Ohkay so hi again. Im going to be collecting tributes for this hunger games now so i can finish my other one and move straight onto this one. When i have half i will post the arena and training scores will go up with the tributes. To sumbit a tribute I NEEEEEEED Name,Age,District,Skills,Apperance and HISTORY. I need the history incase they make it to the final 8 or win. I might be doing chariot rides but it all depends. Reserved places have 48 hours to put in their tribute. Umm a maximum of four but just start off with two to be nice. =)

Dont post tributes i have used in my other games or will make sure they die in the bloodbath. =)


The arena is going to be an unerground gem mine and the only light that is prouced is from the gems. Their are tunnels and ladders and things everywhere. Along with the gemnites. Mutts that look like gems but actually are many small gemnites together. The bury deep into flesh and get into yourblood stream until they make it to your heart where thy eat you inside out. Along with the pitfalls and caving roofs this games is going to be the best yet. Expect the Unexpected. =]

The twist

The twist is a twisted twist. To start off just like every other hunger games they will start it a circle. But this year there will be no cornucopia. You heard me read it over again if you must. There will be no cornucopia and no items anywhere on the map on the first day. Killing, if necissary will be done with your bare hands. Then at noon each day the sound of a viking horn will fill the chambers. When this happens a table will pop up where the cornucopia was supposed to be and every day it will have weapons. On day one there will be one weapon and day two their will be two and ect ect. Hanging around the mine are gem berries. They grow from the ceiling and are the only source of food. Water travels in streams and drips down cavern walls. Then to make it ever crueller. 24 tributes enter the arena but 46 die. With each tribute a person close to them had been taken away from their family a put in a cylindircal tube. They are fed and tended to. But when a tributes dies in the arena the person close to them suffers. A green gas is released into the room and this gas slowly eats at your skin. It kills your blood cells one my one and the life drains out of you. So when the tributes dies so does their counterpart. Let the 7th Quarter Quell Begin...


District 1

Male: Harry Fiderson 6

Female: Mary "Jumpy" Blodbath 7

District 2

Male: Ernie Sasalot 8

Female: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter 8

District 3

Male: Digit Twek 7

Female: Micy Cumput 7 $325

District 4

Male: Aspen Noir 7

Female: Angel Odair 8

District 5

Male: Flare Thorn 6

Female: Fawn Sage 6 $425

District 6

Male: Eros Alexander 5

Female: Itzel Jones 6

District 7

Male: Thorn Willows 7

Female: Dew Twilight 6

District 8

Male: Rikki Star 9

Female: Bailey Spatz 7 $25

District 9

Male: Eric Loree 9

Female: Carabella (Cara) Button 6

District 10

Male: Dodge Rook 4

Female: Meena Rose 8

District 11

Male: Paul Apple 6

Female: Holly Honey 3

District 12

Male: Jay Mou 5

Female: Ali Gupi 1 $50



Each tribute starts with $300 and works their way up from there


basket of food-$150

Knife- $150



Bow and arrows-$400



Medical Kit- $400

The Games

Day 1

The Beginning... I’m doing this one in POV’s. Please Enjoy

Bailey Spatz POV District 8: I shiver as I rise on my platform and look up in my tube. I haven’t moved yet. Finally I rocket upwards. I look up above in hope of seeing sunlight and plenty of it. But instead I only see darkness. Finally I stop and I think I am in the arena. Everything is pitch black and nothing is visible. Then I hear one of the other tributes yell out, “Hello?” They say and I recognise it to be a boy. His voice bounces back and forth and leaves and eerie echo. Then like a light switch the whole arena lights up. That’s when I realise we aren’t on a long grassy plain and rocky plateau but instead we are in a cavern. And all around are jewels embedded into the earth above and below us. There are many colours of gems around us. I look to the middle and as promised there is no cornucopia and no weapons. I turn my body around and look for possible exits. There are 12 tunnels leading away from this area. Each is evenly space apart. Claudius Templesmith’s voice then booms around us and makes it seem even louder than usual, “Welcome tributes to the 175th Annual Hunger Games or the 7th Quarter Quell. This is the main cavern. Here are your captured counterparts. Then 24 screens flicker to life. I look for mine and see it directly across from me. The girl beneath my screen seems to be looking at above me as well. I see my best friend Emily sitting in a chair. She looks around grimly and then when everyone is not ready the gong goes off. All hell breaks loose and tributes are disorientated. They try to divert their attention back to the battle field but everything is mess. But I was ready as I turn and run off down a long narrow hallway hoping to find something down here in the gloom

Flare Thorn POV District 5: I struggle to take my eyes of my mother on the screen. Her skin is a sickly yellow and the permanent scowl she always wears is present on her face. When the gong sounds I am little slow to start but I focus. I spot a tunnel across from me. I run and shove the District 6 girl (Itzel Jones) to the ground. Then I see a blur and something collides with me. I topple to the ground and find the District 2 boy (Ernie Sasalot) grinning me down. Then I see more people running towards me. Then the first hit strikes me and a fist finds its way into my stomach. Then another to my chest and leg and neck. Finally I am held by someone. It’s a girl, I can tell by the softness of her hands. She whispers into my ear, “I will save you.” I look and find Mary Blodbath the District 1 girl staring me down. She giggles and then she jerks my head sideways and the last thing I hear is the careers laughing and mocking me.

Flare’s Mother POV District 5: This chair is uncomfortable and where am I again. I need my son, I need him. I wonder around and tap the glass like a fishbowl but nothing happens. I move to watch the TV screen. I watch as I see the District 6 boy and the District 10 girl pushing and shoving each other into the wall as they run down a corridor. Then it cuts to another scene where a boy is lying on the ground. Then they zoom in on his face and I realise it’s Flare. I yell out and pound the glass with my fist and begin to cry just as the smoke pours out from a tube above me and I drop to the ground. It feels like I have the devil inside of me and it invades me and I to go and join my son.

Jay Mou POV District 12: At the beginning I run to find Ali. She is cautiously stepping of her plate. I grab her hand and she shrieks at first but she realises it’s me. I guide her to a tunnel when I look at one of the screens. I see a woman shrieking and howling as her face is becoming white. Finally her eyes roll back in her head and she drops to the ground. Her screen changes to static. A cannon reverberates through the mine. I begin to guide Ali and push her down a tunnel. I walk with my back to Ali’s and look back at the cornucopia. There is a dim light above us from the gems. We come into another chamber of sorts. It seems to slant downwards. I turn back to look down the tunnel to make sure we weren’t being followed then I turn around to find someone’s hand wrapping around Ali’s throat.

Carabella Button POV District 9: My hands wrapped around the blind girls throat and I squeezed. The girl thrashed as I presses harder. Then I hear the sound of rocks crumbling. I look to find her District partner (Jay Mou) running at me with a shard of gem in his hands. He jumps and pushes me over and I try desperately to escape but he pierces my throat with the point and it’s all over in a second.

Carabella’s Friend POV District 9: I sit and watch intently at the little screen. I watch as the District 4 and 3 boys have a little punch up but they both escape fairly unharmed. Then it flickers to someone strangling the blind girl. I watch in horror as the face is identified and I see her being stabbed by a shard. The cannon goes off and I run to the corner of the tube. I press my face against the glass as the smoke comes in the tube. I hold my breath as the smoke encases the tube and finally I take a breath of the toxic air.

Rikki Star POV District 8: After getting away from the cornucopia I find Bailey and we begin to walk away. Then we hear the screaming. Bailey and I run faster until we find a girl slowly sinking down through the ground. I can just recognise her face as being the District 7 girl (Dew Twilight). Bailey and I run to heave her out of the ground. We manage to bring her out and she runs and cowers in the corner. Then I someone jumps out and tackles me to the ground.

Thorn Willows POV District 7: I jump the District 8 boy (Rikki Star). I tried desperately to strangle him. He began gasping for air but then his district partner came over and yanked me off. I was no match for her and I began trying to scramble away she tugged at my foot and pull me back. Then I look up to find the boy eye to eye with me, “I supposed it’s never too late for apologies, right?” I say. He glares at me, “This time it is.” He says as he jumps up and slams his shoes into my neck.

Thorn Willows/Dew Twilights Father POV District 7: I grow tired of being pushed around by the capitol. They own everything, they have power over everything and what do they use all of it for? The hunger games of course. If you ask me it’s a waste of money. I watch the screen and see the two District 11 tributes tentatively placing gem like berries in their mouths. I walk away at look out of the glass tube. All I can see is pale white walls. Nothing else. Then gas begins to drift its way into my tube via a small tube. I run back to the TV screen and find Thorn lying on the floor. I scream out in pain as the gas invades my lungs.

Dodge Rook POV District 10: After the initial “bloodbath” everyone dispersed. Some had run early and others were later. Then often down the corridors there were exits or turn offs. It was a confusing maze but somehow you could always find your way back to a main tunnel. I had managed to meet up with Meena and we were happy. But this year the games had started later. We had spent 5 hours in the launch rooms. It was around mid day when it had begun. Meena and I continue to press on into the dimly lit tunnels. Then finally we stop. There is a little area in the wall that has been carved out. It could easily fit both of us lying down. We stopped and sat down awkwardly. Then Meena pointed upwards, “What on earth is that?” She exclaims. Above us hanging from a silver branch was a cluster of berries. They glimmer in the dim light and Meena jumped and plucked them off. She squeezed on in her hand and it popped. She puts on in her mouth before I can stop here. But then she puts another one in then another. I grab the berries and try one and find the sweet juices from the berry floating around in my mouth. Then after we both shut up I hear the faint trickle of water. I run and find the source. Dripping down the side of the wall was water. I stuck my tongue under eagerly. It tasted sweet and I sat back and let Meena have a try. Maybe this games wasn’t going to be so bad after all

Aspen Noir POV District 4: After the beginning we settle down in the middle cavern. We sent Lucy and Mary down a tunnel but they came back with no dead tributes or food. We sit down and the above us the earth slightly opens and a basket floats down. It contains food and drink delicacies. I sit and chew and the end of a marinated chicken leg when suddenly we hear the capitol music. I stop where I am and actually begin to wonder, how are they going to broadcast all the dead tributes to everyone in this labyrinth. Then I watch as the screens the once held the videos of our loved ones turned off and the screen flickers on. But then I see something even weirder. I look and run to the edge and am looking at a diamond. But on it seems to be the same thing on the TV screen. Almost like there was a TV inside the crystal. I see first of the word ‘Tributes flash on the screen.’ It dims and begins with the District 5 boy, the District 7 boy then finally the District 9 girl. Then it replays each of the counterpart’s death. Each one is horrible. It finishes and we sit in silence and then we all return to chatter. An odd bit of experience just then.

At the end of the day here are the alliances. Careers: Mary Blodbath, Harry Fiderson, Ernie Sasalot, Lucy Fighter, Asper Noir, Angel Odair.

Groups. Digit Twek, Micy Cumput | Eros Alexander, Itzel Jones | Rikki Star, Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight| Dodge Rook, Meena Rose | Paul Apple, Holly Honey | Ali Guppi, Jay Mou

Loners: Eric Loree and Fawn Sage


Flare Thorn - Mary Blodbath

Carabella Button - Jay Mou

Thorn Willows - Rikki Star

Day 2

Day 2. Between the morning and noon nothing happens. Then at noon the horn calls.

Itzel Jones POV District 6: When the trumpet sounds Eros and I are ready. We pelt down the hall and see the main cavern out in front. But when we reach it we find the careers wondering around like browns cows. Also other tributes begin emerging from the other various tunnels. Then across from us we see the District 2 boy (Ernie Sasalot) and the District 11 boy (Paul Apple) arguing over something. We all sit cautiously and after around 5 or 10 minutes I grow tired. Then the District 2 girl (Lucy Fighter) calls out, “look it’s over there and points to a dark corner when the very edge of the table can be seen. Everyone then began running for it. People threw each other out of the way and dragged people down when they fell. Finally someone got it. I couldn’t tell who then they dragged the closed persons head (Eric Loree District 9) and shoved a knife through his neck. A cannon sounded and some people gasped and backed away.

Holly Honey POV District 11: People backed away after the tribute stabbed someone through the neck. Then they jumped on Ernie Sasalot’s back and drove the knife deep into his back. He yelped and his cannon sounded. I could now tell it was a girl from her hair and they way she ran. Then as I backed away she jumped and stuck her feet out and landed on me and I fell to the ground. Then I looked into her eyes and saw it was Fawn Sage from District 5. I opened my mouth to say something but she jabbed the knife into my throat.

Holly Honey’s Friend Penelope POV District 11: I sat and watched the games with my utter most attention. I watch as the District 9 boy is killed. Then I watch as I see Holly have a knife shoved in her throat. I scream and fall onto my knees and the gas files into my room. And I know what is going to come.

Eric Loree’s Little Sister POV District 9: I don’t know what happened. One minute I was at school the next in this tube. I didn’t like it here. There was no mummy or daddy. Then I try to watch the screen. Only last year did mummy let we watch the game. It was very yucky. I watched as a girl got a knife. I yelled out in encouragement. I hope that girl wins in think to myself. Then I watch as she stabs my big brother Eric through the neck. At first I think it’s fake but then I see the blood. I fall off my chair and scream and then I see the smoke coming in to the room. Maybe it’s a genie come to save me...

Random Person POV District 2: I can’t believe I got sucked into this whole Hunger Games business. Stupid really. I watched it because there was nothing else to do. I watch as the District 9 boy is stabbed and then the district 2 boy. I walk around the cylinder to stretch my legs and I see the gas filtering in. I’m no chemistry genius but green fog is never a good sign.

Eros Alexander POV District 6: After Fawn ran away everyone stood around awkwardly. Then all of a sudden a rumbling was heard and some spaces opened up in the ceiling and down fell 4 white parachutes. Each of them were holding swords and they floated gracefully down to Meena Rose (District 10), Bailey Spatz and Rikki Star (District 8) and Angel Odair (District 4). That’s when all hell broke loose. Bailey and Rikki teamed up and hacked away at Harry Fiderson (District 1). Angel Odair ran at Meena Rose for a surprise attack and in no time Meena’s head was no longer attached to her shoulder. Someone grabbed Meena’s sword. People began running away frantically and finally I saw Angel as she swiped her sword down on my shoulder. I yell out in pain and she brings it down on my back. Taken down by a girl, I think. How shameful.

Eros Alexander’s father POV District 6: I watch the games and how the capitol had well timed the sponsor gifts. They fell down and all hell broke loose. They may kill the weak tributes but not my boy. He was too smart to be drawn to a foolish thing like that I saw and look down at the screen only to see Eros dead. I yell out and tears well in my eyes. I sit down on the floor and curl up into a ball. How was I going to survive without Eros how? Then I realised as the smoke invaded the room, I wasn’t going to survive either.

Harry Fiderson’s father POV District 1: My boy is going to dominate the games. The hours we have spent together in the training centre. He was determined to win and he was. I watched the screen and saw a lots of people gain sudden sponsorships. Then I watch as the two District 8 tributes gang up on my Harry. “Run boy!” I yell out as if he could actually hear me. But he doesn’t and as the sword make contact with his body a sickly gas fills the room and I feel myself being eaten alive.

Meena Rose’s father POV District 10: I sit in the corner and hum to myself. I pictured dragons and knights in armour dancing before my eyes. I think I might be a little insane. I sit and watch and try imagining my little girl Meena singing to be once again. Then I hear her scream through the TV sound system. I sit upright but shrink back down. Then I watch as a green cloud comes into my room. “Come here Mr. Cloud.” I say and crawl right in to the green toxins.

Nothing Else of Interest Happened. Weapons holders. Swords: Angel Odair, Bailey Spatz, Rikki Star and Jay Mou Knives: Fawn Sage

Careers: Mary Blodbath, Lucy Fighter, Asper Noir, Angel Odair.

Groups. Digit Twek, Micy Cumput | Rikki Star, Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight| Ali Guppi, Jay Mou

Loners: Fawn Sage, Itzel Jones, Paul Apple


Eric Loree - Fawn Sage

Ernie Sasalot - Fawn Sage

Holly Honey - Fawn Sage

Harry Fiderson - Bailey Spatz

Meena Rose - Angel Odair

Eros Rose - Angel Odair

Day 3: Jay Mou and Ali Guppi were both given a basket of food each and a knife each.

Micy Cumput POV District 3: In the early hours of what I think is morning I am already awake and plucking berries from the room and collecting water from the walls. I dance around and return to the camp to awaken Digit. He wakes up irritable. I shove a berry into his mouth playfully and he spits it out. We spend the morning foraging and drinking. Then at midday at the exact same time the trumpet calls. We run down the hall into the main cavern ready to face the others.

Mary Blodbath POV District 1: We are waiting at the cornucopia and wander around. Then out of the corner of my eyes I see the District 6 girl edging her way along the wall of the cavern. Then I see at the edge in the shadows is a table. I immediately run at it along with every other tribute present. The girl reaches and picks up and axes lying on the table. I stop in my tracks and she slowly back away towards an exit. Then I see the bow and arrow on the table. I pick up the bow and string and arrow. The girl has just begun to walk backwards down the tunnel when I catch up. She realises what I have and turns to run. I’m no amazing wonder at archery but this was like shooting fish in a barrel. The arrow was luckily well shot and it was soon embedded in her neck. She collapsed to the ground and pulled the arrow out but then she flopped down like a fish and her cannon sounded. I unthoughtfully drop my bow and arrows and run down the corridor to get the axe. I pick it up and look at all the blood smeared on the wall. I turn back to head down the hall to find someone picking up the bow and arrows. I curse and run down the hall to find out what I have done.

Itzel Jones Mother POV District 6: I sit upright and snap awake. I had been dozing ever since I was in this tube. I watch the screen and see all the tributes in a cavern. Then I watch as my Itzel begins making her way to the table. Then the District 1 girl spots her. Itzel grabs the axe and hold everyone still and gets away. But then the other girl gets a bow and catches up and then I see the arrow go into her neck. I don’t cry because I have cried so many tears when in this cylinder. Instead a go and sit with my back to the wall as the smoke pours in and I let it consume because I know I can’t change fate, even if it is stuffed up.

Dew Twilight POV District 7: I swoop in a collect the bow and arrow in a flash. I’m not good with it but hopefully I can use it as a trading item. Mary comes running out of the hallway with the axe. “Come get me WITCH!” I scream out. She retaliates and throws the axe that flies hopelessly past me. I throw my bow and arrow into the crowd of people and run to retrieve the axe. Mary realises what she’s done a throws her hands up in frustration. She storms off down the tunnel. The tributes that managed to get the bow and arrow were the District 4 pair. They threaten people with their sword and newly found weapon. The other tributes scatter but then I see the two who remain. Bailey and Rikki stand their ready to strike them back. I move over beside them and stand by. Then we run up to them yelling, then I seems like time slowly and I watch Bailey and Angel battle with precision and accuracy then I watch as Aspen fires the arrow into Rikki’s temples. He falls to the ground and his head splatters. Then time speeds back up and I throw my axe and let it be buried deep in Aspen’s head. Angel screams and runs away. A cannon goes off and we think it is for Aspen and we run back to Rikki. But as we run towards him another cannon fires. It was done; there was no way that could’ve been a coincidence. Bailey falls over on her knees and grabs me by the wrist and runs down a hall with tears streaming from her eyes.

Rikki Star’s Friend POV District 8: I am going to die. The capitol has taken me away. It’s because of Rikki. I knew I shouldn’t have been friend with him. My mum had said so but did I listen? No because now I was totally fucked. Then I am reassured my death as smoke enters the chamber and I fell my skin rotting away.

Ali Guppi POV District 12: I’m sick of being left alone whilst Jay runs off. I hate being blind. Then when he comes in panting and he fall to the ground. “I-I-I am being chased.” I think he stands and then I hear the footstep of someone else. Then I hear the clashing of sword. Then I’ve never been able to see anything but black. The more the blades clash I think I can see the faintest light. But no I must be delusional. Then it grows lighter and I scream and here Jay and the other adversary yelp and howl and run away to the corner. The light grows brighter and brighter until it grows painful and then I stops and when the light leaves I can see the cave around me. I run and grab the sword Jay had and slash the sword across the neck of the District 11 boy. He collapses and a cannon sounds. I look towards Jay and he trembles. “How did you do that?” he asks and begins to rise. “Jay I saw him. I can see,” I see and Jay collapses and faints.

Paul Apple’s Mum POV District 11: After the feast I sat back down. I wonder if anyone else is in captivity like me. I sit down after the bloodbath but the capitol still seems intent on showing something. Then a bright, bright light radiates from the screen. I run to it and see the blind District 12 girl pick up a sword and slash my son’s throat. I begin howling and screaming and crying all in one. Thrashing about and I don’t even notice the smoke coming in the cylinder.

Aspen Noir’s Friend POV District 4: I’m sick of being in this tube. I can’t get out and have been trying to do so for ages. I usually love the Hunger Games. In fact I was going to volunteer next year. That’s if they let me go! I pound my fists on the glass and return to the screen and find Aspen lying dead on the ground. I walk backwards and shrink down into a ball. A when I look up to find the hissing noise my eyes a swimming with tears. The gas surrounds me and I finally let the gas take me over.

Careers: Mary Blodbath, Lucy Fighter, Angel Odair. 

Groups: Digit Twek, Micy Cumput | Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight| Ali Guppi, Jay Mou Loners: Fawn Sage, Dodge Rook

Weapons: Knives: Ali Guppi, Jay Mou, Fawn Sage Bow and Arrow: Angel Odair Swords: Jay Mou, Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight, Angel Odair Axe: Dew Twilight

Itzel Jones - Mary Blodbath Rikki Star - Aspen Noir Aspen Noir - Dew Twilight Paul Honey - Ali Guppi


Guys dont get to excited and Girls please dont be offended

Day 4:

Micy And Digit Both Recieve Knives.

Mary Blodbath POV District 1: In the early hours of the morning I am walking around a corridor. I had stolen Angel’s sword for a little while. Finally I hear the soft breathing of a sleeping tribute. I drop my sword quietly and walk over and find the District 10 boy (Dodge Rook) sleeping. I walk beside him and sit down and put my head on his shoulder. In around an hour he stirred. At first he didn’t notice or mind but then he remembered where he was. He jumped up and spun around to me. “What are you doing?” He yelled. “Aw baby you don’t remember anything about last night do you?” He shakes his head and I tug at his shoulder. He sits down and I shuffle behind him and begin to give him a shoulder massage. Then I move forward and whisper in his ear, “You like this don’t you?” If it wasn’t so dim I would be able to tell he was blushing. I moved closer and began to kiss his neck. Slowly he moved his neck. I licked the side of his face and said “Lie down baby I’m going to get something that you’ll enjoy even more. I lied him down and was sure my shirt was a little lower than usual so he could look at my chest. I sat there for a moment as he continued look at my chest and more so the tops of my breasts. “I’ll be right back baby,” I said seductively. I rolled my eyes as I walked away. Boys, with all their raging hormones. No different from the one’s back home. I pick up the sword and move it closer to him but still am silent. I move it until it is in arms reach and sit down on his lower chest/stomach area. I am careful not to touch his crotch for what could be happening down there. I move my face towards his and begin to kiss his lips. I move further down his neck and to the top of his chest. Then I sit back up and collect the sword in one hand. I move back down and lick his lips then I stand up and plunge the sword deep into his chest. He squeals and then a cannon booms. He lies their motionlessly and I walk away satisfied.

Dodge Rook’s Father POV District 10: I was dying in here without my beer. I hadn’t had a drink in 4 days 4 days. It was becoming a night mare. I don’t think I have even been this sober before. I sit back down to watch the games. I see the District 3 pair arguing again. They both don’t get along that well and are quite argumentative. Then it moves to a scene where a girl was sitting on top of a boy. I realise it was my son, “Come on boy get in there!” I yell out encouragingly as if he could hear me. Then I hear some shuffling than a cannon shot. I don’t know what has happened but walk away. It’s wasn’t my business to be looking on at my boy becoming a man. Then a gas fills the room. “What the..?” I say then I drop to the floor as the gas eats away at my skin.

Digit Twek POV District 3: It’s noon again and everyone is back at the main cavern. The trumpet blows and this time everyone seems the table. It is just near one of the metal plates the tributes used to stand on. I see someone clutch a spear then run away. Then I see the mace. I reach out to grab it when the District 2 girl grabs the same weapon as me. We struggle for a little while on the floor then I feel something on my chest. It’s the point of something then I realise the girl on me has stopped struggling. A confident looking Micy steps out from behind and pulls the spear from her body. I push the girl off at the other tributes stare at us. Then everyone runs away. Then I see Fawn from District 5. She clutches more throwing knives now. And she find the last person to run away and throws the knives deep into their back. A cannon sounds and we think its Angel Odair but we don’t stay to find out.

Lucy Fighter’s Dad POV District 2: I watch the game intently. Pointing out every wrong move a tribute makes. Then I watch as Lucy my girl makes her first wrong desiccation. The best idea would be to run away not to fight them. Then she pays for it when the spear is pushed through her body. Taken out by someone from District 3. Essentially she had been killed by a nerd! I star in disgust and am very confused when the smoke rolls in.

Angel Odair’s Friend POV District 4: I am scared here. One minute I was crying over Angel going into the games then the next I was here. In this tube. With the only thing a chair a compartment for food and a TV screen and speakers. With nothing to do all I could do was sit and watch the games. I didn’t mind the games though. It’s a great chance to represent your district. I watch as I see the District 2 girl get spear and flinch. Then everyone runs. Then the psycho District 5 girl throws a knife into the backs of one of the girls. She falls and collapses to the ground. Her cannon sounds and they zoom in on my best friend Angel Odair’s face. My first reaction is anger, the sorrow. I scream and stomp and cry. Then the gas comes in. Perhaps this is to calm me down. I begin scratching at my skin then I drop to the ground.

Careers: Mary Blodbath, Groups: Digit Twek, Micy Cumput | Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight| Ali Guppi, Jay Mou Loners: Fawn Sage


Knives: Ali Guppi, Jay Mou, Fawn Sage, Micy Cumput, Digit Twek Bow and Arrow: Angel Odair Swords: Jay Mou, Bailey Spatz, Dew Twilight Axe: Dew Twilight

Dodge Rook - Mary Blodbath

Lucy Fighter - Micy Cumput

Angel Odair - Fawn Sage


Mary Blodbath District 1: Two or three boys around the same age as Mary show up. Her true love was trapped in the cylinder. They all look very desperate and slightly confused but they talk about her. Then one of the boys begins to talk about the last night they shared together and the TV cuts out before the first word.

Digit Twek District 3: Digit’s parents both show up and are sobbing. His younger brother was trapped in the cylinder. They desperately beg him to come home. They miss him so dearly and his younger brother as well. The father can pull himself together to answer some questions but the mother is a total wreck.

Micy Cumput District 3: Her Parents both show up along with her sister. Her brother was in the capsule. They all seem devastated but not as bad as Digit’s parents. Her mum is able to hold her own in the interview along with her dad. Only her sibling cries throughout the whole thing. At the end her dad says, “Keep up the good work honey. To win, you are going to have to kill more.”

Fawn Sage District 5: Fawn’s friend turns up because her brother Forest was in the tube. She is very teary but can manage to answer some questions. At the end she states, “P-Please come home Dawn. I can’t bear to lose Flare and you.”

Dew Twilight District 7: Her father was dead because of Thorn. Her sister Dawn is excused from school to show up. And her other sister Sky was in the tube. She moans and cries and almost tear their hair out. She answers questions with a short yes or no. She cries and moans and finally she says, “Pleaaase Dew come home. I’ve already l-lost dad and Thorn. Please come home.” And walks off the stage.

Bailey Spatz District 8: A group of her friends turn up. Except for her best friend who was in the tube. They are all crying on each other’s shoulders and everyone has a say when the answer the questions. At the best friend’s sister remains. “Please come back we miss you and Fama.”

Jay Mou District 12: His parents come urgently. They say before the questions, “Jay get away from the girl. She can see now and she can kill. Please go away from her!” Then they answer the questions but they don’t really pay attention and they are fidgety throughout the whole interview. At the end her mum repeats what she said at the beginning of the interview.

Ali Guppi District 12: Her two sisters and Aunt are bounding with excitement when they come to the interview. They are amazed Ali got given the ability to see. Now she has a shot at winning. Imagine that the second District 12 girl to win a Hunger Games. Along with that Katniss Everdeen in the 74th. But she died in the 75th Hunger Games so Ali would be the only living victor. They answer the questions and walk away with a little swagger in their step.

Day 5

Day 5:

Fawn Sage POV District 5: Nothing happens in the morning, no cannon shot, no fighting, and no nothing. I spend my morning foraging berries and eating them. Then after a long drink of water I gather my knives and then expectedly the horn sounds again. We all run and are in individual tunnels. No careers lurk in the main cavern now. After I had my little revenge time everyone now takes me seriously instead of the hopeless young, quiet District 5 girl who should’ve died at the bloodbath. I was now had one of the highest chances of winning. After all I mean what’s a blind girl going to do that I can’t?

Jay Mou POV District 12: I no longer need to guide Ali everywhere she goes. This is the first time she has been out; she wanted to make her miracle a surprise attack. She clutches the sword whilst I hold our two knives. We make it to the chamber. The only other teams are the District 7 & 8 girls and the District 3 pair. Then the table appears and this time it is most obvious as it is in the centre. Everyone runs out at it with weapons raised. Someone throws a knife and it goes across and clatters to the floor. Today on the table is a mace, a whip, an axe and a sword. In the tunnel next to ours the District 1 girl runs out and leans in to get the mace. I reach in to stab her when she realises and swings her mace out at me. It smashed into my arm and my arm is spliced. Then with my free arm I bury the knife deep in her back. She yelped and a cannon sounds. Then I turn to tend to my arm when a knife comes out and I sent into my free arm. I drop to the ground with both arms injured and bleeding. Then someone throws the knife into my temple. And it’s all over in a second.

Mary Blodbath’s Friend POV District 1: Mary was doing well in these games. Although I was a little irked at the fact she had almost got it on with other guy. But it was all ok because she killed him in the end. I was watching the Day 5 feast now. And I see the District 12 boy lunging over Mary. I lift my hands infront of my face but luckily she sees and swings the mace into his arm. Luckily he is injured but then I see his other hand. I scream out, “Mary look behind you!” But she doesn’t and the knife is buried in her back. I fall of the chair and begin to sob. I pick up the chair and smash it against the glass. The chair shatters and I don’t even notice the gas pouring into the room.

Jay Mou’s Brother’s POV District 12: This was probably the nicest place I had ever stayed. It was clean in here and tented to my necessities. I watch the hunger games screen. A feast is taking place. I fear for Jay. Then I see as the feast begins and I watch his as his arm is spliced. I flinch and continue on watching. Then I see him stab the District 1 girl. I feel triumphant but then the knife is buried in his arm. He falls to the ground and is unable to move. Then the camera changes view and you see the District 5 girl behind him. She throws the knife as he turns around and it I buried in his skull. I yell out and then I swear repeatedly. I want that girl dead. I saw and swing my arms wildly and grab the chair and as I am about to throw it on the floor. A cloud of green gas floods the room and I know I can no longer call for the girl’s blood.

Bailey Spatz POV District 8: I watch as the District 1 girl and District 8 boy die. I then run in to grab the spear when we hear and feel the earth shakes. I back away as Dew runs in to gain the spear. She grabs it and then some rocks begin to fall from the ceiling. Everyone is away now except for Dew. I scream out just as a chunk of the roof falls nearby her. She runs towards me as the ceiling collapses around her. Then right when she is only meters away from me the piece of roof above me falls and crushes Dew. I hear the yucky squelching sound as a cannon goes off. I scream and fall to the ground sobbing for a little while. Then when the caving in stops and the dust settles I look up in amazement. Somehow the roof had collected mostly in the middle. It leads a steep slope. Then at the top was a new colourful world awaiting us. I move up the slope and find large jewels hovering in mid air. Everyone comes up and moves around on the stones. They seem like they had turned gravity off. Everyone was hoping around then there was a loud churning noise and the ground snapped up underneath us and levelled out. The game makers had just transported us. And above was amazing. There were tree’s made from massive jewels. They constantly were changing colour depending on how you looked at it. Everything was made from solid glass. Then everything comes back to me and I realise it is the Hunger Games. I watch and can’t do anything as the District 12 girl swishes her sword on the District 3 boy’s neck. He falls to the ground and his cannon echoes around us. The girl picks up her spear and walks over ready to stab her. Wait did the BLIND District 12 girl just kill a tribute. She runs backwards and turns to face the girl. Then I realise, she can see. Then the District 5 girl (Fawn Sage) runs at me with her knives. She throws one and I duck and it hits the crystal tree behind me. The tree shatters and then a loud piercing noise fills me ear. I sink to my knees in pain and everyone stops and fall to the ground. All of a sudden my eyelids feel heavy and I fall asleep right then a there with everyone else.

Dew Twilight’s Sister’s POV District 7: I didn’t want to watch the games. They were violent and icky. I didn’t watch them but instead a played games using the chair. But by now I was very bored. I think I had played every chair game possible. Then I hear a cannon shot echo from the speakers. I look to the screen to find two tributes fighting I look away. And then I hear the earth rumbling. I look up and find Dew being crushed by a piece of earth. I then go down and sit and cry and cry and cry. And when I next open my eyes green gas surrounds me. I am startled and take in a deep breath of the gas.

Digit Twek’s Brothers POV District 3: I hate my brother. And I don’t pretend to hide it. He was always the angel child whilst I was the reject. Maybe if he died in the games they would finally accept me as a son. And also here in this tube I could watch the games all the time without my parents getting suspicious. I watch as the 3 tributes are killed underground. Then they move above ground and I watch as the District 12 slams her sword into my brother’s neck. I yelp out in glee and surprise and he falls to the ground. I move around and do a little dance. Then the smoke comes in. “What the hell do you think that’s going to do? Not like it can stop me!” I bellow out to no one in particular. In fact then I dance right into the smoke and dance right into my death.

Mary Blodbath - Jay Mou

Jay Mou - Fawn Sage

Dew Twilight - Game Makers

Digit Twek - Ali Guppi

Day 6

Day 6: Fawn Sage POV District 5: When I wake up I am in a little compartment. It is made of the jewels and I crawl out and move into the air. That’s when I realise I am still in the gem arena. I look to find the other girl getting out of their shells. I look at mine and it’s almost like a shell was growing around me. The other girls clasp their weapons when a TV screen floats down into view. Claudius Templesmith appears on the screen. “Congratulations remaining tributes. Today could possibly the final day. I wish you all well and now begin!” He finishes and everywhere tables pop up. None with weapons but they either have food or water or luxurious from the capitol. I spy a ring with a massive ruby encrusted in it. I throw it towards the ground in the very middle and it shatters and I single the beginning of the end.

Micy Cumput POV District 3: The District 5 girl threw a big ruby on the floor and it shattered. Then I clasp a necklace made of diamond and rip the diamonds off and throw them at her. In no time at all we are having a ranging jewel war. Gems and crystal fly everywhere and shatter on impact. It’s almost like a game really I think everyone was a little delusional. Then the District 8 girl threw a sapphire necklace at the District 12 girl. It hit her in the forehead and left a mark. She grabbed her sword and soon the little happiness that remained a minute ago was gone. I hold my spear, Bailey holds a sword, and Flare holds some knives and Ali a sword. Then Ali throws a tiara onto the ground and it breaks and this time she means business.

Bailey Spatz POV District 8: Fawn throws a knife that barely misses Ali’s skull. Ali pushes over the table and runs at Fawn. Fawn’s eyes dilute with fear and she turns to run. I look to find Micy edging towards me. She takes a shard of diamond from her pocket and throws it at me. It pierces my hand. I quickly rip it out and run at her. I take the first swing and she darts backwards. She lungs out with her spear to poke it through my chest. I swing again but this time pretend to swing and she falls for it. She jumps backwards and I swing at her shoulder. But she was ready and so fast. My sword only just clipped her shoulder as she kneeled down. Then she drove the spear upwards into my chest and I can almost hear my cannon shot.

Bailey’s Friend’s POV District 8: I haven’t eaten. I haven’t slept. I was determined not to let the capitol kill me. If I was dying it would be from my own cause. I don’t even watch Bailey. Death will not help my cause. Just as I think this smoke fills the room and I know the Capitol has killed me.

Micy Cumput POV District 3: I get back up and move Bailey’s body. I kick it away and run after Fawn and Ali. I don’t see Ali until she runs up behind me and pushes me down. I fall down and Fawn runs over me as well and pushes my face into the ground. After the move on I feel my nose and find it bleeding. I walk over to Ali who is now slowing down and looking at my face. After all I must’ve been hideous with my bloody and possibly broken nose. I run towards her and prepare to impale her on the end of my spear. I run and Ali who was very thoughtful side stepped it at the last second. Because of momentum I kept on running and found a scared looking Fawn I can manage to stop myself but not before the very tip pierces her skin. I look up and smile weakly as a sword is brought down on my neck.

Micy Cumput’s Brother District 3: I love Micy and fear for her. I know she is going to die. She will do something silly and then the big bad guy will chop off her head. I know it. I had only watched the bloodbath of the games and then only the end when the show the tributes and how they die. I saw Digit die last night and I know Micy has no chance. She was always going to die this way, but the hands of a big fat Meany! Then I glance and the screen to find Micy sheepishly grinning at the camera. Then the flimsy, weak blind girl cuts her head off. I scream and run away and cry an ocean of tear. Then I hear the hissing of something and turn around frightened. I see the gas and faint to the ground. Either way I’m dead along with Micy.

Fawn Sage POV District 5: Micy dies and then Ali lashes out at me. She missed and I retaliate by send a knife into her thigh. She yelps and cuts at my wrist. She creates a gash but nothing I can’t handle. Then as I go to clasp another knife. Then she cuts out with her sword unsuspectedly and swipes it across my chest and creates and large gash. I gasp and fall to the ground but not before sending a knife into her other thigh. She falls down to the ground a look up to the sky. She was waiting for the hovercraft which was now coming in view. I was dying and fast. I needed to act now because if we were left by ourselves right now to see who would last the longest she would win. I crawl over with immense pain in every moment until I am behind her and I fall and bury the blade in her back. Then I fall down next to her and I can hear her breath speeding up. But I am on the edge of death. I close my eyes and finally rest...

Was there going to be a 175th Hunger Game victor...?

??? POV District?: When I wake I find myself in a room. I am surrounded by white walls. Instrument lay down on the table next to me. Stitching equipment and other sharp tools I have no names for. But wow I am alive. I mean the other girl was so tough. Then I hear a knock on the door as a doctor comes in. “You have visitors,” Then my mother comes into the rooms and hug me and she says “Congratulations Fawn you deserved to win.”

Congratulations Too Fawn Sage of District 5, Winner of the 175th Hunger Games!

Rankings 24th Flare Thorn District 5

23rd Carabella Button District 9

22nd Thorn Willows District 7

21st Eric Loree District 9

20th Ernie Sasalot District 2

19th Holly Honey District 11

18th Eros Alexander District 6

17th Meena Rose District 10

16th Harry Fiderson District 1

15th Itzel Jones District 6

14th Paul Apple District 11

13th Rikki Star District 8

12th Aspen Noir District 4

11th Dodge Rook District 10

10th Lucy Fighter District 2

9th Angel Odair District 4

8th Mary Blodbath District 1

7th Jay Mou District 12

6th Dew Twilight District 7

5th Digit Twek District 3

4th Bailey Spatz District 8

3rd Micy Cumput District 3

2nd Ali Guppi District 12

1st Fawn Sage District 5

Congratulations to Fawn Sage. I hope you all enjoyed it and I will be making another games when I get back from my holidays. :D

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