Well, dis is simple, right? No? WELL SCREWY!

any way

Soz, it's a Halloween "Party". You show up in costume. A scary costume. Then shiz goes down and BOOM! IT'S THE MONSTER MASH!

Simple now? No?


The Monsters... I MEAN GUESTS!

Name Costume Alive/Not
Joan Vampire Kesha
Anna Princess Mononoke
Kaeghan Grim Reaper
Emma Honey Boo Boo
Erlend Fluttery Butterfly
Dustin Plague Doctor
Ian Chicken
Kekai Straitjacket w/ a steel mask
Kiki Black Cat
Sky Squirtle
Justin Black Morphsuit


Alice 10th Doctor
Mia Black Furby
Crtha Clara Oswin Oswald
Connor Fire Ferret Earthbender
John Slenderman
Wes Darren Criss
Blake Justin Bieber
Luka Black Rock Shooter
Colin Lobster


Team Yellow: Joan,Emma,Ian,Sky,Alice,Connor,Blake

Team Purple: Anna,Erlend,Kekai,Justin,Mia,John,Luka

Team Orange:Kaeghan,Dustin,Kiki,Dani,Crtha,Wes,Colin






So like it was the Morning of the Party and after Sir Justin and Miss Liza decorated there Mansion like a week in advance to be ready ok? anyways soooo like this is where the story begin c;

So Sir Justin wakes up from his bed and takes a quick shower and gets in his Black Morphsuit naked and walks over to Liza Room. Justin notice a sign in Liza door that says "Dont dustrub the Queen". Justin signs and goes downstairs to welcome all the guest. Justin opens the big black doors and all the lovely guest come walking. Justin stares at all the costumes and notice there are some scary,some are funny the rest are Fandoms and then theres the crossdressers...........

The Transformation... I MEAN PARTY!

So everyone was enjoying the party. Kiki and Dani were twerking in their costumes Justin watches and just nods in disappointment and twerks better than them. Joan, Emma and Alice were dancing like robots. Sky and Colin were eating some seafood. Kekai was rocking back and forth in the corner screaming about a Demon of some sort. Crtha and Wes were flirting in the another corner and making goggly eyes to each other. Anna over heard them at yelled "Cival Chat". Luka and Erlend were arguing about who looked hotter in their costume. Mia and Ian were dying of heat in their furry costumes. Dustin, John and Kaeghan were trying to scary everyone. Conner was the only one scared and droped his Earth Tablet on his foot whiched made his leg bleed. Blake tried to help him and gave him his Justin Bieber mask to whip it off. The Lights turned, and the music went way and everyone was quiet. A spotlight focuses on one female on the 3rd floor. Everyone gasp as soon as they see her costume. Liza grabs her microphone at starts talking.

"Hey Everyone and welcome to the Monster Mash" with a big grin

"As you can see I will be your favorite Villian in The World of Panam the fabulous President Snow" Liza Winks

"And you know what that means?" Liza trying to sound sarcasticty.

"o no" moans all the guest

Liza drops a bomb of sleeping gas and everyone falls asleep. Liza drops all of them in a pit hole below the mansion. Liza makes her way into the basement and places Black,Yellow and Orange bracelets  on everyone. After shes has made the teams for the event she gives everyone a transformation pill and runs upstairs.

Your Death... I MEAN- I mean your death...

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