So this is where the Chariot Rides, the Training Scores and the Interviews will be. They will be posted in that order and I hope you guys all enjoy!

Chariot Rides

Welcome to the Second Pain Games opening Chariot Rides!!

First out is Cariettum Downstreet and Excel Rose from District 1 in their chariot! Cariettum is wearing a tight fitted pink dress with diamonds down the front. Excel is wearing a pink blazer with pink pants. They both look stunning!

Next comes District 2's Marla Cantoon and Nayl Kertzmin wearing... Nothing! No literally nothing because their stylist never designed anything! This is a first never have we seen a Career District not go down well with the public!

Hoping to be more decent is District 3 and their tributes Tiffany Gomez and Rockey Dean. Rockey is wearing a gold suit that shoots lights at the crowd. His hair has been dyed silver and you can just make out a silver crown on his head. Tiffany is wearing some sort of silver dress that starts to shoot rainbow coloured lasers! The gold crown makes her hair look like it is on fire and her gold shoes sparkle with the light. Even the chariot itself has been decorated with glitters and sparkles plus it is also shooting laser. And- no it can't be- the chariot is floating!

The next District out of the doors is the tributes from District 4: Rose Juna Ice and Samuel Lamar. Rose is wearing an ocean blue dress and some beach sandles whilst Samuel is wearing a white top and blue shorts. Around his neck is some sort of necklace with seashells attached.

Next is District 5 and their tributes Mollianne Westmore and Luke de Winter. Mollianne is wearing a tight fitted black leather dress and bright yellow skinny pants. Luke is right next to her wearing a yellow top with a leather jacket and tight jeggings.

And out comes District 6's Missy Frias and Louise Woodrew who really light up the rides! Missy is wearing an outfit that looks like a stewardess outfit and she is sat on top of Louise. He is wearing green jet wings on his arms and wheels on his feet. Both of them are pointing rainbow lasers at the crowd (they think this is a copy of District 3). Their chariot is shaped like a plane and clouds around.

Out comes Roxy Flant and Jave Salazar from District 7 who are looking embaressed. They are both wearing nothing at all! Not the first time tonight either...

Hoping to be a little better are Lily Williams and Michael of District 8. Lily is wearing a gown made of quilts of different colours and a quilt veil. Michael is just wearing a plain quilt tuxedo. These costumes might be a little plain but they are both beautifully made.

District 9 comes next and that chariot carries Bianca Van Gough and Son Dim. This stylist has wanted to focus on the collecting of grain rather than grain itself. We can see this because Bianca is dressed as a grain collector and has gold dust all round her and some grain on her face. Son is stood with his back to her and he is wearing torn pants and nothing on top. In one hand is a scythe and a sack is slung over his shoulder. The sack then bursts open and showers the Capitol crowd with gold dust. The chariot is designed like a wagon with black horses so that the gold dust will show up more on them. Designed by Rainbow Shifter

Hoping to be better than that is the District 10 tributes Danica Rosedain and Ryan Bransfield. They are both wearing nothing and the Capitol crowd lets out many groans... They have seen too much of the tributes today.

Next is the District 11 tributes who are Sage Calun and Nick Turner. Sage is wearing a dress made from a hide of goat that is very revealing and on her head is a hat made from antlers. Nick is wearing a leather hide drenchcoat and cowboy boots. He is wearing sunglasses that start to project all different natural scences across the track. The wheels on the chariot shoot confetti and sparkles at the audience (they think this is a copy of District 9).

Lastly is Violet Willowshire and Schill Evansclaire from District 12. Both of them are wearing traditional black suits and a yellow hat. In Schill's hand is a pickaxe and they throw dianamites at the crowd that burst with confetti (the audience groan at this because stylists have copied each other).

And that concludes the end of our Chariot Rides!

Order of appeal!

1. District 3

2. District 9

3. District 11

4. District 8

5. District 1

6. District 4

7. District 5

8. District 12

9. District 6

10. District 2

11. District 7

12. District 10

Training Scores!

Please don't shout at me if your tribute gets a rubbish score! I have to give some of the tributes bad scores otherwise the games just wouldn't be fun. Plus there is always the chance that they could win because on the 1st Pain Games the tribute who won got a decent but not amazing score of 7! Also there was a tribute who had a training score of 5 and he came 6th.

Cariettum Downstreet- 7

Excel Rose- 8

Marla Cantoon- 10

Nayl Kertzmin- 9

Tiffany Gomez- 5

Rickey Dean- 7

Rose Juna Ice- 6

Samuel Lamar- 9

Mollianne Westmore- 6

Luke de Winter- 8

Missy Frias- 4

Louise Woodrew- 9

Roxie Falnt- 7

Jave Salazar- 9

Lily Williams- 8

Michael- 9

Bianca Van Gough- 7

Son Dim- 6

Danica Rosedain- 9

Ryan Bransfield- 6

Sage Calun- 5

Nick Turner- 7

Violet Willowshire- 7

Schill Evansclaire- 7



Caeser: Hello and welcome to the 2nd Pain Games! First we have District 1's female tribute.... Cariettum Downstreet!!!

Cariettum: Oh gosh its only silly little me!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: Yes, yes it is! Now tell me something Cariettum... You are from District 1 and there are usually voulenteers from there, why weren't there any this year? Instead your district let a thirteen year old go into the games.

Cariettum: All I have to say to that is this: They know I'm capable!


Caeser: I don't doubt that for a second! So whats your best weapon?

Cariettum: Well it has to be the bow and arrow!

Caeser: Well best of luck Cariettum Downstreet!!! Next is the male from District 1... Give it up for Excel Rose!!!

Excel: Yes I'm here!

Caeser: You certainly are! Now tell me about your costume at the chariot rides!

Excel: Well I don't usually wear pink... In public!

(cries of laughter from the crowd and Caeser)

Caeser: You're certainly very funny!

Excel: Well I EXCEL in everything I do.

Caeser: Oh I believe so! Ladies and gentlemen its Excel Rose!!! Next is District 2 and their female... Marla Kantoon!!!

Marla: Thats me.

Caeser: Yes it is! So whats your strategy for the games?

Marla: Stay away from the Careers.

Caeser: And you think you can win like that?

Marla: Perhaps...

Caeser: And thats all we have time for! Next up is her district partner... Nayl Kertzmin!!!

Nayl: Yes, yes! Let me ask you a question Caeser...

Caeser: Well its usually the other way round but go ahead!

(nervous laughs)

Nayl: Do you actually like any of the tributes?

Caeser: Do you like any of the tributes?

Nayl: I hate everyone in these games... Killing them will be easy.

Caeser: We shall see! Laides and gentlemen its Nayl Kertzmin!!! Next is the female of District 3: Tiffany Gomez!

Tiffany: Well you see Caeser, you didn't really use proper english grammar there did you?

Caeser: Oh you sound like my mother! Tell me about yourself Tiffany.

Tiffany: No, I'll tell you OF myself.

Caeser: I think you'll find thats not correct either Tiffany!

Tiffany: Oh course it is! I know everything there is to know. Just ask my teacher that time when I solved a question that was far beyond my understanding and and just ask my daddy about the time I invented-

Caeser: And it looks like you're out of time! Quick somebody shut her up!! Next is District 3's male tribute... Rickey Dean!!

Rickey: Wow so annoying!

Caeser: You think so?

Rickey: Oops! Did I actually say that outloud?

Caeser: Isn't it aloud?

(laughter from crowd)

Rickey: I don't think you want another discussion about grammar do you?

Caeser: And there is unfortunatly no more time for discussion with you, Rickey Dean!!! Next, all the way from District 4 is Rose Juna Ice!!!

Rose: Hi Caeser!

Caeser: Hello Rose. What would you say is your best skill?

Rose: Hard to say... I have so many! I would have to say the knife throwing though.

Caeser: Knife throwing? Very nice.

Rose: Yeah but it is kinda tricky to get the angle just right when you're running for your life!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: We unforntunatly don't have time for a knife throwing lesson today! Next is the District 4 male... Samuel Lamar!!!

Samuel: Hello

Caeser: Now tell me about home Samuel.

Samuel: I was abused by my parents... Then I ran away and became a fisherman. Truth is though I never really trained that much as a Career!

Caeser: Oh thats unlucky... But you still managed to get a 9 in training.

Samuel: I could have gotten a higher score if I was able to train.

Caeser: Well best of luck to you Samuel Lamar!!! Next from District 5 is Mollianne Westmore.

Mollianne: Oh hello!

Caeser: Wow! You look a lot like your sister don't you? How do you feel about you being picked?

Mollianne: Well two things: Its a fix and they should really change the motto: "May the odds be ever in your favour". Well they aren't in my family!

Caeser: No I suppose they aren't! Unlike your sister though you don't have any "secret loves" in these Pain Games.

Mollianne: Oh but I do!

Caeser: Well I suppose the odds aren't in your favour! Best of luck to you. Next is the male tributue from District 5... Luke de Winter!!!

Luke: Woop! Hello to the Capitol.

Caeser: And they say hello to you! So whats your opinion on Mollianne?

Luke: She is awsome! But you know it is kind of awful that the Westmore family have to watch one of their children go into the games again.

Caeser: Yes it is! Does that mean you have feelings for her?

Luke: Well she is a twin...

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: And thats all we have time for so best of luck Luke de Winter!!! Next from District 6 is Missy Frias!

Missy: Thats me!

Caeser: And don't we know it! You look fabulous tonight, a lot better then when you were on top of Louise Woodrew in the Chariot rides!

Missy: Yeah... Awkward!

Caeser: It wasn't much comfortable for the rest of us. What do you think of this years tributes?

Missy: Some of them seem to be related to dead tributes from last year.

Caeser: Unforntunatly we can't go into detail about that... Next is the male tribute from District 6... Louise Woodrew!!!

Louise: Hey.

Caeser: Hi Louise. So you voulenteered this year, tell me why when your brother died last year.

Louise: That is why I voulenteered. I want to avenge his death... Or at least kill the District 1 boy this year.

Caeser: So what would be your tactic in these games?

Louise: Wait and see until the end of the show!

Caeser: We can't wait! Good luck Louise Woodrew!!! Up next from District 7 is their female tribute.... Roxie Flant!!!

Roxie: Thats my name, don't wear it out!

Caeser: So tell me about yourself, Roxie.

Roxie: I live with a pretty big and rich family. My brother was reaped a couple of years ago and now I am in the Pain Games.... Simple really!

Caeser: Oh I do feel for you and your family Roxie. Did you love your brother?

Roxie: Of course I did! Did you love your brother?

Caeser: Okay best of luck Roxie Flant!!! Next from District 7 is Jave Salazar!!!

Jave: Errr... Hmm....... Hello.

Caeser: A bit nervous?

Jave: Slightly.......... Sorry what are we talking about?

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: You are telling us about yourself!

Jave: Well I.... Errr..... I like computers and I know a bit about them...... I'm... Errr, no District 3 though.

Caeser: Laides and Gentlemen, Jave Salazar!!!! Next is District 8's female tribute... Lily Williams!!!

Lily: Why hello there Caeser!

Caeser: Hello Lily. Now tell me about your training score, that was a big surprise to me as you look so innocent!

Lily: Do I? Thats a first!

Caeser: What are your skills though?

Lily: I'm like a ninja, like with ninja stars and all that.

Caeser: Haha! Best of luck Lily Williams! Next is the male tribute from District 8... Michael!!!!

Michael: Hi.

Caeser: Now Michael you seem familiar.

Michael: I would be seeming as I'm Jason's brother who died last year.

Caeser: But wasn't he from District 9? How did that happen?

Michael: I moved when he died.

Caeser: Well best of luck Michael! From District 9 its their female tribute.... Bianca Van Gough!!!

Bianca: Can I come on stage now?

Caeser: Yes yes please do! Now tell me about your training score and your skills.

Bianca: What else is there to say other than the Gamemakers don't see potential? I mean I'm awsome, the knives and the bow and arrow thing that I did.... I can't tell anyone about it can I?

Caeser: Those are the rules Bianca!


Bianca: Who makes the rules? Thats what I'd like to know as its really not fair that many tributes are related to last years. I second Louise's comment.... Wait and see!

Caeser: Times up! Next is District 9's male.... Son Dim!!!

Son: Yo!

Caeser: Yes yo! Now son we'd all like to know about your special skills!

Son: Well I am epic at kung fu!!! Hiiiya.... Plus I have an axe.

(ripples of laughter from crowd)

Caeser: Everytime I try to do kung fu I look like I'm having a heart attack.

(cries of laughter from crowd)

Son: Oh Caeser.... You're just too funny!

Caeser: I am, aren't I?! It was a pleasure talking to you Son Dim!!! Now for the female tribute from District 10... Danica Rosedain!!!

Danica: Hello

Caeser: Wow you look just like your sister... Very pretty!

Danica: Thats what they all say!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: Just like your sister then! Now tell me something about this "BIG" alliance that has been floating around. Do you have something to do with it?

Danica: Yes, I helped to set it up! It includes the tributes from District 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11!

Caeser: Wow! Thats a pretty big alliance.

Danica: Yes thats what I'm afraid of. I think that the Gamemakers might kill most of us off in the bloodbath....

Caeser: Well I wish you the best of luck Danica Rosedain!!! Also from District 10 is.... Ryan Bransfield!!!

Ryan: Hello Caeser! I feel like I've known you forever... I hope that doesn't sound too creepy.

Caeser: Its understandable! I've been doing this for at least 20 years running... But the Capitol don't know about you.

Ryan: Well I can use a bow and arrow and that got me a 9 in training.

Caeser: Now I can't ask you what you did in training but what do you think the gamemakers thought of it?

Ryan: I think they thought I was annoying.... Annoying must mean good then, entertaining most probably!

Caeser: And thats all we have time for, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ryan Bransfield!!! The female tribute from District 11 is next... Sage Calun!!!

Sage: Wow! Its so nice to finally be here.

Caeser: Really? Some of the tributes tonight have been pure Capitol bashing.


Sage: Well not me! The Capitol is so different from anything in the districts.... The technology is so.... I don't have words for it!

Caeser: There are lots of different things in different districts.

Sage: Oh I'd love to see them!

Caeser: Well what you do is win these games and then you get to tour everywhere! Its been a pleasure speaking to you, Sage Calun!!! Next, also from District 11 is Nick Turner!!!

Nick: Hello, hello, hello!

Caeser: Welcome to the Capitol! Now don't tell me you are some distant relative of a fallen tribute!

Nick: No I'm not! I was one of Ford Dryden's best friends... You know the guy who gave his life so that District 5 could win.

Caeser: I think we all remember that one.... Very sad.

Nick: You never even knew him! But don't worry, I'm a part of the "Big Alliance" and the Capitol is going down!

Caeser: Annnd thats all we have time for! From District 12 its Violet Willowshire!!!!

Violet: I like singing! Hehe, I'm random!

Caeser: Errr yeah.... Looks like we've got a crazy one this year!


Violet: I am not crazy!

Caeser: Don't worry, we believe you.

Violet: Okay maybe I am a little bit....


Caeser: Well best of luck Violet Willowshire!!!! Last is the male tribute from District 12... Schill Evansclaire!!!

Schill: Hi ladies!

(screams from the female part of the crowd)

Caeser: Well I'm not a lady!

(laughs from crowd and Schill)

Schill: Well when you decide to become one.... Give me a call.


Caeser: Schill you are such a charmer! But how are you going to charm yourself out of these games?

Schill: I am just gonna sickle my way out of them.


Caeser: Its been a pleasure speaking to you Schill Evansclaire!!! Ladies and Gentlemen thats all we have time for and goo- Oh whats happening?

(All of the tributes from District 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 come onto the stage, with Mollianne, Louise, Danica and Nick at the front. They all stand there in front of the entire Capitol until a bunch of Peacekeepers drag them off. Every screen in Panem has seen this...)


If you have a mentor then this is the time to put your "Mentor Skills" into power! Each mentor must contact the people who have their tributes and discuss tactics with them. Then each mentor must post the tactics onto my Talk Page by 15th May!

Part 3

Part 3 will be writen either today (16th May GBT) or tomorrow (17th May GBT)!!!

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