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I was going to do it sometime after January 1st, but I got a spark of imagination and I couldn't resist making it a tad early. If you posted on my 1st Hunger Games, please do not use the same tribute(s)!

Welcome, to the 2ND ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES! The Games are filled with blood and thunder, death and destruction, intrigue and shock...what stunning, mind-boggling things shall occur this Games!?

'Nobody in District 5 is happy that the Games started early this year. Curse the Gamemaker's impatience. Most mothers would prefer to watch their children grow up for just one more month...! Kai Shivers (victor of the 1st Hunger Games, created, I believe, by Firecatcher3) watches grimly as the District 5 escort, Marmacet Jewler, sticks her hand into the girls bowl. What doomed child shall he mentor this year...?'

The Reaped

District 1 Male: Fido Fiderson - 6 - $250 - Stabbed in the heart by Dark Night
District 1 Female: Jessica Kreel - 11 - $150 Grain stabbed her in the back with his trident.

District 2 Male: Maverick Volt - 7 - $130 - Stabbed in the neck by Dove Sage's spear, Jayfeather.
District 2 Female: Korrinne Revold - 7 - $130 - Murdered by Dark Night

District 3 Male: Gadgeet Brent - 3 - $250 - Axe thrown to his face by Tecy while trying to save the other tributes.

District 3 Female: Elexis Safier - 12 - $250 - Winner of the 2nd Hunger Games.

District 4 Male: Barret Mason - 8 - $110 - Stabbed in the face by Dove's spear
District 4 Female: Angel Odair - 10 - $250 - Killed by Elexsis's bomb

District 5 Male: Jayfeather Pine - 9 - $120 - Paul stabbed him in the gut with a spear
District 5 Female: Dove Sage - 5 - $220 - Head lopped off by Angel Odair

Distrct 6 Male: Fynn Soryga - 4 - $45 - Killed by Elexsis's bomb.
District 6 Female: Nyx Ryuu - 2 - $10 - Shot in the heart by Barret's arrow.

District 7 Male: Ted Pines - 5 - $270 - Killed by meteor
District 7 Female: Tecy Pines - 5 - $270 - Killed by poisonous river

District 8 Male: Kyle Fabrik - 8 - $210 - Beheaded by the troll's hammer
District 8 Female: Shining Starre - 1 - $250 - Skull cracked open by the troll

District 9 Male: Carlton Carl Carlson - 5 - $50 - Killed by Reed Woods
District 9 Female: Kesha No talent - 1 - $250 - Stabbed in the neck by Shining Starre

District 10 Male: Dark Night - 8 - $230 - Spear to the throat, killed by Fynn
District 10 Female: Gwen Floral - 6 - $260 - Stabbed in the stomach by Elexsis

District 11 Male: Grain Follows - 2 - $250 - Stabbed in the heart by Gadgeet Bren
District 11 Female: Reed Woods - 1 - $250 - Killed by meteor

District 12 Male: Paul Dymamite - 3 - $70 - Rock broke his skull; killed by Kesha
District 12 Female: Ali Gupi - 1 - $30 - Stabbed in the back by Dove Sage

Chariot Rides

The crowd is abuzz. Everybody is calling out "Happy Games!" or "Go District 2!" or "Kai Shivers is mah man!" or "Did you hear about Head Gamemaker Raeoki's new boyfriend!? I heard it's a cat!!!"

All silence falls as a horn is blown. The crowd waits for the first chariot to ride forth...

District 1

Nobody likes District 1. Nobody loves District 1. Everybody but the horse wants to talk to District 1.

They ride out in a chariot that impresses the audience. It his hot pink with patches of light glowing and fading in random places. The seal on the chariot looks like it is made of fire. The horse is white and graceful. But the tributes need to find a better stylist.

Jessica Kreel wears what is meant to be a dress, but in reality is just some string holding a bunch of luxury items together. Fido Fiderson wears a suit and tux, with a tie, that have small bulbs of light. Nobody is impressed, and they ride out in disgrace.

District 2

The audience hopes that District 2 will be much better off, but they're wrong. They come wearing brown clothes with black dots on them, and are both very plain. The chariot is the same as well, and the audience shouts that they do not deserve the seal of District 2 on their chariot. Suddenly, a light streams from Maverick Volt's and Korrine Revold's clothes and from their chariot. The crowd is blinded. When the light flashes away, they cheer in excitement and awe. Their clothes are glowing like a moment ago, but not as intense. They are dressed like Roman gods, wearing ivory toga's and glimmering ringlets. Their chariot has transformed as well, appearing like it was crafted from solid gold. This is a good day for District 2, unlike the 1st Hunger Games, where the tributes (Grant Ite and Alice Sparkle) were literally wearing weapons.

Their stylists has learned a lot from last year.

District 3

The audience is appalled at District 3. Gadgeet Brent's and Elexis Safier's stylists had copied off the glowing clothes idea from the District 2 stylists, and the crowd knows it just by looking at them. Gadgeet wears a glowing leotard, while Elexis a glimmering jump-suit. Their chariot is meant to look like a robot. The audience sneers at them, some of them crowing out to them that they may think they are, but they're no District 2. Elexis actually breaks down and cries along the way.

District 4

District 4 doesn't do so well either. They're wearing sand, straight from the beaches of District 4. The chariot is made to look like a sea-shell. The only thing that amezes the crowd is how their stylists managed to from sand into a dress and a suit.

District 5

District 5 rides out, and being the District where the first victor was born and bred, the audience is expectant. Jayfeather Pine and Dove Sage ride out wearing skins from a mixture of domestic animals. Poking out from their hands are claws that light up brilliantly, making the audience impressed. Over their hearts are the seals of District 5, and when they commence to light up, the audience claps respectfully. But, Jayfeather and Dove can tell they are not fully impressed.

District 6

"Sweet mother of..." Someone cries in the crowd as they advert their attention from District 5 and look at the District 6 tributes, Fynn Soryga and Nyx Ryuu.

Fynn wears a giant syringe costume with a white long-sleeved shirt and pants underneath, with nurse shoes on his feet. Nyx is scotch naked, with splotches of fake blood covering her up. All children are forced to close their eyes as they roll past. Fynn awkwardly shields the highly embarresed Nyx, who is on the verge of tears.

District 7

Okay...whoa, Tecy Pines thinks as they follow Distict 6, trying not look at them.

Everybody with a clean mind is happy to turn their attention completely away from 6 and over to 7, where they are both quite lovely. Ted Pines looks older and stronger then he should be with his make-up and out-fit, a robe that looks like it's made of the bark from a tree, and his hair covered with leaves. Tecy seems beautiful yet knowledgable, as she sports a dress looking like it's made of leaves, and her head dyed to look like the colors and stripes of a bark on a tree. Everybody is very impressed by the work done on the 7 tributes.

Suddenly, someone calls out. "May you be as cunning and swift as Saprey Argile! Just as she does now, you will both live in our hearts!" A loud cheer rises from the audience.

Somewhere, a victor sits alone, trying to hold back tears as he think about the girl he had killed to come home...

District 8

District 8 tributes Kyle Fabrik and Shining Starre ride forward, into the crowd. They wear skimpy, slightly revealent clothes made out of random textiles. The crowd is not impressed.

District 9

Carlton Carl Carlson ride out with Kesha No Talent by his side. "Why do their names remind me of someone?" one of the audience members mumble to the person beside her.

Carlton Carl Carlson and Kesha No Talent are dressed in the skins of animals, but unlike last year, they aren't as well done and not as well crafted. Suddenly, Kesha shudders and pukes all over Carlton, who screeches in fury. "I'LL BURN YOU!" he screams, and shoves her out of the carriage. Kesha is blinking away tears as she blows chunks onto the street. Her vomiting is replaced by crying, and people look down at her in either disgust or sympathy. While some Peacekeepers drag her away, she vomits all over herself one more time, but continues to sob.

As he watches, Kai mutters to himself, "They're definetly not an Alexander and Karina Lettom..."

District 10

Gwen Floral's heart is racing. She stands alongside Dark Night, the boy who murdered her family, violated her, and tried to kill her, and even though they're in public, Gwen knows he's plotting how to her kill one more time.

Gwen wears a robe made of entirely and looks like sheep wool. Dark a suit of cow skin. Obviously, the crowd isn't entirely excited by the out-fit. Dark put his hand on the small of her back and smiles at Gwen. "You look stunning, my little lamb," he coos, loud enough for almost everybody to hear. Suddenly, Dark pulls her in and kisses her passionately. The crowd cheers in excitement, and shouts their names, not noticing how hard Gwen is trying to break away.

Finally, Dark releases her. There is fear and shock as Gwen stares at him, the only noticing the hatred and contempt in his eyes. I'm a lamb being led to the slaughter, she thinks.

District 11

It's District 11's turn. Grain Follows and Reed Woods are both wearing jean over-alls and a white long-sleeved shirt. They're chariot has a painting of parted wheat, and they symbol is completely made of apples. No one is really impressed.

District 12

The last chariot rides forth. The chariot seems like it's made completely out of coal, and the District tributes, Paul Dymamite and Ali Gupi, wear coal-miners uniforms. They aren't even skimpy! There's nothing grand or amazing about them! The audience begins to yawn. Suddenly, Ali and Paul are set on fire for a good ten seconds. The fire vanishes, and Ali wears a beuatiful ebony dress with dark make-up, making her look fierce. Paul wears a robe, and his make-up, also, gives him a very terrifying appearence. Their stylists have done their job well, showing to all of Panem that District 12 is more then what it seems. This helps Ali look stronger, as she is blind and everybody knows she is a target.

Bio for Caeser Flickerman I interviews

Hello, *insert tribute's name here*! Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?:

What do you like the most about the Capitol?:

Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?: [describe for me what your tribute is wearing]

Tell us about your family:

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*:

Caeser Flickerman I Interviews

All answers do not belong to me. But obviously, I made the questions.

Jessica Kreel

Caeser: Hello Jessica kreel tell us about your self

Jessica: Well i am one of the youngest careers to vollenter and I am very well known in the Capitol. All the dresses the wonen here are wearing i desined and i added a little extra to theese dresses all the ladies pleas raise your arms then put them down quickly (The womwn do so and then dresses rip and tear in the right places making them more elegant and stylish) Ceaser: Wow! That was amazing thank you for showing us. Jessica:No Prob

C:Mind showing us your outfit J:Sure (Jessica is wearing a long flowing Teal dress with Rubies and saphires covering the shoulders the audience is bored but then she twirls and the dress rips off revealing a longer dress with a hood and Gloves covered in Diamonds and other birthstones her stylist surely wanting to make up for making her look bad.) C: That was beutiful J:Thankyou mister Flickerman my stylist Jetta desined it to match my style, always changing C:So what do you like about our capitol? J:I love the food Tell me about your family I live with my parents i used to have a brother but he's been missing for 3 years now (Starts sobbing) The peace keepers said that he could be dead but i know he isn't . that is so sad need a tissue no thanks (She pulls herself together)

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*: Yeah but he came here with me do you hear me Fido Fiderson I love you!

(She leave escorted by Jetta who is on the sidelines)

Fido Fiderson

Fido Fiderson 1. I am a dancer and i like to dance mad skillz (break dances) 2. the fact that if your stylist is bad they get killed 3. im wearing Diamonds of fire isnt it amazing????/ 4. We are all dancer (dances more) 5. yes i do my baby! (gasps) what????

Elexsis Safier

"Hello, Elexsis Safier,Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"Well, All you need to know about me is that I'm quiet and I know what I'm doing.

"What do you like the most about the Capitol?"

"I really love the....Shower.

"Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?

(She's wearing a yellow shirt,that is glowing softly,like a light.Her skirt is down to her knees,and is yellow,but a duller yellow,glowing,but not as brightly as the shirt. She has stars sprinkled throughout. Her shoes are glittery and silver.that also glow.)

"Tell us about your family"

"Well,I live with my parents and older brother.I really love them,and can't wait to see them again."

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*:

o giggles* "There's a possibility. You'll learn more when I return home."

Gadgeet Brent

"Hello, Gadgeet Brent! Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"Uhm,well...I'm average. I get good grades,and...and...and..." *goes silent*

"What do you like the most about the Capitol?"

"Uhm...the...the...The people! They are really interesting."

"Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?"

(He is wearing a silver suit,shining like the moon. It is very glittery,generating it's own light to shine.)

"Tell us about your family"

"I'm an only dad works alot,so I only see my mom."

"Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*"

"No.There is noone special back home."

Angel Odair

Hello, Angel Odair!

Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Well Caesar, I am like honestly addicted to fishing and stuff. I learned alot from the fisherman and my dad. My dad taught me a whole bunch of fighting strategies at home in case I got into trouble with any boys. But heehee I learned a lot more about killing from the fisherman than from my dad.

What do you like the most about the Capitol?

Honestly, and I know this might sound a little vicious to all the families whose kids have died in these games, but I like the Games they sponsor. They have actually taught me a lot of valuable life lessons.

Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?

Of course Caesar well my stylist, Mitty, has created this awesome design. Its basically a dress symbolizing prosperity in my district. It is a well I dont know how to describe it but kind of like a blue shiny bra looking thing and leather pants. The girls on the street corner wear these clothes but I really don't know why?

Tell us about your family.

Well my family has been really supportive and has helped me through everything. Training me, raising me, feeding me. So finally this year I wanted to get off their backs and volunteer for these games. I hope my parents aren't mad about that...

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*

Well, actually, I have a special someone here, on the stage this very moment... *looks at Barret and blushes* I have had the most epic crush on him since I was like 5.

Barret Mason

Hello, Barrett Mason!

Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Well Caesar, I live by myself in a two room beach hut in District 4 only with my younger brother. I feed my brother and I by fishing with my mom and dad's old tridents. My father taught me how to fish, tend for myself and how to weave a net out of seaweed before he and my mom were killed.

"Tell me more about your parents." They were both past victors in seperate hunger games, they had always been in love throughout their childhood and after they each won their games they got married and had me and my little brother, Dutch.

Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit? Not at all Caeser, my stylist designed it herself! (He is wearing an all white suit with sea foam green pinstripes running down it, with all white sneakers and a green bowtie, his green leather bracelets looks good with the suit).

What's so special about that bracelet you wear? Well it has my family's symbol of a trident in silver and on the top of it and inside it is my parent's names, my little brother's name.

What do you like the most about the Capitol? That I dont have to catch my own food and that i get to see the city for myself.

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge* Not back home i dont but here i do. (he glances at Angel and blushes big time) And i have liked her ever since i laid eyes in her when i first started school.

Dove Sage

"Please, Tell us about you." Well, I have always enjoyed being outside and I really like music. When I combine those to things, it's like the world can never be sad. I like top go out into the woods and play my flute for the animals/ When I do, they always gather around me and touch me, or let me know they like it.

"What do you like most about the capitol?" What do I like most about the capitol? I think the answer would have to be the music. The music is so fluid and clean. I really enjoy listening to it. From the roof of the training center, well that is something to hear.

"do you mind showing Panem your outfit?" Dove gets up and twirls. Her dress is as white as snow and flows with her body perfectly. When she twirls it sparkles like fresh snow. Then abruptly she leaps in the air, still twirling and the dress changes. Now half of it is black. On the white side there is a black dove and on the black side a white dove. Dove no longer moves as the dress sparkles to blackness. Dove is not who many thought she was, she is ready for anything.

"Tell us about your family." I live with my mother and father. They both love me very much, but I am not them. They think life is just work when really its not. I was forbidden to play my flute untill my mother found out that I had a knack for it. My mother is pregnant with my first sibling right now. she might have had the baby already, I wouldn't know. I just hope that maybe I will get to see her, or him, before...

"Do you have anyone special back home?" Well, I don't really have a special person, back home. I like him as a friend, but not really anything more than that. He listens to me sing and play my flute in the forest. I, I think he likes me, and maybe I kinda like him. I'm just not sure. And if I do like him, well it could be wasted.

Tecy Pines

Hello Tecy Pines!

Tecy: Im very happy and enerjetic, but also very alert. I love my brother and hope to win.

Tecy: I really like the people. THey are very welcoming and nice. So I hope that people can see that I will always be on their side.

Tecy: My outfit is great (It is made out of Sticks with green leaves all over it. The leaves are loose in some palces and tight in others, she has a hat of leaves, and when she moves the leaves sway and make it look as though the tree is being rattled by a gentle wind) I also had Frankeson.

Tecy: You all know this but I have my brother and my parents. No one knew about ,Terry or Ter as I called him, we wanted it to be secret but befor we could move him he passed.

Tecy: Actually yes. Me and him have been meating secretly. His name is Danny Timber, (Ted is mad danny was his friend.) Hi Danny and dont be mad mom, dad,... TED. Yeah we have kissed and we love each other dearly.

Ted Pines

Hello Ted! Please, why dont you tell us about yourself?

Ted: (All true) Well I have as you all know, a sister and my parents. We live in district 7 and are very close, (glances back at Tecy) we use to have a younger brother but when he was very young he caught a flu. We did everything but the virus was too strong and slowly killed him. Our family had a big fight and for a while Tecy and I were spereated but our parents saw what had happened and got back together. (hopefully sigh from aduince)

Ted: I really liked weapons. I like the fell of the axes and knifes, they come natrually to me. I hope that helps me in the arena.

Ted: I love my outfit. (Is is a tux made leaves, the leafs are from fall and range any where from bright orange to dark purple, it has little bits of twigs and when ted moves it looks as though the leaves are falling). My disigner Frankeson was very creative.

Ted: As I said, I have a sister and parents. Again we are very close, we also have a pet cat but its always hunting for mice.

Ted: Im currently single, for all you girls out there. The only special person is Tecy because she and I are like twins and would do anything for each other.

Shining Starre

"Hello,Hello, Shining Starre ! Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?" Well,I'm very nice,kind,caring,loyal. I'd be a great ally to have in the arena. *winks towards the tributes* "What do you like the most about the Capitol?" "that is so hard!" *laughs a little* "I'd have to say the fashion. I can't wait to come back and wear more!" "Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?" (She is wearing a fire red skintight dress that ends just below of upper thigh. Her shoes are 5 inch high heels,that also are fire red.Her makeup is done to showoff her bone structure.) Tell us about your family: Well,I'm an only child. My father is the mayor of district 8.My mom and I are very close. *Begins to cry,fake but convincing* "I just miss her so much." She stops sobbing when she hears the audience shouting out things to make her feel better. Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge* Yes.It's unfortunate,really. I could have anyone I want,except for him. he doesn't notice me.It's sad really." Kesha Notalent

Kesha Notalent 1. what dont you know already!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 2. (vomits) 3. its sparkly and coverd in vomit (silence) YOU ALL ARE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. (vomits) 5. Money (vomits) "looks like i need more wine" (drinks wine is escorted off the stage drunk and unhappy)

Carlton Carl Carlson

Carlton Carl Carlson Bio 1. i like to burn things burning things is fun you use so much fire i like fire 3. It is a torch thats liten on fire im gonna set you on fire i like fire fire FIRE FIRE FIRE BURN!!!!! 4. i have no family except for my sister carla she like to burn things too 4. FIRE!!!!!!! (sets stage on fire is taken off stage by peacekeepers)

Gwen Floral

Caesar: Hello, Gwen! Please, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Gwen: Well, there is not much to tell. I am a florist, I grew up loving flowers.

Caesar: Well, that explains why you are so pretty. What do you like most about the capitol?

Gwen: Thank you, and I love the flowers. There are so many, colorful and bright. I have seen types I have never seen before. My room was filled with flowers upon my request.

Caesar: That sounds lovely! Do you mind showing Panem your outfit?

Gwen: I love my outfit! (Gwen is wearing a long, light pink dress that sparkles. It is just above her knees. It is also a strapless dress. All over the dress are real flowers of many colors. Her long, lightly curly blond hair is pulled into a side pony tail, with curls flowing onto her shoulder. In her hair are more flowers. She is wearing a headband woven with flowers. On her hands are pink sparkly fingerless gloves. She is wearing sparkly pink flats that have ribbons. The ribbons are woven around her legs up to her knees. In the ribbon is more flowers. She is not wearing any makeup, except for concealer that makes her face flawless and even more beautiful.)

Caesar: What a beautiful outfit. I love the flowers! *Suddenly, from behind his back, Caesar pulls out a daisy and hands it to Gwen. She hesitates, but takes it and smiles.* So, Gwen, Tell us about your family.

Gwen: *A small tear is forming in Gwen's eye* Well, I once had a loving mother and father and a 4 year old sister. I loved them all very much. But then... *Gwen glances at Dark and sees him smirking. She wants to tell the truth, but knows she is as sure as dead if she does.* They died from some disease. Strange really. Tears are now softly running down her face. She quickly rubs them off.

Caesar: Oh, I'm so very sorry. Is there anyone special at home? *wink wink nudge nudge*

Gwen: Well, there is a boy that goes to my school that I have always liked. But because of... past experiences, I don't often trust anyone, let alone boys. But he is different... he is kind and sweet. *She accidentally drops her flower. When she bends down to pick it up, Her dress goes up just a tiny bit, so only one person saw. And that was Dark. She looks at Dark and he is staring at her, smiling.*

Caesar: Well, hopefully you can be together when you win. That was Gwen Floral everybody, Panem's Own Little Flower Girl.

Reed Woods

Hello, Reed Woods! Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?: Well, I grew up on a farm, raising my siblings with my parents. I have always been farming and as I've grown up, I have taught my siblings how to farm.

What do you like the most about the Capitol?: Oh, wow, that's a tough one. Maybe, just the city. It's so big and overwhelming, but it's just amazing.

Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?: [describe for me what your tribute is wearing] Reed is wearing an autumn colored dress with solf leather sandles and a crown made of leaves. As she spins, sparkles come out of the crown and shimmer around her. She giggles and looks at her dress. It goes a little lower than her knees and the dress is laced with a pettern of maple leaves. It fades in and out of different shades of red, orange and yellow.

Tell us about your family: Oh, (She lets out a small cough that could've been a sob) well I love my sisters more than anything and I love my brother also. They are all of my heart, and I hope their listening right now when becasue I want to tell them that I really love you guys, and I'll try as hard as I can to come home. She chokes out another sob and he continues on:

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*: Oh, umm, (She starts to blush) well, not really but their is this one guy, who I kind of like, but if you want to know, you'll have to wait and see if I return home. She gives a slight nod and glides of stage. ===Grain Follows


Hello, Grain Follows! Please, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?: Well, I have been an only child and I have been farming my entire life.

What do you like the most about the Capitol?: Well, I'd have to say, the food. We never get enough of it back home, and here it seems like their is enough for everyone to have as much as the ywant.

Do you mind showing Panem your out-fit?: [describe for me what your tribute is wearing] He is wearing a dirty white t-short and khaki shorts. His face is dudted with dirt and he mentions that he asks for an outfit like this because during this interview, ,he wanted to be reminded of home.

Tell us about your family: Well, like I said earlier, I am an only child. My parents are farmers, so their not always around, I basically have to take care of myself.

Do you have anybody special back home? *winkwink, nudgenudge*: Oh, well, kind of. Their is this one girl, but she's a lot younger than me, and I don't know if she likes me back. The audience wants him to tell but he says, maybe you'll find out in the arena.

This isn't part of the interview, but just so you know, Grain and Reed have become very good friends throughout the training. *wink wink*

Paul Dymamite

Hello, Paul Dynamite

In Pauls POV

I walk foward to the stage to the man with green hair. He asks me aoout my self when I spot the penguins they wink at me. "How you doing shorty," Pablo teases. "Were really hungry," Pepper says. The man with the green hair is staring at me. "Help," I say he laughs. The penguins are laughing, Peter is the one with the accent this time he sounds asstralian "Hya, mate I ve tought about have to eat ya maybe just a little arm this time"

I freak as three people around me change into penguins. I lunge at Pablo and grab him he yells and squirms "Gottca," When I look down I see the man with green hair. Then see Pepper ahead of me, I grab her and when I look down I see my district partner. I scream as Peter and Pablo grab me from her and drag me away.

The Arena

The Arena is divided into three sectors this year. The first sector is mountainous, with a few valleys with rivers crossing it. But, beware, if the river-water has a green tinge, then it's poisonous. The Cornucopia is set here. The second sector is a few hours away, and is completely avoid of life. Every two days a meteor crashes into this sector, and spills fumes that kills everything in the sector. To escape the meteor, one must fine a cave and go into it, where one will find a city literally sculpted out of the cave-wall. The city is lit by torchers Their are different types of game, some dangerous, some not: cockroaches and spiders are all edible, some of the bats and mice are poisonous, and their are rat and scorpion mutts. Every three days, a troll rampages the city, so beware...

Iodine Tablets - $5

Bottle of water - $10

Bread - $15

Apple - $20

Cheese - $25

Knife - $30

Slingshot - $35

Spear - $40

Bow and arrows - $45

Whip - $50

Mace - $55

Sword - $60

Medical supplies - $65

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Paul Dymamite from 12 fidgets on his plate, muttering things to his penguin companions. Gwen glances over at Dark, who smiles at her evilly. Something makes Jayfeather Pines of 5 turn his head to look at his District partner, Dove Sage. He starts whispering: "Protect Dove and any allies at all costs. Kill when provoked. Grab all that is necessary and get the he11 out of the Bloodbath." He gulps the lump of his throat down. "I remember, Kai. I remember."


Angel Odair from 4 gives her partner Barret Mason a wink. He gives her a knowing grin.


Ali Gupi, the blind female tribute from 12, grips her cane tighter.


Everything is still.


The milisecond feels like an hour.


And all he11 breaks loose.

Barret Mason grabs a bow and a sheath of arrows and aims at the first thing he sees - Nyx Ryuu, girl from District 6. It lodges into her heart, instantly killing her. "NO!!" Her District partner, Fynn Soryga rushes with a trident. "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL MAKE SURE YOUR BLOOD MIXES WITH NYX'S!!" he screams, digging one of the prongs into Barret's side. There's a THUNK sound, and Fynn falls to the ground. Angel smiles at Barret, having forced Fynn into unconicousness with the handle of her mace.

Carlton Carl Carlson is doing battle with the District 11 female tribute, Reed Woods. Carlton lunges in with his knife, and Reed catches him neatly with her whip, a weapon the Gamemakers decided to add in for the fun of it. "Burn, burn, it down!" Carlton cries in a sing-song voice. Reed glances around for her District partner, Grain Follows, but is busy doing battle with Paul Dymamite. Carlton creates a long scar on the side of her face. "BUUUUURN! BURN! BURN!" he cackles. Reed lets out a scream and lands a harsh blow right below Carlton's throat. Surprisingly, Carlton drops the knife and blood pours out of his mouth. Horrified, Reed runs away to join Grain, who had stopped fighting Paul, who isn't dead either.

Paul has found himself in a battle over a spear with Dove in the Cornucopia. "Put more power into it!" growls Pepper. Paul lets out a roar and rips the spear straight from Dove's hand, and points the butt at her. His penguins urging him on, he begins to beat her with it, pushing her back and cornering her. "Now kill her!" In a response to his penguins, Paul lets out a mighty battle cry and is about to kill her when Jayfeather throws himself in front of the on coming weapon, going through his stomach. Paul stares, and runs as Jayfeather falls into Dove's arms, leaving the spear in his stomach.

"Dove..." Jayfeather whispers, blood streaming from his mouth.

"Jayfeather...Oh,oh, Jayfeather..." she whispers in his ear, hot tears streaming down her cheek.

"S-sorry, Dove..."

"...It's okay, Jayfeather." And with that, he dies. Sobbing, Dove rips out the spear from his body and leaves his corpse on the ground.

Dark can't find Gwen, but he does stumble upon Korrine Revold off District 2, aiming her slingshot at Grain Follows. Using his bow as a club, he forces Korrine to her knees, and drags the dazed girl away. Her cannon fires after a few minutes. Meanwhile, Maverick Volt from 2 is menacing Dove with his sword. Not hesitating, Dove simply makes a swift side-step and puts her spear (the one that killed Jayfeather) into his neck. Not notcing the corpse, Dove pats the spear and says, "I'm gonna name you Jayfeather. So, even though he's dead, he'll always be with me."

Paul has found a knife, and his penguins are talking to him rapidly. "Please, go away," he whispers.

"Lookout!" one of the penguins screams.

A rock goes into the back of his head. Blood and brain-matter spew out. Kesha blinks, and looks down at her slingshot. "I didn't know this thing can shoot rocks!"

Ali Gupi is feeling around, looking for a weapon. Her hand grasps the handle of a throwing knife. Suddenly, a spear goes straight through her middle, and then is kicked out. Chuckling, Dove kicks the blind girl away, and picks up the throwing knife. "I think I'll call you Sightless..." she giggles softly, and tucks the knife into her belt. She hears someone sneaking up from behind, and promptly spins around and thrusts the spear at it. It turns out to be Barret Mason, and the spear goes into his face, killing him. "Oh...How many have I killed? Three? Two of them careers? Oh! I'm better then a career!" She throws her head back and laughs. "I'm a homicidal maniac!!"

Grain and Reed are trying to escape, but suddenly Fido Fiderson and Jessica Kreel are blocking their path. They do battle, both making rather dangerous wounds but it all ends when Reed trips up Jessica, sending her flat into the dust. Grain sees his chance and sticks the trident into her back. She is the last death that day.

After a long list of tribute faces are shown in the sky that night, Angel Odair and Fido Fiderson are talking with the new members of their pack: Elexsis Safier from District 3, Kyle Fabrik from District 8, and Ted and Tecy Pines from District 7. Elexsis has joined because they've threatened to kill her otherwise, Kyle joined so he may find Dove Sage and avenge Ali's death, and Ted and Tecy are there to ensure each other's survival. " know of that District 5 girl, right?" Angel said.

"Dove Sage," Kyle pipes up. "She is mine, understand? I saw her kill Ali, but that disgusting District 10 boy got in my way."

"And I caught a glimpse of her killing my Barret," Angel mutters. "But, listen. You want to live, right?"

"Right." The new members say in unison.

"Well, then," she chuckles dryly. "You will live, but one condition..." Suddenly, her eyes light up in cold-blooded, murderous fury. "Bring me Dove Sage's head!!"

Day 1 - The Bloodbath Deaths

24. Nyx Ryuu from District 6
23. Carlton Carl Carlson from District 9
22. Jayfeather Pines from District 5
21. Korrine Revold from District 2
20. Maverick Volt from District 2
19. Paul Dymamite from District 12
18. Ali Gupi from District 12
17. Barret Mason from District 4
16. Jessica Kreel from District 1

Day 2: The Meteor

Gadgeet Brent waits on top of a rock, staring at his snare. Anyone who puts his or her foot into it would suddenly be upside-down, and eventually dead. Gadgeet licks his lips as he watches Grain Follows and Reed Woods walk into view. Suddenly, Grain is dangling from the birch by his left foot, his trident on the ground. As fast as he can go, Gadgeet jumps from his hiding place and sticks a knife into Grain's heart. Reed screeches and strikes her whip at his face, and he falls. Reed then beats him with the punishing weapon, and thinking he close to death Reed leaves, taking Grain's trident and Gadgeet's knife with her. But once he's out of her view, Gadgeet lets out a moan and drags himself into Sector Two, where everything is dead.

Shining Starre and Kesha Notalent have discovered the city in the cave, and Shining wakes up to Kesha mumbling curses and water being dumped onto the cave-floor. Shining wakes up with a start, and screams. "WHAT THE SNAP ARE YOU DOIN'!?"

Kesha has been dumping their water supplies, in search of alchohol. "I can't find any red!" she hisses, not look at her. Suddenly, she slams her fists down, breaking a wrist. "#$2@!!" she curses. Suddenly, a rat mutt scurries up and slashes Shining's face. While Shining screams in pain, Kesha backs away slowly, and the rat grabs as much of their food supplies as possible between his fangs, and scurries away.

Shining is furious. "Y'know what, Kesha!?" she hisses. Kesha doesn't respond, and kneels down in the puddle of what was once their only drinking supply. Shining takes a dagger and throws herself on top of Kesha, pinning her down. "SHUT UP!" And with that, Shining puts the dagger into Kesha's neck.

That's the only deaths until night falls. The career pack has discovered both Gadgeet and Dove in the second sector, and they run as fast as they can. They stumble upon Reed Woods, who joins the flight from the pack. "I'VE KILLED TWO OF YOU!" Dove screams as she runs. "AND I'LL KILL MORE OF YOU!" But that only spurs them on.

Suddenly, Gadgeet screams, "METEOR!" Before diving into the nearest thing he sees - a cave. Dove and most of the career pack does the same, but it's too late for Ted and Reed. The meteor crashes down, killing them both.

In the darkness, the pack and the two tributes are split. Fido Fiderson, Angel Odair, Tecy Pines, Elexis Safier, and Kyle Fabrik are on the out-skirts of the city. "We lost her," Angel hisses.

"Ted..." Tecy whimpers, and starts to sob. Kyle commences to comforting her.

"We'll find that demon," Elexis says. "Don't worry." But then she flinches, as she realizes the thing she has hated and studied is what she has become.

Gadgeet and Dove are no longer together, but they come across each other again when they find Shining. Shining knows that she can be easily killed (by Dove, at least, seeing as how Gadgeet's unarmed) so she gives them a winning smile, and says, "Alliance?"

Dove is about to kill her when something Gadgeet says makes him stop. "I'm willing to do it. Anything to be back with the people I love back at District 3." He sniffles slightly. "I miss my mom."

Dove's shoulders slump, and she leaves the duo. But they know she's part of their alliance when Dove comes leaves a non-poisonous bat for them a few minutes later. "A rat mutt broke it's neck, the poor thing. Something made it leave it behind, though. I think it was a scent, but I'm not sure what. Anyway, sorry for ditching you guys without a word goodbye back there. It's not like me. But, it's just that I witnissed my District partner getting killed and I murdered three other of them totally defenseless," she whimpers slightly. "I think the Games are messing my mind up, big time. But, y'know what? I won't let it change me. I am Dove Sage, and I will always be Dove Sage. Nothing can change that, or at least I won't let it!" Dove says confidently.

Gadgeet and Shining exchange glances and doesn't say a thing, but they have to admit: they're impressed.

Day 2: The Meteor Deaths

15. Grain Follows
14. Kesha Notalent
13. Ted Pines
12. Reed Woods

Day 3: The Troll

To start the day, the audience is given a first person view of a rat mutt, the one that broke that bat's skull that Dove gave to Gadgeet and Shining. On the bottom left corner of the screen, white bold letters flash: RAT-TASTIC CAM. The rat is sniffing around, then pauses, and the audience knows it has scented something. The rat begins to scurry north-east, and jumps onto a boulder, peering down at Elexsis, who has her back turned to the rat and his rat-tastic cam. It takes a step forward, but appearently is a stupid rat mutt because he chose a bad place to put his paw on and slips, but does not fall, because luckily it's a fast rat (who is very rat-tastic) and digs his claws in. But, he has created a noise, and Elexsis spins around. The moment she sees it, she lets out a sharp scream, and the rat lunges, pinning her down.

"GET OFF, NOW!" she wails, trying to get at her knife in her belt, but appearently that rat's not stupid (just clumsy, as he is very rat-tastic) and immediately pins her arm down. But surprisingly, the girl from 3 relaxes, and the rat is completely still. It begins to fall to the ground, and the citizens of Panem's screens turn to snow.

Then they see Fido Fiderson standing over the not so rat-tastic rat while Elexsis gets up. The rat has a knife wound in his neck, and it just so happens that Fido has a rather bloody dagger. "We'll be eating good tonight," Fido says with a grin.

Elexsis frowns at both him and the rat. "Is it even edible?"

"...Let's just say I'm not gonna be the first one to eat it."

Back at the trio, Dove, Shining, and Gadgeet, they are currently have breakfast. Gadgeet slices into a bat with red-tinged wings, but hesitantly, as he has never heard of a red-tinged bat. Suddenly, a slightly orange-red blood oozes out of the slice he had made, and flinches. "Don't eat that!" he says as he swats a piece of bat-meat that had also come from a red-tinged winged bat from Dove's hand.

"What?" Dove asks.

"It's poisonous! Look at that bat's blood-that's not right!"

Shining scrunches up her face. Dove is slightly disappointed with herself that she shot a bat and unable to eat it, but knows it is for good reason and they have some cave mice instead for breakfast.

But, back at the careers, they are happily eating the rat mutt (which is appearently edible), when Tecy looks to the right, and her face is full of fear. Seeing this, everyone but Kyle turns too, and Fido gives a shout of fright as a troll stands over the District 8. "What?" Kyle asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Sweet baby Jane..." Fido whispers.

Kyle looks over his shoulder and stares in shock at the green, ugly creature with an elongated, curved nose and dirty red hair. The troll takes a hammer from his belt, and swings at Kyle's head. The force of the swing sends his head flying off his body and splatters onto the cave-wall. Not wasting anytime, the careers run as fast as their feet can take them, and into the cave city. (Unfortunetly, they were camped a few yards away from the troll's home, thus making them his first targets.)

Back to our trio, Dove gives her throwing knife, Sightless, to Gadgeet. "I don't...really need it," she mutters, and Gagdeet accepts without questions.

Then, there were screams and sounds like stone buildings were being smashed. "Whatever that is, it can't be good..." Shining mutters, and they take refuge in a stone house.

"Are you sure it's safe?" Gadgeet whimpers.

"It's better then facing whatever's outside," Dove mutters and gives Gadgeet a reassuring pat, while Shining goes to a window.

"Uh...Dove?" she whispers, barely audible. "Are you sure about that?" Exchanging glances, Gadgeet and Dove go to her side. Just in time, they witness a house a few feet away from them crumble to dust.

"I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE," Shining cries out, and runs out of the house.

"No, don't! We need to stay together!" Dove cries out, but the trolls already upon them. They give a good fight for Shining's life, but it's hopeless. The hammer swings down, breaking Shining's skull.

"Oh, no!" Dove whispers, then turns to Gadgeet. "Get outta here! NOW!"


"GO!" And surprisingly, Dove drops her spear and starts whistling to the troll. The troll raises his hammer, then pauses. The troll releases his hammer, and stares at Dove, fascinated by her whistling. Dove wishes she had a flute, but knows that this is the best she can she do.

Dove semi-circles the troll, and enchanted by her whistling follows Dove northward. By that time, Gadgeet had left, gripping Sightless as hard as he can.

Dove knows she's about to drop by all her whistling when suddenly, the troll stops walking, and a shocked expression enters his face. The troll falls forward, and Dove jumps back so it doesn't squash her. In his back is a large wood-chopping axe, in which Angel promptly rips out of the troll's back. "Hello, birdy..." she says with a smile.

"Angel...hi," Dove says with a nervous smile, then backs away slowly as Angel advances on her.

"Barret Mason...I liked him, you know. Could say I even loved him," Angel cooes.

Dove grimaces. "He's the one I killed in the Bloodbath, isn't he? I'm sorry, Angel. I wasn't myself - I was shocked, I paniced in some insane way and...and I'm sorry. Okay? I'm sorry," Dove swallows.

"Mmm-hmmm..." Angel frowns. "Your District partner died that day, too?"

"Yes. He died in my arms. I...some part of my brain snapped, I suppose," Dove sighs. "Look, I don't care what you do to me: just know that I'm sorry."

Angel furrows her brow. She was expecting pleads of mercy, not acceptance of appology. "Crad. I was hoping this would be different," she mutters.

"I was hoping that District 5 would have another male winner," Dove whispers.

"Hmmm..." Angel looks thoughtful. "I hate to say it, but my blood-lust has plummeted. But, this is the Games..." She shrugs.

"I understand completely." Dove manages a smile, despite the fear and anxiety bubbling in her belly. "But, you don't mind if I try to fight back, do you?"

"Of course not!"

"Kay...just...just sort of nervous..."

"Pretty much everybody asks stupid questions when their nervous."


"Get yourself ready," Angel says, and takes a swing. Dove jumps back, her back slamming into the remaining wall of a smashed house. Her head tilts to the left as Angel puts the axe an inch away from her nose, lodging it into the stone. "Man, this axe is sharp!" Angel says. surprised, and tries to yank it out. Dove grabs it, and with their combined force pulls the axe out of the wall, but commences to fight over it. Angel knees Dove in the ribs, knocking the air out of Dove's lungs, and she doubles over, releasing the axe and leaving it in Angel's hands. "Apology accepted, Dove Sage. You were an honorable opponent...for someone that killed my main man," Angel says, and lops off Dove's head.

After the three dead tributes are flashed into to the cave ceiling, Angel regroups with the careers.

Day 3: The Troll Deaths

11. Kyle Fabrik
10. Shining Starr
9. Dove Sage

Final 8 Interviews

"We're doing the Final 8 Interviews on the third day?" Head Gamemaker Raeoki mutters as she has a candle-light dinner with her new boyfriend, Chairman Fluffy Meow McPurplejigglepants, a very popular aristo-cat.

"Get yer paws off me tuna, woman," Chairman Fluffy Meow McPurplejigglepants hisses.

Fido Fiderson

Mr. and Mrs. Fiderson sit on stage, getting their faces and hair touched up. "We're very scared," Mrs. Fiderson says. "After all, three of the careers were only killed on the first day. When will our Fido's number be up as well?"

Mr. Fiderson pipes up, "We're very proud of our boy. He dances better then any girl in District One! He's a very talented young boy, he is!"

The rest of the interview is boring, though the Gamemakers can't help but feel a tinge of rebellion from Mrs. Fiderson, but maybe that's just them.

Elexsis Safier

"Hey, little sis!" It's Elexsis Safier's older brother, who has been asked to send a message to Elexsis, even though she'll never receive it. "We miss you. A lot. I'm sure you do too."

They're asked a few questions about themselves and Elexsis. One of their answers are: "Our Elexsis," Mrs. Safier says. "is a very smart girl. She'd study anything: one thing I'd see her study the most was the First Hunger Games. The psychology, the tactics...Because of her watching and re-watching last year's tapes of the Games, I truly think she's going to win."

"Maybe, if she gets the he11 out of the career pack," Mr. Safier hisses under his breath.

Gadgeet Brent

Only Mrs. Brent appears, because Mr. Brent is too busy with his job to be interviewed. After a surprisingly funny tale about how Gadgeet nearly electrocuted his Kindergarten class-mate named Leshawna, Mrs. Brent is asked to send a message out to his son. "Uh..." She's shaky. "Uh...Gadgeet, I...uh..." Tears start forming in her eyes, and no matter how hard she tries to blink them away she can't do it. "I'm sorry, I can't do this," she whispers, and starts to sob. A cameraman comes onto the stage and, taking her by the shoulders, leads her off the stage.

Angel Odair

Mr. and Mrs. Odair tell Angel's first time fishing, then are asked to send a message out to their daughter. "Angel, you're going insane. Stop it," Mrs. Odair hisses. But Mr. Odair makes a point to say that he disagrees, and they get into a huge arguement that requires every person in a five-mile radius to break up. Mrs. Odair stops away, and Mr. Odair turns to the cameras to finish the message. "What your mother means, Angel, is that you shouldn't let revenge get your better judgement. But, Angel, you're doing great, and I just know you're going to come home. I love you so much, sweety!"

Finn Soryga

Instead of Finn's older brother, a Peacekeeper, it is Head Gamemaker Raeoki, who is very angry to be called out from her candle-light dinner with Chairman Fluffy Meow McPurplejigglepants. "Unfortunetly, Finn's brother, a very loyal Peacekeeper of the Capitol, is on a very important mission. But, he does have one thing he wants to be said." She unfolds a piece of lined paper and reads: "'Finn would've made a great Peacekeeper.' That is all."

Tecy Pines

There are shouts and cries from behind the scenes, then Mr. Pines storms out, mad with rage. "Slit your throat, Tecy! You have not only become a pawn of the Capitol, but you are now their lap-dog! Please...just hurry and die! One of my sons are dead, and my daughter might as well be! I can't take watching you used! I CAN'T TAKE IT!" he roars.

Suddenly, Mrs. Pines runs onto the stage. "STOP HIM! HE'S HYSTERICAL!"

But it's too late. Mr. Pines lunges at a camera and breaks the lense with his fist. "DAM THE CAPITOL! DAM YOU ALL!" He then goes to work on the camera-man, wrapping his fingers around his throat and commences to strangle him, while cussing out the Capitol and the Games. Not even with the comined forces of the crew, a score of Peacekeepers, and the Pines family can rip him away from the poor camera-man. So, the Peacekeepers gets some guns and order the family and the crew to leave him alone. When the civilians have cleared away from Mr. Pines, the Peacekeepers shoot him, and he falls, dead. Mrs. Pines immediately begins to weep, and Tecy's little brother is too shocked and frightened to do anything but stare at the carcass. Make that carcasses: Mr. Pines strangled the camera-man before he was shot.

Instead of the truth, the Capitol aired a fake interview with actors potraying the Pines family.

Gwen Floral

Because all of Gwen's family is dead, nobody comes to be interviewed.

Dark Night

Mr. Night comes up, and grunts, "Look, I'm not gonna say how much I miss my son or some stupid story about when he disected small animals. Instead, I'm going to say this: my son is a murderer. The Peacekeepers re-opened the case after the interviews before the Games and have found everything out. So, let me give you some advice: kill him. He also did something to those girls he killed that...let's just say even a father would lose his love."

Day 4: The Assistant

Gadgeet is being tailed by the Careers. They have both escaped the second sector, and now climbing the mountains of the first sector. Gadgeet is huffing and puffing, letting out small cries of help as the careers only get closer. Suddenly, he is knocked flat on his face, and is rolled onto his back before being pinned down by his District partner, Elexsis. "No! Please, Elexsis!" he cries, and covers his face with his hands as she presses her knife to his throat.

Elexsis only frowns and glances at Tecy. "The rope."

Actually, it wasn't a rope, but the tail of the rat mutt Fido had killed yesterday. Apparently, the tail was stronger then chains, and would be perfect for tying things up with. Elexsis should know - she had come up with the idea and had tested on Shining Starre's body after Angel killed the troll.

With Tecy's help, the girl from 3 ties binds her District partner so his arms may cling to his side. Elexsis puts Sightless the throwing knife in her belt, and smiles. "Wha-what are you going to do to me!?" Gadgeet demands as Fido forces him to his feet.

"Elexsis needs an assistant, and you're alive and smart enough to be one," Angel says and prods the spear-head at his arm. "Now move."

They head to the Cornucopia, where the two of the other careers gives the two District 3 tributes some space to work, but Angel stays close, just in case.

The rest of the day is relatively uneventful.

Day 4: The Assistant Deaths

No one died today.

Day 5: The Announcement

Elexsis and Gadgeet have been hard at work. Tecy is the one watching over them, in case Gadgeet tries to do something funny. Angel strides into view, a piece of bark in her hands. "Our little informant has been doing well," she says, giving the bark to Fido.

"Finn: south by south-west. Dark: straight north," Fido reads the bark out loud. "Gwen's been doing well."

"The Flower Girl of Panem?" Gadgeet pipes up from the small metal thing he's working. "She's in on this too?"

"Her little District partner's been on her back ever since the Bloodbath. She wants him gone. And so do we. You can tell she feels guilty about helping us, but at least she's loyal," Angel explains, and walks over to Elexsis. "Progress?" she asks with a raised eye-brow.

Elexsis shakes her head. "My tools are too crude for this kind of work. Give me more time." Angel just nods. The girl from 3 turns to Tecy. "It might get dangerous. I suggest you back up a bit." Tecy nods and walks away.

Angel frowns at the distance between Tecy and the District 3 tributes. "Sort of far, for a guard, don't you think?" she asks.

Elexsis frowns at her. "I guess you want to be blown to bits as well, huh?" That scares her off.

Later that night, Fynn is eating a small fish from the brooke he has camped at when he hears an announcement: "Attention, remaining tributes! Congratulations, you are now the final eight tributes of the 2nd Hunger Games! Tomorrow, there will be a feast in your honor! Why don't you all come over?"

Fynn and Gwen decides to sleep on it. Dark, in hopes that Gwen will be there, makes certain he will take part in the feast.

Nobody dies today.

Day 5: The Announcement Deaths

Nobody died today.

Day 6: The Feast

Everybody's here, apparently. The careers are scattered around the Cornucopia. Gadgeet is tied up in the corner of the Cornucopia. Fynn hides behind a boulder, Dark in a shrub, and Gwen's up in a tree. There's a moment hesitation, then Gwen scurries down her tree and bounds over to the table. Dark shoots out from the shrub, and Fynn begins to scurry over as well. The careers hesitate, but after a moment rush up to the table with their weapons drawn. Fido lunges at Dark, and they do battle, until Dark stabs Fido in the heart with his knife.

During Fido's death, Gwen has gotten her bag and runs over to Elexsis. "Is it finished!?" she gasps.

Elexsis hesitates, then suddenly puts her knife into Gwen's stomach. "No. Sorry." Gwen stares at with wide, shocked eyes. Elexsis grimaces at her. " have to face your own troubles, Flower Girl."

"But the...directions..." Gwen whispers, and she dies.

Elexsis pulls the knife out of Gwen's body. "Why did I do that?" she asks herself. "To cut off one of the career's assests, that's what!" Elexsis hisses, being quiet enough so that only the audience and herself could hear.

Tecy hears a loud bang from the Cornucopia while doing battle with Dark. She clubs him over the head with the hilt of her axe and checks on Gadgeet, who is smashing his and Elexsis's project with his foot. "What are you doing!?" she cries.

"You won't do it! Those kids are better then you - they're gonna have a chance now!" Gadgeet screams at her, and Tecy reacts badly. She throws the axe at Gadgeet, and it goes into his face. Tecy is shocked at what she has done, and stays in the Cornucopia with Gadgeet's dead body.

Fynn has caught Dark trying to steal his back-pack, and are now fighting for it. Dark is disoriented from the clubbing Tecy gave him, and Fynn uses this to his advantage. Fynn easily trips Dark up, and puts his spear through Dark's throat. Dark is the last death that day.

Fynn manages to grab both his own and Dark's packs before the careers scare him off.

Day 6: The Feast Deaths

8. Fido Fiderson
7. Gwen Floral
6. Gadgeet Brent
5. Dark Night

Day 7: The Explosion

It's midnight. Fynn wakes up to four soft thump noises at least a foot away from his shelter, a small cave a few yards from a river. Fynn grabs his spear and leaves his cave hesitantly, but relaxes to see that it's only a few sponsor items. He checks it, and is suprised to see bread, cheese, a sword, and medical supplies. "This must've been costly," Fynn mutters, then takes them into his cave. He uses the medical supplies on the wounds he had received in the feast and scars that he had gotten from the Bloodbath. After healing himself, Fynn has a midnight snack of bread and cheese, but leaves a good portion of the food for later usage. Curling up, Fynn goes back to sleep, dreaming about Nyx.

But little does he know that outside, three figures are planting things in the ground all around his cave. Then they slip into the darkness.

A small stream of sunlight pours through his cave opening, waking him up later that day. Fynn eats the rest of his cheese and about half of his bread, a quarter of a mountain goat's leg, and a few roots. Slipping his sword through his belt and gripping his spear, Fynn goes outside to collect the water from his stream. He steps on a very small mound of dirt, and he's blown into the air, a loud BANG making his ears ring. His legs blown off, Fynn lands back to earth with a sickening crunch. Slowly, Fynn dies.

The careers are a mile away from the Cornucopia when they hear the cannon boom. Knowing that they are the only ones left, Elexsis lunges at Angel, who blocks off the knife attack with her axe handle. Tecy starts backing away, until Angel takes a swipe at her leg, making a deep gash. Elexsis pushes Angel back, and Angel does the same with Tecy, until they are only a yard away from the Cornucopia. It looks like Angel's at least going to win the fight with Elexsis when the girl from District 3 grins. "I've been doing bad, bad things, Angel," she chuckles, and clubs the girl with her knife handle. Angel backs away, dazed adn rubbing the bruise in her temple, when she steps onto a mine Elexsis had secretly planted to kill off the careers.

There's an explosion, larger then the one that killed Fynn. It's a fiery blast, and the bang is so loud that even hurts the audience's ears, and everybody's certain that they're won't be a winner for the Second Hunger Games.

Finally, the smoke and clears away. Elexsis and Tecy have disappeared. And they're lies a crisp, mutilated body that will later be identified as the District 4 girl, Angel Odair.

Day 7: The Explosion Deaths

4. Fynn Soryga

3. Angel Odair

Day 10: The Rats

Back at the Capitol, panic ensues as they worry about the two remaining tributes. In the Sponsoring Building...

"Why can't I send her this thing!?" huffs a very rich Capitolite as she dumps bow and arrows onto the counter. "Because we don't have a clue where she is! We don't know where any of them are!" cries out Elexsis's escort, Tobie Dall. "They're literally wiped off the map!"

"Don't lie!" grumbles another Capitlite behind the one with the bow and arrows, as she finds away to hold her cheese better. "You're just trying to get ratings."

"No! Really, I would send it to you if I knew where they are, but I don't know where they are so I can't give it to you!" Tobie insists. "I worry about those girls, too. I mean, I'm so bored of watching nothing going on! But I don't know where they are, or anybody else, for that matter!"

"What are you gonna do about it, then?" pipes up someone who meant to send Elexsis an apple.

"I dunno," Tobie says with a shrug. "That's Head Gamemaker's Raeoki problem."

And boy, it is. Raeoki has been arguing with her Gamemakers for three days, but now they've finally decided on something.

Raeoki closest to the president, a remote control in her hands. "On your word, sir," she says to the president.

"Do it," the president commands.


Actually, there are more then just the rat mutts in the mob, but the scorpion mutts as well (Raeoki just wanted to say that). The audience views the rat and scorpion mutts pouring out of the cave, leaving a score of their own to search for the two tributes in the cave city. The mutts work together with such intelligence, it's as if their not some sort of strange creation meant to kill created by the Capitol, but actual intelligent things that knew how to work together and alone, and not just to survive, but to search for two missing girls. And all through Panem, a man-hunt is being broadcrasted in every home on every television.

WIth their immense numbers, they make it from the second sector and to the first sector quite easily. Though they frighten many animals, the mutts show no intent on harming them. They may go through their burrows and nests, but do not touch them. It's as if they don't even see them, or they're out there for a bigger purpose then hunting prey.

Around the spot where Fynn was killed, a scorpion is blown to bits. This causes a controlled panic in the mutts, and they create a circle around the vicinity of Fynn's shelter. A gray rat mutt wraps it's tail around a palm-size stone and throws it, and the mutts skitter back, but nothing happens. The gray rat mutt throws another stone, and it sets off a bomb, but everyone is alive and acounted for this time. The mutts throw stones until they're certain that it's safe, and they search the area. An albino rat mutt has a communicator attached to his ear. "It's too filled with smoke and flames for us to scent any human traces," the albino rat says. "Unfortunetly, I think I was picking something up before that scorpion got herself blown up."

"Just do your best, Number 113," Raeoki responds.

The albino nods and continues. They eventually make it to the Cornucopia, where a bomb this time killed a black rat, and they do the same thing they did when they were at Fynn's cave. Only the albino rat mutt Number 113 only smells faint traces of human, mostly covered up by the explosion on Day 7, but nothing that says anyone was recently there.

"I fear the worse, Head Gamemaker," the rat grunts in his communicator. Raeoki doesn't respond this time, because she fears the worse too.

Day 10: The Rats Death

A scorpion and a rat got blown up, but no tribute deaths as far as the audience knows.

Day 13: The Body

On Day 11, they send in Peacekeepers. All across Panem, people watch as humans, rats, and scorpions search for the missing girls. It's not a very exciting watch, sense there are practically no dangers to the searchers. A few bombs go off, maybe, and a few die, but besides that there's nothing much to do but relax and doze off.

Day 13 comes, and the Gamemakers wonder if it's even worth Panem's time. They decide that this will be the lasty day any of the man-hunts air, and after a few minutes televisions in the Capitol and all twelve districts light up or for the search.

Day 13 goes on as usual, until Number 113, leader of the rat searchers, suddenly stops. "I smell something," he mutters.

"What is it?" asks a Peacekeeper.

"Human. Dead." He points northward. "Thattaway."

The search party scurries off, lead by Number 113, and Number 113 being led by his nose. They come across a river with a green tinge, and Raeoki warns them that the water's poison. They search the banks until a scorpion finds something in a bush. Some Peacekeepers drag it out, and they realize they have just found Tecy's dead body, killed by the river. There's a deep, long gash on her arm. That must've been how the tracker in her arm was ripped out and they couldn't find her on the map.

"So, Elexsis is the winner of these Games," the Head Peacekeeper that's running the search Peacekeepers reports to Head Gamemaker Raeoki. "But there's only one problem: we have no idea where she is."

Day 13: The Body Deaths

2. Tecy Pines

Day 17: The Victor

They have searched high and low for Elexsis, but nothing comes up until Day 17. It isn't until one of the Gamemakers sees something moving on his television that the search party has a lead. They are informed that it appeared that a girl was running, heading straight south. The party immediately heads in that direction.

Elexsis POV

I am planning an escape out of the arena to live in the wilderness surrounding it, though I know there will be a barrier, but the problem is that I don't know what. It could be a tight mob of rat mutt ready to torture me till I am just a bloody pulp, or a...OH NO!

Wait a minute...that's a muskrat.

The Capitol did something to that bomb. The explosion must have spread a powder that forces one to halucinate. I see things that aren't there. That's how Tecy escaped me. That's why I can't protect the last living human that I will ever see again, because I'll be with the animals and the plants for the rest of my life. If I can just get to the edge of the arena...

I see a tint of blue, and I know what I'm facing. If I walk into it, I'm dead, but luckily for me it's not some wall of mutts or whatever. Suddenly, I notice a flash of gray in a bush. I flinch and grab the my knife. I catch a glimpse of fur, and it's not a normal animal's fur. It's that rat mutt's fur, and I should know, because I had a giant faceful shoved in my face back in the cave city. And then I see something obvious, and it doesn't quickly go away: a giant scorpion.

I scream, and run along the barrier, knife drawn out. Peacekeepers, rats, and giant scorpion mutts charge after me. An albino rat with a comunicator attached to its ear throws itself at me from the side, and I twist around and slit it's throat. And then a scorpion's stinger digs into the ground right next to me.

I turn around and lunge at the scorpion, stabbing it in the eye before I continue to run forward. A Peacekeeper's bullet is an inch away from my thigh. I run faster.

Bullet's are flying everywhere now. I spin around and throw my knife at one of the Peacekeeper's, going into his chest and stabbing his heart.

And the next thing I know, I'm on the ground, ridden with bullet-holes.


Head Gamemaker Raeoki walks into a small gray room meant for observing an interogation, flustered. "What!?" she grumbles at the other Gamemakers. "Chairman Fluffy Meow McPurplejigglepants needs his daily rubbin's, and if he doesn't get it he's going to get nervous sweats, and if he gets nervous sweats-" She cuts herself when she looks past the glass and at the girl, her hands tied, and sitting on a chair facing a table. "Ah, the victor," Raeoki mutters. "I see you managed to save her and made her unhole-ish again."

"Yeah, and the president wants you to conduct the interogation," says one of the Gamemaker. "There's a record and a gun in there. She has grown and intense fear of bombs and guns, and we intend on using the sounds of a bomb going off and a gun being fired, plus the sight of a firearm, to draw out any information from her."

With a nod, Raeoki walks into the interogation room. Elexsis looks at her with dead eyes, but Raeoki doesn't mind. She tries just asking questions and tries to intimidate her by acting angry, but it doesn't work that well. So, she plays the records and sticks the gun right between the eyes, and even though it almost bring Elexsis to tears because she's so scared, it doesn't bring anything out. Raeoki goes to the observation room and has a brief conference with the Gamemakers. "Do we have any loved ones?" Raeoki pipes up.

"Actually, yes," says a Gamemaker. "Entire family."

"Bring in the older brother."

"Yes ma'am."

Raeoki enters the interogation room and stops the noises of bombs and guns going off. Soon, Elexsis's older brother is dragged in, hands and legs bound, a gag in his mouth. Raeoki grabs the gun (which is loaded) forces her brother on his knees and puts the gun to his head. "Tell me what happened, or I'll kill him right now, right here," she hisses.

"NO!" Elexsis screams, and tried to lunge at Raeoki, but it doesn't work. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

Brain and blood splatters the wall, and Elexsis's brother falls to the floor, shot execution style. Elexsis screams in a rage and grief and slumps in the chair, tears streaming out of her chair.

"Eeew!" Raeoki recoils, scrunching her nose.

The Head Gamemaker turns to Elexsis. "Now are you willing to talk? We have your mother and father, too, y'know. I can kill them just as easily."

"Why are you doing this?" Elexsis whimpers.

It was to see if Elexsis was a rebel, or something, but Raeoki doesn't say that. Instead, she just calls in Elexsis's mother, and soon Mrs. Safier is dragged in just like her older brother. On her knees, Mrs. Safier flinches as Raeoki puts the gun to her head.

"Tell me, or she dies, too," Raeoki hisses at Elexsis, but Mrs. Safier doesn't hear the Head Gamemaker. She just stares at her dead son with wide eyes.

So, Elexsis does tell her. "I somehow managed to stay with Tecy when the explosion occured. I was thrashing about, when I came up something fleshy. I thought it was Angel, so I sliced...with my knife. Because of the confusion I didn't realize that it was actually Tecy (who was unconcious) till the explosion ended. I had sliced her arm, and had ripped out her tracker. Then I had an idea, to escape from Panem, the Games, the, sitting on Tecy, I sliced my own arm and pulled the tracker. So, I started dragging Tecy away from the scene of the explosion, and I came to the cave where we had blown up that District 6 boy, Fynn Soryga. I found his cave, and put Tecy in it, found a large stone, got in side, and sealed the cave. I managed to find some of Fynn's medical supplies and treated our wounds. Knowing that you would try searching for us, I decided to stay at the cave and use the stream near the cave as our food and water supply while I waited for you to stop looking for us. There was fish, so I knew we could last. I was finished healing (and planning) us when Tecy woke up from her state of unconciousness and she attacked me. Luckily for me, Tecy didn't have her axe, so I managed to pin her down and had slam her head against the cave wall for her to go back into her state of unconciousness. I hid my knife in a very small cranny, in case that if she woke up and I was asleep she would slit my throat, and dropped off into sleep."

There's a small pause, then Raeoki calls to the Gamemakers in the observation room. "Take her brother out of her." They send in some Avoxes to drag the dead boy away. She turns to Elexsis. "Continue. Just remember about what will happen to her if you stop talking will be the same of what happened to him."

Elexsis nods, and continues. "Tecy tried to strangle me in my sleep, but once again I oveer-powered her and pinned her down. Then I started telling her my plans, and why...and she agreed. She said she'll go with it. But, deep down, I knew she was lying. She wanted to win the Games, go home, see her family again. It was stupid of me to think otherwise. So, one day (I had lost track of time quite easily in that cave), there was some explosions, and I knew you were still searching for us. More days passed. I was asleep, and I woke up to grunting. It was Tecy, pushin the stone from the entrance. I grabbed my knife from it's cranny and attacked her. This time she over-powered me and knocked me out. When I woke up, she was gone. I was afraid that you would find her, so with my knife, I abandened the cave and searched for her. I had grown a relationship of friendship with her, ever since her brother died, and like any other friend I wanted to make sure she was safe."

"And going home is the opposite of 'safe?'" Raeoki asks.

"Yes. To me."

Raeoki calls to the Gamemakers once more, "Take her mother away." She takes the gun away from her mother's head, and the Avoxes take her away. "Say one wrong thing, and we'll kill her," Raeoki spits.

"Days passed, and eventually I decided to let Tecy return to Panem. So, I decided to find a way out of the arena, I found the force-field that was my obstacle between the wilderness and the arena, the search party found me, and you know what happens then." There's a moment of silence. "Is Tecy and Angel alright?"

Raeoki hesitates, then goes over to converse with the Gamemakers. They pull in an old television, and they show footage of Angel and Tecy's death. Elexsis goes into a state of mental-Avox, and they have to shock her with electricity for her to speak. After some torture, they force her to vow that she will be a loyal victor of Panem, or else they will kill her family.

And at last, Elexsis Safier, victor of the 2nd Hunger Games, goes home to District 3.

Victory Tour

District 2

"I'm sorry about your tributes, District 2," Elexsis says. "To be killed on the first day, and the way Korrine Revold died...I apologize to the Revold family for that."

District 1

"I would like to thank the Fiderson family for having Fido. I mean, without him, I'd be in the gut of a rat right now," Elexsis chuckles. Then she pauses, and thinks about their deceased girl tribute, Jessica Kreel. "And I would also like to thank you for giving birth to Jessica, Mrs. Kreel," Elexsis says. "If it hadn't been for her death, I wouldn't have joined the career pack, and who knows what would have happened to me!" she chuckles.

Elexsis flinches as she sees Mr. Kreel, walking up the stage, a lark rock in his hans. "So, your thanking us for giving birth to a corpse!?"

Elexsis fidgets, glancing at some Peacekeepers who are hurrying up to the angry man. "Well, no...not exactly."

"WELL, TOO BAD!" Mr. Kreel screams, rushing Elexsis, lifting the rock. Elexsis screams, and reaches for her knife, only to realize there isn't one.

"FIDO! ANGEL! ANYBODY...HELP!" she screams as Mr. Kreel grabs the collar of her lovely pink dress, and slams the rock ino her face. Just as he lifts it the stone to break her skull, the Head Peacekeeper woman of Distrct 1 pistol-whips the side of his face, and Mr. Kreel releases Elexsis. Mrs. Kreel rushes up to save her husband, just as the Head Peacekeeper woman sticks the gun int his mouth and shoots. Mrs. Kreel screams n anguish, just as a young man Peacekeeper turns around and sends a bullet to her heart. As this is happening, Elexsis, barely hanging on, is transported to the nearest medical center.


Elexsis awakes in a small, white room. She lays in bed in a hospital gown, and a boy is looking down at her. "...Fido?" she whispers. The boy just smiles, and brushes away a strand of hair from her face. " did you survive? I saw Dark put a knife into your chest."

He frowns. "Easy. I'm not Fido Fiderson. My name is Harry; I'm Fido's brother."

She stares at him with wide, sad eyes. "...Oh."

District 3's escort, Tobie Dall, comes in, glaring daggers at Harry. "Get away from her!" he growls, marching over to Harry. Fido's brother gives Elexsis one last look, before he hurries out of the room. Elexsis swallows a lump in her throat, knowing that she has made a dear friend that she will never see again.

"What is it, Tobie?" Elexsis is too furious to look at him.

The strange-looking man gives her a withering glance. "The Capitol has sent word that you won't visit the other districts. There is to be a feast in District 3, but that is it. Understand?"

She doesn't answer him for a moment. "Good. I don't think I can take visiting Seven." Tobie nods slightly, and turns around to leave. "Tobie, wait." He tenses his muscles - if one could call them that. They're so fake, Elexsis wants to puke everytime she sees them. "Invite Harry Fiderson to the banquet."

Tobie Dill looks over his shoulder at her. "The president may consider that a sign of rebellion."

Elexsis doesn't answer. The word "rebellion" sends fear into her, a chill running up and down her spine. The voices of people she killed came to her, "Why did you do that, Elexsis!? I only wanted to get away from Dark! Why?" cries out Gwen, Elexsis's first kill. She can hear Fynn and Angel screaming at the sound of an explosion. Her brother, crying to her for help before the sound of a bullet shook the air and blood and brains splattering the wall. She tries to block out, holding the sides of her head with her hand, and shuts her eyes tight.

Her escort just sighs. "Go away," Elexsis pleads to the voices, and Tobie, thinking she's talking to him, leaves with an indignant huff.

"Stupid girl!" he shouts over his shoulder, before hurrying away.

"Go away!" Elexsis cries, and the voices grow louder. "GO AWAY!"

But she couldn't silence them.

District 3

There is a banquet in District 3, and nobody is happy. They glance at Eexsis as if they expect her to do something, and she tries no to notice. Instead, Elexsis acts proud and pleased, though in reality she wishes she could scream, cry, and ignore the world around her.

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