Basically gonna be writing about the users who are active in chat and everything, but put them in a high school aspect. Now I am deciding what goes on so don't go posting "Make me take drugs." Because this is a high school, at one point in it somebody is going to be taking drugs.

So you could call this a fanificition except I am not really a fan of any of you guys... Jokes, I'm a crazed fan with posters of you all in my bathroom... I mean basement... I mean prison bedroom (yeah thats the one). Anyway so it will start like the first day of school for all the new kids coming into Chat High.

So just post if you wanna be in it... But I would probably put you in it anyways.

Day 1- Grammar for Dummies

High school. The highlight of people's lives. But for Miss Jade every year came with new liabilities or victims... Sorry, I mean students. She smirked and kicked open the door to her classroom before doing a cartwheel inside. The students in the classroom were all looking very stiff, clearly all as nervous as each other and were only scared even more by the madwoman who just intruded.

"Yo!" Miss Jade said and smiled, "I is Miss Jade, but cause I am cool and down with it you can call me Jade." A kid on the front row nodded and looked like she knew exactly what Jade was saying.

"You speaks like meh." She chirped and smiled innocently. "I is not england but I know what you says."

Jade sighed, "Okay first off whats your name young soul."

"I is Anna."

"Right Anna I have a present for you... Its a book."

At the last word Anna fell off her seat in a giggling fit and preceded to scream book at the top of her lungs. The boy next to her was trying his best to stay as far away from her as possible and instead listened to Vocaloid music.

Jade rolled her eyes and perched on the boy's desk. "Anna get off the floor, people have cumed on that in the past." Anna suddenly leapt off the floor and landed onto the boy's lap. She knocked out his earplugs and her face was inches from his. "H-hello." The boy tried looking away.

Jade clapped her hands and pushed Kekai off his chair so he fell onto the cummy floor. "No kissing when I am in the room, it reminds me of sex and I start to get horny. Anyway Anna I was going to give you this book... Its called "Grammar for Dummies" do try to read it."

Then Jade returned to her place at the front of the classroom, with everyone's eyes on her. All except one, a single boy at the back of the classroom was staring at the back of Ryan's head. "Oi you over at the back. Do try to pry your eyes off that boy and look at me."

The boy looked up. "Er my name is Zach... And why would I want to stare at you, I only have eyes for this sexy beast." And he winked at Ryan. Jade just ignored him.

"Anyway I am Jade, and I will be your homeroom teacher for this year! Now you all know nothing about each other sooo...." Jade skidded across the cum covered floor and was at the door she kicked open. She then slammed it shut, locked it and threw the key out the window. "Everyone enjoy each other's company, I shall open the door in three days! Mwuhahahah!"

One girl called Annie whispered to the boy next to her, Wes and said, "Who the hell is this teacher?"

Wes then replied, "I don't know, but she makes me have an erection."

A small boy smiled at the boy who was sat to his left and said, "Hey, I'm Kaeghan, lets be friends!"

The boy, who was called Oli glared at him and said, "No. Get lost."

Then a random boy jumped out of his seat, walked to the centre of the classroom and removed his shirt. "Ladies, I am Callam, lick my abs!" All the girls and Wes screamed.

Annie whispered to Wes, "Why did he do that?"

Wes shrugged and replied, "I dunno, but it makes me get an erection."

Then another boy, DBD got out of his seat and pulled out a gun. "My afro is better than yours. Damn right, its better than yours. My afro brings all the Ponies to the floor, damn right what about yours?"

While all this was going on Jade was smiling away at the front of the classroom. Then a small Harry Potter look alike ran up to her, hugged her and then screamed, "NANA CUM ON ME."

Jade smiled and said, "I will contact my Nanna as soon as we get out of here."

At the other side of the classroom Erlend grabbed Alice and Caylin and hugged them both. "Heyao. Iao amao Erlendao andao Iao wantao aao haremao. Soao joinao." Alice looked around, looking really nervous before calling to Jade, "Miss are harems allowed?"

Jade looked up from Joan and shouted over the noise, "Why yes of course, it gives plenty of experience for the boys."

On the desk next to Erlend, Oli was talking with Mia and Toxic. He was sat on his desk making Mia giggle and Toxic frisk his boobs.

At this point Joan had gone over to save Alice and the two of them started talking about Jade. "She is soo fetch."

"Yeah she makes me get an erzection." Wes said shouting from the middle of the classroom where he was pole dancing around Callam. Then Cass started screaming again and leapt up and dragged Wes off him before wrapping her arms around Callam. Jade then decided it was time to intervine and so pushed Cass off Callam before looking at her and saying, "Girl that is not how you get a guy to like you. If you want a guy to like you... You do what he says!" And so Jade bent over a slowly licked Callam's abs, much to the envy of all the girls and Wes.

Jade then shouted for everyone to return to their seats and everyone did except for Annie and Colin who were sat side by side, holding each others hands.

Suddenly a hand shot up, "Er Jade, what subject do you actually teach?" A lot of mutters of agreement went up and all eyes were on Jade.

"Welll actually....... I ermm... I teach.... I teach sex education..."

Nobody was really shocked. Erlend actually piped up and said, "Giveao usao aao deminstrationao." Jade smiled until Mia said, "But you said not to have sex in this classroom any more!"

Jade thought for a second and said, "Fine, one voulenteer, get into the cupboard. Everyone else stay outside."

DBD quickly raised his gun and followed Jade into the cupboard before Ryan punched him in the face and ran into the cupboard instead. After an hour of moaning and squeaking Ryan walked out of the cupboard holding his crotch while Jade peacefully strided out and turned to the rest of class. "Any questions?"

But nobody answered as they were all getting pretty tired as it was already midnight! Jade instantly started giving everyone sleeping bags and reassured them not to be scared, before positioning herself in the middle of everyone with hundreds of torches surrounding her. "I am not scared of the dark..."

Anna shuffled next to her, "Err... When we gonna learn something?" Jade just looked at her like she was crazy, as did most of the others. "Hey just be thankful I saved you guys from triple maths today and English all day tomorrow."

Joan and Kekai who were great English students both asked Jade who their English teacher was and Jade sighed before answering. "Mr Wingman."

Day 2- Delite yourself or eat steroids

It was morning and everyone was getting up, all groggy eyed due to Jade blasting air horns in their face. Somehow during the night Berry, DBD and Erlend had all gotten into the same sleeping bag and were cuddling each other.

Dani moaned as she stretched and glared at Jade, "Why are we getting up so early."

Jade just shrugged at this, "Because school is starting."

Dani fell back onto her sleeping bag, "Why does school start so early?!"

Jade stroked her chin for a few seconds and then answered. "To piss you all off." Then she settled down in her chair and fell fast asleep because she had no more classes that day.

Berry frowned and shouted, "How are we supposed to get to class if the door is locked?!"

Jade moaned and said, "By teleportation or flight."

Everyone thought she was joking and were waiting for the true answer when suddenly a small man came flying through the window on a specially modified plane.

"Ooohhhh so by fly in... She actually meant fly in." Everyone gasped and looked at the man. Joan and Kekai were really excited as they both thought that he was the English teacher.

Annie whispered to Wes, "Why did he have to fly in?"

Wes shrugged, "I dunno but it gives me an erection."

Mr. Wingman then got out of his plane and stripped his shirt, making all the girls and Wes scream. But Callam jumped out of his seat and took off his shirt. "NO WAY, THESE ARE MY BIATHCESSSSS! I am the sexiest male ladies, lick my abs!"

Wes scrambled to Callam, "ANYTHING FOR YOU!"

Then Mr Wingman shouted, "There is a new sexiest male, lick my boobs!" Wes screamed and leapt back to the teacher. The teacher then grinned and returned his body to underneath his shirt before clapping his hands and facing the rapees captives. "First lesson we are going to be talking about jokes... Its the way ya tell em. Now to kick this off i'm just gonna ask people for some random jokes, kay? Oli go!"

"Me first? Okay... Ermm a joke... KAEGHAN."

"Not nice! Dani GO!"


"Yeah girlfriend I need to speak to you about that..." Jade sighed as she woke up.

"Miss Jade... GO!"

Jade blinked and stood up, "Well here goes everyone... One day the hurricane said to the palm tree... Hold onto your nuts baby."

Then everyone died cause of "porn"...

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