Its back. And it is going to be bigger than ever... I hope. The Pain Games have returned after a hiatus and I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it! Imma bout to loose contro- ahem... Anyways lets get on with this shiz. If you don't know what The Pain Games are then they are basically normal Hunger Games but when your tribute kills or injures a tribute, they feel the same pain as that tribute would but they do not die. Also some of their energy is taken away when they kill but it is given back exactly 24 hours after it was taken.


  1. Please do not make every single tribute an 18 year old who is amazing with swords. Try making a really weak tribute. You never know - they might win!
  2. Please prove you have read these by putting: "I love pink frilly things" in the middle of your tribute's backstory/personality. Anybody who does not do this shall not have that partcular tribute accepted.
  3. I want all tributes to have a personality.
  4. You can only have 4 tributes each.
  5. You can only have 2 stylists each.
  6. You can only have 2 mentors each.
  7. Post a few times like encouraging your tributes.... Or me!


I had fun with my last Pain Games, with double the amount of tributes and everything so I thought... Why not do it again?! The bloodbath should be fun as always...

Name Age District Gender
Excalibur Rose 15 1 Male
Dymentia Lights 15 1 Female
Dymento Lights 18 1 Male
Jules Vanity 16 1 Female
Xerox Roult 18 2 Male
Geneive Terrion 16 2 Female
Farcri Tatau 16 2 Male
Madoka Artemisia 16 2 Female
Solar Panels 12 3 Male
Volta Sparks 15 3 Female
Sonic Leccy 14 3 Male
Cassiopeia Noxus 18 3 Female
Hybrid "H3" Three 15 4 Male
Tay Fraswatte 18 4 Female
Lynx Striker 16 4 Male
Drina Vox 14 4 Female
Basilisk Crown 18 5 Male
Alyssa Kandle 18 5 Female
Ares Jones 16 5 Male
Adira Shimmer 18 5 Female
Gloom Ivy 13 6 Male
Shock Horror 16 6 Female
Zak Slaughter 16 6 Male
Mimic Slaughter 16 6 Female
Ian Kavanagh 17 7 Male
Yasmin Veleno 17 7 Female
Mist Scorchil 14 7 Male
Pandora Raven 16 7 Female
Lucin Cansil 17 8 Male
Soul Silverless 14 8 Female
Darlexx Velvet 16 8 Male
Hannah Bladekiss 15 8 Female
Troi Cian 15 9 Male
Chloe Fairchild 16 9 Female
Alexis Sanchez 14 9 Male
Lindsey Cartridge 14 9 Female
Herb Bivore 12 10 Male
September Rollo 18 10 Female
Sash Bloodhound 18 10 Male
Dawn Santori 14 10 Female
Panthern Agrios 14 11 Male
Wayde Umbra 12 11 Female
Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 13 11 Male
BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie 13 11 Female
Jarrod Echo 13 12 Male
Chakra Fatalis 17 12 Female
Jade 16 12 Female
Melanoi Jet 16 12 Female

Other Positions


Now these are usually the most popular but please note that I can only give the spaces to active people! This is mainly because Gamemaker requires an air of exclusivity around it and because I like to talk about it in PM with the Gamemakers.

User Position
Rainbow Shifter Head Gamemaker
Iron Berry Arena Designer
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Mutt Maker
XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX Assistant
Nightlock Kyrptonite Assistant


If you want to be a stylist then you MUST submit a Chariot Ride outfit otherwise you would be letting down the whole of that district!

Name District User
Liir Fluor 1 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Futct Urmama 2 Nommehzombies
Honeybooboonaynayisha gurrrrllll sprinkletits 3 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Geni 4 Iron Berry
RESERVED 5 District3
RESERVED 6 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
RESERVED 7 Wesolini
Clothy 8 LivesInDistrict1
Carklin 9 Iron Berry
RESERVED 10 Wesolini
Agri Tree 11 LivesInDistrict1
Lisianna Ramorez 12 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo


This position is usually the most unpopular for some reason but they are really fun! Mentors have a massive job this year with double the numbers of tributes because they need to talk to the user of each of their tributes and sort out their tactics and alliance. Please only ask to be a mentor if you are actually going to do the job.

Name District User
Jade Seeka 1 Rainbow Shifter
Cyrus Mica 2 Hybrid Shadow
Kyril Sudoran 3 Tehblakdeath
RESERVED 4 Nine-Tailed Fox
Celine Flare 5 Madgeical
Kacey Anderson 6 Madgeical
Pariliam Chopar 7 Tehblakdeath
RESERVED 8 Iron Berry
Silas Remnothorn 9 The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Lux Fabbraio 10 WiressFan21
Sylvia Heffelian 11 WiressFan21
Rei Uchiha 12 Rainbow Shifter


Name of tribute District Weapon(s)
Excalibur Rose 1 Whip, knives
Dymentia Lights 1 Scythe, Axe
Dymento Lights 1 Axe, Spear
Jules Vanity 1 Bear trap with chain, axe, knife
Xerox Roult 2 Spears
Geneive Terrion 2 Throwing weapons, mace
Farcri Tatau 2 Cat claws
Madoka Artemisia 2 Dagger
Solar Panels 3 Bombs
Volta Sparks 3 Wire trap
Sonic Leccy 3 Wire, dagger
Cassiopeia Noxus 3 Throwing knives
Hybrid "H3" Three 4 Any
Tay Fraswatte 4 Trident, spear
Lynx Striker 4 Metal claws, knives
Drina Vox 4 Trident
Basilisk Crown 5 Chains, throwing knives, poison
Alyssa Kandle 5 Anything
Ares Jones 5 Throwing knives, throwing axe
Adira Shimmer 5 Spear
Gloom Ivy 6 Scythe
Shock Horror 6 Anything
Zak Slaughter 6 Everything
Mimic Slaughter 6 Everything
Ian Kavanagh 7 Axes, sword
Yasmin Veleno 7 Poison, knives, awl
Mist Scorchil 7 Axe, dagger
Pandora Raven 7 Whip, trident
Lucin Cansil 8 Awl, knives
Soul Silverless 8 Sai, Kama
Darlexx Velvet 8 Sickle, throwing knives
Hannah Bladekiss 8 Dagger, sword, chained sickles
Troi Cian 9 Dagger, spear
Chloe Fairchild 9 Throwing axe, throwing knives, dagger
Alexis Sanchez 9 Slingshot
Lindsey Cartridge 9 Dual Short Swords, Dual Tonfa Blades, Dual Knifes
Herb Bivore 10 Slingshot, knives
September Rollo 10 Saber Claws, bow and arrow
Sash Bloodhound 10 Javelin, needles
Dawn Santori 10 Slingshot, blowgun
Panthern Agrios 11 Bear trap with chain, knife
Wayde Umbra 11 Bow and arrow
Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 11 Anything
BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie 11 Crossbow
Jarrod Echo 12 Knives, sword
Chakra Fatalis 12 Dagger and scythe
Jade 12 Sword
Melanoi Jet 12 Death Star, Shurikens

Chariot Rides

The night is clear, every star seems to be out, each one simbilising a person watching anxiously at either their TV or leaning forward in their seats to get a better view of the doors where the chariots will emerge. The brass doors fling open and the fanfare starts.

Everyone expected a sheeming white chariot pulled by horses just as white and glimmering. They expected the males and females to stand tall and proud with their faces shining like diamonds. Instead they saw two females, each dressed it what looked like sleevless wedding dresses, walking down the road like it was a wedding march. Then the boys came teetering out of the doors, trying to hide their private parts with people booing all around them. Dymentia tried showing off her shining purple belt but everyone kept booing and Jules looked on, weeping as she ran the rest of the ride. The shining Careers have been destroyed.

The teenage Capitol girls screamed at the next chariot, everyone forgot about the failure of District 1 and stared at the males and females from District 2. Their bodies were perfectly oiled, splashes of blood here and there on their skin to make them look like warriors. But they were naked like the District 1 males. But they made it look sexy with vicious dragon claws held in place to make sure they kept their dignity. And if that wasn't enough at the back of the chariot there was a blazing fire, roaring at the crowds. The two girls fell backwards into the fire and off the back of the chariot before landing perfectly on the road. Everyone gasped. Had District 2 failed? No! It was planned. The girls then sprinted to catch up with the chariot with such speed that they managed to over take the horses and hop back into the chariot. People screamed, people cheered.

It appeared that this year everyone was going for the sex appeal costumes as District 3's females wore a kinky lab coat and the males wore a speedo with perfectly oiled abs like District 2. Everyone was multicoloured due to some magic chemical, even the horses were! But nobody really got what it had to do with District 3 because District 3 did technology not chemicals.

The audience were getting more and more impressed with the costumes as they turned to the District 4 chariot. Normally these costumes would have been amazing, the ripples of fabric whipping around in the wind as the horses race down the road. But it was boring. Every year the District 4 stylists did the same thing with the female's dresses. But everyone screamed as the tributes lifted their arms, showing the multicoloured scales each colour different depending on the tribute. District 4 looked to rival District 2 who also had a dragon theme going on. But where District 2 was sexy, District 4 was breathtaking.

Everyone turned to the next chariot which came blazing out of the doors. Everyone shielded their eyes from the yellow and golden costumes and chariot which crackled as it raced down the road. Everyone gasped at the dazzling light which made the tributes look like gods. They were so bright that they couldn't be looked at directly. Like the audience weren't worthy to look at the District 5 tributes.

It was hard to turn away from that chariot but everyone gasped and moaned as they saw the next tributes walking out of the doors. The females were, as they were in District 1, dressed in spectacular clothes. They were in the style of air hostesses and had bronze ties which shimmered in the light. Then came the males and everyone groaned at the male tributes as they slipped out of the doors, each naked, each grabbing for the girl's bronze ties to cover their private parts with. The girls fought and tugged back and everything was a complete mess.

After District 6 came District 7 who were, thankfully fully clothed and riding on chariots. But rather than their stylist using the overused theme of either trees or paper they made everything look like a forest, with the girls floating above the boys almost and the makes beckoning to the crowd with the rose in their mouths.

District 8 was next and both genders were, as usual, covered in different types of fabrics which would have been fabulous but didn't really stand out like all the other chariots such as District 5's blazing lights. But the chariot was quite unusual due to it showing great skill as it was coated in cotton and pulled by horses of two different colours.

Next came the District 9 chariot and their stylist had clearly also gone for the sex appeal look as the females were almost naked, a flesh coloured mesh covered their body which made sure nobody saw their 'bits' like with District 1 and District 6's males. Everyone then turned their attention to the male costumes who were clothed in black tunics, which gave the crowd a flash back to the 1st Pain Games where the tributes were dressed in midnight black costumes. Everyone quickly looked over both genders though as they did in the first Pain Games and were quite bored.

Then four naked bodies came shuffling out of the doors. The crowd was getting rowdy and bored by now and so instead of politely waiting for them to finish they booed the tributes and threw things at them which resulted in District 10 gaining the disgust of the crowd.

The crowd was still rowdy now so when District 11 came out with their usual dirty overalls everyone screamed at them without realising and looking at the spectacular differences and details within the costumes. People didn't notice the tattoos or the elegant makeup on the girls or the different colours of the boys and girls overalls. Panthern was sick of it so he ripped one of the logs off the chariot and flung it towards the crowd. People booed and hated on their district even more so Coral did the non-violent action of pushed Panthern out of the chariot when it was going full speed. Everyone cheered at Coral's brave feat.

Lastly was District 12 and everyone sighed, not bothering to look at them but a few gasps rang up among the audience and soon everyone was on their feet. They cheered at the shimmering dresses with deep oranges which were bordered by black. And the male's matching tank tops and pants. The tributes were clearly loving it and so lifted their arms high so everyone could see the delicate orange ink on their arms. It was a spectacular ending to a mostly disastrous tribute parade.

Order of Appeal

The order of appeal from the chariot rides will affect the tributes' from that district's odds of winning so... GOOD LUCK IF YOUR TRIBUTE IS NAKED, you have your stylists to thank for that.

Placing District
1st District 12
2nd District 2
3rd District 5
4th District 4
5th District 7
6th District 11
7th District 3
8th District 8
9th District 9
10th District 6
11th District 1
12th District 10


Day 1

The tributes all poured into the training centre, looking quite serious with the exception of the Careers and some of the older, Anti-Career tributes. Xerox and Dymentio looked especially at home as the laughed and joked together, even pushing over Gloom and laughing as Mimic came rushing over to help him while Shock stared at them with cold eyes. A woman ran into the room and clapped her hands so all the tributes would look at her. Farcri and Panthern both wolf whistled and then laughed and jostled each other, developing a dangerous relationship.

"Now, as you may have noticed we have been one tribute down throughout these games so far. There is still one District 12 male to be entered. But it appears the new tribute is going to be a female and from the Capitol as she voulenteered to be in these games. Here she is now!" The woman beckoned with her hands and everyone turned to where the girl was. She looked around sixteen and like a normal girl - just deadlier.

"What is your name, tribute?"

Everyone seemed to lean forward, Jarrod and Troi looking hungrily at the girl as she spoke.


Once everyone had soaked up enough of the newcomer the woman clapped her hands once more and released everyone to train at the stations for the three days ahead of them.

Jade almost instantly walked to the Sword Station and was followed by Xerox, Tay, Dymentia, Dymento, Hybrid and Lynx. Hybrid and Lynx started to train as normal but kept close to Jade and the careers so she wouldn't escape while Xerox and Tay walked towards her head on, each one flanked by a Lights sibling. Jade didn't even look up from stabbing a sword into the abdomen of a dummy when she answered. "No."

Tay was about to open her mouth to protest but Xerox took her by the arm and led her away, whispering something in her ear and beckoning for Dymento to follow. Hybrid, Lynx and Dymentia all stayed at the Sword Station so they could watch Jade's skills.

Xerox then stopped near the Climbing Station and looked at Tay and Dymento. "Last year the careers were wiped out nearly instantly because of the massive Anti-Career pack. This year will probably be the same as that tactic worked on last year's careers. But this year I want there to be more careers than Anti-Careers. Recruit only the very best tributes who are loyal. Also don't just train on weapons, sort out some tactics and work on stealth more. We need to be more intelligent because those ones from District 3 are looking like they are getting too close to the Anti-Career districts already." After he had finished Dymento just nodded and went over to the Axe Station while Tay stayed with Xerox.

"Leaders?" She asked. He looked at her and smiled, "Of course. Dymento is my Vice, I will give you time to pick yours." And with that Tay walked over to the Trident Station and Xerox went walking around the Arena, watching each tribute.

Meanwhile all the other Careers were out hunting for tributes. Excalibur was at the Close Combat Station and was carefully watching Chakra and Basilisk shake hands, clearly showing who the two leaders of the Anti-Careers would be. As he beckoned for Jules and Genevive to come closer with him the trio were blocked off by September, Ares and Gloom. A trainer had to jump in between them to prevent any fighting from happening. It appeared five members of the Anti-Careers had already been settled.

Basilisk narrowed his red eyes and pushed the trainer out of the way so he could get a good look at the trio of Careers. Excalibur was the only one to hold his gaze at the tribute. "What do you want?" He whispered, venom oozing from his voice. Behind him Ares, who had known him before they had been reaped because they both went to the same school, was laughing, clearly knowing what was going to come next from Basilisk. "You," Excalibur replied before Geneive and Jules started to back away, urgently looking around for a more intimidating Career. Ares couldn't contain his laughter anymore, "How kinky! Do you want Basilisk? Well lets save the intercourse until the games, yeah?" Ares flashed a look of warning to Basilisk and he instantly nodded and turned on his heels to walk away.

Geneive sighed, "I get what you were trying to do Excalibur but he is dangerous! We need cunning people... Not loose cannons like that." By that time Jules had already hurried off with Drina to the Trident Station, both of them giggling at the hot trainer there.

Off at the Stealth Station there was Madoka, Farcri and Panthern all talking to each other, paying little attention to the advice given (much to Xerox's annoyance as he saw them). It appeared Farcri had persuaded Panthern to join up with the Careers, clearly taking a certain shine to him. Madoka sighed and gave them both a playful flick on the head, signalling them to actually listen to the trainer.

Then there was Sonic and Volta talking things over with Gloom at the Edible Bugs Station. The three off them shook hands and Gloom gave a thumbs up to Chakra who nodded in relief. She fed the news back to Basilisk, "We got two of the geeks on our team now." Basilisk licked his lips and grinned.

Coral, BeBe and Jarrod were at the Edible Plants Station and were each trying to stay away from each other. All three of them seemed to be scared, looking up from time to time at another tribute before widening their eyes at the display and going back to their work. Meanwhile September was trying to persuade her three district partners to join up with the Anti-Careers and then possibly split off from them with her on day 3. Herb agreed to it but Sash and Dawn wanted to be alone, as far away from another tribute as possible because only two people could win.

Cassiopeia and Alexis were at the Slingshot Station, Alexis clearly being the superior tribute in this aspect and he started to give the girl some advice. As they kept talking the two realised that they had a lot in common and so formed an alliance together, just the two of them.

Lunch break came as a welcome relief to some, clearly bruised and exhausted from training all morning. The Slaughter kids were trying to make it inconspicuous but other tributes like Alyssa, Troi, Hannah, Ian and Darlexx were openly showing their tiredness, something which Xerox and Basilisk noticed. In the dining hall there were four tables, each occupied by a different group. The first table was covered in Anti-Careers, the table next to them were full of tributes wanting to join or loners. The third table was full of people who had their own little alliances, bunched up with spaces in between the different ones. Then the final table were the Careers. Nobody saw it but Basilisk amd Xerox had been staring at each other for the past hour, Basilisk's venom red eyes clashing with Xerox's calculating but just as terrifying eyes. That was until Jade slammed her hands on the Anti-Careers table and asked to join. Basilisk merely nodded and grinned at Xerox who was steaming in fury.

Tay tutted and said, "Don't let this discourage you. Its only the first day of training and we already have one new member. After lunch I would like Geneive and Madoka to train with me, I'd like to keep an eye on you both." Meanwhile Darlexx stabbed a piece of meat and smiled. Was it time yet?

Jarrod, BeBe, Coral and Wayde were sat around together, a few seats away from Alexis and Cassiopeia, talking about how nervous they were about entering the games. Jarrod came up with the idea of forming an alliance full of young tributes who were just as weak and nervous as themselves. He figured that the Capitol might feel sorry for them or find them cuter and so sponsor them more. The rest agreed and they made a pact to stay together no matter what.

There were many other alliance changes in the lunch break too. Hybrid and Hannah who had grown close during their times at the Close Combat Station made a secret alliance. Hybrid promised to break off from the Careers on the second or third day and go to find her. Alyssa was accepted into joining the Careers just moments before Xerox and Tay left the dining hall to discuss important matters. Much to the Careers' annoyance the Anti-Careers gained three new members in Shock, Mist and Soul. Tributes were already starting to find their close friends now with the promise that two tributes were allowed to win once more. Some were even developing beyond friendships.

Solar and Troi also seemed to be getting on good terms, both of them being the first ones to leave the dining hall and resume training. Moments later Troi retched up the insides of his stomach, much to Solar's amusement. "This is why mummy told you to always let food settle", Yasmin mocked as she strolled over to the Awl Station. Lucin and Ian went to join her moments after.

The Careers were the first main alliance to go back to the training centre. By that time Tay and Xerox were back and Tay went off to the Gauntlet with Madoka and Geneive. Hybrid hurried off to the way Hannah went without telling anyone. This was noted. Lynx and Dymento went back to the Climbing Station where they had been training for the best part of the morning. Panthern and Farcri had followed Tay, Geneive and Madoka and were making funny faces at Madoka, making her giggle so much she almost fell off. Almost.

After around half an hour everyone was back in the Training Centre except Darlexx, Melanoi, Basilisk, Ares, Chakra and Shock. Chakra was trying to persuade her friend, Melanoi to join the Anti-Careers but she was too busy being captured by the deadly eyes of Darlexx. Chakra eventually gave up and rejoined the other three in talking about tactics. "I think it is pretty clear you two are the two vices now", Basilisk said looking at Shock and Ares in turn.

"Hold up. Ares I understand but why me? I haven't done anything noteworthy. It would make sense to have somebody like Soul or September as a vice."

Chakra tutted and lifted up a finger. "Exactly. Nobody will suspect you. Many of the careers will try to kill the leaders or vices first to dent the morale in the tributes of that alliance. And if they do not suspect it is you then you will be left alone at first. And if I die before you then you are a natural born leader." Shock actually felt warmed at this as it was the closest to a compliment she had ever been given.

"I was actually having a tough time picking between you and Gloom for this reason, Ares. Gloom is a nice little tribute. Loyal. Like a pup. Lets try to keep him safe for a while." Basilisk admitted.

"Aw Basilisk! You've gone all soft, maybe when you come out of the arena alive you can finally get a girlfriend." Ares laughed and punched Basilisk's arm gently.

"How do you know he will get out alive?" Shock asked.

Ares' eyes darkened, "Because I will make sure of it. It has been our plan since the beginning. It is what I now live for."

Meanwhile the Careers were enjoying having all the attention on them for once instead of the Anti-Careers. Every single member of the career pack were sat around or on boxes near the Sword Station. Xerox was at the head, looking comfortable amongst the pile of boxes he was sat on. Tay was beside him, her back leant against one of Xerox's boxes. Dymento was sat on Xerox's right side, squatting on a box slightly smaller than Xerox's. Lynx and Hybrid were crouched just behind Xerox, flanking him whilst all the others were sat round in a circle.

Tay sighed and leaned her head back and closed her eyes, accidentally nudging Xerox's bare arm in the process. The male leader signalled for her to start talking and so she propelled herself up into the air and stood on one of the boxes Xerox's was using as an arm rest.

"Madoka and Genevive have been closely watched by myself for the past hour. Madoka passed and is our female Vice." Tay paused as Farcri and Panthern wooped and slapped their friend on the back. "Finished children? Good. But don't worry Genevive, when Madoka dies you will take her place."

Madoka frowned and called out, "When I die?"

"I phrased it wrong," she laughed after Dymento flashed her a warning. "Now I think that is all for today... Oh no wait. You hiding behind that tiny box over there, stand up and state why you're spying on us."

Lindsey and Hannah got to their feet. Xerox clicked his fingers and Dymento and Lynx drew their swords. Hybrid was about to and then called out, "No! They aren't in the Anti-Careers... Er I mean... Its fine. We can just kill them in the arena."

Jules bared her teeth. "That's way too risky. Make sure they don't tell anyone. Mark them!"

Xerox looked both of the girls in the eyes, "I give you five seconds to run out this training centre and back into your rooms."

They ran. After two seconds Dymento, Lynx and Jules ran after them.

"Everyone else... Disperse." Xerox said waving them away with a bored expression on his face. Hybrid jumped over the box Dymento was sat on and was about to leave when Xerox caught his arm and pulled him to eye level. "Do we have anything to admit to?"

"N-No... Not at all."

"Good. Keep it that way. Or I will kill you."

The only people left at that point were Xerox and Tay who had moved into a sitting position on the same box Xerox was sat on. Tay sighed, "Sorry its kinda cramped now."

"I'm not complaining."

Day 2

Tay shook with anger that morning as she walked into the elevator, Hybrid with her. The other two had gone down a few minutes earlier. The night before she had gotten so close to cutting one of those eavesdropping girls but they got to the lift just in time. She then stared hard at Hybrid for most of the elevator ride.

Hybrid looked to his left and coughed, "Can I help you?"

"You should have helped us yesterday."

"Excuse me?"

"I don't trust you."

"Thank you." He smiled but inside Hybrid was freaking out. He had to show that he was worthy of being in the Careers and not make them doubt him. Then Solar got into the same elevator, alone. The career boy recalled Xerox wanting a clever ally this year and he didn't recall seeing this one in any alliances yet.

"Hey District Geek. You're having a meeting with Xerox today and you will pass it. Cause when you do, you will join the Careers."

Solar pinched the bridge of his nose, a habit he had developed during the past few days. "You really know how to charm a person."

Hybrid slapped the boy on the back. "So you'll do it? Good lad."

"I don't want to join."

"Join or die."

"I would love to join."

Hybrid grabbed the boy by his hand and tugged him to where Tay and Xerox were speaking in hushed voices. He explained how he was the one who convinced Solar to join and, luckily, Xerox seemed to be happy with him. Just after he had finished though Dymento gripped his arm tightly with his right hand, whilst gripping Lynx with the other one. He let them go only once the trio were out of earshot from the rest of the Careers.

"Us three, secret alliance. On Day 2 we take over from Xerox by force and kill him in his sleep. Everyone else has already started getting into their little groups, for example, Madoka, Farcri and Panthern. We need to become the gel on day 2 which will hold everyone together until the very end. Xerox thinks we need brains... I think we need to stay together until it is just the Careers left." Dymento sighed when he finished and looked to the others for questions.

Lynx raised his hand, "And what do once its just Careers?"

"Refuse to fight any longer. If the Gamemakers want one left then they will have to kill us themselves and then they will look like murderers to the rest of Panem."

Hybrid glanced warily at Hannah and Lindsey... He had made a promise. Lynx butted in again though, "You're starting to sound like an Anti-Career or one of those rebellion type people."

"I just want as many of us to live as possible."

"Me too," Hybrid finally said, "But do we have to kill everyone before this happens? How about we leave the obviously peaceful tributes and then try to convince them there and then." The boys stopped talking as Adira ran past them but carried on soon after.

"We can't trust anyone else. Only the Careers can survive in order to make stronger soldiers for what is about to come."

"And what is about to come?"

"If you survive then you'll find out in three years."

Adira kept on running due to her training at the Speed Station. They had told her to run for the rest of the day and not stop. She was stopping soon, definitely. There was sweat dripping down her face and if that wasn't enough: she had some weird girl called Pandora following her with some death glare. All she did was ask her to move out the way as the District 7 girl was playing with whips. Now she was chasing her, whip in hand. Eventually Adira came to a stop besides Darlexx and Melanoi, Pandora stopping next to her.

Pandora narrowed her eyes at the eighteen year old, "I am drawn to you... Let us be allies."

Melanoi clapped her hands instantly, "Lets all be allies! Me and Adira are like suns, you two are like moons... Its a match made in heaven!" Pandora flicked her whip at Melanoi but Darlexx instantly caught it, shielding the girl. "What a wonderful idea."

Adira, still confused as to how she had gotten dragged into an alliance with a hyper girl, one that was obsessed with her and that boy who looked like a brooding type, just nodded and tried to smile.

Coral had been hanging around the Stealth Station with Bebe and Jarrod all morning. Wayde said he wanted to go and practise with an axe half way through. It was just after the twelve year old left that Panthern came striding over, a deep intention set across his face. "I haven't forgotten when you pushed me out the chariot and made the Capitol love you."

"I'm sure the Capitol haven't either," He replied cooly. Panthern growled and had to be pushed back by Drina who was stationed near by.

"Control it Panther!" Drina shouted, doing her best to not let him gain ground. Farcri then came rushing over and pushed Panthern to the ground, calming him down. Tay lifted an eyebrow and tugged the boys off the floor and threw Panthern out of the Training Centre before following him and shutting the door behind them. Alyssa watched on with wide eyes. What had she gotten herself into? And Chloe, for the first time ever, watched the girl with empathic eyes.

It should have then have been lunch but the Head Trainer clapped her large hands, a trait which she seemed to have, and summoned all fourty-eight of them to crowd around her. "Everyone here? Good. This year will be different. Today especially will be different because eight of you will not survive. Sixteen of you will be randomly selected to fight four-on-four. This means there will be two fights, eight tributes in each fight and four tributes in each team in a fight. The final four in each fight will survive and will go into the arena with everyone else. This basically means eight of you will die today while the other eight will have proved to the Capitol, before you even go into the arena, that you are powerful and that you should be sponsored. This can either be a death sentence or a helping hand to making your arena life easier."

Outcries went up from the tributes, half in protest and half in terror. Fourty-eight pieces of paper went into a glass bowl... It was like the reapings all over again. She grabbed up the first four pieces of paper and read out, "Round 1, Team 1 will include Chakra Fatalis, Adira Shimmer, Darlexx Velvet and Panthern Agrios. Round 1, Team 2 will include Shock Horror, Sash Bloodhound, Drina Vox and Wayde Umbra."

She paused briefly as eight tributes wildly looked around and exchanged looks with their alliances and words of strategy with them.

"But don't get comfortable, there are still eight more spots. Round 2, Team 1 will be Xerox Roult, Volta Sparks, Excalibur Rose and Basilisk Crown. Round 2, Team 2 will be Herb Bivore, Ares Jones, Dymento Lights and Yasmin Veleno."

Everyone looked with open mouths. The leader of the Careers and the leader of the Anti-Careers would be on the same team. And the tribute who is the Anti-Careers leader would be fighting against him and the Career Deputy would be fighting against the Career Leader. Round 2 would be the main event.

It was soon the time for the Round One battle and each tribute went up to get their chosen weapon. The eight tributes stood on one of two metal plates (along with their team) which would launch them into the arena. The tributes were able to take what would be some of their last fleeting looks at the lucky tributes, as far as lucky tributes go, before slowly being lifted upwards.

The arena was a small open plain dotted with various trees and large boulders around the edge. The eight tributes all went into the arena through a hole in the floor and ended up in the middle of the plain, facing each other. Wayde was the first to move towards the trees, bow and arrow in hand. She had a long-ranged weapon meaning she wanted to be as far away as possible. Luckily she was the only one with a bow in this round, meaning she didn't have to look around for the threat of another sniper picking her off. Chakra was the next one to move, brandishing her dagger and went for Sash. He brought up his spear and successfully blocked her and was holding her off: matching her incredible strength and skill. Adira took the opportunity and leapt over Drina - who was about to plummet her trident through Adira's neck - and thrust the spokes of her trident into Sash's back. BOOM! He died instantly. In that same moment a flash of pain shot down the girl's back and she curled up into a ball on the ground. Panthern and Darlexx tried to go to her aid but Shock was holding them off with twin axes. Drina swallowed her pride and went for another jab at the District 5 girl's neck. This time it met it's mark. BOOM!

Chakra hadn't batted an eyelid to help her fellow team members nor to attack Drina, instead she fixed her deep brown eyes on Wayde herself, with a deep intent in her eyes. Wayde had to act fast; luckily everything happened fast. Shock had her back to Drina, not thinking of her as a threat and expecting her to try and attack one of the boys. Instead she smacked the end of her trident against Shock's head and cut straight through her body with the spokes. BOOM! Wayde didn't know what happened next. All she knew was that Chakra had reached the tree and was climbing and that Drina had betrayed their team member. There was only five of them left: one more death and they would be able to get out of there. Before she knew it Wayde had let the arrow fly. BOOM!

Drina's temple exploded and she died screaming.

The four surviving tributes were dropped back into the training centre and were immediately separated. They were dragged into separate rooms to be checked over by medical staff.

The round two tributes collected their chosen weapons and were almost pushed onto the metal plates just after the others had gotten off. It was the the same arena; exactly the same. The four dead bodies were still there, along with their weapons. Volta panicked as there was no way her chosen weapon - a wire - would be useful in this type of battle. She just sat down, closed her eyes, and accepted death. Basilisk patted her on the head and placed his body in front of hers, shielding her.

Herb whimpered as he saw the arena. Ares grabbed him by the arms and uttered the words, "Hide now. Don't come out until everyone who needs to be dead is dead. Understand? Good... Now go. Quick!" Herb scarpered off and crouched behind one of the boulders. Dymento snarled and told Ares and Yasmin to back him up with their throwing knives. They nodded and Dymento charged, axes swinging wildly at Xerox. "I have a chance to kill him now," he thought. Xerox saw the attack coming and blocked one hit with his spear before bringing up his knee to meet Dymento's chin and send him into Excalibur. BOOM! Dymento's free axe had lodged itself into Excalibur's chest. The Lights boy snarled again and went for Xerox's neck while he was distracted, aiming for Yasmin's stomach. BOOM! The spear met its target.

Xerox the suddenly found himself with another attacker and no weapon. Thats when Basilisk flicked his hand and a chain lashed out, like a snake tail, and coiled around Dymento's neck. Basilisk flicked his hand once more and the chain tightened with such a force that it squashed Dymento's neck. BOOM!

Ares was panicking now and decided to do something reckless. "One minute... There is five of us now... Only one of us needs to die. If the three of us go at each other now then it will be an all out bloodbath. Plus I don't want Basilisk to have to either fight me or watch me die. Therefore..." Ares brought one of his knives up to his chest and took what he thought would be his last breath.

"NO!" Basilisk yelled and lunged forward, snatching the knife out of Ares' hands. "Ares... You have done so much for me... All my life. And I have never been able to repay you or do anything of that magnitude in return. But now. I know what I can do for you. If anyone is killing them self for the other one... It will be me." With that Basilisk's soul disappeared as his chest swallowed the knife. BOOM!

Tay laughed after the third cannon sounded and looked at Lynx. He quickly removed his hand from her breast and explained, "I was just stopping you, y'know? I wasn't trying to... Erm.... Grope you or anything!"

Tay giggled and as Lynx went to dive back into the water she placed her hand on his abdomen. "I'm just stopping you... Not groping you or anything," she smiled as he paused and raised and eyebrow. Just then Xerox emerged from the water, opened his mouth to speak before narrowing his eyes at the scene before him and diving back into the water.

Chakra was woken by quiet rustling and somebody nudging her body. She slowly opened her eyes to find Ares' hands on her legs, refreshing her bandages. "Sorry," he whispered, "I tried to be gently and didn't want to wake you."

"Its fine. Thank you, for looking after me although it is pretty embarrassing to be just as useless as a pile of wood."

"We all have to look out for each other... Theres only five of us left now."

Chakra propped herself up with one of her hands and looked at Ares, "You're pretty sweet you know?"

Training Scores

Tribute District Training Score
Dymentia Lights 1 6
Jules Vanity 1 9
Xerox Roult 2 10
Geneive Terrion 2 7
Farcri Tatau 2 7
Madoka Artemisia 2 7
Solar Panels 3 6
Volta Sparks 3 2
Sonic Leccy 3 4
Cassiopeia Noxus 3 4
Hybrid "H3" Three 4 10
Tay Fraswatte 4 9
Lynx Striker 4 10
Alyssa Kandle 5 6
Ares Jones 5 11
Gloom Ivy 6 5
Zak Slaughter 6 5
Mimic Slaughter 6 6
Ian Kavanagh 7 5
Mist Scorchil 7 7
Pandora Raven 7 9
Lucin Cansil 8 4
Soul Silverless 8 6
Darlexx Velvet 8 12
Hannah Bladekiss 8 5
Troi Cian 9 8
Chloe Fairchild 9 8
Alexis Sanchez 9 2
Lindsey Cartridge 9 5
Herb Bivore 10 10
September Rollo 10 8
Dawn Santori 10 3
Panthern Agrios 11 6
Wayde Umbra 11 8
Chorillonamus "Coral" Studkarat 11 6
BeDazzlia "BeBe" Makkie 11 6
Jarrod Echo 12 4
Chakra Fatalis 12 9
Jade 12 9
Melanoi Jet 12 4

The Games

Day 1

Each tribute rose up into the arena at the same time, like every year. Each tribute and each mentor had been expecting the arena to be elaborate and full of twists, like every year but this year was different. They were in a circle surrounding the Cornucopia. And they were all on one very large and very tall island. But the only things on this island were the tributes, the Cornucopia and grass. To get off the barren island the tributes would have to jump a few metres into the water and swim to one of the other eight islands. The other islands were of different sizes but none of them were as big as the Cornucopia island. There was the Cornucopia island, the five medium islands which had trees and a narrow beach, and three tiny islands which consisted of just sand and rock. The only way to navigate between these islands was the swim. Hybrid, Tay and Lynx grinned.


The countdown had begun and Hybrid's eyes met with Hannah's. She nodded, like she understood this silent code and never broke eye contact with Hybrid. Lindsey, Hannah's other ally was watching from the plate right next to Hybrid and just decided to copy whatever Hannah had been told to do.


Xerox cracked his knuckles and eyed Ares and Darlexx. They had both gotten training scores larger than his own and he was determined to take them down early on. Genevive, Lynx and Jules had been ordered to take out Darlexx early. Xerox and Madoka were going after Ares while the others would get supplies and stand their ground.


Darlexx, Melanoi and Pandora had their plan ready. Pandora had volunteered to run and get a backpack, since she was the best runner and meet the other two at the edge of the island. Darlexx knew tributes would be coming after him but his confidence was knocked when he saw the water... And then saw Lynx staring him down with cold intent. District 4 would find him.


Jarrod wasn't taking any risks. Neither was Coral, Bebe and Wayde. Wayde had shown great skill for a young girl and some tributes already knew her fighting abilities. And Coral was being targeted by Panthern and possibly also the Careers. It was risky but they had to get off the island no matter what.


Herb shook. He was a coward and he knew it. At that moment he had thoughts of abandoning the Anti-Careers and running as far away from the bloodbath as he possibly could. But he couldn't do that to Ares. He had to repay him somehow for saying him in the Rounds. No! He had made his decision and committed himself to staying with the Antis. Mist was having the same debate in his head. The Careers were far too strong. It would be pointless to fight against them but he had some sort of chance if he tried to run away.


Zak and Mimic were positioned as far away from each other as possible. And if that wasn't enough there was Tay and Chakra at either side of Zak, poised for sprinting.


It is needless to say but Solar wasn't happy. He had been bullied into joining the Careers when it was obvious that they would kill him the first chance they got. The poor boy couldn't even defend himself. His weapon were bombs and there were no bombs at the Cornucopia. Solar's heart skipped a beat and he placed on foot gingerly on the floor.


Solar's heart leapt when the bomb underneath him didn't explode... Or rather there were no bombs in the arena! That was it! He had a second head start and used that time to snatch a pair of flippers near his plate and run off the edge of the island.


Nobody noticed Solar's movement, it was over in a flash and everyone had their attention fixed on their plans anyway. Pandora was the first running and snatched up two backpacks and a whip that she had found hidden under the bags. Meanwhile Darlexx had grabbed Melanoi and then were crouching as close to Pandora as they could without being in danger. But Lynx was also fast on ground and he already had a full belt of throwing knives and released one of those knives so it flew at Pandora. Luckily for her Lucin had accidently ran into the knife's path and the weapon hit the side of his head instead. And before Lynx could prepare another knife, the trio were gone, already swimming to the south island. Lynx was about to go after them, per Xerox's earlier orders but Jules called out to him, shaking her head.

Hybrid sprinted over to the Cornucopia, joining Lynx and Jules before picking up a few daggers, backpacks and two swords. He then explained to the other two careers that he was going to pick up some kills from the outer bit of the bloodbath, picking off tributes who were fleeing. Without waiting for an answer he ran off and met up with Lindsey and Hannah, passing Hannah the daggers and Lindsey one of the swords and a backpack. They agreed to try and find a cave somewhere and stay there for a few days. The trio dived into the salt water, closely followed by Mist.

Farcri grinned at his claws which were hidden behind a box at the very back of the cornucopia. Then he spotted Panthern struggling with BeBe and rushed to help, slashing the girl's face off and high-fiving his friend. Immediately after Coral stopped in his tracks and almost slipped. That was until Ares buried an axe in his chest. September and Soul also both had weapons in their hands and each ripped Ian and Cassiopeia's bodies apart. Farcri and Panthern looked on in terror as they all advanced towards them but Madoka, three daggers in each hand, and Alyssa, a sword in her hand, stood in front of the boys. Ares simply shrugged as September shot an arrow at Alyssa's forehead. Just then Chakra and Jade joined their allies and watched in ammusement as the three Careers sprinted round the other side of the cornucopia.

Volta, Sonic, Gloom and Herb were guarding a pile of the Anti-Careers' supplies where the four of them had collected them. They had used their size to weave in and out of the older tributes, collecting survivial gear from right under their noses. But there was a disadvantage: They were so far away from the stronger members of the Anti-Careers that they were practically sitting ducks.

The Slaughter siblings were about to take advantage with that and, each armed with a sword stalked over to the group. Zak was the first to attack and slashed open Sonic's stomach. He was about to go for Volta until she blocked his slash with one of the bags and it gave Herb enough time to aim and fire one of his knives at the boy's head. He fell down but Mimic was still there, clashing blades with Gloom who was loosing. Volta dived behind Mimic and strangled her with the strap of the backpack.

Wayde and Jarrod had been lucky, many of the tributes had abandoned the supplies by the time they reached them and the Careers were round the other side of the Cornucopia. They had gotten hold of their preferred weapons at the Cornucopia, although Jarrod had picked up a sword also. The swimming gear was nearly all gone, save for a few snorkels which Wayde picked up. They spun round, seeing Dawn charging towards them, using her flippers as a shield. Jarrod met her head on, rushing at her from her blind spot and beheading the girl. The two of them then swam to one of the small, sandy islands.

Troi charged, dodged a dagger thrown by Dymentia, and picked up a few survival supplies. Xerox snarled and wrapped his spear in barbed wire before throwing it at Troi. The boy leapt just before contact and the spear lodged itself in his leg, the wire threading itself into his skin, but he kept on running. Xerox snarled again and stormed over to Alexis where he kicked him in the groin. Tay held down the boy while Xerox crushed his head with his foot. Chloe paused for a second and eyed up Geneive and Tay who were rushing over to her, before gripping the more mountainous side of the island and climbing down to the water below. The girls just left her.

The two sides circled each other; the Careers and the Anti-Careers were the only ones left at the Cornucopia. Tay hefted her trident above her head and cried out, the Careers leaving their posts at the Cornucopia and charging at the Antis. Ares met her head on, smashing his axe into the trident, the spokes on either side of the axe head. Tay grinned and twisted her hands, making the trident spokes and so Ares' arm. He grunted and regretfully let go. September rushed to help but Jules smashed her axe and knocked the scythe out of the girl's hand. September fell to the ground, watching Jules swing her axe down onto her neck.

Herb jumped over Lynx's head before the knives rained down on the spot where he was stood. Panthern tutted at the fact he had missed the small boy with his weapons. Geneive and Lynx had also thrown their knives but Lynx was now engaging in close combat with Herb. Herb was clearly loosing as he had no defence other than a small backpack against Lynx's metal claws. Jade snarled and rushed to help the boy, beheading Geneive as she went. But Madoka drove two daggers into the girl's back before dodging Volta's throwing knives.

Farcri and Dymentia were meanwhile trading hits with Gloom and Soul; the four of them were evenly matched. Chakra however was having trouble being pursued by Jules and Xerox. She had just looked over her shoulder to check if Xerox had thrown a spear until she ran into Jules' dagger. It had been driven to the outside of the right side of her pelvis, meaning it was not a fatal injury... But painful. Ares shouted and kicked Tay in the face. Instead of finishing her off there and then he charged towards Jules and threw a knife into her lung. Xerox and Lynx dragged Tay's unconcious body behind the Cornucopia and Xerox made Lynx stand guard.

Xerox picked up Jade's sword and calmly walked towards Ares and Chakra. She was slowly pulling the dagger from her body and Ares was helping her. They never noticed Xerox coming up behind them. Gloom tried to call out but it was too late. Xerox drove the sword into Chakra's leg and punched Ares in the face with his free hand. He left them both there, suffering. He watched Gloom and Soul drag the bodies into the water, instead focusing his attention on Herb and Volta. He grabbed both of them by the legs and threw them off the island. That was it! Thr Careers had come out victorious.

Farcri sat down in relief before asking Xerox, "Why didn't you kill any of them?"

Xerox rubbed his eyes and also sat down, "Because the pain will kick in any minute. If we carried this on then everyone who had kills would be writhing in pain. Plus I would have had to endure more pain. Its best to let Chakra die of blood loss and have their morale dented."

With that everyone in the arena who had killed screamed as pain, depending on how many kills they had cursed through their body. After the ten painful minutes the energy was sapped out of the tribute's bodies. Then the cannons sounded.

BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Fifteen dead tributes from the bloodbath, add that to the eight which died in the rounds to work out that there are 25 tributes still alive.

Lynx grunted as he looked over the edge of the island and into the water. "Will we be leaving this island?"

Madoka nodded, "Most probably due to the lack of cover. We are basically target practice with just the Cornucopia as cover."

Lynx bit his lip, "Great." The boy didn't want to reveal it for lack of respect but he wasn't a great swimmer, despite coming from District 4. But in order to kill Ares and Darlexx who got higher training scores than him he had to conquer his fear.

Soul spluttered the water from her mouth, the energy was rapidly being sapped from her body and she was being weighted down by Chakra. "Herb, come help me with Chakra. We need to get to the island there," She signalled to the island adjacent to Cornucopia island, "This salt water isn't doing Chakra any good."

Volta got to the island first, helping Gloom pull Ares' body onto the pebbles which scattered the island's beach. Herb and Soul then carried Chakra's whimpering body up to the island. Instantly Soul, Volta and Herb collapsed on the ground. They were breathing heavily and trying to regain some energy from their screaming muscles.

Gloom was the only one not affected by the bloodbath and so offered to go and search around the island for any other tributes. After half an hour he came to an open field, circled by trees in the middle of the island. He crouched in the tall grass and watched Pandora, Darlexx and Melanoi packing up their supplies.

"I promise you I heard something." Pandora insisted, gripping her whip and glancing at the spot Gloom was hiding. He stiffed as she looked right at his hiding spot but luckily her eyes passed by, not noticing.

Darlexx sighed and rubbed his eyes, "Fine. We will go to the nearest island to the east then. We set up camp too close to the beach anyway." The trio disappeared the way in which Gloom had just come... They were heading for the beach! Gloom was frozen in fear, not knowing what to do. If he went to fight then he would be out matched three to one, fighting against the tribute who got the highest ever training score too. Albeit only one of them had a weapon but he wasn't going to take that chance. Gloom took one last fleeting look to his alliance and climbed up a nearby tree where he would be out of harms way but still be able to see how his injured friends would be slaughtered.

Pandora stiffened as she saw the Anti-Careers on the floor and gripped her whip tightly. Darlexx put his finger to his lips and silently got out a small dagger from his backpack. Melanoi did the same. He looked at Pandora and pointed to Soul, looked at Melanoi and pointed to Volta before positioning himself near to Chakra. After they killed them Darlexx would kill Herb and Pandora would kill the unconscious one. It would have all gone to plan if Ares had not woken up and kicked the whip out of Pandora's hand. Melanoi panicked and accidentally slit Volta's throat. BOOM! Darlexx tutted, not having the time to get the kill he wanted he simply dug the dagger into Chakra's other leg, giving her another wound and making her scream more. Darlexx grabbed the two girls in his alliance and made for the water. Herb took aim with his slingshot but he was still in much pain and instead only got Melanoi to trip over. Gloom took his chance! He swung from the branches of his tree and slashed at Melanoi's throat and face. BOOM! The other two didn't have time to look back or fight and disappeared into the water.

In the last dwindling hours of the first day the following events happened: The Careers decided that they would spend the first night camped inside the Cornucopia. The Anti-Careers stayed near the beach but retreated to the undergrowth. After the battle with Darlexx and Pandora Chakra got a special cream and bandages for her wounds. Wayde and Jarrod found refuge in one of the tall trees on the third largest island, camping it its canopy. Darlexx and Pandora are camped under Wayde and Jarrod's tree without realising. Hybrid had noticed that Mist was following him and his alliance and so drowned him without questioning or giving him a chance to explain. BOOM! After that Lindsey got scared of him and promised herself she would leave their alliance after tomorrow. The remaining loners, Troi, Chloe and Solar are all in an underwater cave and have made an alliance. This underwater cave is built into the side of the Cornucopia island and has a few large rocks for the tributes to be out of the water.

Day 2

Tay woke early the next morning, finding Xerox poised outside the Cornucopia, standing guard. "How many left since I was out?"

Xerox glanced at her and signalled to a box next to him, "Twenty-two left." He was pretty annoyed when Farcri woke him up for guard duty as apparently Chakra nor Ares had died yet. The blood loss should have killed her. Clearly the District 12 girl was popular in the Capitol for some reason.

Tay stretched and grasped her trident, "I can take over if you want, go get some rest."

Xerox just shook his head, "The others will be up soon, make the most of the quiet." He lightly touched her hand with his own before retracting it and placing it back on his spear hilt. "I'm going fishing, might as well do something productive."

He sprinted off and dived into the water, spear in hand. Little did he know that he had fallen to the water just inches from an underwater cave. Luckily he was so flustered that he hadn't noticed it and Solar, Troi and Chloe were safe.

Lynx emerged from his slumber and sat on the box that Xerox used to be sitting on. "Don't worry about him. He'll come round if you try hard enough." Lynx smiled, his long blonde hair hung on his left shoulder and his shirt was removed. Lynx followed Tay's gaze to his naked abdomen and grinned, "Its hotter today... The arena I mean. Hotter than yesterday anyway," he explained.

Chloe dabbed her lips with the sea water, licking them tentatively. She needed water, purified water. There had to have been something at the Cornucopia which rid the water of the salt... Something at least. She climbed out of the cave, using her newly developed arm muscles to clamber up the side of the island. Her head peeked over the side and in clear view was the Cornucopia, two of the careers sitting guard outside. Her heart sunk as the topless one pointed right at her and shouted. The girl didn't hesitate and threw her trident at Chloe's head. Those three rushing spokes were the last thing she saw. BOOM!

Tay threw Lynx his claws and smiled, "Lets go hunting. She must have come up here for a reason, shall we go find that reason?" And, without waiting for an answer dived off the edge of the island. Lynx gulped and peered over the edge at the rushing water below. After careful deliberation he swallowed his fears and jumped in. As the boy scrambled into the cave, panting he saw that Tay was already there. She had stabbed Troi's stomach with a spear. BOOM! Lynx put his hand on Tay's chest, "I'll take the other one, you're in too much pain already." With that he stabbed his claws into Solar's neck. BOOM!

Tay laughed after the third cannon sounded and looked at Lynx. He quickly removed his hand from her breast and explained, "I was just stopping you, y'know? I wasn't trying to... Erm.... Grope you or anything!"

Tay giggled and as Lynx went to dive back into the water she placed her hand on his abdomen. "I'm just stopping you... Not groping you or anything," she smiled as he paused and raised and eyebrow. Just then Xerox emerged from the water, opened his mouth to speak before narrowing his eyes at the scene before him and diving back into the water.

Chakra was woken by quiet rustling and somebody nudging her body. She slowly opened her eyes to find Ares' hands on her legs, refreshing her bandages. "Sorry," he whispered, "I tried to be gently and didn't want to wake you."

"Its fine. Thank you, for looking after me although it is pretty embarrassing to be just as useless as a pile of wood."

"We all have to look out for each other... Theres only five of us left now."

Chakra propped herself up with one of her hands and looked at Ares, "You're pretty sweet you know?" Ares blinked at her and looked with a shocked face, illuminated by the dim morning light. He hesitated before slowly closing the gap between them until their chests were pressed together and their faces were inches from each other. Chakra then closed the remaining distance, locked her hands in his hair and brushed his lips with her own. Ares pressed his lips against hers harder and pressed one hand on the floor to stop himself from falling on her and one hand on the small of her back to keep their bodies together. Ares kissed her harder and Chakra's body melted under his fierce kisses. He parted her lips with his tongue mid-kiss but Chakra broke it, panting for breath.

Ares didn't stop, his hands working along her body and she run her hands along his, removing his shirt as he removed hers. As they kissed again she wrapped her legs around his shirtless body and he moved his kisses along her body. He had just started to playfully tug at the top of her pants before a cough interrupted them. Herb was standing there, trying his best to avert his eyes.

Ares sat up, clearly annoyed, "What the hell do you think you're doing."

Herb shuffled his feet and fiddled with something on his finger which was suddenly very interesting. "Well... You woke me up so I... Well.... Came to see what it was."

Soul poked her head around a tree and smirked, "You woke all of us up. All that gasping and... Ripping" Ares' eyes flickered to Chakra's shredded top and Chakra bit her lip innocently. He stood up, rearranged his hair and threw Chakra his shirt.

Wayde nudged Jarrod awake besides her and coked her head the below them. She had an arrow lodged in her bow and it pointed at the two tributes sleeping on the ground. Jarrod put his hand up and shook his head before climbing down the bark and jumping on the ground in front of them. He coughed and nudged the two of them which woke them with a start. Darlexx widened his eyes and had already thrown his dagger by the time Pandora had grabbed his arm. BOOM! The dagger was already making blood stream from Jarrod's head. Wayde gasped and the arrow flew into Darlexx's chest. BOOM! Pandora snapped her head and looked up at Wayde who was writhing in pain.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you. I was telling Darlexx to wait but... Well... He's dead now. Please, come down." Pandora opened her hands and let the whip fall to the floor. Wayde thought about it for a few minutes but nodded and did her best to climb down the tree without falling due to her pain. The two girls shook hands and made an alliance together, although Wayde made a note not to trust Pandora.

Lindsey couldn't take it anymore: the constant worry about Hybrid and how dangerous he was. That day Hybrid went out, he had said he was going fishing. The two girls could see him from where they were sat on the beach, bobbing up and down with his sword in hand. Then suddenly seven slick bodies dived into the water from the Cornucopia and swarmed Hybrid. BOOM! Hannah screamed but Lindsey tried to stop her, restraining her. Hannah was in such a rage that she threw a dagger into the water as the Careers swam over. BOOM! It hit Madoka in the heart and she died. Lindsey was frantically pulling Hannah away but she just grabbed another dagger and stabbed Lindsey in the face. BOOM! Then she ran, as far away as she could get from impending doom with tears in her eyes.

Farcri - as soon as he had gotten out of the water - puffed out his lips with a sigh of despair and looked out to the water. There was only fourteen tributes left. His friend was dead. And he was sitting there, in an alliance with five others. He was part of an alliance that made up just under half of the total number of tributes in the arena. He was crazy to still be with the alliance. It was clear Xerox was getting more mental since the morning and that tensions were high in their alliance. Farcri stood up, gathered his weapons and supplies and sat on the other side of the island. He started looking out to sea again, in deep thought. That was until Panthern put his arm around him and whispered in his ear in a mockingly seductive voice, "I can take away all your worries."

Farcri chuckled for a bit at this but again remembered Madoka's body floating amongst the salt water. "I know you're upset, I am too. Madoka was my friend but I suppose its not the same as loosing your girlfriend." Farcri widened his eyes and looked at Panthern.

"You... You though Madoka was my girlfriend!? Oh gosh Panthern... I'm gay."

Pandora gritted her teeth as she crouched in a bush just off the edge of an island. Wayde was in the bush parallel to her and she could just make out the tips of two arrows poking out. It was getting dim now and the Careers were starting to settle down to sleep. Pandora nodded and Wayde let go of the arrows so they flew into the heads of the nearest Career boys. BOOM! BOOM! Panthern and Farcri lay dead. Wayde was about to open her mouth to scream but Pandora slashed out her hand and the viper-like whip coiled around Wayde's neck and face. The girl closed her eyes and tightened. BOOM!

As the second day drew to a close the following events happened: the Careers moved to the top right island after the death of two of their allies. Pandora was sleeping in the same bush and made a vow not to move from there until the end of the games. Hannah had decided that she no longer cared about dying and had just lay on the same island as Pandora. The Anti-Careers, after calculating that there were only four Careers left decided that they would go find them in the next morning.

Day 3

A loud voice awoke everyone at precisely seven AM that morning, "Today will be everyone's final day in this arena. Please make your way to the main Cornucopia before all the other islands sink into the water. Also there are two main prizes, each prize has something to do with the Careers and the Anti-Careers. Which ever one of the two alliances gets to the Cornucopia first will be able to regain their prize and destroy the other prize. For anybody who is not in either alliance, you can destroy both prizes."

Lynx let a small gasp escape his lips and went to turn to the space Tay was but it was empty. Xerox stared at him with cold eyes, a slight smile playing on his lips as he lifted up a corner of his sleeping bag. Lynx's heart sunk as his mind wondered what or who could have been sleeping with Xerox. Instead Dymentia was curled up, tears staining her face. Lynx couldn't take it anymore. He was a monster. A monster who had done that to Dymentia and obviously kidnapped Tay.

Lynx turned away from the others and snatched up his bag and claws, tightening the straps around his hand. "I'll see you at the Cornucopia... Where I'll kill you."

Water slowly swirled around Hannah's body as she lay there, blinking tears and salt water from her eyes. The girl had heard the announcement but still lay there, trying to make a decision on her life. Slowly a small chime made its way down to where she was lay and a cream piece of card fluttered over her face. It smelt like home. She scrambled for it and sat crossed-legged amongst the moss as she read it. I can't give up. She pressed a frail hand on the floor and dug her fingers into the watery dirt while clutching the card with the other- Wait! Watery dirt. Hannah glanced downwards and the soil swirled around at her feet as the island was slowly sucked into an abyss which was the torrent of water at the edges of the arena. Hannah sprinted towards the other end of the island despite her feet snagging on many of the fallen, warped branches. It was like the island itself was begging her to stay. Begging her to fall on the floor. To sleep. To give up.

She was kissing him, his cheeks, his eyes, his mouth. She wanted nothing but his lips on hers, if only for a moment. She wrapped her arms around him...and plunged the blade deep into his back.

Chakra gasped and pushed herself upwards, away from her dream with sweat dripping from her forehead. Gloom frowned at her and pushed his glasses up with the back of his hand before going back to packing his backpack alongside Soul and Herb. Ares was nowhere to be seen and, after that dream, Chakra was glad. Why the hell was she thinking of killing him- of killing anyone. Soul kicked her as she strode past to gather up her weapons and stared at Chakra with cold eyes. She got the feeling that the kick wasn't accidental. "So you're finally up, eh," Soul muttered as she collected her sword, no longer caring about what the other tributes thought of her.

In a way, Chakra could understand the other girl's resent towards her. In fact she could understand if everyone in her alliance resented her. Ever since the bloodbath Chakra had been nothing but a liability with all her injuries and the simple fact of the matter was that they hadn't been hunting down Careers because of her. The Anti-Careers' main objective was to eliminate the Careers at least within the first two days. Because Chakra was so injured, Ares had insisted that the alliance would not move on and hunt for them until she had recovered from her wounds. And now the games were ending and it was seeming more and more likely two Careers would win. It was clear from their last fight that the Anti-Careers were no match for the Careers. Chakra took a moment to look at her alliance, finding possible ways they could beat a girl who got a nine, two ten score worthy boys and the other one. All they consisted of was a liability, two weaker younger boys, an untrusting girl and one strong boy. It was obvious to anyone who had at least a shred of intelligence that they would loose this fight. That they would be slaughtered.

"Hey, Gloom come up here. You're best at climbing to the tops of the trees." A voice called down from a tree a few meters away from where she was sitting and a slender arm yanked Gloom from the floor and almost propelled him onto a tree branch. Just a few moments later a small gasp was heard from the top of the tree vegetation followed by a frantic call from Ares and his grunts which obviously slipped out of his mouth because he had tried to climb after Gloom... And failed.

Soul cupped her hands to her mouth in order to amplify her voice and shouted up the bark, "What can you see?" There was a slight pause and a lot of rustling and snapping. Ares neatly jumped from a lower branch of the tree and brushed some dirt off his arms before gently helping Gloom down from the tree and placing him on the floor next to him. Ares was in a good mood despite the announcement which was made earlier on. Herb guessed that it had something to do with the fact that the Games were almost over. Alternatively it could be because he was excited about what the Anti-Careers' surprise could be at the Cornucopia if they won. Anyway, it didn't matter to him either way. It was obvious that he would die in the next few hours. The only sharp weapons he had which were capable of instantly killing somebody was a few pieces of sharp stones which he had been working on for the past day or so.

Gloom cleared his throat as though he actually wanted people's attention on him. Herb knew that this was a lie for the two of them had become close friends, despite most of Gloom's selfish desires and ideals. "The island to our East is currently being sucked into the waterfalls bordering the arena. I am guessing that either this island or the island North-East to us shall be swallowed next. It would be advisable for us to move as quickly as we can." Ares clapped his hands, jolting everyone slightly and gave a chuckle... He actually chuckled, like he had completely disregarded the fact that they were currently fighting to the death and only two of them, maximum, would be able to walk out there alive.

Then his eyes darkened and looked at each one of them in turn. "Today is war. This is the time we go to war now. This is our final stand. The final play of the board and the final time we will be able to show our defiance in the face of those who put us here. When we get to the feast, this second bloodbath of the games please remember this. Look out for yourself and yourself alone. Do not be a hero, there has been too many tributes sacrificing each other. Don't try and save me from death and, in return, I promise not to save any of you. We go onto that island as one but... We also go there separately. Bear in mind that, while these may be called 'games', we are actually at war. And, in war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers."

Pandora's breath hissed through her gritted teeth as the jagged stone cut through her fingers and palms. The whip was loosely tied around her waist, Wayde's bow slung around her body and three arrows were clasped between her teeth so that she could use both hands to climb up the cliff side of the island and peek out from the side. It looked like she was the first one there. Already she was glad that she had moved to the island when she did as three islands were already beginning to be swallowed by the torrents of water bordering the arena. Pandora found a narrow foothold where she was able to rest for a few minutes and rub her hands together, smearing the lines of blood which had appeared there. She removed the arrows to give her jaw a rest but winced when she tried to massage her jaw with a stinging hand. Her jaw was now a light red. The self determination needed for Pandora to restart her climb took a painstakingly long time for her to collect but she finally continued her ascent.

Atop the island was, still, the Cornucopia. Except there was a change. It seemed to now be made out of mirrors and even more mirrors were dotted around the island in very specific ways. For instance, if Pandora looked at a mirror at just the right angle she could see it was reflecting what the inside of the Cornucopia was reflecting which was a mirrored table. On it were two black bags, around five to six feet long. She guessed these were the prizes for the Careers and Anti-Careers to take home with them, if they won. All Pandora would get if she won would be her life. And her life was quite enough of a prize for her.

Little did Pandora know, there were five other people stood on the island. Each one was hidden from her by the mirrors. Lynx was crouched under the mirrored table which seemed to be the place which had the least amount of vision. Dymentia had sprinted into the carnage of the mirrors and, at that point she had vision on both Hannah (who was also in the mirrors) and Pandora. Xerox was crouched outside of the maze-like structure and was just on the edge of the island and he, from that point could see Hannah and Dymentia clearly as well as some blonde hair (which belonged to Lynx).

That was when the Anti-Careers rushed onto the island, weapons and voices raised in shouts. Xerox was the first one to be seen because he was outside the mirrors and so Ares went charging to him, one axe smashing a spear which Xerox raised in defence. While Ares was fighting with Xerox, the rest of the Anti-Careers (Gloom, Soul, Herb and Chakra) spread out along the outside of the island. In front of Pandora, with her back to her, was Soul, with her long sword drawn. Pandora silently notched an arrow in the bow which she had swung from her back and aimed at the back of Soul's head. The bow felt delicate and strange in Pandora's hands as she had not had much experience with archery in the training sessions. She instantly regretted it. The arrow didn't have enough force behind it and so swerved away from Soul's head, instead stabbing into the back of her knee. The girl fell to her knees as Pandora leapt from the cliff, jumping high into the air and shot an arrow downwards into the back of Soul's head. BOOM! Pandora sighed, now she only had one arrow and a partially lethal whip.

That was when Chakra gave a shout for Herb and Gloom to slowly enter the mirrors together while she slipped around to Pandora's side. Pandora cursed and loaded her last arrow. But Chakra was on her with a flash of steel before her eyes. The scythe gouged out the girl's eyes and sliced open her stomach. Pandora lay there writhing and shot her arrow blindly. It smashed a mirror and revealed an image of Lynx, not that Chakra was looking at that moment. She crouched and watched Pandora squirm in pain, pain also shooting through her. But she didn't care. She could still see, unlike Pandora, and although the pain to her stomach was sickening, she had to keep reminding herself that it wasn't real. As soon as Pandora stopped struggling against her wounds, so did Chakra's pain. BOOM! Chakra was surprised at how sadistic she was.

Dymentia gripped a knife which she had stolen from Lynx's pack back at their camp the day before. It was her only weapon. She had seen everything that had happened on Pandora's side of the island and she ultimately wished that she did not meet her death via Chakra that day... Sadistic little cow.

Gloom and Herb were slowly making their way to Lynx who they could see due to his reflection. Lynx had risen from his hiding place and went to the body-shaped bag marked with a 'C'. He carefully pulled the zip and it revealed a body. A tribute's body. Alive. "Tay." Lynx whispered as her face was revealed. She was lightly breathing and her pulse was faint, but it was there. She had most probably been sedated by the Gamemakers. As he carefully lifted her off the table and lay her under it, rocks shattered against his head and dark spots appeared before his eyes. Lynx spun round, a pebble smacking him on the forehead from Herb's slingshot as Gloom leapt from his hiding place, scythe in hand. Lynx trapped the scythe between the talons of his metal claw and, when he twisted his wrist, the scythe spun from Gloom's hand and clattered to the floor. Then, all of a sudden (still under the rain of Herb's depleting supply of pebbles), Lynx sprung a knife from the back of his pants and stabbed it into Gloom's lung. BOOM! Herb ran. And slammed into Hannah. She threw a punch at him but her fist smacked against a mirror instead. She also tried to kick his feet out from under him but he jumped into the air and landed a flying kick to her chest, winding her. Herb then remember the sharpened rock in his backpack and he grabbed it in his hand. He wished it was sharper. Herb plunged the sharpened stone into Hannah's chest and sliced at her heart. BOOM! Somebody placed a hand on Herb's shoulder as tears slipped from his eyes. Chakra caught his fist which he aimed at her and patted his head as he cried into her shoulder. The young boy had killed one of the Slaughter siblings earlier in the games but that time was different. There was blood on his hands, he had savaged her with a blunt stone and sat on her as her soul flew from her eyes.

Meanwhile in Ares and Xerox's fight, Ares had both his axes in his hand and was whirling them with such precision and speed. One of the axes flew from Ares' hand and lodged itself into Xerox's left calf. He screamed, pulled it out and almost blindly chucked it back at Ares. The other boy ducked and the weapon sailed just past his head. Instead, as Dymentia was making her way out of the mirrors, the axe smashed against one of the planes of mirrors close to her. The shards flew at her body and she lay with blood spilling from her due to the glass shards draining her of blood. BOOM!

Xerox screamed again when a surge of pain racked his body, "Dammit... Why does it hurt so much?" That was just before Ares brought his other axe down onto Xerox's head. BOOM! Then, straight after the cannon, Tay awoke from her sedated dream.

As Chakra heard Xerox's cannon she did some mental arithmetic and figured out that there were only five tributes left. She figured out that she was in the final five. As smooth as the calm before a storm, Chakra whipped out her scythe and drew it across Herb's neck, leaving a small red slit where his neck tendons once were. He bled to death, like Pandora. BOOM!

Tay gasped as Lynx shook her and picked her out of the bag. They then both grinned once Lynx had whispered, "Final four."

All of a sudden, the mirrors retracted into the grass of the Cornucopia island. Because of this, the remaining four tributes all stared at each other; Ares at the edge of the island, Chakra close to the Cornucopia and Tay and Lynx inside the Cornucopia. A loud noise blasted through what was left of the arena and was followed by the voice of Head Gamemaker Jade, "Congratulations tributes. You have done well to get this far but two of you must die for the other two to survive. There was always a time limit for these games... As of now, you have three minutes for two of you to die. If there is more than two of you left by the end of the three minutes, all of you die. Happy Pain Games and... Let the Pains begin."

At the end of Head Gamemaker Jade's speech, Chakra circled to the front of the Cornucopia and stabbed Tay in the back as Lynx was handing her a knife. BOOM! Lynx's eyes watered as the other girl fell to her knees and slowly died. Chakra fell to the floor in agony because she had killed three tributes in quick succession. Lynx roared and surged towards her with venom in his eyes but not before Ares had managed to get in between the two tributes, one axe twirling in his hand. "Kill. Him," Chakra gasped as the words escaped her mouth.

Lynx glowered at the other boy, "Remember our deal... I bring Xerox to you and you do something for me. Keep your promise brat. Let me win."

1 minute 35 seconds

Ares stared hard at him.

Lynx returned the stare, "Which way is easier, boy? Me or that? Who will be easier? We had a deal!"

1 minute

"The clock is ticking, brat. Keep our promise, or burn with both of us."

Chakra reached for Ares' axe, murmuring to herself about killing Lynx. Ares moved his hand slightly so that the weapon was out of her reach.

"And... If you keep the promise, you get whatever is in the Anti-Career's bag," Lynx signalled to the bag and urged Ares to keep him promise, "Clock is ticking. Don't be a dishonourable matyr. Be an honourable coward."

20 seconds

Ares sighed and Lynx was sure he saw tears in the tribute's eyes as he beheaded Chakra and kept him promise to Lynx. BOOM! Chakra's head slid to the floor and Lynx almost clapped in glee at the sound of Head Gamemaker Jade's voice, "Congratulations tributes. You are the Victors of the Fourth Pain Games. Since the Careers' prize... Died... Only Ares Jones, the Anti-Career, may take his prize home."

Ares moved to his bag apprehensively as Lynx was pulled into a Capital hovercraft. Hr zipped open the bag and what lay there was a small ruby sculpture. It was a sculpture of a crowned king who was about to stab his sword into the heart of a creature. And the creature was a... A... A basilisk. Underneath the sculpture read: basiliscus perit... The basilisk dies. Ares had protected Herb only for him to be killed by Chakra. Ares had loved Chakra only to kill her. Ares had watched Basilisk, a friend who had been with him for so long, kill himself for him. And Ares was the one who had survived, survived with his life and the sculpture for a prize. The Capital had been mocking him the whole time. The games were mocking him.


Name District User
Lynx Striker 4 Kekai
Ares Jones 5 Oli

Final 7 Odds

Name District Gender Odds
Dymentia Lights 1 Female N/A
Xerox Roult 2 Male N/A
Tay Fraswatte 4 Female N/A
Lynx Striker 4 Male 5-1
Ares Jones 5 Male 4-1
Herb Bivore 10 Male N/A
Chakra Fatalis 12 Female N/A


This is the death chart for the tributes and it also shows how they were killed and what their ranking is:

Ranking Name District Killed by:
48th Sash Bloodhound 10 Adira Shimmer
47th Adira Shimmer 5 Drina Vox
46th Shock Horror 6 Drina Vox
45th Drina Vox 4 Wayde Umbra
44th Excalibur Rose 1 Dymento Lights
43rd Yasmin Veleno 7 Xerox Roult
42nd Dymento Lights 1 Basilisk Crown
41st Basilisk Crown 5 Basilisk Crown
40th Lucin Cansil 8 Lynx Striker
39th BeBe Makkie 11 Farcri Tatau
38th Coral Studkarat 11 Ares Jones
37th Ian Kavanagh 7 September Rollo
36th Cassiopeia Noxus 3 Soul Silverless
35th Alyssa Kandle 5 September Rollo
34th Sonic Leccy 3 Zak Slaughter
33rd Zak Slaughter 6 Herb Bivore
32nd Mimic Slaughter 6 Volta Sparks
31st Dawn Santori 10 Jarrod Echo
30th Alexis Sanchez 9 Xerox Roult
29th September Rollo 10 Jules Vanity
28th Geneive Terrion 2 Jade
27th Jade 12 Madoka Artemisia
26th Jules Vanity 1 Ares Jones
25th Volta Sparks 3 Melanoi Jet
24th Melanoi Jet 12 Gloom Ivy
23rd Mist Scorchil 7 Hybrid Three
22nd Chloe Fairchild 9 Tay Fraswatte
21st Troi Cian 9 Tay Fraswatte
20th Solar Panels 3 Lynx Striker
19th Jarrod Echo 12 Darlexx Velvet
18th Darlexx Velvet 8 Wayde Umbra
17th Hybrid Three 4 The Careers
16th Madoka Artemisia 2 Hannah Bladekiss
15th Lindsey Cartridge 9 Hannah Bladekiss
14th Panthern Agrios 11 Wayde Umbra
13th Farcri Tatau 2 Wayde Umbra
12th Wayde Umbra 11 Pandora Raven
11th Soul Silverless 8 Pandora Raven
10th Pandora Raven 7 Chakra Fatalis
9th Gloom Ivy 6 Lynx Striker
8th Hannah Bladekiss 8 Herb Bivore
7th Dymentia Lights 1 Xerox Roult
6th Xerox Roult 2 Ares Jones
5th Herb Bivore 10 Chakra Fatalis
4th Tay Fraswatte 4 Chakra Fatalis
3rd Chakra Fatalis 12 Ares Jones

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