Hey guys this is Emma here with Jade we doing a collab we need like a couple people too make this awesome if you dont know about Endurance look it All about Endurance now there will be some rules...
Meandjade game


1. Dont bitch if your on a team with somebody you hate i will save that for the writing.

2. two people will not be a team

3. no advertisting its annoying as fuck

4: There is not 4th rule heheh

5: If your team wins a week you send too people too the temple of fate duh duh.

6: it will be who decides who stays or not.

How it works

Shortly after they arrive, the group of 18 contestants competes in the first Endurance game, called the Right To Stay Challenge. As the name implies, this game eliminates a group of contestants from continuing any further in the game. The game is normally a test of endurance, where each contestant has to hold on to something such as a bar or a pole for as long as possible. Then the sixteen hopefuls to twelve contestants who earned the right to stay, forming six teams of players (In season six).

The day after the Right To Stay Challenge, the remaining players compete in another game to determine teams. Each team consists of two people. The game and the rules vary from year to year. The team colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, grey, rainbow and purple. After the teams are decided, they each receive one pyramid piece of the Endurance Pyramid. To win the game and the grand prize trip, one team must possess all of the pieces (which will be 14).

At the end of each day there are two teams sent to the Temple of Fate and they bring with them all pyramid pieces they have won up to that point. In a variant of the Rock, Paper, Scissors intransitive game, the teams select fire, wood, or water to defeat one another in a best 2 out of 3 match, e.g., fire burns wood (fire wins) wood floats on water (wood wins) water puts out fire (water wins) The first team to win two rounds wins the challenge and the right to stay in the game. The losers are immediately eliminated. The losing team's pieces went to the team winning the next episode's challenge; in all subsequent seasons, the losing team gave their pyramid pieces to any team of their choice, with a farewell note read to the remaining contestants.

Pyramid pieces


Name Gender Age height Does not wanna be with Partner Team
Raynah female 14 5'4 um..... Ruby Red
Ruby female 15 5'6 does not matter Raynah Red
Jessica female 15 5'4 Kekai Chris Orange
Chris male 15 5'5 anyone is fine Jessica Orange
Mia female 14 5'0 does not give a shit just wants too be with oleh Oli Yellow
Oli Male 14 5'5 Jade Mia Yellow
Sam Male 15 6'0 Kaeghan Tara Green
Tara Female 16 5'7 idk Sam Green
Erlend Male 15 5`8 hoes c: Justin Blue
Justin Male 15 5'8 Wes Erlend Blue
Wes Male 17 6'2 Justin Lily Purple
Lily Female 14 5'6 Erlend Wes Purple
Joan Male 14 1 metre 84  Dildoes Samuel Brown
Samuel  Male 14 5'9 Pineapples Joan Brown
KEAP Male 14 5'9 does not really matter Dustin Grey
Dustin Male 15 5'5 does not care KEAP Grey
Liza Female 14 5'6 idk Jaron Rainbow
Jaron Male 13 5'0 Wes Liza Rainbow

Episode/Chapter 1: The right too live challenge

Pre games

"Welcome too Endurance!" said Jade and Emma standing on the dock of the Great Barrier island in New Zealand.

"Those eighteen contestants  on that Yacht over there are going too be on Endurance" said Jade

"Yet they dont know that there only too die.... Only one team gets too go home and win the trip of the live time." said Emma.

The scene shifts too the contestants on the Yacht.

Everyone is showing too have different colored blindfolds on showing there teams. There colors on there blindfolds are shown too show what teams there are like for an example Lily and Wes has the same colored blindfolds so there the purple team.


As everyone took off there blindfolds everyone was starting too go to there partners and trying too start pre game alliences.

"Oh my god i am glad that your on my team my name is Wes" His partner was Lily she was very beautiful and she wearing a purple cami top with dark purple short shorts. 

"It's Oh my fucking god i am glad at i am on your team but i am glad that your on my team too since i bet were so going too win this think i mean look at these losers." said Lily

Lily: I cant stand these people if i had too punch somebody here i would have been Tara she wouldnt even get alot with her partner.

Tara hated her partner and she did not really know him so she really made an effort too talk too him or even go near her partner she normally hung out with the blue team which was Erlend and Justin but little does she now the brown team are in allience with the yellow team and the yellow team did not like Tara at all.

"Wow Sam you are such a bad partner why are you soo ugly why is your hair like that it looks like a ballsack" said Tara while glaring at him. "Well i cant help it..." Sam cried as he ran too the cornor of the boat.

While Sam was at the cornor of the boat Liza and Jaron from the rainbow team tried too make him feel better.

"Are you okay you dont seem very happy." Jaron said looking puzzled because he does not know whats wrong with Sam.

Sam started wiping his tears and said "Its my partner she would not even talk too me because apperently my hair looks like a ballsack."

Liza gave Sam a hug and gave Sam her potato from her potato collection too make him feel better.

"Everything is going too be okay and look were almost here! Hey everyone one were still almost here!" Liza yelled gleefully since she is very exicted for Endurance too start.

The camera shifts too the brown, orange and grey team at the hot tub.

"Soo who likes Kesha" asked Joan while blasting up the radio.

Jessica and Chris looked at each other weirdly and started whispering too each other.

"Do we have too ally with the them i dont want too here Joan talking about Kesha all day but the grey team seems like there good allies" asked Jessica while looking at Joan making it obvious that Jessica was so talking about Joan.

Jessica: I can't wait until we arrive I think I have a cool alliance but Joan is Sooo annoying

"Jessica you bitch I know your talking about me come on Samuel lets go!" Yells Joan he walks to the tiki bar too get a drink as Samuel follows him.

"Well don't talk too me you ruined our alliance don't talk too me kbye" Keap says as him and Dustin go where the brown team is.

Jessica and chris look at each other knowing that there screwed and they hope that they win the first challenge or else they may be the first ones out if they don't step up there game soon...

After ten minutes of everyone partying, making allience's ,enemies , chilling and doing everything on the yacht they were finally here. Wes and Lily got too excited so they decided too strip naked and twerk at people's face's.

As Lily was about too twerk in Ruby's face. Ruby saw and shot Lily a glare as she walks over too her partner Rayneh who is about too exit the yacht.

As everyone exit the yacht. Emma and Jade was waiting for them at beach. So the eight teen teenagers hiked too the beach.

Rayneh: I can't wait for the challenge!

"Why welcome before we do the challenge Emma has something too say" jade says

Emma gives an evil smile and quickly puts on her makeup before she says the twist.

"Only one team is going home and winning the trip of the life time if you lose you and your team mate die" Emma says evilly.

After Emma's said the twist everyone tried too escape the island. There was a lot of shoving, pushing and cat fighting trying too escape. It was no use the yacht when away and there was no point swimming because its an ocean and it will take weeks too swim too home.

"Will now rude I was not finished now one of the teams are going too die in ten minutes thats when the right too stay or I should say right too live challenge muahaha..." says Jade in a evil tone as she walks away with Emma too leave the teens alot.

Wes: Me and Lily need too ally with the yellow and blue team after the challenge or else were dead meat...

The right too live challenge/Temple mission

Jade beckons for the contestants to follow her as she stands in front of a large metal contraption with many places in which somebody could hang. Below this was a bubbling "lake" full of green liquid which menacingly spat up droplets and hissed as it splattered against the metal.

"This is the right to live challenge. The rules are simple. You need to hand on this metal... thing and not fall off. If you do fall off and you are the first to fall off, you will die. Also if you fall off first, your team mate will also be forced off and will die."

Everyone gasped and once again tried to leave the island but Emma was bringing up the rear of the group. "NOBODY LEAVE BITCHESSSSSSSSSS."

"But not everyone dies. Once the two team mates die the acid here will turn into water making it harmless to whoever drops in. The winners are the last team hanging. Any questions."

Liza raised her hand and spoke up, "So how do we get up to the top?"

Emma grinned and put her arm around Liza's neck. "Climb."

Liza widened her eyes and Jaron stood beside her, rubbing her arm. Then Tara smiled and shouted, "Yeah but you will turn the acid off while we climb."

Jade raised an eyebrow, "Naaah the button is.... TOO FAR."

"Anyways... Start your climb!"

(More coming, Jade will do next update too cause she has it. I just wanted to leave this update on a cliffhanger.)

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