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Blake Erlend
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Joan Alice

Prom, ya ready?

The Unwelcomed Return

Lizano puts the finishing touches on the sprinkler systems ahead. None of this was new, none of this was old. This happened every year and she took pleasure in seeing this kids confused. Though it did bother her in that old withered heart that her children went through this, she ignored it. She knew it was for the best and she would keep it that way.

Justino walks into the gym, watching her put away the ladder. He always felt indifferent to what they do but kept it hidden. He knew of his past times on this world in the past 5 years. Every time during the games he would try to undo her fun, and he died. This year, though, he made his promise to not do so.

Lizano wraps her arms around her husband. "Another year, another Prom. Cheer up, my dear. This is the last year our children will be in these. Then we'll start over with a fresh bunch of kids."

"Liza and Justin... they're so young. Liza has barely turned 16 and yet she is graduating with everyone. Why?" His eyes found Lizano's and they smile deviously.

"Because I told her to." She turns around as the doors to the gym open. Liza walks in, being trailed by this years decorating team. Justin walks right behind her.

"Hey mom, hey dad. See you guys later!" Liza says with a wave. Dread fills Justino as he leaves with Lizano, leaving the children to decorate.

Liza turns to Justin. "You left my car sitting around. Go park it for me, please?" Her hazel eyes plead with her brother. He says and she jumps up and down before hugging him. "Thanks!" She hands him the keys to her dark blue convertible sitting in the parking lot. "Park it in the Valedictorian spot that mom designated for me."

"Yeah yeah, you owe me, baby sis." He turns and jogs out of the school to where the convertible was parked.

Only it wasn't there.

"Crap, she's going to kill me."

Beauty Requires Time

Chandni sits in her house, deeply upset that she, once more, got tricked into going to Prom with Justin Rainfire. Not only was his mother the principal and his father the vice principal, his sister was her fandom buddy. And now here she is in some crappy salon getting her hair and nails done for Prom.

She starts to grow impatient and glares at her mother. "How much longer?"

"Beauty requires time, Chandni." Her mother smiles sadistically at her before looking around. "After this, we'll go home, put you in your dress and then you can leave with Justin."

"Justin. God, that's another thing. Where in your twisted mind would you find it okay to let him near me?" Chandni hisses and the lady switches to her other hand, almost done.

"He's the only one who ever asks you. The other boys are afraid of you. Maybe if you learned to be polite-" she starts but the lady finishes with Chandni, popping up.

"All done, Ms. Tyler. You can take your daughter home after you pay and let her nails finish." The lady and Chandni's mom walk off, leaving Chandni to stare at herself in the mirror.

"Dear God, I make Anna look like a commoner." She moans, leaning her head back. "Ugh, kill me now."

In a few minutes, Chandni and her mom are in their car, driving towards the apartment complex her mom picked out over two years ago.

As they pull into the parking lot, Chandni moans to see Justin's Red Camaro sitting in the parking lot. "Crap, he's already here."

"Oh quiet. I'll distract him while you go put on your dress. It's hanging in my closet." The two get out of the car, making Justin get out of the Camaro.

"Hey Chandni, I-" he starts but her mom interrupts.

"Justin, let's talk down here. Chandni, go finish getting ready." Chandni nods and runs upstairs, to her apartment complex. She shoves the key into the lock and slams the door shut behind her.

She lets out a sigh. "God... I can't do this... but I have to..." She moans before grabbing her dress out of her moms closet and quickly changing into it.

As she is about to leave, she slips on a pair of black stilettos. She looks in the mirror and examines her black dress with blue lace. She messes with the end of the dress before walking down the stairs as slowly as humanly possible.

Once at the bottom step, Justin releases a shaky breath. He takes her hand, against Chandni's will, and pulls her towards his car.

Once inside the Camaro, Chandni glares at him. "Some ground rules. Touch me inappropriately, you die. Tell me what to do, you'll die. Do anything to make me mad, you'll die."

"Alright, alright. I get it. Now buckle up so we can go. I gotta pick up Liza and Colin. Colin's car isn't working and still nobody has found Liza's convertible."

Chandni rolls her eyes and buckles up. Justin pulls out of the parking lot and speeds down the road, heading towards Colin's house that is in the middle of nowhere.

Oh Believe me, I do

As Cas adjusts his dark blue suit, his eyes fall on the picture beside his bed. A picture of an old friend of his, Lauren. He sighs and sets it down on his dresser, picture-side down. He did not need reminders of the past, not now.

He takes another look in the window before messing with his hair a little. Prom was always fun, you've got your basic jocks, your advanced jocks, your nerds, and then the rachet Emma.

At the thought of what category everyone fell under, a knock resignates through the house. He gives a final adjust before clarifying he looks perfect. He hurries to the door and opens it to find Zachary and Lexi there, two of his fellow loners.

"I brought Lexi," Zach says with a smile. "But then she made me leave my car there because apparently two weeks ago she got a brand new convertible or something. Although..." He looks back out the window. "It does look a lot like Liza's... She lost hers two weeks ago too..."

"Zachary!" Lexi snaps but it was too late. Brendan, the child of the town's sheriff, arrived on his bike. "Wait, what? Oh my gosh, Lexi!"

I roll my eyes. "Guys, get in my car. In the morning, we'll fix this entire issue." He pauses and looks at Lexi. "If I get caught with her car, I will rat you out."

"Fine. But really, she shouldn't of left Justin with the keys. Chandni stole them and gave them to me and then my friend who is really really good at stealing things had her car and I didn't know. I just found out a couple days ago. I'm sorry!" The sad look in Lexi's eyes proved that she really was.

"Okay, okay. Let's just get to Prom," Brendan cut in. He takes Lexi's hand and drags her two Cas's silver Ford F-150.

"Are you sure everyone will fit in this, Cas?" Zach shot over his shoulder, eyeing Cas.

"Positive. I think." He eyes the truck. It had a front seat and then the trunk. "Who wants to sit in the back?"

No one replies and Cas crosses his arms over his chest. "I'm not sitting in the back. I'm driving. The front will hold one other person." He looks at them through narrowed eyes. "Lexi's up front, Zach and Brendan are in the back, end of discussion."

No one says anything and Cas smiles. He gets into the truck while Lexi gets in with him. The two guys sit in the back and they are flying down the street to Prom.

"Um... hey guys? Can we pull over? I have to powder my nose." Lexi looks at Cas expactantly and rolls his eyes.

"No. Either you wait or powder your nose in the mirror."

"Obviously you don't know girl talk," she says with narrowed eyes.

Cas laughs, giving her a smirk. "Oh believe me. I do."

Did You Just Say No?

Eli knockS on Maxine's door once more. "Maxine, come on!" He groans as he is once more met with silence. "Maxine, if you don't open this door now, I will kick it down!"

As he hopes, the second-story window above him opens. "I'm not going, so either you go home or go to Prom alone!"

"What... Did you just say no? To me? Your boyfriend?" He starts to feel the pain of her rejection.

"Yes. Now go!" She points to his truck. "If I do decide to go, you'll be the first to know. Now go."

"But I-" he starts but her window slams shut. He grumbles as he throws the flowers down at the ground.

"Why me?" Eli sighs and heads back to his Light Blue Buggy. Well, his mother's buggy that he borrowed.

As he gets in the car, his phone rings. He looks at it hopefully before seeing that it was only Bekah. He sighs and answers it.


"Eli, get over to my house. Tara and I need a ride and like, Liza doesn't have her car and she is at Colin's and Justin can't pick us up." There is a short pause before she continues. "So can you give us a ride?"

"Whatever," he grumbles.

"Great! See you then!" She hangs up then and Eli turns on the car.

"Isn't my life just fun?" He groans as Maxine's window opens again and she glowers at him.

"Get away, Eli!" Her screams penetrate his closed windows. He rolls his eyes and drives away as she disappears back into her house.

He taps his fingers to the beat of the drum of a song. "I walk to the sound vof my own drums,"he hums softly before giving one last glance at Maxine's house.

He shakes his head before zooming down the street to pick up Tara and Bekah.

No Homo, Bro

Erlend looks at the shirt Blake sent him. The white shirt had red letters written in all caps that read, "NO HOMO." It was a nice touch, admittingly.hi

He puts on his jacket over the no homo shirt. He looked in the mirror and smiled. He looks sexy.

Just as he starts to wonder where Blake is, the doorbell rings. He walks to the door and pulls it open to find Blake standing with his no homo shirt on, partially covered by his jacket.

"Hey bro, ready to get your party on?" Blake asks as he looks around Erlend's living room.

"Yeah. Just tell me. Do I look hot or what?" A smirk plays onto Erlend's features.

"No homo, bro, you know this!" An exasperated look crosses Blake's face, making Erlend laugh.

"Get in your car, Blake. We should get to Prom." Erlend starts to walk towards Blake's car when he remembers something.

"Hey, did you see Lexi's new car? It almost looks like Liza's. Yeah, I gave it to her. Some idiot left the car sitting in the school parking lot with the key's in the ignition. Ha, the idiot."

Blake starts to laugh. "Erlend, Justin drove Liza's car and left the key's in the ignition. It was Liza's car."

"Oh crap... Oh well. Onward, to the school!"

Blake rolls his eyes as Erlend watches him give another quick look at himself in the mirror before getting in the car. Erlend jumps into the passenger seat and looks around.

"Are we picking up anyone else?"

"Yeah, Joan and Alice. Now shut up and let me drive."

The car pulls out of the driveway and zooms towards Alice's house.

It's Just A Dream

As Liza and Colin finish working out the final bugs to his car, she pulls out her phone, calling Justin.

"Yes Liza?" Justin says into the phone as she smiles at Colin.

"Hey, we got his car fixed. You don't have to pick us up. So go pick up Kaeghan and Toast instead."

"What? But... I'm almost at his house..." There is a long pause before he continues. "Is this so you two can-"

"No!" Liza nearly shouts. "Listen, I promise that it will remain PG-13, I hope."

"Hope? Oh no..." He groans into the receiver. "I am coming to pick you up."

"Justin, I'll be fine. Go to Prom and I'll be there when I can get there."

"Fine." He then hangs up on her. She sets her phone down and looks at Colin who's been eying her this entire time. His arms wrap around her and he smiles.

"So, what now? Because I-"

"Before you say it, no." Liza gives him a quick kiss on the lips. "Justin will kill us if something happens."

"Maybe I don't care anymore." His lips brush against hers and something starts to nag at her.

"You've changed. Your not the same Colin I went to Formal with. What happened?"

"I don't want to lose you again," he says after a minute of silence.

"Again, you've never lost me-"

"In my dreams I keep seeing things. Your parents killed us and pinned us against one another with new memories. Every time I kill you and then kill myself. Sometimes it just feels so... real." His haunted eyes meet her now fearful ones. She was having the exact same dreams. "Since then I've wanted to keep you close, keep you mine."

She remains silent from her fear. Finally, she manages to say, "It's just a dream."

"You've had them, too, haven't you?" His questioning eyes meet hers. Her bottom lip starts to quiver as she holds back unshed tears.

"Yes," she chokes out as she looks away. She pushed him away from herself and starts to head back into the house, only to find Colin's arms around her protectively.

"I won't let anyone hurt you." She looks back at him to find his eyes looking at her with softness she rarely saw in anyone, let alone him.

Slowly, his lips found hers again, in a soft and gentle kiss. As the two finally come to their senses, they go their separate ways to get ready for the Prom.

As Liza closes the door, she finally let's herself cry. She stops, knowing she has to be strong. She changes into her ballgown-like dress and heels. She quickly puts her hair up in an elaborate bun and comes back out to see Colin dressed like... get ready for this... Slim Shady.

"Oh hell no," Liza says, trying to not laugh.

"Sorry, already happening." He grabs her hand and pulls her out to the car. The two get in and Colin smirks at her.

"You know what? I'm in no hurry to get to Prom. You?" The devious look in his eyes makes Liza laugh.

"If it were up to me, I wouldn't even be going." The devious smile now catches her face as he leans closer.

"Who's going to miss us anyway. We'll only be late by a few minutes."

"You are on devious child." Her lips find his again. And the rest of that is history.

Say Le Paris!

Emma watches as Claudia pulls into the parking lot of the school. Jinx and Anima jump out of the back and run to the closed doors. A confused look crosses Emma's face.

"That's weird. We're 15 minutes late, the door should be open."

Claudia laughs as she looks at her phone. "Lizano's livid. She won't start without Liza and Liza just texted that she and Colin got 'held up' because of personal issues." Claudia put air-quotes around "held back", making Emma laugh. "So now we can't go in until they show up."

"Well, screw them, I'm staying inside where there is air conditioning." Emma crosses her arms over her chest as Claudia turns the car off.

"Sorry but that will kill my car battery. Now out."

"Pushy," Emma mutters as she gets out of the car. She grumbles as she gets enveloped into the crowd of laughing, bubbly teenagers.

As everyone slowly grows impatient, Emma sees the black Ford Fusion pull into the parking lot. As Liza gets out, her hair is up in an extravagant bun and her dark blue dress falls around her perfectly. Then Colin gets out and everyone laughs a little. Ah, Slim Shady.

As they start to get closer, Justin storms forward, looking livid with Liza. The two get into a small argument over what kept her so long when the doors finally open. Everyone rushes into the gymnasium and Emma stops in the doorway, staring in amazement.

The gym was designed to look like Paris. She walks by a scale-model of the Eiffel Tower and touches it. She turns around to see Claudia who smiles at her.

"Want to get our picture taken by the Arc De Triumph?"

"Sure." The two walk towards the Arc when Emma sees the two siblings in another argument again. She watches as Lizano walks over to talk to her daughter. Justin storms away and Lizano leads her daughter away so the two can talk alone.

"Next!" Calls the man taking pictures. Claudia drags Emma over to where they stand just under the arc.

"Say Le Paris," he says unenthusiastically.

"Le Paris!" The two said in unison. He snaps their picture and they walk away to dance the night away.

Remember, Joan

Joan leans closer to Alice when he hears the screams of Liza. He grumbles before watching as a crowd forms around Lizano and her daughter.

"If you understood love, you wouldn't care!" Liza shouts at her mother.

"You will not use that word around me! You don't know the power it holds, the promises it holds!" Lizano snaps back.

Alice grabs Joan's hand, pulling him towards the arguing mother and child.

"Then say it. You've never said love and I know why, because it burns deep down. You can't love anything, can you? You are a horrible person!" Liza flails her arms around as she tries to make her point.

"Listen to your mother, Liza," Justino says as he pushes through the crowd. Joan stumbles as Justino pushes him and he sticks his leg out, tripping the Vice Principal.

A round of laughter surfaces as Lizano glares at Joan.

"Detention, Monday morning." Joan rolls his eyes and watches Lizano and Liza argue more.

"You are not my mother." Liza then turns to her father. "And you took her side over mine. Obviously you don't care. You aren't my father either." Liza then storms away.

The crowd starts to leave. However, Joan keeps his eyes on Liza. As she pushes against the door, he notes that it doesn't budge once. Confusion settles across her face as she pushes again. Joan starts to move when Liza turns back around.

"Open the doors, Lizano," she shouts through gritted teeth.

Lizano narrows her eyes. "I guess now is as good of time as any. Sit down."

Nobody moves, staring at the Principal. Her anger stirs visions in his head... No... they're memories.

They show of her angry face as she killed us all. She played us against each other before. Now here they were again... going to death.

"She's going to kill us!" Joan shouts as he points at her. Several kids scream.

"I said sit down!"

Her tone scares the children. They all sit. Joan makes it his job to be the last to sit.

"Liza, come up here." When the girl doesn't move, Lizano growls. "Now."

As Liza slowly stands up, so does Justin and Joan.

"She is none of your business. She is just a child," Joan shouts. He starts to march up to the stage when Justino pulls a gun from his pocket.

"JOAN!p" The screams of Alice makes him turn for a split second. She is running up to the stage when a lone voice in his head says two.simple words.

"Remember, Joan."

The gun goes off and a split second later, Joan slumps against the ground, a bullet wound in his head.

A Lone Sacrifice

Toast screams as Joan's blood runs in streams across the dance floor. Her screams violently turn into sobs as Kaeghan pulls her close.

"Stop this now!" screams a feminine voice. Toast looks up to see Liza march towards her mother. "You are sick and twisted."

Lizano laughs and Justino marches straight towards Toast. He yanks her up by her hair, making Toast start screaming and kicking.

"Thank you, dear. I presume you've been reading... daughter of hell." Lizano straightens up and smiles down at the frozen face of Toast. "Pick. Either the life of Toast or you kill me."

"Liza, pick her. You aren't the child of the devil, you are an angel in every way, shape and form. You aren't the evil one and you know what needs to be done. You know that this cycle will start again with my death. Liza, please."

"I'm your mother." Lizano waves a hand and a knife is pressed to Toast's neck. "I know what you are and so do you. You'll bring death to them all." She hands a knife to her daughter. "You are darkness, the spawn of darkness. You were created to be the death of everyone here. You only know death."

"Liza, don't listen!" Zach screams at her from the back. A loud bang echoes through the dance hall as a buff man drags Zach's body next to Joan. The trail of blood makes Toast cry out.

Silent tears stream down Liza's face as a shout comes from the back, from a too familiar strong voice.

"Put me in instead of Toast!" Kaeghan...

Toast starts to shake her head in deep protest when suddenly Justino shoves her to the side, marching for Kaeghan.

"No! Stop!" She looks at Liza. "You are strong. Love, Liza. Love. We may all die but love will save everybody. End it now! Kill her!"

"I am the bringer of darkness." Liza's soft voice echoes around. "I choose neither, yet choose everyone, too." Before anyone can say anything, she shoves the knife into her chest.

Her body sinks to the floor. Justin runs forward and all hell breaks loose.

Toast looks around in a panic to find Justino in the back with a match. He lights it and his eyes find Toast's. He smiles miserably before throwing the match at a table and escaping through a back door.

The rain from above starts to burn at Toast's skin. She screams as she sinks to her knees, feeling the mixture burn everywhere. She looks up for one final time to see others dying, melting.


Prom's Aftermath

Screaming Dead

Jinx wakes up, screaming. She backs into the far corner of the white room as the door slams open.

In come four beef body guards. After them comes Lizano, who sits down at the porcelain white table in the middle of the room.

"Sit down, Jinx. You'll want some answers and I'll gladly give them to you." Lizano motions to the seat across from herself. "My name is Mrs. Rainfire. You can call me Lizano."

Jinx gets to her feet slowly. The name Lizano sounded so familiar to her... where has she heard it before?

A guard grabs Jinx and forces her into the chair, making her squeal.

"You may know my name, Jinx. You know my children, Liza and Justin." She pulls out a photo of both of them. "You and Liza used to be as thick as thieves until her relationship got in the way. She turned on you. As for Justin... he never was one of your favorite people."

She puts the pictures back away and something in Jinx's head is arguing with Lizano. It is yelling at Jinx to not believe her. But what can Jinx do? She has no memories and this all just feels so... real.

She pulls out another picture of a girl with long, black hair. "This is Anima. A couple days ago, you two went to Prom together. However, you two started to scream and fight and she knocked you out. From then on, you've been a patient here. You just woke up and finally we can start.your recovery."

Jinx nods slowly. The voice in her head continues it's rampage. She slowly forces it back into her subconscious.

"Now..." Lizano pauses and puts the photo back in the folder. "In here, you'll find stories on everyone at the school and a photo to go along with them. You can go through them at your own pace. You'll have a week to let this sink in."

She stands up and smiles at Jinx. "I must go. I have another patient asking for me. You might know the name."

"Who is it?"

"Zachary Cashmere."

A memory flashes in Jinx's head. It was Prom. Jinx was sitting next to Zach when he stood up, shouting. A bullet wound showed up in his shoulder, then his head. His blood splattered onto her dress...

"He's dead," Jinx gasps through the tears burning at her eyes.

"No... no. He is recovering from a bullet wound." Fear crosses Lizano's eyes for a split second.

"To the head?"

"How do you know?" Lizano's hand was now hovering over Jinx. "He was shot in the shoulder only. He has healed." Lizano turns sharply, heading out the door.

Pausing in the doorway, Lizano's blazing eyes meet Jinx's scared ones. "Go through the folder. And don't ask questions."

She then left, leaving Jinx sitting across from the folder. The voice returned to her head, screaming that she not read it.

Slowly, Jinx reaches for the folder. The voice screams louder and louder until something causes her to black out.

Haunted Thoughts

Brendan wakes up as the screams of broken people echo around. He looks around, desperate to find someone, one familiar face. Just one.

"Hello?" Brendan calls out. The hanging lamp in the center of the room swings lazily. "Is there someone listening? Hello?"

The door creeks open and a head pops in through the crack. His disheveled brown hair falls around him. He pushes the door further open so he can come inside. He closes it and walks to the table, sitting down in a chair.

"Good morning, Brendan. Sorry about the wake-up call. One of the patients got out and tried to kill herself." He pauses before muttering how he shouldn't of revealed that.

Brendan watches him through weary eyes. "Hi..."

"I'm Justino Rainfire. You can call me Justino. I'm here to help you." Justino sets a cream folder down on the table, digging around until he pulls out three pictures. He sets them face-down in front of Brendan. "Pick which one you want to start with."

Brendan looks at the upside down photos. He points to the one in the middle and Justino flips it. A boy with brown hair smiles up at him. The boy is sitting in front of a picture of a salmon.

"Ah, young Eli. You two used to be best friends. Then there was the fight over some girl, Lexi. In the end, you both fell short and now you blame each other."

Brendan nods slowly. His mind comes up blank when he tries to think of some different alternative to this event. It all seems to fit...

"Since I have brought her up, we'll do her next." Justino flips over the picture on the right, showing a pretty girl with blond hair, parted to the right.

"Lexi..." For some reason, the mention of her name makes Brendan think of a dark blue convertible car.

"Yes, she is the reason you have no friends. Now she bullies you whenever she can." Justino pauses and a pained expression comes into his eyes. "She used to be with you but started to abuse you. You ran. She claimed she was better and that is when you and Eli got into a fight over her."

Brendan tries not to cry out. It all seems so real, so right...

"And finally..." Justino flips the final picture. A girl with brown hair parted to the left smiles. "Rebekah. She used to be a good friend of yours. You two were often hanging out. Then after the Lexi issue, Lexi turned her against you. At first, Bekah didn't listen. But then she did, and now she is your enemy."

Justino sighs, standing up. "There is more in the folder. I must go. I have to see to... Erlend Pumpkin."

"What kind of last name is Pumpkin?" Brendan questions.

"Speak for yourself, Brendan Brendans. Now, enjoy reading."

"You too..." Justino leaves and the folder taunts Brendan with its knowledge. He reaches for it and touches the smooth folder. He pulls it closer and flips it open. He looks at the first page titled, "Haunted Thoughts". As he reads, he finds out about what everyone thought of him and he tries not to scream in outrage.

He fails.

The Awakened Dead

Zach sits up in a bed. The throbbing pain of his head overshadows any pain he felt before. Then again, what pain has he endured before?

He looks around the porcelain white room. In the center is a table with two chairs. A lamp swings lazily above the table.

Zach looks at the walls and notices that one is slightly off in color. He stands up and walks to the wall. He touches it and he recognizes the feel.


He is being watched. She quickly sits down in one of the chairs, playing it off as if the wall was normal. The single door opens and a female walks in. The name bounces around in his head.


A deep distrust surfaces from deep within. He knows that she will lie to him, but he had to play along.

"I'm Lizano Rainfire, Zachary. Tell me, how's your shoulder?" Lizano asks, putting on a sincere voice. He saw right through it, though.

"Just fine," he says.

"Good. Now, when you got that wound, you lost your memory. Does any of this sound familiar?"

A voice screams at him that it doesn't. Somewhere inside of him conjures a memory of that night. He stood up, shouting and defending a girl. He then got shot in the shoulder, then in the head.

He was dead. The awakened dead.

"Yes," he lies.

"Good," Lizano says with a smile. "Now, I'm going to show you three faces, just to begin with. I'll tell you about them and then you can continue your research from there."

As she says this, she pulls out a folder. She opens it and pulls out thee photos. The first was of a girl with dark blonde hair that falls well past the photo's end.


"This is Liza Rainfire. You two used to be best friends until she allowed herself to think she wad better than you. She allowed for relationships and social status to get between the two of you." Lizano pauses, waiting for a reaction.

Zach keeps a poker face as he tells himself that she is lying. He remembers that he stood up to her the night of his death. He remembers that they are still friends.

"Next we have Eli." She slides the photo over to him. "He picks on you for sexuality and all that. You two used to be friends, but now he despises you and your existence."

Zach forces a nod, knowing she is still lying. He remembers Eli, too. He knew that though at first they weren't friends, they were a week ago.

"Finally we have Joan." She slides the picture over and Zach examines his face. Dark brown hair, tan-ish skin. Dark eyes. "Joan has always been down your throat. You two have constantly argued over things. Even when you were little."

Zach remains silent. She was lying, but why?

"Well, I must go. I hope you will thank me later. Enjoy reading." She left then. Zach picks up the folder and pretends to read it. 

The Games

The Bloodbath

The tributes rise into the arena. They are sitting in the mouth of an active volcano that looks like it will erupt at any second. They all stand on stones, evenly placed around the golden Cornucopia.

The Cornucopia is sitting atop an island, located in the center of the volcano. Several conveniently placed stones lead to the Cornucopia. The only way across is to jump and hope for the best.

Outside the volcano is the snowy grounds that is the rest of the arena.

The timer starts to click by, telling the tributes that they only have 30 seconds. Several shift with unease while the rest smile with pride.

In the Cornucopia, a bag of apples teeters on the edge of a box. Slowly it weighs down before dropping. It tumbles over the edge of the island and dives into the lava.

Now with only 15 seconds left, the tributes are starting to gain confidence. They weren't about to allow these people that they supposedly hate ruin them. Life just doesn't happen that way, right?

10 seconds remain and everyone is full of anticipation. This is the end for all but one tribute.

5 seconds. 4... 3... 2... 1...


The tributes run towards the Cornucopia, jumping from stone to stone. The first to arrive is Chandni, who grabs a sword for kicks. Next to arrive is Liza who grabs a bow and arrow. She looks at Chandni and the two quickly for an alliance, a promise to not kill each other as long as they killed who they wanted.

Justin runs head-first at Chandni who side-steps. Several tributes now crowd the small Cornucopia island, trying to get weapons.

Erlend grabs a weapon and dives after Emma. She side-steps and Erlend goes flying off the edge, announcing the first death.

Joan grabs a small pack with food and looks around. He contemplates getting a weapon when Alice shows up. He decides against this and quickly bolts for it, jumping on several stones until he reaches the side of the volcano. He looks back to see Alice coming after him. He scales the wall and jumps down the side of the volcano, rolling all the way down to the bottom. He takes off.

Jinx and Bekah are having a sword duel near the inside of the Cornucopia. Blake interrupts their fight and starts to duel the sisters. He lunges at Bekah who barely misses the blow. Jinx lunges at him and he points the sword at her. It nearly impales her when Bekah slaps the sword out of his hand. Jinx tackles Blake. Blake is about to get stabbed when an arrow flies into Jinx's head. He gets the girl's body off of himself and looks around for the person who saves him.

Zach sits on his tribute platform, going unnoticed by everyone else. However, a very feminine scream awakens him. He looks over to see Liza being pinned by a much bigger form. He stands up and bolts past several struggling kids as they try not to fall into the lava. Zach is near the Cornucopia, almost to Liza and Colin...

A boy comes after him, lanky and tosseled brown hair and all. Eli swings an axe at Zach, aiming to hurt him. That's when Maxine, who was put in for kicks, attacks Eli. Eli kicks her into the lava, muttering to himself. He then smiles deviously at Zach who casts a quick glance at Liza.

Liza looks at Chandni who is in fight with Justin. She sighs and tries to push Colin off of herself, but he doesn't budge. "Move it, you Dumbo." Colin just keeps her pinned to the floor.

Tara watches the fight, unsure what to do. Sure, she hated most these people and they hated her... but it didn't feel... right. She looks around and sees Blake looking around. A dumbfounded look settles his face, looking for someone. His eyes meet Tara's and they form an alliance. Tara stands up and searches for a weapon. She grabs a long knife and its twin. She looks around before jumping after Kaeghan. The two lock in battle before Tara finally sinks the knife into his stomach. He looks at her shocked before falling down. She grabs her knife and pushes him into the lava.

Cas meets with Alice and the two form an alliance. They grab as many supplies as possible before heading down the volcano and following Joan's footprints in the snow.

Chandni lunges forward at Justin who barely dodges, getting a cut along his arm. He screams and grabs a pack, running out of the volcano and to the snowy forestry that surrounds the highly active volcano.

Anima dives further back into the Cornucopia where all the good weapons and packs are stored. She grabs a katana and straps it around her back. She looks around and grabs the best pack, making a run for it. Just when she is almost out of the volcano, she is confronted by none other than Brendan and Lexi. Lexi makes the first move and Anima barely ducks. However, in the process, she nearly tumbles off her stone. She glares at Lexi and grabs her katana. She swings it and it hits Lexi. It drives across the girl's chest, leaving a huge gash. Lexi looks at Anima as if in shock before she tumbles into the lava, sealing her own fate.

Zach looks at Eli, putting his hands up. He was left weaponless and this boy had both a sword and a kukri. "Eli, I mean no harm. Please... Just let me go and I'll walk away and be gone from your life. I promise."

"You're one son of a gun, you jack off," Eli mutters coldly. He lunges at Zach and Zach jumps back onto a different stone. Eli stumbles, giving Zach the time to jump onto a different path of stones and head towards the Cornucopia. Zach grabs a sword and looks around for Liza. He finds he struggling to get away from Colin and lunges forward to help aid her. He manages to tackle Colin and give Liza the opportunity to escape. She does so and is joined by Chandni. They are about to attack Colin when the volcano starts to bubble in anticipation.

Everyone turns into a panic and looks around, confused. They all rush to the Cornucopia and pile all they can into packs and make a run for it.

As the Bloodbath comes to an end, only three remain. Rebekah, Blake and Tara. Tara and Rebekah stare at each other in hate but agree on their mutual alliance. They grab what was left of the supplies, plus their own, and make a run for it.

Well, try to.

Blake laughs and shoves Tara into the lava, who scream in agonizing pain as the lava quickly devours her. Rebekah gasps, staring at Blake. "She was in our alliance and you killed her!"

"She was expendable." He then grabs Bekah and runs away from the now active volcano. In a few days, it would surely burst. As for now, we lay in wait...

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 6 dead, several to go. Everyone struggles in their anticipation, awaiting the chance to kill, but also in fear as the volcano will blow any day now...

Day One; Awaiting Death


Several Months Later...

Everyone awakens, confusion in their eyes. They were back on top of the volcano, but two were missing. Liza and Justin. They start to look around, several people pushing and shoving. Anima stumbles into the lava and starts to scream in agonizing pain as the lava slowly eats away at her skin until she sinks below the surface, a final air bubble coming to pop, her fate sealed.

Everyone quickly becomes more gentle before noticing the two siblings running their way with objects in their hands. Liza throws a small triangular-prism that unfolds on the ground, elevated. She presses a button and it pops to the ground, dragging five with it. Justin throws a small orb and they are lit on fire.

Several kids start to push and scream. In the process, young Rebekah is pushed by Blake in his desparate attempt to run, but something keeps them on the island. Rebekah falls into lava and dies right next to where Anima died.

The group of five finally manage to get up but through their blind stumble, fall in.

"This is slow... I say we speed this up." Justin grabs a small sac from his bag, dropping it into the lava. The two siblings run out of the volcano and make it to the ground just as the lava starts to bubble, burning several kids in the process. It then starts to flow onto the Cornucopia Island, burning several kids to a crisp. Several cannons sound as the siblings run closer and closer to the force field. The kids are all finally dead and the trumpets blast.

"Congratulations to Liza and Justin Star, the winners of the Prom games. You are to be brought back home, now."

Suddenly, they collapse to the ground.

A Year Later

As Justin walks across the stage, he is handed his diploma. His sister made a lovely speech for their graduation and she was to walk up next. Justin shakes the hands of the Principal and Super Star Sylvester Calzone, who showed up for kicks, and all those supervisers for the principal.

Liza's name is called and she walks across stage, earning huge applause. A haunted look still remains in her eyes, but to this day, neither kid knows why. That is until a mysterious stranger approached them after the ceremony.

Liza watches as the stranger approaches her and her brother, Justin, as they stand talking to a group of friends, freshly out of the graduation gowns. The stranger approaches the group and plays it off like a family friend.

"Liza, Justin, I have a gift for you two." He motions for us to follow and Liza stares at her friends and brother for a moment before following, Justin's hand on his shoulder. Her feet stumble as she follows this stranger. Once at a safe distance, he turns to the both of them, a file in hand.

He gives it to Liza. "Do not read this file until you are far from your parents. It details the past two years of your life, why you have gaps, why you think of people who aren't real." He turns to walk away before turning back around, a smile on his face. "Oh, and Liza, remember that she will be loved."

Something triggers in the girl and she slaps the man who only laughs, rubbing his face. "You hit hard." He then left the two siblings as they stare at the file, before looking back at each other and repeating.

"You know where to go?" she asked. Justin nods and the two siblings run to Liza's blue convertible and climb in, driving to a local restaurant to read the files.

Little did they know that this would start something much, much bigger.

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