Welcome all, welcome! This is the fantabulous Lizano here and I come with a message for you. Both Justin/Justino/Pheonix and I have both decided to throw a Winter Formal for your enjoyment!

What... You think we are playing you? Again? Can't get away with nothing anymore...

Well we aren't! So come and join the Winter Formal, children dears!

General admission is $12, anyone from a different chat not allowed unless you have a note allowing you to come. No one over the age of 18 is allowed to come unless you are a chaperon or a plotter have a note saying you can be here.

The Rules

Well, as you see, this is a Winter Formal and myself, Principal Lizano, and my Vice President, Justino, both expect the highly most appropriate outfits for the dance. Any bad behavior of sorts will result in punishments... Maybe. Just follow the template and we should be good.

Also, if you have been blocked or banned within a one month period of today, you must have a note saying it's alright to come.

The Template





The People Attending

Date 1 Date 2
Joan Szymon
Oli Mia
Liza Colin
Justin Crtha
Claudia Emma
Annie Wes
Anna Kekai
Kaeghan Billie
Jade Cass
Blake Mist
Jinx Erlend
Jay Summer
Rebekah Nick
Sam Toast
Panda Honey Queen
Will Alice

The Formal

Pre Formal; Third Person

A lady walks through the dark hallways. However, when she passes by a light, it seemingly flickers on to flicker off as she walks by.

She pushes open the double doors to the gymnasium and walks in. The lights flicker on and the entire room brightens. The room is decorated in white and blue, made to look like a Winter Wonderland. She walks to the janitor room and pulls a key from her pocket. She unlocks the door and disappears inside. She appears within a few second, a ladder in her hands.

She climbs up and starts to mess with the first of the sprinkler systems on the roof. She unattaches the clear tube and replaces it with a black tube, recently just placed in. She does this to each of the sprinklers until not one remains untouched.

She walks back to the room, shoving the ladder back into where it was previously. As she locks the door, a voice interrupts her.

"Um... Excuse me. Mrs. Lizano, what are you doing?" asks the voice in confusion. She turns around, a smile on her face as she is face to face with a janitor who cleans the school.

"Walk with me and I'll explain it to you," she says, an evil smile sitting on her face. She walks with him outside of the school. Suddenly, as if by magic, his screams echo around the school until they are violently cut off.

The Principal stands up straight, fixing her hair. "Now, I have a dance to attend with my Vice Principal. I must dearly get ready," she replies. She walks away then, her hair falling out of its previous bun. She gives a small, malicious laugh as she walks away, out of sight.

Pre Formal; Liza

I rush around my house, my now curly hair bouncing around my shoulders. "WHERE THE HECK IS MY FUDGING RIBBON TO TIE AROUND MY TORSO AND MY ELBOW-LENGTH GLOVES?!" I shout in annoyance. I suddenly stop and look at the audience. "I'm monitoring my language because Jade and Emma said I should watch it before I get in trouble." The audience gives a nod and I go back to my mid-teenage crisis..

In no time, I find the ribbon but still not the darn gloves. "UGH! YOU DARN GLOVES!" I scream. Suddenly, there is a knock at my door. "THE DOOR IS UNLOCKED! IN THE MEANWHILE, HELP ME FIND MY DARNED GLOVES!"

I hear as the door closes and footsteps approach. In the doorway stands Colin, my date to the Formal. "Liza darling, you left your gloves at my house when you were showing off your dress." He tosses the gloves over to me and I catch them.

"THANK YOU!" I shout and I hug him. Suddenly, I step 20 paces back and look at what he is wearing. "God darn it, you are wearing a dress!" I shout.

"It's a toga. It's manly. Just like a kilt," he replies.

I roll my eyes as I put on my gloves. "It's a dress. And apparently, it looks like no one in this relationship wears the pants for the time being," I say, shaking out my hair.

"But isn't it better that way?" he asks with a smile.

"IF YOU GET KINKY I WILL GET IN TROUBLE SO STOP IT!" I shout. I then sigh. "Come on, lets go to the car." I grab my purse and sling it over my shoulder as we walk out of the house. However, a thought comes to mind.

"Are you wearing underwear under that toga?" I ask, taking a step back.

"And if I weren't?" he asks playfully.

"I will kick you where the sun doesn't shine. Are you wearing underwear?" I ask, eyes narrowed.

"FINE! Yes, I am," he replies.

"You better be," I say. I walk into the open car door and sit down. He closes the door and goes to the driver's side. He climbs in and starts the car. We then head off to the dance.


Pre Formal; Joan

I wait for Szymon, tapping my foot. He is running around frantic, looking for his special outfit with only a towel wrapped around his waist. "CAN YA HURRY IT UP?!" I finally shout. "CHECK THE DAUMN DRYER!"

Szymon then runs into the laundry room. I suddenly hear him scream in happiness and his door slams shut. In a few moments, he comes back out, wearing his red boxers.

"It's cold out there, is that all you're wearing?" I ask, staring at him.

"Yup. TO THE FORMAL!" he souted.

I smile and roll my eyes. He was crazy, but he was my crazy person. And mine alone.

I grab my keys hanging from the wall and start to head off. I open the door and watch as the snow falls gently to the ground. Szymon steps out and screams. "HOLY SHIZNUTS, THAT SHIZ IS COLD!" he shouts.


He frantically runs towards the door and tries to pull it open. "IT. WON'T. OPEN!" he screams.

I facepalm as I hit the button to unlock the doors. He pulls open the door and locks himself inside. I walk to the drivers side of the car and get in, starting the car.

"Wussy," I say as I start the car. It purrs into a start and I drive along the road, heading towards the high school.

This was his idea any way, Szymon's. Why is he screaming at me its cold? He knew it would snow, god darn it.

I shake my head and focus on getting us both to the dance in one piece.

Pre-Formal; Justin

I sigh, leaning against Crtha's front door. I continue to ring her doorbell but she won't answer. I slam my fist against her door multiple times. "CRTHA, OPEN UP!" I shout. 

I look behind myself to see Jay and Summer in my car. They all asked for a ride and I sighed, giving in. I look back at the door, hearing it open.

She is wearing the Katniss 75th Chariot outfit and she facepalms. "Damn, we are matching but we didn't even plan this," she mutters.

I laugh and put my arm around her shoulders. "We have a date, remember?"

"Yes Justin, I remember that you bet me and I lost the bet and I had to go with the dance with you," she replies.

"Oi, shhhh," I whisper. "Any way, to the car! We got front seat," I reply. We both walk to the car. She gets into the passanger seat and i get in the driver seat.

I start the car and look in the mirror to see Summer and Jay snuggling. "OI! Both of you move over a little, I need to see behind the car. This thing known as DRIVING AND ALL!" I snap.

The two split away but kept holding hands. I nod. "Alright, now, we are going straight to the formal. From there, you two can go off wherever and we will go wherever. Understood?" I ask.

Summer gives a smile and salutes like a solider. "YES SIR!"

I roll my eyes and start the car. Man is this going to be a long drive.

Pre-Formal; Kekai

I purchase the tickets for both myself and Anna. Anna kept protesting, saying how she should buy her own ticket and I bought it any way.

We all wait outside the big double doors of the gym. I look at my watch impatiently. I have people I wanna talk to, hello!

I sigh, seeing we have one minute 'till the doors open. That's so long. I pout and then sigh once more. Suddenly, the tall and slim figure of our principal, Principal Lizano, shows up, followed by Vice Principal Justino. Lizano smiles to us students.

"Hello, hello. Later on we will announce Formal King, Queen, Prince and Princess. However, before then you can relax, drink some punch and enjoy yourself," she says with a warm smile. Man, who couldn't love Lizano? She was one of the best Principal's in the world!

She opens the doors and steps inside and off to the side with Justino. We all pile in and stare in amazement at the gymnasium. The blue and white snowflakes that actually shimmer start to make me feel like I'm walking in a cartoon, but it's so beautiful...

There, in the middle, the dance floor. It looks like an ice rink. And there are snow banks all around. And do I see an ice sculpture? Oh, this is going to be fun...

I suddenly turn towards Anna. "Would you like a drink, ma'dear?" I ask her in my most sincere voice. She smiles and nods.

"Sure," she replies with a smile. I smile and leave towards the Punch Bowl. Today was going to be fun.

Formal; Wes

I stand with Annie. Neither of us really talk. She sips from her punch that I got her earlier tonight. Suddenly, we are joined by Emma and Claudia. Emma because she needs to talk to me about her Presidential campaign and Claudia as that was her date.

"So, Wes, you are helping me put flyers all around the school, right?" she asks me, a smile sitting on her lips. I sigh and nod.

"When do we start?" I ask, trying to hide my disappointment.

"Right now, lets go," she says. She takes me by the hand and races me out into the hallways, handing me a stack of flyers. Together, we start putting them up and in 30 minutes, we are done.

"Phew, hard work," Emma says. She suddenly smiles. "BACK TO THE DANCE!"

"But I want to admire the beauty of-" I start but she screams.

"WES! THEY ARE PLAYING A SLOW SONG SO GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THERE!" she screams. She pushes me back inside and I find myself awkwardly standing there with Annie once more. I sigh.

I see her punch cup empty. I take it from her hands. "I'm going to get you a refill," I say, trying to be a gentlemen. She gives a weak smile as I walk away.

I get to the punch bowl as Liza and Colin come crashing in front of me, laughing as they both collapse on the floor.

"Damn your two left feet," she murmurs softly and Colin rolls his eyes.

"I believe that was your mistake," he says. That gets an eye roll out of her.

"Get a room," I say sarcastically which quickly gets their attention. They stand up and in doing so, smash into Jinx and Erlend. "Dammit, running into everyone tonight."

I just so manage to slide past the two couples now getting into a small argument over who would take the blame for the incident and make it to the punch bowl. I fill both glasses and start heading back when Sam spins Toast and she comes crashing into me.

"MOTHER OF FU-" I start but sigh. "Dammit," I mutter. Toast covers her mouth in shock.

"I'm so sorry, Wes," she says, eyes wide. I just shake my head. "Yeah, well, I'm going back to get more punch," I mutter. She slowly backs away into her slow dance and I head back to the punch bowl.

Once more filled, I start heading back when I get crashed by Oli and Mia. Dammit, this is going to be a long night.

Formal; Jade

I sit with Cass at our designated tables. As we all settle, Principal Lizano comes on stage, followed by Vice Principal Justino. Man, they were cool teachers. All dressed in hazard suits and everything!

Lizano smiles, her red lips showing through the blue glass in front of her face. In her hand is an envelope in which she opens but does not read.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Hunger Games Wiki High School, welcome to your Winter Formal." Cheers answer her and they quiet down. "Now, as required, Formal Prince and Princess shall be read first and then followed by King and Queen. Understood?" No doubt. She continues.

"Now, your Prince and Princess are..." she starts. There is a small drum roll which gets a small laugh out of everyone in the room, including me.

"Anna and Kekai!" she says. Cheers answer as the two then join her on stage. Anna gets a small tiara placed on her head while Kekai gets a small fez, cuz fezes are cool.

"Now, as for Formal King and Queen. Though there may be some controversy towards who is picked as King and Queen, remember that you all are special," she says with a smile. From somewhere in the back, probably Wes, I hear, "Get on with it!"

Lizano clears her throat. "King and Queen are Jay and Summer!" I look over at Jay who, overwhelmed, kisses Summer. She looks taken aback when he pulls away and heads onto stage. She follows and a smile creeps onto her face.

I sigh. Looks like I wasn't Queen... AGAIN. Whatever.

Lizano puts the crown's on their heads and smiles.

"And, as they are newly crowned, let this stand as a reminder to you all." With that, she pulls a knife from her hazard suit and slits the throats and the four bodies fall to the ground. Screams echo around and we all try to run towards the exits to find them locked.

"SIT DOWN!" Lizano shouts. Slowly, we all head to our seats. Justino kicks the bodies to the ground and grabs a match from his hazard suit pocket. "Thank you. Now, in a few seconds, they will be lit on fire and the fire will create smoke. Smoke will then cause the extinguishers to go off and hydrochloric acid along with our secret sauce will rain down onto you all. From there, your skin will melt and your body will ultimately die."

She looks around at all the shocked faces. She smiles and continues on. "However, you will awaken tomorrow. Your bodies will have been remade and you'll be alive. You'll be placed into the arena and you shall be forced to fight to the death." Without warning, her smile turns deadly. "Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor."

With that, Justino throws the fire onto the four dead bodies. The two step behind the stage and I hear a giant door close and lock. I gulp and Cass grabs my hand. "We are going to die!" she shouts.

I sigh. "Damn, never trusted that Principal..." I murmur. I look around at all the couples, frantically trying to find their way out as the hydrochloric acid and special secret sauce mixture starts to fall. Some falls on my hand and a scream rips through my throat. All around I can hear the screams of people, dying slowly...

And the worse part is, it'll remove the fire smoke, but it won't remove the smoke it causes itself from the burning bodies. After all, burning bodies from a mixture of hydrochloric acid and that secret sauce, whatever it is, can eat through a carcass and also create tons of smoke.

We are all screwed.

The Games

Pre-Games; Colin

I wake up in a white room. I look around, eyes wide. In the middle sits a desk and two chairs, but I have no memory of being here. Why can't I remember?

The door opens and in walks a much older lady, her hair in a bun. She offers for me to sit and I do, just very cautiously. In her hand is a folder which she places on the table.

"Hello Colin," she says. Colin... Is that my name? Huh... I guess it is...

"Hello Mrs..." I start but I don't know her. Which is strange...

"Mrs. Lizano. I'm here to help you with your memory recallation. You are one of my many patients here in the Hospital, today," she replies. I give a small nod. Something tells me to believe this woman.

"Alright, so Colin, they've told me that there were kids at your school. That you were bullied often," she replies.

I stare at her in confusion. "I was?" I ask. Huh, I have forgotten a lot, haven't I?

"Yes. In the folder are pictures of the people who bullied you to rejog your memories. But, do tell me, is there anything you do remember?" she asks, leaning closer.

I rake my brain and one image does come to mind. I'm dancing with a girl with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. She wears a white dress that seemingly sparkles in the low lights. I feel the soft velvet of her gloves as we dance. We suddenly crash to the ground and start laughing at each other. Her laugh is so adorable, the way it seemingly jingles...

"I remember... A girl. With long blonde hair, hazel eyes. She uh... Her name..." I think very hard on this one. Suddenly, it comes to me. "Liza..." I murmur softly.

Another memory comes to mind. Liza and I are sitting out under a tree, over looking the setting sun. She laughs as she leans her head against my shoulder, cuddling closer to me.

"Ah, yes, your cousin," Mrs. Lizano says and fear dwells.

"My what?" I ask and my heart sinks. My cousin... I... But I...

"Your cousin. She goes to your school and you two seem to have a rigid relationship. You may remember the good times, which are only a few, but she is one of the people who bullies you. As you can see," she says, opening the folder and pulling out a paper with her picture off to the side, "Liza was one of those people who bullied you quite often. Before you knew you were cousins, you revealed that you liked her. However, she turned you down and soon, at the family reunion later that week, you found out she was your cousin. She started to make fun of you for that."

This all swims around my head but the images seem to form in my head, meaning something, right? Meaning that this is true, right?

Anger bubbles under my skin as I remember the girl pushing me down and laughing at me while her friends taunt me. Well, I don't fully remember. Mrs. Lizano weaves the tales and I imagine them and they seem to make sense.

Mrs. Lizano stands up. "You can look through that folder, you'll find out all you need to know about all the other students. At the end of this week, you all will be teamed against each other in a, uh... Games," she says. She turns and walks out the door.

I am left staring at the folder. In an instant, I find myself digging through the folder, ready to know all it does.

Pre-Games; Summer

I sit alone in a white room. I look around and cautiously stand, walking towards the desk and chairs. I sit down and the moment I do, the door slams open and in comes a man with brown hair. He kicks the door shut and sits himself down in front of me.

"Hello Summer. I'm Mr. Justino, your counciler here in Memory Recallation. I'm here to remind you of your past. It seems that you went to your Formal one night and forgot everything," he says and the seriousness in his voice slaps me across the face. First, was my name really Summer? Was I really named after a season? How drunk were my parents?

Second, Memory Recallation? Am I that mentally retarded? If so, then damn...

"Now, Ms. Storm, I'm going to give you a folder and-" he pauses, a pondering look on his face. "No, I won't do what you say. I've lied to both my children already. I won't do it again." He takes the earpiece out of his ear and slams it to the ground. He then rushes to the door and puts the door under the handle, locking us in.

"Summer, listen. You are a smart girl. This folder? It's lies." He throws the folder to the ground. "You are in love with Jay. You are intelligent and smart and loving. Everyone loves you but Lizano, my boss, she is making everyone hate each other. You can't let her corrupt you like she did our children." A pause, once more. "Like she did to Liza and Justin and Colin and Jay. Rememember."

The door slams open and in strolls a lady with a long, white dress on. In her hand is a gun, but empty. She fills it with a bullet and spins.

"Want to play games with me, Justino? I thought I could trust you. My own husband," she hisses silently. She points the gun at him. "Well, I've got a game. Called Russian Roulette. And just warning, I always win."

Justino backs to the back of the room. I shrink back to a corner and she points to a guard behind her. "Grab the girl."

"No! You leave her alone!" Justino shouts and Lizano points the gun at him.

"Shut it you worthless trash," she hisses.

"You've corrupted your own children to hating each other. Stop this now!"

"It's too late!" She sighs and points the gun at him. She clicks it and its empty. "Lucky start." She then twirls and points it at me and I gulp. She pulls the trigger and once more, empty.

"Aren't you good?" she asks. She points the gun at herself and once more its empty. She points it back at Justino. "Three shots left, you could very well die," she replies. She pulls the trigger and the bullet flies out and hits him in the heart.

In seconds, he dies. Lizano sighs. "I got blood on my dress, lovely! You two! Take her back and teach her the truth." Her dead eyes look at me. "And you listen."

The two men drag me away, kicking and screaming. One puts his hand over my mouth to silence me.

I have to remember the truth... I will remember...

Pre-Games; Third Person

The woman with the bun, Lizano, sighs as she leans over a control panel, clearly exhausted. She types into the control and the huge chamber in front of her lights up. Smoke gets puffed out through the vent at the top as smoke flies around the glass chamber.

The lights stop and the doors open. Smokes piles out and in the doorway stands a man. The same man killed just earlier that day. His name, Justino.

"What... Where am I? Who am I?" he asks, looking at the woman.

"Your name is Justino," she says with a smile. "I'm Lizano, your wife. And you are helping me plot these games."

"Games? What kind of games? Do I like games?" he asks, looking at me.

"Oh, these games are a fun type of games. A fight to the death. And yes, you do indeed love games."

He nods as if remembering. "Yes... Yes of course," he replies, clearly in a daze.

She smiles. "Let me help you remember, then."]

Games; Annie

Some random Asian dude stands with me, helping me get ready for the games. I take a deep breathe, knowing that I will hurt these people. These people hurt me, they've got it coming.

My little sylist person brushes my hair out of my face and smiles. "I'm betting on you, Annie," he says with a smile. I stare in confusion. After all, I have no clue who the hell he is.

"What is your name?" I ask, staring at him in confusion.

"I'm Asian Justin. Not the Justin that'll be up there. I'm Asian Justin from your class before you moved to Wiki Land. We are... In a relationship," he says with a smile on his face.

"What kind of relationship?" I ask, confusion clearly in my voice. A sort of devious smile appears on his face to disappear within that same second.

"A make-out and go all the way relationship," he replies.

I stare, dumbfounded. Damn, am I seriously like that with guys? If so then DAUUMMNNNN.

He kisses me on the lips before disappearing. An automatic voice says, "10 seconds 'till launch." I wearily walk into the tube. I turn and look back behind me when suddenly, I go shooting into the arena.

The bright light hits my eyes and it takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. In front of me is a horn filled with goodies and everything. I look around and see the snowy mountains around me. A tiny village is off to the south side of the mountains and to the west of that, I see a small forest.

Okay, so option one, the mountains. Good for hiding and warmth, bad for muttations and food. Option two, the forest. Good for hiding and finding food, bad for tributes and hypothermia. Option three, the village. Good for warmth and hiding, bad for tributes and muttations.

So, my decision? Screw it, I'll take my chances in the village.

I listen back to the countdown. I hear the the beats for every second. A giant countdown clock says there is only 30 seconds left and counting.

Well, I better get ready. After all, I need to kill some of these people. These evil, evil people.

Games; Blake

I watch as the time ticks down slowly. 10 seconds left. I smile as we all, these tributes, these horrid tributes are going to die at my hands. Especially that Mist character. That little-


I stumble off my pedestal as I then run towards the silver horn containing many weapons. What is my melee weapon? I have no clue...

I see a girl with long, blonde hair and recognize her almost instantly. That whore, Liza. I grab the closest thing to me, a mallet.

Welp, it'll do.

I drag it after me as I chase her as she lunges for a bow and arrow in the mouth of the Cornucopia. I swing when something grabs the mallet and snatches it out of my hand.

I turn and see my snatcher gone and see two kids fighting. I notice them almost instantly, too. Panda and Honey Queen, some of the worst people ever!

I grab a small pack of throwing knives and throw one at the girl. They are both wrestling on the ground, trying to get a pack. The knife lodges itself in her leg and she screams. Something snaps in the boy, almost like a memory. He pauses and I throw a knife at him. Luckily, this one is better aimed and hits him in the eye.

The girl starts to panic, seeing him dead. She grabs the pack and yanks the knife out of her leg. With that, she limps away from the Cornucopia.

I turn around and find my intended target.


We both charge at each other and I pull a knife out of the pack. I won't use it for throwing, though. It's a knife and it will stab if necessary.

I notice the sword in Mist's hand and stop my charge, throwing the knife at him.

I wait in anticipation but he still charges. I just narrowly dodge to the side to see the boy with the short, brown hair. What was his name, what was it?

Ah, Colin.

He wraps his hands around my throat and slams me into the Cornucopia. "You go after that bitch Liza one more time..." he growls under his breathe. He slams me into the Cornucopia and goes to grab a club from the Cornucopia.

I fall to the ground, gasping for air.

Damn, this just go real.

Games; Panda

I get off the ground and give a moan. I yank the knife out of my now bleeding eye. Damn that Blake...

I walk to the Cornucopia... Well, I stumble any way. I use my left hand to cover my bleeding eye as I grab a random weapon. Ooh, a katana, that'll be useful. I also grab a staff, just in case. I stumble away when something makes me turn around.

I narrowly dodge one of that damn Blake's knives. Once more, he wants me dead. I grab the absolute closest pack and struggle with a run-a-way.

I just barely make it into the snow forest. I look through the pack and find a knife and some rope along with other random things. I cute a small piece of the rope and grab a leaf. I wrap it around my head and use it to cover my eye. With that, I then stumble into the forest, looking for that bitch, Honey Queen.

Games; Toast

I grab a garrote and sneak behind a brown-haired fellow named Oli. I wrap the garrote around his neck and within seconds, he dies. I release my grip around him and see Sam charging at me.

Just lovely.

I grab a knife and get ready to use it. That's when I see the sword in his hand and I sigh.

Time to throw my knife!

I throw the knife at him and it misses, but only because he jumped out of the way, falling in the process.

I grab my garrote and sneak up behind me. I can see the girl, Summer, who really hates me so I hate her, trying to talk to a boy with black hair. I roll my eyes.

I wrap the garrote around Sam's neck and get ready to tighten the grip when someone pushes me off of him. I fall and so engraged, grab the closest thing, a knife.

I see Mia towering over me and I hide the knife behind my back.

"You... YOU KILLED HIM! HE WAS A GOOD PERSON YOU BITCH!" she shouts at me and I gulp. I take the knife from behind my back and send it hurtling into her stomach.

Mia chokes as she starts to fall to the ground. She pulls the now-bloody knife form her stomach and looks at me with big, brown eyes, pleading for an answer to the question stuck in her throat.


"You tried to kill me..." I reply. I then run to the Cornucopia, grab a pack and run off. As I run off, I run past Claudia stabbing Emma 37 times in the chest to then cut off her hands and run off to go start some fire type thing.

When did these games become so intense? Have I really been lied to? Did Lizano lie to me just for the hell of it?

Oh my gosh, I've been lied to!

I stumble to the ground and look around. I find myself in a virtual room. The entire area looks pixelated. Where the hell am I? This isn't the arena...

"Hello Toast," says a voice. "You have found yourself in chat. In here, you can find your real memories. What do you choose?" asks a monotonous voice.

"My real memories? I have been lied to?" I ask, looking around the orange room.

"Yes. Now, what do you pick?" asks the voice.

"I pick yes," I reply and I sit down as it tells me the real story of who I am. Of who Toast is.

Games; Alice

The cannons sound, ringing throughout the arena to signal the end of the bloodbath.


10 had died, and 22 of us still remain. I look at all the bodies but I can't identify who is who as I sit in the Cornucopia. I just know that Will is out there and he is plotting my death, oh but I'll get him back.

Once the bodies have cleared up, I start to grab things. I grab some packs filled with food and other stuff and I am walking around, trying to find the perfect weapon...

"ALICE!" shouts a male voice and it is almost all too familiar.

I turn around on my heals and grab a sword, the closest damned weapon to me.

"What do you want, whore?" I ask.

"Isn't it obvious? I want your head on a platter," says the male.

"Well tough luck ya Will brat 'cuz I dun dieee," I say and I realize that even though I'm not drunk, I do sound pretty damn drunk.

He grabs a sword and he points it at me. "Well come at me then."

We both charge, swords at the ready. We get into this awesome, almost movie-like battle. He creates slashes on my arms. Enraged, I send the sword hurtling into his chest.

He starts to gag and something clicks in my mind. I don't hate him... I never have.

"WILL!" I shout as I fall to the ground. But it is too late, his cannon echoes throughout the arena.


"No... Why did I... How..." I stutter but then I straighten up, a fire in my eyes. "Somebody is going to die for this," I mutter coldly as I pull my packs over my shoulder and stalk away from the Cornucopia.

This just got real...

Games; Erlend

I sit with my head in my hands. Oh my gosh, why is this world so damned fudged up?

So firstly, I got the first kill. It was Jinx. And apparently I DON'T hate her.

Secondly, I got this damned message to where I could remember everything for some damned reason and on my gosh. what the actually hell?

I rock back in forth as I take in the truth. Wow, so I really was a pervert. I'm not shocked but like, how did I forget?

Second, I really didn't hate everyone and everyone really didn't hate me. That is a load of bull shi...

The anthem blasts through the arena and the faces of the dead show up in the sky in order of the way they died and I want to cry as I see Jinx's face up in the sky. I really killed her, didn't I?

Why is this so insane? Why are we killing? Why the hell am I not stalking Kekai?

Maybe I'll get these answers soon...

End of Day 1; Death Chart

Place Name Age Who They Were Killed By
32 Jinx 14 Erlend
31 Crtha 14 Justin
30 Wes 17 Alice
29 Nick 14 Rebekah
28 Szymon 16 Liza
27 Billie 13 Kaeghan
26 Jade 16 Colin
25 Oli 14 Toast
24 Mia 24 Toast
23 Emma 14 Claudia
22 Will 15 Alice

Games; Cass

I throw knives around the house I am in. Anger bubbles under my skin as I think about the boy, Colin. He killed Jade...

First of all, that was my job before I found out I didn't hate her. It's weird. Once we all see our loved one die, we get our memories back. Maybe its for the good.

I collect all my knifes and place them back in the pack and grab for my whip. It's a better weapon to use any way.

I stalk out of the house and look around for anybody of interest. That's when I see the girl running around. Her name I do believe to be Anna.

No, I don't hate her. But after seeing Jade die, I actually hate a lot of people.

I walk over and she stops running, looking at me with wide-eyes.

"Y-You..." she says softly as she then fumbles around for a knife out of her bag.

"Oh shut up," I mutter as I bring the whip down. It hits her arm and she screams. Almost by instinct, she calls out a name. "KEKAI!"

"I SAID TO SHUT UP!" I shout as I bring the whip down once more and it cuts across her side and she collapses.

The boy starts running, eyes burning coals. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" he shouts which causes a confused look to dance around in his eyes. It quickly disappears as he runs at me. I flick the whip and it hits his leg, causing a huge gash.

"Well, looks like somebody here is going to die. Question is, who will it be?" I ask, looking the two up and down.

Kekai coughs and looks at me. "Kill me," he says and Anna screams.

"NO, KEKAI, DON'T!" she shouts but I don't pay attention. I stalk over to him and bring the whip down on him repeatedly until his cannon sounds.


Anna screams even louder but I just run away before she can get up and go after me. After all, who said I play fair?

Games; Colin

I stalk along with Summer as she tries constantly to talk me out of my plans.

"Colin, please! You really care for her!" she shouts.

"Shut up, Summer. Before I kill you too," I say.

She quickly quiets but I know she wants to say something. I roll my eyes and continue walking through the forest, following where I know Liza went.

I look around and that is when I catch a flash of blonde hair and I know it is her.

I stop Summer and I grab the mallet that I have been using. The same mallet I used to kill Jade.

The girl stops and turns around, looking at Summer and I. Before she can react, I run over and bring my mallet down.

It hits her in the shoulder, surely dislocating it. She screams as she desperately tries to grab her bow and arrow. I swing once more and hit her in the back.

Liza collapses to the ground and looks up at me, tears in her eyes.

"Please... Don't do this..." she mutters softly, tears in her eyes.

"That was for rejecting me," I say with a dead look in my eyes. "This is for making fun of me." I swing the mallet once more and it hit her in the head, creating a large dent.


Summer screams and I drop the mallet in my hand.

Memories wash over me like a tsunami. Of all the real memories we shared together. And now she is dead.

And it's all because of me.

Summer looks back at me, tears in her eyes.

"What the hell have you done?" she asks me and for once, I don't have an answer. I can't even speak...

Summer runs away, tears in her eyes and I am left here alone with her gone from my life...

I kneel down next to Liza as I try not to fall apart.

"I am so sorry... I love you..." I say and then what I do almost seems instanteous.

I grab the knife that Summer had thrown down while she ran off. I sit down and hold Liza's hand. "I'm so, so sorry," I mutter as I put the knife to my throat. I look down at her beautiful face and if I ignore the dent in the back of her head, it looks like she is sleeping almost.

I smile softly down at her before I draw the blade against my neck, killing myself.

Games; Jay

I sit in the forest, listening for the sound of footsteps. I seem to black out for a little for when I focus once more, I hear the sobs of a girl.

I stand up and start heading over to where I heard the sound, knife in hand.

That's when I see her sitting there.

Something deep down tells me to go over and comfort her but I can't. I won't. I hate her, I know I do. I have to. Lizano said so...

The girls head snaps up and Summer's green eyes meet with mine. Those same beautiful, deep, caribbean green eyes that have invited me in and yet shut me out for so long.

"Jay..." she says softly. "Jay, please, don't do this." Tears fall down her beautiful cheeks to land in the ground around her. Something deep inside tells me to trust her, but my brain takes over and tells me to hate her. To kill her.

"Summer," I say with a dead voice which strikes fear in her eyes. She grabs her pack and morning star as she stumbles away.

"Jay, please no. You... You don't understand! They lied, they lied to us all! Jay, we care about each other! I... I love you..." she whispers softly and something inside me breaks.

"Summer..." I say softly and she looks at me, hope glistening in her eyes. "I... I don't know anymore..."

"Then let me tell you, please. Let me tell you the truth so you can remember. I can tell you the truth and you'll be free from this curse of being evil. You aren't, you are the sweetest, most romantic person," she says. She continues to tell me things about me and I am astounished.

She stops talking and wraps her arms around me. "You are the one I love, no body else. No matter what they said, it was all a lie. All of it."

A single tear falls down my cheek and I wipe it away. I lean down and kiss the top of her head.

She is so close to me... How simple it would be to kill her...


I inhale sharply and Summer gives me a small look but I shake my head. "Nothing, it was just... nothing," I say. She drops it but she would bring it back later. I just knew she would...

Games; Rebekah

I am still uber pissed at that jerk who killed Nick...

Oh wait, that was me. What are the chances that I can blame Summer?

Ugh, whatever, I am still gonna kill somebody.

I stand up, dragging along my bag. Along the way I meet Cass and Erlend, both needing an alliance. So, we teamed up.

We start to wonder about and we try to find tributes. That is when we see them...

Summer is wrapped up in Jay's arms. I give a devious smirk as I point this out to my teammates. We start to sneak up on them...

"JAY!" Summer shouts, spotting us. We all then lunge and start to get into an epic fight. Jay, in the heat of battle, turns and starts to swing his sword at random. Three cannons echo around... wait, three?

Am I dead? No... is Jay dead? Nope. Wait...

Summer died. Well damn...

"NO, SUMMER!" Jay shouts as he falls. I grab my mallet and look at his bag. Welp, now is as good of a time as any to deatroy his supplies.

The sound of cannons has also brought around every other tribute except for Justin who is too busy eating fried unicorn horns and mourning Crtha and Liza to care...

I bring my mallet down on the bag and hear a beeping noise.

"NO, YOU'VE JUST DOOMED US ALL!" Jay shouts, lunging for his bag. That is when the beeping stops and an explosion happens, killing me, Jay and every tribute except Justin.

Games; Justin

The cannons sound. Have I won?

A voice comes into my head. "Hello, Justin. My son," says the voice of Lizano. "You have won. However, your sister is being revived and we shall skip into the sunset as a happy family and live happily ever after."

"Is there going to be fried unicorn horns?" I ask the voice, excitement clearly obvious.

"Of course," says Lizano.

I am then taken from the arena and I see Liza sitting there, tapping her fingers on a windowsill. She looks up and waves at me and points to the tray of fried unicorn horns. I smile and take one in my hand. Then Lizano and Justino show up and we parachute off the hovercraft. We then skip through a field of gumdrops and lolipops, off into the sunset.

Then... Realization...

Final POV; Liza

I wake up in bed, screaming. My door slams open and my mother walks in followed by my father and brother.

"What's wrong?" asks my mother, Principal Lizano of my school.

"Nothing, j-just... a bad dream," I say and it was. Everyone I knew about in school died and I portrayed my good parents as evil, bloodthirsty demons.

"Well, okay. Just... sleep. You can miss school today," my father, Vice Principal Justino, says.

"O-Okay," I say and they all leave. Except for one.

"Oh, Liza dear, don't forget about Prom, it is next week dear." 

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