istrHi guys!

This is going to be the planning page for the 69th Hunger Games. If you want to participate in this then just post something on my talk page saying your characters name, age, district and training score. So this is just a roleplay and things like that, don't worry you can roleplay in the comments bit!


District 1-

District 2- Daisy Willows (Training Score 10) :Female

Larry Zims (Training Score 11) :Male

District 3-

District 4-

District 5- Luke Ster (Training score 9) :Male

District 6- Thorn Maple (Training Score 8) :Female

District 7-

District 8-

District 9-

District 10-

District 11-

District 12-

What's happened so far?

The Tributes are all getting ready in their rooms with their stylists. The Gamemakers have just finished sorting out the packs, food and weapons around the Cornucopia and are now just finishing disgusing their moving cameras.


~Head Gamemaker Shiftey

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