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  • RainAndFire


    April 27, 2014 by RainAndFire

    Welcome fellow weirdos. For those who don't know me or my partner in crime, this is Liza and Justin, formerly known as User:Rainfacestar and User:TheFireJay.

    How many of you read Winter Formal? Come on, be honest. Ya know, User blog:RainAndFire/Winter Formal. Well, if ya haven't, check it out. It is a prequel to this, the Prom.

    So join, kay? Lizano and Justino are literally willing to kill to meet you all :3





    Date 1 Date 2
    Justin Chandni
    Blake Erlend
    Liza Colin
    Zachary ?
    Eli Maxine
    Toast Kaeghan
    Claudia Emma
    Lexi ?
    Tara Rebekah
    Brendan ?
    Anima Jinx
    Cas ?
    Joan Alice

    Lizano puts the finishing touches on the sprinkler systems ahead. None of this was new, none of this was old. This happened every year and she took pleasure in seeing this ki…

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  • RainAndFire

    Winter Formal

    December 15, 2013 by RainAndFire

    Welcome all, welcome! This is the fantabulous Lizano here and I come with a message for you. Both Justin/Justino/Pheonix and I have both decided to throw a Winter Formal for your enjoyment!

    What... You think we are playing you? Again? Can't get away with nothing anymore...

    Well we aren't! So come and join the Winter Formal, children dears!

    General admission is $12, anyone from a different chat not allowed unless you have a note allowing you to come. No one over the age of 18 is allowed to come unless you are a chaperon or a plotter have a note saying you can be here.

    Well, as you see, this is a Winter Formal and myself, Principal Lizano, and my Vice President, Justino, both expect the highly most appropriate outfits for the dance. Any bad behavio…

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  • RainAndFire

    Halloween Games

    October 15, 2013 by RainAndFire

    Well, dis is simple, right? No? WELL SCREWY!

    any way

    Soz, it's a Halloween "Party". You show up in costume. A scary costume. Then shiz goes down and BOOM! IT'S THE MONSTER MASH!

    Simple now? No?


    Name Costume Alive/Not
    Joan Vampire Kesha

    Anna Princess Mononoke

    Kaeghan Grim Reaper

    Emma Honey Boo Boo

    Erlend Fluttery Butterfly

    Dustin Plague Doctor

    Ian Chicken

    Kekai Straitjacket w/ a steel mask

    Kiki Black Cat

    Sky Squirtle

    Justin Black Morphsuit



    Alice 10th Doctor

    Mia Black Furby

    Crtha Clara Oswin Oswald

    Connor Fire Ferret Earthbender

    John Slenderman

    Wes Darren Criss

    Blake Justin Bieber

    Luka Black Rock Shooter

    Colin Lobster

    Team Yellow: Joan,Emma,Ian,Sky,Alice,Connor,Blake

    Team Purple: Anna,Erlend,Kekai,Justin,Mia,John,Luka

    Team …

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  • RainAndFire

    Of Mods And Users

    August 7, 2013 by RainAndFire

    So Erlend wrote the intro to le story...Justin has have updated since than and Liza has been helping me update the rest ' this is fanfic..... so yea its Lovelace Kingdom vs Haidere Kingdom

    We gonna swear a lot so don´t bitch or you get a road sign up your butt k~ Erlend

    ohh...if idk how many chapter there will be so there will be chapter notes

    King: Oli

    Queen: Mia

    Prince: Callam

    Princess(es): Dani, Emma, Caylin,Anna

    Knight: Ian

    Maid: Alice

    Butler: Ryan

    Royal Chef:Lily


    King: Colin

    Queen: Liza

    Prince(s): Kekai,Keap,Gruff

    Princess(es): Kiki,Cinder,Cass

    Knight: Joan



    Royal Chef:Annie


    Updated Version of K-9: Andrew (Sky)

    Doctor #14: Justin

    Doctor's Companion: Crtha

    Evil Socecer: Wesley

    Sorcerer Dragon: Darcy


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