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Why hello again i didnt see you there. Welcome to moi page. Ok so lets go back in time to the 50th Hunger Games. What would've happened if Haymitch had died at the cornucopia? A whole new event of twists and turns leading to a new 50th Hunger Games Victor. 4 Tributes maximum and i am going to update frequently because not only am i asking *points to you* you guys but i am asking my facceebook friends. Im posting it on my facebook aswel. I will need Name,Age,District,Personality,Skills,History(Only breif). The arena is not going to be the other hunger games.


Sorry. This arena is to much of a surprise to give away now. This is an arena like no other


District 1

Male: Maverik Storms 9/12 Belle Lu confused him then threw disc into back.

Male: Super Man 1/12 Hayley Winters threw stars into his neck.

Female: Trinity Stops 11/12 Ted Pines threw axe into skull.

Female: Bridie Allen 6/12 Melanie Shades stabbed her through the back.

District 2

Male: Akuma Engel 9/12 Kill by gamemakers 'heavy gravity' hallway.

Male: Mallow Engel 9/12 Fawn Sage smashed his skull with a hammer.

Female: Alice Rosemary 6/12 Rush Leaves speared her with a spear.

Female: Sinistra Venus 10/12

District 3

Male: Bruno Medlune 7/12 Electricuted by wires.

Male: Cameron Electo 8/12 Lucy Nox threw a disc into his chest.

Female: Belle Lu 5/12 Kipcha Pryor speared her.

Female: Celine Bobo 6/12 Cate Burns and Ariana Olive tourtued and killed her.

District 4

Male: Ripple Delec 8/12 Winona Heart stabbed him through the back.

Male: Splash Blue 8/12 Crushed by falling wall.

Female: Waterlily Wave 7/12 Crushed by falling wall.

Female: Winona Heart 6/12 Sinistra Venus created large gashes in her chest.

Disrrict 5

Male: Khaz Syde 6/12 Beheaded by Cate Burns with a disc.

Male: Flare Thorn 5/12 Spoken Hills threw a knife into his heart.

Female: Kipcha Pryor 7/12 Sinistra Venus stabbed her in the back.

Female: Fawn Sage 5/12 Belle Lu threw a disc into her stomach.

District 6

Male: Henry Elpharis 7/12 Maverik Storms speared him with a spear.

Male: Bray Burry 5/12 Sean Baker threw a disc into his body.

Female: Anastasia Panini 6/12 Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard stabbed her.

Female: Gemini Starch 7/12 Sinistra Venus stabbed her through the heart.

District 7

Male: Ted Pines 8/12 Winona Heart impaled his neck on her trident.

Male: Rush Leafs 4/12 Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard stabbed him.

Female: Tecy Pines 6/12 Gemini Starch threw disc into the back of her head.

Female: Haley Winters 9/12 Kipcha Pryor lodged spear in stomach.

District 8

Male: Captain Falcon 6/12 Violet Duffy speared him through the chest with a trident.

Male: Burning Troll 8/12 Violet Duffy threw sword into his chest.

Female: Samus Aran 8/12 Robot mutts mauled her.

Female: Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard 6/12 Hayley Winters threw stars into her.

District 9

Male: Adwin Excaver 6/12 Kipcha Pryor threw spear into his back.

Male: Sean Baker 4/12 Maysilee Donner stabbed him in the back with a knife.

Female: Lucy Nox 5/12 Dale Richards stabbed her through the chest with a sword.

Female: Violet Duffy 5/12 Grain Shade threw knife into her chest.

District 10

Male: Conor Maple 7/12 Trinity Stops slashed his back open.

Male: Dale Richards 5/12 Violet Duffy snapped his neck.

Female: Cate Burn 6/12 Akuma Engel stabbed her through the chest.

Female: Ariana Olive 10/12 Kipcha Pryor pushed spear into chest.

District 11

Male: Spoken Hills 7/12 Violet Duffy snapped his neck.

Male: Grain Shade 6/12 Belle Lu's disc rebounded into his back.

Female: Dasiy Flowers 5/12 Haley Winters threw star into neck.

Female: Terra Storm 7/12 Maverik Storms speared her.

District 12

Male: Haymitch Abernathy 7/12 Conor Maple spears him with a spear.

Male: Duff Grindel 2/12 Conor Maple stabs him through the neck with a knife.

Female: Maysilee Donner 8/12 Conor Maple speared her with a spear.

Female: Melanie Shades 8/12 Bridie Allen spliced her arm and lost too much blood.

Day 1: Current Reaction

Daisy Flowers POV District 11: I look one last time at Eylis before stepping onto the metal plate. She holds and her hand and I grasp it firmly. She nods and then the glass begins to lower. She lets go and the glass surrounds me. I shiver even though I am not cold. I look at Eylis and then the room disappears as I sky rocket upward. I squeeze my own hand tightly until it feels too painful to bear. I rub my eyes but don’t dare to look upwards. I cup my hands together and breathe into them to make them warm. I wasn’t cold but it was my way of feeling slightly safer. I mean in only a few minutes I could be decapitated and strewn across the arena floor. I shudder at the thought of previous gruesome games. Finally I begin to slow and am lifted up into darkness I wait and suddenly like a light switch the arena comes to life

Dale Richards POV District 10: I am lifted and try to find the sun in the darkness. But there is no light nothing at all just pure blackness. I can hear a girl near me whimpering. I don’t recognise her voice but like all of us she was scared. Then I see a flicker of light. It’s a green speck of light. It was around 60 yards away. It seemed to rest on an object. Then suddenly from behind us short little beams of light shoot in a laser light show. They all point towards the middle and I see the cornucopia bathed in green light. Someone yells out, “What the...” When it happens. Suddenly the arena is dark no longer but it is now bathed in light. I look around and see tower sleek black walls around us. On each there seems to be a long fluorescent light bulb that glows green. I look to find big gaps in the wall surrounding us. It’s like a labyrinth from what I can see. Then I look at the other tributes and watch them all gasping. No one here wears a look of happiness. Most of them are of astonishment or nervousness. Then out of the blue the gong goes off with no warning. No announcement it just sounded. Everyone and I mean everyone is disorientated at first. And we all stumble towards the cornucopia struggling to take out eyes off the walls and surrounding but people come back to reality and the bloodbath begins.

Terra Storm POV District 11: I take my eyes off the wall and run at the cornucopia. But I stop as I see the first weapon. Lying on the floor is a disc. It is black like the walls with the green light around the edges. I look across and find the District 1 boy (Maverik Storms) holding a spear with the light running all the way down. He looks at it in confusion. I bend over and pick up something off the floor. Other people have caught up now and are admiring the strange new things. I pick up three little stars with a ring of a light in the middle. They look like three pointed stars and the edges are sharp. Then I take my aim and throw the stars at the group of people. One falls to the ground in pain and the other plucks it from his side. The person on the ground was Henry Elpharis from District 6. And also I see Maverik Storms glaring me down. I turn on my heels and run and I look behind to see the space spear impale my body. I feel immense pain and fall immediacy to the ground. Finally I close my eyes and no the Hunger Games is over for me.

Sean Baker POV District 9: I watch as the District 11 girl is speared. Its then people begin to fight. I run to her dead body and pick up the disc she was clutching I aim at Winona Heart. I throw and it skims past her skin leaving a shallow cut. I begin to run after it when an amazing thing happened. The disc flew at the wall on the other side and bounced off the wall. It hit it again at another angle and came back into my hand. I watch as another weapon is unveiled. Both the District 3 boy, Cameron Electro and the District 6 girl, Gemini Starch have it. They clutch little metal things that are around 6 inches long. Then Gemini clicks a button and then the sword appears. But it doesn’t look real. Almost what my uncle described as a lightsaber. Except it wasn’t round it was in the shape of a sword. Gemini held it out from her with her eyes wide open. Cameron presses the same button and the sword appears in his hand. They sword pokes through his hand. He screams and pulls it out and lashes out at Lucy Nox who was standing too close. He cuts deep into her arm. She yells and holds another disc. She throws it at him and is embedded in his chest. He falls to the ground and people begin to attack unlocking the secrets of these new weapons. I turn to leave when I see Bray Burry from District 6 standing in my way. I throw my disc and he ducks artfully and it ricochets back to me. But I don’t grab it before Bray throws his disc. He aims at my chest and I back flip onto my hands and cartwheel sideways. The disc soars past and I grab mine. Flip and throw. He is a state of urgency tries to run and the disc slices into his leg. I grin victoriously and turn to leave as I feel a small blade pierce my back. I turn around and see Maysilee Donner of District 12 looking victorious. I grimace as I slowly slip away from reality.

Conor Maple District 10: I pick up another spear and turn towards a crew of kids. District 12 by the looks of them. The leader seems to be a girl but there is a boy next to him arguing with her. I think his name was Haymitch Abernathy. I watch as he turns and walks away from the group. I grin and I propel my spear at him. He only has time to look up when the spear pierces his side and he bleeds to death trying to stand up again. I laugh and run over and pluck my spear from his body. I turn and find the girl Maysilee awe struck. She turns to run but I throw my spear and she comes down hard. The other girl runs away but the boy tries to revive her. I take out the spear and stab him through the neck. This was great I had 3 kills and I could go on for longer! That’s when I turn to see the massive pack of careers. I turn to run but before I know it Trinity Stops is on my back and in a minutes’ notice I felt a sword being pierces through my back.

Hayley Winters POV District 7: I sit and watch the careers take down some of the big threats. I turn to leave when I trip over my own feet. I get back up but then I hear a guy yelling out, “Never fear, Superman is here!” I look to see Super Man running at me. I throw one of my 6 stars and it pierces his neck. He falls to the ground. “Wonder woman. I need saving now.” As he drops to the ground. I get up and find the careers surrounding me. I throw a star at Maverik. It hits him in the leg and he crouches to tend to his leg. Then Mallow Engel walks towards me clutching his spear. He raises it above my head and I turn my head away and prepare for pain. Then I look as I see someone move in a flash and bring a massive hammer down on his skull. A sickening crack was heard and Mallow fell to the ground screaming in pain and then finally he stopped and lay motionless. A figure moved away and I saw the long flowing hair. Fawn Sage ran away. Then I watched as Belle Lu from District 3 threw a disc at her stomach and she double over and didn’t move. In the heat of the moment I ran as far away as possible.

Khaz Syde POV District 5: Flare Thorn, Kipcha Pryor and I watched as Fawn was taken down by the District 3 girl. Flare’s initial response was to take her down but I watched as she threw her disc at the District 4 boy, Ripple Delec and created a deep gash in her leg. We turned to run when Spoken Hill’s came in our way. I turned on my sword and ran at my swinging and slashing. I chased him with Kipcha and then finally he drew three of the glowing knives. He threw one into my leg. Another towards Kipcha and finally one into Flare’s heart. Flare squealed and fell to the ground. Kipcha had just dodged the knife and ran over to me with tears in her eyes. She grabbed my hand and pulled me away to run down the corridors.

Spoken Hills POV District 11: After killing the District 5 boy I went away to perhaps see if any weak tributes remained and exterminate them or leave this place. I walk around to see the measly District 3 girl, Belle Lu chasing the careers out of the middle area. Her honey blonde hair moves gracefully in the moonlight. She walks down a corridor smiling. The careers then come back out of the corridor to finish the other tributes off. I walk and find Violet Duffy from District 9 lying slumped up against a wall. Her eyes stare blankly into the distance. I chuckle and turn to leave when a star flies past me. I look back to find violent grinning at me with a new weapon in her hands. Sort of like the sword but with two openings. She clicks it and it turns into a green trident. She looks delighted. Then I see Captain Falcon from District 8 join near us. He holds a sword and a knife. “Threeway, eh? We couldn’t reschedule this with just you and me,” I say pointing at Violet. She snorts in protest and throws a star into my arm. I jump backwards and Captain tries to slash his sword across my chest. I jump backwards and he scratches my chest. Then next thing I know three spokes are poking through Captains chest. Violet pulls the trident out and drops it. I swing my knife and try to catch it on her neck. But she ducks and I left slashing mid air. She comes up behind me and gets me in a lock. I can’t move my arms. And she is back to back with me. I am desperate now and try kicking and biting her. She grabs my neck swiftly and jerks it over her shoulder and I feel the tendon’s break.

Rush Leaves POV District 7: After we rescued Hayley we made an immediate departure. We run through the maze walls. When we finally rest I realise we have done ok injury wise. Nothing worse than a bruise or scratch. Everyone is worried. At the cornucopia there were no sleeping bags, or backpacks of any description. Only weapons. We sit and wait as hunger slowly begins to grow at us. It’s when we hear the footsteps everyone is up and ready with weapons. We hear the voices and Tecy peaks around the corner. We find the remaining District 6 crew slowly moving along. Then Gemini Starch notices Tecy and runs at us. Tecy runs back and we stand ready to fight. District 4 and us are the only District’s with all their tributes alive and we were determined to keep it that way. They came around the corner and immediately a disc and four stars came at us. Three stars harmlessly ricocheted off the wall. The fourth star scraped Ted’s leg but he plucked it out easily. But the disc came flying when Tecy’s back was turned. She was on the ground face down. Her cannon sounded because the bloodbath was over. I in confusion threw my disc and it was embedded in Henry Elpharis’s leg. He was on the ground trying to get the disc out. He was biting his fingers whilst Gemini and Anastasia tried to pull the disc out. Henry began screaming and wailing. Hayley calmly walked over and said to him, “Sorry, but it’s time to face the facts. You’re going to die.” Henry began hysterically screaming and during this Hayley pulled the disc out. Gemini and Anastasia looked at Hayley with admiration. “Rush give me your shirt.” She said and I took it off obediently and gave it to her and she made a little bandage to help staunch the blood. Ted was still moaning over Tecy’s body and when finally the hovercraft came they literally had to drag him away as he watched his sisters limp body be carried away. Ted went to cry a little further away in private. I looked awkwardly at Gemini who seemed to be their group leader. “Are we allies now?” I ask questioningly. “Yeah, I guess we are.” She says with a relieved look on her face. We all sit down and Ted returns teary eyed. These games were just getting started. We were all going to lose something whether it was a friend or our lives.

Day 2: Where Art Thou Romeo?

Samus Aran POV District 8: I walk cautiously along the corridor. I try occasionally tapping the wall hoping I will find some secret compartment that contained food or water, but I was unsuccessful. In my searches I saw the District 3 crew running down a long hallway. I continue running along but then I hear the footsteps. Almost mechanical as I hear them repeatedly one after the other, consistently in time. Then I watch as I see a dull red light and the end of the corridor. Two robot looking people are there. They glow red and stand side by side. I turn to leave when one put his hand on the wall. Then almost immediately it seemed as though lightning was travelling through the wall. Then the passage way I was about to leave closed. A heavy massive piece of wall came out and blocked my path. I turned back and clutched my spear and my disc. I ran and threw my spear and it smashed into one of the robots. He stopped in his tracks and the red glow died away. I diverted my attention to the second on. He clutched one disc and somehow turned it into two. I look mockingly and threw my disc at the wall. It bounced around us and I hit the floor as it whizzed towards his back. I grinned but that soon changed as he turned around quickly and grabbed it. My eyes diluted with fear and I ran desperately for my spear. The robot lunged forward and threw the first disc. I ducked and the disc barely passed my head. I continued running and jumped as he threw the second on. I finally reached my spear and stood victorious when the first disc had ricocheted off the wall and into my heels. I fell to the ground and clutched my almost severed ankle. I look up desperately trying to find a way out. But then the robot jumped at me and landed on top of me. It’s piercing red eyes locked onto mine and his hand pummelled my wind pipe.

Splash Blue POV District 4: All of us District 4’ers are ill at ease. We want to leave the careers without making a fuss and we need to take some weapons. Last night when Splash and I were on guard, Waterlily and Winona snuck out and greeted us. We softly discussed some escape tactics. When I was able to return to bed I was jittery with excitement, so much in fact that Alice (District 2) said I looked like I had just seen a ghost. I didn’t sleep at all whilst I lay on the hard floor. Finally in the early hours of the morning we made our escape. We took two of the trident things, one sword and two discs. We began running away and snuck out without being noticed. We ran cheerfully along through the maze. Then around and hour later when we were resting we heard some a boy yell out in frustration. “I will find and kill you District 4!” We all sit upright and begin running and the voice dies away in the distance. We run for a little longer and finally we slow down again. We all sit down near a ‘T’ intersections. Waterlily moves ahead. I grab her by the arm and pull her back to me. She falls into my arms and looks up longingly into my eyes. I sit down and bring her down with me. I sit cross legged and she lies down with her head in my lap. I run my fingers through her long blonde hair. I motion my head at Winona and Ripple and they begin scouting the area. Waterlily looks up into my eyes. Her eyes watering. She turns her head away and blinks away the tear but not before one rolls down her pale soft skin. I wipe it away with my finger. “You’re beautiful. You know that?” Waterlily blushes a deep shade of red. I lean down and kiss her forehead and move to her ear, “Waterlily I love you.” I begin to pull my head away but not before she whispers to me, “Splash I love you too.” I sit and use one hand to brush her hair and the other to hold her hand. She sits up and looks at me. Her eyes are so beautiful, she is beautiful, and she is my world. She puts her head on my shoulder and begins to cry softly. “Hey hey, why are you so upset?” I ask. “S-Splash what are the chances of one of us leaving let alone us both leaving?” “I will do anything to get us both home together.” She looks in to my eyes longingly. I hold both her hands and then silence. She swiftly looks at my lips and then back at my eyes. I lean in and tilt my head slightly and she moves hers in and her lip lock with mine. Then tears begin to roll down her cheeks and onto my lips. She move back and then I hear the faintest noise. Normally at home I would’ve discarded it as nothing but this was the Hunger Games. Anything could happen in the arena. We look down the dim lit corridor and sideways. We tremble and the noise grows slightly louder. Then Waterlily turns around and screams a blood curdling scream. I turn and find the wall beginning to collapse. I tug at Waterlily’s hand but she seems to be pulling it the other way. I tug harder and so does she and time seem to stop. I look behind at Waterlily’s face. She is desperate and her hair is a mess. I scream out her name as the wall finally tips. I hear Waterlily’s quiet and quaint voice for the last time, “Splash...” Then the wall crushes us. When I open my eyes my body is a state of disrepair. I am in immense pain but it is slowly fading away. I also can see the blood. Coating everything is a layer of blood. In can’t lift my head and I know I no longer possess legs and my right arm was bend at and irregular angle and if I tried to move it a shockwave of pain shot through me. I looked to my left and saw Waterlily. Her hair mattered with blood and her head tilted towards me. Her eyes open slightly and I can see the rise and fall of her. It begins slowing and I desperately loose what is left of my left arm to reach out to her. My arm struggles through the rubble and I feel like screaming. She manages to push one arm out and it connects with mine. I sit and watch her breathing and slowly dying. She is in a state of utmost pain. And I feel her pain. A massive part of wall is crushing my chest and finally her eyes close and her chest puffs out one final time and her cannon sounds. I begin to cry and the tears roll down my cheeks. She lay there limp and lifeless. Only a minute ago I was sure I would protect her at all cost and now the girl I loved was dead. I began to open my mouth to scream but only blood comes out and I tilt my head sideways and leave to join the girl I love.

Adwin Excaver POV District 9: I couldn’t deny it. I was totally frightened and somewhat paranoid. I was frequently checking behind my back and always leaping around the corner with my weapons sheathed. The rest of the group laughed at me for this but I knew better. People were sneaky in these games. I walked at the back of the girls and frequently looked over my shoulder. The group sat down for the 5th time today. We were all starving and thirsty. I clutched my disc tightly and then when we rounded the corner my jumping ability was well ready for sitting there was the District 10 crew. They were each clutching Cate Burn who seemed to be looking into the Distance. Ariana was shaking her and telling her it would be ok. When they rounded the corner Dale stepped up and sheathed his sword. Ariana stood back and gently put Cate down and picked up and handful of stars. She ran and threw some as they scratched out skin and bounced off the walls. I stood back and tried to stab Ariana. Violet went and fought with Dale. Lucy joined me and threw some off her stars. Three or four got caught in her chest and she stopped running and crouched down and tried to breath. Lucy turned to give me a high five and then I saw behind a flash of blue. And next thing I knew Lucy was impaled on Dale’s sword. He plucked the sword from her and went back to attack Violet. Lucy sank to her knee’s and began breathy very heavily as a stream of thick blood began flowing. “Adwin I’m going to-to-to die. Save me please help me. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” She lay down on the floor and began sobbing and almost as soon as the sobbing started it stopped. A cannon fired and Lucy lay on the floor not moving a muscle. I looked back at Violet to see her clutching Dale’s head in her hands. He was crying and she twisted his head sideways and he fell to the floor limp. That was when the fifth cannon for today fired. Violet grabbed my arm and tugged me away from Lucy’s body. I tried to stay but Ariana was in a state of disrepair. Not knowing whether to cry over Dale’s death or to try to help Cate. I rounded the corner and we ran away. I heard my stomach growling. Perhaps we were all destined to go like Cate. To end up being next to death from being deprived of food. Maybe it was a case of who can survive the longest without food. In that case anyone could win. But the careers had probably stuffed themselves with food before they came into the arena. Unlike everyone else who picking at their food and trying not to vomit. But either way these Hunger Games were going to be just as deadly as the 25th. And at the moment the games had only begun.

Melainie Shades POV District 12: I was alone and starving. It was midday when I had to lie down. My mouth was parched and my stomach was empty. I leant against the wall wondering if I was going to die when it happened. Suddenly floating down the middle of my corridor in a neat line around a meter of so from the ground was food. I saw a pie and a sandwich and even a bottle of water. I grabbed the bottle and I opened the lid and doused my mouth and body with water. I picked up the pie and sat down. Then the food line ended and floated round the corner. And I sat their chewing on the food having no idea whether it was safe to eat or not. But I couldn’t care less at the moment. I was eating and drinking and I felt good. Then I saw the head of a girl with long flowing hair and tanned skin poke around the corner. She stepped out and said in a hoarse whisper. “Can we please be allies? Me and Grain are lost and worried.” “It’s Grain and I, Daisy,” Said a voice and a boy stepped around the corner. He was a very good looking boy and was muscular and lean. He was tanned and had brown eyes with golden flecks. He had short brown hair and he walked up to me and offered his hand. I shook it willingly and they showed the food they got from the floating trail. Maybe these guys could be my allies for now. Nobody said it but every knew it, this alliance could not last forever.


Careers: Maverik Storms, Trinity Strops, Bridie Allen, Akuma Engel, Alice Rosemary, Sinistra Venus.

District 3 Group: Bruno Medlune, Belle Lu, Celine Bobo.

District 4 Group: Ripple Delec, Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Khaz Syde, Kipcha Pryor

District Careers: Ted Pines, Rush Leaves, Hayley Winters, Henry Elparis, Gemini Starch, Anastasia Panini.

District 8 Group: Burning Troll, Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard

District 9 Group: Adwin Excaver, Violet Duffy

District 10 Group: Cate Burn, Ariana Olive

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers, Melainie Shades

Deaths: Samus Aran, Waterlily Wave, Splash Blue, Lucy Nox, Dale Richards

Day 3: In-Style

Rush Leaves POV District 7: It’s a comforting feeling, waking up to a group of people sleeping, walking around or guarding. It gives you a sense of community. I sit upright and tread softly past Hayley who is sound asleep. I walk over to Henry. We sit down and I help him re-bandage his leg. And I actually get to talk to the guy. If perhaps there wasn’t the massive chance of us both dying I would actually get become friends with the guy. We talked about guy things, like sport and school and girls. He motioned for me to come closer and he cupped his hands around his mouth. “Do you like Hayley?” He asks and winks in Hayley’s direction. I blush and look down at the floor. Hayley was really pretty. I turned a deeper shade of red. “I-I-I don’t know?” I stammered. Was I really falling in love with my district partner?

Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard POV District 8: When I stirred I knew something was wrong. I could smell something in the air and it smelled like trouble. Burning was nowhere I sight. I stood up and clutched my sword and turned it on. I ran out and found Burning slumped against a wall. I gasped and ran over. How was this possible? I had heard no cannon shot and the claws would have collected him by now. I walked over and was on the brink of tears when he sighed and rolled his head onto his other shoulder and mumbled, “Yeah mum I’ll finish sewing in the morning. Right after I go burn that kid in my class...” He shut’s his mouth. I stand up furious and begin kicking him. He immediately sits upright and begins yelling in his defence. I kicked harder until I was sure I was going to leave a mark or bruise. He stood up grumbling and walked off. He collected his weapon and began to walk away. He turned back and gave me an obscene gesture with his hand. I ran to get my weapon and ran back out into the hallway to fight him. But when I returned he was gone.

Grain Shade POV District 11: We walked along the corridor silently but quickly. I kept to the back and kept encouraging Melanie to press onwards. She wasn’t a very motivated girl but I kept persisting. We had been moving for a while. In an out through green lit corridors. We finally reached a vantage point where we could sit down and nibble on the sticks of celery Daisy had collected yesterday. “Mmmm. Dis stuffz good as!” said Daisy with a mouthful of food. I swung my head and looked at her jokingly. She giggled and continued munching on hey celery. I looked over at Melanie who was beaming at us. I think she really trusted us. Then we heard the voices. In a second I was standing in front of the group and ushering the girls down an aisle. I could identify there to be two female voices. Then out of the corridor popped Cate Burns and Ariana Olive. They walked towards us and seemed to be talking and it was obvious we were unnoticed. They walked towards us and finally Cate looked upwards. In a second her mouth has twisted into a scream but she stopped herself. Cate turned and ran away but Ariana ran at us. She clutches some of the stars. I began yelling at the girls to run and I pushed them away down the aisle and I ran down after them. I turned to find Ariana in hot pursuit and I fumbled around in my pocket for my trident. Daisy had a disc and she threw it but Ariana was skilful and put one foot on the wall. Jumped up in the air and landed on the disc. Then she threw the stars. They seemed to come in volleys. The first few missing and then I watched as one was sent towards Daisy’s neck. She looked at me, frightened at petrified and unknowing of the dangers that lurk infront of her. I quickly tried to do something and raised my arm. When I next opened my eyes I found a small gash in my arm and Daisy was unharmed. She yelped a little and looked back at Ariana who was posing the greatest threat. Then Melanie took two of the glowing knives from her pockets. The confident look was now wiped from Ariana’s face. Melanie threw one knife and ripped a chunk of skin from her arm. Ariana looked like she wanted to scream but didn’t. She turned on the back of her heels and bolted away to try and find Cate. I sat down and Daisy tended to my wounds. My heart was still racing a hundred miles an hour. I was exhausted.

Violet Duffy POV District 9: I was distressed. These games had begun to push me over the edge. I had willingly killed in cold two other human beings. If this wasn’t the Hunger Games I would be in a jail or a mental asylum. But I needed to try to hide it. Adwin looked up to me and I needed to be tough. If I weaken and break down he would be lost and confused. I need to try for him. We stumble along the corridors when we see a tribute running towards us. I can’t identify them in the darkness. I whisper in Adwin ear to run and he did so willingly and I stood in the hallway waiting for battle. I clutch my sword and open it. The person on the end holds a disc and a spear. Not bad I think to myself. I can see the greenish glow emitting from the weapons and I quickly identify this person as being of average build but being more on the solid side. Then beside us the wall began glowing and pulsating light. It grew and with every second I could identify more and more of the person. And the second I realised it was Burning Troll I began fighting. I onto back salted onto my hands and kicked down and stood up. He raised and eyes brow and began running down the hallway at me. I ran towards him and when he was only a meter away I jumped and put on foot on the wall and pushed up into the air. I just cleared his head and tried swinging my sword and just missed his head. I landed crouched down and looked behind and flashed a smile. The least I could do was give the capitol a performance. I stood up and look at Burning who was bewildered. I smiled arrogantly as he ran at me again. Again I went to push up from the wall. But this time he was ready. When I was in mid air he grabbed my foot and threw me into the ground. In amidst this confusion I acted impulsively. The second I hit the ground I swung out my leg and wrapped my knee and leg around his legs and pulled him to the ground. He was caught out in surprise and fell to the ground with a thud. I wiggled my way out from underneath. He threw his disc and I skimmed across my wrist. I winced and watched as he stood up and got ready to throw his spear. Then again I thought impulsively and let my stupid self take over control. And I threw the sword at him. I let the sword out from my hand and at him. Luckily oh so luckily the blade went deep into Burnings chest. Burning let out a loud exclamation, almost as if he was mad and grunted. He fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood and fell flat on his face. I had to push his repulsive, dead, bloody body over and collect my sword. I was so frustrated with myself. I was to annoyed to care at the moment. His cannon sounded and the claws came to collect him. But by that time I was a little while away collecting a scared looking Adwin.

Akuma Engel POV District 2: I was angry, no more than just angry. I was furious. I was devastated. I was miserable. I had many mixed emotions after my brother’s death. I had seen his skull shattered right before my own eyes. And I had watched his killer meet a quick end and they were killed. But I still wasn’t satisfied. I need something else something more. Perhaps I needed to kill. Yes, that was it. I needed to take out all my frustration on the other tributes. Because it was all their entire fault. I gathered the careers and told them we were going hunting. Some people objected at first but others like Maverik Storms were willing and were telling people to come or be kicked out. Eventually they all agree and we set off. We spend hours combing the maze. Because there are many of us we cover a greater distance and we are rewarded when Sinistra hears the sounds of running shoes on the ground. In a moment’s notice everyone is running. We follow the footsteps and Trinity leads. Alice runs beside me. We have become good friends. She had been helping me a lot after what happened with Mallow. She often sits down and has long talks with me. I think she is a really good friend and I was prepared to sacrifice my life for her. Maybe now I would have to. We ran and finally caught up and we saw a frightened looking Ted Pines. He was sprinting and panting now. He turned a few corners and then we followed his voice. He was half screaming, half shouting, “Careers.... are.... coming...this...way...hurry...get...weapons...fight!” He was panting heavily and finally we caught up with him. At first I was surprised to find the District 6 and the District 7 crew together. It began with Maverik who threw a spear the narrowly missed being lodged in Hayley’s stomach. She retaliated by throwing a star at him. He sneered and deflected it easily. I knew this was going to be a massive bloodbath. Then out from behind us I heard the footsteps. Out stepped Gemini Starch. She held a dozen or so knives and no one was ready. She began and threw a knife into Maverik’s calf and then into Trinities. Followed by a knife in Bridie’s and mine. Trinity and Bridie fell to the ground at first but stood back up. Then I watched as Rush Leaves stood out infront of Hayley as Maverik leaned forward to slash her. Alice ran next to Maverik and I watched them battle. Then I saw Sinistra stab Gemini through the heart and she fell to the ground with a solid thud. A cannon sounded and echoes around us. I looked at Gemini’s lifeless, seeping body on the floor and pondered was this all really... My thoughts were interrupted by a cry. I turned around and saw Alice falling to the ground with a spear poking all the way through her chest. She screamed and fell to the ground. Everyone stopped for a second and then Maverik tried hitting again. And then I screamed. I screamed an unhuman like scream that pierced the ears of my fellow tributes and echoed around the arena. I fell to my side and continued half screaming half-crying. I had watched people die and I didn’t feel any better. I still missed my brother. I missed him and I could never ever see him again. I continue sobbing and finally I slowly tone down. Both groups have begun receding. Sinistra looks at me and tries to look comforting but she frowns and cries as she runs away. And chance I had of getting a sponsor was now gone. I had no chance, I was going to die. Now I know how it feels to be a tribute from the not so wealthier districts.

Bruno Medlune POV District 3: None of us had moved today. We were all too tired and frightened. Earlier in the morning we heard a cannon shot and later on in the afternoon we heard another two accompanied by a blood curdling scream that was horrific enough to scare even the toughest of careers. Something was happening out there and we were all glad not to be a part of it. We waited anxiously for the food train to return. We half expected it wouldn’t come but in the end it did. We chewed on sandwiches and salads accompanied with bottles of water. The food supply was almost everlasting but you needed to be conservative. Celine had found out early that eating all your food at once in one big purge was not the way to calm a craving. But now instead of shovelling her face with food she was nibbling like Belle and me. Speaking of Belle. I was afraid of her. I couldn’t deny it. She had gotten and average training score, in fact the lowest out of us three. And already she had taken down some of the major threats. Maybe she wanted to hide that fact she was vicious or maybe a sudden animalistic instinct had kicked in that drove her to be deadly. But either way it was nice to know we have one of the best tributes in our group.


Careers: Maverik Storms, Trinity Strops, Bridie Allen, Akuma Engel, Sinistra Venus.

District 3 Group: Bruno Medlune, Belle Lu, Celine Bobo.

District 4 Group: Ripple Delec, Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Khaz Syde, Kipcha Pryor

District Careers: Ted Pines, Rush Leaves, Hayley Winters, Henry Elparis, Anastasia Panini.

District 8 Group: Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard

District 9 Group: Adwin Excaver, Violet Duffy

District 10 Group: Cate Burn, Ariana Olive

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers, Melainie Shades

Deaths: Burning Troll, Gemini Starch, Alice Rosemary

Day 4: The Change of Tide

Daaay 4 peeps. You guys are dropping dead like flies. :D

Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard POV District 8: I had spent my whole night running. Desperately turning corners. For what followed me was a fusion of birds and electricity. The birds were a stunning blue colour and were the size of hummingbirds. Like you would expect they were fast but then there was the side effect. When the birds flapped a faint cackling was heard. That was when I knew it wasn’t safe and I watch as one bird foolishly dived for me and I ducked. It beak rammed into the wall and lightning shot out and hit the walls causing dints. That’s when I knew my life was even more in danger so I ran for hours. One advantage I had was that the birds were always glowing blue so they could be easily seen. But there were some moments where I would’ve rather they had been invisible and they could’ve killed me quietly. Then I could die not looking like a whimp where as at the moment if I gave up now I would be the laughing stock of the capitol and I would shame all of District 8. Last night when Burning’s face was in the sky I wasn’t surprise. But now that meant I was the only District 8 representative. If I died so did the hopes of District 8. The only other single District representative was the District 12 girl whose name escapes me. But imagine if I killed her. The capitol would love me and I would make a fool of District 12. I mean so what if District 12 was badly off, I was going to do whatever it took to keep mine.

Sinistra Venus POV District 2: It was inevitable that the careers were falling apart. We had lost Akuma and he was on his own. All of District 4 had left us. Alice and Superman were both dead. This left us with only 4 careers. There was Maverik, Trinity, Bridie and Me. We were more of a team than a group of careers. But we still acted like careers and scoured the maze in search of life. I was on the edge of leaving. I didn’t like it here. It was always hostile and Maverik was become more savage by the minute. We ran around and then finally we found someone. It was the girl from District 6. Anastasia Panini. She looked at us and ran for it. Maverik of course was in front and running with a big grin on his face eager for another kill. Surprisingly Trinity pressed on infront of Maverik. She was a lot faster than Bridie or I, as we hung out the back. Then we watched as she rounded the corner and then an axe flew out. And just as I had suspected it was all space up and had the green light running around the handle. But it flew out and got lodged in Trinities head. She yelled out and fell to the ground and immediately a cannon sounded. Maverik ran and slipped on the blood and ran forwards. I grabbed Bridie’s hand and I looked back to see Maverik recovering. But then I saw the District 6 boy, Henry Elpharis running out to us. He had no weapons but his arm was outstretched. His motioned his arm towards the way he had come from. He wanted to form an alliance with us. I grabbed Bridie and walked forwards but then I heard Bridie scream out and I looked as Maverik threw his spear. It was without a doubt probably the best spear throw I had ever seen. His threw spear and it sailed around 20 meters in the air and totally ripped out his entire neck. Bridie screamed again as his vital neck organs decorated the floor. I turned and ran away with Bridie as his cannon sounded and threw up a couple of time on the way. It was official now, there were no more careers. This was anybody’s game.

Cate Burn POV District 9: I had to admit it. I had been a total idiot. I had been so close to death so many times now. And it was all from silly little careless mistakes. I had been so close to death from food deprivation. And I had chickened out when we saw the District 11’s. I needed to gain popularity from the Capitol. I walked around with Ariana. And Ariana was also pretty good to have as an ally. She was deadly and she knew it. We wondered around the corridor and were treated to two cannon shots. I clutched my stars. Ariana and I had a large supply of stars and one disc. I was eager to find someone and as the day dragged out my high hopes soon fell to disappointment but then finally I found someone. Down the end of a corridor peering down and adjacent hallway were two tributes clinging on to each other. One was a boy and one was a girl. It could be anyone. I ran down silently and soon Ariana got the idea and followed. As I neared I realised it was the District 5’s. I had known for a fact that the boy had only gotten an average training score because of his little act he was putting on. It was just tribute rumours. So I aimed at him. The first few stars puncture his back and he reared out in pain and fell. Kipcha began freaking out and saw us. She drew a spear and held it cautiously. She looked at Khaz on the floor and knelt to him. He whispered something in her ear and she sniffled and then turned to run away. She often looked back until we couldn’t see the glow of her spear anymore. Then we were left alone. I looked at him, bleeding and helpless but I pushed it aside and gathered the disc. “Sorry buddy but my needs are greater than yours. Hasta La Vista!” I said and threw the disc at his neck. In a second his cannon sounded and his head was rolling on the floor. Ariana and I walked away victorious and I was sure I had some followers now.

Violet Duffy POV District 9: Adwin was getting tougher. Or at least slightly. Day by day he seemed to be willing to take more risks. This was good though because if I was killed now I think he could defend himself and maybe win. But let’s not think about what might happened and think about what’s happening. Adwin and I had been wandering the maze. I was growing restless and I felt guilty about it. Was killing the only way I could be satisfied. But I was also satisfied with myself. I had taken out lots of other tributes and my acting like I wasn’t skilled plan worked. My gymnastics has defiantly paid off. Then we hear three or so voices. I grin and Adwin follows silently. I can tell they are disputing something. “I’m telling you, I saw it with my own eyes. The Violet Duffy chick is dangerous Grain!” “We don’t know that for sure Daisy. We are all a little bit stressed and tired so how about we just chill for a little while. Come on Daisy, don’t give me that face. I know you want to come here and give me a big old hug.” “Haha, ok then Grain I give in. Melanie join us were a team now. We do things like group hugs together.” This was followed by some whispering and giggling. Well at least they were a group but they won’t be once I’m through with them. I step around the corner and begin my little theatrical massacre. “Wow, this is interesting isn’t it?” They all freeze and look at me with terrified eyes. I smile and walk slowly towards them they edge backwards and then Adwin appears at the other end and growls playfully. They turn around and again tremble. They cower in the middle and Grain tries to make sure the girls don’t get hurt. But I’m not only going to hurt them but I’m going to kill them. My smile broadens as I walk towards them. “Now we can do this the...” I stop mid sentence as I open my eyes and watch Grain throw a knife at me. It buries deep in my chest. How could I have been so stupid. With all my theatrics I had been careless enough to overlook that they might have weapons. Adwin has disappeared from sight now and I pull the knife from my chest. “Oh wow, ooohhh wow, ow.” I moan as the knife released the blood in my chest. I throw my body against a wall a try to stop the blood. This couldn’t be happening. I was Violet the invincible. I had wiped out most of the field these were supposed to be my games. I was getting emotional now. I was supposed to win, it wasn’t fair, I want a fair go. But then I realised. If you’re not in the Capitol you don’t get a fair go. I tip my head sideways and falls from the wall and let the blood pour from my chest.


Careers: Bridie Allen, Sinistra Venus

District 1 Group: Maverik Storms

District 2 Group: Akuma Engel

District 3 Group: Bruno Medlune, Belle Lu, Celine Bobo.

District 4 Group: Ripple Delec, Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Kipcha Pryor

District Careers: Ted Pines, Rush Leaves, Hayley Winters, Anastasia Panini.

District 8 Group: Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard

District 9 Group: Adwin Excaver

District 10 Group: Cate Burn, Ariana Olive

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers, Melainie Shades

Deaths: Trinity Stops, Henry Elpharis, Khaz Syde, Violet Duffy

Day 5: Bathing in Blood

Winona Heart POV District 4: Ripple. He was gorgeous. We hadn’t done much but sleep and eat and wonder around a bit. He was so strong a muscle. He was my addiction. I woke up in the morning to his beautiful face. His voice was like an orchestral melody to my ears. Whenever he touched me or just brushed by me I felt like I was floating on clouds. This was the reason why he had to go. I clasped a knife and walked over to sit next to him. I lay my head down on his shoulder and he put his hand in the hand without the knife. My heart fluttered. I laid down one him. “Ah, your gorgeous you know.” I saw holding his head in my hand. “Do you remember what they taught us in training about love?” I ask. He shook his head. I stood up and turned on the sword and plunged it into his back. “Love is blind. And I’m not gunna let love stand in my way of winning.” I kicked his body over and watched the love of my life bleed to death on the ground but I stood and watched coldly. My heart sobbed and the life he had was wretched out of him. He was slowly slipping away. I knelt down next to him and put his hand in mine. I moved over him and lightly pushed my lips onto his. His face was lit up for a split second then the smile drooped and his head rolled sideways. I walked away with a tear in my eyes. But I knew now with him gone there was nothing holding my back from winning.

Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard POV District 8: I awaken to the sounds of clattering metal. I groaned and rolled over. The curry I had eaten last night was not agreeing with my stomach. And I stood up groggily. I walk over to find a white parachute settled on the ground. Eagerly, I pick it up and inspect the gift. I find one of the discs. It’s funny though because unlike the other ones mine glows an orange colour. I shrug it off and lean down to see the other thing under the parachute. I pick it up. It is a long bar made from leather with what I guessed was a rod in the centre. It had handles and a green button. Instinctively I pushed the button and I saw a flash of orange and then next thing I knew I was skidding across the floor after being pushed by a large force. I hit the wall and looked up and before my eyes was a black sleek bike glowing with orange lights. I look in awe and run up and sit down. I rev the handles and here the machine purr. Similar to our sewing machines back home. I pressed the button on the bike disappeared back into the rod. I grinned and began running and jumped. Whilst in mid-air I pressed the button and the bike appeared under me. I fell onto the bike seat and leaned as I turned the corner to give my new bike a run.

Melanie Shades POV District 12: I brought my sword blade down on the tigers shoulder. It cackled with electricity and roared out again. Daisy threw a star that soon was embedded in the tiger’s eyes. I stabbed it again and a lightning bolt forked out and hit the wall causing part of the wall to crack and fall. Finally the tiger settles and the blue glow gradually dies down. We are all a little shaken up and Grain returns with his disc he threw earlier. He smiled weakly at us and we walked away from the mangled carcass. Grain holds hands with Daisy and Daisy holds my hand. We walk along whispering occasionally. Then we hear a distant roar. Then up ahead at the ‘T’ junction I see a motorbike race across. I look in surprise. I had only ever seen a motorbike once before in a photograph taken by my great grandfather when he was visiting District 3. But unlike the other bike this one left a tall orange trail. Daisy immediately threw her stars. But instead of harmlessly ricocheting off they sparked and hit the ground and mangled misshapen objects. Daisy looked in surprise at the now destroyed stars. Grain was about to touch it when I intervened. “Grain, maybe we shouldn’t touch that. After seeing what it did to Daisy’s stars...” “Yeah you’re probably right he answered. Then around a minute later the trail disappeared. We were confused but kept on walking through the maze.

Maverik Storms POV District 1: I ran around holding my spear and readying to throw in a seconds notice. But there was no one. No matter for how many hours I run I couldn’t find anyone. I was beginning to feel tired and puffed out. I sat down and used my spear for support. I was breathing heavily and then all my hard work was rewarded. For standing down the end of the hall was a bunch of scared looking District 3 kids. Suddenly all my energy had returned. I stood and threw my spear. I had overshot and the kids had ducked which lead to my spear barely missing their skull. Celine Bobo screamed and they all ran. I followed and picked up my spear and ran in hot pursuit. I followed. Funnily enough it wasn’t and easy chase. They seemed to know when to turn. Then they lead my into another one filled with many hallway and they split up down the different corridors. Without thinking I followed one. I rounded the corner to find Belle Lu standing there. But she was everywhere. Her image was projected all around me. She was grinning madly and she showed she had a disc. She raised the disc and I was unsure where to turn. I couldn’t tell where to defend and the exit was now non-existent. She threw the disc and I spun around wildly trying to deflect the disc but I turned and felt the disc bore into my flesh. I screamed as my back muscles were torn out. I lied down on the floor. I arched my back in pain and look around to find thousands of Belle’s staring at me coldly. I wildly thrashed out trying to do something but it was inevitable. I was dead.

Hayley Winters POV District 7: I always found myself shivering even though it wasn’t cold. And now I shivered as I stood next to Rush trying to hide myself. I look out into the main cavern. It was slim and dark. Why were we here you may ask. Well earlier we had been given a message by the mysterious Claudius Templesmith. We were to report to the main cavern if we wanted prizes. Hopefully this meant sleeping bags, tents or more weapons. We stood around and waited then finally we heard the grinding of something. Out in the middle there was a golden table being raised. On it laid backpacks. Then all of a sudden as everyone was about to run into the darkness at the table music begun playing. Not slow and soft but upbeat and fast. Lights turned on and multi-coloured spotlights danced across the room giving the whole area an eerie effect. First to reach the table was Adwin. He was looking a lot stronger and braver now. He knew he was the fastest and looked at us running and grinned. But the victorious grin was soon wiped off his face and Kipcha Pryor threw her spear. The spear dug deep into his back and Adwin moved and lay slumped over the table dripping blood on the floor. His cannon sounded and Kipcha grabbed a pack and left without a word. District 3 arrived next and was careful to avoid conflict. After that the rest of us reached it. I couldn’t see but I watched as the two girls of District 9 grabbed the District 3 girl Celine Bobo on her exit. They dragged her towards the table and dumped her on the ground. When she tried to escape one of them plunged a sword deep into her thigh. She screamed and the girls got a pack came back a swiftly dealt with her my swiftly slashing the knife at her neck. She dropped to the ground and her cannon echoed. Finally as the rest of my group were just leaving. Ted and Rush were in front and Anastasia and I were at the back. Then out of nowhere a trident came and was thrown into Ted’s neck. He simply dropped to the floor and his cannon echoed. We looked to see Winona Heart running away. We would have time for mourning later but now we had to survive.


Careers: Bridie Allen, Sinistra Venus

District 2 Group: Akuma Engel

District 3 Group: Bruno Medlune, Belle Lu.

District 4 Group: Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Kipcha Pryor

District Careers: Rush Leaves, Hayley Winters, Anastasia Panini.

District 8 Group: Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard

District 10 Group: Cate Burn, Ariana Olive

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers, Melainie Shades

Deaths: Ripple Delec, Maverik Storms, Adwin Excaver, Ted Pines.

Sorry District 9 your out!

Day 6: Pythagorous's Theory

Akuma Engel POV District 2: I spend days wondering aimlessly around this maze. I’m unsure what to do if I would meet someone in this godforsaken maze. I clutch my bloody sword and nibble off the food trains. But I don’t care; I just walk around dragging my feet and my hang my head low wondering what I was going to do. Then finally after walking around for days I walked into a peculiar chamber. It was triangular, with two exits and one entry. I sit down in the middle cross legged clutching my sword. I trembled and battled the urge to scream, shout and cry. I tried to push out the horrific events out of my head. I replayed the bloodbath over and over in my head. I remembered the meteor hammer out of the corner of my eye as we stood around the District 7 girl. The hammer slowly brought down on his skull. Then the look of excruciating pain and then nothing. The sound of shattering bones that had become all too similar. Then the noise of his body hitting the ground and then when his eyes turned droopy and closed forever. I trembled and buried my head in my hands. Tears welled up in my eyes. I drop my sword and the noise reverberates around the chamber. Vision’s of any time with him replayed in my head. Photo’s of us standing together had now become more precious that gold and diamond. And somewhere amongst all these sorts something clicked. A thought triggered somewhere in my head and I realised. Dying was no way of repaying my brother’s death. He died for me, and I was going around droopy and mindless. That was no way to repay him. I stood up proudly and with my chest puffed out. I flashed one of my ‘Capitol Sucker’ smiles. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” I say just above a whisper. “Akuma Engel is back in these huger games and he is going to win.”

Kipcha Pryor POV District 5: District 9 was gone from the games. The shame of the capitol. I was only District 5 tribute left. Was my fate to let down my District? I was uncertain but I certainly wasn’t hoping so. I pondered along peeking around the corridors. Was I cruel enough to kill someone? Well I wouldn’t say cruel but yeah I would. It was only this morning that I realised but, the music from the feast was still playing. It had changed tracks frequently but it was always an up tempo fast beat song. The music was very electric and energising. I found myself doing little steps every time a new song came on and I got the initial beat. I felt sick though when I realised I was dancing. Only the blood thirsty careers ever danced and at the moment most of them were dead. But the two girls from District 9 were bloodthirsty savages. The way the mercilessly killed the District 3 girl when she was pleading and I hate the whole attitude they have towards the games. It’s like they think there freaking gods. The way the walk around looking like they own the place. Bunch of uptight snobs if you ask me. If I ever met them again I would be sure too... I am cut short when I walk right into the back of someone and almost immediately Ariana Olive from District 10 turns to glare at me. She begins to open her mouth but before she can say anything I have my spear embedded deep within her chest. Her eyes widen and her mouth is twisted. She slumps sideways and only a meter away Cate Burn runs towards me. I heave my spear from Ariana’s chest and run away as her cannon sounds. I look down the hall and see Cate Burn leaning over Ariana’s dead body. I gulp deeply and walk away hoping I had made the right choice. I walk away to the sounds of Cate half-crying and half screaming over Ariana.

Rush Leaves POV District 7: Anastasia had left us. She parted with us late yesterday after the feast. Upon leaving she told us one statement, “Next time I see you I’m not going to hesitate to kill you. So don’t hesitate to kill me.” And she ran away down the hallway. Hayley was strong now and I don’t know if I liked it. She was able to take care of herself. She was tough now and didn’t need protecting which I hated. I had loved looking after her like she was a pet or item. But now she was ok by herself. We almost had a run in with a few mutt birds but Hayley had moved out of their line of eye sight just in time. Apart from that we had been safe just wondering around. Not like you could do much else here. Then we heard a scream. Hayley immediately looked down the hall and ran towards the scream. “Hayley, wait. NO!” I try to call out after her. But being her rebellious self she continued on running so I had to run after her. We rounded the corner and I found Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard fighting Anastasia. Finally Gingerbread smashed her sword on Anastasia’s hip and she fell to the ground and the sword penetrated her body. Hayley took a step back to run as Gingerbread advanced. But I was still determined to look after her and stepped in her way with my axe. I swung it around my head and tried to take a swing at her arms. I missed lightly and the momentum carried me forwards. Amidst this Anastasia’s cannon had sounded letting us know she was dead. Then Gingerbread plunged the sword into my chest. I could tell that she had just managed to miss most of my vital organs including my heart but I was going to die of blood loss soon. I looked up to try to see Hayley and at first I was shocked. The expression worn on Hayley’s face was like no other. It was one of pure hatred and twisted evilness. Hayley took out her stars and started throwing them at her rapidly. Gingerbread raised her arms and let the stars be buried in her stomach. Gingerbread tried to run but Hayley brought her down. And finally Gingerbread was a bloody heap on the floor. Hayley ran over to me and began to get tear full. She knew she couldn’t save me and my breaths were growing shorter. Finally I stopped breathing and my eyelids fluttered to Hayley’s innocent face and that was the last thing I ever saw.


Careers: Bridie Allen, Sinistra Venus

District 2 Group: Akuma Engel

District 3 Group: Bruno Medlune, Belle Lu.

District 4 Group: Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Kipcha Pryor

District Careers: Hayley Winters

District 10 Group: Cate Burn

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers, Melainie Shades

Deaths: Ariana Olive, Anastasia Panini, Gingerbread Barrelrollallyourbasearebelongtousspoonybard, Rush Leafs.

Day 7: Snap, Crackle, Pop

Melanie Shades POV District 12: I wake up drowsily in the morning. Daisy giggled ad came to help me walk straight. “Good morning sunshine.” Said Grain beaming at me. I move to lean against a wall. Don’t ask me why but whenever I was with Daisy and Grain I felt at ease. Here was where I could relax. I sat down and began eating some crackers. Daisy was waltzing around the area with her arms out stretched like she was ballroom dancing. She was a very attractive girl. She fluttered her eyes at Grain and he said, “Don’t go all gooey eyed over my princess.” He said mockingly. Daisy snorted and spun away. Grain chuckled. I got up and brushed the crumbs off me. I was walking away when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I saw a girl run past our little area. She ran like the wind and had silent steps like a ghost. Then I saw her as she peeked around the corner. I could tell from the eyes that it was Bridie Allen from District 1. She thought she had gone unnoticed and slipped inside our area and ran at Daisy who had her back turned. I screamed and Daisy turned slowly. I took out the knife and flew through the air. My arm went in the way and Bridie tackled Daisy and me together. I screamed out in pain as I felt someone shatter and snap. I used my free hand to stab Bridie. She screamed and just wouldn’t seem to die. I continued on stabbing until Daisy and I were both covered in a layer of hot blood. Finally Bridie stopped screaming and her cannon sounded. Grain rushed over and threw Bridie’s body of us. I felt a shockwave of pain shoot up my arm. I feel something leeching out of my arm. And when I actually see my arm I scream along with Daisy. My arm is now bent at many irregular right angles. I turn my head and vomit over my shoulder. Daisy is now crying and the blood is gushing out of my arm. I am beginning to freak out now. Everything is becoming distant. Everything is becoming relaxing again. I can now only faintly hear the wailing sobs of Daisy and Grain is getting teary and holding her. They are right beside me and kneeling down but they grow distant. I can feel Grain’s hand that rests on my face and I feel Daisy’s tear drop onto me. Finally I stop trying and am lulled into an everlasting sleep.

Belle Lu POV District 3: The first thing I hear in the morning is screamed to me when I was asleep. Bruno screamed out, “RUN!” at the top of his voice. I only had a fraction of a second to grab my disc and run. Bruno was just ahead of me when I saw what was behind us. Two human like robots with piercing red eyes. Bruno screamed again. I knew from just looking at the metal they were made of that my disc would not harm them. Finally I came equal with Bruno and we ran around random corner. Finally we reach a corridor that had two exits. I looked to Bruno and he nodded. He would take the one on the left and I would take the one on the right. I winked at him and flashed him a smile. Bruno smiled grimly at me and my view of him disappeared. The tunnel here was dark without any lights. I ran into a wall and realised this tunnel was not straight like I had imagined. I turn left and frantically ran down through more turns. Then I hear a scream, a human scream. Bruno. I gasped and ran faster and began screaming, “Bruno! WHERE ARE YOU?” Finally I saw light. I ran towards it and turned to see the exit from the other tunnel. I ran down it not caring about anything else. I ran down and saw a blue and green light and ran towards it as this tunnel curved slightly. Finally I reached it. The first thing I saw was the wires. Several lay loosely on the floor and were jutting out from the wall. Then I saw the body on the floor. I knelt down and let out a cry like a wounded animal. Bruno’s face was blackened and burnt. His lips trembled and tears were beginning to fall from his cheeks. “Bruno, I’m sorry.” I whimpered and put my head on his chest. He shakily raised his arm and clenched his fist and left out his pinkie. “P-P-promise me you’ll win.” I put my pinkie wrapped around his and sobbed. “I promise. I will win for the both of us.” He smiled slightly then his eyes strained then they closed. I let out a loud cry again and tried to force the tears back. Amongst my hysterical crying his cannon sounded. I finished crying and the claws came down and picked up his charred body. I was Belle Lu from District 3. My friend was dead. Everyone I held close was dead. I had to win.

Sinistra Venus POV District 2: Where was Bridie? I couldn’t find her. I had heard a cannon and I was going to assume the worst. But I was sad. I never saw her die. I couldn’t save her. Why didn’t she call for help? I spend ages questioning myself. I was in a state of disrepair, my hair was a mess, my clothes were torn, my face was scarred and I had wounds. But yet I pressed onwards. Then I was walking when I hear a squeal down the corridor. I darted back and pressed my body against the wall. I saw the flash of a girl running and then close behind her was another guy. I recognised him. But no it couldn’t be we saw him go insane. But it was him! Akuma Engel the nutcase was chasing someone. I ran down the hall to follow. And decided to chase on, unaware and not thinking of any consequences. At first I was started but then I ran on. The floor was no longer flat. But parts had been levitated to different heights. The girl in front was jumping on and off them well. The boy wasn’t as good as her but he was still keeping his pace. I recognised the girl now. The District 10 girl Cate Burn. I followed on the platforms and was sure to be quiet but accurate. I watched as the girl was getting faster and the boy was struggling. The girl made it to the end of the levitated pathway. She turned around to see where her pursuer was. Then the boy did something amazing risky. He jumped put one foot on the wall and literally flew towards her. The second her whole body was turned around he stabbed her in the chest. She made a grunt and her cannon echoed. The forced pushed him and her tumbling towards the ground. Her stood up and turned back and looked directly at me. He frowned and walked off. I was half tempted to pursue him but the ground was now a pool of blood. I wasn’t keen on treading with death so I turned and hopped away, scarred from just seeing the vicious death.

Hayley Winter POV District 7: Rush was dead. My entire District was dead. I was left alone her to fend for myself. Rush had died for me. Ted had died for me. Tecy had died for me. I was going to avenge their deaths. I was no longer the little girl who just stood and cried. I was a threat to everyone. But it was at that stage now. No one was here by mistake. Everyone had killed at least one person by now. The remaining people were deadly and ready to battle with anyone. I think we were near the Final 8 now. They would be dragging up my family to do interviews. Then I realised I was a 12 year old girl, who was in the Hunger Games with twice the amount of tributes. Twice the amount of chances to die and I was still alive. The thought of it made me proud. I Hayley Winter’s was no longer the quiet girl who got trampled over. I was the girl who had made the Final 8. I wondered what everyone at home was thinking of me. I’m sure mother and father would be proud. And all the bullies at school would respect me. Imagine if I had won and returned home to prove I wasn’t a whimp. I beamed with anticipation. These games were mine.


Careers: Sinistra Venus

District 2 Group: Akuma Engel

District 3 Group: Belle Lu.

District 4 Group: Winona Heart

District 5 Group: Kipcha Pryor

District 7 Group: Hayley Winters

District 11/12 Group: Grain Shade, Daisy Flowers

Deaths: Brdie Allen, Bruno Medlune, Melaine Shades, Cate Burn

Final 8 Interviews

Akuma Engel’s Interview:

Akuma’s aunt and uncle show up. They are both sobbing and crying from the loss of his brother Mallow. They manage to pull themselves together for a few questions. None of which have a very solid answer. His aunt often stops talking mind sentence and stares out into nothing when people try to talk to her. His uncle is trying to maintain some family reputation and seem proud of his son. But it is clear he is upset with the death of Mallow. And the end his aunt works off without another word but his uncle remains. His head is hanging low and he states, “Akuma the loss of your brother is terrible enough. Please don’t let us loose you.” And he walks off dragging his feet.

Sinistra Venus’s Interview:

The local librarian and one of her friends show up. The librarian goes on about how she was the best customer she ever had. And how she spent all her time being quiet and polite. She knows how smart you are and how clever and reliable she is. Her male friend whom she knows from the library shows up. He goes on about how kind and caring she can be. He knows how tough she can be because the other kids who spend more time in training centre’s pick on her. So she spent some time training and when she ended up in the Hunger Games she was smart and ready to go. They both leave quietly and the librarian adds on at the end, “Sinistra you’re a very smart girl and you can win.”

Belle Lu’s Interview:

Both of Belle’s parents turn up. They are both very surprised that she made it to the final 8. According to their statistics she should’ve died approximately on the first or second day. They say she has made some inaccurate decisions and some deadly risky choices. But she had also made some excellent choices that had helped her chances. Finally the conclude, “Belle dear, although you have made some poor choices we hope you can come hope. Just keep your idiotic choices at a minimum.”

Winona Heart’s Interview:

Winona’s brother turns up. Her parents are both currently being trialled for Illegal Fish Importation. Her brother is obviously very stressed but is trying to cover it up. He frequently is running his hands through his hair. He sways from side to side and fiddles with his shirt. Whenever he gives answers they are short and spoken quickly. His final comment is, “Winona come home as soon as possible please. You have trained and know how to win. Come back and make my life easier.”

Kipcha Pryor’s Interview:

Kipcha’s whole family turn up. Huttser included. Her mother, father and brother are all ecstatic that she has made it this far. Throughout the whole interview they are smiling and grinning. His brother often adds on little bits of praise for his sister on the end of his parents’ answers. Finally when they are asked t leave her brother adds one final statement, “Kipcha please. You have made it this far, can’t you just finally come home?”

Haley Winter’s Interview:

Haley’s brother and sisters show up. You can see the pang of sorrow on their faces but at the same time they are glad that Haley had made it this far. They beg of her not to get cocky like Violet Duffy from District 9 because she drove herself to rock bottom. They give her some praise though, for being strong when Rush, Tecy and Ted died, and they think it was kind of her to save Henry’s life in the beginning. At the end they say, “Haley don’t do anything silly and just come home.”

Grain Shade’s Interview:

No one shows up for Grain’s interview...

Daisy Flowers’s Interview:

Daisy’s mother and her brother show up. Her father is dead. He fell from a tree whilst trying to rescue a trapped child. He suffered from bad spinal injury. He went to hospital. He died two days later. They have postponed the interview until the end of the games for is Daisy should return. If not they can hold a double funeral for both her and her father. Finally at the end her brother leaves with one final message, “Daisy, I love you with all my heart and I need you to come back home. We need you in this time of trouble.”

Day 8: I Quote

Akuma Engel POV District 2: Final 8 now. I was pleased. I had almost completed my task of avenging my brother. I was fearless now. I was wondering the maze trying to find people and my efforts were rewarded. Whilst rounding a corner I saw the District 7 girl Haley Winters standing down the end of the hall. I smiled and ran. Haley’s eyes diluted with fear and she turned to run then the strangest thing happened. As I was running I fell. I plummeted towards the ground face first. I smashed the ground and lied on my stomach. But the when I tried to get up I just couldn’t. I pushed hard with my feet on the ground and used all my strength to life my chest only to weaken and have it smash into the ground again. I looked ahead to find little Haley on the ground also struggling greatly. Finally with every ounce of strength in my I bought myself to my knees. They shook with the immense amount of pressure being pressed on them. I collapsed again and then I heard a loud churning noise. I look at the walls and saw up and down the wall spikes. Finally one around the middle of the distance between Haley and I moved. It slowly produced from the wall and detached itself. It moves at a slow pace until it reached the other side and the wall enveloped it. Then I watched as seven or so spikes did the same thing and floated towards the other side. I watch as one steered dangerously close to Haley but she twisted her body with tremendous strength and got out of the way. With time it was continuously becoming harder to move and breathe. The weight was beginning to overwhelm me. I was up to the stage where I was immobile now with my hand raised above my hand. A spike moves towards me hand and I closed my eyes as the sharp part penetrated my skin. It ripped through my bone and shot out the other side. The blood immediately cascaded to the blood but stopped because of the pressure. I tried screaming but my vocal chords wouldn’t allow it. I look up at Haley who was no longer moving but had her eyes closed. I knew she wasn’t dead so she had either passed out or was closing her eyes for comfort. Then I saw. One spike produced from the wall towards me. I knew I needed to act and now. It came and I readied myself. I flatted myself on the ground and the spike pricked the tip of my stomach. Some flesh and blood came out but I was ok. I smiled all the way until the spike was gone. Then I felt something on the back of my head. I opened my mouth to scream as the spike bore into my skull. I tried screaming but nothing came until finally I couldn’t feel a thing.

Sinistra Venus POV District 2: I ran frantically around the maze. Not hoping to find anyone or anything but just to reassure the fact that I was a contender in these games. I knew that the Capitol must have some degree of respect for me. But I wasn’t entirely comforted. I needed to find someone. And when I saw the District 4 girl I thought I had made my big break. If I remember correctly her name was Winona Heart? I always figured she was one of the deadlier ones. But she heard me before she saw me and she took off. After that I spent minutes pointlessly chasing her around the maze to act like I had a point to prove but I wasn’t really out to kill her. I was really out to get some respect and all around well likeness. Finally I was running like a rag doll. I was running with my arms flailing around like I was a windmill. I always kept my sword close by me. Then gradually I got tired and I slowed down and began walking. Then I saw her again. She was leaning against a wall. I tried to quietly sneak over but my sneakers squeaked and she turned around and turned her trident on. She glared at me with her emerald green eyes. Then I did what any scarred person would do. I swung my sword at her unsuspectedly. She yelled and threw her tridents. One of the spokes pricked my left arm and tore of a large chunk of flesh but I had created a large oozing gash. She hit the floor and began convulsing and the gashes were very deep and finally she tilted her head sideways and her cannon sounds. I forced back tears as I watch a single drop of blood fall from the corner of her mouth.

Daisy Flower’s POV District 11: I clutch Grain tightly as we wonder this maze. I hate the maze. The perfect black walls, the even lighting everything has, and the simplicity it shows. It annoys me slightly because in real life nothing is perfect or even I know I am certainly not simple. I hope I have been hiding my feelings for Grain well. I think he already knows though. But the games were no place for love. Here it was about survival. We edged our way around the eerie maze. Then we find trouble or more so run into trouble. Belle Lu from District 3 comes careering around the corner and before she can stop herself she comes crashing into us. Even with Grain’s size we still topple over. On the ground Grain tries stabbing her but his attempts are futile and she gets up. She turns to run and throws the disc back at us. It barely misses my skull. But instead of running she stood in the middle and smiled. “If you don’t kill me, I will kill you.” It was clear this was going to a battle. Grain of course stepped in front of me and shouted, “If it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you’ll get.” He said as he gathered the other knives. He threw one and it just missed her skull. She threw her disc and we both collapsed to the floor as the disc flew over head. Grain stood up immediately and threw another knife. It lodged itself deep into her calf and she screamed but she wasn’t sad. In fact she was smiling and laughing. I was still on the floor hiding behind’s Grain’s leg looking at the floor then I felt Grain’s weight shift. He fell to the ground and I saw the disc lodged deep in his back. I turn him on his side and looked into his eyes. He still had some life in him. “Grain I’m going to heal you.” I said but I was trying to convince myself. Tears welled up and I let the tears flow. I clutched his head in my hands and for a moment it was perfect. But we were never determined to be. The Hunger Games had split us apart. I knelt close to him and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Grain I love you.” He smiled slightly. “I love you to Daisy.” He smiled and blood began dripping from his mouth. I clutched him again and let the blood stain my clothes. I was hysterical now and crying. My love was dying in front my eyes. I hugged onto him and watched the life drain from him. Finally the life escaped his lips and his cannon boomed. The horrific sounds echoed in my ears. For so many years I had heard the sound and regarded it as nothing. Now I realised why the tributes always looked sad when they heard a cannon. Another innocent life was lost. I knelt down and kissed him on his forehead. I lied him down and put his hands clasped together on his chest. I smiled at him one last time as a tear rolled down my cheek. I watched his dead body lying there. The protective beast I had once known was now a helpless deer lying dead. I wiped my eye with my sleeve. I got a star and made a tiny prick on my skin. A thin stream of blood ran down and I dabbed the blood on my finger. I drew on his face warrior marks. Red stripes and after a few minutes he had a beautiful mask. I stood up and kissed his head one final time and lied his head down gently and walked away. I was going to get revenge. Belle Lu was nowhere in sight. She was going to die. And I was going to be the one to do it.


Careers: Sinistra Venus

District 3 Group: Belle Lu.

District 5 Group: Kipcha Pryor

District 7 Group: Hayley Winters

District 11 Group: Daisy Flowers

Deaths: Akuma Engel, Winona Heart, Grain Shade

Day 9: Confusion Says

Belle Lu POV District 3: When I wake up the second my eyes open I know today is the end. All the lights on the walls are flashing. In the nonexistent sky dark clouds gather and large, massive bolts of green lightning flash across the sky from cloud to cloud. It cackles loudly and thunder screams in my ears. I clutch my now sole disc and know that today is defiantly the end. I stood up and rubbed my eyes and stretched my legs. I try to tame my hair and make sure I look decent but with all the flashing it’s hard to look at my reflection. I turned back and flashed a smile for the Capitol. These games were all mine.

Sinistra Venus POV District 2: I am snapped awake by the sound of lightning. It splits the sky and echoes around the maze. At first I am startled and I jump to my feet a aimlessly hold out my sword in case of an intruder. But of course I find no one there. The sky has changed since the beginning of the games; the dark clouds now look threatening and hang over the arena. I look up at the clouds begging it to not rain. Rain means it’d be wet, being wet means it’s slippery and being slippery mean mucking up. But I wasn’t going to cower away. I was going to fight and I was going to win.

Daisy Flowers POV District 11: I am awake in the early hours of the morning. I sat down and watched the storm clouds roll in. They came from the edges and joined in the middle. Then the lightning began. Then the winds began. The winds had literally just picked up. It eerily howled around the maze and it sounded like the souls of dead tribute moaned throughout the arena. I could’ve sworn I had heard Grain say, “I miss you once.” But I think I was a little delusional now. But it was only because I missed him so much. And now I was going to win. For Grain and every other District 11 victims. I pictured Seeder and Chaff in my head one final time before setting off to battle.

Kipcha Pryor POV District 5: I am running towards the middle chamber now. I know that there is no turning back. I have past the vantage point. From here on it’s either victor or loser, alive or dead. I had slept restlessly that night and hadn’t gotten much sleep but I was as energetic as anything. I ran through the maze not caring if I saw anyone. I was going to meet them at the bloodbath anyway. I turned the corners that I had cleverly memorised over the past few days. I proceeded to round corners when I saw the District 3 girl Belle Lu limping. In an instant I dived down a hallway that Belle couldn’t see down. She turned back, certain she had heard a noise and I couldn’t tell whether she was walking towards me or not because the wall was obscuring my vision. But finally I waited as I heard the footsteps of Belle becoming fainter. I turned around the corner and silently on my feet I ran after her. She was limping and easy to catch up with. I was only a meter away with my spear was sheathed when my shoe squeaked. In an instant Belle turned around. But this time I was ready and drove the spear deep into her chest. She made a squeaking noise and coughed up some blood. She fell off my spear and collapsed onto the ground. She curled up into a ball and howled and I stood and watched mercilessly. And then her cannon sounded. I tried to shake her blood off my shoes but it just splattered the walls. I tell myself to move and take my eyes away from the horrific scene on the floor. I was going to win and to do that I needed to kill.

Sinistra Venus POV District 2: I reach the main chamber. I peer across and see the shadow of Daisy Flowers move into view. I had just heard a cannon shot. And I was unsure who it was, Belle Lu or Kipcha Pryor. Then I see a shadow and a spear. “Kipcha Pryor,” I mutter under my breath. Then in an instant I find myself running out to the middle. I watch with the confused expressions on the other girls faces. Kipcha and Daisy begin to follow. Kipcha is running straight at me but Daisy looks like she has diverted her course and was running slightly at Kipcha. She runs at her and lashes out with her knife. She creates and cut on Kipcha’s shoulder and she is temporarily surprised and is unsure what to do but keeps on running at me. Daisy runs and gains speed that Kipcha was unable to maintain and jumps. For a second she is in mid air with her knife wavering above Kipcha’s back. Then I see something silver and Kipcha runs towards me unharmed but looks back after hearing a squeal. Daisy lies on the floor with flesh from her neck scattered everywhere. I look behind and see Hayley Winters from District 7 standing there. How could I have forgotten her? Daisy is now screaming and convulsing on the floor. She jerks her body in awkward directions and looks as if she was possessed. Then she stops and a cannon sounds. My eyes widen with anticipation as the claws come and pick up the remains of her. Now this bloodbath was beginning.

Kipcha Pryor POV District 5: Daisy was dead and there were two more to go for me to win. Sinistra jumped down from her plate and eyed me and Haley. Finally she made her choice and edged her way towards Haley. I moved in with her and we closed in on Haley from different angles. She threw a star and it scratched my hand and made me bleed. Finally I saw Sinistra jump with her sword in mid air. I grinned as she homed in on Haley’s shoulder but the little girl was so fast. She threw two stars into Sinistra’s chest. Immediately Sinistra hit the floor and lied motionless. Haley turned around to face me. She threw a star and embedded it in my leg. I moaned slightly and winced but I stood firm, determined not to let her get the best of me. She held a star and went out to scratch my arm and held it and drew a long cut. I looked into her eyes and aw the desperation and frantic panicking. Then I decided I needed to hit back and lashed out and lodged my spear in her stomach. She moaned and fell to the ground. She began coughing and turned on her side and spewed out blood. She was crying hysterically and I knelt to the ground. Shocked by what I had just done. I went to cradle her in my arms but she pushed me away and she lifted her head to say something. But her life stole from her mouth and she collapsed to the floor. Her head hit the ground and blood sprayed everywhere. Now I was crying and began to move away. I moved to her neck, she had no pulse, no heartbeat no nothing. I stood up and turned around and looked out boldly to the camera’s that I were sure were watching me. I stood their forcing the tears back into my skull. After a minute or two I question everything. Where was Claudius Templesmith, where was my hovercraft? Unless... Then I feel a blade pierce my thigh and I fall to the ground. Then I feel more continuous blade pierces my back and I scream out. Finally my vision goes blurred but I see as the victor crawls past me, hardly able to move herself. I need to say something finally, “Well done Sinistra.” And I fall backwards into an everlasting sleep.


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