The 2nd Hunger Games


Hello everyone! My name's Raeoki, and I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas for my next Games! Don't call me lazy: I got some ideas of my own, but I just want to know if you, the public, have some opinions or views.


  1. If you say "You're Games sux!" then I will feel nothing. I don't care about the opinions of someone who thinks he's this big but is really that small. That's right. I went there.
  2. I don't care if you think that these fan-made Hunger Games are pointless and becoming cliches. I don't really care.
  4. Critique is allowed, but nothing mean.

Now back to those ideas...

Here's my 1st Hunger Games, if it'll help you think of some suggestions.

Here are the things that I want the most feedback on:

  • Chariot rides
  • Interviews with Caeser Flicker I
  • Cash

Chariot Rides

The chariot rides on the 1st Hunger Games took awhile. I forgot how long it took: either three days or a week, and I want to know if it would be a smart idea to do it again for the next Games.


The interviews never really happened. I gave people the options of doing it or not doing it. If they did it, then they'd get more cash for their tributes. But no one wanted to do it, so I'm wondering if it would just be pointless to bring it up again.

Cash system

The cash system was different: instead of just giving the tributes some bucks, I might have made it some what of a gamble. If the tributes did well in the chariot rides, then they got more money, but if they didn't, they get anything at all. If they did the interviews, that would make it the money amount increase. During "prep week" (a.k.a the time after the tributes had been selected and before the Games began) I informed the audience that it would be wise to begin depositing cash into their tributes (or maybe their favorite tributes) "piggy bank." When the Games started, I gave them all five-hundred, not wanting to give them too much or too little so the audience will begin to appreciate the meaning of "waste not want not" or, "think before you buy."

What worries me the most about the system is that one member of the audience complained that she did not understand what I meant by putting money into their tribute's "bank account." If you think my system is too confusing as well, please speak out and give me your suggestion.

What about Arenas?

What about them?

If you have an opinion of an area, I prefer it if you'd save it for your own Games, but I might mesh something in with my own Arena idea if it means so much to you.




Where the votes go.

Polls for Chariot Rides

FOR Chariot Rides: 4

NO Chariot Rides: 2

Polls for Interviews

FOR Interviews: 3

NO Interviews: 0

The Arena Ideas Bank

By Joekeybladeaura: "...a montain range with 100 enhanced tracker jacker nests on top with a stream and lake with water at a boiling 10000 degrees farenheit that will melt a mans flesh and bones and earth quakes every 2 days."

By Leshawna333: "...smaller than average. and have lots of mutts."

By Fidofiderson "...the arena should be under ground."

By Fidofiderson "Unleash a troll into the arena everyday until trolls are everywhere :D"

By Leshawna333 "I also kinda agree with Fidofiderson about underground,I think their should be 3 hidden ways to get under ground,and their should be a comet that hits,and kills anyone not underground,and makes the aboveground a wasteland.but there should maybe be a warning,like seeing it in the sky."

By Fidofiderson to Leshawna333 "raleas trolls into the underground so they have to survive in the above ground"

By Elviaalova "how about the arena is like a City with houses and all that but no people or any electricity...and the buildings you would have to pick locks to get in and the mutts are like HUGE pigeons and flesh eating squirrels ect..."

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