Now this is it! Sorry if I've been ages preparing for this or anything but I had a lot on! I no longer have a lot on because I am ill and off school so I can now do this properly.


Name District Killed by Ranking
Missy Frias 6 Luke de Winter 24th
Jave Salazar 7 Luke de Winter 23rd
Violet Willowshire 12 Luke de Winter 22nd
Schill Evansclaire 12 Mollianne Westmore 21st
Sage Calun 11 Excel Rose 20th
Rose Juna Ice 4 Danica Rosedain 19th
Tiffany Gomez 3 Nayl Kertzmin 18th
Samuel Lamar 4 Louise Woodrew 17th
Rickey Dean 3 Nick Turner 16th
Ryan Bransfield 10 Excel Rose and Cariettum Downstreet 15th
Marla Kantoon 2 Water Mutts 14th
Lily Williams 8 Mollianne Westmore 13th
Luke de Winter 5 Louise Woodrew 12th
Roxie Flant 7 Son Dim and Bianca van Gough 11th
Nayl Kertzmin 2 Danica Rosedain 10th
Louise Woodrew 6 Jason+Volcano 9th
Son Dim 9 Volcano 8th
Bianca Van Gough 9 Volcano 7th
Mollianne Westmore 5 Cariettum Downstreet 6th
Nick Turner 11 Cariettum Downstreet 5th
Cariettum Downstreet 1 Danica Rosedain 4th
Michael 8 Danica Rosedain 3rd
Danica Rosedain 10 Mollianne Mutt 2nd

Yeah I'm sorry if your tribute dies or anything! There is going to be another Pain Games so you could enter that one too! :D

And the Winner is....

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2nd Pain Games!

Name District Owner
Excel Rose 1 Prezziesnow

Day 1

The arena is a small island surrounded by water. The tributes are all circled on the edge of an active volcano. To their left is the Cornucopia and to their right is a Maze, Dotted all around these two landmarks are tall trees and some ponds.

Just before the gong is about to go, Luke de Winter (District 5) throws his token over to some tributes. The mines go off and about three are dead. They are Missy Frias (District 6), Jave Salazar (District 7) and Violet Willowshire (District 12). Then the gong goes.

Schill Evansclaire (District 12) runs straight for Luke de Winter because he killed his district partner. Mollianne Westmore (District 5) then runs in front of Luke and shoots an arrow at Schill who dies. Mollianne takes Luke and they both run down next to the volcano where they hoped to meet the rest of their alliance members.

Excel Rose (District 1) runs straight to a sword. He picks it up just in time to see Sage Calun (District 11) running for a pack. Excel quickly slits Sage's throat. Cariettum Downstreet (District 1) then walks over to Excel and they high- five each other.

Marla Kantoon (District 2) runs over and collects a knife, a backpack and runs over to the maze.

Lily Williams (District 8) runs to get a sleeping bag but Roxie Falnt (District 7) kicks her in the head and gets there first. Michael (District 8) helps Lily up, gets a pack and an axe and runs over to Luke and Mollianne.

Danica Rosedain (District 10) picks up a knife and a blowgun and kills Rose Juna Ice (District 4) by shooting a dart in her neck. She then runs to the others near to bottom of the volcano.

Nayl Kertzmin (District 2) runs over to Excel and Cariettum with a sword in his hand. They are standing over some packs full of food and water. He kills Tiffany Gomez (District 3) by slicing open her neck. Samuel Lamar (District 4) runs towards the Careers but he is killed by Louise Woodrew (District 6) who is carrying a sword, axe and some food. Louise goes to the Big Alliance.

Bianca Van Gough (District 9) and Son Dim (District 9) grab an axe and a knife plus a sleeping bag and some water and run in the opposite direction to their alliance members. Nayl Kertzmin takes off after them but Excel and Cariettum don't run to help him.

Nick Turner (District 11) runs around the Cornucopia, so the Careers can't see him and collects as many knives as he can and picks up two packs full with medical supplies. He spots Rickey Dean (District 3) running around and then he throws a knife at him, killing him. Nick runs to his alliance.

Ryan Bransfield (District 10) is surrounded by Excel and Cariettum who are carrying weapons. Danica runs to help him but the Careers don't see her. Ryan shakes his head and points to the food. Danica nods and picks up some of the food whilst the Careers start cutting off Ryan's limbs.

There are 10 BOOMS of the cannon

Here is a status update on all the tributes:

Excel Rose and Cariettum Downstreet are staying at the Cornucopia with lots of weapons but some supplies.

Luke de Winter, Mollianne Westmore, Michael, Lily Williams, Danica Rosedain, Louise Woodrew, Nick Turner have set up camp at the base of the volcano. They have at least one weapon each but lots of supplies.

Bianca Van Gough and Son Dim can not rest because they are being chased down by Nayl Kertzmin. Bianca and Son both have weapons and one sleeping bag. Nayl only has his sword.

Roxie Falnt has only a sleeping bag and is resting in the maze.

Marla Kantoon has one knife and a bag containing medical supplies. She is at the edge of the island where she can get a steady supply of water.

Day 2

Excel and Cariettum woke up early and started to make their way near the maze and the forest of pine trees.

Nayl rested in a tree for the night but Bianca and Son thought he was still chasing them so they didn't rest all night!

The Big Alliance members have started to have some disagreements. Luke, Lily, and Michael are verbally fighting with the others. Louise can't take it any more and he has taken a sack with food and water in, a sack with a sleeping bag and some medical supplies, an sword and an axe and he has broken away from the alliance. The others didn't even notice that he had gone.

Marla is still sitting by the beach when he hears Son and Bianca run along. She knew that they would be pursued by Careers so she hid in the water for a bit... BIG MISTAKE! In the water are things with large eyes, a body with sharp horns on it and three sets of teeth. Marla couldn't miss them, especially when they took a bite out of her body... BOOM

Roxie is still camped inside the maze, she thought that she would be safe there because no other tribute would go into a maze.

Day 3

Excel and Caiettum have started to look around for Nayl and they eventually found three horses. They are riding two of them and the third they use to carry their supplies. These horses will help them to track down and kill more tributes.

Nayl has given up on searching for Son and Bianca now but them two have gone into the maze.

Roxie has decided to move deeper into the maze, she has figured out by now that she probably won't be able to get out but her food supplies should last her a few more days.

BOOM! In the night Lily was killed. The rest of the alliance wake up to find her body gone but the other thing that is missing is Luke. Mollianne decided that they should all split up now because the atmosphere was getting too much. Danica and Nick have set off together to try and climb back up to the volcano, Mollianne has gone on her own to search for Luke and Michael has travelled into the maze.

Louise had been up all night and was thinking about going back into the Big Alliance. But when Luke stumbled into him later that day, he didn't hesitate to raise his axe. The last thing that Luke heard was, "You killed Missy." and he was dead. BOOM!

Mollianne didn't know that the cannon was Luke's and she kept walking into the pine woods. Closer and closer to the Career and their horses.....

Day 4

Cariettum and Excel got the letter from their mentor and started tracking down Louise. Nayl has been very intrepid by not actually trying to make any noise. He has been pilaging through the pine forest until he finally met up with the other Careers.

Louise has made his way up onto the edge of the volcano and he plans to stay there for the remainder of the games.

Danica and Nick haven't spoken since they both were awake. The Capitol think that they might break off their alliance before it gets to the final 6. They are both walking towards the Careers.

Son and Bianca have found Roxie asleep and they both killed her before she could wake. BOOM!

Mollianne is still walking in the same direction but she broke down crying when she got her sister's letter. She then tried to go back the way she came when three horses blocked her way. Nayl raised his sword and was about to bring it down on her head when suddenly a dart flew into his neck. BOOM! The dart belonged to Danica who was rushing over with Nick. Nick pounced on Excel but as he lept into the air Excel plunged a sword into his stomach and ran away with Cariettum and their horses. Nick wasn't dead but he was in extreme pain and Mollianne has decided to be in an alliance with them again.

Michael has been given a sickle sword by some sponsers and he is now bordering the volcano looking for easy victims. Instead he finds Louise....

Day 5

Louise doesn't see Michael, instead he carries on staring into the slowly bubbling lava of the volcano. Michael grips his sword tightly and is aboutt to come up behind Louise when he grabs a hammer and knocks Michael off his feet! It all happened so quickly that the Capitol need a slow motion replay. It is now Louise that stands over Michael with a hammer in hand. Suddenly the volcano rumbles and slowly starts to spill over. While Louise was distracted, Michael kicked him in the chest and ran away whilst Louise was engulfed by lava and flames. BOOM!

Mollianne was awaken by the loud rumble and she quickly woke Nick and Danica. Nick's leg seemed to have helped up because of the medicine his sponsor's gave him but he can't walk properly. All three of them grab their supplies and run to the beach.

Son and Bianca also see the smoke in the distance but they are trapped! The maze is near impossible to get out of and the volcano slowly kills the both of them as they held hands. BOOM! BOOM!

Excel and Cariettum were also woke because of the volcano but they didn't panic as they were camping on the beach. The District 1's grabbed their weapons and waited for the rest of the tributes to fall into their trap.

Mollianne is the first one that starts into a run with Danica behind her but Nick can't run properly and soon falls behind. Mollianne and Danica run to the beach and turn around in time to see Nick struggling towards them. Danica has a theory that the lava flow might stop at the tree line and not continue onto the beach. Suddenly Mollianne falls onto her knees and looks at Danica with blank grey eyes. There is a knife in her back and Cariettum is smiling a couple of meters away. BOOM! She then throws another knife into the trees and Nick's body is quickly smothered by flames. BOOM! Danica throws three knives in rapid sucession of each other and all three find a part of Cariettum's body. BOOM! She then runs away before Excel finds her.

Michael runs onto the beach and rubs some water onto his back where some minor burns are. He is away from Excel and Danica but he is the nearest to the Cornucopia which explodes into flames....

Day 6

Michael screamed... BIG mistake! Excel is drawn to the scream like any other good Career should do. His eyes were wild as the adrenaline pumped through his body and the veins almost popped out of his hand he gripped his sword that tightly. Finally he saw Michael, rolling on the floor whilst trying to smother the Gamemaker made flames.

"You... Kiilled.... Cariettum!" Gasped Excel when Michael lept to his feet. Even though Michael was slightly puzzled he resisted the urge to scratch his head to mock the last career.

"Wait so who is left?"

"That.... District 10... COWGIRL!" Excel spat and gripped the sword even tighter.

"I didn't kill Cariettum." Michael said calmly and ran his fingers through his hair, "How about we team up? Just like last year... Good times!"

"Whatever. When we kill cowgirl... I kill you."

"Whatever!" Michael said whilst trying to resist the urge to drive a knife through Excel's eye.

The two boys tramped through the burnt and crisp undergrowth, looking for any signs of Danica "cowgirl" Rosedain. After a couple of hours they had no luck but Excel wouldn't give up and ever time Michael tried to rest Excel punched him in the back (exactly where the burns were).

Meanwhile Danica was slowly walking towards the Cornucopia and if she carried on this route then she would eventually meet up with Excel and Michael. Suddenly there was a rustle in the burnt and ash grey bush. She froze. Then a monkey jumped out, baring its teeth and looking at her with blank grey eyes.... Blank grey eyes.

Danica screamed. So did the Mollianne mutt. Danica was scared but she didn't raise her sword even though she knew that the others would be rushing over as fast as they could. Eventually they did but it was Michael who Danica saw first. She got her knife and threw it into his chest even though tears were welling up in her eyes. Michael pulled the knife out of his shoulder because it missed his heart by inches. He looked at her with wild eyes and drew his sword then rushed at Danica. He had gotten so close that he was inches from her. He was about to slash her with his curved sword but then she plumedged a short knife right into his heart. BOOM!

Excel was suddenly visable leaning against a tree. He clapped slowly and said, "Very good. Now its just you and me cowgirl."

Danica looked him straight in the eye and said cooly, "My name is Danica." And with that she ran at him with Michael's sword. Excel lept back and drew two swords and started aiming for Danica's head but she blocked his shots with her sword.

As soon as Danica blocked the first blows Excel headbutted her and she drew away, her nose streamming with blood. Excel came right after her and went to drive both swords through her chest at the same time. But just as he was going in for the kill Danica got out three differently shaped knives and threw them at him with frightening accuracy. One landed in his eye, another hit his shoulder and the other one got lodged in his knee. Whilst Excel was screaming in pain, Danica knew that he had let his guard down so she went to drive her sword straight into his stomach but she heard a screech. It was the Mollianne mutt, a tentacle had come out of the sea and was starting to pull the Mollianne mutt away. Danica kept trying to tell herself that its just a mutt. Its just a mutt. Its just a mutt. But the screams seemed so real, like what actually happened when she died... And the sobs sounded just like the sobs Mollianne made when she drove the knife into Lily's heart....

Danica couldn't take it anymore. She ran out onto the beach and started pulled the monkey away from the water mutt but suddenly the screaming from Excel stopped. Then there was a whole different screaming that Danica hear... And it was her's! Excel had thrown both of his swords and they were stuck between both her shoulder blades. The Mollianne mutt jumped onto Danica's chest, kissed her head and slit her throat with its claws. BOOM! The mutt had given her a short, painless death unlike the one she would have had with Excel as an opponent.

Write a letter

'For a couple of hours today you guys will be able to play the mentor!!! What you do is write some sort of letter to your tribute (or any alliance that they are in) giving them instrictions. I will make sure that your tribute follows those instrictions in Day 4. You could even write a letter if you are dead! You could write it to a member of your alliance or your district partner. I hope you'll enjoy this little feature!!!!!!!!'

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