So here it is guys! Finally after lots of planning and disucssing with my fellow Gamemakers... The Pain Games are coming up to starting! But first we have other things to do... LIke the Chariot Rides, the Interviews and the all important training scores!!!

Chariot Rides

Hello and welcome Pain Game fans to this year's chariot rides. All of the stylists have been working very hard to get this first year the very best!

Here come the tributes. From District 1 its Darren Castly and Kezaiah Bianca and from their beautiful costumes it is clear that their stylist has worked very hard but the normal diamond theme is getting boring.

Just behind them are District 2 and there is Luke Ster and Lucy Evans in their glimmering silver and red costumes. There goes Luke as he takes off his blood red cloak and shows a belt full of knives. He puts one into his mouth and Lucy throws a fake knife at the crowd. The crowd loves them and are most probably going to be the favorite... But no! Look at all the other costumes and tributes, just amazing!

District 3's tributes Calculum Infinity and Ivana Sickle are just behind and the crowd looks at them but they don't really get the stylists design... The mismatching costumes don't work well and it doesn't really show what District 3 is all about.

Next up to try and please the crowd is District 4's Jeramy Al and Quinn Sparkles. They are wearing beautiful costumes that really reflect what their district is all about. Quinn looks amazing and makes their chariot looks like it is literally riding over water! This is beautifully designed and looks like they might be the favorites at the moment!

District 5's chariot is coming into the open and it is carrying Ssithies Profane and Malliet Westmore who are wearing something that really brings out that District 5 is actually in charge of POWER! Just look at Ssithies pants and the way they light up in thunderbolts!

And next up is District 6 with Benjamin Woodrew and Makhala Shelby wearing something not too extravagant but it really shows off their district. I love the stylist's design and the way they are able to show District 6 is all about transport just by putting metalic colours and headlights that really show up the tribute's faces.

We are just over half way through the Chariot Rides and here comes Ender Jackson and Lila Woods from District 7 who are one of the youngest pairs of tributes in the games this year. They look very petite compared to the other tributes before them but the crowd feels sorry for them.

The other young pair are District 8's Marley Sereno and Cirena Staford who are wearing something that makes them almost blend into the night. It is very beautiful but they almost go unnoticed because they are wearing things so black.

Jason and Dalia Sunline are the District 9 tributes who are wearing something that really shows off that their district is all about grain. The crowd doesn't think it is very original but it is very well made.

Just behind them are John Louis and Aven Rosedain from District 10 who are in charge of livestock. We usually get them in cowboy get up and the Pain Games are no different. Plain old cowboys and the crowd feels like they have seen it before.

District 11 chariot carries Ford Dryden and Mariz Ganielle who are wearing a very detailed design. They look like they are wearing giant leaves that wrap around their body and shows off their muscles and curves. It looks like the prickly leaves cause the tributes no pain at all. The stylist has done very well and the crowd loves this design.

And now the final district, District 12! Channing Friendlie and Alyssa James come out and... Oh no! They are wearing a common miner costumes and the crowd are bored and turn their attention back to their favorites.

Order of Appeal from the crowd

Order of appeal:

1. District 11

2. District 4

3. District 2

4. District 5

5. District 6

6. District 9

7. District 1

8. District 8

9. District 7

10. District 10

11. District 12

12. District 3

Really sorry if your district is near the bottom but there has to be somebody who the crowd doesn't like as they can't all be perfect otherwise the games are boring. Just because your district might be on the bottom half doesn't mean I'll kill you off straight away.

Training Scores

Darren Castly- 10

Kazaiah Bianca- 9

Luke Ster- 9

Lucy Evans- 10

Calculum Infinity- 8

Ivana Sickle- 5

Jeramy Al- 7

Quinn Sparkles- 9

Ssithies Profane- 7

Malliet Westmore- 8

Benjamin Woodrew- 11

Makhala Shelby- 5

Ender Jackson- 6

Lila Woods- 5

Marley Sereno- 6

Cirena Staford- 6

Jason- 7

Dalia Sunline- 6

John Louis- 6

Aven Rosedain- 8

Ford Dryden- 9

Mariz Ganielle- 7

Channing Friendlie- 7

Alyssa James- 8



Ceaser Flickerman: Hello and welcome to the Pain Games Interviews! These games are going to be the best so far! First up shall be District 1's Male tribute.... Darren Castly!!!

Darren Castly: Hi there! Its an honor to be here representing my district.

Ceaser: I bet it is, you've been training for this all your life right?

Darren: I'm 18 now and I'm a pretty strong contender so yes.

Ceaser: Well you certainly look it! So tell me, what is your favorite or best type of weapon?

Darren: Well that would be telling now.

(laughing from crowd)

Ceaser: Yes it would! Unfortunatly thats all I have time for, thank you and good luck. Ladies and Gentlemen... Darren Castly! Now next we have District 1's Female tribute... Kezaiah Bianca!!!

Kezaiah Bianca: Its great to be here at the Capitol! Thank you.

Caeser: So you like the Capitol? Whats the best thing about it?

Kezaiah: Oh the people of course!

(cheers from crowd)

Caeser: Yes they are different from people from the Districts!

Kezaiah: No... They are better!

(more cheers)

Caeser: Well thank you Kazaiah and we all loved you for being here tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen... Kezaiah Bianca!!! Now we go onto the Male tribute of District 2... Luke Ster!!!

Luke Ster: I know its a pleasure to meet me!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: Yes it is! Now tell me about that enterance in the Chariot Rides.

Luke: Nothing to it really. Its all about showing off and making the crowd love you... I like to think that I'm an expert on that!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: Well the crowd tonight seems to love you! Tell me about that knife in the mouth thing.

Luke: Just shows that I've got a dangerous side and that no matter what... I do things unexpected, dangerous and I will win!

Caeser: And I'm sure you will! Ladies and Gentelmen... Luke Ster! Now here is his Female counterpart from District 2... Lucy Evans!

Lucy Evans: Thank you Caeser!

Caeser: You're welcome. Now, tell me about your enterance and costume. I've just asked Luke the same thing and I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

Lucy: Well the knife that I threw wasn't real! Plus I wasn't even meant to throw it... Just something of a daring side.

Caser: Yes you gave us all a bit of a fright by that! Now tell me... We all saw the way you threw that knife, are you very skilled with them?

Lucy: Of course I am! Its my best weapon and if there are knives at the Cornucopia... I will get to them and I will use them and I will win!

(cheers and claps)

Caeser: I hope you do! Ladies and Gentlemen... Lucy Evans!!! Now our next tribute is the Male from District 3... Calculum Infinity!!!

Calculum Infinity: Hello Caeser!

Caeser: Now Calculum tell me about your training score. Its not everyday that somebody from an outlined District gets a high score. Whats your strategy?

Calculum: Well really its nothing to it! I just want to give some of the weaker ones a chance to win... Protect them and give them some hope.

(crowd shifts nervously)

Caeser: Thats very nice! What do you think about the games then?

Calculum: I think they are barbaric and I hope to make these games... Different. The Gamemakers aren't going to be in control of this one, my alliance will be!

Caeser: OK then! Thats all we have time for, good luck Calculum Infinity!!! Then next tribute is District 3's Female... Ivana Sickle!!!

Ivana Sickle: Hi.

Caeser: Ivana tell me a bit about yourself...

Ivana: I like throwing... Spears.

Caeser: Okay... What about your district partner, what do you think of him?

Ivana: He's too excitable.

Caeser: Yes he is! Ladies and Gentlemen its Ivana Sickle!!! Our next tribute is the Male from District 4... Jeramy Al!!!

Jeramy Al: Oh yeah! Thank you guys. Pleasure to be here and thanks to all those Gamemakers for giving me a seven... What idiots!

(laughs from crowd. Caeser looks nervous)

Caeser: Yes they do it from the right reasons though. Tell me about your home.

Jeramy: Well its a fishing District so as long as the arena has some water and fish I'll be okay... You taking notes Gamemakers? And where I come from you know alot about fishing and throwing sharp stuff when you are very young.

Caeser: So you think that gives you an advantage?

Jeramy: I know it does. The other tributes better watch out because i'm ready and I'm gonna fight!

Caeser: Well then good luck Jeramy Al!!! Now for the Female from District 4... Quinn Sparkles!!

Quinn Sparkles: Why thank you very much Caeser. May I say you are looking lovely tonight!

Caeser: Oh thank you! So are you Quinn. Tell me please about your enterance in the Chariot rides. It looked like you were riding on the waves!

Quinn: Well yes we almost were. Our stylist is a bit big headed though and decided that it would make us look more 'god-like'.

Caeser: And God-like you looked! What is your best weapon?

Quinn: Well most girls like butterflies and all that where I like knives.

Caeser: Well good luck and its been a pleasure meeting you. Ladies and Gentlemen its Quinn Sparkles!!!! Next up is District 5's male tribute... Ssithies Profane!!!

Ssithies Profane: Whats up?

Caeser: The question is whats up with you? And by that I mean whats going to go down in the arena?

Ssithies: Stop trying to be cool now... Its not working out for you! Well my tactic is to stay with my district partner and maybe some other cool tributes!

Caeser: And whats going to happen then?

Ssithies: Well I don't wanna kill them so I'll tell Malliet to run as far as she can.

Caeser: Thats very nice of you and I wish you all the luck. Ladies and Gentlemen its Ssithies Profane!!! Next up is his district partner... Malliet Westmore!!!

Malliet Westmore: Hello Caeser.

Caeser: Hello. Now tell me what you think of your district partner and his tactic that involves you... He obviously cares about you!

Malliet: Its a good strategy and I'm going to go with him. He just wants to be kept alive and I'm good at keeping people alive.

Caeser: Whats your skills then? Because you got an amazing 8 in training!!!

Malliet: I am pretty quick and silent but I can also throw knives.

Caeser: That explains a lot Ladies and Gentlemen! Give a hand for Malliet Westmore!!! Our next tribute is from District 6... Benjamin Woodrew!!!

Benjamin Woodrew: Hey there!

Caeser: You got the largest training score so tell me about that!

Benjamin: I am good at spearing, wrestling, camouflage, kinfe throwing and other stuff like that!

Caeser: Where did you learn all this?

Benjamin: I help my father in his repair shop. Sometimes I practise throwing about some heavy spare parts of transport.

Caeser: I wish you the best of luck... Ladies and Gentlemen its Benjamin Woodrew. Next is the Female tribute from District 6... Makhala Shelby!!!

Makhala Shelby: I would say its nice to be here but its not... This whole thing isn't right.

(gasps from crowd)

Caeser: Its necessary unfortunatly!

Makhala: No its not. The Capitol should be punished for doing this to us... Some of the tributes are twelve and thirteen, they are just walking to the death.

Caeser: Its unfortunate!

Makhala: No its not! I don't care what any of you sponsers think about me... I'm not playing the games how you want me too and there are many tributes like Calculum Infinity and me. There will be an alliance even bigger than any career pack!

Caeser: And thats all we have time for, goodbye Makhala Shelby and good luck! The next tribute is the Male from District 7... Ender Jackson!!!

Ender Jackson: Hello Caeser and thank you!

Caeser: Now Ender please tell me a bit about yourself!

Ender: I am best at camouflage and using kinves to make stuff from bark. But tell me abit about yourself Caeser.

Caeser: Oh you're interviewing me now?

(laughs from crowd)

Ender: Yes I am! Not how you expected is it?! I don't suppose all of the interviews went as expected.

Caeser: No they didn't. Well its been a pleasure speaking to you Ender Jackson and good luck! District 7's Female is up next... Lila Woods!!!

Lila Woods: Thank you for that introduction... I love your hair this year by the way.

Caeser: Oh thank you! Its yellow to match the topic of what the Pain Games are all about... Draining energy when you kill somebody, so whats your tactic to try and avoid having your energy taken?

Lila: Erm... Well I am only young and I don't think I'd be able to withstand alot so I'd maybe team up with an older tribute who feels sorry for me and let them do all the killing.

Caeser: Thats very smart of you!

Lila: Oh thank you! The Gamemakers are also very smart for thinking of these games.

(cheers from Gamemakers)

Caeser: Thank you for talking to me and I wish you the very best of luck Lila Woods!!! The next tribute is District 8's Male... Marley Sereno!!!

Marley Sereno: Hi.

Caeser: Welcome to the Games... How do you like it here in the capitol?

Marley: Its... Colourful.

(laughs from the crowd)

Caeser: Yes it is! Now how do you feel about being one of the youngest here? You are only thirteen.

Marley: Erm... I feel young? Probably going to die in the Bloodbath anyway.

(laughs and then quite as some feel sorry for him)

Caeser: I wish you the best of look Marley Sereno!!! The Female from District 8 is... Cirena Staford!!!

Cirena Staford: Why hello there!

Caeser: Now unforntunatly you and your district partner are the youngest! How do you feel about that?

Cirena: I don't really feel like the odds are in my favour! Might just die in the Bloodbath and not give any of you the satisfaction of watching me struggle.

Caeser: Oh well I hope you don't!

Cirena: No but the Capitol probably does.

Caeser: And I'll have to stop you there! Next is the Male tribute from District 9... Jason!!!

Jason: Yo!

Caeser: Yes... Yo to you too! Now tell me abit about your tactic!

Jason: Stay out of tribute's way and not get killed. Seems like a good tactic.

Caeser: I think thats everyone's tactic. Whats your best weapon?

Jason: A knife... I might smuggle it out of the arena and slit the Gamemaker's throat.

(crowd shifts uneasily)

Caeser: Ladies and Gentlemen its Jason... Best of luck! The next tribute is the Female from District 9... Dalia Sunline!!!

Dalia Sunline: And she thinks its very nice to be here in the lovely Capitol!

Caeser: Really?! What do you like about it?

Dalia: They are all just so awsome!!! I mean look at them, so different from the districts.

Caeser: What is your favorite weapon then?

Dalia: It has to be a spear... Not really used any type of weapon before though so I'm not really THAT good... Hence the 6 I got in training.

Caeser: Well I wish you the best of luck Dalia Sunline!!! Our next tribute is the Male from District 10... John Louis!!!

John Louis: Sup Caeser!?

Caeser: Erm.... Depends how you are?

John: Well I got a 6 in training so I'm as good as dead!

Caeser: Now I don't think that's true! There have been tributes who have won with a score of three in the past.

John: I'm not good at acting though.

Caeser: Well I wish you the best of luck John Louis!!! Now his female counterpart... Aven Rosedain!!!

Aven Rosedain: Oh thank you! Hehe!

Caeser: May I say you are looking beautiful tonight.

Aven: Thats what they all say! But I'm also dangerous.

Caeser: I don't doubt that for second but whats you best weapon?

Aven: Its really anything sharp and that I could do damage with!

Caeser: Best of luck Aven Rosedain! Next is District 11's Male... Ford Dryden!!!

Ford Dryden: Hi there!

Caeser: Now you had a very good training score for somebody from an outline District... Tell me about that.

Ford: Well I like throwing these things called bomerangs and I'm very good at aiming with them. Therefore I can kill somebody by throwing it and I am small, strong and intellegent.

Caeser: Thats very interesting! Where did you learn that?

Ford: I invented throwing bomerangs as a new way of cutting down crops but now I use it to kill and stuff like that!

Caeser: I wish you the best of luck! Ladies and Gentlemen... Ford Dryden!!! Next is the Female District 11 tribute... Mariz Ganielle!!!

Mariz Ganielle: Hello Caeser!

Caeser: Hello Mariz! Now tell me what you think of this year's tributes... There are a lot of high quality ones.

Mariz: Oh yes there are! I'm not worried though, sure maybe I might make it through the first day but I hope to die peacefully.

Caeser: How do you mean by peacefully?

Mariz: I want to die with all my energy left... By that I mean I'm not going to kill anybody.

Caeser: I would like to see how that turns out. Laides and Gentlemen.... Mariz Ganielle!!! Next is the Male tribute from District 12... Channing Friendlie!!!

Channing Friendlie: Thats right! District Twelve and proud!

Caeser: Thats what I like to hear from Tributes.

Channing: I bet its something you don't hear very often from District 12 tributes?

Caeser: Its not I have to be honest! You're a very charming young man aren't you?

Channing: And so are you Caeser!

Caeser: Thank you and good luck Channing Friendlie!!! Last but no least is the Female from District 12... Alyssa James!!!

Alyssa James: Its very nice to be here!

Caeser: Its very nice to have you here! Now tell me a bit about yourself like your favorite weapon.

Alyssa: Its a bomerang but my favorite one does have a bit of a secret!

Caeser: And whats that?

Alyssa: Well then it wouldn't be a secret would it?

Caeser: No it wouldn't! Best of luck Alyssa James... Now that concludes our Tribute Interviews, I'll be back soon with some exclusive interviews with the Mentors and their oppinion on their tributes!


Alicia Cren- She is very pasionate about helping her tributes the best she can and she talks about how she gives them lots of advice.

Sixx Emerson- She seems very hostile about talking about other districts and she also seems to focus alot on giving her tributes advice. Sixx also complains about how her tributes act.

Heaven Mio: She is obviously working very hard with her tributes. Then she goes on about how she won her games and her fear of fire.

Brandon Marble: He talks about how his tributes need to up their game and make him proud. Brandon talks about how usless they are but it is obvious that he is lying and wants to make his tributes think they haven't impressed him.

Luanar Trab: Luanar rambles on about how pointless it is that he has to come back to mentor every year. He doesn't talk about his tributes and seems very self centered.

Alex Ryan: He is very strict and looks like he doesn't joke around. He gets to the point that his tributes need to work harder than they already have done and doesn't care that the Male tribute has the highest score.

Ryan Richard: Knows his tributes gotta die at some point or another and he won't change that. Very serious and doesn't seem to like Caeser.

Kaylin: She is very young and doesn't have alot of experience in training. She is firm with her tributes but not very harsh.

Fiona Jaybird: Believes very much in her tributes and she thinks that they could win.... But she thinks that every year!

Ginger Orangello: Shruggs every so often and is reluctant to talk about how she gets on with other mentors.

Hanna Whitman: Talks a lot about District 11's opening to the Games and she says that District 11 will make a big impact on the Games.

John Bretin: Classically of District 12 Mentors, he has no idea what is happening and just goes on about the name of the Games: Pain Games. Makes serious verbal attacks at the Capitol and Peacekeepers have to drag him off the stage.


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