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The 4th Hunger Games

Raeoki June 11, 2011 User blog:Raeoki

Preceeded by: The 3rd Hunger Games

Even though The 3rd Hunger Games has yet to be completed, I might as well go ahead and announce that I'm alive by getting The 4th Hunger Games up and running! So...*puts on sunglasses* Let's do this.

Kay-kay, I am going to have to ask something of you guys. We need a career alliance. Cause I will admit something: I love career's, and I will sing it from the roof-tops. I want Cato more than a thirteen-year-old fashionista has Bieber Fever. And by "want" I mean snicker at him from afar while he goes on a rampage and wipe away his tears with a monkey ascott while he weeps over Clove's dead body.

Now, I'm not saying that if you make a tribute or two from One, Two, or Four they HAVE to be part of the career pack, but...Please? They don't have to be evil! Though I do hope one of them can be sarcastic. Don't have to be, though!!

The Reaping

District 1

Female: Amber Goldbond

Male: Jasper Covert

District 2

Male: Mason Brown

Female: Alice Brown

District 3 - Roar. Elexsis. She crazy.

Female: Car Mark

Male: Sky Monark

District 4

Female: Iris Bloodsworthy

Male: Skyer Greengrass

District 5 - The home of the first Hunger Games victor!

Female: Waria

Male: Octavius

District 6

Female: Misuzu Kusakabe

Male: Kakeru Satsuki

District 7


Female: Vendetta Lemon

District 8

Female: Serena Wolf

Male: Gyah Tyon

District 9

Female: Peppa Rannoch

Male: Kyler Quist

District 10

Female: Callie Smith

Male: David Fitzey

District 11 - First lower district to have a victor!

Female: Kell Rosa

Male: Julian Hailess

District 12

Female: Ashley Rose Saunders (Jefferson)

Male: Anthony Rashad

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