Welcome Victims

Good evening/noon/afternoon/morning fellow peoplez. Im very bored, i need to do a hunger games i think. Its the 33rd Hunger Games, (<<<< I like that number.) And sewww yeah, submit tributes guys, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


The arena is...

It is a tropical forest and the whole arena is slanted slightly (not enough to noitce). There are many rivers, gullys, streams and rivelutts that run everywhere through the area and it is contrantly wet and very very hot. It is very hilly everywhere and there are bumps and humps (*giggle*) all in the ground. Finally at the bottom part of the area on the opposite side there is a massive pool of water which leads to an underwater cavern underneath the area where there are many caves to explore. Also at the very top their is a never ending waterfall that is only slight but it is what triggers the rivers and watery thing,. Littered through out the arena are springs, holes where people can go down to the underwater caverns. Oh and the massive pool of water at the bottom of the arena turns into a viscious whirlpool once every day sucking down lots of water and causing streams to quickly turn into rapids. hope u liked it!

The Tributes

District 1

Male: Ovid Cyril

Female: Sestina Ottilie

District 2

Male: Kakeru Satsuki

Female: Misuzu Kusakabe

District 3

Male: Peter Mage

Female: Belle Taylor

District 4

Male: Vandenyno Bangas

Female: Mareas Corriente

District 5

Male: Damino Secet

Female: Cora Remni

District 6

Male: Tiberious Sluth

Female: Jocious Mitious

District 7

Male: Stronton Melich

Female: Sedra Alsypse

District 8

Male: Nolt Ranfer

Female: Zhorn Mane

District 9

Male: Markus Brown

Female: Sheila Swift

District 10

Male: Jakob Silverton

Female: Blossom Bloodfresh

District 11

Male: Jeronimo Vigal

Female: Wynona Spike

District 12

Male: Dimitree Haskot

Female: Brydy Crush


I added songs, so yeah, the songs i was listening too when i wrote them. And they sorta explain the District. ENJOY

District 1 Reaping;

Song: Who’s That Chick? - Rihanna

The most elated, dazzling and beautiful District reaping there was. With girls wearing million dollar dresses and boys wearing tuxedoes and suits like you wouldn’t believe. Thousands of dollars’ worth of jewellery lingered on the fingers, ear lobes and necks on many adoring teens. Litres of hairspray used to perfect every hair style, and make up bags were looking sad and empty after being applied to everyone ones faces. Hours of preparation lead up to this day with people swarming around in 4 inch high stiletto heels and flashing golden Rolex watches. Finally the moment arrives for the reaping arrives and there is a positive buzz in the air as the escort steps up to the microphone. The long row of victors sit on the gleaming stage occasionally waving at some adoring fans in the crowd. The escort begins to speak, “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the 33rd Annual Reaping for the Hunger Games!” A loud cheer erupts from the crowd. “Let’s begin with the ladies.” She states as she moves over towards the reaping ball. No one in District 1 has ever take tesserae unless they desperately wanted to get in the games or as a joke. She moves her hand around the ball and the whole audience holds their breath. The escort picks up a card and grins at the audience. “It’s…” as the whole of District 1 is on the edge of their seat. “Sestina Ottilie!” She reads aloud as the audience erupts in cheering again. Sestina makes her way onto the stage. She is wearing a scarlet red shimmery red carpet dress with ruby heels and her hair done up nicely in a neat bun with a glittery red feathery headband. She walks confidently up to the stage with little steps and reaches the stage and sends out a smile worthy of an award. Finally the clapping dies down and the escort moves over to the other side of the stage to the boys reaping ball. She pulls out a name but before she can read the name aloud one voice echoes around the reaping area. “I volunteer!” says the voice and the crowd parts as Ovid Cyril makes his way to the stage. He is wearing an average suit that looks like it was inherited from his father. He walks up to the stage nervously with a pang of nervousness on his face as he steps onto the stage. The crowd is silent and Ovid moves in to hug Sestina and the whole crowd lets out ‘aww’s’ and ‘aah’s’. “District 1, I give you your 33rd Hunger Games tributes!”

District 2 Reaping;

Song: Hero – Skillet

District 2’s overall feeling about the reaping was different to District 1. While District 1 had upper class showman ship, District 2 was more warlike and official. Guy wore simple suits and girl wore simple plain skirts and dresses with no added finesse. It’s a solemn occasion and everyone wants the reaping to be over and done with as soon as possible. The escort steps up to the stage. She knows not to drag it out because she has been here before. District 2 escorts don’t do much, they can all handle themselves. She briskly walks over to the girls reaping ball. She knows someone will volunteer. She picks the name out and doesn’t bother to read it as several “I volunteer’s!” ring out and several girls press towards the stage. The first to reach is a fairly wispy figure of a girl but she looks scary with lots of scars and bruises. She began walking but another large huge girl grabbed her ankle and came crashing down. She stood back up and launched a kick at the other girl and jumped off the stage to grapple with her. In this time another girl jumped on to the stage and ran to the microphone and the escort. “There we go, and your name is?” “Misuzu Kusakabe” The escort waltz’s over to the boy’s ball and doesn’t even pull out the name before people are volunteering. A few boys tackle each other before getting to the stage and one of the smaller boys head was shoved into the stage and the larger boy who pushed the younger kids head into the stage almost made it until another boy ran and jumped off his back and turned and punched him in the face. “I’m Kakeru Satsuki.” He said clasping the microphone. “District 2, I give you your tributes.”

District 3 Reaping;

Song: Ravers Fantasy – Tune Up (I LOVVEE THIS SONG)

Before district 3 began to fall into rebellion and despair (Around 75th HG). It was an awesome place to live. With laser light shows every night and fireworks that often exploded and changed colours from red, to blue, to green. The reaping was a large event for the District. Whilst they were not a career district and didn’t have volunteer’s and were usually forced to send two unwilling participants. But still they celebrated, and acted happy for the tributes, but really they only celebrated because their own children weren’t going in the games. The reaping began with a laser light show that displayed good aspects of District 3 and other flashes of vibrant colour. The show ended with a large 3 of many patterns and colours. The escort gets on stage and rambles on for a little while. But then she gets serious and the ‘serious lights’ turn on and she is bathed in red. She moves to the girl’s reaping ball. The ball was suspended in the air by gravitational design and spun frequently. The escort aloud the ball to spin one more time and then she put her hand in and plucked a name from the very middle of the pile. She walks back over to the microphone. “The boy is Peter Mage!” And the spotlights search the crowd until a scared looking boy makes his way to the front stage. The crowd is cheering and all the other boys and mothers and fathers of sons are rejoicing. The serious lights come back on and she moves to the girl’s ball. She picks out the name and walks to the stage. “Can we have, Belle Taylor to come on down.” Belle walks out from the crowd is her shiny black dress and moves next to Peter as the stand like deer in the headlights in front of the district. “District 3, we have your tributes for this year!” She announces and a round of fireworks goes off and lights up the sky as the District dancing around, enthralled they have been spared, but 2 families are mourning tonight and walk away alone and sad whilst the rest of the District dances around them.

District 4 Reaping;

Song: Waves – DJ Satomi

The white-bright pristine marble stage of District 4 shone in the midday sun. The waterfalls on either side of the stage made minimum splash and encasing the town square was the fish-tanks filled with exotic rare fishes, corals and other specimens of plants and wildlife. Inside the town square many teenagers were stationed with their parents looking on from outside the tanks through the water. The primary colour every year for this district was blue. Blue dresses, blue heels, blue ties, blue belts, blue everything! And if it wasn’t primarily blue for example a black suit it would have some splash of blue, like a blue watch, a blue tie or blue rose. Anyone who wanted to stand out wore non-blue colours and they stood out like warning beacons in the sea of blue. The escort stepped onto the stage wearing a dress made from bubbles and wore a skin-tight, skin-colour thermal suit underneath to look provocative in her bubble dress. She had died her hair blue for the occasion, no surprise. “Greetings District 4. Are we ready for the 33rd Hunger Games?” She says as a cheer erupts from the kids, not as loud as District 1 or 2 but still more than the other districts. She moves over to the reaping ball and fumbles around for a name. She picks one out and moves to the microphone. “Do we have a Mareas Corriente in the room?” She looks out at the crowd as a girl makes her way to the stage in a shimmery blue goddess dress. She looks old enough and skilled enough to represent District 4 so no one volunteers. She moves away and goes to the boys reaping ball. She picks out one from the middle and walks back. “Come on down Halos Voyager!” And a scared looking 13 year old boy slowly makes his way to the stage and is petrified. “I’ll volunteer.” Echoes a voice from the crowd as a larger older boy makes his way to the front and Halos returns, shaken up thoroughly to his original spot. “And you are?” The escort asks into the microphone. He takes the microphone. “I’m Vandenyno Bangas” He says confidently. “Oh yes, that’s nice dearie… District 4 here are your District 4 Tributes. Let them know your support!” She finishes as a loud round of cheering echoes through the square as the District cheers.

District 5 Reaping;

Song: Eurodancer – DJ Mangoo

There was no denying District 5 was possibly the most boring District of them all. This showed in their reaping. There was nothing out there or different to any other District. No outstanding factor. To be honest most people cared more about going back to research than watching the kids sent to be slaughtered. The next male escort stepped up to the stage, he was one of the only of his kind and he was determined to perk up the dreary District 5’ers. He walked gracefully onto the stage and in his hands he held two fireworks and he threw them up into the air and they cascaded down onto the stage in a shower of golden shimmery sparks. He looked out at the nervous cowering children, some of whom seemed to have a faint smile playing on their lips. The adults however looked bleakly at the escort. The man stood up again and took out his bubbled wand and began blowing and coloured bubbles grew from his wand and went high above the audience. Many people looked eagerly above at the sky and when the bubbles popped they shot out fireworks of the same bubble colour. Showers of many colours cascaded onto the crowd with people smiling and eagerly trying to grab bubbles or catch a spark in their hand. He looked to the adults whom now seemed to have eye brows raised and smirks playing on their lips, some even smiling. He walked over to the female reaping ball and the crowd was now dead serious. He had unlocked the emotions of District 5 and they were now hooked. He fumbled around for a name and went to the microphone and made everyone sit on the edge of their seats as he read the name out slowly. “Cora Remni.” A slight yelp was heard as a young girl in a blue striped dress made her way to the front. He moved over to the boys reaping ball and quickly plucked a name from the ball and ran to the microphone. “Does any know…? Damino Secet?” The sea of people part as a well-built bright looking boy makes his way to the front. “District 5, here are you tributes. Let’s get behind them!!” And he gestures to the sky as District 5 cheers for the very first time.

District 6;

Song; Nobody’s Perfect – Jessie J

District 6 being the medicine district is usually not praised for its tributes. Often they fall into drugs seeing as they were the medicine district it wasn’t hard to come by an additive tablet. However there today were some children, who looked scared, petrified, and one girl in particular was even confident. The escort stepped onto the stage in heel reaching 3 inches and long multi-coloured rainbow hair and implanted gemstones on her nails. She walked onto the stage and swung her hair to obviously tell the audience to notice her. Walking over to the microphone she shook her head a few more times to let the rainbow cascade around her head. Finally she finished and began. “Thank you District 6. This grand entrance has reminded me of a rainbow because…” “Get on with it cow!” yelled an on looking adult. Everyone giggles and the escort looks highly flustered and offended. “Fine let’s move on then shall we?” She says through gritted catatonic smiling. She began giggling and the district looks at her in disgust. She must enjoy her job sending kids to go die. She moves to the girls reaping ball but before she can pull a name out someone yells out. “Don’t bother I’m going in.” and out steps Jocious Mitious. She steps out and confidently walks to the stage with the sea of children parting from the crowd. “Um I think I need to read the name out first and then…” “Can it lady, just accept I’m going in.” She says back arrogantly. The escort now turning into a deep shade of scarlet moves to the boys reaping ball. She picks out a name and hurries to the microphone. “Tiberious Sluth” she says almost illegibly. But its owner knew what she meant and he slowly made his way up to the podium. As he walks the escort goes down and grabs his hand comfortingly and sits him down. Jocious pushes her off and takes his hand instead. She knew him, he was her friend. The escort was now furious and turned back to the audience. “I don’t really care. It’s your kids being sent to die for us. You’re the ones being effected, not me. Maybe next year I will go to a DECENT district!” She says and walks of the stage and whispers something in the ear of a peacekeeper. The man who earlier mocked the escort is made to stand on the stage and the peacekeepers but bullets in his knee and he buckles to the ground and two more in his shoulders and finally in a bloody spray the sent a bullet straight into his head.

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