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This is the death chart for the tributes and it also shows how they were killed and what their ranking is:

Ranking Name District Killed by:
52nd Demi Trusker 7 Saffron Ventura
51st Richter Moses 10 Excel Rose
50th Willow 1 Talon Rosedain
49th Harry Macharly 12 Troy Ventura
48th Draco Adams 2 Excel Rose
47th Jak Gamron 3 Mari Wesspark
46th Lucas Bolt 12 Ciara Ella
45th Ciara Ella 4 Candica Bolt
44th Lauren Hill 11 Danica Ponce
43rd Gunner Pann 9 Carmen Databyte
42nd Carmen Databyte 3 Jordan Trident
41st Irene Joy 8 Matthew Alexander
40th Cody Birch 11 Callum Rhodes
39th Oath 4 John Dave
38th Pamline Falcone 7 Thalia Combe
37th Marek Ghoulden 5 Ford Dryden
36th Tamora Summers 6 Ford Dryden
35th Atlas Dunnin 7 Ford Dryden
34th Emma Lien 11 Luna Snare and Sebastian Klein
33rd Jonathan Ford 6 Excel Rose
32nd Allie Whittle 9 Matthew Alexander
31st Holly Horizon 9 Filivena Staford
30th Marcus Roberts 9 The Arena (Desert)
29th Danica Ponce 1 Kenton Hellverdeen
28th Corey Hicks 3 The Arena (Beach and Lake)
27th John Dave 8 Mari Wesspark
26th Petra Liit 5 Jordan Trident
25th Mariette Staford 10 Excel Rose
24th Fleur Spith 4 Filivena Staford
23rd Jordan Trident 4 Filvena Staford
22nd Varin Ego 6 Excel Rose
21st Excel Rose 1 Sebastien Klein
20th Candice Bolt 12 Callum Rhodes
19th Callum Rhodes 1 Maple Tree
18th Troy Ventura 2 Talon Rosedain and Thalia Combe
17th Sebastien Klein 8 Callie Casey
16th Pulchra Ego 6 Callie Casey
15th Kenton Hellverdeen 11 Mackenzie Sheddar
14th Simion Liit 5 Matthew Alexander
13th Cirena Staford 8 The Arena
12th Ford Dryden 11 The Arena
11th Mari Wesspark 5 Mackenzie Sheddar
10th Luna Snare 8 Mackenzie Sheddar
9th Mackenzie Sheddar 12 Saffron Ventura
8th Saffron Ventura 2 Maple Tree
7th Matthew Alexander 1 Callie Casey
6th Thalia Combe 2 Maple Tree
5th Talon Rosedain 10 Danica Rosedain
4th Danica Rosedain 10 Danica Rosedain
3rd Filivena Staford 10 Callie Casey


These are the winners are the 3rd Pain Games:

Name District
Maple Tree 7
Callie Casey 3

The Games

Day 1

The tributes are all stood on their metal plates, facing the Cornucopia and waiting for the countdown to end. Just behind the Cornucopia is a lake and a bit of beach beside it. To the left of the Cornucopia is a forest, the right is a meadow and behind the tributes is a desert. The lake is the only bit of water in the arena, the forest provides the greatest cover, the desert would be the safest place for tributes to go if they didn't want to meet others and if they had water, and the meadow provides the most natural food.

The countdown finishes, BOOM! Saffron Ventura (2) is off her plate first and rushes to a bow and arrow and some knives. She picks them up and shoots an arrow at Demi Trusker (7) who dies instandly but makes Richter Moses (10) trip over. Excel Rose (1) grabs three swords and plunges one straight into Richter's throat. The rest of the District 1 tributes are behind him but Talon Rosedain (10) gets a whip and flicks it across Willow's (1) face before shooting a dart into her head. He then runs over to Saffron.

Saffron is now with her brother, Troy Ventura (2) who has an axe which he throws at Harry Macharly (12). Draco Adams (2) is fighting with Maple Tree (7) who knocks him to the floor and runs after Troy and Saffron but not before collecting about three heavy rucksacs. Excel screams at Draco and punches him in the face until he dies.

Mari Wesspark (5) collects a few throwing knives and runs into the meadows but on her way she throws a knife into Jak Gamron's (3) eye who dies. Ciara Ella (4) and Fleur Splith (4) both have weapons and are fighting with Candice Bolt (12) and Lucas Bolt (12). Ciara plunges her trident into Lucas' stomach but then Candice beheads her with a mace. Fleur then runs away to the Careers where Danica Ponce (1) has just killed Lauren Hill (11).

Carmen Databyte (3) rushes forward after hiding between two boxes and pounces on Gunner Pann (9) and strangles him using a bit of strong rope she picked up. Then she runs to the destert with nothing other than a rope. But then Jordan Trident (4) throws his trident and it hits her in the back and she falls down. Matthew Alexander (1) and Callum Rhodes (1) both have axes in their hands and they, at the same time, throw them at Irene Joy (8) and Cody Birch (11). Both the axes meet their target's neck.

Cirena Staford (8) grabs a knife and a rucksac and throws the knife at Excel's neck. It only hits his shoulder but he cries out in pain which distracts Oath's (4) attention, giving John Dave (8) enough time to plunge a sword through Oath's body. Cirena and John then runs into the meadow. Thalia Combe (2) picks up a bow and arrow, some knives and a sword before shooting an arrow right at Pamline Falcone's (7)... Boy parts so he dropped down in pain and gave Thalia time to behead him.

Corey Hicks (3) and Callie Casy (3) are both fighting with Marek Ghoulden (5) and Tamora Summers (6) before Ford Dryden (10) grabs two swords and kills them both. Corey and Callie are both scared and run to the lake with just a spear between them. Ford then throws a dropped spear at Atlas Dunnin's (7) stomach and quickly hides in the bushes near where Luna Snare (8) and Sebastian Klein (8) are fighting with Emma Lien (11) with blowguns. Emma drops to the floor after twenty darts hit her face. Sebastian then grabs a sword to protect Luna whilst she collects up the darts.

Kenton Hellverdeen (11) picks up a sword and knives before kicking Sebastian in the back and running to the lake and beach. Petra Liit (5) and Simon Liit (5) run past Ford's hiding place and to Talon, Troy, Saffron and Maple with an axe and a bow and arrow each.

Jonathan Ford (6) bends over to pick a tent up but Excel shoves a sword up his buttocks. Pulchra Ego (6) and Varin Ego (6) have tridents and daggers and they rush to the Big Alliance just before Danica Rosedain (10) thinks its time to step off her metal plate. The monkey that was on her shoulder the whole time jumps off and climbs onto Excel before biting down on his wound in the shoulder. He cries out and falls to the ground. Danica (now with a couple of knives in her hand), looks over him and whispers in his ear, "I'll be the one that kills you." She then calls the monkey and calmly walks off into the meadow but on her way past she drags Ford out the bushes and tells him to follow her. Then she looks round at Talon and winks.

Marcus Roberts (9) and Allie Whittle (9) are collecting up supplies but then Matthew comes over and cuts off Allie's limbs. Marcus, scared for his life, runs off into the desert with two bags full of food and water. Holly Horizon (9) also sees what happens to her district partner and runs off but feels an arrow in her neck. She then looks round at Filivena Staford (10) and Mariette Staford (10) who just kick her in the head and walk on her to the Big Alliance. They then run off into the forest, Luna and Sebastian notice and start to follow them.

Mackenzie Sheddar(12) is the only non-Career tribute left and manages to collect a crowsbow and go to the beach. After the Careers collected up the rest of the supplies, they left to go to the beach and lake because Excel had said that there would be more tributes there. After that they were going to go to the forest and make their way round.

Little do the tributes know that each part of the arena is booby trapped and each section represents a different element: fire, earth, water and air.....

Overnight Excel and Ford, who made multiple kills in the bloodbath, get weaker and weaker before they finally feel the pain of their victims. 30% of their energy has now gone because of their actions.

The Careers (Excel Rose, Thalia Combe, Matthew Alexander, Callum Rhodes, Fleur Splith, Danica Ponce and Jordan Trident) are at the beach and lake.

Mackenzie Sheddar is at the beach and lake.

Corey Hicks and Callie Casy are at the beach and lake.

Kenton Hellverdeen is at the beach and lake

Danica Rosedain and Ford Dryden are in the meadow.

Mari Wesspark is in the meadow.

Cirena Staford and John Dave are in the meadow.

Marcus Roberts is in the desert.

The Big Alliance (Talon Rosedain, Troy Ventura, Saffron Ventura, Simon Liit, Petra Liit, Maple Tree, Pulchra Ego, Varin Ego, Lucas Bolt, Candice Bolt, Mariette Staford and Filvena Staford) are in the forest.

Sebastien Klein and Luna Snare are in the forest.

Day 2

The Big Alliance are the first to wake up due to the falling temperatures in the forest. When everyone had regrouped into a circle, Talon Rosedain was the one to speak, "So, what should we do now?"

Maple Tree shrugged and looked over at Mariette Staford, "She's the one in charge of strategy. And plus you're in charge." Maple was saying this in a mocking voice and Talon was obviously provoked but said nothing.

Mariette just glared at Maple and said, "Depends, who wants to hide and wait for everyone to kill themselves off and then kill each other?"

Nobody put their hand up.

Mariette carried on, "Well if you all did then I was going to suggest we went to the desert as we have lots of supplies and no tributes would go there... But I'm thinking that we should go to the Cornucopia and stay there."

"Why?" Simon Liit asked, "Its not like we want to fight everyone just because we aren't cowards."

Mariette breathed in and out before carrying on, "I just have a feeling about something. Don't you think its a bit strange that there are four different parts to the arena?"

Simon spoke again, "No! No, I don't. Its just an arena."

Talon silenced him before speaking, "All those in favour raise your hand."

Filvena Staford, Pulchra Ego, Maple Tree and Candice Bolt raised their hand.

"All those against."

Simon Liit, Petra Liit, Varin Ego, Saffron Ventura and Troy Ventura raised their hand.

Talon then said, "Sorry Mariette but Troy doesn't agree with you and he is the second in command... If he agreed then we'd do it." Mariette sighed and started fiddling with her knife while Talon continued to talk, "We will stay here but when the sun is highest in the sky, the strongest of us will go out and see if we can hunt down any tributes."

Saffron sniggered, "Your acting like a career. I joined this alliance because I thought we didn't act like a career."

Talon got out his sword and pointed it at Saffron but Troy tackled him to the ground and punched his face.

"Don't attack my sister."

"Don't say I act like a career."



Elsewhere Danica Rosedain and Ford Dryden hadn't slept all night, instead they were talking about their times in the arena.

"I loved your sister", Ford said.

"I know. The Pain Games are kinda a bad place to realise that though."

"I don't like you."


"You know you hurt me when you dragged me out of the bush", Ford confessed after rubbing his arm.

"Don't be a baby. What are we going to do now?" Danica asked, eager to get moving. She knew that Excel would want a second chance at killing her as he never got the chance last year. After a couple of hours arguing with hushed voices Danica suddenly stood up, grabbed her weapons and supplies before going to walk off with the monkey following.

"Where are you going?"

"To pick up my brother..."

Sebastian Klein and Luna Snare were both a couple of metres away from the Big Alliance, hiding in a tree and overlooking everything that they were doing.

Luna looked at Sebastian and said, "Talon is mine."

Sebastian looked at Luna and said, "Mariette is mine."

Talon then stopped speaking for a second and then said to the alliance, "Amd if anybody sees Luna or Sebastian from 8... Don't kill them." For a split second it seemed like his eyes rested on their hiding place.

Marcus Roberts had been wandering in the desert all night. He hadn't dared to drink too much of his water but he had nibbled some of the juicy fruit in one of his bags. He had stripped himself of all the excess things on his outfit for the arena like the mask and goggles. A noise then reached his ears. It was a furious noise, like a swarm of bees. But it wasn't anything like that that he saw when he turned around. The sand seemed to be swarming all around him choking his lungs and clouding his eyes. Then Marcus realised what the mask and goggles were for... The arena had come alive. BOOM!

Every so often in the lake, Kenton Hellverdeen would pop out of his hiding place and take a drink whilst the Career's backs were turned. He tried debating with himself as whether or not he should try to kill Excel Rose with his knife. Instead he realised that he could easily kill Danica Ponce and run away without the Careers finding him because she was further away from him and it would take them longer to find him from the opposite side of the lake. He got the knife, lined it up and threw it right into Danica's spine before she let out a scream and Kenton ran. BOOM!

Excel spun his neck round when he heard Danica Ponce scream but there was no glint of sadness in his eyes.

He pointed at Fleur Splith and said, "Strip her of weapons and supplies before they take her. Jordan and Matthew, stay here and guard camp. Thalia and Callum, come with me."

Thalia nodded quickly but Callum only said, "But where are we going?"

Excel turned round and smiled sweetly, "We are going to kill cowgirl!"

Her eyes had flickered between Kenton and Danica when it had happened. She was right near Kenton when it had happened. She saw Kenton run and she ran after him because she knew that if Excel found her, he'd think she did it. Kenton didn't notice Mackenzie Sheddar running after him, instead he was focused on getting out of there and into the desert because he had water and supplies now. Mackenzie was going to follow him and then, eventually, kill him.

Corey Hicks and Callie Casy hadn't spoken ever since the bloodbath. They kinda blamed each other for not sticking to the plan that they had. They hadn't planned to be saved by Ford. They had wanted to have a kill, they wanted District 3 to be recognised as a serious competition in the games. Them and District 12 were going to do well this year... They had all planned that at least. It was Corey who broke the silence saying, "We need to kill someone."

Callie only nodded as she knew that they needed weapons and supplies. The careers had the lake covered as it was most likely the only natural water supply in the arena. She made a quick recount of all the remaining tributes and tried to figure out which would be an easy target.

"We could try picking off one of the Big Alliance," Corey wondered aloud.

Callie shrugged and ignored him. The two cannons from before were probably one of the ones from 8 or 12 but as long as Candice was alive then they'd be alright. Callie made a mental note to be wary of Luna and Sebastien though as they would be stalking the Big Alliance like a cat with a mouse.

Cirena didn't want to be there. It would just mess up her sisters' chances of being able to survive. If she wasn't there then they could easily win with no regrets. Now she was there, they'd want her to win. They'd want to make sure that their big sister, the idol that they worshipped, didn't die again. About a million questions ran through her head like rapid fire: Why did John Dave save her? Why was he with her?

Then John Dave lifted his head from cutting up a weed and listened. Cirena also listened and faintly, very faintly, she could hear the sound of the wind. It sounded ferocious, like something was tormenting it.

"Run", John said to Cirena.

Mari had heard it. The rushing of wind so loud that it seemed to be blowing in her ear. She was sure that it actually was blowing in her ear. Mari Wesspark turned around and saw the hurricane rushing towards her, ripping up reeds as it went. Crying, she started to run but then another body smacked into her. It was Cirena Staford and John Dave was behind her.

Cirena gripped her knife and tried to plunge it into Mari's heart but Mari blocks it with her own knives. Mari quickly throws one knife at John's stomach and he cries out in pain. This distracts Cirena for a second and Mari runs off, away from the wind and into the Desert where more danger awaits....

Day 3

Talon clapped his hands. The sun was high now and he wanted to get as much resources as possible for the time being. Last night was awful, the wind coming from the north had kept him and some of the others awake in the night.

"Saffron, Troy, Mariette and Pulchra... Come with me. We're getting some stuff now. Maple, when we get back split up the supplies equally and assign everyone their preferred weapons."

The five of them then set off to the north of the forest, the side nearest to the Cornucopia. Whilst Maple, Filvena, Candice, Petra, Varin and Simion were left behind, wondering why Talon didn't class them as some of the strongest.

"I don't like Talon," said Maple.

"You don't like a lot of people", said Varin.

"Mariette likes him though," replied Candice.

"My sister is very... Sly", muttered Filvena to the others.

Talon had gone at the head of the group, Matiette behind him, Pulchra behind her and Troy and Saffron at the back. There was a sudden rustle in the trees above and Luna Snare came tumbling out of the tree above, her and Danica Rosedain were locked together in battle. Next came Ford Dryden out of the tree and Sebastien Klien also jumped down. It was obvious that Ford had been pushed by Sebastien. Talon then jumped on Luna and pulled her off Danica. Then he picked up Danica and pushed her against a tree, grabbing her by her neck.

"W-what are you d-doin-ng? She attacked me!" Danica stuttered.

"SHE is protecting me... More than Aven did to us," then Talon turned to Sebastien and Ford, " Let him up. YOU, you just had to love our sister. Now cowgirl... I think somebody is waiting for you."

Danica and Ford slowly turned around and there, stood menacingly was Excel and the other Careers he took with him. Talon let go of Danica's neck and walked over to Excel.

"You get Danica and Ford... In return I want to join you," Talon grinned.

Excel smiled and beckoned with his arms, "Feel free."

"What the hell are you doing?" Saffron called.

"Shut it you filthy betrayer," snarled Thalia. And with that the Careers backed away, dragging Ford and Danica behind.

He'd been running all day and had finally gotten to the desert. It was vast. That was one word for it. Only somebody with amazing camouflage skills could have followed Kenton out here. Sitting down he thought about what supplies he had: A few knives, a flask full of water and some food. It wasn't much but he could restock in a few days. Just wait it out, he kept telling himself. That was the main part of his plan. Just waiting for the others to kill each other and then killing the last ones. He felt blessed that two tributes could win this year, then he wouldn't have to attempt to kill Excel. Everyone was scared of him... Well except Thalia who seemed slightly interested. Excel wasn't interested.

Mackenzie smiled once more. She had been smiling a lot lately because she knew, no doubt, that the cameras would be on her. She had covered herself with sand before entering the desert and, every ten minutes she'd lie flat on the ground. Kenton was stupid, stupid to think that nobody was following, nobody was watching.

Corey sighed, he didn't really like Callie that much. She was ignorant and didn't really like killing.

"I'm leaving you..."

"Bye then", Callie shrugged and sharpened her knife on the trunk of her tree. Corey grabbed his stuff and started to walk off. Suddenly the water started to gather up, like in the shape of a circle that hovered a couple of metres above the lake. It then dived towards Corey and engulfed him in a swirling ball of water. He struggled and gasped but then went still and the water released him. He just lay there, limp as the water ran back into the lake. BOOM! Callee just grinned and set off to the forest, gathering Corey's weapons as she did.

Cirena had had to drag John into a safe cave during the night so that they could both escape the tornado and so he could rest. The wound was still bleeding heavily and now John was barely breathing. She knew what was coming and didn't want to be there when it did. She took his weapons and ran, ran away from there and into the beach and lake area. BOOM!

It was strange how Mari didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt for actually trying to kill somebody until she heard the cannon and realised that it must have been for John. The only thing that kept her going was walking, that actually did keep her going. She was in the desert now and it seemed so hot that fire was scorching her. It actually was.

There was fire, flickering around her and spitting flamed in her direction. It was the type of spitting that you might get when making a boiled egg, it was more like it was burning deep into her skin. Running wasn't an option, the flames were surrounding her. Then a figure leapt through the flames, his face was red and eyes were wild. It looked like Kenton Hellverdeen from 11 had saved her... Well at first and then she realised that it would be her who would have to jump through the fire. She closed her eyes and ran.

Day 4

A day has passed since Talon left TBA and joined the Careers. Troy Ventura was now in charge and he spoke to the rest of the alliance. They were all sat in a semi-circle with Troy, Saffron and Petra stood at the head. In the far corner was Luna and Sebastien, both perched on a low hanging tree branch.

"Yes, yes. It is tragic how Talon left but we have two new members to the alliance, Luna and Sebastien and they are going to help us."

"In what?" Simion asked.

"In returning our beloved leader," Saffron continued, "We are going to attack the Careers, save Danica and Ford, get back Talon by force if needed and kill Excel... Along with as many other careers as possible but Excel and Thalia are priority for the time being."

"So what's the plan?" Asked Candice.

"Well," Said Luna as she jumped off the tree and walked to the front, "The Careers are positioned in the lake section, facing away from the edge of the arena. There are a couple of trees opposite them. First we need three quick tributes to make a large noise and then run away. That way some of the Careers will follow you... And no doubt Excel will go with them. Then a stronger group of us will ambush that group while the rest of us will attack the camp, get Danica and Ford and kill the others. Remember not to kill Talon though. I think he'll be with Excel, just so that he can make sure that Talon won't run away. Thalia will probably be left behind at their camp."

"A lot of this plan is based on assumption," Said Filivena, "What if the Careers catch us when we run away and what if Excel decides to stay behind or what if he takes Danica and Ford with him?"

"I don't know. We just have to hope. And besides your sister made the plan based on the information we gave her."

"We attack before dark," Troy said and disbanded the meeting. They'd decide who was doing what in the attack later. It would be based on each tributes abilities.

Kenton had had an uneasy feeling all day about what he'd done the previous day. He'd saved somebody he hardly knew from fire and risked his life for them... Huh, life was getting pretty complicated but he and Mari weren't going to be moving anytime soon.

Mackenzie cursed under her breath when she found Kenton with Mari, it was going to be even harder to kill him now. Oh well, she could wait. At least nobody was attacking her now.

Excel sighed. It was a lovely night, the wind was light and the air was humid but the air gave bursts of relief from the heat. His captures, Cowgirl and lover boy were tied up, in the old fashioned manner, at the heart of their camp. They were guarded by Matthew and Callam whilst Thalia and Jordan patrolled the area. The only careers not doing anything was himself, Fleur and Talon. Excel had ordered Fleur to keep an eye on Talon in case he changed his mind and tried to run off with the captives. After a couple of hours, Excel excused Thalia with a wave of his hands. He jumped up and beckoned for Fleur and to follow him. He, Fleur and Jordan then started patrolling. It was a quite night and he was certain nothing bad would happen yet... That was until he saw three bodies dart out of the bushes.

The three runners were Varin Ego, Filivena Staford and Petra Liit. Their main job was to get Excel and the others to a tree, on the other side of the lake where Sebastien Klein, Mariette Staford and Simion Liit would attack along with the runners. Then the others (Luna, Troy, Saffron, Pulchra, Maple and Candice) would attack the remaining careers, rescue Danica and Ford and bring back Talon.

It was one of those fool proof plans that couldn't go wrong. The problem with those types of plans was that they always went wrong.

Jordan was the first to notice the three members of the TBA and threw his trident straight at Petra Liit's leg and she screamed in pain. This gave Jordan enough time to pounce on her and finish her off. BOOM! Excel and Fleur then ran ahead with Jordan just behind. Filvena and Varin could see the tree and ran past it. With that Sebastien, Mariette and Simion attacked Excel and Fleur. Excel bared his teeth and threw a sword at Mariette. BOOM! But then Filivena spun round, tears in her eyes and shot two arrows at Excel, he dodged them and instead they hit Fleur and Jordan in the brain and they died. BOOM! BOOM! Sebastien then drew his sword and fought with Excel who had two swords. Simion got out a knife and dived under Sebastien to plunge it into Excel's foot. He screamed and this gave Sebastien enough time to flick the sword across Excel's face and was about to go in for the killing strike when Excel made a last throw with his sword and it lodged itself into Varin's chest. BOOM! Sebastien screamed and stabbed Excel in the heart. BOOM! He then stripped Excel, Jordan and Fleur of their weapons and walked away.

A lump of spit was gathering in Troy's throat. He had heard the six cannons and realised that even if Jordan, Fleur and Excel we're dead then that would mean three of TBA was dead. He looked over at Saffron and he could tell that she was thinking the same. Luna sighed quietly and clicked her fingers. This was the signal for everyone to move. She was the first to jump out, then Troy and Saffron who had their swords drawn. Thalia was the first of the Careers to notice and threw her knife at Troy but he dodged and it hit the tree behind. Maple, Pulchra and Candice jumped out from different trees and rushed towards Danica and Ford. Matthew and Callum both jumped to this feet and Callum shot an arrow at Candice. It struck her skull and she fell to her knees. BOOM! Maple, with tears in her eyes, got a knife and rammed it down Callum's throat. BOOM! Alexander lept at Maple and Pulchra, fighting both at the same time.

Meanwhile Luna, Troy and Saffron were fighting with Thalia and Talon. Thalia and Luna had both opted for the same tactic. They both had knives in their hands and would duck and dive between the attackers, sometimes wounding them. Then, suddenly Thalia and Talon both made a lunge for Troy at the same time. He had no chance, even with Saffron attempting to block the attack, and crumpled to his knees with a sword and a knife sticking from his side. His sister had no chance to watch the colour drain from his eyes because Talon attacked her again. BOOM! But Sebastien blocked his blow, supported by Filivena and Simion. He then sunk to the ground though, a dart in his side. BOOM!

Callie was high up in a nearby tree, blowgun to hand and watched over the battlefield. She raised the darts again and shot into Pulchra's neck. BOOM! This distraction gave Talon, Thalia and Matthew time to dart away, dragging Danica with them. Luna raised her blowgun and shot at Callie's eye. She screamed and lept off into the night.

The energy died down quickly. Nobody followed Callie or the remaining Careers. Nobody even bothered that they hadn't managed to kill Thalia, rescue Danica and Ford and bring back Talon. The remaining tributes of the TBA quietly went back to their camp, nobody interupted them and they didn't interupt anybody else.

Cirena heard the many many cannons and eagerly awaited the faces to appear in the sky. One by one the faces were shown until Mariettes face flashed up in the sky. She let out a gasp before a gust of air knocked the oxygen from her lungs.

Day 5

Kenton was worried, he had had that worried feeling all day. It was like a certain thunder was rising in his body. It had started out in his feet and by this time it was gathering in his stomach and rushing towards his heart. He glanced at Mari, who hadn't really spoken to him since he saved her. He didn't blame her, neither of them really seemed like talking.

Mari was subconsciously guiding Kenton and herself out of the desert, she didn't like it. It was too open and she had a strange feeling that someone was watching her...

Mackenzie smirked and grasped her knives before leaping. She went straight for Kenton's back and shoved then knife into the weak spot of his spine. She was surprised that he never even put up a fight or showed any signs of trying to shake her off him. Maybe it was the shock, it mst have been the shock. BOOM! Mari waved and smiled and Mackenzie looked at her.

"Are you stupid? I'm gonna kill you too."

Luna and Saffron all stood at the head of the TBA. They hadn't managed to rescue Danica but they did have Ford with them. "It's time for us all to split up", Saffron said with regret in her eyes.

Nobody really spoke to each other. Saffron went off to the Cornucopia with Luna and Maple. Simion went to the desert by himself. Filvena and Ford went off to the meadows together.

Simion was all alone. He didn't really like being all alone. He had lost his sister and then Sebastien who had, in a way, taken him under his wing - before he was killed though. Hunting down that girl from 3 was going to be hard as she liked trees but loved hiding in them with some long ranged weapon like some sort of coward. Hunting her down was going to be hard, yet killing her was going to be easier than eating pie with whipped cream (his favourite food, yet it is expensive). He could just sneak up on her and put a knife in her back or something, then her blowgun would be of no use. The plan seemed fool proof, much like the one which killed his sister...

Suddenly he saw a rustle. It was just a small one but with his keen eyes he was able to spot it. Simion debated whether or not to check it out but decided that he had nothing better to do except follow a rustle in some bushes that could have been a person with a very sharp weapon. So he looked in the bushes, not that he was thick or anything!

He pushed the branches apart and peeked inside. There was a small brown bundle of fur curled up on the floor that strongly resembled some monkey that he had seen somewhere before. It looked up at him and snarled, showing yellow teeth and its black eyes whirled in its head. It then lashed out with one black law and raked three claws over Simion's face. He screamed and stumbled back. Then a rustle came from the trees to his left. Out came Thalia, Alexander and Talon (looking down at the ground and not making eye contact).

"Well done Matthew! Your plan actually worked", said Thalia as she calmly walked over to the monkey and picked it up, without even making it flinch. It suddenly fell asleep in her arms. Matthew grinned and jabbed Simion with his sword. Simion fell down, dead, BOOM!

Filvena and Ford had tried to avoid the Cornucopia when walking to the meadows, they didn't want to start to battle with their old friends. Filvena was also thinking why on Pane, she had teamed up with Ford. She would likely be the number one target for the Careers. But maybe it was because she felt sorry for him or was it love? She was pondering this thought when Ford was lifted off his feet by a gust of wind and thrown into the air where he smacked against Cirena's almost dead body. The tornado quickly shut off and the two bodies plummeted to the ground with a sickening smack. Shortly afterwards the BOOMs rang out across the arena. Filvena wasn't concentrating on the extra BOOM, instead she was crying, tears slowly building up in her eyes like the raindrops that fell on her unwashed hair.

Maple crouched and pressed her face against the ground. During her time in the arena she had learn to be a very good tracker and she could easily make out the signs of three pairs of feet and something being dragged across the floor. The girl beckoned the others over and pointed. They were getting quite close and were making good progress today. They had planned on going to the Cornucopia but the temptation of going after Talon and killing him and then killing the other careers and rescuing Danica. Maple had a plan to kill Saffron and Luna whilst they were rescuing Danica. Then she was going to let Danica go free for about a day... Then kill her too! Of court she never said this plan out loud nor did she realise that Luna and Saffron had the same plan as her. It seemed to be a foolproof plan....

Just then a knife whistled past Luna's ear and lodged itself in the tree behind and out of the bushes came Mackenzie, dragging Mari's body with her. She had managed to keep the body safe so that the Capitol didn't take it away and leave her all alone. She liked the body, it kept her company and it was becoming a pretty good club to hit people with. This is what she did to the stunned Luna and she fell to the floor, her skull split open and blood leaked out. BOOM!

Saffron drew her sword and knife and plunged both into the stomach of the District 12 girl, bringing them out just after seeing the life drain for her eyes. BOOM! As she released the sword a scorching pain shot through her own stomach and she crumpled to the floor.

"What's wrong?" Asked Maple in fake distress.

"I've killed too many tributes. I'm too weak. I - I have turned into a Caree-" Saffron never got to finish her sentence because Maple stabbed her with an arrow and calmly walked off. BOOM!

Callie grinned. She was good with numbers and mentally counted the tributes left when seeing the dead's faces light up the sky: herself, the Honey Branch girl, one of the ginger twins, Thalia Brush, the boy from District 1 whose name she didn't remember, the last resurrected and the traitor boy. She then grinned She then grinned once more and raised her blowgun to her mouth and shot a dart straight through Matthew's head. BOOM!

Day 6

The desert was hot. That was the first thought that went through Maple's head as she trekked through the swirling sand with the two pairs of footprints embedded in the sand. The only two tributes that would still be together at this point would be Talon and Thalia (she saw that Matthew was dead) and she wanted to spring a nice little trap. As the girl walked through the desert she had stopped to set up a trap to see if anybody was following her. It wasn't until she felt a hit on the head did she realise the traps had not worked.

She spun round just after her head hit the floor. Luckily it was soft sand so it wasn't damaging but the blow really hurt. Out of her pounding eyes she coulod make out a small monkey which had somehow gotten hold of what looked to be a black brick but it was buzzing. Thalia and Talon were behind the monkey, grinnig.

"Say hello to Danica... We switched her brain with the monkey's so she isn't technically dead. But we killed her body so the monkey is dead and her body." Talon grinned, marveling in his excelence. Maple had no idea why they were telling her this but she had read many books before and realised that the baddies only tell you their plan if you are going to die. But no way was she going to die. The slightly stunned tribute fumbled around in her back pocket, slowly feeling for the secret compartment her stylist had fitted in and felt the edges of her small wooden tree. It was just a tree she had carved out of wood when she was many years younger but the branches on it were sharp, sharp enough to possibly stun somebody if poked in the correct place.

Thalia was grinning from ear to ear and glanced over at Talon beside her. Her smile grew when he returned her gaze. They were both going to win this and they were both going to be happy together. Thalia had spoken to the President beforehand and they had both set the whole thing up; what bit of the arena would kill who, putting the monkey into the arena and making it so two people could win. Everything was going perfectly until District 7 lept at Talon and gouged his eye out. She then did an impresive forward roll, made a grab for the black box and shot it right at Thalia's face. BOOM!

Maple would have done the same to Talon but she saw the Danica (previously Mollianne) monkey mutt rip up Talon's screaming body before finally smashing a rock against its own head until it fell down. BOOM! BOOM! Maple sprinted far away from the desert and ended up at the Cornucopia where from where she was stood she could see all the sections of the arena. Each bit was beautiful a d she noticed this for the first time. It was beautiful until Filivena stumbled out of the meadows and Callie strode out of the forest. Flivena had a bow and a quiver of arrows and two knives, Callie had a blowgun and a sword (which she got from Matthew). Then Maple checked her own weapons: a wooden tree and a black box. She sighed and prepared to die until she closely inspected the box. It was shiny and reminded her of the things Peacekeepers carried. Then she looked again... It was a gun!

Filivena was the first to move and she made a grab for an arrow from her quiver and notched it in her bow. She had only just noticed how it was black feathered and when she pulled it up to her nose before shooting it, it itched her and made her sneeze. This threw her off guard and gave Callie enough time to dodge it before the arrow struck her neck. Callie bared her teeth in frustration and brought her blowgun to her mouth and shot a dart right at Filivena's leg. 'Damn', she though, 'Forgot the damn poison'. The poison had been a gift from her sponsors and she had used it to her full advantage.

Maple stood there in silence, her face grimacing at the gun. Then she realised that this was what hit her. But if it hitnher in the head, how come she hadn't died? Then she brought her hand to her shoulder, right where her nervious system started to lead into her head. She then brought her quivering hand round to the front of her. It was stained red with deep blood. She instantly fell to the ground and the pain struck her. She wasn't aware of it before so it didn't hurt a lot but now the pain surged through her like a raging torrent of water. Suddenly she acutally saw a raging torrent of water come from the pond and flooded onto the field near the cornucopia. The water gathered up until it was like a tornado full of water and the wind got so strong it burned her eyes. Then Maple noticed that she was literally burning as the things flicking off the water tornado was actual fire which hurt her but didn't acutally make a mark on her skin. It was obviously there for maximum pain but not for the actual killing. Then Maple was picked up by a dirty and green arm which had sprouted from where the fire landed. This was the arena at its most dangerous!

Filivena watched in horror at Maple as she was flung up in the air like some sort of ragdoll. Stumbling she went to help her as of she was going to win these games with anyone, she wanted it to be with Maple because she was a friend and also because she had a cool gun! But her path was blocked by Callie who was brandishing a sword and Fili was surprised how fast a small, malnurished girl could move. Fili instantly drew her two knives and held one in each hand, quickly blocking Callie's endless attacks before a body smashed into her chest. It was Maple! She had been flung out of the tornado and right into Fili. There was no cannon sound so Fili guessed Maple wasn't dead, just unconscious. But Filivena grabbed Maple's body and turned before Callie's stabbing weapon hit the ground right where her head was. She stumbled to her feet and pushed Maple's body behind her. That was when the flames start dancing in a ring around them, wind battered their ears, rain poured down and vines created a wall all around them.

Callie couldn't remember most of what happened next but it was also the thing that she thought of most. One flame danced its way onto Callie's swird and ingnited it with cackling flames so the tip was red hot. Any normal person would have thrown the sword away at one in case the fire burnt the hand, but not Callie. Callie wasn't sane now. She charged at the surprised Filivena but a gunshot sounded and it was Maple. She had shot a bullet into Callie's stomach and it was heavily bleeding. But it was too late. Her burning sword had been plunged into Filivena's chest and she was dying. BOOM!

Callie's POV

It was over! Me and Maple were both victors and I could go home, tell everyone of my time here and how brave I was! I smiled at Maple but she screamed and lunged towards me, gun pointed. I would have died if it weren't for the Peacekeepers who dragged us both into separate hovercrafts and tended to our injuries. I should have died there, I deserved to.

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