• Rainbow Midgets

    Hey guys this is Emma here with Jade we doing a collab we need like a couple people too make this awesome if you dont know about Endurance look it All about Endurance now there will be some rules...

    1. Dont bitch if your on a team with somebody you hate i will save that for the writing.

    2. two people will not be a team

    3. no advertisting its annoying as fuck

    4: There is not 4th rule heheh

    5: If your team wins a week you send too people too the temple of fate duh duh.

    6: it will be who decides who stays or not.

    Shortly after they arrive, the group of 18 contestants competes in the first Endurance game, called the Right To Stay Challenge. As the name implies, this game eliminates a group of contestants from continuing any further in the …

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