So I just suddenly got this idea when I was lying in bed at night. These Games are kinda the same as the Hunger Games and each tribute has to kill each other but everytime one tribute gets killed, the one who kills them/ hurts them feels pain too (but doesn't die). So this is mainly an endurance thing, each tribute has to test their courage and endurance. Everything other than that is the same as normal Hunger Games.


These are the tributes that are going into the Pain Games so far: FULL

Name Age District
Darren Castly 18 1
Kezaiah Bianca 15 1
Luke Ster 13 2
Lucy Evans 15 2
Calculum Infinity 12 3
Ivana Sickle 16 3
Jeramy Al 14 4
Quinn Sparkles 16 4
Ssithies Profane 17 5
Malliet Westmore 15 5
Benjamin Woodrew 16 6
Makhala Shelby 16 6
Ender Jackson 13 7
Lila Woods 12 7
Marley Sereno 12 8
Cirena Staford 13 8
Jason 17 9
Dalia Sunline 16 9
John Louis 14 10
Aven Rosedain 17 10
Ford Dryden 14 11
Mariz Ganielle 14 11
Channing Friendlie 18 12
Alyssa James 15 12

Other positions

If you don't want to be a tribute/ you weren't picked then you can be any of the ones below (you could even be all three if you want!):


You can also apply to be a Gamemaker along with me. If you do want to be this then its not an easy job! Please contact me on my talk page if you want to be a Gamemaker. Sometimes in the games i'll call all the Gamemakers together to plan out what could happen next in the Pain Games. They will also have to give out the training score to the different tributes. FULL

Name Age Rped by:
Head Gamemaker Xavan Murr 39 Rainbow Shifter (me)
Syrinxx Webber 22 Scarlett123
Matrix Bohemia 41 Prezziesnow9704
???? ?? Justafox


There will only be one stylist for each district. If you want to be a stylist then please contact me on my talk page. Before the games start I shall be making another blog post for the tributes and the sylists to get together and discuss the costumes. We desperatly need stylists as they have to design outfits and only when we get all the stylists can we begin!

Name District Rped by:
Bartholomeus Smember 1 Kwankawn44
Leonardo Cam 2 Rainbow Shifter (me)
Lynna-Marie 3 Hazeleye
Luella Mistry 4 Thena.airice14
Fire Slivra 5 Polinarose
Jim de Winter 6 Justafox
Shelly Lapiz 7 ShellyBelly
Christina Antania 8 Rainfacestar
Rose Juna Ice 9 Polinarose
Cendia Davensworth 10 MeadowRose
Ivette Jeffrie 11 GlimmerandSparkle
Vampsy Gilsgarbo 12 Silentstabb


There will be one mentor per district and they can have their own personality and their own ways of training the tributes. Before the Pain Games I will make another blog post where the tributes and their mentors will train together. If you want to be a mentor then contact me on my talk page. Mentors are also important as they will each have training sessions with both of their tributes just before they perform in front of the Gamemakers.

Name District Rped by:
Alicia Cren 1 Madrigalmagic
Sixx Emerson 2 Scarlett123
Heaven Mio 3 Silentstabb
Brandon Marble 4 Thresh45
Luanar Trab 5 Rainbow Shifter (me)
Alex Ryan 6 KEWLBEN
Ryan Richard 7 MovieReviews98
Kaylin 8 Hazeleye
Fiona Jaybird 9 Polinarose
Ginger Orangello 10 Silentstabb
Hanna Whitman 11 Madrigalmagic
John Bretin 12 Thejman63


Weapon Demand for the weapon
A Sickle 1
Dagger (s)/ Knives 11
Spear 6
Bomerang 3
Bow and Arrows 5
Axe 3
Sword (s) 2
Whip 1
Slingshot 1
Mace 1
Net 0
Trident 0
Blowgun 2


This is what I'm going to do:

Say about six people want their tribute to have a spear, to make it more interesting there is only going to be three spears so there will be a fight for them! Oh and BTW: The weapons and supplies will be surrounded by a deep ditch full of water and... other things!

Outfits for Chariot Rides

These are some of the ideas for the outfits that the tributes shall wear at the Chariot Rides.

District 1

District 2

The Female tribute is going to be wearing a flowing red dress that drapes down is layers to look like falling blood. On her head she will wear a crown that is silver with a ruby in it. This is to show that District 2 has already won in the tribute's minds.Her shoes (not that you can see them) will be silver too and in her hand she will have a fake knife which she'll throw at the crowds.

The boy will be wearing silver body armour with a red tunic that is also very long. You will be able to see that he is wearing a belt full of different sized weapons and in his mouth he will have a fake knife (kinda like that thing you see pirates doing). His shoes are like gladiators but they are silver and halfway through the parade he will throw off his tunic to completly show the silver armour off to the Capitol.

District 3

A long, flowing purple dress and a necklace with a large purple gemstone, her hair will be up in an updo

Male: He will be dressed in coal black pants, with a silver shirt

District 4

The girl will wear a dress made out of shimmering material of different shades of blue and green. The skirt is hydraulic so looking like waves. On her head she wears a tiara of pearls. Her footwear are sandels covered with sand grains. The male tribute has the same footwear (but slightly more masculine!), a turquoise loose shirt and aqua blue trousers which flare at the end. He is wearing a crown of seaweed and carrying a trident.

District 5

Female The dress is going to be made to shine and black. She is going to wear black shoes up to her mid-calf. She is going to have her hair curled and loose, and a black headband. She will also have her nails painted a black, with a sparkly coat on them. Her headband will spark when looked at from different directions.

Male He will wear a top to shine,, again black and black pants DESIGNED to look like lighningbolts, coming up to his knees, shoes, knee high, about a centimeter away from his pants. PS.the lightning bolts on the pants will randomly light up.

District 6

The Tributes shall wear gold shorts and a silver top. These will just be plain and simple with no extravagant design on them. They will wear headgear that looks like headlights. These will light up the tributes faces and the metallic colours of their clothing will shine because of the light.

District 7

District 8

The girl tribute shall wear a dress that is the color of a darkish moon that is very slim. She will also wear a golden tiara that is designed to look like leaves. And she wears golden high heels that are strappy at the top but make her much taller. Her hair will also be tied up to show the outfit more and to show her face.

The male tribute shall wear a silver tux. He will also be wearing shoes that shine like the stars in the sky, which never seem to stop glowing, not even in the dark. And for a top hat, he will have one that is similar to his shoes, a very professional looking hat.

District 9

Female She is going to wear a knee lenght dress made out of straw and her hair will be braided. She will wear yellow braided highheeled straw boots. Her headband will be made out of straw.

Male He will have a top of braided straw and yellow pants made to look like straw. He will wear a circlet of straw on his head. He will have brown running shoes.

District 10

District 11

So the girl will have a dress on that looks like a giant leaf, but it's wrapped around her elegantly, and at the edge of it it's noticeably spikey but it doesn't poke her. The dress isn't in just a straight line areoun her knees, it is one of those dresses that's cut off at a little above mid thigh and stops on the other leg at about mid calf. She has a body dust all over her that sparkles, but it interacts with the dress so that her form kind of simmers in and out of vision (it's like camo). The crowd will stare at her (Hopefully) because if they don't they can't see her at all, and she really is pretty when you can see her. She won't have on any shoes or crown, and her hair will just be slightly curled and left to float around her shoulders. Her nails will be a shiny green color, with gold lines that suggest the veins in a leaf.

The boy will also have a glitter factor, only the shiny-ness of him will be much more masculene. His shirt will really be just a bunch of laurel leaves wrapped around his chest, and loosely around his arms as well. His pants will be like the work pants he wears every day out into the orchard, except they will be darker and a little less torn up. He als will not be wearing any shoes, and his hair will be sort of spiked up, but not too noticeably. The camo sparlkes will be the same on him as on the girl, and the vines on his chest will produce such a lovely smell, so even the most District 11 hating capitol person will have to catch a wiff. They will be supplied with food also that they could have harvested in the orchard, placed into a woven basket, that they throw out into the crowd of people.

District 12

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