Right so this is the page where the Gamemakers for my 2nd Pain Games come and splash around some ideas! The only people that should be posting here are:






There is a small island with water mutts surrounding it in the water. On the middle of the island is an active volcano and on the rim of the volcano is where the tributes will be lauched. The Cornucopia is near the volcano and the only way to get away from the volcano and to the Cornucopia is through a tunnel of mazes which the tribute must master.



Terrifying Water Mutts.

Day 1

The Bloodbath, maybe about 12 will die this year because of the volcano.

Day 2

Normal day so 1 or no deaths

Day 3

The Careers find some horses that they use to move faster and they kill two or three tributes today.

Day 4

Another normal day with the Careers running around with their horses trying to find more tributes to kill. The Careers haven't really thought this through though because everytime they come near a tribute they hide because the horses are pretty easy to hear.

Day 5

A tribute finds this cute little animal that doesn't turn out to be so cute and pushes the tribute (and whatever alliance they have) into the lava.

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