Succeeded by: The 2nd Annual Hunger Games Yep, that's right; this is the very first Hunger Games. It's also my very first Hunger Games, so yay! And no, I'm not doing it because it's my first, I just thought it would be fun if we do the First Hunger Games, don't you think? And don't worry if I get to one of the Games that Mags might've won, or maybe even more. I'll just skip those. :) I will not use favoritism and do not accept bribes. The thing that governs these Games is the roll of the dice!

You are allowed three tributes to play. You're character will get training scores when we get all the tributes together.

This Hunger Games will include...

  • Chariot rides
  • Interveiws with Caeser Flickerman I

While we wait for the Games to begin, try to invest as much money as possible to the Tributes you wish to sponsor. All tributes shall begin with ten dollars. If the crowd really loves them during the chariot rides, they will get twenty dollars. When you do invest, nothing above a hundred. There is no maximum of how many times you add money to a tribute.










Anything else?: Optional

Bio for Caeser Flickerman I Interviews

Aren't you proud to be part of the 1st Hunger Games?:

Tell us about yourself:

Tell us about your family:

How do you feel about your training score?:

Anybody special back home?:

The Reaped

District 1:

Male Tribute: Gree Trin - 8 - $540 - Fallen by Alexander's arrow
Female Tribute: Glow Greater - 12 - $540 - Stabbed in the heart by griffin mutt's beak

District 2:

Male Tribute: Grant Ite - 10 - $530 Head split open by Randy Leonard's halberd
Female Tribute: Alice Sparkle - 10 - $530 - Eaten alive by carnivorous Beta fish

District 3:

Male Tribute: Kevin Keverson - 3 - $510 Stabbed in the back of the head by Alice Sparkle

Female Tribute: Sades Wilt - 2 - $510 Killed by Gree Trin who tossed an axe at her head.

District 4:

Male Tribute: Martin Gill - 4 - $520 Board fell beneath him while crossing the bridge and fell into the river

Female Tribute: Marina Adams - 6 - $520 - Got an arrow in her chest from Saydee because "she saw her reaching for her bag."

District 5:

Male Tribute: Kai Shivers - 6 - $510 - The victor of the 1st Annual Hunger Games.
Female Tribute: Saydee Peterson - 6 - $510 - Clawed in the stomach by a griffin

District 6:

Male Tribute: Damian Raefel - 6 - $510 - Beheaded by a griffi
Female Tribute: Vanessa Lockhart - 5 - $510 Stabbed in the back by Glow Greater's trident

District 7:

Male Tribute: Wader Steld - Got a knife into his chest that was thrown by Alice Sparkle
Female Tribute: Saprey Argile - 2 - $407 - Stabbed in the stomach with an arrow by Kai

District 8:

Male Tribute: Dalton Parckinson - 4 - $540 - Died by his wounds
Female Tribute: Brittany Pierson - 3 - $540 Tortured to death by Alice Sparkle

District 9:

Male Tribute: Alexander Lettom - 6 - $520 -

Female Tribute: Karina Lettom - 3 - $520 - Killed by Saprey Argile with an arrow to her lung

District 10:

Male Tribute: Randy Leonard - 5 - $60 - Fallen by an arrow sent by Gree Trin

Female Tribute: Marion Gilenstein - 5 - $600 - Killed by a knife to the neck by Alice Sparkle

District 11:

Male Tribute: Aaron Thor s - 8 - $540 - Killed himself by falling on one of Sky's arrows
Female Tribute: Sky Thorns - 6 - $540 - Got her neck broken by Blaise Harman

District 12:

Male Tribute: Reload Jenkins - 1 - $510 - Stabbed in the stomach by Saprey Argile's shield spike
Female Tribute: Blaise Harman - 7 - $510 - Got a hatchet to the face by Aaron Thorns

The Chariot Rides

District 1

Silence engulfs the audience as they watched for the first chariots to appear, to celebrate the first day counting off to the very first Hunger Games. Anticipation sparks the air as they watched, wide-eyed, some of them standing on tip-toe to get a better look. Horns blow to announce the chariots, but they are nothing but a slight hum against the cheers and hollers of the Capitol. "GO DISTRICT ONE!!" "SLICE'EM LIKE GRAIN, ELEVEN!!" "DISTRICT 12 STINKS!!!" "HAPPY HUNGER GAMES, EVERYBODY!!"

A hush falls over them, as the first chariot, the chariot holding the two District 1 tributes, is sent in...

The chariot was made of solid gold. The seal of District 1 covered in a substance known as gold leaf, a paper-like substance used to make signs look like they are made of gold. The tributes, Gree Trin and Glow Greater, look like they are already in the Games, their make-up giving them a a serious, blood-thirsty, yet awfully hot appearence. They wear armour that looks like the sun is glinting off of it, and Gree and Glow have made as much distance away from each other as possible. The audience is silent, then give them a round of applause. For the first Hunger Games, Gree and Glow's stylists have represented District 1's ample career supply.

District 2

After 1 has left, it's 2's turn. And boy, do they look silly. They're wearing...daggers. Knives and shortswords dangle from ebony jumpsuits, and some of the audience tries not to giggle, while some of them are too baffled to say a thing. Alice Sparkle claws at one of the blades, glaring at the silent audience. Grant Ite is tempted to rip out one of his knives and toss it at the audience.

District 3

Poor 2...Sades Wilt thinks, even though she knows they don't deserve it. Now that District 2 has become a laughing stock, the horse trotted onto the street, District 3's mustard colored chariot in tow.

Sades is wearing a leotard, and Keven Keverso a jumpsuit. They are both yellow, with lightning bolts speckling them, and Sades has matching earrings. Somewhere in the distance, their stylists presses a button that makes the lightning bolts shine with artificial light. The audience "oohs" and "aahs," but they only like them. Not love them.

District 4

Martin Gill and Marina Adams come onto the scene, their chariot having a fish-head sprouting out. Marina is goregous, wearing a blue satin dress that stops at the chest, where it turns gold and net-like, the strands coming together as a choker around her throat. She wears trident earrings, and her stylist has added blue to her lips and eye-lids, and her hair is up in a bun. The audience swoons.

Martin Gill wears a robe made of fish-nets. It's not as good as Marina's, but at least District 4 has beloved fans to stand on.

District 5

The District 5 tributes roll onto the scene in a brown chariot. Saydee Peterson wears a mink coat turned into a dress that comes to her knees, while Kai Shivers is garbed in what looks like the skin of a hound. The audience feels iffy about District Five.

District 6

District 6 comes onto the scene, the chariot white with a blue medicine sign. On board is Damien Rafael, wearing a doctor's coat and scrub bottoms. He's not wearing a shirt, and the coat is slightly open. Vanessa Lockhart is wearing a patient's gown, only cut up so that the top will be made into a belly-shirt and the bottom a mini-skirt. The audience isn't very excited, and Damien even noticed someone yawning as they rolled by.

District 7

It's District 7's turn now. A simple chariot crafted of solid rowan rolls in, creaking and groaning. Saprey Argile looks like a tree, wearing a gown that looks like bark, slippers shaped like the narrow root, and her hair dyed green like the leaves of an oak. Wader Steld wears a very tight lumberjack outift and an axe tattooed into his arm. Some of the audience chuckles at what Wader might be thinking of doing to poor Saprey at the moment...

District 8

Here comes the District 8 tributes, Dalton Parkinson and Brittany Pierson, their chariot looking like assorted patches of cloth. Dalton wears an ivory Peackeeper uniform, showing District 8's production of Peacekeeper uniforms. Brittany wears a dress a long white dress, so long that it sticks out the back of the chariot. They press a button, and their out-fits light up in different colors. Squares of all colors appear, and then fade as a new one comes. The audience is fascinated, but because they just saw another light-show come from District Three, they are not fully impressed.

District 9

Up comes the hunting District, District Nine. Alexander and Karina Lettom, siblings, ride in on a chariot painted with black game animals, such as deer, bear, and duck. Alexander is garbed in skins, moccasins, and a magnicifent feathered head-dress, coming off as a young Native American chieftan. The women of the audience hollers at him, some even swooning as they roll by. Karina is adorned in a leotard that seems to be made out of skin, leaves, et cetera. Her hair is put into a pony-tail that seems to be held together by the stem of a holly bush. Her stylist has also added onto her bob-cat ears and paws, and a group of young men even try to get her attention. It's a good day for District Nine.

District 10

It's 10's turn, and they have tributes Randy Leonard and Marion Gilentstein to represent them. Their chariot looks like it is made of cows-hide, and Randy and Marion is wearing what their stylists tried to pass as a cowboy and a cowgirl. Their boots, hats, and vests light up, but it's more like small Christmas lights. They wear plain white shirts beneath their brown leather vests, and while Randy wears blue jeans, Marion wears a skirt that looks like it's made out of blue jeans. District 10 rides off in silence and disgrace.

District 11

Another brother-sister duo rides out, but this time it's Aaron and Sky Thorns of District Eleven, their chariot looking like it's made out of apples. Aaron wears a collage of vegetables, while Sky is garbed in a dress that appears to be nothing but fruit. There is some strange chemical coming from them that when scented, the people of audience smell a distinct vegetable and fruit. The audience is not excited, but they are impressed.

District 12

District 12's turn to reveal their tributes to Panem and represent them in the 1st Hunger Games. Blaise Harman and Reload Jenkins await their turn. With a whinney from their coal-black horse, they ride out. Today they are dressed in skimpy coal-miner out-fits, while their chariot seems to be coated in coal dust. The audience is nuetral in their feelings toward Reload and Blaise. But two from the aduience shout out, "LOCK AND LOAD JENKINS!" and "BURN'EM DOWN, BLAZE - I MEAN BLAISE!" This boosts their confidence.

Sponsorship Items

$10 - Iodine tablets

Bottle water - $35
Apple - $36

Bread - $50

$57 - Meat

$64 - Knife $72

Spear - $74

Shield - $74

Bow and a quiver full of arrows - $103

Sword - $174

$323 - Medical supplies

Winning the Hunger Games - Priceless

The Arena

The Arena for the first Hunger Games is a canyon, some of its cliffs ranging a hundred feet in the air. Below is a rushing river, untamed and always angry, and housing man-eating Beta fish muttations the size of an adult male's hand. In the center is the Cornucopia on high plateau, bigger than the Empire State Building. The only way off is to climb down it's slippery sides and find a bridge to the south, where it leads to another cliff. If you navigate out of that cliff, you'll find two more bridges. The other one three. And so on, and so on. There are also caves and trees and brush sparsley dotted around for the tributes to find shelter or hide in.

Day 1: The Bloodbath


Gree Trin from 1 is the first to respond, lunging for a hatchet. Smirking, he tosses it at the female of Three, Sades Wilt, killing her. Grant Ite of 2 is fires an arrow into Marion Gilenstein from 10's leg, making her gasp with pain. Grant smirks and is about to shoot an arrow into her temple when Marion's District mate, Randy Leonard, splits his head open with his halberd: a cross between an axe and a spear. Randy lets Marion lean against him, and with nothing in their path now they make it out of the Bloodbath. Glow Greater is wielding a trident when she over-hears a discussion between the District 6 tributes, Vanessa Lockhart and Damien Rafael, and Vanessa's asking if she could join the careers. Glow rans over to them. "Eff no!" she growls, and stabs Vanessa in the back. She glares at Damien. "I lead this pack, Six!" she hisses, and before he could respond Glow stomps away. Alice Sparkle, the other tribute from Two, jumps on top of Kevin Keverson of 3's back, severing his spine and cutting off his ear with her knives. In one swift movement, Alice takes the knife out of Kevin's back and stabs the back of his head. Reload Jenkins, boy of District Twelve, is fighting with Saprey Argile-girl from Seven- over a box of crackers in the Cornucopia. Reload manages to kick her shin. Saprey curses and grabs a shield with a spike in its center. Before Reload can respond, the spike's driven into his stomach.

The District 4 girl, Marina Adams, is fighting the 12 girl, Blaise Harman, over Marina's District partner, Martin Gill, who appearently has no say in the matter. Blaise swings her mace-and-chain at Marina, the spikes scraping her forehead. Suddenly, a staff shoots out of the air and into Blaise's eye. She screams, and hobbles as fast as she can too safety. Marina turned to Martin, who was glancing around for something to replace his staff. "Thanks. I was getting worried there," Marina says, and tosses him a sword.

"No problem," he answers with a grin, and they head out of the Bloodbath.

Alice Sparkle has stabbed Dalton Parckinson from 8's wrist. She smirks and looks like she's about to stab him in the chest when Dalton's District partner, Brittany Pierson, gives Alice a black eye. "GO!" Brittany orders Dalton before Alice lunges at her. Dalton hesitates, then holding his bloodied hand escapes. Alice ignores him, and traces Brittany's face with a knife. "I'm not afraid!" Brittany spits at Alice.

Alice just shrugs. "I don't care."

Outside the Bloodbath, the kids from Five, Saydee Peterson and Kai Shivers, have allied with the 9 siblings, Alexander and Karina Lettom. The brother and sister from Eleven, Sky and Aaron Thorns, have totally avoided the Bloodbath and are living off of game and edible plants. Wader Steld is hiding out in a tree, making plans...

Day 1: The Bloodbath Deaths

24. Sades Wilt
23. Grant Ite
22. Vanessa Lockhart
21. Kevin Keverson
20. Reload Jenkins
19. Brittany Pierson

Day 3: The Hunt

Day 2 goes by, only showing the careers unsuccessful hunt. The careers had camped outside the Cornucopia, knowing that there was no way possible for the other tributes to steal all the supplies or find a way to destroy it. This is now the third day, and the careers are thirsting for blood.

The tributes for Ten - Randy Leonard and Marion Gilenstein, if you remember - has found the bridge that leads to the other cliffs and plateaus. "Wooh!" Marion says enthusiastically, but silently, in fear that there were others around.

Randy glances over his shoulder. "We better hurry," he mutters, and they begin to cross the bridge.

Little did they know that the careers were watching them from a boulder on a stone's throw away. Glow says that they should take them out with long-distance weapons, but Alice disagrees. "The audience doesn't want that!" she hisses, quiet enough to for Marion and Randy to not hear. "That's boring! The audience has already sat through a deathless day, why force them into an uneventful battle?"

Glow lets out a growl. "It's the smartest way to do it, though!" Alice opens her mouth, but Glow puts an axe to her throat. "Do you want to be the first to die today, Sparkle?"

Suddenly, Damien is at Alice's side. "Do you?"

"Please, please, everyone!" Gree tut-tuts, even though he's obviously amused. "I love death and back-stabbings more then the next guy, but really. It's only the third day - our audience would be dissapointed in us if we kill each other so soon..." The carees exchange exasperated glances, and back off from each other. "Now, why don't we take care of one tributes with long-range weaponry, and the other with short-range. How about that, my lioness and tigeresss?" He gives Alice and Glow a winning smile. The two girls stare at each other for a bit, but they agree.

Glow peeks out from over the boulder. Their conversation had been spoken hurriedly, giving the District 10 duo time to cross the bridge half-way. Suddenly, Alice Sparkle jumps onto the boulder and throws a knife at Marion Gilenstein. It lodges into the back of her neck, and she falls. Randy lets out a gasp and kneels at her side, before the careers charge at him. Randy jumps to his feet, and runs as fast as he can. But, as the audience realizes, Gree's not part of the onslaught. Instead, he stands upon the boulder, holding a bow and a small quiver dangling from his belt. He selects a bow, notches it onto the string, aims, and fires. Randy's dead in a heart-beat. But, to the careers surprise, another cannon booms. They turn around to find Gree Trin dead with an arrow in his back, and Saydee, Kai, Alexander, who had killed Gree, and Karina charging them. The surprise-attack brings chaos and confusion to the careers, and Glow is seperated from Damien and Alice. Kai's halberd goes into Alice's stomach, but her cannon does not fire. Damien sweeps her up in his arms, and manages to escape. Saydee, Kai, Alexander, and Karina only has some minor wounds, and crosses the bridge successfully. But later that day, Martin Gill and Marina Adams are crossing it, when a plank comes loose and Martin falls into the rushing river below. Marina mourns her dead friend greatly, but crosses the bridge otherwise.

Day 3: The Hunt Deaths

18. Marion Gilenstein
17. Randy Leonard
16. Gree Trin 15. Martin Gill

Day 4: The Alpha

Alice wakes up in a cave, Damien sitting over her. "Well, about time," he mutters in mock sourness.

Alice sits up and glances about her. "What happened?"

"The kids from 9 and 5 attacked. They got lucky," hisses Damien. "Gree's dead. Glow isn't dead: yet. But I have no idea where she is. And we're in a cave."

"I can see that. Except the kids fron 10 and Gree, has anybody else died?"

"Just the 4 male."

"Good. He deserved it."

Because Alice is slightly too worse for wear, Damien goes on a solo hunting trip, bringing back some mountain goat meat for breakfast. With their bellies filled, the two careers head out, Alice leaning on Damien but feeling better by the second. "I think I'll be killing tributes in about five minutes," Alice chuckles.

"I suppose that we're going to he Cornucopia?"

Alice smiles at him. "But of course. If we find Glow there, then there will be a new alpha female for this pack..." She counts her fingers. "...Three. Or two. When Glow dies, two."

"And what about me?" Damien asks, and a cannon booms.

They pause, then Alice faces him, an inch seperating their faces. "You can be my Beta."

A cannon fires.

Damien ignores the loud noise. "Of a pack of two?"

"Why not?"

As their lips touch, a third cannon fires. But why?

At the corner of the audiences television, white bold letters. AN HOUR LATER...and the camera brings us to Aaron and Sky Thorns. Sky wakes up coughing, sneezing, and her forehead hot to the touch. Aaron is forced to carry Sky on his back as he climbs down their shelter in the trees, and in a desperate search for any herbs or sponsor gifts leaves the tree forever. An hour of unsuccess passes, and the TV points out that by the time Aaron and Sky finds Blaise, Alice is waking up in the cave. Blaise puts on her most winning smile, and invites them into an alliance. Aaron hesitates, but in Sky's poor state, he is forced to agree, but is not completely off his guard. He glances down to his belt to make sure the small hatchet is still in his belt, and follows Blaise into her small cave, where she managed to collect some game and edible vegiation, but no medical supplies. They have a small, very early brunch to celebrate their new alliance, and Sky immediately fells into a deep sleep. Blaise glowers at the sickly girl, and snaps Sky's neck with her flail. "We don't need a weakling!" Blaise smiles at Aaron, who is too stunned to answer. Blaise was hoping for this, and makes a move, but Aaron's shock is quickly replaced by fury, and swings the hatchet into Blaise's face, killing her. Aaron tosses her body out of the cave, but carries Sky's corpse out much more gently and carefully. Aaron's spirit is broken by the death of his sister, and taking one of Sky's arrows falls on it. He's dead just in time for a kiss to take place somewhere else.

Day 4: The Alpha Deaths

14. Sky Thorns
13. Blaise Harman
12. Aaron Thorns

Day 5: The Bird

The fifth day of the First Annual Hunger Games: so far, so good. At least for the Gamemakers and the tributes that haven't died yet. Alice and Damien are nearing the Cornucopia, and boy do they know it. Alice already has her knives out, and Damien's gripping his axe-handle until his knuckles are as pale as a ghost. There's a rebellion in the wolf pack.

They step into the clearing where six tributes died on the first day. It appears to be vacant. Alice scans the area, alert. "Where is she?" Alice whispers to Damien. He just shrugs.

Suddenly, Wader Steld of District 7 pops out from the Cornucopia, laden with the Cornucopia's supplies. It is revealed that he has been smuggling things ever since the careers left. They are both too shocked to do anything, until Wader drops the food in his hands and pulls out a bow and arrow, firing it at Damien. It's a miss, and Damien gets an arrow in his shoulder. Alice tosses a knife at Wader, and goes into his heart. There's silence at the Cornucopia for a moment. "That's it!? Where the he11 is Greater!?" Damien just raises a brow, and walks over to Wader's body to give it a nudge with his foot. "Don't bother," Alice grumbles. "When I kill, I kill." And she goes off to pout in the Cornucopia.

Damien sighs, and takes whatever Wader had been trying to steal and puts it back in the right place. "I'm disapointed, too," he tells Alice.

Alice shrugs. "Not as disapointed as me. I was gonna be Alpha."

"And I was going to be Beta to a very worthy she-wolf."

Alice couldn't help it: she smiled. Back at the training stations, Damien had seemed like an arrogant jerk to regular tributes, and something that needed to prove worth to the other careers, but not to her. Alice knew he was special. A career from a non-career District: this boy was probably more special then her. Alice takes his hand and they relax in the sun-shine, musing about they were going to kill Glow when they saw her. Suddenly, a loud screech beated their ear-drums, then the sound of darting through foliage and loud pants. Glow darts in, a mutation of an eagle and a mountain lion giving chase and large white orbs in her satchel.

Glow, not knowing that Alice and Damien planned to kill her, thought that they were going to help when she saw them. Thinking that three was enough to take care of the large beast, Glow turned on her heel and stuck her trident into it's eye, hacking at it's shoulder with her axe, at the same leaving her chest open. The bird lunged in with it's sharp beak, going through shirt and flesh and tissue, and into Glow's heart. It wrenched it's beak free, and Glow fell down dead. The bird screeched at Alice and Damien, it's bloody beak looking as if it came from a horror movie. But Damien wasn't fazed: he chucked that spear right into it's skull, killing it.

Alice went over and gave Glow a kick. "Drat it all. I was looking forward to that battle." She and Damien crouched at the dead bird's side. "What is it?" she whispered.

"Uh...a griffin?" He sounded slightly doubtful.

"A what?"

"A griffin. It's a mythological creature, y'know? Head of an eagle, body of a lion..." He poked it's stomach. "Or a mountain lion, in it's case."

Alice relieved Glow of her satchel. "Glow's an egg poacher," she informed him, holding out the bag with the griffin eggs inside.

Damien smirks and holds an egg up, "And she just poached us our dinner."

Alice laughs. "Breakfast for dinner, anyone?"

Day 5: The Bird Deaths

11. Wader Steld
10. Glow Greater

Day 6: The Announcement

Saprey Argile wakes up to the sound of a soft thud, like something was gently landing on the ground. The girl from 7 crawls out of her current shelter, a bush where she uses her bag as a pillow, and tears away the wrapping, revealing a very beuatiful bow and quiver stuffed with sharp, deadly arrows. "Thank you~, sponsers!" she giggles twanging the string of her bow with her fingers. Saprey grabs her bag, slings the quiver and arrow set over her shoulder, and starts her trek for the day.

But Kai Shivers did not wake up to such a glorious morning, instead he awoke to the sounder of a stumble and a slight curse from a voice that did not come from allies. His eyelids fly open, and Kai gawks at Saprey Argile, trying to steal from them. "STOP! THIEF!" Kai screams, and Saprey shoots an arrow at him, and the arrow permanently damages his ear. But the warning is out, and the rest of the alliance is sterring. Saydee lunges at her, ready to chop her open with her sword, but Saprey dodges and shoots at Karina. Karina falls, and her allies run to her side. Saprey sees her chance, and escapes with half of the alliance's supplies.

"Karina...Karina," Alexander whispers, stroking her hair. To Kai's and Saydee's surprise, he's remarckably calm.

"Alex...?" Karina mumbles. "My lungs...they-"

"I know, I know," Alexander says, cradling her head in his lap. He turns to the 7 tributes. "Is there...?"

They rumage as fast, but thoroughly, as they can, and grimace at him. "She took it," Kai mutters.

Saydee gives a powerful kick to her bag, sending it flying a good five yards off. "THE LITTLE-" Kai gives her a look. Saydee calms herself on the outside, but is literally roaring with rage on the inside. "Argile took the first-aid kit," Saydee whispers.

Alexander's shoulders slump, and he nods. Kai and Saydee sit around the dying Karina, Saydee taking her hand. Blinking back tears, Saydee begins to sing softly.

"Sleepy time, the young one sleeps, The child will sleep very soon Sleepy time, the young one sleeps, The child will sleep oh, so soon.

A white hen Is in the barn. It’ll make a small egg For the child who goes to sleep.

Sleepy time, the young one sleeps, The child will sleep very soon Sleepy time, the young one sleeps, The child will sleep oh, so soon.

Everyone is calm All around It’s the time for all to sleep Sleep will come soon."

A cannon fires.

Nighttime. Marina Adams has found a nice cave, and has made camp there. She sits at it's mouth, eating a dinner of roasted hare. After the list of deceased tributes appears, an announcer, Garion Templesmith, calls out:

"Tomorrow will be very special, tributes! A feast will be held in honor of the Final Eight! Medical supplies, food, drink, and weapons await you!"

Suddenly, the earth shakes. Marina doesn't know what to do but flatten herself on the ground. It's an awful quake, and her cave collapses, destroying all the supplies she had left in there. The earth-quake ends, and when Marina looks up the Cornucopia lies in the horizon.

The Gamemakers were like wolves: the blood they lap only makes them want more.

Day 6: The Announcement Deaths

9. Karina Lettom

Final Eight Interviews

Alice Sparkle

Mrs. Sparkle comes up with Mr. Sparkle. Mrs. Sparkle looks very angry, while Mr. Sparkle looks like everybody should stop daddling and brace yourselves for the worst volcance eruption ever!! Mrs. Sparkle doesn't even wait for the questions to shoot at her, she screams at the camera: "Alice Sparkle, I am deeply disapointed with you! I am not sure if this is an act to win sponsors, but if it's not, then get a brain! That Six boy will only stab you in the back! You are only to ally with real careers, not knock-offs like that air-head! Get your rear in gear and kill him!" Mrs. Sparkle storms off, seething. Mr. Sparkle shakes his head at the camera, and follows her.

Marina Adams

The Adams family walks on set. With Mrs. Adams too distraught with her daughters reapings to answer most of the questions, it's Mr. Adams who does all the talking. After a few amusing antecdotes about raising Marina, the interviewer asks Mr. and Mrs. Adams if they have any messages for Marina. Mrs. Adams grasp Mr. Adams hand tightly, and looking into the camera Mr. Adams says: "Remember this always, Marina: you're our brave sailor, and no matter what you'll always will be."

Kai Shivers

The Shivers family walks on set. After a few embarrasing baby pictures, Sam is asked to send a message to his brother. "Kai..." Sam starts off with a sigh. "Don't let that Lettom boy down. He lost his sister and...and I understand what he's going through. Like, I just lost my brother to the reapings, and even though I know he's not dead, I still feel that dread...It's like watching your grandpa on his death-bed, Kai. That's the kind of dread I'm talking about. Please...stay safe, and take out that Argile...I don't like anyone who kills unarmed little sisters." Actually, Sam was partly wrong. Karina had been reaching for her bow and arrows when she took that shot to the lungs, so in someways it was slightly in defense, but nobody bothers to correct him.

Saydee Peterson

"Saydee," it's Saydee's little sister Allyssa. "You haven't let me down, Saydee. When you sang to that girl...It was beuatiful. I knew I had the best older sister ever then. Take that Argile down, Saydee; she deserves it!" she hisses, then goes into a more pleading state of mind then an angry one. "Just like that man who attacked me, but you saved me...Please, remember, that man had a sword, Saydee: he could've chopped our heads off. But you stopped him, Saydee. You showed more courage than any tribute will in the future Games. Remember: keep that courage, Saydee. Argile might have taken your supplies, and she might have taken Alexander's sister, but don't let her take that, Saydee...don't." And she walks off, fighting back tears.

Damien Rafael

The Rafaels start off the interviews with showing off their sons training accomplishments, then Mrs. Rafael is asked to make a statement. She smiles at the camera winningly. "Dearest Damien; you are doing wonderful. We're are absolultely proud of you! Take care of that Alice Sparkle girl, understand? I like her. She is strong and you, son. But becareful...she may be a good actress, but for now I give her the thumbs-up!"

Saprey Argile

It's Saprey's little sister they interview, but before they can open their mouths she shoots off angrily: "All these idiots are saying about how evil you are for killing that Lettom girl and how awful you're representing District Seven! Well you know what I say!? Bite me! It's the Hunger Games, doubts! You kinda have to kill people to survive!?" Throwing her arms in the air in exasperation, she marches off the stage.

Dalton Parkison

It's Mrs. Parkinson, with a message to her son: "'re doing wonderful. Keep it up. I know losing your District mate must've traumatized you for awhile...I know it scared the life out of me. But stay strong, honey!"

Alexander Lettom

Mrs. Lettom looks at the camera. "Oh, Alexander...we just got your poor sister's body, dear. She looked so at peace...just like when Saydee Peterson sang to her. Thank her for that. Alexander...everytime the Hunger Games comes on, some of our friends visit us. Whenever they show you and your alliance, we grasp each others hands and we all shake as if their is a large earthquake. Oh, Alexander...come home, soon. Alive."

Day 7: The Feast

All the tributes are forced to go. Dalton has been on the virge of starvation for the past few days, Marina has lost her supplies from the earth-qauke, our favorite trio (Saydee, Kai, and Alexander) are coming to settle a score and re-stock, seeing as how half of their supplies were stolen, and some food was lost in the quake. Saprey was feeling confident after the run-in with the non-career alliance, and thought that even know she needed more supplies. Damien and Alice didn't bother to flee the Cornucopia just because they could make some blood spill.

The trio silently and swiftly scrabbles up a tree, and waits. Dalton uses camoflauge as his aid. Damien and Alice hide in the Cornucopia, watching the elegant table warily. Saprey hides beneath a bush, bow in hand. Marina hesitates in her hiding spot, then make a wild dash for the table, gripping her spear tightly. She slips on the 4 back-pack quickly, until an arrow lodges into her heart from out of nowhere. Kai and Alexander stare at Saydee in shock. "She was reaching for our bag. I saw," she whispers, staring at the bloody, fatal wound in Marina's chest.

Suddenly, there's a mad scramble for the table. The trio tries to snipe them, but all the arrows lodge into is the earth. Sighing, Saydee leads them down the tree and they scurry over. Many are wounded, but it was all too fast for more then one death. The Gamemakers are highly disappointed.

Day 7: The Feast Deaths

8. Marina Adams

Day 8: The Disaster

Alice Sparkle and Damien Rafael are hunting for tributes, munching silently on breakfast as they travel. "So..." Damien starts, keeping his voice low. "We're a pretty good pack, huh?"

Alice doesn't seem to be paying attention. "Mmmhmm..."

"We don't need your District partner or Glow or Gree or Vanessa at all. We're the perfect pack, aren't we?"


Damien knits his eye-brows. "Alice?" He snaps his fingers in her face, but even then Alice doesn't look at him.

She points east, where she had been staring. "What's that?" Damien leans over and squints. It's a great, dark blue blotchs with tiny little dots jutting out of it.

Damien shrugs. "Doesn't matter. Not our problem." Alice leans on him, but can't help but keep a steady eye on the advancing blur.

"What do you think it is?"

"I dunno...a flood. Look, Alice, let's just keep on going. The things miles away from us. We're safe-" Suddenly, the earth beneath their feet shakes. The terrain splits apart. Alice and Damien scream in terror, and run for their lives, stumbling and tripping often. They both make close-calls. They were at the foot of the Cornucopia's hill when Alice fell into a crevice. Damien falls on his hands and knees, and cries down, "Alice!"

"I-I'm fine!" Alice calls up. "Only a few scuffs and bruises. Head on without me." But Damien just sits down, and stays there.

The trio of our favorite tributes, Alexander, Kai, and Saydee were woken up by the powerful tremor, and just in time to be prepared for the tree they were sleeping to be carried by the wave. They clung to the bark, kicking away hungry man-eating Beta fish. Saprey Argile needs no boat or raft-she manages to run away from the flood, being far away from it. Back at the alliance, a hand juts out of the water and graspes a branch. Saydee screams and is about to shoot it when Dalton pushes himself onto it, groaning and terribly hurt. He had been caught by the flood, but somehow survived the crushing waves and carnivorous Beta fish. He is losing blood rapidly, and a lot of his skin has been chewed away. The trio debates for awhile, and then gather around to help the poor boy from Eight.

Saprey rushes past Damien, too speedy for him to take a whack at her. He hears a torrent racing from the east. "Damien...?" Alice trails off in her crevice, trying to climb up the slippery wall. Damien stands there, stunned, as he watches the advancing flood. "Damien!!" Alice screams, and Damien shakes from his trance. He double-backs, then runs away. The water, which had come from the river that had flooded over-night, crashes into Alice. She is surrounded by water and flesh-eating fish. Alice tries to attack the evil fish with her knife, but only stabs a few.

Alice Sparkle didn't have a chance.

Saprey and Damien makes it up the hill where the Cornucopia stands, and watches the onslaught. Damien weeps as he watches smears of blood rise from Alice's crevice. Saprey is more intent on the floating tree where the kids from Five, Alexander, and now Dalton clung upon. Their tree is stopped by a rock, and they hop off, Kai carrying the dying Dalton on his shoulders. They hustle up the hill and make it to the Cornucopia. The water-level rises up the hill, but leaves an island for the living tributes. Alexander stares at Saprey for awhile, then lunges at her, grasping her neck with his strong hands. He pins her down and throttles her. "Alex!" Saydee screams, and Alexander has enough time to look up at the griffin before it claws his face. Saydee shoots it in the neck a milisecond after a cannon fires.

While the claw grabs Alexander, Saprey curls into a fetal position, and groans, roubing the bruises on her neck. "It would've been better if it was you who died, murderer!" Saydee screams, and aims an arrow at Saprey's head. Saprey croaks out a call of mercy, and covers her face with her hands. Saydee hears a griffin screech then unloads her arrow before the griffin could take her out. Griffins circle their island, watching them intently.

"I guess we're not aloud to kill each other today..." Kai mutters.

The sun beats down, hot. The remaining tributes crave water and shade,except for Damien. He sits in the sun, mourning his love.

Day 8: The Disaster Deaths

7. Alice Sparkle
6. Alexander Lettom'

Day 9: The Rain

Saydee wakes up to a cannon boom, and instinctively glances at Kai. He's still asleep, so Saydee checks out Dalton. The boy from 8 was dead, they couldn't save him. Saydee sighs, and drags his body out of the Cornucopia for a claw to get him. Suddenly, Saprey and Kai is startled out of sleep by the screeches of the griffins still circling: "Killed their own! Killed their own! They must die!!" They were all surprised that the griffins could talk, but quickly got over it as they swooped down on them.

Saydee grabbed her bow and arrow and glanced around. The heat from yesterday had made the water-level shrink. Dead Betas were beached on the Cornucopia's island. But as the griffins swooped in on the remaining tributes, rain began to fall, hard and fast, soaking the tributes in a matter of seconds. Saprey, who now sports a colony of bruises on her throat, runs out of the Cornucopia with Kai and shoots, and with Saydee's help, they take down five, who are quickly replaced with seven griffins. Damien runs into the Cornucopia and grabs a bow and a quiver foll of arrows, which he attachs to his belt. "You were created by the Capitol! The Capitol killed my love! Prepare to die!" he screams, and puts an arrow into a griffin's eyes.

The remaining five are doing well, shooting down the mutts, but after they shoot just one griffin three others come to take it's place. A griffin takes a dive down at Damien, slicing at his legs. Damien lets out a cry and shoots the griffin in neck. A griffin sneaks up to him, and rips off his head with its claws. Saydee cries in shock and shoots the griffin in the heart. That was when Saydee saw a griffin about to swoop in on Saprey. She threw herself in front of it's claws, the sharp things going deep into her stomach. Saydee gurgles, and falls to the earth. Suddenly, the griffins flies away, leaving only Saprey and Kai. Kai takes Saydee's hands. Saprey looks down at her with sad eyes, "Why did you do that, Peterson?" she whispers.

"You must be killed by Karina's alliance. That is the only way for vengeance," Saydee hisses at her, and manages to stab Saprey's shoulder with her sword before Saydee's eyes glaze over in death.

"Saydee..." Kai whimpers. "At least we didn't have to kill each other."

They stand up, and watch Saydee's body being carried away. They stare at each other for a moment, and they're reaching for an arrow when the island rumbles and the island splits apart from the Cornucopia, and the new island splits apart between Kai and Saprey. Their new islands sprout in different directions, pointing skyward. Kai frowns, and the rainstorm gets worse. With very little protection, they sleep in the rain. Kai fears that one of them will die by the hands of the elements and not by each other.

Day 9: The Rain Deaths

5. Dalton Pierson
4. Damien Rafael
3. Saydee Peterson

Day 10: The Nightmare

The earth quakes beneath Saprey's waking form. Her eyes fling open and she lets out a squeal, and flinches out of her fetal position. Kai does the same, and their islands merge together. They are only given a ten feet of land to fight on, and the land is flat: no way either of them could find a place to hide. Saprey is suddenly very afraid of this boy with six points on his training score, and remembering the mediocre two the Gamemakers gave her. "At least, Argile," he says with a sigh. "One of us can go home."

Saprey gulps down a lump in her throat. She had survived the Bloodbath. She had survived thieving from an alliance of four, and managed to maim someone and kill off another. She had managed to survive the Feast. And to this point, she had managed to survive the Hunger Games. Out of all the people she killed, Saprey has never felt this terrified of an opponent before.

Kai takes a shot at Saprey, and it digs into her shoulder, reopening the wound Saydee had given her yesterday. Saprey tries to gain distance on Kai, shooting at him. Two lodge into him: one in the thigh and one if the shoulder, but none of them really hinders him. While Saprey backs away, Kai takes ground, striding over to her and dodging arrows as much as he can, then shooting some of his own right back. Suddenly, Saprey's all out, and Kai only has one. Saprey stares at Kai, and drops her bow. She raises her hands over her heads, and sighs. "Just make it a quick death, please," Saprey murmers, knowing that he could stab her repeatedly with the arrow instead of simply shooting it into her heart. After all, Kai wanted revenge for his friend.

Kai hesitates, and lowers his bow. "I'm too much of a gentleman," he mutters. "I'm giving you a chance."

Saprey looks at him with wide eyes, and he tackles her to the ground. Saprey shouts and claws at his face, giving him a kick in the stomach that sends him off of her. She scrabbles to her feet, and runs at him. But instead of landing a blow, she plucks his arrow from the quiver and stabs at him, and thinking it deep enough to kill she yanks it out. But she was wrong. It was dangerously close, but it didn't penetrate. Kai recoils, hitting her in the ribs with his bow. She stumbles, gasping in pain, and her grip on the arrow loosens. Kai lunges at her hand, gripping it and biting down onto the wrist. She squeals in pain and lets it go, Kai promptly sweeping it up from the ground. Saprey grabs him from the shirt collar and yanks him onto his rump, and releases. Kai, seeing his chance, lunges at Saprey. The arrows goes into her stomach. She stared at Kai with dead eyes, even though he can tell by her panting she was still alive. She falls to the ground, gripping the arrow tightly. "You got your revenge," she whispers. "Lucky you."

A cannon fires.

Kai stares at the dead girl. Her blood was on his hands: literally and metaphorically. He doesn't even notice the ladder drop in front of him for a moment. Kai quickly wipes the blood on the grass, and grabs the ladder. "Take me home," he whispers to it. "Please...just take me home."

Day 10: The Nightmare

2. Saprey Argile

The Victory Tour

District 4

Kai walks up onto the stage, and hesitates before speaking: "Dear Distrct Four, I thank you for vast amounts of fish you provide. I thought that was needed to be said. Anyway, I wish to say that, even though I did not know Marina Adams and Martin Gill that well, I know those were two good kids. How do I know this? Because they didn't join the career group and-"

A lady breaks him off. "My son is a career, and do you call him evil because of that!?"

Kai opens his mouth, but does not speak.

"My Marina trained some, making her a career. Now that you know this, are you willing to call her evil?" Mr. Adams shouts. Those supporting careers throws rock and dirt at Kai, and he hurries away.

District 3

Kai walks up, "Thank you for your technology, District Three. I apologize to the family of Kevin Keverson and Sades Wilt - it must've been awful for you to see your children, brother, sister, niece, nephew, die on the first day."

District 2

Kai looks at the crowd. "I saw what happened to Alice and Grant after the Games. I especially feel sorry for the Sparkle family, watching their daughter eaten alive by those...those...things," he spits.

"She deserved it!" crows Mrs. Sparkle. "She fell in love with a Six!"

Kai is angered by Mrs. Sparkle's out-burst. "What kind of a mother are you!?" he growls at her, and then his stylist runs up and takes him away before any damage can be done.

District 1

"I apologize for my friend, Alexander, to kill Gree Trin when he had not even provoked us. But it had to be done: the Hunger Games is a dog-eat-dog thing, and it was either us or Gree." Kai expects the same reaction from District 4 to errupt here, but District 1 just solemnly bows there heads, as if acknowledging and accepting what Kai had said.

District 12

Kai flinches at how scrawny the people of 12 is, but gets over it soon enough. "Blaise was a smart girl. I noticed that her plan with the Thorns would've worked if she had not expected Aaron to fight back."

"What about Reload?" someone calls out.

Kai nods. "He, too, was a brave boy."

District 11

"I admire Aaron," Kai tells the crowd. "He loved his sister. The only reason he teamed up with Blaise was because his sister was sick and dying. And I knew if Blaise had given him time, Aaron would have shielded Sky and get killed, just for her life. Aaron was a good boy, and he deserved that loving sister."

District 10

"One thing the cameras did not show," Kai sighs, "was that we had witnessed Randy and Marion's murder. I even heard some of the things the careers were saying. We should have helped...I'm sorry. It will hang forever on my conscience."

District 9

Kai is shaking as he walks on stage. "I'm sorry!" he blurts out. "I should have killed that thing before it got to Alexander...okay? I'm sorry! I should have shot Argile instead of alerting the others the moment I saw her! Karina may still be alive if I had..." He can't help it: he cries. "I'm sorry."

District 8

"It was not fair of what Alice did to Brittany," he grumbles. "Brittany was a very brave girl. And Dalton...he was strong, in every way. Most people would have died in that flood if they had no raft or shelter: but Dalton somehow hung on. I admire him for that."

District 7

Before Kai can say anything, Saprey's little sister runs at him and pucnhes him repeatedly. "I hate you! You killed my sister! I hate you! I hate you for killing my sister! I hope the Capitol burns for forcing her into the Games! I hope you burn with it!!"

A score of Peacekeepers have rip her away from Kai, and another group ushers him into the Justice Building. But he manages to catch a glimpse of Saprey's little sister, forced onto her knees and tears streaming down her face, and then a gun put to her head. The door to the Justice Building closes behind him, but Kai can still here the gun going off, like the cannons that fire in the Games to signal a tribute had died.

District 6

"I feel bad for Vanessa," Kai tells the audience. "I could tell from her flirting that she liked Damien, but he didn't. I think he would have killed her if Glow had not. But I must admit: Damien was an impressive person. Loving Alice that much...and being a career from a non-career district! Now that's something!" The speech goes pretty well.

District 5

Everything is good in District Five. People are dancing. Music is playing. And Kai has a new little sister, Alyssa.

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