Another one of my Games. Yes, yes calm down. Now these games are not going to be a conventional games (obviously) but, before you start throwing things- Ow! Who the hell threw that?! Was it you? I'm watching you... Anyway, like I was saying, these games are going to be different. How are they going to be different? Well, read on and you shall find out, my child.
All the tributes are given another tribute that they must kill although no other tribute knows who has to kill who. If the tribute kills who they have to, then they get immunity from death for 10 hours. However, if the tribute they have to kill dies before they can kill them, the tribute looses all weapons and supplies and their location will be made public to the entire arena. So, for example, say Tribute X has to kill Tribute Y. Nobody else knows about it and Tribute X has to keep it a secret. However, before Tribute X can kill Tribute Y, Tribute Z kills Tribute Y instead. Tribute Z doesn't get penalised as he can kill other tributes if he so wishes. But, Tribute X has failed his assassination and so his weapon, and any supplies he had, will be removed and everyone will know of his location (including Tribute W who has to kill Tribute X, making it easier for him).
Did you get all that? Don't worry if you didn't, it will become clearer soon enough.


We all have 'em and they might be boring and full of unnecessary information but I would still like you to read them. This information is key if you want your tribute in these games.

  1. Please do not make every single tribute an 18 year old who is amazing with swords. Try making a really weak tribute. You never know - they might win!
  2. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections:
  1. Links to HGRP and reservations ARE allowed.
  2. You can have 3 tributes each.
  3. Post advice when the games start.
  4. If you have 2+ tributes then I shall not make one of your tributes have to kill the other one because that is unfair on you and boring for everyone else.
  5. When choosing a weapon for the tribute, make sure it is something suitable for an assassination. For example, throwing knives are a good choice. However, a hammer isn't.


Obviously a list of all the tributes and some key information.

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s)
Quentin Madrigal 17 1 Male Bow and arrow, blowgun, poison
Realy Cooper 15 1 Female Throwing knives, crossbow
Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya 17 2 Male Hidden blades, knives
Exodus Magnum 17 2 Female Bow and arrow
Tyler Morrissey 18 3 Male Traps
Clara Crescent 16 3 Female Kama, throwing axe
Leon Aslan 17 4 Male Trident, spears
Lisbet Hanai 14 4 Female Trident, awl
Erik Norsemen 18 5 Male Sword
Katarina Seacrest 14 5 Female Axe
Brendan Jack 14 6 Male Kukri
Bernice Amias 13 6 Female Throwing knives
Raze Dethamphetamine 15 7 Male Throwing axe
Crescent Ombra 16 7 Female Axe
Breccan Gateson 13 8 Male Strength
Brenna Placidia 12 8 Female Dagger
Sherlocker Holmer 17 9 Male Poison
Marissa Caladon 18 9 Female Dagger
Katta Wallace 16 10 Male Sword
Hanna Stephanie 12 10 Female Sickle, throwing knives, poison
Alex Crawford 13 11 Male Crossbow
Melina Alves 17 11 Female Sickle
Nitro Neutren 16 12 Male Pickaxe
Michaela Aldridge 15 12 Female Bow and arrow


Day 1

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest

To children ardent for some desperate glory,

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est

Pro patria mori.

Nitro puffed out his cheeks with his breath as the Head Trainer called for silence amongst the tributes. Most of them did settle down and turn their heads in her direction but a group of tributes near the back of the crowd just would not shut up, particularly four of them: Lisbet, Leon, Realy and Exodus. Nevertheless, the woman started talking, quietly despite the background noise. Just as Nitro was about to shout something to them... Or maybe hit them on their perfect little noses with his fist, another voice screamed.

"Shut the hell up."

The voice had come from the petite District 11 girl next to him, Melina. At the sound of her voice, the Trainer stopped talking and Leon flared his nostrils at her. Realy circled an index finger in a circle and mouthed, 'Mental'. While Exodus looked at the other girl and calmly said, "Please... Go kill yourself."

The Trainer coughed loudly to regain everyone's attention, not wanting a fight to start out. She tossed a strand of red hair off her cheek and restarted her speech, "As I was saying, in these games you will have to be sufficient in the art of assassination and killing. Your main objective is to kill your specified person before somebody else does. Your other main objective is to survive. Do not doubt the efficiency of traps, snares and blowguns in these games. You shall each be put into the arena in completely different places with a chosen weapon and a bag of supplies therefore there shall be no Cornucopia and no bloodbath. I highly recommend that you take stealth into account when picking your weapon; melee weapons will be of little help. You, from now, have 48 hours to train. This Training Centre will be open for tributes throughout that time although I do not recommend you are here for the full 48 hours. Get sleep, train, eat well. Good luck, we will be watching."

Around the Training Centre was a multitude of different stations, equipped with the suitable equipment and specialised trainers. As soon as the last words slipped out of the Head Trainer's mouth, many of the tributes ran to stations which dealt with archery or long-ranged weaponry. Many, but not all. Hannah and Sherlocker almost immediately went to a small station tucked at the back of the Training Centre. The trainer there was sat amongst various bottles and was sorting them out in lines and stacks all around him. His eyes brightened up at the sight of two tributes heading his way. They silently sat before him; Sherlocker's eyes gleaming with curiosity and Hannah gazing at the bottles in an absent-minded daze.

Breccan was at the station next to the Poison one and was attempting to copy the trainer at the Snares station. "Ya see, you're big. So if ya get this snare right... Bam! They're trapped. That's when you come out of yar hidin' place and do em one. Now this 'ere trap can be made out of anythin', even bark if ya strip the tree properly." Breccan was nodding along as the man chewed his cheek and started on another trap using a thin strip of bark.

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