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    The 76th Hunger Games

    June 27, 2012 by Raeoki

    "Oh, so you thought the Hunger Games were over, huh?

    Hah! They've barely just begun!"

    -Final stanza of President Grey's inaugural adress.

    Have you ever wondered: "What if Katniss and District 13 lost the war? What if the Capitol won, and continued to impose the Hunger Games on the districts?"

    Well, welcome to the 76th Hunger Games, where you can satiate your dark curiosity. This is not your average Hunger Games. This is the return of Panem's darkest nightmare.
    So turn on your television, ready your silver parachutes, and prep your tributes.
    For the rebels have burned, but the Capitol still stands.

    1. Be nice, please!
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    The 4th Hunger Games

    June 11, 2011 by Raeoki

    Preceeded by: The 3rd Hunger Games

    Even though The 3rd Hunger Games has yet to be completed, I might as well go ahead and announce that I'm alive by getting The 4th Hunger Games up and running! So...*puts on sunglasses* Let's do this.

    Kay-kay, I am going to have to ask something of you guys. We need a career alliance. Cause I will admit something: I love career's, and I will sing it from the roof-tops. I want Cato more than a thirteen-year-old fashionista has Bieber Fever. And by "want" I mean snicker at him from afar while he goes on a rampage and wipe away his tears with a monkey ascott while he weeps over Clove's dead body.

    Now, I'm not saying that if you make a tribute or two from One, Two, or Four they HAVE to be part of the career pack,…

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  • Raeoki

    This is a short story revolving around two mentors and four tributes. If you haven't read my Games, then you might not understand some of the things mentioned in this story, but it's not required. Also, if I make any errors about the characters, please please PLEASE tell me!

    Kai Shivers (c) Firecatcher

    Saydee Peterson (c) Firecatcher

    Mork the Stylist (c) Raeoki

    Larka Dew (c) Firecatcher

    Finch Shade (c) Firecather

    Marmacet Jeweler the Escort (c) Raeoki

    Elexsis Safier (c) Leshawna

    Tobi the Escort (c) Raeoki

    Nano Pythagorus (c) Moviepop

    Electra Vargas (c) Moviepop

    A giant wave of winged mountain lions crashed and tumbled at the twenty-three children. One by one, no matter how hard they ran from the griffins, they were ripped open by their razor-sharp cl…

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    The 3rd Hunger Games

    March 3, 2011 by Raeoki

    All pictures are credit to

    Hunger Games were over with? What about the districts? Did he not think about them?

    Of course not, grumbled a small voice in her head. He’s a bloody Capitolite.

    On Camera

    Katherine steps past the front door of her home, appearing in every home and television in Panem. She gives the cameramen and boom operators a tour of her home, showing every room and beckoning at anything with meaning and sentiment. She leads them through the garden, where the pause for a moment to get ready for the photo-shoot.

    She returns leaning on a green parasol, the sun just perfectly set on her face, which is sharp with determination. Then, Katherine is shown with her back slightly turned to the camera, the parasol now open and abov…

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    The 2nd Hunger Games

    December 31, 2010 by Raeoki

    Preceeded by: The 1st Hunger Games

    Succeeded by: The 3rd Hunger Games

    I was going to do it sometime after January 1st, but I got a spark of imagination and I couldn't resist making it a tad early. If you posted on my 1st Hunger Games, please do not use the same tribute(s)!

    Welcome, to the 2ND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES! The Games are filled with blood and thunder, death and destruction, intrigue and shock...what stunning, mind-boggling things shall occur this Games!?

    'Nobody in District 5 is happy that the Games started early this year. Curse the Gamemaker's impatience. Most mothers would prefer to watch their children grow up for just one more month...! Kai Shivers (victor of the 1st Hunger Games, created, I believe, by Firecatcher3) watches grimly a…

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