So hello there all you crazy people and welcome to another Pain Games. Now you're probably not reading the introduction as you're probabaly mesmorised by the twist... So lets begin:


So this year is a Quater Quell and the arena will be huuuge to hold the massive number of tributes which is going to be double than usual. BUT there is something else you should know:

When you submit your tribute's sign up thingy ma jig you must also put the name of your favorite character from both Pain Games. The tribute with the most vote will be brought back to life (or not) and will fight another day!


So there are 48 tributes this year (plus the one coming back from the dead) so there should be plenty of spots for you all!

Name Age District Gender
Matthew Alexander 16 1 Male
Danica Ponce 15 1 Female
Callam Rhodes 17 1 Male
Willow 14 1 Female
Troy Ventura 17 2 Male
Saffron Ventura 15 2 Female
Draco Adams 18 2 Male
Thalia Combe 16 2 Female
Jak Gamron 16 3 Male
Carmen Databyte 17 3 Female
Corey Hicks 18 3 Male
Callie Casey ?? 3 Female
Jordan Trident 18 4 Male
Fleur Splith 17 4 Female
Oath 16 4 Male
Ciaria Ella 17 4 Female
Marek Ghoulden 15 5 Male
Petra Liit 16 5 Female
Simion Liit 18 5 Male
Mari Wesspark 14 5 Female
Jonathan Ford 15 6 Male
Pulchra Ego 16 6 Female
Varin Ego 12 6 Male
Tamora Summers 18 6 Female
Atlas Dunnin 16 7 Male
Demi Trusker 17 7 Female
Pamline Falcone 17 7 Male
Maple Tree 14 7 Female
John Dave 17 8 Male
Luna Snare 15 8 Female
Sebastian Klein 13 8 Male
Irene Joy 16 8 Female
Marcus Roberts 18 9 Male
Allianna "Allie" Whittle 16 9 Female
Gunner Pann 15 9 Male
Holly Horizon 17 9 Female
Richter Moses 18 10 Male
Mariette Staford 14 10 Female
Talon Rosedain 17 10 Male
Filivena Staford 14 10 Female
Cody Birch 18 11 Male
Lauren Hill 12 11 Female
Kenton Hellverdeen 18 11 Male
Emma Lien 15 11 Female
Harry Macharly 16 12 Male
Candice Bolt 12 12 Female
Lucas Bolt 13 12 Male
Mackenzie Sheddar 16 12 Female
???? ???? ???? ????? ???

BTW: The space with question marks on is for the character that has been voted the most favorite.

Other Positions


Now these are usually the most popular but please note that I can only give the spaces to Pain Games veterans! This is mainly because Gamemaker requires an air of exclusivity around it and now with chat back we can also talk about it on PM!

User Position
Rainbow Shifter Head Gamemaker
Justafox Arena Design Gamemaker
KEWLBEN Assistant Gamemaker
Prezziesnow9704:)! Senior Gamemaker
MallietDistrict2 Senior Gamemaker


If you want to be a stylist then you MUST submit a Chariot Ride outfit otherwise you would be letting down the whole of that district!

Name District User
Shelly Song 1 Polinarose
Radent Carver 2 MovieReviews98
Roxanne Aileen 3 Polinarose
Water Stinn 4 Polinarose
Juan Igland 5 Creakyg
Ivette Jeffrie 6 GlimmerandSparkle
Trea Loxes 7 Polinarose
Patch Tremor 8 Mysims
Charles Drgy 9 MovieReviews98
Rodeo Hiya 10 Italicos
Serinah Trettelles 11 Katelyn.danita
Coal Blacks 12 Polinarose


This position is usually the most unpopular for some reason but they are really fun! Mentors have a massive job this year with double the numbers of tributes because they need to talk to the user of each of their tributes and sort out their tactics and alliance. Please only ask to be a mentor if you are actually going to do the job.

Name District User
Excel Rose 1 Prezziesnow9704:)!
Arran Harthorn 2 Mysims
Fred Jones 3 Supkatniss
Liir Fluor 4 FinnickIsTheAwsomeOne
Malliet Westmore 5 MallietDistrict2
Abby Stenson 6 AstonMoioLover
Saph Dimonte 7 FinnickIsTheAwsomeOne
Thor Alberts 8 MovieReviews98
Janie Slither 9 Heavyweaponsguy
Geri Oranheather 10 GlimmerandSparkle
Charisma Ginlingsin 11 MallietDistrict2
Roxanne Shirley 12 Polinarose


Name of tribute District Weapon(s)
Matthew Alexander 1 Axe and nets
Danica Ponce 1 Blowgun and poisons
Callam Rhodes 1 Bow and arrow, axe
Willow 1 Throwing knives
Troy Ventura 2 Axe, sword
Saffron Ventura 2 Throwing knives, bow and arrow and other long distance weapons
Draco Adams 2 Sword, spear
Thalia Combe 2 Throwing knives, bow and arrow, most weapons
Jak Gamron 3 Knives, axe, net
Carmen Databyte 3 Anything technalogical
Corey Hicks 3 Sword, mace, trident
Callie Casey 3 Electrical items, spears, knives
Jordan Trident 4 Trident
Fleur Splith 4 Net, trident
Oath 4 Throwing axe
Ciaria Ella 4 Trident, traps
Marek Ghoulden 5 Not good with weapons
Petra Liit 5 Axe, spear
Simion Liit 5 Bow and arrow
Mari Wesspark 5 Throwing knives, electrical cables
Jonathan Ford 6 Axe and knives
Pulchra Ego 6 Trident
Varin Ego 6 Daggers, bow and arrow
Tamora Summers 6 Bow and arrow
Atlas Dunnin 7 Axe, throwing knives
Demi Trusker 7 Axe
Pamline Falcone 7 Axe, mace
Maple Tree 7 Knives, bow and arrow
John Dave 8 Sword, axe, poisons
Luna Snare 8 Blowgun
Sebastian Klein 8 Blowgun, throwing knives
Irene Joy 8 Whip, baton
Marcus Roberts 9 Spear, shield
Allianna "Allie" Whittle 9

Throwing knives, bow and arrow

Gunner Pann 9 Sword, knives
Holly Horizon 9 Sword, spear
Richter Moses 10 Sickle, sword
Mariette Staford 10 Throwing knives
Talon Rosedain 10 Blowgun, whip
Filivena Staford 10 Bow and arrow
Cody Birch 11 Knives, bow and arrow
Lauren Hill 11 Knives, spear
Kenton Hellverdeen 11 Sword, knives
Emma Lien 11 Knife
Harry Macharly 12 Sword
Candice Bolt 12 Throwing knives, mace
Lucas Bolt 12 Sword, bow and arrow
Mackenzie Sheddar 12 Crossbow, knives, throwing darts
???? ????

Chariot Ride Designs

Could all stylists please post their costumes in the comments by the end of this month!

District 1

Female The females will wear a cap sleeve, knee short dress and a belt. For the first female, the belt will be made out of diamonds and the sleeves will be made out of sappire. For the second female, the belt will be made out of amber and the sleeves will be made out of emerald.

Male The male will wear a tuxedo made out of diamonds and a tie. One tie will be sappire, the other emerald.

Chariot The chariot will be made out of diamonds, with a mauve couch in the middle. The tributes will sit on it.

District 2

Male Costume #1 (Troy): Large stone hammer in hand, old helmet, and body armour. The body armor will be painted black, and 20 diamonds will be on each side of both the torso and legs.

Male Costume #2 (Draco): Similar, except the body armour will be dark red, the diamonds will be on the helmet as well, and the weapon will be a sharp sword.

Female Costume #1 (Saffron): She will have 2 knives, one in each hand, light red body armour, with 30 ruby's, 15 on each side of both the torso and legs, no helmet.

Female Costume #2 (Thalia): Similar to the first female costume, except she will have black armour with ruby's, a helmet with ruby's on it as well, and an axe.

The chariot is all black, with red font on the front saying "District 2: Masonry". Also, the red font will have ruby's surrounding the font, and the bottom of the chariots will have diamonds all around the chariot, so low, that the bottom of the diamonds are less than an inch from the floor.

District 3

Female The females will wear a dress made out of wires that will come to her knees. It will slowly glow up while shes around the arena.

Male The male will wear the same thing as the female, but a tuxedo.

Chariot The chariot will be 10 foot tall made out of wood with huge tv screens on it, showing the d3 reapings.

District 4

Female The females will wear a dress that keeps cascading like a waterfall, providing the image of an actual water.

Male The males will wear a white shirt, but his pants will create the same visual effect as the females dress.

Chariot The chariot will replicate the bottom of a pond

District 5


District 6

Boy: He has on a black and red leather racecar driver's jacket that's unbuttonned/unzipped all the way down so you can see his chest clearly. On his chest there are black tire marks with a hint of red glitter on them.He's wearing red and black racer pants, or whatever the pants that race car driver's wear are called. He wil have a black helmet with red flame designs on it, and he can choose if he wants to wear it or just hold it underneath his arm. He has on no makeup or nailpolish, and he is wearing red and black nike trainers.

Girl: She is wearing a 2 piece sort of outfit, with blak short shorts, a red and white checkered belt made of the same strechy aterial as the shorts, then nothing all the way up to her breasts where she is wearing a cute black and red sporty half-top with a large red and white checkered collar. She will be holding a red and white checkered flag and is instructed to wave it around. Her nails will be painted white and black checkered style, she will have on cherry red lipstick and dark (but not black) eyeshadow that realy pretty looing, not goth or trying too hard. Her hair is made to look flowy (If it's not already) and natural looking. She's wearing 1 inch black and red heels.

District 7

Chariot: The chariot will look like a mini forest, with actual trees on the float.

Female: The hair of the females will be loose and curled. There will be fake wind lifting their hair. Maple will wear a green shirt and Demi will wear a blue shirt. The shirts will be to their elbows and loose. They will wear black pants.

Male: The males will wear lumberjack clothes and chop down the trees the females are sitting on.

District 8

He's wearing a multicoloured patrchwork suit of all different oranges, yellows, reds, pinks and magentas (Hot colours) made into beautiful patterns, but if you look at it from a distance, it looks like the male's face is made out of the fabrics, when he moves it looks like the face on his suit is moving too. Then, at the very end, the fabric explodes, leaving him wearing an extravgent coat with zebra print trousers, the remains of his suit is spread around the capitol crowd

Female Chariot: She is weaing a multicoliured patchwork dress of all different shades of pink, purple, reds and yellows made into beautiful patterns, from a distance, it looks like her face on the dress, when she moves, it looks like the face is moving too. Then, at the very end, the fabric explodes, leaving her in a very fluffy coat and light blue jeans, the rest of her dress is spread throuought the crowd.

District 9

Male Costume #1 (Marcus): Overalls that show off lots of skin, a scythe at hand (The weapon used by the Grim Reaper, also used for farming), an old sewn baseball cap, and black sunglasses. Marcus shall twirl and twist the scythe all around his body, basically to show he's athletic, and he's cool too.

Male Costume #2 (Gunner): Similar Overalls, a hoe at hand (The gardening tool, wash that dirty mind of yours!), a straw hat, and red sunglasses. He shall flip the hoe around his body, similar to Marcus, but for Gunner, he will focus more on balancing the hoe. He may keep it on his elbow for 5 seconds, then flip it over his head to the other elbow, then to his head, then to his feet, and so on. This will show off his relaxation and smarts.

Female Costume #1 (Allie): Overalls with a T-shirt under it, and short leg sleeves. She will use a slingshot made from pure rock found in District 9 to fling cereal bars made from whole grain out to the audience. While she does this, she shall open the front of the chariot, and out will come two cows to help lead the chariot. These cows have been taught to moo when asked politely. This will show off her dedication.

Female Costume #2 (Holly): Womans overalls and short leg sleeves. She will be wearing a straw hat, and small red sunglasses. She has the job of joining in on all 3 of the other tributes as they do their work, for example: Help Marcus flip the scythe around, help Gunner balance the... Umm... Gardening tool, and help Allie fling out the whole grain bars. Also, (This is optional) when the cows are brought out, she will flip on the chariot once, and then jump from the chariot and on the cows back. This will show off her speed.

Chariot: Covered with grain, and on the chariot will be 2 farm dogs with a dog house (With a newspaper inside, just in case), and of course, the cows, who will have been taught well by this point, and also have used the washroom before the event. (Not trying to make anything messy).

District 10

Males:They are wearing a leather vest with spikes all over it.They also wear leather shoes with their initials written on it.They wear Cowboy glasses and both of them are carrying lassos and guns.They are shooting the gun but instead of bullets,blood comes out.

Females:They are wearing leather pants and Loose Shirts stained with Blood.They also wear stilletos and cowboy hats.They carry Knives and Guns..They also shoot blood from their guns.

Others: Their Chariot COlor is Black.Their chariot is designed with the names of D10 Tributes in Blood written all over it.The Horses carrying the chariot is dyed with Red and Black to suit the Chariot and Tributes.

District 11

Chariot: Appears to be a field of wheat- Slightly transparent so that the tributes' lower halves can be seen through the pieces of wheat. Gives off a warm glow and leves 'little pieces of wheat' behind as it moves. The wheels are golden.

Female: Wearing a slim-fitting, long, gown. It is strapless, and has a slit in the left side from mid-thigh down. It trails a bit behind her. It is a soft, golden, sunset-like color. With the slip of a lace on the side of her gown, it expands into a large, elegant ballgown, and gives the illusion of a wheat field surounding her. She will wear a crown made of wheat, her hair is a messy bun to express the work in the fields, and her skin will be airbrushed lightly to give off the illusion of wheat lightly on her arms,shoulders, and bare chest. As the Chariot moves wheat will seem to flow out from her dress, hence the trail of wheat from the chariot. Her shoes will be transparent heels with wheat designs on the sides. Her nails and toenails will be painted golden, as well as her lips. Her cheeks will have golden bronzer on them to bring out her cheekbones. This will give her the effect of glowing in the field at sunset. She will hold a bunch of wheat in her arms, much like a pageant queen holds her roses, and she will throw pieces out to the crowd elegantly as their chariot moves.

Male: He will wear a tux with the same material as the female's dress. His pants will be the same, and when he 'adjusts his tie' at the same time the female flicks the lace, he gives the same illusion as the female's dress- tanding in a field of wheat, with a trail of pieces behind the chariot. is hair will be spiked and a bit messy, his arms, shoulders, and chest as well will be airbrushed with the illusion of wheat. He will wear a crown of wheat as well. He will also appear to be glowing in the field of wheat at sunset. He will also be throwing wheat out into the crowd, but less elegantly.

District 12


The females will wear a dress made out of coal with actual fire buning on her yet not hurting her. Her hair will be loosely curled , and she will wear dark brown eyeshadow.

MalesThe males will wear the same outfit except pants and a shirt.

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