both of them the parents of Jonny. She walks over, “I am so sorry about all of this...” she begins. Jonny’s mum cuts her short. “The District is being fed darling. That’s what Jonny wanted, you helped him for fill his goal.” She kisses her on the cheeks and drags the husband away.

So Tessa Violet aye.? Nice Victory Tessa. Put tributes in for my next games to see who will win. (:

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