Hi there guys!

So my first Pain Games went so well that I'm going to make another (and another..... And another.... Until the demand for them dies out really). For all of those new fans to the Pain Games heres what happens:

The Pain Games are the same as a normal Hunger Games except the fact that if your tribute kills another tribute then they have their energy drained and they feel equal pain but don't die. Hense the name, The Pain Games!


Tributes are the things that make the games happen and they are the most popular position! Its awsome to be a tribute and this year I actually might make a tribute for myself (no I will not make myself win!).

Name Age District Gender
Cariettum Downstreet 13 1 Girl
Excel Rose 12 1 Boy
Marla Kantoon 18 2 Girl
Nayl Kertzmin 17 2 Boy
Tiffany Gomez 13 3 Girl
Rockey Dean 18 3 Boy
Rose Juna Ice 12 4 Girl
Samuel Lamar 14 4 Boy
Mollianne Westmore 16 5 Girl
Luke de Winter 12 5 Boy
Missy Frias ?? 6 Girl
Louise Woodrew 14 6 Boy
Roxie Falnt 17 7 Girl
Jave Salazar 18 7 Boy
Lily Williams 16 8 Girl
Michael 18 8 Boy
Bianca Van Gough 15 9 Girl
Son Dim 16 9 Boy
Danica Rosedain 16 10 Girl
Ryan Bransfield 14 10 Boy
Sage Calun 13 11 Girl
Nick Turner 16 11 Boy
Violet Willowshire 17 12 Girl
Schill Evansclaire 18 12 Boy

Other Positions

Yes there are also other things you can be in these games!


Gamemakers really help me with ideas for the Pain Games! They are probably the most important position (except for the tributes) in order to make these games happen!

Rped By: Position
Rainbow Shifter Head Gamemaker
Justafox Senior Gamemaker
Rainfacestar Senior Gamemaker
Glimmerandsparkle Assistant Gamemaker


Stylists have to make the costumes for the chariot rides and thats really all they do! But its a really fun position and you get to show off your creativity!

Name District Rped by:
Canie Cane 1 Polinarose
Elise Fortenberry 2 AstonMoioLover
Al Shifter 3 Italicos
Ella Portette 4 Polinarose
Carly June May 5 Polinarose
Maya Adams 6 KEWLBEN
Ivette Jeffrie 7 Glimmerandsparkle
Rhylynn Jameson 8 LadyKatniss
Ingrid Yunix 9 Rainbow Shifter
Abagail Tan 10 AshtonMoioLover
Karina Barreto 11 Jodasalz1129
Luna Pepperwick 12 KEWLBEN


Mentors are meant to help out their tributes. So if you are a mentor then you can find out who owns your tributes and talk tactics with them! Also there will be mini interviews with each mentor! The past winner: Malliet Westmore will be mentoring this year.

Name District Rped by:
Unix Utermunch 1 Rainbow Shifter
Charlotte Evans 2 NerdDFTBA
Zoey 3 Mrweare121
Brandon Marble 4 Thresh45
Malliet Westmore 5 MallietDistrict2
Alex Ryan 6 KEWLBEN
Idrial Waterwave 7 Theworldscolliding
James 8 Heavyweaponsguy
Annabelle Frias 9 AstonMoioLover
Brundon Acres 10 MallietDistrict2
Lillian Leinblade 11 LilannaDistrict11
Hanna 12 Galefan


Weapon Demand
Sword 7
Knife/ Dagger 7
Spear 2
Bow and Arrow 5
Hammer 1
Boomerang 2
Whip 2
Axe 5
Sickle 3
Blow Gun 4


These are the costumes for the Chariot Rides ONLY!

District 1

Girl: """


District 2

District 3

Boy-He wears a GOld metal suit that lights up and flashes small laser beams of different colors.He wears a silver metal boots and he also wears a Silver crown that matches his silver hair.It also flashes small laser beams of different colors

Girl-A silver dress that flashes rainbow colored LEDs.She wears gold boots that sparkles and she wears a majestic gold crown that glows and makes her red hair looks like on fire.

Other:The chariot itself is floating and shoots LED lights everywhere.It is decorated with Sparkles and Glitters of different colors.

District 4




District 5

Girl: """


District 6


He wears a Dark Green Jet wings on his arms and 2 jet wheels on his feet. He Wears Dark Green Jacket,Shirt and Pants. He holds A laser (which is mistaken as a missle) and Lasers the Crowds which has colorful lights that is like a rainbow.

Make up: Painted with dark green but has a headlight on top of his head the crowd can see his face..


She Wears A Stewardess Suit Which is Color Blue and She will Ride on the back of the boy.. She will throw Missles at the crowd and inside of it is Confetti and Sparkly Things.

Make Up: Normal Fashion Girl Make-up..

Other: Their Chariot has a design of clouds... and other things that can be seen on the sky.

Opinion: stewardess in a jet.. Pretty odd right??

District 7

District 8

Girl: Wearing a gown made out of multi colored quilts. Headress is a veil made out of a quilt

Boy: Quilt tux

District 9

These costumes will focus mainly on the actual collecting of the grain rather than past stylists who have focused on the grain itself.

Girl: She will be dressed as a grain collector. Her face will look like she has bits of grain on her and we will do this by putting gold dust all around her.

Boy: He will not be wearing any top but will wear torn and ragged pants to show that he is a grain cutter. In one hand will be a scyth and a sack slung over his shoulder. Half way through the ride the sack will burst open and inside it will be gold dust that showers the Capitol audience.

The chariot itself will look like a supply wagon with very old looking and wooden wheels. The horses that pull it will be very grand and strong though. They will be black (unlike the usualy grain coloured) so the gold dust will show up on them more.

District 10

District 11

The Girl Is Wearing A Revealing Dress Made From The Hide Of A Goat With Furry Boots And An Antler-Decalled Hat

The Boy Is Wearing A Leather Hide Trenchcoat And Cowboy Boots. He Is Also Wearing A Pair Of Shades That Projects Nature Scenes Across The Stadium.

Their Chariot Is Black And Shiny And Is Covered With Hay And Feathers. The Wheels Are Huge, Chrome And Shoot Confetti And Glitter To The Audience.

District 12


Different Minerals patched in a Black cloth Yellow Coal Miner Hat.With Golden Pickaxe

Make up (both):

at the side of the face there are coal dusts.

Other:They will throw Dynamites at the crowd and when it explodes Gold,Silver,and Chromite. Will appear..

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