It is hard to imagine that this is the fifth instalment of the Pain Games. It is also hard to imagine that I have been writing this series of blogs for the past 2 years. It sure as hell only feels like yesterday that I thought up of this idea while lying in bed one night after doing a piece of homework on karma. That is essentially what the Pain Games centre around: what goes around come around.
But seriously, lets not start on such a heartfelt note which sounds like a scene from Titanic. However, after my introduction paragraph of my last Pain Games, I thought about doing a song for this too... If you're near... Far... Whereeeeeeeeeeeeever you aaaare. I believe that this blog will go oooooon.
Anyways let us get on with this shiz. If you don't know what The Pain Games are then they are basically normal Hunger Games but when your tribute kills or injures another tribute, they feel the same pain as that tribute would but they do not die. Also some of their energy is taken away when they kill but it is given back exactly 24 hours after it was taken.


  1. Please do not make every single tribute an 18 year old who is amazing with swords. Try making a reall weak tribute. You never know - they might win!
  2. Please prove you have read these by putting: "I love pink frilly things" in the middle of your tribute's backstory/personality.
  3. I want all tributes to have a personality.
  4. You can only have 2 tributes each.
  5. You can only have 2 stylists each.
  6. You can have an unlimited amount of mentors each.


For these games there will be only 24 tributes, sorry if you wanted there to be 48 tribute spaces like on the last two games but I really wanted to do a smaller one this time.

Name Age District Gender
Corin Ritter 18 1 Male
Satin Velvet 16 1 Female
Markey Primal-Omega 18 2 Male
Irelia Frostfang 16 2 Female
Haco Amias 14 3 Male
Jagger Clispu 14 3 Female
Oskar Pacific 15 4 Male
Cordelia Ula 15 4 Female
Caius Rays 15 5 Male
Nichole Peyton 15 5 Female
Brendan Jack 14 6 Male
Lavender Morton 16 6 Female
Jayson Huff 17 7 Male
Fawn Rose 12 7 Female
Erhen Flemar 18 8 Male
Saika Tan 18 8 Female
Orlando Jackson 15 9 Male
Savannah Darnell 12 9 Female
Crimson Typhoon 15 10 Male
Charity Meller 17 10 Female
Christopher Walts 17 11 Male
Lily Brette 12 11 Female
Keleb Trie 12 12 Male
Sylvia Zhek 15 12 Female

Other Positions


Now these are usually the most popular but please note that I can only give the spaces to active people! This is mainly because Gamemaker requires an air of exclusivity around it and because I like to talk about it in PM with the Gamemakers.

User Position
Rainbow Shifter Head Gamemaker
Tehblakdeath Assistant Gamemaker
PurpleZombie Assistant Gamemaker
Rainfacestar Arena Designer
Blue-Ribbonz Mutt Maker


If you want to be a stylist then you MUST submit a Chariot Ride outfit otherwise you would be letting down the whole of that district!

Name District User
Prism Sapphire 1 Pippycat
Ayora Lix 2 AngelsHolocaust
Lylac Heartfound 3 Thereal opian
Cassia Luppe 4 Alicerosewright
Aerial Shifter 5 Tehblakdeath
Kometa Mon 6 WeirdTributes
David Flux 7 TheMagicalMockingJay
Kitty Mew 8 Blue-Ribbonz
Lolita Fey 9 Blue-Ribbonz
Jenna Patterson 10 Biel1458
Guci Tammel 11 WeirdTributes
Keralis Vareides 12 Tehblakdeath


This position is usually the most unpopular for some reason but they are really fun! Mentors have a massive job this year with double the numbers of tributes because they need to talk to the user of each of their tributes and sort out their tactics and alliance. Please only ask to be a mentor if you are actually going to do the job.

Name District User
Jade Seeku 1 Rainbow Shifter
Arian Trilava 2 Tehblakdeath
Petra Mines 3 District3
Cristopher Kosmos 4 District3
5 PumPumPumpkin :3
Kevin Soulventer 6 Biel1458
Pilar Seychelles 7 District3
Chakra Fatalis 8 District3
Bran Gilbert 9 Rainbow Shifter
10 Toast With The Most
Fernando Viktor 11 Rainbow Shifter
Avis Vale 12 Alicerosewright


Name District Weapon(s)
Corin Ritter 1 Spears
Satin Velvet 1 Axe, dagger
Markey Primal-Omega 2 Tomahawk, bow and arrow
Irelia Frostfang 2 Swords
Haco Amias 3 Wire, knife
Jagger Clispu 3 Sword, spears
Oskar Pacific 4 Trident, sword, sickle
Cordelia Ula 4 Trident, knives, spears
Caius Rays 5 Dagger, axe
Nichole Peyton 5 Knife
Brendan Jack 6 Kukri
Lavender Morton 6 Knife, sword
Jayson Huff 7 Axe
Fawn Rose 7 Throwing knives, bow and arrow, dagger
Erhen Flemar 8 Double Swords
Saika Tan 8 Throwing knives, spears
Orlando Jackson 9 Daggers, throwing knives
Savannah Darnell 9 Blowgun, knives
Crimson Typhoon 10 Bow and arrow, sword
Charity Meller 10 Throwing knives, throwing axes
Christopher Walts 11 Axe
Lily Brette 11 Bow and arrow, throwing knives, throwing axes
Keleb Trie 12 Crossbow
Sylvia Zhek 12 Bow and arrow, sword

Chariot Rides

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Chariot Rides of the 5th Pain Games. It seems all of our tributes and stylists are ready to begin so let us give to you this year's tributes in all their grace and glory!

And first up, as always, is District 1. The first thing we see is that no changes have been made to the tributes' chariot, it is a normal chariot without design. It is a little disappointing but we barely have any time to be unhappy with the lack of chariot design when we see those costumes. Satin Velvet is clothed in a fabulously stereotypical sparkling dress which we so often with District 1. But, we see something else in her eyes. While her clothes may be radiating silver and gold light, her face is something very different. Satin herself has chosen to use the makeup and hair style to her advantage. The stylist, Prism Sapphire, has chosen to use sheer metallic make-up around her eyes and has decided to pull Satin's brown hair into a tight bun at the back of the head. This has exposed Satin's entire face to the shine of the make-up and, I must say, makes her look even more menacing. Next to her is Corin Ritter, the male tribute who is wearing a similar style suit which has a matching shine to it. Although he wears no make-up which was the attraction with Satin, his own natural hair colour of black and white compliments the outfit well. The audience politely claps and makes note of how menacing and focused they look.

Behind them come District 2 sporting the designs of Ayora Lix who has always been known for fierce costumes with throwbacks to ancient times. And it looks like Ayora has not disappointed. The 'Gods of War' design fits perfectly with the theme of District 2 and, as per usual, the tributes look regal yet threatening in a more shocking way than any other district. Before I talk about their costumes properly, let us just talk about those lethal weapons! The light bouncing off the District 1 costumes hits the blade of the District 2 scythes and it creates an amazing light show as well as highlighting the weaponry in their hands, something which District 2 specialises in. You would have thought the two stylists had planned it. Now let us look at Irelia Frostfang who is dressed in a rouge toga with a majestic golden necklace attaching the toga to her neck. In her eyes are similar rouge contact lenses which flare up at the audience. Next to her is Markey Primal-Omega, the male tribute who is dressed in a matching rouge toga with matching red eyes. His necklace is also the same although it is slightly less defined than Irelia's and so gives him a more dark look. Oh! And suddenly the two tributes whirl their scythes over their heads in a fantastic display of their skills and the costumes. While they move around with the scythes, bright red sparks fly from the togas and leave a small trail of fire in their wake. The audience roar in appreciation.

Now it is time for us to turn our attention (as hard as that may be) to District 3. Haco Amias and Jagger Clispu are both dressed in box-like silver garments and the crowd don't really seem to understand what it is supposed to be. Apparently the theme for the District 3 costumes is 'Robots'. However, nobody can tell what these costumes are. It is as if not a lot of effort has gone into making them or appealing to the audience. We quickly become bored and wait for the next district to come through sooner rather than later.

District 4 comes next and we have costumes which represent waves and create a tranquil feeling for the audience. Still, not so tranquil that we cannot appreciate the amount of time and thought which has gone into these designs. Cordelia Ula is dressed in a usual flowing blue dress which is made from thin and free-flowing fabric. Glistening like waves at the bottom of the dress are diamonds which reflect light back at the audience. Again it seems like District 4 has matched the other two Career districts in this aspect, showing their unity in that they shine; but also their differences in their districts and loyalties. Cordelia stares to her left and we can see her strong white eye make-up which represents the white froth which appears when waves smash into rocks. Next to her, staring to his right, is Oskar Pacific who is dressed in a brilliant blue suit which would not look out of place on the streets of the Capitol. The audience loudly clap in appreciation to the stylist for not only considering the district, but also themselves.

A gasp starts to ripple up from the audience as the District 5 chariot rolls out of the doors. It seems that Caius Rays is stood there, in an armoured outfit made from metal. These gasps are because the female tribute, Nichole Peyton, cannot really be seen. Apparently she is supposed to be crouched down near the back of the chariot and is fiddling with a box. But this is quite hard for the audience to see at the moment. She suddenly leaps up! The box she was fiddling with seems to be spitting sparks of electricity. But, all of a sudden, the box crackles and explodes in a shower of lightning and sparks. It goes everywhere both terrifying and amazing the audience. Everyone roars as the chariot pulled by black horses streams past them.

Here come District 6 and we are all very eager to see if they can top off the performance that District 5 just gave. Lavender Morton looks divine in a white gown and, what looks like train tracks, wrapping around her body. Next to her is Brendan Jack who is shirtless with some loose white clothing around his legs. He has a few of the same track-like patterns on his body as well as wheels on a bandana and a chimney. The audience clap politely until both tributes push a button located on their belts and bracelets. The miniature trains which were placed on their body roar to life and make their way up the tribute's train tracks until they rest on their shoulders. But Brendan isn't done there, next to him Lavender waits for his transformation to be complete. As the train made its way up Brendan's body, fabric appears from the back of it and covers the top half of his body. Then, in unison, the tributes press their buttons again, prompting their clothes to spring to life and turn into a golden colour. The crowd claps more vigorously now as the tributes - and their trains - speed past.

Next come David Flux's designs for District 7 which I have been told are very original and so I am looking forward to seeing them. And here they are! First there is Jayson Huff who is dressed in a simple green and brown toga but has a marvellous crown on his head. It looks like twigs have been delicately entwined to create a complex finish to the outfit. Then there is Fawn Rose who wears a bright dress with many different green shades threaded through it. She does not have a matching crown (which would have been a nice touch) but is still not an outfit to be sniffed at. All these costumes have been quite impressive so far from the stylists.

Just look at this chariot from District 8! It is as if it is out of a dream world; shaped as a cloud and semi-transparent like one. Saika Tan is clothed in a medium-length dress and has birds on it which seem to move and are quite dazzling. Next to her is Erhen Flemar who is dressed much more extravagantly with clothes that seem to literally pop out at you. Clouds look like they sprout from his chest like they do from the chariot and wind is sent gushing around the audience, also making Saika's dress flutter like bird wings.

Next up is District 9's Orlando Jackson and Savannah Darnell shining with golden light like the angels they are - or rather could be. Grain is laced into their hair and Savannah's golden dress has grain threaded into it. Both tributes jump up and down in joy and excitement and we can see Orlando's equally gold suit sparkling under the Capitol lights.

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