In this section of the 3rd Pain Games I shall be posting the Chariot Rides, the Training Scores, the Interviews and the arrival of the Missing Tribute!

Chariot Rides

Hello and welcome to the chariot rides of the 3rd Pain Games! First up we have the two chariots from District 1 and the females are wearing short dresses but each of them have a different type of jewels on them. Danica Ponce has a belt made from diamonds and sleeves made from sappire, but next to her, Willow has a belt that is fashioned from amber and sleeves from emerald. Then after the females come the males: both wearing delicatly made suits that have been made from diamonds. Matthew Alexander has a tie made from sappire and Callam Rhodes has one made from emeralds. The chariots themselves are made from diamond but with cushioned couches for the tributes to sit on.

Next up are the female tributes from District 2! Saffron Ventura is wearing red body armour that hasg! around 30 rubies around the legs and torso and in her hands are two knives. Next to her is Thalia Combe who is wearing black armour with rubies on, a helmet and she has an axe. After the females are the males who are Troy Ventura and Draco Adams. Troy is wearing black armour with around 20 diamonds on and in his hand is a large stone hammer. Draco is wearing something similar but the armour is dark red with diamonds and he has a sword. Both chariots are black with red font that says the district and what they are in charge of.

Trying to top those chariots is District 3! The first District 3 chariot are the female's and that is carrying Carmen Databyte and Callie Casey who are both wearing dresses made from wires and they come right down to their knees. Suddenly the wires glow up and cheers come up from the Capitol crowd. The males are wearing a suit that is also made from wires and lights up. But its the chariots that are really amazing! They are made from huge television screens that start showing the reapings of the District 3 tributes.

Next up is District 4 who are riding in chariots that look like the bottom of a pond! Not very flatering to the tributes but the costumes are amazing! All four tributes look like their costumes are crashing waves as the fabric is so beautifully woven together.

Now there are the District 5 tributes and cheers from the crowd go up as they have just found out that these costumes have been designed by the winner of the 1st Pain Games, Malliet Westmore! Petra Liit and Mari Wesspark are both wearing very short dresses that shower the floor behind them with sparks. Next comes Marek Ghoulden and Simion Liit who are wearing no shirts but pants with lightning bolts down the side... Very creative!

Pulchra Ego and Tamora Summers come next, representing District 6. They are wearing black shorts and red tops. In their hands are black and white checkered flags that they wave at the audience. The males (Jonathan Ford and Varin Ego) come next and they are wearing something that looks like a costume a racing driver would wear. The shirt is unzipped though so you can see their bare chests that have tyre marks on and red glitter. In their hands there are helmets with what looks to be red flame patterns.

Now are the District 7 female tributes Who have wind blowing their lovely styled hair. Maple Tree is wearing a green shirt and Demi Trusker is wearing a blue shirt. Both girls have black shorts. The males are in the same chariot but behind them and they are both dressed like lumberjacks and have axes in their hands. And now they are cutting down the trees that are planted on the forest themed chariot!

District 8 females are just behind and Luna Snare and Irene Joy are looking wonderful tonight! They are wearing multi-coloured dresses that have a patchwork pattern woven into them. And now- Oh! The dresses have exploded and the crowd is being showered in lovingly made material from the costumes. Luna and Irene are left standing there, hand in hand, wearing a casual fluffy coat and jeans. Just behind them are John Dave and Sebastian Klein who are wearing suits that are fashioned in the same design as the females' dresses. And again the suits explode and the males are there, hand in hand, wearing zebra print trousers and beautifully made coats. We are nearing the end of the Chariot Rides and the final three Districts are coming up!

But right now its District 9 with their females out in front. Allie Whittle is wearing overalls and in her hand is a slingshot which she is using to throw cereal bars made of grain into the audience. Then she suddenly opens the chariot and two cows come out with help lead the chariot and moo occasionally when Allie asks them. Next to her is Holly Horizon who is dressed in women's overalls and she is helping Allie with the throwing of the cereal bars. Oh- and this is spectacular- she has just done a flip and jumped onto one of the cows backs. Now coming up behind them is Marcus Roberts and Gunner Pann. Marcus has overalls on and he is holding a scythe that he is twirling around his body. Gunner is wearing overalls and in his hand he has a hoe and with the hoe he is trying to balance it on any part of his body. The chariots are covered with grain and aswell as the four horses pulling them, the two cows released by Allie there are also two farm dogs running either side. This is just a fantastic spectical!

Trying to top that is District 10... Mariette Staford and Filivena Staford are up first and they are wearing what seems to be some gothic looking costume. They are wearing leather pants and loose shirts that have splotches of blood on them. In both their hands they have guns and they start shooting at the audience but only blood comes out! Richter Moses and Talon Rosedain who have leather jackets just like the females but there are spikes on these and in their hands are lassos and guns which they shoot at the audience. But, again, only blood comes out. The chariot is black with the tributes names written in blood and the horses are also black and red to match the chariot. This is a very morbid and unusual take on the usual cowboy theme!

Now there is District 11 who seems to be wearing costumes that look like they should be from District 9 because the stylist has dressed them up in all this grain!

Finally its District 12 with Mackenzie Sheddar and Candice Bolt out in front. They are wearing dresses made from coal and actual fire is buring from them. The males are wearing the same type of thing but they are wearing pants and shirts made out of the coal and fire.

BUT NOW IS THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!! The amazing scientists and gamemakers at Pain Games HQ has managed to bring back a tribute from the dead- oh no, wait a minute! It seems that there was a four way tie in the voting so there is more than one tribute back from the dead... Well here is the first chariot and its a female one....

First up is DANICA ROSEDAIN from District 10!!! She is wearing a flowing white dress that makes her look like a ghost but in her hands there are two knives. Suddenly a grey eyed mokey comes and sits on her shoulder and the whole of the Capital feel sorrow.

Next is a male chariot and its the youngest ever victor from District 1... EXCEL ROSE!!!! He is wearing the same outfit that he wore when he went into the games last year but he is being booed from the Danica fans in the crowd.

After that there is CIRENA STAFORD from District 8!!! She is wearing something similar to Aven but instead of waving to fans she keeps her attention on the President and Gamemaker's box.

And now finally its the one you all love.... FORD DRYDEN from District 11. He is being cheered with masses of adoring fans and being showered with roses.

So there you have it! We have 52 tributes for this years games and its going to be the toughest yet! You have seen our four new tributes, a male from the 1st Pain Games and a female from them, and a male from the 2nd Pain Games and a female from them too....

Order of Appeal

This is the order of appeal for who the Capital liked the best in the chariot rides. I am sorry if your District comes last or in a position you think its not worthy of but remember that there hhas to be somebody who comes first and somebody who comes last!

1. District 9

2. District 1

3. District 2

4. District 8

5. District 3

6. District 7

7. District 10

8. District 6

9. District 5

10. District 12

11. District 4

12. District 11

Training Scores

I am very sorry if your tribute gets a rubbish score or something and I usually make it up to you if you join the Pain Games next time (honestly ask any of the Pain Games Vets)!

Name District Training Score
Matthew Alexander 1 8
Danica Ponce 1 8
Callum Rhodes 1 9
Willow 1 7
Excel Rose 1 11
Troy Ventura 2 9
Saffron Ventura 2 11
Draco Adams 2 6
Thalia Combe 2 10
Jak Gamron 3 7
Carmen Databyte 3 4
Corey Hicks 3 6
Callie Casey 3 7
Jorden Trident 4 6
Fleur Splith 4 8
Oath 4 7
Ciaria Ella 4 5
Marek Ghoulden 5 2
Petra Liit 5 8
Simon Liit 5 7
Mari Wesspark 5 7
Jonathan Ford 6 7
Pulchra Ego 6 5
Varin Ego 6 6
Tamora Summers 6 5
Atlas Dunnin 7 6
Demi Trusker 7 5
Pamline Falcone 7 5
Maple Tree 7 9
John Dave 8 8
Luna Snare 8 8
Sebastian Klein 8 9
Irene Joy 8 8
Cirena Staford 8 9
Marcus Roberts 9 6
Allie Whittle 9 6
Gunner Pann 9 7
Holly Horizon 9 8
Richter Moses 10 6
Mariette Staford 10 8
Talon Rosedain 10 10
Filivena Staford 10 9
Danica Rosedain 10 10
Cody Birch 11 7
Lauren Hill 11 6
Kenton Hellverdeen 11 8
Emma Lien 11 7
Ford Dryden 11 11
Harry Macharly 12 6
Candice Bolt 12 7
Lucas Bolt 12 8
Mackenzie Sheddar 12 10


Caeser: Hello and welcome to the 3rd Pain Games interviews! Unfortunatly we don't have enough time to interview all fifty two tributes tonight but if you go onto the official Pain Games website then you will be able to see regular news updates that are far more interesting than me!

(laughs from crowd)

Caeser: Okay maybe not as interesting as me! Well I'll be back after the games so tune in when I shall be interviewing the winners of this years Pain Games... Yes, you heard right, there will be two winners this year!

(gasps from crowd)

Caeser: So Goodnight folks!

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