So this is the thing you've all been waiting for!!! Its time for the games to begin!!!


Place Name District Killled by
24th Alyssa James 12 Lucy Evans
23rd Ivana Sickle 3 Quinn Sparkles
22nd Luke Ster 2 Benjamin Woodrew
21st Dalila Sunline 9 Jason
20th Cirena Staford 8 Quinn Sparkles
19th Makhala Shelby 6 Kezaiah Bianca
18th John Louis 10 Calculum Infinity
17th Ender Jackson 7 Darren Castly+ Jeramy Al
16th Mariz Ganielle 11 Channing Friendlie
15th Channing Friendlie 12 Lucy Evans
14th Lila Woods 7 Kezaiah Bianca
13th Aven Rosedain 10 Kezaiah Bianca
12th Kezaiah Bianca 1 Ford Dryden
11th Jeramy Al 4 Darren Castly
10th Benjamin Woodrew 6 Darren Castly
9th Darren Castly 1 Ford Dryden
8th Quinn Sparkles 4 Water+Marley Sereno
7th Marley Sereno 8 Water
6th Calculum Infinity 3 Water Mutt
5th Ssithies Profane 5 Dragonfly Mutt
4th Jason 9 Lucy Evans
3rd Lucy Evans 2 Mine field
2nd Ford Dryden 11 Suicide

And the Winner is....

Name District Roleplayed by:
Malliet Westmore 5


The Pain Games

Day 1

The area stretches out before the 24 tributes and they see that to their left is a large expanse of wetlands with large clumps of reeds where they could hide. There is also water here. To their right there is a medium sized forest full of strange sounds. And in front of them is the Cornucopia which is surrounded by a deep ditch which tributes shall have to swim across.

The gong sounds and Aven Rosedain (District 11) is the first off her little circle thingy but she only goes for two small rucksacs and rushes off into the forest.

Then comes the Careers who all gather up some weapons and supplies and set out into the fight. Lucy Evans (District 2) quickly sees Alyssa James (District 12) and kills her with one blow.

Lila Woods runs straight into the wetlands because that is her main source of water but Ford Dryden (District 11) sees her and punches her in the head, then he runs into the forest after Aven Rosedain (District 11). Lila is not dead but the Careers seem to think she is so she doesn't make any movement.

Quinn Sparkles (District 4) picks off Ivana Sickle (District 3) by throwing a knife into her eye. Luke Ster (District 2) has a spear in his hand and tries to throw it at Benjamin Woodrew (District 6) who is collecting weapons but he dodges and throws a sword at Luke's head who then dies. Benjamin then runs straight to the forest.

Jason (District 9) grabs a knife and runs into the ditch because he doesn't know what else to do. Darren Castly (District 1) pounces on him and forces Jason to join the Career Pack otherwise he'd kill him. Jason agrees and comes back to the group. The Careers make him kill Dalia Sunline (District 9) by slitting her neck with his knife.

Quinn Sparkles (District 4) hits Cirena Staford (District 8) with a knife in the base of her neck. Her district partner, Jeramy Al (District 4) is about to kill Marley Sereno (District 8) but Ssithies Profane (District 5) picks Marley up and sprints into the woods followed by Malliet Westmore (District 5).

Kezaiah Bianca (District 1) quickly grabs a dagger and jumps high above Makhala Shelby (District 6) and stabbed her in the skull. Calculum Infinity (District 3) picks up a rucksac that Makhala dropped and tries to pick up an axe that is inside the Cornucopia. He pauses and then grabs it, just in time to throw it at John Louis (District 10) who dies. Calculum runs out of the Cornucopia and into the wetlands but forgets pick his axe back up.

Ender Jackson (District 7) is killed by Jeramy Al (District 4) and Darren Castly (District 1). Channing Friendlie (District 12) is trying to kill Mariz Ganielle (District 11) with his bow and arrow. He suceeds but then Lucy Evans comes up behind him and stabs him in the face.

10 Cannons sound and that marks the end of the Bloodbath. The only tributes left are the Careers and Jason who are setting up camp near the edge of the ditch that faces the wetlands, and Lila who has managed to crawl into the woods.

Day 2

It is Day 2 and still early morning. Here is an update on all the tributes status:

Darren Castly, Kezaiah Bianca, Lucy Evans, Quinn Sparkles, Jeramy Al and Jason are all still camping with Darren on the lookout. They have many weapons and it seemed like a good choice for Jason to join them.

Aven Rosedain has made an alliance with Ford Dryden and they are camping out deep in the woods. Aven has managed to get a dagger and Ford managed to get a boomerang.

Lila Woods has no supplies or weapons and she has managed to climb a tree and sleep there. She has no alliance.

Benjamin Woodrew has a sword and hammer, he has no alliance but is camping out on the edge of the woods where he can keep and eye on the Careers. He forgot to get any supplies though so he might need to team up with some tributes and launch a raid on the Careers.

Ssithies Profane and Malliet Westmore have teamed up with Marley Sereno to protect him. They have only two weapons between them and they are two knives. They are currently near the edge of the arena in the forest.

Calculum Infinity is one of the few clever enough to go into the wetlands where he has plenty of food and water plus he is able to camp in a large bit of tall grass. The food in his rucksac isn't needed.

Now the other Career's are beginning to wake up and are thinking of setting off in search of tributes. Kezaiah Bianca takes the lead and Jeramy Al brings up the rear and they walk into the forest. Lila Woods is awoken by this noise and she goes to look what it is. Kezaiah is the first to notice her and she plunges a dagger into Lila's neck. BOOM! Benjamin watches all this in horror and has to remind himself that he couldn't just fight them all on his own.

Aven Rosedain and Ford Dryden have decided to walk back to the wetlands has they can't see any water source near them. They are walking closer and closer to the Careers!

It is Jason who spots Aven and Ford first and he alerts the others who smile and grab their weapons. Benjamin sees his chance and runs over to Aven and Ford. All three of them grab their weapons and Jason decides that this is the time to turn on the Careers so he starts fighting with Jeramy. Benjamin runs into combat with Darren Castly and Lucy Evans. Aven throws her knife at Kezaiah but she side steps it and she tries the same thing. Kezaiah's dagger finds Aven's heart. BOOM!

Aven's death is then revenged by Ford though and he be-heads Kezaiah with his boomerang! BOOM! Darren calls the Career's to retreat and they run back to their camp at the Cornucopia. Ford and Benjamin don't follow them but instead make up an alliance.

Day 3

Here is an update on the tributes:

The Careers are morning the loss of Kezaiah and they have gone into the wetlands for water. They have lots of supplies but there is no water in them, they also have lots of weapons.

Jason, Benjamin and Ford have travelled as far away from the Career's as possible and Ford is morning the loss of his secret love, Aven! They have set up camp and are sharing out some supplies as Benjamin has none! Their weapons include: A dagger (Jason's), a knife (Ford's), a sword(Benjamin's), a hammer (Benjamin's) and a boomerang (gotten from Aven).

Ssithies, Marley and Malliet have decide to go towards the wetlands because of their lack of supplies. They still have their two knives.

Calculum is the only tribute without an alliance and he is still camping out in the wetlands but he hears the Career's coming....

The Career's plunder through the wetlands and stop right near where Calculum is hiding in the reeds. He has no weapons but see's that Darren has his axe. Darren and Jeramy are arguing over Kezaiah's death and Darren says it was Jeramy's idea to go into the forest. Darren starts fighting with Jeramy and Jeramy can barely protect himself with a sickle against Darren's axe. Jeramy loses the fight and dies. BOOM!

The remaining Career's, Darren, Lucy and Quinn travel past Calculum without noticing him.

Day 4

Here is an update on the tributes:

The Careers are all camped out deep in the wetlands and have plenty of food and water now.

Calculum is running out of food supplies and has walked a little way to the edge of the wetlands where he can see the Cornucopia to find some more food and to see if there are any left over weapons there.

Jason, Ford and Benjamin have realised that their supplies wouldn't last them a day more and that they might have to fight for their food sometime soon. Ford spots Ssithies' alliance heading for the wetlands and he thinks that they should to.

Ssithies, Malliet and Marley really haven't made progress because they still have young Marley with them. So they decide to break off the alliance with Marley. Ssithies and Malliet continue to travel to the wetlands and Marley stays in a tree on the edge of the forest, he is the only tribute safe in the forest...

Day 5

As the games get a little boring the Gamemakers start to make them more exciting! Most of the tributes (excluding Marley) are in the wetlands with a steady supply of food and water! But all that is going to change...

The ditch that surronds the Cornucopia begins to rise and the water spills over, so does the ponds in the wetlands. Soon the water level is up to the tribute's knees and they realise something is wrong. Jason, Ford and Benjamin are the first to try and get out of the forest but Benjamin stops dead and falls to his knees... Darren's axe was in his back. Ford was enraged and threw his knife right into Darren's heart. BOOM! BOOM! Two dead.

Soon the water is up to neck level but Ford and Jason are already out of the wetlands and into the forest. Quinn and Lucy spot Malliet and Ssithies trying to keep their heads afloat. Lucy and Quinn are strong swimmers and they both try to drown Malliet and Ssithies. Marley sees this and he runs as fast as he can to help them. Ssithies was doing a good job at fighting off Lucy but Quinn was almost about to drown Malliet. Marley jumped on Quinn's back and dragged her down into the water, killing them both. BOOM! BOOM! Two more dead.

Calculum has only just realised whats happening when water mutts are released into the flood plain. They are almost invisible and move very fast. One of them wraps it's tenticles around Calculum's ankle and drags him down. BOOM! One dead.

Lucy is the only remaining Career and seeing this she flees from the fight with Ssithies and Malliet. All of the tributes are now in the forest, camping as far away from each other as possible. Five have died today!

Day 6


Lucy is high up in the tree. She has one remaining rucksac and the food can't feed her for more than two days. She has two knives and two swords (Darren's).

Ssithies and Malliet are morning the death of Marley and Ssithies thinks the death was all his fault. They have three rucksacs that has lots of food and they have a dagger between them.

Ford and Jason have no food now and no rucksacs but they do have the book that Benjamin gave them saying all the edible plants. They have an axe (Jason), a knife (Ford), a sword (Jason) and a boomerang (Ford).

The gamemakers have released Dragonfly mutts into the arena and they are like the size of buses. One of them turns on Ssithies and Malliet. The dragonfly goes for Malliet first but Ssithies gives Malliet the knife quickly. Seeing that Ssithies is unarmed the mutt turns on him and he is ripped to death. BOOM! Malliet throws the knife and the dragonfly mutt dies.

Lucy is untouched by the mutts.

Ford and Jason are fighting one dragonfly mutt. Ford and Jason win and the mutt flies away but it takes Aven's boomerange with Ford kept so safe.

Day 7


Every tribute has had something thats very dear to them or a fallen ally taken away from them.

Ford- Aven's boomerang

Jason- Benjamin's book

Lucy- Her weapons

Malliet- Ssithies


Day 8

Malliet woke with a start, today would be the day of the feast. Something bubbled up inside her, was it excitment? Was it dread? Was it that she could be reunited with Ssithies? She would have to go there to find out! She picked up her dagger and bravely walked to the Cornucopia.

Jason and Ford were sitting around with their stomach's nearly empty because they had no food. They both agree to go seperatly because this would be the final and they didn't want to end up killing each other! Jason sets off first with a hammer and a knife. Ford is only left with a sword that he doesn't know how to use.

Lucy is angry at the Gamemakers because they put her at a big disadvantage. Why would it matter to her to take home weapons?! It would only make the games harder to win! She jumped from the tree and ran up another tree at the edge of the forest facing the Cornucopia.

The ditch that surrounds the Cornucopia has been drained and buried around the Cornucopia are mines (the tributes don't know this though!). Jason is the first to try and get his small bag that contains the token of his ally, Benjamin. He has no idea about the mines and runs towards them. Then Lucy grabs a rock and hits Jason in the back of the head. BOOM!

Jason never reached the mines so none of the tributes know about them still. Lucy hops out of the tree and goes towards the Cornucopia. Ford and Malliet watch from opposite sides, both hesitating to fight her. Then an chain of explosions go off and Lucy is blown to bits. BOOM!

Ford walks out of the bushes at the same time Malliet does. They both look at each other and smile.....

Malliet looks over at her bag and then looks at Ford. He shakes his head and calmly says, "You lost Ssithies.... He could come back to you, that was never offered to me for Aven" And with that he leant on the tip of his sword and he died.

Malliet looked shocked and then went to her bag... Instead of a letter from an alive Ssithies she found his torn limbs... The Gamemakers has lied, they had literally given her Ssithies. But they gave her his dead body, chopped into bits. She cried as she was pulled into the hovercraft.


You might have forgotten that when a tribute kills somebody, their energy is drained and they feel pain too! But if the tribute doesn't kill anybody that day then they get a status upgrade. This is a status check up on each alive tributes energy! If your tribute is injured but didn't kill anybody then their status is average, if your tribute didn't kill anyone and is unharmed then their status is above average, if your tribute killed somebody then their status is below average and if your tribute killed two or more tributes then they are weak. This only lasts for a day though and after that day their normal energy will be restored.

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