The Tributes

Districk 1

June Candle


Age: 14

Weapon: Spear

Maxumin Plus

Sex: M

Age: 18

Weapon: Knife

Districk 2

Kumna Carft



Weapon: Stealth

Snow Blank


Age: 15

Weapon: Knife

Districk 4

Case Snap


Age: 16


Tribute Boy

Info N/A

Districk 7

Cane Blue



Weapon: Ti kwon do

Plasma Alam



Weapon: Hand to Hand Combat

Districk 12

Terra Wheaten




Jason Grayfeild



Weapon: Bow and Arrow


The arena is a big town with suppies in house but some houses are traped to kill. Cornucoppia is a big feild with suppies in the middle. Tributes stand on platforms.

Day 1

Tribute stand on big platforms ready to go for prizes. Kumna jumps to soon and is blown to bits. Jason dose not seem fazed unlike the rest of the tirbutes. The gong sounds Jason runs for the center bag graping it also getting a bow but no arrows. Jason sprints out of cornucoppia. Snow graps a pack of knife and trows on at Terra but misses, Terra graps the knife and runs after Jason . June and Maxumin help Snow killing tributes. Case is tackled to the groung by June and Snow decapitates her and a canoon fire. Plasma gets a very small backpack at a price of getting cut in the arm. At the end of day one seven tributes remain. Jason and Terra run two miles from cornucoppia and find a nice white house to spend the night. Inside Jasons bag there was a a comb with nittles on the end, he got a knife a fleece jacket, a bottle morphling, died beef stips, 9 arrows, a little box (when expanded turns into a sleeping bag refelting heat) and a bottle of water, and iodine.

Day 2

June had killed Maxumin in his sleep by stapping a knife in his neck. She laughed when his body was being lifted into the air. Snow now scared of June runs away taking half the suppies. Cane had found Plasma and they teamed up. Cane had got a big camo backpack all it had was spear clothes and water and beef jerky. That night Jane felt horrable for what she did and grap a sword and cuts her head off. The anthem plays and Maxumin and Jane face light the sky. Five tributes remain.

Day 3

Terra and Jason leave the house and get walking. Terra sees and apple and eats it. All of a sudden she coughs up blood and falls on her back. Jason graps her hand and holds it untill she dies. Jaosn wipes her face of the blood, picks her up lays her in a patch of roses and sings Katniss's song she sang to Rue as she dies. He takes the suppies from her and gets walking and begind to cry.The anthem plays and Terra's face shins the sky. Jason about to kill himself makes it his misson to win for her. Four tributes remain.

Day 4

Because of the lack of tribute Cane and Plasma slit paths. About an hour later Plasma runs into Snow. Snow cuts Plasma's arms off and watchs him bleed to death. A canon fires. Three tributes remain.

Day 5 Final Day

Jason runs into Cane she runs off, into Snow as Snow hangs her with a rope. Jason hears a canon and runs the way Cane did and runs into a Snow. Thee fight for 20 minutes. Finally Jason shoots a bow in Snows neck. Snow remove the arrow. There is so much blood Snow drowns in Blood. Jason is crowned the winner of the 76th Hunger Games. Jason is a little mentaly unstable but not as Annie but he dose look out in he distance for a long period of time and dose shut his eyes for no reason. Jason marries a districk 5 girl who was Foxface's sister.

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